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This article on Vitor Roque Biography offers insights into his Childhood, Family life, Parents – Hercília Roque Ferreira (Mum), Juvenal “Tigrão (Dad), Sister (Vitória Roque), Early Life, etc.

Moreover, we’ll delve into his personal affairs, including Roque’s relationship status and more.

This account of Roque’s life presents factual information about his Brazilian family roots, ethnicity, hometown, education, and religious beliefs.

Additionally, it uncovers the private life, lifestyle, net worth, and salary particulars of the forward from Timóteo.

In essence, this narrative unravels the complete story of Vitor Roque. We share the tale of a young boy who pledged to fulfil his father’s football aspirations. As a youngster, Vitor particularly enjoyed his all-time favourite meal: chicken with ketchup and fried bananas.

We also reveal the journey of an accomplished youth footballer. Vitor Roque’s exceptional skills led to a remarkable event.

After defeating an opposing team in a cup final, they promptly offered him a football contract at the age of 13. This marked one of the most contentious transfers involving the young Brazilian talent.


We commence Vitor Roque’s biography by highlighting significant events from his childhood and early years.

Following this, we’ll delve into his initial football experiences with América Mineiro and Cruzeiro. Lastly, we’ll describe the ascent of the Timóteo native in the world of soccer.

SoccerBiography is eager to pique your interest in Vitor Roque’s life story. It’s no secret that this skilled striker is renowned for his ball control, vision, agility, acceleration, sprint speed, and finishing abilities.

Vitor’s impressive performance in the 2023 South American U-20 Championship, including his remarkable goals, led fans to draw comparisons to the legendary Brazilian Ronaldo.

As we strive to share the narratives of Brazilian football forwards, we’ve noticed a gap in knowledge.

The reality is that many soccer enthusiasts haven’t had the chance to read an in-depth biography of Vitor Roque. We’ve crafted an engaging account for you, so let’s dive right in.

The Childhood Life of Vitor Roque:

Commonly known by his nickname “Tigrinho,” Vitor Hugo Roque Ferreira was born on February 28, 2005, in Timóteo, Brazil. He is the first son and second child of Hercília Roque Ferreira and Juvenal “Tigrão.”

Vitor Roque is one of two children (alongside his sister, Vitória Roque) brought into the world by the joyful union of his mother, Hercília, and father, Juvenal.

As they watch their son excel in soccer, Hercília and Juvenal are living their dream. These devoted and encouraging parents exemplify the positive influence that commitment and support can have on a child’s athletic pursuits.

Early Years:

Growing up in the small town of Timóteo in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Vitor Roque’s formative years were characterized by modest beginnings, as well as his keen interest and passion for soccer.

Known for being well-mannered and affectionate, young Vitor always managed to find happiness in life’s simple pleasures. In our research, we discovered that one of Vitor’s most treasured items from his youth was a worn-out teddy bear.

Vitor Roque was raised with his only sibling, a sister named Vitoria. With a five-year age gap between them, their parents, Hercília and Juvenal, chose to give them both names that started with the letter “V.”

The Latin-rooted names have related meanings, such as “victor” or “champion,” which have come to signify the strong connection and unwavering bond shared by Vitor and Vitoria over the years.

The relationship between Vitor and Vitoria goes beyond merely supporting each other’s professional aspirations.

Truth is, the siblings, born to Hercília and Juvenal, also share a mutual enjoyment of dancing, an activity they have engaged in together since their early years.

Vitor Roque Early Life (Soccer):

The rising Brazilian soccer star’s love for the sport took root as soon as he was able to walk. Vitor’s earliest dreams revolved around donning the iconic Brazilian jersey.

This lifelong ambition came to fruition on March 4, 2023, when he was finally called up to join the Brazilian national team.

Vitor Roque’s journey to represent the Seleção Canarinha began with a crucial decision made by his parents. Juvenal “Tigrão” and Hercília Roque Ferreira decided to move from Timóteo to the more soccer-oriented town of Coronel Fabriciano in pursuit of greater opportunities.

Upon settling in their new residence, young Vitor swiftly fostered a deep connection with the sport, spending hours kicking the soccer ball.

Under the attentive guidance of his father, Juvenal, Vitor refined his skills and laid the groundwork for his blossoming soccer career.

The Family Background of Vitor Roque:

Born in Timóteo, Vitor Roque comes from a family deeply enamoured with the sport of football.

After moving to Coronel Fabriciano, he earned the nickname “Tigrinho” as a nod to his father, Juvenal “Tigrão,” a former soccer player.

Vitor Roque’s prowess in soccer can be traced back to his father, Juvenal, who played as a defensive midfielder in amateur football in Minas Gerais.

Though Juvenal never reached the apex of the sport, he passed his talent on to his son and pledged to live out his soccer dreams vicariously through him.

It is essential to recognize that Vitor Roque’s upbringing was not marked by wealth but rather a middle-class background.

The combined income from Hercília and Juvenal’s occupations ensured that their family enjoyed a comfortable life in a middle-class neighbourhood.

In their family home, Vitor Roque’s mother, a professional chef, was celebrated for her mouthwatering culinary creations. Vitor particularly loved her dishes that featured fried chicken with mayonnaise, ketchup, and fried bananas.

This Brazilian dish, known as “bananas fritas,” was a common feature on Vitor’s lunch menu. According to his sister, Vitória, this meal (fried chicken, bananas with mayonnaise, and ketchup) was frequently served, nearly every day.

The Roques is a devoted Christian Family:

A complete portrayal of Vitor Roque’s family history must acknowledge the strong Christian beliefs held by his parents.

Along with his sister, Vitória, Vitor was brought up with a focus on the importance of maintaining a steadfast Christian faith, including regular prayer.

In a heartwarming snapshot from his youth, Vitor Roque’s mother is seen praying beside him, illustrating their mutual dedication to their beliefs.

Vitor Roque’s Origin:

The parents of the Athletico Paranaense soccer player are both Brazilian nationals.

Vitor Roque originates from Timóteo, a Brazilian town with an approximate population of 90,568 inhabitants, situated in the state of Minas Gerais in Southeastern Brazil.

Ethnic Background:

Hailing from Timóteo, the soccer player identifies with a demographic group in Brazil referred to as Pardo or Brown People.

In essence, Vitor Roque is part of an ethnic group that represents a mix of Brazilian natives, along with European and African lineages.

Prominent footballers from this ethnic group include Antony Santos, the iconic Neymar Jr., and others.

Vitor Roque Education (School attended):

Upon reaching the appropriate age, Vitor commenced his studies at Cruzeirinho’s soccer school, located in Coronel Fabriciano in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

His school days are best recounted by his teacher, Benedito Otaviano Vieira, also known as Nenem Salame or Baby Salami. In his words:

“During school, the children would invite Vitor to participate in other games. However, he always responded that he only wanted to play with a ball.”

Benedito Otaviano also noted Vitor’s impressive cognitive abilities.

By the tender age of six, the young boy had already developed excellent problem-solving skills and a positive personality. It was also evident that Vitor was typically reserved and quiet.

Another influential teacher during Vitor’s educational journey was Alcides Bassoto Neto, known as Tidinho.

He, too, attests that the young student never caused any issues at school and had no instances of misconduct.

Vitor Roque Biography (Early Soccer Journey):

The young Brazilian soccer prodigy took his initial steps in the sport at Cruzeirinho soccer school, beginning at the age of six.

Vitor Roque had an advantage in his soccer development since his family resided directly across from the local neighbourhood field.

After each training session, while his teammates walked home, Vitor remained behind to practice even more.

In his formative soccer years, Vitor was a slightly shorter-than-average and sturdy midfielder. As young as six, he consistently made a difference during matches within his age group.

Due to Vitor Roque’s exceptional technical, mental, and physical capabilities, his coach encouraged him to compete against older players.

The intention wasn’t to put the young boy at risk but to challenge and develop the soccer talent that Cruzeirinho soccer school had discovered.

As anticipated, Vitor surpassed all the obstacles and tests placed before him, displaying a professional attitude despite his young age of six or seven.

Describing her son’s personality, Hercília Roque Ferreira, Vitor’s mother, stated:

“Vitor always knew what he wanted and where he wanted to go.”

Hercília Roque Ferreira also revealed that Vitor had always been focused and decisive since childhood.

He even developed the habit of leaving birthday parties early to ensure he had enough rest for the following day’s match or training session.

Path to Stardom:

2015 marked a pivotal year for the young athlete, who had just turned 10. Vitor Roque’s career reached new heights, attracting interest from top Brazilian clubs eager to invite the 10-year-old for trial tests.

In 2015, América Futebol Clube (MG) succeeded in signing the gifted youngster. Vitor Roque’s entire family, except for his father, relocated to support his new endeavour.

As Hercília and Vitoria moved to Belo Horizonte, Juvenal remained in Coronel Fabriciano due to his job.

Despite being 3 hours and 43 minutes (197.4 km) apart, Juvenal maintained a strong connection with his son through frequent calls and other communication methods.

At the height of his midfield expertise, Vitor Hugo Roque continued playing for América Mineiro. Initially serving as a defensive midfielder for his new team, the budding star displayed extraordinary attacking prowess.

Observing his potential, América-MG’s coaches transitioned him from a midfielder to a centre forward, enabling him to fully exploit his attacking talents.

Similar to Phil Foden, Vitor was a soccer prodigy who refined his dribbling techniques and became renowned for scoring remarkable goals, as evidenced in this footage.

The Luciano Schuai impact:

From the age of 10, when Vitor passed the América Mineiro evaluation test, one individual—his coach—has played a significant role in guiding the young talent towards success.

Luciano Schuai is his name, and in an interview with the São Paulo daily newspaper (Estadão), he had this to say about Vitor:

“When you sow a good seed, you can only harvest good fruits.

I had the privilege of beginning work with him in the under-10 category, and I quickly realized that Vitor was a special child.

Vitor consistently demonstrated his desire to achieve great things in life.”

Over time, Coach Luciano developed a close relationship with Vitor Roque’s family. His support was instrumental in the striker’s soccer success.

Coach Luciano Schuai also acknowledged that Vitor comes from a well-structured family and consistently heeds the advice of both his mentor and parents.

Vitor and Luciano’s connection extended beyond the América Mineiro training grounds.

When the club was not in session, the young athlete and his mentor would schedule additional training sessions. Luciano would dedicate hours to helping Vitor develop, both physically and emotionally.

Success Story:

As the future of Brazilian football, according to his fans, Vitor shone brightly during four consecutive Athletico seasons.

He made significant strides on the field, and his unique abilities consistently gave him the edge in crucial games.

Roque’s contributions often led his team to victory, earning him top scorer and best player awards. He maintained his position as the most exceptional player in his age group for multiple seasons.

Vitor was even named the top scorer in the Under-14 Mineiro Championship, netting eight goals.

By refining his innate scoring ability, Vitor played a crucial role in ensuring that his América Mineiro team only suffered one loss in two years.

With his exceptional talent on full display, Vitor helped the team avoid defeat for an entire season as he spearheaded their offensive efforts.

How defeating Cruzeiro fetched him Vitor fame:

Once upon a time, in 2018, the 14th Eccellente Cruzeiro International Cup took place, a prestigious Under-15 competition organized by the International Business Department of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.

Vitor Roque’s América Mineiro team participated in the event.

In that unforgettable final, Vitor guided América Mineiro to victory in the Eccellente Cruzeiro International Cup, securing an unprecedented title by defeating their fierce rivals, Cruzeiro.

As part of the title celebrations, Vitor’s team received a prize of R$15,000.

Following their loss in the Eccellente Cruzeiro International Cup, Cruzeiro set their sights on acquiring Vitor from his parent club.

Highly regarded as a prized asset, the 13-year-old striker knew he had captured the attention of the rival team.

Despite América-MG’s reluctance to let go of their football prodigy, Vitor Roque controversially transferred to Cruzeiro in May 2019.

More details on the Cruzeiro transfer controversy will be discussed later in this biography.

For two seasons, Roque continued his development with his new club, Cruzeiro, the same team he had recently faced in a final.

During his time there, he earned the affectionate nickname “tank” due to his strength and ability to break through defences.

Vitor Roque’s impressive start at Cruzeiro’s youth academy led to one of the most significant achievements of his life up to that point in 2019.

The young striker helped his team secure victory in the International Campus Football Championship, held in Haimen, Guangdong, China.

Embracing Professionalism:

On May 25th, 2021, Vitor Roque’s family, including his parents and sister Vitoria, celebrated with immense joy as their cherished youngest member signed his first professional contract.

His manager, Vanderlei Luxemburgo, commended Vitor for his successful debut.

A year after signing his initial professional contract, Vitor took on a greater challenge.

Athletico Paranaense wasted no time in activating his R$ 24 million release clause, offering him a five-year deal. Vitor’s transfer became the most substantial financial transaction in the club’s history.

Vitor Roque rewarded Athletico Paranaense’s trust in him by delivering numerous magical moments on the field.

At just 17 years and 121 days old, he became the youngest player to score in the Copa Libertadores tournament, achieving this feat on June 29th, 2022.

Furthermore, he scored Athletico Paranaense’s 100th goal in the history of the South American competition.

Witness Vitor Roque’s remarkable skills and goals earned him his initial fame as a professional player.

Continental Victory and European Transfer Interest:

The 2023 South American U-20 Championship served as the stage for Vitor to gain international recognition.

The talented Brazilian, along with Andrey Santos (who had recently joined Chelsea), played a crucial role in Brazil’s victory at the tournament.

Both players scored six goals each, one more than Real Madrid’s Alvaro Rodriguez, securing the Golden Boot title.

As of writing Vitor Roque’s biography, numerous European clubs were expressing interest in the young player.

FC Barcelona was reportedly eager to outbid other clubs in the Brazilian transfer market to secure the promising athlete.

This interest emerged after Real Madrid successfully signed Endrick Felipe, hailed as Brazil’s next big star following Neymar.

The remarkable story of the footballer who started accumulating trophies at just 18 years old continues to unfold.

Does Vitor Roque have a Girlfriend?

The Brazilian wonderkid, who has achieved so much before the age of 19, including winning the 2023 South American U-20 Championship, is on the path to success.

As is often said, behind the triumph of a Brazilian footballer is a WAG. Therefore, the question arises:

Who is Vitor Roque’s dating?

As of writing, the talented Brazilian striker, who is as handsome as the legendary Adriano, appears to be single.

Vitor Roque’s parents, along with his sister Vitoria, have stressed the importance of maintaining discipline in sports.

Dating at an early stage of fame could lead to career distractions and emotional turbulence.

Roque’s Personality:

When not on the football pitch, Vitor, like Amadou Onana, embodies a humble personality. He is a prime example of a true gentleman who continuously exudes modesty.

The short and sturdy striker is a man of few words, following the philosophy of his greatest idol,

This article Sam Kerr Biography tells you Facts about her childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Roxanne Kerr (Mother), Roger Kerr (Father), Family Background, Siblings – Sister (Madeline) and Brothers (Daniel and Levi), Relationships – Boyfriend or girlfriend, Relatives – Grandparents (Denzil Mowbray Kerr and Coral Kerr), plus Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, etc.

This memoir about Sam Kerr also gives facts about her Family Origin, Religion, Education, Ethnicity, Hometown, and so forth. Not ignoring the sports lady’s personal Life and Lifestyle, SoccerBiography will provide details of her Zodiac, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown with Chelsea.

In summary, we present the history of Sam Kerr. This is the tale of an extraordinary young female player who, three years before earning her first cap for the Australian women’s football team, the Matildas, never envisioned a future in football.

Interestingly, Sam Kerr left Australian rules football (a contact sport played between two teams of eighteen players on an oval field, often a modified cricket ground) at the age of 12 to begin playing soccer, despite her initial dislike for the sport. Despite his popularity, Vitor Roque remains grounded, upholding his humble essence even as an Athletico Paranaense striker.


Vitor Roque is a family-oriented person who, even to this day, relishes his mother’s speciality dish, which comprises chicken with mayonnaise, ketchup, and fried bananas.

The robust striker enjoys this favourite Brazilian cuisine for lunch and also finds time to frequent the nearby beach.

Does Vitor Roque own a Car?

Vitor Roque, hailing from Minas Gerais, has nurtured a deep-seated passion for owning a BMW car since his youth.

After years of hard work and dedication, he has finally fulfilled his long-cherished dream of owning the BMW car he has always admired.

About Vitor Roque Family Support:

Juvenal and Hercília’s family home is a beautiful place, cherished by all its members who relish the idea of spending special moments together.

Let us now delve into how Juvenal, Hercília, and Vitoria have steadfastly supported Vitor’s burgeoning football career.

Vitor Roque’s Father:

Juvenal Ferreira, the head of the Vitor Roque family, celebrates his birthday every 18th of March, marking him as a Pisces (similar to Pedro Neto, the left winger from Portugal).

Those who know him can attest that he is a man of unwavering principles and values.

As Vitor’s career manager, Mr Ferreira is a devoted father who will go to great lengths to fight for his son’s interests, as demonstrated during the 2019 transfer controversy.

Let us now delve into the details.

Juvenal Ferreira’s involvement in his son’s transfer issue:

Juvenal “Tigrão,” Vitor Roque’s father, once found himself embroiled in a transfer dispute between América Mineiro and Cruzeiro in 2019.

The situation was so severe that Juvenal had to file a report with Brazil’s Public Ministry for Children and Youth, denouncing the pressure that the Roque family was under, which affected their 14-year-old son.

Vitor Roque had been a player for América Mineiro since he was ten years old, up until the age of 13.

However, before his 14th birthday, he moved to a rival club, Cruzeiro, which caused controversy.

Due to feeling pressured, Juvenal Ferreira did not allow his son to attend a pre-contract meeting set by América Mineiro on February 4th, a few weeks before Vitor’s 14th birthday.

While Vitor Roque’s parents were free to choose a club for their son, the rival club’s actions in snatching América Mineiro’s brightest talent days before his 14th birthday left them feeling angered.

América Mineiro believed that they deserved to have him sign a contract since they had shaped Vitor’s career since he was ten years old.

The club accused Vitor Roque’s father of allowing his son to leave through the back door on the eve of his 14th birthday, claiming that the boy refused to sign a contract with them without justification.

As a result, América Mineiro sought compensation for Vitor Roque’s transfer and his misconduct.

More facts about the controversy:

América Mineiro initially filed a complaint against their rival club, Cruzeiro, with Brazil’s Public Ministry of Labor, alleging harassment by the other party.

In response, Vitor Roque’s father, Juvenal Ferreira, reported América Mineiro to Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Youth, claiming that he was pressured by the club.

Eventually, mediation took place, and all parties reached an agreement.

Cruzeiro acknowledged their wrongdoing and allowed Vitor to reintroduce himself to América Mineiro to properly conclude the legalities of his departure.

América Mineiro acknowledged the report filed by Vitor Roque’s father at the Public Prosecutor’s Office but refused to comment further, knowing it was a sensitive issue involving a minor.

They hoped for the issue to be resolved in the best possible way.

In the end, it was a victory for the Roque family, thanks to the efforts of Juvenal Ferreira, who fought for his son’s best interests.

Roque, who was under 14 years old, was not held accountable for his actions, and the issue was resolved through mediation.

The role of Vitor Roque’s Mother:

Hercilia, who is an Aries and celebrates her birthday every 17th of April, has been a pillar of support for her son Vitor in his football career.

She acknowledges that it hasn’t been an easy road for him, and there have been times when he has been overwhelmed with the expectations that come with being a young athlete.

Vitor’s mother has seen him cry, and she understands the weight of his career burden. However, she always reminds him that he is not alone and that God is with him.

She has instilled in him the importance of living a life guided by JESUS, and Vitor is grateful for her constant guidance and support.

Who is Vitor Roque’s Sister in his life?

Vitória, the first child of Juvenal Ferreira and Hercilia, was born on August 23, 1999. She describes herself as feminine and witty with unwavering values in her Instagram bio.

Despite occasional disagreements with Vitória, Vitor feels grateful to have such a remarkable, authentic, and kind-hearted sister.

She effortlessly builds strong connections with every member of her family due to her easygoing nature.

About Vitor Roque’s Grandparents:

The athlete had a beloved grandmother who has since passed away. It is evident that she shared a special bond with Vitor Roque’s mother, Hercília.

After her grandmother’s passing in mid-2022, Hercília posted a heartfelt message on social media, expressing her deep sorrow and how much she will miss her.

She also talked about her last look, which seemed like a plea for help, and described her heart as broken.

Hercília acknowledged that she needed strength to carry on without her Nan, who was a significant part of her life.

About Vitor Roque Relatives:

Tiaguinho Abdon, a fellow professional footballer, has a strong relationship with Vitor’s family. Although many may mistake them for being siblings, they are not related.

Tiaguinho and Vitor played together for América Futebol Clube (MG), and their shared experience of winning youth trophies strengthened their bond.

Facts about Vitor Roque:

To wrap up SoccerBiogarphy’s article on the Brazilian Forward, we will reveal some lesser-known facts about the Baller who is a target of Chelsea and Arsenal (Football London report). So, let’s dive in.

He inherited a 39 shirt from a Newcastle Legend:

Bruno Guimarães previously wore the number 39 shirt at Athletico Paranaense before he left for Lyon on January 29, 2020.

On April 13, 2022, Vitor Roque inherited the same shirt number, which holds a special significance for Guimarães.

According to Bruno Guimarães, his family’s taxi has the number 39, which is believed to bring them luck.

The athlete used this number as his inspiration to succeed, and by wearing the same shirt number at Athletico Paranaense, Vitor Roque is now also believed to have the luck that the number brings.

Vitor Roque Salary and Net Worth:

On April 13th, 2022, Vitor Roque signed a professional contract with Athletico Paranaense that stipulated an annual payment of R$1,481,368. As of 2023, we place Vitor Roque’s Net Worth at approximately 1.5 million euros.

Comparing Roque’s earnings with that of the Average Brazilian?

In the region of Brazil where Vitor Roque’s family originates from, the average annual income is around 34,020 BRL.

It is interesting to note that an individual with this average income would need 43.5 years to earn the same amount as Vitor’s annual salary at Athletico Paranaense.

Vitor Roque FIFA:

In PlayStation 5, his FIFA stats demonstrate that his ball control (82) and potential (86) are his greatest football assets.

Similar to Rodrygo Silva de Goes and Vinicius Junior, Roque’s movement stats are excellent (above 70). These stats indicate that he is a highly promising prospect in Brazilian football.

Vitor Roque Religion:

Vitor Roque’s family are practising Christians, and their faith plays an important role in their lives.

Hercília Roque Ferreira, his mother, often draws strength and inspiration from the teachings of the Bible to help her son navigate the challenges of his football career.

When he was 15 years old in 2019, Vitor had his baptism. His declaration of faith was a significant milestone in his spiritual journey.

“So it is no longer I who lives, but CHRIST who LIVES in me!”


Vitor Roque grew up in a household that was both football and faith-oriented, with his father, Juvenal Ferreira, being a former footballer and his mother, Hercilia Roque, a cook.

Along with his sister Vitoria, he was raised in Coronel Fabriciano, a municipality in Minas Gerais, and developed a passion for football at a young age.

Due to his physical and tactical abilities, he was nicknamed “Tigrinho” in honour of his father, who was determined to succeed in football despite his middle-class upbringing.

Living right in front of the local football field gave Vitor an opportunity to practice extra, and he started as a defensive midfielder with Cruzeirinho soccer school.

As he progressed with América Mineiro in 2015, he converted to a striker, earning the nickname “The Tank” due to his strength and physicality on the field.

Vitor comes from a devout Christian family, and he celebrated his baptism in 2019 at the age of 15, with his mother often using biblical teachings to encourage and support him during his career.

Soccer Story:

Vitor Roque has always had the support of his family since his early football days in Timóteo, a town located in the interior of Minas Gerais.

His mother and sister even left everything behind to relocate to Belo Horizonte when he joined América Mineiro.

Known as the promise of Brazilian football, Vitor stood out in all of Athletico’s youth seasons and was treated as a jewel by the club.

However, América Mineiro controversially lost him to Cruzeiro in 2019. Vitor turned professional with his new club and was eventually sold to Athletico Paranaense this year.

Wearing Guimarães’ number 39 shirt, Vitor played a crucial role in helping the club win the Libertadores as one of their best players.

He then helped Brazil’s youth side win the 2023 South American U-20 Championship in the following season.

Vitor’s dream finally came true when he earned his first call-up to the Brazilian senior national team in March 2023. One thing is sure about the Brazilian from Timóteo. It is a fact that he, alongside Mateo Retegui, will most likely get a move to a European giant in the summer of 2023.


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