Yunus Musah Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep dive into Yunus Musah’s biography, offers a thorough examination of his formative years, introducing key aspects about his family, including his parents, Amina and Ibrahim Musah, his siblings, and the Ghanaian heritage that shapes his identity in terms of family roots, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

We also provide a window into Musah’s personal life, lifestyle, net worth, and a precise analysis of his salary with Valencia CF, highlighting his earnings down to the second.

The goal of this biography is to trace Yunus Musah’s ascent from a young soccer enthusiast to an international star, illustrating his journey across the United States, Ghana, Italy, England, and Spain. His pursuit to find the ideal environment to hone his skills is a narrative of success fueled by resilience and high aspirations.

Musah’s story is characterized by audacious dreams and strategic decisions, involving risks not commonly taken by his contemporaries. His early life exemplifies his capacity to adapt and tackle the various obstacles encountered on the path to a thriving career.


In this biography, we narrate the pivotal moments of Yunus Musah’s childhood and early beginnings. His international football odyssey has seen him traverse various countries, each playing a role in his rise to prominence. We spotlight the ascent of this exciting soccer talent to global recognition.

SoccerBiography brings to you an absorbing account of Yunus Musah’s life, structured with a visual timeline of his career milestones. Known for his swift progression in the sport, Musah’s journey underscores the ambition and dedication needed to reach the pinnacle of international soccer.

Having made his mark as a notable player at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Musah’s story is one of a committed athlete achieving the high standards required for top-tier competition.

In our quest to present comprehensive coverage of American soccer players, we recognized the absence of an in-depth biography of Yunus Musah—an omission we aim to rectify with this detailed narrative, inspired by our passion for soccer. So, let us take an in-depth look at the life and career of Yunus Musah.

The Beginnings:

To begin the biography of Yunus Musah, known affectionately as “Road Runner,” he came into the world on November 29, 2002. His birthplace is New York City, USA, where he was welcomed by his mother, Amina Musah, and his father, Ibrahim Musah.

Yunus is one of five children born from the union of Amina and Ibrahim. It’s important to introduce you to Yunus Musah’s parents – not wealthy in material terms, but rich in instilling in him a profound sense of respect and discipline.

Before we delve into his childhood, let’s set the stage with the events leading up to his birth. Weeks before Yunus was born, his parents made the pivotal decision to travel to the United States. However, it was only his mother and his older brother Abdul who made the journey from Italy to New York. The purpose of their visit was to see Amina’s uncle, who resided in New York. Amina, heavily pregnant at the time, had initially planned to return to Italy for the birth of Yunus.

Nonetheless, at eight months pregnant, local doctors in New York advised Amina against the risks of flying back to Italy and recommended that she stay to deliver her child. Therefore, Yunus entered the world in New York, and after his birth, his mother and brother made their way back to Italy.

The Boyhood Years:

Our findings reveal that Yunus Musah was raised in Castelfranco Veneto, a small settlement in the north of Italy, by his Ghanaian parents. His childhood was notably shared with his older brother Abdul. Abdul is not just a brother to Yunus; he knows him better than anyone else.

Among all of Yunus’s siblings, Abdul has been a constant companion through every high and low. As Yunus’s career began to blossom, it was Abdul who took on the role of career manager for the family’s emerging star. The bond and brotherly love between them remain as strong as ever. In this biography, we aim to share the story of their lives and the significant decisions they’ve faced together.

Introduction to Soccer:

Yunus Musah, the midfielder for the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT), may have been born in New York, but he embarked on his soccer journey in Italy. After his family settled in Castelfranco Veneto, a town just a short drive from Venice, Yunus began playing for the local team, Giorgione Calcio 2000.

He remained at Giorgione Calcio until he turned ten, often playing alongside older children to find the competition he needed to be challenged. By ten, Musah had already begun a nomadic youth career. Before outlining his career trajectory, it’s essential to understand his family’s context.

Inside the Athlete’s Family Background:

Yunus’s father, Ibrahim, left Ghana at just 16 years old, driven by the hope of finding a better life overseas. His early travels took him from one country to another, seeking employment and a place to call home.

Eventually, Ibrahim settled in Italy, though initially, he struggled to find work and a home, partly due to not having the proper documentation and the challenges faced as a migrant. Despite these hurdles, Ibrahim persevered and decided to establish his family in Italy. Returning to Ghana, he met and married Amina, and together they moved to Castelfranco Veneto in Italy, where they raised their family.

What Musah’s Parents did for a Living:

Before marrying Ibrahim and moving to Italy, Yunus’s mother, Amina, worked in food services in Ghana. In Italy, she continued her entrepreneurial spirit by opening Amina & Co, a local shop where she sold cooked Ghanaian food and other essentials. The shop became a beloved meeting place for the Ghanaian community, bustling with patrons conversing in Hausa, their native language. Yunus recalls that it was through these interactions that he learned Hausa so well.

When Yunus was eight, his father lost his job, putting financial strain on the family, who now relied on Amina’s shop for income. But relief came when a relative in London offered Ibrahim a stable and well-paying job. This opportunity prompted the family’s move to London, and at nine years old, Yunus had to continue his football development in a new country.

What is Yunus Musah Family Origin:

Musah is from many places, as TheRinger once said. He is connected to four nations through his family and life experiences. Firstly, his parents hail from Ghana, making this West African nation his ancestral home. Secondly, being born in New York confers upon him U.S. citizenship.

During his upbringing in Italy, Yunus also acquired Italian citizenship. And finally, upon his family’s move to London, he gained British citizenship, which allowed him to play for England’s youth teams, starting with the U15 squad in 2016. Thus, Yunus’s multifaceted origins mirror those of other international players with complex national ties, such as Malick Thiaw.

Ethnicity Facts:

Yunus Musah shares a cultural heritage with Jarell Quansah, Mohammed Kudus, another 2022 FIFA World Cup figure, as a member of the Hausa tribe predominantly found in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region. To be precise, Musah’s ethnicity is Hausa, a group well-represented among Ghana’s population, with Hausa being the most widely spoken language across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Educational Background:

During his early years, Musah attended nursery and kindergarten in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy. After his family’s move to England, he continued his education, completing his secondary school in East London. His parents, Ibrahim and Amina, emphasized the importance of academic diligence alongside any football aspirations. Yunus recalls that his parents were more concerned with his education and character than his potential football career, urging him to remain grounded and focused on his studies.

The Foundations of Soccer:

Musah’s footballing journey began at Giorgione Calcio 2000, a club in Castelfranco Veneto, where he showed his enthusiasm for the game from the very first day, despite an initial setback when there was no training for his age group.

Coach Giulio Rinaldi noticed Musah’s disappointment and offered him the chance to play with older boys. Musah’s talent was apparent from the start; despite his youth and slim build, he demonstrated remarkable skill and quickly scored goals, even in matches with older players.

When he was once a Goalkeeper:

Known for his striking abilities, Musah also displayed versatility on the field. Remarkably, during a final match against Bassano Vicenza, he played as a goalkeeper and managed to score four goals, showcasing his unique skill set. His demeanour on the pitch was noted by many; his joy for the game, humility, and sportsmanship was as commendable as his football talent. Win or lose, Musah’s infectious smile never faded.

Musah’s dedication to football was supported by his coaches, who recognized his exceptional abilities and commitment. Despite the challenges his parents faced in balancing work and his training sessions, the coaches were determined not to let his potential go to waste, often driving to his house to take him to practice.

The Unrevealed Tale of His Football Journey

At nine years old, Yunus Musah’s life turned a new page when his family relocated from Italy to London in December 2011. The move was not something young Musah welcomed; he was upset to leave behind the budding life he had with his friends and the close-knit Ghanaian community in Italy, not to mention his fondness for his mother’s shop. Despite his reluctance, Musah faced the reality of starting anew in England.

Determined to pick up his football career where he left off, Musah dreamed of joining a prestigious academy. To get noticed by scouts, he started playing in a Sunday League in East London. His impressive physicality, combined with his drive and determination, caught the attention of Arsenal FC scouts, who invited him for a trial.

Story of his Early Football Years:

With his parents occupied by work, Musah’s older brother Abdul played a pivotal role in his early career, easing his transition in England. Abdul would often include Yunus in pick-up games with his friends at the local park, nurturing his younger brother’s growing passion for football.

Musah’s childhood habit of playing football indoors often led to his mother’s exasperation as he kicked the ball against the caramel-coloured tiles, eliciting a stern “Yunus, stop playing!” from her. Unlike in Italy, where his coaches would personally ensure he got to training, Musah sometimes found himself alone and heartbroken in his room when no one was available to take him to practice.

The Path to Stardom in Football

Upon joining the Arsenal Academy at the tender age of nine, Musah quickly realized the high stakes of his environment. His schoolmates started treating him like a celebrity, recognizing his affiliation with the prestigious football club.

Musah committed himself to excel at each level, consistently proving he could hold his own against older players at Arsenal’s Hale End Academy. While he faced his share of challenges and self-doubt, his resilience and dedication shone through. Aware of the fierce competition and the many others vying for his spot, he made it a point to arrive at training well ahead of schedule, sometimes 90 minutes early, to practice his skills in solitude.

Fuelled by a belief that there was always someone working harder than him, Musah’s relentless practice ethic became a defining trait. Occasionally, his under-16 coaches, including Trevor Bumstea, had to insist he leave the pitch to rest, with Trevor remarking on Musah’s reluctance to take a day off, even after match days.

Musah’s time at Arsenal Academy saw him play alongside future stars such as Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock, Bukayo Saka, Reiss Nelson, and Emile Smith Rowe, all of whom have had their stories chronicled alongside Musah’s rise through the ranks.

The Highs of his Early Career:

Yunus Musah’s unwavering dedication paid off when, in 2016, his talents were recognized with a call-up to the England U15 national team, where he didn’t just join the ranks but also captained the U16 team upon his progression. His ascent continued within the Arsenal youth ranks, culminating in a pivotal role under Freddie Ljungberg’s leadership. With Musah’s contribution, the Arsenal U18s reached the final of the 2018 FA Youth Cup and secured the 2018-19 Youth Premier League South title.

When Musah made up his Mind:

As Musah neared adulthood, he held a deep-seated belief in his own abilities, confident that he could break into a professional first team earlier than expected. Observing peers like Jadon Sancho and Noni Madueke making moves abroad to secure first-team football, Musah felt inspired to follow suit. He resolved to chase his ambition of playing at the professional level without delay.

Choosing to leave Arsenal at just 16 was a significant risk, defying conventional wisdom. Forgoing any compensation, Musah, with the counsel of his brother Abdul, evaluated numerous clubs before selecting Valencia as the ideal place for his growth.

Finding Success:

Musah, born in the USA, was undeterred by the prospect of relocating to another country and beginning anew. Embracing a life characterized by movement, adaptation, and relentless effort, he was on a quest to find a place to call home—a place where he could flourish.

Despite the sporting and personal challenges of adjusting to a new football environment and culture and leaving behind his familiar surroundings, Musah was resolute in his decision. His ambition was not just to break into Valencia’s first team, but to excel in European football.

He joined Valencia’s reserve squad in the summer of 2019, competing in the Spanish Segunda Division B, with occasional call-ups to train with the first team. However, the departure of manager Marcelino two months into Musah’s tenure resulted in fewer opportunities to train with top players such as Carlos Soler and Ferran Torres, among others.

Facing a downturn in form, the young talent from Arsenal found himself in a struggle, both in performance and in contribution during matches. It was during these challenging times that Musah found himself reflecting deeply, questioning his approach on the pitch and searching for solutions to the setbacks he was experiencing.

The Gigantic Rise in Career:

Yunus Musah took decisive action to address his challenges. His first step was to move into the youth team’s residence located right next to the training ground, allowing no escape from the daily grind. This proximity to the field meant that Musah was constantly immersed in his football environment, unable to separate himself from his commitment to improve.

Additionally, he adopted a routine of taking long walks, embracing various activities that he hoped would enhance his performance. Musah also engaged in introspection, questioning how he could demonstrate his readiness for the first team, especially with a new manager at the helm.

Furthermore, Yunus turned to his faith, leaning on Islam, which is central to his family’s life, to guide him through his trials. His perseverance, combined with these efforts, ultimately caught the attention of Valencia’s then-manager, Javi Gracia.

Musah’s hard work paid off during the preseason for the 2020-2021 season, where his outstanding performance solidified his position in the first team. His debut match—a 4-2 win over Getafe in September 2020—was just the start, as he quickly formed dynamic partnerships with esteemed players like Dani Parejo and Gonçalo Guedes, leading to further successes.

Joining The US National Team:

Nico Estévez, an assistant coach for the US national team, became aware of Musah’s potential when he received a tip from a colleague at Valencia, mentioning the New York-born player recently signed from Arsenal. Intrigued, Estévez, who had extensive experience with Valencia’s academy, began scouting Musah and was immediately captivated by his skillset, noting his exceptional ball control, football intelligence, and physical prowess.

Recognizing that Musah, only 16 at the time, could play a significant role in the USA’s youth strategy, Estévez briefed the US head coach, Greg Berhalter. After reviewing Musah’s play, Berhalter was equally impressed. The US coaching staff reached out to Musah’s brother Abdul to discuss the possibility of Yunus switching international allegiance from England to the United States. These talks progressed to a point where a Zoom meeting was arranged with Musah’s family, including his parents, to discuss his international future.

Global Fame:

Being called up to the USMNT at 17 was a significant moment for Musah. His integration into the team was seamless, with his offensive skills making an immediate impact, as if he had been part of the squad for years. His rise was rapid, and he quickly became a favoured player under coach Berhalter.

Even as Musah committed his future to the United States, England’s coach, Gareth Southgate, expressed an interest in bringing him back to the English side—a bid that was ultimately unsuccessful. On March 15, 2021, Musah officially pledged his international career to the US Men’s National Team.

Musah’s ascent continued as he clinched his first senior career trophy with the USMNT, winning the 2019/2020 CONCACAF Nations League alongside teammates such as Weston McKennie and Christian Pulisic. His performance secured him a spot in the US Men national team squad for that memorable FIFA World Cup (2022).

At the time of documenting Yunus Musah’s biography, he had leveraged his talent during the 2022 FIFA World Cup to propel his career forward. Together with Tim Weah and Tyler Adams, Musah was a standout performer in the USMNT’s opening match against Wales, marking a significant chapter in the American midfielder’s life story.

About Musah’s Lovelife:

With his rise to fame following the 2022 FIFA World Cup, many fans are curious about the personal life of USMNT midfielder Yunus Musah, particularly his romantic relationships. It’s a common belief that successful athletes often have glamorous partners. Yet, as of the latest information available in 2022, Yunus Musah has kept details about his love life private. His Instagram account (@yunus.musah8) and other social media platforms offer no clues about a possible girlfriend or wife.

Personality Facts:

Beyond his professional achievements, Yunus Musah’s personal traits, such as his infectious smile, contribute to his unique identity. He is a Sagittarius just like Calton Morris and Alfie Gilchrist. His cheerful demeanour is as notable as his skills on the pitch. Musah’s smile is often described as welcoming and youthful, reflecting a positive outlook regardless of circumstances.

An example of Musah’s upbeat attitude was evident during a challenging match in El Salvador, where players struggled on a muddy, metal-littered field following a concert. Despite the adverse conditions, Musah appeared genuinely happy to be playing, unfazed by the mud.


Similar to Julio Enciso, Yunus Musah leads a modest lifestyle, a testament to the values instilled in him by his parents, despite earning a significant salary from Valencia CF. Unlike some of his peers, he doesn’t flaunt luxury possessions on social media.

Our research into Musah’s lifestyle reveals two notable aspects. Firstly, he enjoys spending leisure time on the beach or near the water. Secondly, his impressive athletic build is a result of a rigorous workout regimen, which includes intense strength and endurance training, as seen in one of his workout videos.

The Musah Family Facts:

Yunus’ ascent in soccer can be attributed not only to his talent and hard work but also to the unwavering support of his family, particularly his brother Abdul. The role of his family, headed by his father Ibrahim, has been integral in his journey, providing a foundation for his achievements on the field.

Getting to know more about Musah’s Mother:

Yunus Musah holds a special place in his heart for his mother, particularly for her culinary skills. The mere mention of her cooking brings a smile to his face, evoking memories of childhood when he would watch her prepare meals in the kitchen.

To this day, the scents of her plantain sauce, jollof rice, and beans are etched in his memory, alongside the comforting kitchen sounds of stirring and simmering. Yunus is especially fond of the doughy fufu his mother makes, served with an assortment of traditional Ghanaian soups.

Initially, Yunus’s mother, Amina Musah, was hesitant about her son leaving Arsenal for a new beginning in Spain. Unsure about the move, she questioned why he would want to leave if the club had not asked him to. However, Yunus’s brother, Abdul, played a crucial role in reassuring their mother, ultimately gaining her understanding and trust in Yunus’s decision to start his Spanish venture.

Getting to know more about Musah’s Dad:

Ibrahim Musah, Yunus’s father, has always instilled in him the values of gratitude and humility. He taught Yunus to appreciate his own journey without envying others, often reminding him to avoid thinking, “I wish that person should be me.” Ibrahim has encouraged Yunus to count his blessings and to aspire to be the best version of himself. Furthermore, he has been a strong advocate for balancing education with soccer, emphasizing the importance of both. Ibrahim is now proud to see his son achieving success in both academic and athletic pursuits.

Getting to know more about Musah’s Sibling (Abdul, his Brother):

Among Yunus’s siblings, Abdul is particularly well-known. Not one to mince words, Abdul is recognized for his directness and honesty. He does not shy away from expressing his opinions, even if it means offering tough criticism to Yunus when his performance on the pitch falls short. Abdul believes that while many people are quick to praise Yunus for his successes, there are few who constructively address areas where he could improve. Yunus values his brother’s candid feedback, a trait that has led their parents, Ibrahim and Amina, to entrust Abdul with overseeing Yunus’s welfare as he navigates his career in the spotlight.

Extended Family:

Yunus Musah, the USMNT standout with Ghanaian heritage, values his ties with his extended family deeply. Sharing a common thread with soccer stars like Inaki and Nico Williams, Yunus has visited Ghana and embraces his roots with pride. He cherishes the time spent in Ghana, where the majority of his relatives reside, and he acknowledges the importance of connecting with one’s origins, once expressing:

“When I return to my parents’ homeland, it feels very special. Understanding where you come from is vital.”

Additional Insights:

Now, we present further details in the concluding part of Yunus Musah’s biography.

Yunus Musah’s Earnings:

As per his 2022 contract with Valencia, Yunus Musah earns an annual salary of €1,502,299. Converted to US dollars, this amounts to approximately $1,563,998. Below is a breakdown of Yunus Musah’s earnings at Valencia.

Yunus Musah in FIFA:

In the world of FIFA, Yunus Musah is recognized for his agility, which is indicated by his 87 Sprint Speed and 82 Acceleration ratings. These figures highlight his prowess in mobility, akin to players such as Douglas Luiz and Pape Matar Sarr, who are known for their comprehensive midfield capabilities. At the age of 19, Musah’s FIFA profile suggests that his skills are well-rounded, with Heading Accuracy and Volleys being the only attributes rated below average.

Yunus Musah’s Faith:

Alot of fans have asked; what is Yunus Musah’s Religion?

Raised in a devout Muslim household by his parents, Amina and Ibrahim, faith plays a significant role in Yunus’s life. While he practices Islam, Musah prefers to keep his religious observances private. As a Muslim athlete, he is part of the approximately 1.1% of the US population that follows Islam.

Concluding Remarks:

Yunus Dimoara Musah, often nicknamed “Road Runner,” arrived on planet Earth in the 2002 World Cup year, precisely on November 29, in New York, USA. He was born in the year the following names arrived in the world: Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid and French Football Player), Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich and German Football Player), Ansu Fati (Barcelona and Spanish Football Player) and Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen and German Football Player).

His parents, Amina and Ibrahim Musah are of Ghanaian descent. Yunus’s father ventured from Ghana to Italy at the age of 16 in search of better opportunities. After establishing himself in Italy, Ibrahim returned to Ghana to marry Amina, and together, they embarked on a life in Europe.

Yunus’s birth in New York was incidental, as his mother was visiting a relative when it was advised by doctors that she should give birth in the US. A few months after his birth, Yunus, his mother, and his brother Abdul returned to Italy.

Musah’s football journey began with the Italian academy Giorgione. Following his father’s job loss, the family moved to East London in 2012 after an extended family member offered Ibrahim a stable job. Yunus joined Arsenal’s Academy at nine and later, at sixteen, signed with Valencia. His rapid development at Valencia and his impact on the field led to his inclusion in the USMNT.

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