Yoane Wissa Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

We present the Biography of Yoane Wissa, giving insights into his early days, childhood experiences, parents, family background, including his brother Eli Wissa, his relationships, notably with his wife Kahina Wissa, and children. We also shed light on other family members like grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, and others.

In this biography, we explore various aspects of Wissa’s life, from his familial lineage, religious beliefs, educational background, ethnicity, and hometown. The narrative also covers the footballer’s personal life, lifestyle, astrological sign, and financial status, including his net worth and salary.

Essentially, we present a complete narrative of Yoane Wissa’s life’s trajectory. The biography unveils the story of an individual who encountered a distressing event in his life – an acid attack at his residence in France, allegedly by a fan, threatening his entire career.

This detailed narrative from SoccerBiography explores the intriguing life of a rising star who balanced his passion for rugby union and football during his school years. However, when he was 14, Wissa had to make a pivotal choice between the two sports.


We commence this biography of Yoane Wissa by unraveling significant events from his childhood. Then, we delve into his cultural roots and initial career milestones. Finally, we narrate his journey of earning recognition, from his early days at the Châteauroux academy to his transfer to West London.

SoccerBiography aims to pique your interest in biographies with Yoane Wissa’s story. To aid in this endeavour, we offer an engaging content that traces the extraordinary journey of this sports enthusiast, from his foundational soccer years in Épinay-sous-Sénart to his tenure with International Clubs, including Premier League club Brentford.

Wissa’s versatility as a footballer is well-known, excelling in the winger and forward positions while playing for the renowned Premier League club Brentford. He also takes pride in representing the DR Congo national team on the global platform.

Through our thorough research about African Football Players, we found gaps in fans’ understanding of this remarkable athlete’s life. This indicates that only a handful of football lovers have an exhaustive grasp of Yoane Wissa’s biography. Now, without further delay, let’s delve deeper into this captivating story.

Yoane Wissa’s Early Years:

Yoane Wissa was welcomed into the world on the 3rd of September 1996 in Epinay-sous-Senart, a charming suburb on the periphery of Paris, in northern France.

Born on a thrilling Tuesday to his doting parents, he was the third child amongst his brothers. Of note is his younger sibling, Eli Wissa, who is also part of their dynamic family.

The robust bond between Wissa’s loving father and mother paved the way for the birth of him and his siblings. Their steadfast encouragement and ceaseless hard work ensured that Wissa’s latent talents were nurtured to fruition. Now, allow us to acquaint you with Yoane Wissa’s parents.

Childhood and Adolescence:

Known for his infectious smile, Yoane Wissa has always exuded a sense of charm, drawing in those he met throughout his youth.

Growing up in Epinay-sous-Senart, Wissa was exposed to a lively and culturally diverse environment. Raised in a home filled with love from his parents and camaraderie from his brothers, Wissa enjoyed a well-rounded upbringing.

The suburb’s close proximity to the metropolis of Paris opened up avenues for cultural, artistic, and academic exposure, expanding his worldview and paving the way for exploration and self-discovery.

The strong community spirit of Epinay-sous-Senart, where neighbors connected and participated in local festivals and events, provided a nurturing and congenial environment for children like Wissa.

Sporting and recreational activities were an integral part of life in this French town, and like many of its residents, Wissa’s elder brother and father were also sports enthusiasts.

Football, a dominant sport in France, likely played a significant role in Wissa’s upbringing, presenting him with the chance to pursue his passion.

Yoane Wissa’s Inception in Football:

Despite Wissa’s journey to becoming a Premier League striker taking an unconventional route, in the beginning, he saw football merely as a leisure activity.

His initial tryst with football was within the confines of his hometown, Epinay-sous-Senart. It was clear that his love for sports was ingrained in him from a young age.

However, his gravitation towards football was gradual, reflecting the critical role of innate talent, hard work, and resolve in achieving one’s aspirations.

Wissa was first introduced to the sport by his family, who were avid football fans, notably his father and elder brothers. Initially, he engaged in the sport merely to stay active, as suggested by his parents.

His foray into football began at the tender age of seven, in France. Interestingly, his early years were marked not by scoring goals, but by preventing them, as he started off as a goalkeeper.

Reflecting on those nascent years, Wissa recalls,

“I began my journey as a goalkeeper due to an occurrence just before a match. In a friendly game with my friend, I defended the goal while he failed to score.”

After this event, Wissa’s friend was quick to inform the coach of his commendable performance. Consequently, Wissa found himself guarding the goal for a substantial four years, from age seven to eleven.

Yoane Wissa’s Family Background:

Growing up, Wissa was surrounded by a family deeply immersed in the world of football. His father was a player and his older brother followed the same path, and so a deep appreciation for the sport seeped into every aspect of their household life.

Reflecting on his family’s influence, Wissa says,

“My father was a footballer, and my older brother was also a player. Everyone in my environment shared a tremendous love for the game.”

This environment became the perfect breeding ground for Wissa’s developing fascination with football. The constant exposure to the sport profoundly shaped him.

He shared,

“This, I believe, made footballing effortless for me because I was always observing and learning from the game.

Today, I still dedicate several hours, sometimes a whole day, to watch football at home. It’s a never-ending love affair with the sport.”

It’s clear that football is not just a profession for Wissa; it’s also a passion.

While detailed information about his parents’ identities or professions isn’t publicly available, they undoubtedly played a critical role in nurturing Yoane Wissa’s steadfast commitment to the sport he loves.

Recognizing his natural ability and relentless determination, his family provided him with the necessary support and resources, standing as pillars of strength throughout his journey.

Regardless of their middle-class income and busy schedules, Wissa’s parents didn’t hold back in their efforts to see their son’s dreams come true. Their sacrifices and unwavering support had a profound impact on his career trajectory.

Yoane Wissa’s Family Origins:

Born in France but of Congolese heritage, Wissa, who plays as a forward and winger for Premier League club Brentford, is fluent in Lingala.

Lingala is a tonal Bantu language primarily spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in parts of the Republic of the Congo, specifically in their capitals, Kinshasa and Brazzaville. To a lesser extent, the language is also spoken in Angola, the Central African Republic, and southern South Sudan.

His parents, who originally hail from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa, migrated to France, where Wissa was born and raised in the Parisian suburb of Épinay-sous-Sénart. Therefore, besides Lingala, he also speaks French fluently.

This makes the formidable striker, Yoane Wissa, a European of French nationality but with African lineage. Examples of football players with Congolese family origins, whom we have written their Biographies are; Romeo Lavia, Benoit Badiashile, and Marie-Antoinette Katoto are examples of football players.

Yoane Wissa’s Ethnicity:

France is largely populated by people of Celtic or Gaulish descent, mixed with Germanic (Franks) and Italic (Romans) heritage. However, around 3.5 million Black individuals in France, including Wissa, trace their roots back to Africa.

With his roots in the Congo, Yoane Wissa identifies as part of the Bantu ethnic group, which includes the Ngala, Buja, Bira, Kuumu, and Lega (Rega), all originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Yoane Wissa’s Education:

In conjunction with his football training, Wissa strived to harmonize his academic pursuits with his love for the sport. A good education is vital for a footballer’s overall growth, providing them with a well-rounded base.

Wissa attended school in his hometown, on the outskirts of Paris, and managed to stay active in various sports, including Rugby and Football, during his school years.

Significantly, Wissa played rugby union while at school. However, he was compelled to choose between the two sports at the age of 14, a decision he admits was challenging.

Much like other promising young footballers, Wissa found juggling his education with football a demanding task. His poor performance at one point even led his father to prohibit him from participating in football.

A significant turning point in his education was joining the Châteauroux football academy, which allowed him to combine studying with football. The academy offered programs that balanced academic work with intensive football training and competitions.

Career Development:

As mentioned before, Wissa hadn’t initially planned on pursuing a professional football career. He favored playing Rugby and excelled in it.

He enjoyed the sport as it was part of his school curriculum and allowed him to compete with friends in high-profile tournaments. During his time in college at the age of 12, he played Rugby for approximately four years.

Before enrolling at the Châteauroux football academy, he faced the dilemma of choosing between Rugby and football. Despite his teacher’s insistence on him sticking with Rugby, Wissa’s father was adamant about his son pursuing football.

Although it was a tough decision, Wissa found the transition relatively smooth due to the overlapping skill sets required in both sports.

According to Wissa, Rugby even aided in enhancing his runs and athleticism. However, he admits that the two sports are distinctly different despite their apparent similarities.

Once he decided to focus on football, Wissa set his sights on playing in the world’s top division.

Subsequently, Wissa’s inherent skill as a footballer began to shine, drawing the attention of his parents and trainers. His exceptional speed and strength set him apart from his peers.

Yoane Wissa’s Journey in Football:

While football wasn’t his initial priority, Wissa demonstrated potential as a promising footballer from the young age of seven.

Growing up, Wissa was an avid Premier League viewer. As a child, he admired some of the division’s top forwards, including Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba, and his current interests include Sadio Mané and Mo Salah.

Interestingly, Wissa started his youth career as a goalkeeper. He first played for Épinay-sous-Sénart, his local youth club, before transitioning to Linas-Montlhéry.

Believing that Wissa had much more to offer than just goalkeeping, his mother encouraged him to play in the field. She felt that the role of a goalkeeper restricted a player’s participation during the game.

After sharing his mother’s suggestion with his coach, Wissa, after four years of remarkable goalkeeping, began to play in midfield, a position he often played during leisure time with his friends.

Subsequently, he spent two years as a number 6 in midfield. After that, Wissa switched to the roles of a number 10 and a winger over the next two years.

Yoane Wissa Biography – Ascension to Prominence:

During his youth career, Wissa honed his skills as a winger and a number 10. As he transitioned into his senior career, he started as a forward with Châteauroux.

From the reserve team, Wissa made his way into the first team during the 2015-16 season. In that season, he played in 24 matches and scored seven goals.

His performances were highly acclaimed by his former coach, Armindo Ferreira. At Châteauroux, he partnered with Crystal Palace striker Jean-Philippe Mateta in a 4-4-2 formation up front.

After his stint at Châteauroux, Wissa moved to Ligue 1 club Angers in 2016. However, his game time was limited, and he only made two appearances as a substitute in the first half of the 2016-17 season.

As a result, the Baller of Congolese origins spent much of 2017 on loan with Ligue 2 clubs Ajaccio and Stade Laval.

At the Corsican club, he scored 11 goals in 23 appearances, leading to his transfer in January 2018 to Lorient. His tenure in France allowed Wissa to mature into a versatile forward capable of thriving in a variety of systems.

Yoane Wissa Biography – Journey to Stardom:

At FC Lorient, Wissa’s performance turned heads, and he quickly rose to be a shining star for the club.

He was instrumental in FC Lorient’s promotion to Ligue 1, the highest tier of French football, for the 2020-2021 season.

His remarkable performances at Lorient earned him his international debut with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in October 2020.

After a 3-0 loss to Burkina Faso, Wissa scored the equalizing goal as Congo managed a 1-1 draw with Morocco in Marrakech in his second international game.

Soon after, on August 10, 2021, Wissa transferred to the newly promoted Premier League club Brentford, signing a four-year contract with an additional year as an option.

With 57 goals and 25 assists in 192 domestic appearances, Wissa arrived in West London and enjoyed an impressive first season at the Gtech Community Stadium, scoring seven goals in 12 games.

His stellar performance in a 7-0 victory over Oldham Athletic during the EFL Cup third round on September 21, 2021, earned him a place in the esteemed EFL Cup Team of the Round. Additionally, his remarkable bicycle kick goal was chosen as both the Goal of the Month and the Goal of the Tournament.

Owing to his speed, strength, and the threat he poses to Brentford’s opponents, in May 2023, Yoane Wissa extended his contract with David Raya‘s Bees team, ensuring his stay in West London until at least the summer of 2026, with the possibility of an additional year.

Yoane Wissa’s Wife – Kahina Wissa:

While some footballers opt to marry or establish committed relationships early in their careers, others prefer to concentrate on their professional growth before considering settling down.

The life of a professional footballer, with its intense training, frequent travel, and media attention, can pose unique challenges to sustaining relationships.

Nonetheless, many footballers successfully balance these challenges and maintain satisfying marriages or long-term partnerships. It ultimately depends on individual choices, values, and circumstances.

According to available information, the dazzling footballer is married. Kahina Wissa is the stunning wife of Brentford’s Yoane Wissa. The timeline of Yoane and Kahina Wissa’s relationship is not publicly known.

The couple (Yoane and Kahina) exchanged their forever wedding vows in a grand ceremony in the month of November 2021. Following his contract signing with Brentford, Kahina moved to the United Kingdom with her husband.

Additional Information about Kahina Wissa – Yoane Wissa’s Spouse:

Kahina Wissa maintains a high level of privacy regarding her personal life, hence information about her parents remains undisclosed. Similarly, whether or not she has siblings is also unknown. Details about her early years have not been revealed.

However, it is known that Kahina Wissa pursued her education in France. She shares the same birth year as her husband, Yoane Wissa, being born in France in 1996, hence holds French nationality.

Although she could have a more prominent social media presence, she prefers to limit her posts to those she personally knows, showing that she doesn’t expose every aspect of her life to her followers.

Standing at 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m) and weighing around 60 kg (132 lbs), Kahina has blonde hair and brown eyes. Respecting their privacy, Yoane and Kahina haven’t shared the details regarding their two children, including their names, birthdates, and genders.

Yoane Wissa – A Personal Glimpse:

The French forward is known for his friendly demeanour and consistent smile. Like many athletes, he has hobbies and interests beyond the football field.

From his social media posts and interviews, Yoane Wissa’s interests include travel, video games, fashion, reading, exercise, and even skydiving. Nevertheless, football remains his primary passion. As a young player, his idol was Maradona. He also enjoys listening to music, watching football matches, and eating his favourite dish – Butter Chicken.

Moreover, the talented player, of Congolese-French heritage, values quality time with friends and family. His close-off-field relationship with Ivan Toney and Bryan Mbeumo significantly contributes to their successful on-field partnership.

He also values rest and recovery to support his football performances. He stands at 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in) and maintains a weight of 74 kg (165 lbs).

Like many athletes, he maintains an active social media presence to connect with his growing fanbase. His verified Instagram account @yowissa boasts over 57.8K followers, while his Facebook page has a following of 26K.

Yoane Wissa’s Lifestyle:

As a professional football player, Wissa demonstrates a remarkable ability to stay focused and methodical.

His intensive training, skill development, early life experiences, and tactical preparation have significantly shaped his lifestyle.

Wissa is one of the rising stars of French football. His remarkable achievements have earned him substantial wealth from his hard work.

Given his valuable contributions to Brentford, it is anticipated that his financial rewards will continue to increase. His income affords him a luxurious lifestyle, including lavish properties, holidays, gourmet food, and high-end vehicles.

The energetic player resides in Hammersmith, a district of West London, England, with his wife and two children. His stylish home is located in one of the 35 major centres in Greater London.

Just like Ethan Pinnock and Josh DaSilva, Wissa maintains a unique sense of style. The forward for Brentford Football Club, also known as The Bees, is conscious of his dynamic presence among his teammates.

Whether representing their national teams or playing in home and away matches, these players always make a stylish appearance. Yoane Wissa, in particular, travels in an impressively spacious car.

Inside the Family Life of Yoane Wissa:

Public information regarding Yoane Wissa’s family background is sparse, yet it is clear that his family has played a vital part in his athletic career. His relatives provide critical support and encouragement as he navigates his journey as a professional footballer.

Wissa’s family includes several individuals who have influenced his professional trajectory. Here we present exciting insights into the athlete’s familial relationships.

Father of Yoane Wissa – Mr. Wissa:

The determined French player enjoyed a close-knit relationship with his family while growing up. His family often attended his games, offering unwavering support and motivation from the bleachers.

Their consistent presence and encouragement played a pivotal role in his evolution as a footballer. His father, whose name has not been disclosed, is an immigrant from Central Africa’s Congo.

His father has played a significant role in shaping Yoane Wissa’s football journey, particularly in guiding him towards football instead of rugby. Wissa concentrates on his professional commitments, opting to keep his personal life low-profile.

However, we do know that Wissa’s father shares a profound love for sports, which likely instilled a similar passion in Wissa during shared experiences of attending and watching matches.

Mother of Yoane Wissa – Mrs. Wissa:

In French football, family support holds great importance. Numerous talented athletes depend on their families for both financial and emotional backing.

Parents often make sacrifices, such as investing their resources and time, to support their children’s aspirations in football. The mother of Yoane Wissa is no different. While specific details about his mother’s name remain undisclosed, her crucial role in his life is evident.

Wissa has managed to shield his family effectively from the spotlight, considering social media as potentially harmful for both athletes and their extended families.

Still, his mother played a significant role in Wissa’s development. She encouraged him to evolve his skills from simply blocking the ball to actively playing on the pitch.

His mother is also of Congolese origin. Her nurturing influence enabled Yoane to receive an education, learn responsibility, and pursue his ambitions.

Siblings of Yoane Wissa:

The talented Congolese footballer has three siblings. Wissa, being the third of four sons, was raised in a family where football passion runs deep.

For instance, Wissa’s younger brother is also a football player in France, while one of his elder brothers participates in the sport, though further details about him remain scant.

Yoane himself has expressed that his younger brother, Eli, exhibits superior football skills, though he leaves the final judgment to his fans.

Elaborating on Yoane Wissa’s Brother – Eli Wissa:

Yoane’s younger brother, Eli Wissa, also a footballer, was born on the outskirts of Paris on September 22, 2002. The two share a robust bond.

Eli is a Centre-Forward for Villefranche Beaujolais and joined Olympique Lyon B on July 16, 2019. Standing at 1.80 m, he maintains a weight of 70 kg. He has a preference for the brand Nike.

Yoane also had a hand in shaping Eli’s footballing career. Their play sessions during their early years accelerated Eli’s football skills development, giving him an edge over his peers.

Yoane Wissa’s Extended Family:

As a professional footballer, Wissa has opted to keep information about his extended family members relatively private, likely to protect them from undue public attention.

Without concrete details regarding Wissa’s extended family, it can still be noted that familial bonds are important in French culture. As such, it’s reasonable to assume that Wissa has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, and in-laws. Many of whom likely show their support by attending his games, although specific information about them remains undisclosed.

Unveiling Hidden Details:

The ascension of Brentford’s winger and forward, Yoane Wissa, is truly captivating. With a recently extended contract, this dynamic and nimble athlete has a great deal more to bring to the table for the Bees.

In this concluding section of the international football star’s biography, we’ll reveal more hidden aspects about this goalkeeper-turned-striker. Let’s dive in.

Income and Financial Worth of Yoane Wissa:

The financial compensation of football professionals can greatly fluctuate based on their contracts, performances, and sponsorships. As a professional athlete, Wissa’s income is dictated by his contractual agreement with Brentford, his club, and any sponsorship deals.

Wissa transitioned to England to become a part of the Premier League club Brentford. The fee for this arrangement, although not officially disclosed, is thought to be around £8.5 million.

Notably, due to his impressive skillset and potential, Wissa has recently inked a new contract with the Bees, extending his tenure in West London until at least the summer of 2026.

When considering the initial transfer fee, it’s evident that Wissa’s value has experienced significant growth since his acquisition.

In August 2021, the skillful left-winger signed a lucrative contract with Brentford, securing an impressive annual salary of 1.1 million euros (1 million pounds).

According to Wtfoot, after joining Brentford in 2021, the Congolese midfielder boasts an estimated net worth of  £5,100,000. Furthermore, the forward’s market value (as of 2023) is estimated to be around €15,000,000 (£12,900,000).

Yoane Wissa in FIFA:

The in-game statistics, features, and appearances of Yoane Wissa in FIFA games are consistently updated to mirror his real-world performance and form.

In the most recent 2023 update, his overall rating is set at 76. His potential rating also stands at 76, showcasing a promising trajectory. His favoured position is the Left Wing (LW), where he can best display his skills.

Wissa tends to shoot with his right foot and is distinguished by his remarkably steady gameplay and significant talent. His speed, dribbling, shot power, and agility set him apart from other players. With these abilities, the natural goalscorer is said to have similarities with the likes of Nicolas Jackson and Manuel Benson.

While Wissa’s current performance is noteworthy, there’s always scope for improvement. Enhancing his intercepting abilities and long-range passing could further amplify his in-game performance.

What is Yoane Wissa’s Religion?

Religious beliefs among footballers can vary widely, reflecting their diverse cultural backgrounds and personal convictions. Like other groups of people, footballers may subscribe to a variety of faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, among others.

Given Yoane Wissa’s familial roots in Congo, it’s plausible that he is a Christian. Furthermore, his name, Yoane, translates to “God’s Grace,” which may hint at a religious significance that has contributed to his successful career path.

Yoane Wissa Origins, The Democratic Republic of the Congo is predominantly Christian, with Catholicism and Protestantism being the main denominations. This further supports the likelihood of Wissa’s Christian faith.

Unfortunate Assault Incident:

Upon his joining Brentford, Yoane Wissa, unfortunately, fell victim to a brutal attack in France that threatened his entire career.

A distressing situation occurred when a 32-year-old woman came to Wissa’s house requesting an autograph for her son. While Wissa kindly obliged, the woman allegedly returned to his property without consent later in the night.

This led the Brentford forward to confront her. In an alarming turn of events, he was violently attacked with a corrosive substance thrown in his face, requiring immediate eye surgery.

After undergoing treatment for the harrowing acid attack, Yoane Wissa shared the first picture of himself post-assault.

Despite the traumatic experience, he appeared resilient and in good spirits. The woman, arrested in connection with the attack, is also facing charges of child abduction.

Thankfully, Wissa has made substantial recovery progress. Additionally, Thomas Frank, Brentford’s head coach, reassured fans and the public that there were no serious health complications resulting from Wissa’s injuries.

Concluding Remarks:

Yoane Wissa, a professional footballer, was born on the 15th of January, 1996, in the suburbs of Paris, France. Of Congolese heritage, he chiefly operates in the forward position.

His professional career kicked off with stints at various French clubs in the lower leagues, including Épinay-sous-Sénart, Linas-Montlhéry, and Angers. Notably, he is a graduate of the Châteauroux Football Academy.

In 2018, Wissa transferred to the Swiss club FC Lorient, where he experienced notable development and success. His remarkable performances at FC Lorient caught the attention of football enthusiasts, marking him as a rising star.

Crucially, Wissa was instrumental in propelling FC Lorient to Ligue 1, the pinnacle of French football, for the 2020-2021 season.

Later, in October 2020, he received his inaugural call-up to represent the DR Congo in a series of friendly fixtures. He made a strong impression by netting two goals during his second and third appearances for the national team.

The first goal was scored in a friendly encounter, while the second was netted during a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Morocco. At present, he is part of the Premier League side Brentford, with a contract extension running till 2026.

Wissa, the dynamic winger and forward is wedded to Kahina Wissa and is a proud father of two children. His family, including his father, mother, and three brothers – one of them being professional footballer Eli – have significantly contributed to his football journey and successes. Yoane joins the likes of Azzedine Ounahi, Mostafa Mohamed, Hannibal Mejbri, etc, who are rising and making African football proud.

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