Yeremy Pino Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a detailed dive into the Biography of Yeremy Pino, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, an in-depth look into his life, including insights about his parents – his mother, Nee Santos, and father, Carmelo Pino, as well as his partner, Tahiris Cabrera. It delves into his upbringing, family roots, siblings, and relatives, alongside his romantic relationships.

The biography further explores Pino’s religious beliefs, his heritage, and ethnic background. It also gives an overview of his lifestyle, personal anecdotes, financial earnings, and his professional journey with Villarreal in La Liga.

This comprehensive account chronicles the entire journey of Yeremy Pino, showcasing the young footballer’s exceptional talent in manoeuvring the ball, which has become a rare skill in modern football.

It highlights his recent performances that have captivated audiences, marked by his remarkable agility, sharpness, and quick-thinking on the field, which has made him a notable figure in the sport.


Our biography of Yeremy Pino starts with an exploration of his birth and early childhood, followed by a detailed analysis of his formative years.

We will guide you through the significant milestones in his early soccer career, the challenges he faced on his path to fame, and his eventual rise to prominence in the sport.

Soccer Bio aims to enrich your understanding of Yeremy Pino’s life as we narrate his journey. To set the stage, we present a pictorial overview that encapsulates the Spaniard’s journey from his beginnings at Las Palmas to his status as a national icon.

While many recognize him as a prominent Spanish footballer, predominantly playing as a right winger for both La Liga’s Villarreal and the Spanish national team, we have identified a gap in the comprehensive knowledge of his story. Not many fans are familiar with the depth and details of Yeremy Pino’s biography, which we find quite compelling. Now, let’s delve into his story.

Yeremy Pino’s Early Years:

To begin, Yeremy Jesús Pino Santos is his full name. He was born to parents Nee Santos and Carmelo Pino on October 20, 2002, in the vibrant Spanish city of Las Palmas, located in the Canary Islands.

His arrival into the world was marked by a bright, sunny Sunday, bringing joy to the already happy union of his mother and father, alongside his siblings.

Early Years:

Jeremy Pino’s formative years unfolded in the bustling streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he familiarized himself intimately with every corner of his neighbourhood. His childhood was marked by a free-spirited and somewhat adventurous nature.

In the alleys and open spaces of Las Palmas, Yeremy honed his football skills, engaging in countless street matches with local children. His charismatic demeanour, coupled with a hint of defiance, made him a well-regarded figure among his peers.

A cherished memory from his youth includes the countless hours spent training with his father, Carmelo, against the walls of their home. These sessions not only sharpened his football acumen but also instilled a discipline that fueled his ambition to pursue a professional career in football.

Yeremy Pino’s Background:

As previously noted, Yeremy spent his early days in the capital of Gran Canaria, amidst a lifestyle far removed from the affluent beginnings of some of his peers in club football.

Distinct from the conventional Spanish footballer archetype, Yeremy’s style resonates more closely with the dynamic, spirited nature of traditional British wingers, akin to figures like George Armstrong. Self-described as a “backyard footballer,” Yeremy’s foundational skills were nurtured under the tutelage of his father, Carmelo, and further refined in the communal parks scattered across the Canary Islands.

Family Background:

Yeremy Pino hails from a modest family in Las Palmas, where his father, an avid sports enthusiast, regularly trained with him. This routine laid the groundwork for Yeremy’s football ambitions. Despite the family’s financial constraints, they strived to support his journey through the football academy, a common stepping stone for aspiring Spanish footballers. Yeremy’s humble beginnings never deterred him; instead, they propelled his determination to succeed.

Family Origin:

Yeremy’s surname, Pino, followed by his maternal family name, Santos, reflects his Spanish lineage. His parents are both of Spanish origin, with the family firmly rooted in Las Palmas, southwestern Europe, Spain. The surname “Pino” is of Galician and Spanish descent, often associated with individuals from regions in Galicia named after the pine trees or those living near notable pines.

Despite the financial challenges, the Pino family’s dedication to Yeremy’s development never wavered. His story is one of perseverance, talent, and the unyielding support of a family that believed in his dream.


Geographically, the Canary Islands, Yeremy’s birthplace, are closer to the African continent than mainland Europe, despite being politically a part of Spain. The islands’ inhabitants, including Yeremy, are primarily of Romance ethnicity, with a diverse heritage that includes European settlers and the indigenous Guanche people. As such, Yeremy, like Bryan Zaragoza, identifies as Caucasian, reflecting the mixed European origins of the island’s population. His ethnicity represents the unique blend of cultures that characterizes the Canary Islands.

Yeremy Pino’s Educational Background:

While Yeremy has not disclosed extensive details about his academic journey, he has indicated that formal education was not his main focus. He attended a local school in his hometown of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria but remained more passionate about football, which had always been his ultimate ambition.

Eventually, Yeremy’s dedication to football led him to enrol at Campo de fútbol Barrio Atlántico, a well-regarded football academy in his native Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It was here that he began to cultivate his skills seriously and embark on his professional career path.

Yeremy Pino’s Football Journey:

Yeremy Pino’s path to professional football commenced at the tender age of nine. In 2011, he took his first steps in the sport with Barrio Atlántico, a local club in his hometown. He established a strong foundation there, dedicating three years to developing his skills and understanding of the game.

Subsequently, Yeremy transitioned to another local club, UD Las Palmas’ youth team, in 2014 after a stint with AD Huracán. His burgeoning talent continued to flourish, catching the attention of larger clubs. Then, on June 22nd, 2017, Yeremy made a significant career decision by rejecting an offer from the prestigious FC Barcelona to sign with Villarreal CF, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his promising football career.

Yeremy Pino’s Ascent to Prominence:

Yeremy Pino’s professional journey saw a significant milestone on August 24th, 2019, when he debuted with Villarreal’s C-team. He got in the game as a second-half substitute and contributed to a 3–0 victory in the Tercera División against CF Recambios Colón. His impactful performance set the tone for his inaugural senior season, where he netted three goals across 20 appearances, earning him a promotion to the reserves in the Segunda División B.

His pre-season commitment to the first team caught the eye of coach Unai Emery, leading to Yeremy’s professional debut on October 22nd, 2020. He replaced Francis Coquelin in a thrilling 5–3 UEFA Europa League win over Sivasspor. Following this, just three days later, Yeremy made his first appearance in La Liga as a substitute in a 0–0 draw against Cádiz CF, marking his steady rise in Spanish football.

Professional Breakthrough:

Yeremy’s early professional career swiftly ascended after his debut. In the month of October 29, 2020, he scored his first professional goal, levelling the score in a 3–1 victory against Qarabağ FK in a European tournament. By November of the same year, his burgeoning talent and potential were recognized with a contract renewal with Villarreal FC, extending his commitment until 2024.

His participation in the 2021 UEFA Europa League Finals marked a historic moment, as he became the youngest Spanish player to feature in a major European final at just 18 years and 218 days old. This achievement surpassed the record previously held by Iker Casillas from the 2000 UEFA Champions League Final. Additionally, Yeremy set a record as the youngest player to win the tournament, a title once held by Robin van Persie from the 2002 UEFA Cup Finals.

In July 2021, his successful trajectory was further solidified with another contract renewal with Villarreal, this time extending his stay until 2027. The new agreement included one of the highest termination clauses within the club, a testament to his value and potential. Yeremy expressed his contentment and dedication to Villarreal, showing no regrets in his decision to continue with the club known as the “Yellow Submarine.”

Climbing to Stardom:

Yeremy Pino’s ascent to football stardom was marked by a memorable performance on February 27, 2022, when he scored four goals in a single match, leading Villarreal to a resounding 5–1 victory over RCD Espanyol. Prior to this game, he had only two goals for the season, but his remarkable achievement that day made him the youngest player to score a first-half hat-trick in a La Liga match.

His prowess was not just limited to club football; Yeremy also made significant strides on the international stage. He represented Spain at the under-17 and under-18 levels, even captaining the latter. His skills and leadership on the field were evident early on in his career.

The young player’s international career took a notable turn on June 8, 2021, when he and other members of Spain’s under-21 squad were called up for an international friendly against Lithuania. This opportunity arose due to the isolation of several senior team players following a positive Coronavirus test by team member Sergio Busquets. Yeremy’s inclusion in this match underscored his rising prominence and potential in international football.

Achievements with the National Team:

Yeremy Pino’s journey with the Spanish senior team commenced on October 6, 2021, during the Nations League semi-final against Italy. He made a significant entry as a substitute in the 49th minute for the injured Ferran Torres, contributing to a 2–1 victory. His contribution to the team continued as he came off the bench in the finals against France, although the team faced a loss by the same scoreline.

On March 29th, Yeremy made his first start in an international friendly against Iceland in A Coruña, where he scored his inaugural goal in a dominant 5–0 victory. His performances have not only earned him recognition at the national level but have also attracted attention from international clubs. Notably, Chelsea showed interest in Yeremy as a potential addition to their team.

As the biography is being written, Yeremy is preparing to represent Spain in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He will be joining notable teammates such as Carlos Soler, Ferran Torres, Nico Williams, Alvaro Morata, Marco Asensio, Pablo Sarabia, Dani Olmo, and Ansu Fati, among others, in their quest for glory in Qatar. His inclusion in such a prestigious event at a young age highlights his rising status and the bright future ahead in his football career. Unfortunately, due to an injury, the Spanish winger Pino will be unable to participate in the remainder of the 2023/2024 season as well as Euro 2024 (GetFootballNewsSpain report).

Yeremy Pino’s Relationship:

Yeremy Pino, the talented right-winger from Las Palmas, is not only known for his football prowess but also for his charismatic persona, which naturally draws attention. He is in a committed relationship and not single, although he maintains a relatively private life away from the full glare of the media.

While not married, Yeremy is in a relationship with Tahiris Cabrera. The couple has been together for approximately a year. Details about how they first met remain private, as they haven’t publicly discussed their initial meeting. Nonetheless, Yeremy doesn’t shy away from expressing his affection and is quite open about his relationship.

Both he and Tahiris Cabrera are active on social media, where they occasionally share glimpses of their life together through photos and videos. They enjoy exploring new places and indulging in the joys of various popular holiday destinations, sharing their adventures and moments with their followers.

Off the Field:

Beyond the football pitch, Yeremy Pino, known for his distinct tattoos, enjoys swimming and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Standing at 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in) and weighing around 65 kg, he sports brown hair and eyes. His commitment to a well-balanced diet ensures he stays fit and agile for his demanding career.

Pino’s zodiac sign is the Libra which he has with Lyndon Dykes ( Centre-Forward), Joao Neves (Defensive Midfield), Guglielmo Vicario ( Goalkeeper) and Felix Nmecha ( Central Midfield).

Yeremy values time spent with family, friends, and teammates, often seen enjoying vacations and leisure activities with them. His dedication extends to maintaining a rigorous fitness regime, including regular gym workouts and football training sessions.

In terms of social media presence, Yeremy has amassed a substantial following, using platforms to share his career milestones and personal stories with fans worldwide. His Instagram account, @yeresantos10, has attracted over 110k followers, including peers like Carlos Soler.

Playing Style:

On the field, Yeremy’s style of play is distinct. While he may not possess the blazing speed of Kylian Mbappe or the flamboyant skills of Neymar Jr, he brings his unique flair to the game. Yeremy’s quickness and technical ability are a testament to the quality training at Villarreal’s academy. His real forte, however, lies in his game intelligence and strategic understanding. He excels in positioning, managing to be both an offensive threat as a winger and a dependable support to his defenders. His nuanced understanding of the game makes him a valuable player on the field.

Lifestyle and Career Earnings:

Yeremy Pino’s dedication and talent in football have brought him significant acclaim and financial rewards. As one of the key players for his team, his football career has made him one of the highest earners, allowing him to enjoy the luxuries that come with his success. This includes purchasing high-end cars and living in a luxurious residence, akin to many of his professional peers.

Salary and Net Worth:

After renewing his contract with Villarreal until 2027, Yeremy’s financial status has been on an upward trajectory. According to reports from Hollywood magazine, he earns approximately 14k pounds per week, amounting to around 728k pounds annually. Endorsements and advertisements further supplement his income.

As of March 2022, transfermarkt cites its highest market value at €40.00 million. Additionally, his contract includes a significant termination clause of 80 million euros, highlighting his value to Villarreal.

Speculation surrounding his future includes interest from clubs like Arsenal, with potential bids of around £34 million being discussed, though no formal offers have been made. With a clause of just under £60 million, clubs like Arsenal and potentially Liverpool are noted as interested parties. As Yeremy’s value is expected to continue rising, Villarreal faces strategic decisions regarding the right timing and price for any potential transfer.

Family Support and Background:

Yeremy Pino’s journey to professional success has been significantly bolstered by the unwavering support of his family. They’ve provided a nurturing environment, contributing to his development both as an individual and as an athlete. Here’s a deeper look into the family dynamics that have shaped him.

Yeremy Pino’s Father – Caramelo Pino:

Caramelo Pino, Yeremy’s father, has played a pivotal role in his early life and career. Known for his dedicated parenting, Caramelo has been instrumental in nurturing Yeremy’s football talents from a young age. Beyond just a parental figure, Caramelo served as Yeremy’s first, albeit informal, football coach. He instilled in Yeremy a persistent, forward-driven mindset on the field, often encouraging him to “go forward, go forward!”

These formative experiences have not only influenced Yeremy’s playing style but also fortified a deep father-son bond. Caramelo’s guidance extended beyond football, imparting important life values and ethics that have shaped Yeremy’s character. This foundational support from his father has been crucial in Yeremy’s development into the footballer and person he is today.

Yeremy Pino’s Mother:

Alongside his father, Yeremy Pino’s mother has been a cornerstone in his life and career. Her support and pride in his achievements on the football field have been unwavering. While specific details about her name and profession are not widely known, her dedication and tireless support have undoubtedly contributed to Yeremy’s success as a professional football player.

Yeremy’s Spanish heritage includes his maternal family name, Santos. His mother, in partnership with his father, has often been present at significant matches to watch their son play, providing him with a strong foundation of encouragement and support. Their joint presence at these games underscores the family’s collective commitment to Yeremy’s football journey.

Yeremy Pino’s Siblings:

The details regarding Yeremy Pino’s siblings are not extensively documented, and it remains unclear whether he has brothers or sisters. However, the emotional stability and social connections evident in his life suggest a strong familial bond. Media photographs suggest the presence of a sister in his life, indicating the warmth and closeness of his family relationships.

Yeremy appears to enjoy a positive relationship with his family and friends, some of whom he may regard as close as siblings. This strong network of support has likely played a role in his personal and professional development.

Yeremy Pino’s Relatives:

Relatives often play a crucial role in one’s upbringing, offering support, guidance, and encouragement throughout various life stages. As a celebrated football player, Yeremy Pino is likely to have an extended family, including grandparents, uncles, aunts, and possibly other kin.

While it’s common for public figures to have a network of relatives, Yeremy has not publicly shared details about his extended family. Information regarding his grandparents, uncles, and aunts remains private, reflecting his choice to keep certain aspects of his family life away from the public eye. Despite the lack of specifics, it’s reasonable to assume that his relatives, like those of many, provide a backdrop of support and care in his life.

Additional Insights:

In concluding Yeremy Pino’s biography, we delve into lesser-known aspects of his life and career. These additional details provide a more comprehensive understanding of the individual behind the celebrated footballer. Let’s explore these facets to gain a deeper appreciation of Yeremy Pino.

Yeremy Pino’s Faith:

In Spain, Catholicism is deeply ingrained in the nation’s historical and cultural fabric, with a significant majority of the population sticking to this faith. As such, it is common for individuals, including public figures like Yeremy Pino, to be Roman Catholic.

Catholics, alongside other Christian denominations, believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. They hold that he incarnated as a human for the sins of humanity through His death and resurrection. Followers of Catholicism adhere to the teachings of Jesus as laid out in the bible and trust in the promise of eternal life with God, reflecting a deep-rooted faith and spiritual commitment.

Pino shares the same birth year as Noni Madueke (right winger), Tino Livramento (right-back), Ryan Gravenberch (central midfield), and Nuno Mendes (left-back).


Born in 2002 in Las Palmas, Spain, Yeremy Jesús Pino Santos embarked on his football journey with Huracan in 2011, significantly supported by his parents, Nee Santos and Carmelo Pino. Alongside familial support, his relationship with his girlfriend, Tahiris Cabrera, has been a source of personal joy.

Yeremy’s initial foray into football was with his hometown club, Las Palmas, from 2011 to 2017, before moving to Villarreal’s academy. His professional debut, a notable moment in his career, was made in a UEFA Europa League match against Sivasspor, under the guidance of Unai Emery. In May 2021, he etched his name in history as the youngest player to start and win a European final, surpassing the records previously held by Robin van Persie.

Yeremy’s international career includes 38 appearances and eight goals across Spain’s youth levels, where he also served as captain for the U-18 team. His senior squad debut came in June 2021, amidst a challenging period of COVID-19 disruptions. He has since become known for his ability to navigate spaces behind defenders, adding a dynamic edge to Spain’s attacking line reminiscent of past greats like Fernando Torres and David Villa.

As we document his biography, Yeremy is set to join in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, representing Spain alongside notable teammates, furthering his journey in international football and showcasing his growing influence in the sport. The ascent of Yeremy Pino’s La Liga rise has led to him being offered to Man United following Antony’s challenges in 2023.


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