Tino Livramento Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This analysis of Tino Livramento Biography offers a detailed look at his life, starting from his early childhood, his family roots, his journey to fame, about his parents, Caroline O’Neill and Francisco Livramento, his sister Paloma, and his brother, painting a complete picture of his family background.

This comprehensive profile not only delves into Tino’s life before fame but also explores his personal lifestyle and net worth, giving you a full portrait of the individual behind the public figure. We trace Livramento’s path from his beginnings in the Chelsea academy, where he stood out as an exceptional talent, to his rise as a celebrated footballer.

The narrative of Tino Livramento’s life is presented to you in an engaging and inspiring manner, starting with his formative years and leading up to his current successes.

This biography aims to satiate your curiosity with an insightful look into Livramento’s early life and the milestones of his career, showcasing why he’s not just an outstanding worker on the field but also a remarkable finisher, a skill that sets him apart from many wing-backs of his generation.

Indeed, Tino joined the likes of Lewis Miley and Anthony Gordon as the Magpies’ fast-rising young talents.

Despite his noteworthy achievements, it seems many fans have yet to explore Livramento’s story in depth. Therefore, SoccerBiography has crafted a focused biography for you. So, without further delay, let’s dive in.

Inside Tino Livramento’s Childhood:

To set the stage, ‘Tino’ is a fond nickname. His full name is Valentino Livramento. Born on November 12, 2002, in London, England, he was welcomed into the world by his mother, Caroline O’Neill, and father, Francisco Livramento. Tino is one of the two boys in the family, which includes his brother and his sister Paloma, all raised in the loving care of their parents. Here we introduce the supportive figures in his life – his amiable mother and his insightful father.

Childhood and Early Life:

Valentino “Tino” Livramento grew up in a bustling family environment, accompanied by his brother and sister, Paloma. They were inseparable, creating a bond that Tino holds dear, cherishing the memories they made together in their childhood.

Tino’s early life in Croydon was marked by his passion for football, a sport he adored largely due to his admiration for the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s influence was profound, prompting young Tino to emulate his hero’s career path.

During his youth, Tino amassed a collection of Ronaldo’s videos, diligently studying them to refine his own football skills. He admired not just Ronaldo’s footballing prowess but also his unwavering confidence and boldness on the field, traits that Tino adopted into his own approach to the game. This dedication to studying Ronaldo’s techniques and mindset has paid off, as evidenced by Tino’s own fearless presence on the football field. His debut in the Premier League at just 18 was marked by a boldness and a knack for scoring that belied his young age.

Family Background:

Tino Livramento hails from a quintessentially middle-class London family with a deep love for football. While there is less known publicly about his father, Tino’s mother, Caroline O’Neill, is very much the linchpin and guiding force of the Livramento household.

Caroline’s active presence on social media suggests she is a woman of strong character, leading her family with integrity and taking a keen interest in her son’s burgeoning football career.

Family Origins:

Though Tino was born and raised in England, his heritage extends beyond British shores. Research indicates that Tino’s paternal lineage has roots in Portugal, while his maternal side traces back to Scotland.

With this diverse background, Tino can be described as having a mixed heritage of British-Portuguese and Scottish descent, ethnically categorized as White British.

Regarding his local identity, Tino considers himself to hail from Wallington, a town situated within the London Borough of Sutton in South London. This is the place he identifies with within England, giving him a unique blend of cultural backgrounds that have shaped his identity both on and off the pitch.

Education and Early Interests:

Wallington, known for its charm and highly regarded schools, is a popular choice among London parents seeking quality education for their children. Tino Livramento’s family was no exception. Despite his natural inclination towards football, his mother, Caroline O’Neill, was adamant that Tino and his siblings received a solid formal education.

Tino thrived academically, particularly in his primary school in Wallington. Following this success, he moved on to Woodcote High School, continuing his educational journey alongside his burgeoning interest in football.

Journey in Football:

From a young age, Tino harboured the ambition to play for a prestigious football academy in London. However, the pathway to joining such an establishment was not straightforward. Tino began his footballing journey at Roundshaw, a local, community-centric club that was conveniently located near his home. This club became the foundation upon which he built his early career.

Tino’s talent shone brightly at Roundshaw, catching the attention of Chelsea scouts. Following a successful interaction with Tino’s parents, the club extended an invitation for him to attend trials. He passed with flying colours and, as an under-nine player, Tino joined the Chelsea FC Academy—marking a significant milestone in his life.

At the Chelsea academy, Tino quickly adapted to playing as a right-back. He progressed through the various age groups within the academy, distinguishing himself with several noteworthy performances.

Path to Recognition:

During his time with Chelsea’s youth setup, Tino became known for his impressive skills and contributions on the pitch. While he was adept defensively, it was his dynamic attacking prowess and ability to score that truly set him apart.

Tino’s talents were not confined to local recognition; he made an impact on the European stage as well. As part of the Chelsea Under-12 squad, he travelled to Ypres, Belgium, to participate in the 2014 Premier League Christmas Truce Tournament. His exceptional performance throughout the tournament, particularly his attacking runs down the right flank, played a pivotal role in overcoming teams like PSG and ultimately led his team to victory, foreshadowing the bright future ahead of him.

Success and Recognition in Chelsea Academy:

Tino Livramento’s football narrative took an impressive turn when he debuted for Chelsea’s Under-19s while he was still of school age. The 2019/20 season was particularly pivotal as Tino played a crucial role in the Chelsea FA Youth Cup tournament, highlighting his rising prominence within the academy.

Internationally, Tino’s skill and maturity did not go unnoticed, earning him the captain’s armband for England’s Under-17 team. His talent was so evident that he concurrently trained with the Under-20 squad, showcasing his exceptional abilities.

The 2020-21 season underscored Tino’s impact with an outstanding record of 16 goal involvements—scoring three goals and providing 13 assists in just 26 academy matches. These performances are among the best in Livramento’s time at Chelsea’s academy and signalled his readiness to graduate to professional football.

Tino, alongside Lewis Hall, is often mentioned as one of the most successful products of the Chelsea academy. His instrumental role in driving Chelsea’s offensive play earned him the prestigious Academy Player of the Season award.

Following this accolade, Tino reached another milestone by signing his first senior professional contract, a proud moment indeed for his father and the entire Livramento family.

Departure from Chelsea:

After his award-winning season, Tino’s reputation soared, attracting attention from several top-tier clubs, including AC Milan. Despite his rising stature, contract negotiations with Chelsea hit a stumbling block regarding assurances of first-team playing time. With established players like Cesar Azpilicueta and Reece James in the squad and Chelsea’s interest in acquiring Achraf Hakimi, Tino foresaw limited opportunities for regular playtime.

Consequently, Tino made the difficult decision to depart from the club that had nurtured his development. In August 2021, he transferred to Southampton, a move that allowed him to step into the Premier League limelight. However, Chelsea negotiated a strategic buy-back clause set at £25 million, according to The Guardian, ensuring they retained a link to Tino’s future prospects.

Southampton Breakthrough:

Tino Livramento’s Premier League debut for Southampton occurred on 14 August 2021, and he swiftly made a mark by scoring his first professional goal only a few weeks later for manager Ralph Hasenhuttl’s team.

Despite being just 18 years old, Livramento showcased remarkable composure and confidence on the pitch, paralleling the fearless approach of teammate Armando Broja. Fans were captivated by his energetic performances, reminiscent of a young Gareth Bale or Theo Walcott, who both rose to fame at Southampton.

Livramento’s transition from the Chelsea academy to Southampton’s first team was seamless, and his performances stood as a testament to the quality of Chelsea’s training system. He, alongside other academy alumni like Reece James and Tariq Lamptey, has set a high bar for future right-backs emerging from Chelsea’s ranks. Tino didn’t join Newcastle to sit on the bench, and he (at the time of writing) has proven that fact. His story, as they say, continues to unfold.

Relationship Status:

The journey from Chelsea Academy to the senior ranks is challenging, and as Livramento’s career progresses, fans have naturally become curious about his personal life, speculating whether he has a partner supporting him through his journey.

SoccerBiography has scoured the internet to uncover details about Tino Livramento’s romantic life. As of the writing of this biography, Livramento has not disclosed any information about being in a relationship. There was a photo circulating online that sparked curiosity about a potential girlfriend or even a fiancee, but no relationship status was confirmed. The identity of the woman in that photo with Tino remains a topic of speculation.

Off the Pitch:

Beyond the world of football, Tino Livramento, like Rico Lewis, is known for his infectious smile and positive energy, which brightens the day of those around him. He joins the likes of Dominik Szoboszlai, legendary Wayne Rooney and Bruno Guimaraes, who hold the Scorpio zodiac sign.

He is described as a down-to-earth individual who values a quiet, trouble-free lifestyle. Tino is known for keeping to himself, maintaining a low profile, and ensuring he is associated with positive environments.

Tino Livramento Lifestyle:

In the often extravagant world of professional football, where a short career can lead to a rush for wealth accumulation, Tino Livramento takes a different path. He doesn’t embody the stereotype of footballers like Neymar, who flaunt luxury houses, expensive cars, and designer watches. Livramento chooses a more understated lifestyle like Dominic Calvert-Lewin does. He serves as a counterexample to the norm of conspicuous consumption in the sports industry.

Family Dynamics:

Before fame and football accolades, Tino Livramento’s family were his first and most ardent supporters. The ties that bind Livramento to his family are not merely genetic but are fortified by mutual joy and a deep-seated respect for one another. Let’s delve into the individual roles and lives of his family members.

Father’s Influence:

Francisco Livramento plays a dual role in Tino’s life as both a father and an advisor. He works in conjunction with the agency Wasserman, which manages Tino’s career alongside other English football stars such as Ross Barkley and Joe Gomez. Francisco’s Portuguese heritage gives Tino the option to represent Portugal internationally – the homeland of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. In discussions about his national allegiance, Francisco believes the decision is Tino’s to make, although he has expressed he wouldn’t mind seeing his son don the Portuguese jersey.

Mother’s Support:

Behind many successful footballers is a supportive mother, and Caroline O’Neill is no exception. She regards Tino as her greatest accomplishment and takes immense pride in the person he is becoming. Our research indicates Caroline is a fan of EmCave, a London-based female artist. She is known for her charitable nature, love for dogs, and interest in pet grooming.

Sister’s Bond:

Paloma, Tino’s sister, is proud to be his elder sibling. A resident of Croydon, her childhood home, she resides in London as of the writing of Tino’s biography. Paloma shares her mother’s affinity for dogs and enjoys music from both sides of the Atlantic, counting Beyoncé and Hrvy among her favourite artists.

About Tino Livramento’s Brother:

In the aftermath of clinching the 2018 Youth Premier League title, Tino Livramento shared the moment of triumph with his closest ally, who is none other than his elder brother. The two share a treasury of memories playing football together in the family garden, fostering a bond that goes beyond mere sibling ties.

Tino Livramento Untold Facts:

In this final segment of our biography, we aim to reveal lesser-known aspects of the English footballer with Portuguese and Scottish heritage. Let’s uncover these details.

The Go-To Teammate in an Emergency:

Faced with a hypothetical crisis, such as being trapped in an elevator, Tino Livramento knows exactly which teammate he’d rely on for help, assuming he had access to an emergency number or an alarm button. This individual is his first choice for assistance in such a precarious situation.

The Warmest Welcome at Southampton:

Adapting to a new team can be a mix of excitement and anxiety. At Southampton, players like James Ward-Prowse and Che Adams were welcoming, but one teammate, in particular, made Tino feel especially at home. That person is no other than Moussa Djenepo.

Livramento’s Earnings Compared to the Average UK Salary:

It’s an eye-opening fact that an average UK worker, earning an annual salary of £31,461, would have to work for 25 years to match what Livramento earns at Southampton. To put this into perspective, let’s break down his earnings into a more granular time frame.

FIFA Profile Clarity:

He reminds us of Malo Gusto and Liverpool’s Conor Bradley in terms of his never-ending desire to improve his stats. Despite his impressive performances on the pitch, fans have noted their disappointment with the 2022 FIFA video game stats, believing them to not do justice to Tino’s skills. With only a 66 overall rating, many were hoping for an update from FIFA to reflect his true potential and contributions to the game.

Thanks to his standout performance as one of Newcastle’s top acquisitions in the summer of 2023/2024, FIFA has updated Tino’s profile as of December 2023 to better reflect his on-pitch skills and style. The same uplift goes to the likes of Destiny Udogie and Ian Maatsen.

Tino Livramento’s Religious Background:

Tino Livramento’s religious beliefs are not prominently displayed, but it’s speculated that he may be Christian. This assumption is based on the dominant religion in Portugal, where his father is from, which is predominantly Roman Catholic. Meanwhile, his mother’s Scottish heritage suggests an affinity with the Church of Scotland, given its prevalence in her home country.


Valentino Francisco Livramento is the full name given to him by his parents. He is a professional footballer with Scottish and Portuguese ancestral roots. His father, Francisco, hails from Portugal, while his mother, Caroline O’Neill, has Scottish heritage.

Livramento has consistently expressed his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo, citing him as his ‘football idol’ and a major influence on his passion for football and his desire to pursue a professional career.

He emulates the style of Lionel Messi‘s rival (CR7) and fearless demeanour on the pitch, which has become a hallmark of his own gameplay.

His journey to professional football has been bolstered by the unwavering support of his parents. His mother, Caroline O’Neill, has been a pillar of strength, helping him overcome obstacles on his path to fame. Meanwhile, his father, Francisco, has played a pivotal role in managing his career, ensuring his talent was nurtured and his dreams realized.

While Tino Livramento’s siblings provide invaluable emotional support, it’s his father who takes a more hands-on approach to his career management.

The creators of this biography have endeavoured to present Tino Livramento’s story with accuracy and impartiality.

If there are any discrepancies or issues noted within the biography, readers are encouraged to contact the authors through their contact page.

Lastly, feedback on Tino Livramento’s portrayal or on the biography itself is greatly welcomed in the comment section. Kindly stay tuned for more articles about Eddie Howe‘s Newcastle players. Our article on Sandro Tonali and Anthony Gordon is exciting to read.

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