Warren Zaire-Emery Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This biography delves into the life of Warren Zaire-Emery, providing a comprehensive look at his early years, family life, and career beginnings, key aspects of his upbringing, including the roles played by his parents, Franck Emery (Dad) and Gessie Zaire (Mum), and other family members like siblings, grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

The narrative goes beyond just his personal life to explore his heritage, delving into the family’s origins and ethnicity. It touches upon various facets of his life, including his religious beliefs, educational background, hometown, and even personal choices like tattoos. Additionally, it provides insights into his financial status, including his net worth, salary details, and astrological sign.

At the core of this biography is the story of Warren Zaire-Emery’s journey in football, beginning from a pivotal moment at the age of four when joining Aubervilliers hinged on his ability to tie his shoelaces. His rapid learning and evident talent soon became apparent. The article from Soccer Biography captures the essence of his football career, intertwined with the legacy of sportsmanship inherited from his father, Frank. This legacy is a testament to the deep-rooted passion for football within the Zaire-Emery family, highlighting a bond that has been cultivated and cherished over generations.


This biography unfolds the captivating story of Warren Zaire-Emery, tracing his journey from childhood through the pivotal stages of his burgeoning football career and culminating in his ascent as one of his nation’s most esteemed footballers.

As you delve into Warren Zaire-Emery’s life story, Soccer Biography aims to satisfy your curiosity about this young athlete’s remarkable path. The narrative begins with a story of his early years leading up to his significant achievements in football. Warren Zaire-Emery’s story is indeed a testament to his talent and determination.

Warren Zaire-Emery is widely recognized for his inclusion in the Guardian’s list of 60 prodigious players born in 2006. He has garnered accolades for becoming the youngest player to start a match in Ligue 1 for PSG, and in February 2023, he was honoured with the Ligue 1 Nugget of the Month award. His contributions were crucial in securing the 2022 UEFA European Under-17 Championship for his team.

As we delve into the narratives of French soccer players, it’s evident that many fans have yet to discover the full extent of Warren Zaire-Emery’s fascinating biography. Now, we invite you to learn more about his inspiring journey.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Early Life:

In the beginning chapters of his biography, we learn that the talented Parisian Warren Zaire-Emery carries a name rich in family heritage. His surname is a combination of his parents’ names: “Zaire” from his mother and “Emery” from his father.

Born a Pisces on the 8th day of March 2006, in Montreuil, France, Warren entered the world as the cherished son of Gessie Zaire and Franck Emery. As a young star in Paris Saint-Germain’s ranks, his arrival marked a new chapter for his family.

Franck and Gessie, Warren’s parents, have played a pivotal role in his development, both as a person and as an athlete. Their constant love and support, coupled with their countless sacrifices, have been crucial in nurturing his talents. Though often unseen, their efforts behind the scenes have been essential in turning Warren’s football aspirations into reality.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Early Years:

Warren Zaire-Emery’s childhood, as previously noted, may have included siblings, though the details of his immediate family are not fully disclosed. It’s evident, however, that within his family, Warren stood out, particularly in emulating his father’s passion for football. This path was greatly supported and encouraged by his parents, reflecting their dedication and unwavering commitment to his growth.

From his earliest days, Warren shared a profound connection with his parents. This strong familial bond, coupled with their consistent support, played an instrumental role in fostering his talents. Warren spent his formative years in Montreuil, a suburb on the eastern edge of Paris, France, which significantly influenced his life and career.

Montreuil, often referred to as “the Hollywood of France” despite its suburban character, is a hub of cultural and social activities. The area is renowned for its vibrant local festivals, ranging from cinema-focused events to the celebrated peach harvest festival. These lively cultural experiences in Montreuil contributed to shaping Warren’s early life.

The place of Warren’s upbringing had a notable impact on his career trajectory. From as young as four years old, his interest in football was apparent, and this passion eventually steered him toward a professional career in the sport.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Formative Years:

In Montreuil, France, where he was born, Warren Zaire-Emery’s profound affection for football began to take shape. Even as a young child, he displayed an intense passion and natural aptitude for the sport. His rapid progress in football was a clear testament to his inherent talent.

Warren treasured every opportunity to engage with the game, deeply influenced by his father’s legacy in football. His dedication to the sport was unwavering, and with the continuous support of his parents, he fully dedicated himself to pursuing football.

His commitment and enthusiasm were key factors in realizing his aspirations. From a young age, Warren’s passion for the dynamic nature of football was evident. He enjoyed watching games, often alongside his father and brothers, absorbing the nuances of the sport.

Warren relished playing football and experimenting with new techniques and strategies. His journey in professional football began remarkably early, at the age of four, when he started refining his skills at the FC Aubervilliers soccer academy. His talent didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before scouts from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) recognized his potential. This recognition marked the beginning of what promised to be a luminous career ahead.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Family Influence:

Warren Zaire-Emery, a budding football talent, was raised in Montreuil, France, within a family deeply valuing close relationships and unity. This familial atmosphere played a significant role in shaping his character and interests. Central to his early development was the influence of his parents, who were instrumental in sparking his initial fascination with football.

Their encouragement and support were pivotal during the formative stages of his athletic career. While details about his mother’s professional background are not publicly known, his father has a history in football, both as a player and later as a coach. This familial foundation offered Warren the essential support and inspiration needed for his pursuit of the sport.

Recognizing Warren’s potential and dedication, his parents, Franck and Gessie, provided steadfast support throughout his developmental years. Despite financial constraints and busy schedules, they passionately championed his dreams. Their efforts went beyond ordinary measures to ensure that his aspirations in football could be realized.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Cultural Heritage:

Warren Zaire-Emery, a rising star in French football, embodies a rich amalgamation of cultural heritages. Born in Montreuil, France, he holds French nationality. His familial roots extend to diverse backgrounds: his father hails from Aubervilliers, a suburb of Paris, while his mother’s origins lie in the colorful Caribbean island of Martinique.

This blend endows him with a wide spectrum of cultural experiences and perspectives. For those interested in a deeper exploration of Warren Zaire-Emery’s lineage, a geographical representation of his family’s origins would provide valuable insights.

His unique background is a fusion of the metropolitan French culture, influenced by the urban environment of Aubervilliers and the vibrant Caribbean traditions of Martinique. This diverse heritage enriches his personal and professional life, offering him a broad worldview and a rich tapestry of experiences.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Ethnic Background:

Warren Zaire-Emery, recognized for his adept skills as a midfielder, has ethnic ties to Martinique, a captivating Caribbean island. This connection to Martinique is notably present in his family line, particularly through his grandmother.

His ancestry is characterized by a wealth of traditions and cultural diversity. This background plays a significant role in shaping his identity and adds a distinctive depth and variety to his life experiences and interactions.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Educational Background:

Details about Warren Zaire-Emery’s formal education are not widely known, but his early and pronounced entry into professional football is remarkable. From a young age, he showed extraordinary dedication and focus towards his career.

This early initiation into the professional world often indicates that an individual has had a clear passion and career goal from a very young age. It’s interesting to consider how his educational path may have been interwoven with his swift rise in the football arena. Regardless of the specifics of his academic history, his early professional achievements speak volumes about his natural talent and drive.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Early Career Development:

Warren Zaire-Emery’s journey into the world of football began in the vibrant Île-de-France region, where he not only took his first steps in life but also made his initial strides on the football field. As a young aspirant, he faced a unique challenge: the prerequisite of being able to tie his shoelaces to join the Aubervilliers club.

With his characteristic determination, Warren quickly learned to tie his shoelaces, a skill that drew attention from onlookers and marked his entry into the world of football. His dedication, however, extended beyond this initial hurdle. He showed remarkable patience, waiting a full year until he was old enough to obtain his first club license. This early period in his life marked the start of what would become an inspirational career.

From a young age, Warren’s agility and skill on the football field were exceptional. Each time he played, he demonstrated a commitment and passion that were palpable and left a lasting impression on those who observed his play.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Football Narrative:

Warren Zaire-Emery, after honing his skills at Aubervilliers for three years, caught the eye of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the famed club from France’s capital. His footballing ability was undeniable, leading to his integration into PSG’s youth team by 2014.

In the PSG youth ranks, Warren’s performances consistently exceeded expectations, reflecting an impressive maturity in the sport from an early age. He quickly became a notable figure within PSG’s youth system, often playing with age groups above his, attracting the attention of coaches at various levels. By the 2021-22 season, at the tender age of 15, he made a mark as the youngest member of the under-19 team.

Franck Emery, Warren’s father and a former midfielder himself, expressed immense pride in his son’s ascending football career. Speaking to L’Equipe on February 8, 2023, Franck acknowledged Warren’s potential from a young age but initially did not compare him to the likes of Mbappe, given their different playing positions. He noted moments of realization as Warren continuously excelled, particularly when playing with the under-19 team at just 15 years old. Franck was astounded by his son’s rapid development and skill enhancement among older players.

At 15, Warren received a significant opportunity when Mauricio Pochettino, recognizing his burgeoning talent, invited him to join PSG’s first team for the season. His growing reputation on the field attracted attention from top European clubs.

In March 2022, before signing his first professional contract, Warren made a strategic decision to align with Jorge Mendes’s agency, marking a significant milestone in his promising football career.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Journey to Stardom:

Warren Zaire-Emery’s ascent in the football world reached new heights in 2022 when he secured a three-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Under the guidance of coach Christophe Galtier, he made an impactful debut in a 2-0 victory over Quevilly-Rouen. He further showcased his skills during PSG’s tour in Japan, playing alongside celebrated figures like Neymar Jr, the Great Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi, Idrissa Gueye, Nuno Mendes, and Kylian Mbappé.

His talent was particularly evident when he confidently assumed a starting role in PSG’s 3-0 win against Urawa Red Diamonds. On August 6, 2022, he played in a league match against Clermont and, at 16 years and 151 days old, set a record as PSG’s youngest-ever player. In October, he boosted his profile with a striking performance in PSG’s 7-2 Champions League victory over Maccabi Haifa. The year 2023 continued to bring milestones for Warren; he became PSG’s youngest starter in a Coupe de France match.

He made his Ligue 1 debut shortly thereafter, setting another record in a match against Rennes. In February, his first senior goal secured a 3-1 win over Montpellier, making him PSG’s youngest goal scorer at 16 years and 330 days old. A notable moment of the season was his start in a Champions League knockout game against Bayern Munich. The season culminated triumphantly with Warren celebrating his first Ligue 1 title with PSG.

Loc Tanzi, speaking on the RMC “Scouting” podcast, commended Warren’s abilities, stating, “The term ‘phenomenon’ truly suits Warren.” Tanzi observed that Warren’s play does not betray his young age, highlighting his exceptional maturity on the field.

Mathieu Bodmer, an expert in the field, praised Warren’s maturity, noting it surpasses that of fellow professionals Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut, indicating his advanced development in the sport.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Ascension to Prominence:

In 2023, Warren Zaire-Emery etched his name in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) history. He set a record by assisting Marco Asensio in a 3-1 victory over Lens, becoming the youngest in Ligue 1 to achieve such a feat since 2006. His Champions League assist to Lucas Hernandez in a game against Newcastle United further distinguished him as the youngest French and PSG player to accomplish this.

Highlighted by ‘The Guardian’ as a standout global talent born in 2006, Warren continued to impress just two weeks later in a match against AC Milan. His two assists in this game earned him the title of the youngest player to secure three Champions League assists and to start twenty games for PSG.

In a pivotal match against Brest in October, Warren’s talents shone brightly as he scored a remarkable long-range goal, leading PSG to a 3-2 victory. His rapid rise has made him one of the youngest luminaries in PSG’s history.

When “Le Parisien” featured him, it was his teammates who were most vocal about his remarkable abilities. Hugo Ekitike, with a mix of humor and admiration, said, “Warren is just a kid!” He then added, recognizing Warren’s precocious talent, “Despite his youth, he plays with a maturity and skill level that’s astounding. He needs to maintain his focus and work ethic, but I have no doubts about his future.”

PSG itself has acknowledged Warren’s extraordinary talent, noting, “Zaire-Emery is a unique player, improving day by day. We value his contributions greatly. His potential is clear to us, and we’re confident he’ll have more opportunities to demonstrate his skills in forthcoming games.”

Warren Zaire-Emery’s International Career Progress:

In April 2022, Warren Zaire-Emery made his debut with the French U17 team at the Euro 2022 tournament in Israel, distinguishing himself as the youngest participant. He swiftly captured the limelight by scoring the first goal in the semi-final against Portugal.

This crucial performance was instrumental in leading France to victory, culminating in a thrilling 2-1 win over the Netherlands to clinch the championship. For his outstanding play throughout the tournament, Warren was honoured as the best player.

In 2023, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) decided not to release him for the U17 Euro, but by September, he received a significant call-up from the legendary Thierry Henry for the French junior team. At just 17 years old, Warren was not only selected for the team but also appointed as its captain. His appointment as the captain of Les Espoirs marked him as the youngest to hold this position in three decades, highlighting his inherent leadership qualities.

Didier Deschamps, recognizing Warren’s impressive abilities, commented on his potential future with the senior French team. He joins the likes of Jude Bellingham and Kendry Paez, who were capped before turning 18. Deschamps noted, “Warren’s current level of performance indicates a likely role in the senior team soon.”

He further praised Warren’s trajectory, suggesting that if he continues on this path, he will be a key player in midfield, demonstrating exceptional maturity for his age. Warren Zaire-Emery’s biography, as they say, is now part of football history.

International Football Journey:

Warren Zaire-Emery marked a significant milestone in April 2022, making his debut with the French U17 team at the Euro 2022 tournament in Israel. Notably, he was the youngest player in the competition. His standout moment came during the semi-final against Portugal, where he scored the opening goal, capturing widespread attention.

This achievement was a precursor to France’s success in the tournament, as they clinched the championship with an exciting 2-1 win against the Netherlands. Warren’s exceptional performance throughout the tournament earned him the accolade of the best player.

In 2023, despite PSG’s decision to not release him for the U17 Euro, his football journey took another leap forward. By September, Thierry Henry, a football legend, called him up to the French junior team. At only 17 years old, Warren’s role extended beyond being a team member; he was appointed the captain of Les Espoirs. This made him the youngest captain in this role for three decades, highlighting his leadership capabilities at a young age.

Didier Deschamps, observing Warren’s potential, speculated about his future inclusion in the senior French team. Deschamps remarked, “Warren’s current performance level suggests he could soon play a role in the senior team.”

He further commended Warren’s progress, stating, “If he continues on this path, he will undoubtedly become a key midfield player, exhibiting remarkable maturity.” Warren Zaire-Emery’s story, as they say, is now part of footballing history.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Personal Life:

Details about Warren Zaire-Emery’s romantic relationships are scarce, as the focus is often on his remarkable football career and strong family ties. The young midfielder, who has made a significant impact at Paris Saint-Germain, is known for his exceptional skill and dedication to football.

Despite his rising fame, Warren’s personal life, particularly aspects of romance or dating, remains largely unexplored. There has been little to no information surfacing about any potential romantic partners.

It appears that Warren may prefer to keep his personal life private, allowing his achievements on the football field to take center stage while maintaining discretion about his private affairs.

Exploring Warren Zaire-Emery’s Off-Field Persona:

Away from the football pitch, there are interesting aspects of Warren Zaire-Emery’s life that add depth to his persona. Known for his exceptional football talent, Warren is also characterized by his courteous demeanour. His humility, at times, might come as a surprise to those around him.

A Pisces by birth, Warren exhibits many characteristics associated with this zodiac sign, such as empathy and insightfulness. He shares this astrological sign with renowned footballers like Paul Pogba of France, Fred from Brazil, Timo Werner of Germany, and Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon.

Off the field, Zaire-Emery is passionate about fitness. He frequently engages in gym workouts that complement his football training. His regime includes weightlifting and cardio exercises like running and rowing. Physically, the popular midfielder stands at approximately 5 feet 10 inches, a height of 1.78 meters and weighing 68 kilograms.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Approach to Lifestyle:

Warren Zaire-Emery, the promising midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, charts a unique course in how he engages with social media, setting him apart from many of his contemporaries in the sports world. Unlike some athletes who often use their platforms to display their extravagant lifestyles, Warren chooses a more understated approach.

His social media presence is a reflection of his real-life attitude: modest and down-to-earth. He shows a preference for a simple lifestyle, steering clear of public displays of luxury or opulence. Instead of getting caught up in the trappings of fame and wealth, Warren remains grounded, with a strong focus on honing his football skills.

His social media feeds are dotted with serene moments of solitude, showcasing his love for peaceful relaxation, especially after the demanding football season. These glimpses into his life reveal a side of Warren that is both calm and sophisticated, offering his followers a view into his personal way of embracing life’s quieter moments.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Family Support:

Warren Zaire-Emery’s journey as a French football prodigy has been significantly shaped by his family, who have stood as the unwavering support system behind his blossoming soccer career. From his earliest days, his family’s passion for the sport has been a constant source of inspiration, fueling his own love for football.

Their commitment is evident in the countless early mornings spent attending practice sessions and their enthusiastic presence at games, always there to cheer him on. This steadfast support from his family is mirrored in Warren’s own work ethic and achievements on the pitch.

Let’s take a closer look at the family members who have played such a crucial role in shaping Zaire-Emery’s path to success and understanding their contributions to his remarkable journey in the world of football.

Warren Zaire-Emery and His Father’s Influence:

The relationship between Warren Zaire-Emery and his father has always been intrinsically linked to football. His father, Franck Emery, was more than just a supportive figure in the stands; he was the driving force behind Warren’s rise in the world of football. Notably, Warren’s father is Franck Emery, a name synonymous with the sport.

Born on January 31, 1978, in Aubervilliers, Franck’s childhood was steeped in a love for soccer, often playing with his friends in Seine-Saint-Denis. This early passion for the game laid the foundation for what would become a professional career in football.

In the 1990s, Franck embarked on a significant step in his career by joining Red Star FC as a midfielder. His career spanned into the early 2000s, with periods at Noisy-le-Sec and Fc Les Lilas 93, eventually concluding with a stint at Aubervilliers in the 2002-03 season.

After retiring as a player, Franck continued his involvement in football by moving into a coaching role. In 2010, he took up the responsibility of coaching the Red Star FC’s women’s team. The current details of his professional life are kept private, contributing an element of mystery to the Zaire-Emery football legacy.

Franck recognized Warren’s innate talent early on and set a simple but significant condition before allowing him to join a team at the age of four: Warren had to learn to tie his shoelaces. Accepting this challenge, Warren quickly mastered it, and with his shoelaces securely tied, he stepped onto the football field, beginning his own journey in the sport.

Warren’s path, while influenced by his father, is a unique story of a young talent carving out his own destiny. He is not just following in Franck’s footsteps; he is expanding upon the legacy of sportsmanship and skill imparted by his father.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Bond with His Mother:

The rise of Warren Zaire-Emery in European football is not just a narrative of individual ambition and talent, but also one of deep family commitment. Central to this familial support is his mother, Gessie Zaire, who stands as a beacon of emotional support and guidance in his life.

Gessie’s role, while not frequently highlighted in the media, has a profound impact on Warren’s personal and professional development. Her influence in his life is significant, providing a quiet yet potent source of strength and encouragement.

Her unwavering support forms the bedrock of the discipline and determination that have catapulted Warren to remarkable success in football. Gessie’s contributions have been crucial in laying a strong foundation for Warren, helping shape him into the accomplished player we witness on the field today.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Sibling Situation:

In the story of Warren Zaire-Emery, details about siblings are notably scarce. Much of the focus has been on his burgeoning football career and his father’s history in the sport. However, there is little to no mention of brothers or sisters in his narrative.

It’s possible that Warren is an only child, or if he does have siblings, they may prefer to keep a low profile. As Warren continues to impress on the soccer field, the aspects of his family life, particularly regarding siblings, remain largely private.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Maternal Heritage:

Warren Zaire-Emery’s family history is deeply enriched by the life of his grandmother, Marie-Hortensia Zaire. Originating from Rivière-Salée, a picturesque town in Petit-Bourg, Martinique, she embodies the vibrant spirit and rich culture of the island. Her decision to relocate from Martinique to France marked a significant chapter in her life, weaving a new narrative in a different land.

This journey over the ocean bridged two worlds, intertwining her Martinican heritage with new opportunities in France and setting the foundation for the future of her family. Gessie Zaire, Warren’s mother, also shares this connection to the sun-kissed shores of Martinique, underscoring the family’s strong cultural roots.

Together, Marie-Hortensia and Gessie represent a link between generations, providing Warren with a sense of grounding in the traditions, values, and history of their beloved island, Martinique.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Grandparental Legacy:

Marie-Hortensia Zaire, the grandmother of Warren Zaire-Emery, is a well-respected figure, a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of Rivière-Salée, a quaint town in Petit-Bourg, Martinique. Her life story is one of courage and exploration, as she embarked on a significant journey from her native Martinique to start a new life chapter in France.

This move across the ocean was not just a change of location; it represented a blending of her Martinican roots with new possibilities in France, laying a foundation for the generations that followed. Warren’s mother, Gessie Zaire, also originates from the vibrant landscapes of Martinique, reflecting the family’s deep cultural ties.

Marie-Hortensia and Gessie collectively symbolize a connection between different eras, linking Warren to the traditions and historical richness of their Martinican heritage. This connection to their island home provides Warren with a sense of identity and values that are deeply rooted in the past yet continue to resonate in the present.

Exploring Lesser-Known Aspects of Warren Zaire-Emery:

In this final section of Warren Zaire-Emery’s biography, we delve into the lesser-known facets of his life that shape his identity beyond the football field. Let’s uncover these intriguing details.


Warren Zaire-Emery, serving as a central midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), receives an impressive annual salary of 250 thousand Euros, as of the latest information available.

Financial Standing:

In Montreuil, France, where Warren Zaire-Emery hails from, the average income is approximately 46,224 Euros per year. Interestingly, it would take an average citizen from this area more than five years to match Warren Zaire-Emery’s annual salary of 250,000 Euros.

Warren Zaire-Emery in FIFA Video Game:

In the FIFA video game series, Warren Zaire-Emery’s in-game attributes are regularly updated to mirror his real-life football performance. As of FIFA 2023, his rating stands at a solid 70, with the potential to reach an impressive 85. This reminds us about how Federico Ververdis ratings started.

Operating primarily as a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM), Warren’s proficiency with his right foot is a highlight in the game, effectively showcasing his skills on the virtual pitch. His representation in FIFA is notable for several key attributes: precise short passing, adept ball control, skilful dribbling, excellent balance, and remarkable stamina, reflecting his in-game prowess.

While already a significant presence in the game, Warren is focused on improving areas such as aerial ability and volleying skills. His playing style in FIFA is reminiscent of renowned players like Orkun Kokcu and Pablo Gavi, making him a valuable asset in any virtual team setup.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Religious Beliefs:

Warren Zaire-Emery maintains a private stance regarding his religious beliefs. Similar to many athletes who choose not to publicly discuss their faith, Warren also keeps this aspect of his life discreet.

This reticence leads to speculation about his possible religious affiliations. Considering France’s deep-rooted Catholic history, it is plausible that he might share this background. However, in the absence of any confirmation from Warren himself, any assumptions about his faith remain conjecture. His personal beliefs, as they pertain to religion, remain his own, separate from his public persona as a football player.

Conclusion on Warren Zaire-Emery’s Story:

Warren Zaire-Emery’s journey began in the vibrant community of Montreuil, France. Born on March 8, 2006, to Franck, a former Red Star player, and Gessie, with her roots in Martinique, Warren was destined for a life intertwined with football.

From the age of four, under his father’s mentorship, he started his football path at the Aubervilliers youth academy. His burgeoning talent soon became apparent. By 2014, his potential had captured the attention of Paris Saint-Germain, leading him to join their esteemed youth program. Warren ascended through the ranks with remarkable skill and poise, culminating in his promotion to PSG’s senior team in 2022.

The joy of signing his first professional contract in July 2022 was a significant milestone for the Emery family. Their collective love for football and PSG had come full circle, with Warren becoming an integral part of the team he grew up supporting.

In that same year, Warren’s exceptional abilities shone brightly as he steered the French U17 team to triumph in the European Championship, earning the accolade of the tournament’s best player. His time at PSG continued to be marked by record-breaking performances, solidifying his status as a formidable talent in the football world.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s Achievements:

Warren Zaire-Emery made his debut with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as the youngest player ever to participate in an official match, setting a record during a game against Clermont. At the age of 16, he exhibited a level of maturity on the field that belied his years. His legacy continued to flourish, breaking yet another record as he became the youngest player to start in a Champions League match, this time facing off against Bayern Munich.

During the 2022-2023 season, Warren played an increasingly pivotal role in the PSG squad. At merely 17 years old, he appeared in 26 matches, demonstrating his exceptional talent. His significant contributions were instrumental in PSG securing the French championship, a testament to his rapidly growing career.

In April 2022, Warren Zaire-Emery was selected for the French under-17 national team for the UEFA Under-17 Euro. His inclusion in the squad, despite being the sole player born in 2006 amidst older peers from 2005, acknowledged his outstanding ability.

The French team emerged victorious in the tournament, with Warren playing a key role by scoring two vital goals. Then, in September 2023, his career reached a new milestone when Thierry Henry, the coach of the French under-21 team, called him up.

Henry recognized Warren’s leadership qualities and appointed him as the team captain for matches against Denmark and Slovenia. At the young age of 17, Warren became the youngest captain in 30 years to lead Les Espoirs, further cementing his reputation as a prodigious talent in the world of football.

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