Tijjani Reijnders Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover Tijjani Reijnders’s life journey through this biography, which sheds light on his boyhood years, family origin, and background, including his parents – Martins Reijnders (TJ’s Dad) and Angelina Reijnders (TJ’s Mum)- his two siblings – Syane Reijnders (TJ’s sister) and Eliano Reijnders (TJ’s brother)- TJ’s Spouse (Marina Gourgis) and his Grandparents.

Soccer Biography also delves into the Dutch midfielder’s net worth, religion, education, ethnicity, zodiac sign, personality traits, nationality, and his detailed earnings in Serie A.

We present the full story of Tijjani Reijnders, recounting how his father’s playful wager on goals with Tijjani and his brother turned costly due to their scoring prowess, leading to an end to the bet.


Our biography of Tijjani Reijnders starts with his childhood events and then explores his Indonesian roots and early career achievements. We’ll trace his journey to prominence in Italy’s football scene.

As you delve into Tijjani Reijnders’s story, we aim to spark your interest in his life.

Tijjani Reijnders is recognized as a rising midfielder from the Netherlands, having earned spots in the Eredivisie Team of the Month for September 2022 and April 2023.

While covering Dutch footballers, we found that not many fans are familiar with Tijjani Reijnders’ compelling story. To bridge this gap, we’ve crafted this article. Let’s dive in.

Tijjani Reijnders’ early years:

Tijjani Reijnders, nicknamed “Golden Delicious”, “TJ”, and “The Mosquito,” is fully named Tijjani Martinus Jan Reijnders. He was born on July 29, in that memorable FIFA World Cup year of 1998, in the Netherlands, to Angelina (TJ’s Mum) and Martin Reijnders (TJ’s Dad), one of the first three kids in his family.

Formative Years:

Tijjani Reijnders grew up in Zwolle, surrounded by the warmth of his family, including his sister Syane and brother Eliano. Their home was filled with the comfort of close bonds and shared moments.

Breakfasts were a family affair, with the smell of fresh bread and the company of loved ones. Tijjani and Eliano shared a special bond, engaging in every adventure together, from snowball fights in winter to cosy evenings by the fireplace.

Though their paths eventually diverged as they pursued individual dreams, the strong connection from their Zwolle days remained, shaping their futures with the values and memories of their upbringing.

Tijjani Reijnders’ Childhood Period:

For the Reijnders, football was more than a sport; it was a family legacy fervently nurtured by their father, Martin. He introduced Tijjani and Eliano to football not just as spectators but as passionate players, laying the foundation for their future in the sport.

Their training started in Zwolle’s fields, where their father devoted hours to teaching them the game’s basics. Under his tutelage, they honed their skills, developed a strategic understanding, and fostered a profound love for football.

While their sister Syane pursued dance, this diversity in interests only enriched the family’s dynamics, with each member supporting the others’ aspirations. The encouragement to follow their dreams was a hallmark of the Reijnders household.

Tijjani and Eliano’s early football journey, filled with rigorous training sessions, sometimes led to broken vases at home, a testament to their dedication and the impact of their father’s coaching.

Tijjani Reijnders’ dad’s wager:

To spur his sons on, Tijjani Reijnders’ father promised 500 bucks for every shot on target. After just four games, he had to rethink the bet due to their impressive progress.

Their dedication even led to broken windows in the neighbourhood, highlighting their growing skill and passion. Joining local clubs, they climbed the ranks, their father’s early lessons instilling in them the values of hard work, humility, and resilience essential for football success.

Tijjani Reijnders Family History:

Martin Reijnders, recognized for his agility on the pitch, played in the Netherlands, Finland, and the US. Beyond his athletic achievements, he prioritized his family, creating a supportive home with his wife, Angelina.

While Martin pursued his football career, Angelina was the household’s backbone, enriching their children’s lives with cultural and educational pursuits. She encouraged them to follow their passions, mirroring Martin’s dedication to football.

The Reijnders home was a hub of encouragement, urging the children to aim high and work diligently. Tijjani’s journey in football isn’t just a tale of success but of continuing his father’s legacy with determination.

Tijjani Reijnder Roots:

Tijjani Reijnders was born in Zwolle, the Netherlands, confirming his Dutch nationality. His mother, Angelina Reijnders, hails from Indonesia and is of Moluccan descent.

Zwolle, his birthplace, is rich in attractions like the Sassenpoort and St. Michael’s Church. The city blends historical architecture, boutique stores, and canals, showcasing its heritage.

Cultural Ethnicity:

Tijjani Reijnders is of Dutch-Moluccan ethnicity. Born in Zwolle, Netherlands, he is Dutch by nationality. His Moluccan heritage comes from his mother, Angelina Reijnders, who is of Moluccan descent from Indonesia, enriching his ethnic identity with both Dutch and Moluccan influences.

Tijjani Reijnder Educational Process:

As the eldest son, Tijjani emulates his father, a former footballer, guiding his career. Martin chose not a traditional school but a focused path for him.

Angelina Reijnders, his mother, played a key role in his education, preparing morning meals regardless of the early hours. Both parents ensured their children’s needs were met, supporting Tijjani’s journey.

Tijjani Reijnder Biography – Early Football Story:

Tijjani Reijnders, with Indonesian roots, began his football journey at five, starting with WVF Zwolle in 2003. By nine, he moved to FC Zwolle’s youth team, staying until he was 13.

In 2011, he advanced to FC Twente’s academy, reaching their U17 team by 2015. After a year at CSV ’28 Zwolle, he returned to PEC Zwolle, joining the U19 squad and making a senior team appearance.

Tijjani’s progress was rapid. His father, Martin, noted his versatility; Tijjani thrived in any position. Despite his small stature and playing with older peers, he was fearless, thanks to Martin’s training and guidance.

Tijjani Reijnder Bio – Ascent to Fame Story:

In that FIFA World Cup year, where Kylian Mbappe and Luis Suárez led their countries’ attack well, Tijjani Reijnders joined AZ Alkmaar. He played mostly with Jong AZ until 2021 and briefly on loan at RKC Waalwijk in 2020. At Jong AZ, he scored 19 goals and assisted 13 in 92 matches, earning a spot in the main squad.

The 2022-23 season was pivotal for him, with 34 appearances, seven goals, and three assists. He played a key part in the UEFA Europa Conference League, helping AZ reach the semifinals.

Former AZ players include Teun Koopmeiners and Steven Berghuis. Reijnders shines as a versatile midfielder known for his offensive skills and ability to create chances. While agile and strong, he’s working on enhancing his defensive play. Stay tuned for more on his progress.

Tijjani Reijnder Bio – Rise to Prominence:

Tijjani Reijnders joined AC Milan on July 19, 2023, and remained signed until June 2028. He made his debut on August 21 in a match against Bologna.

Reijnders arrived with Christian Pulisic and others, choosing Milan over Barcelona. AC Milan saw several departures and retirements, including Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Upon receiving his Milan offer, Reijnders pranked his father, who quickly saw through the excitement in his voice.

The highly rated midfielder, eligible for the Netherlands and Indonesia, chose the former, participating in the 2023 UEFA Nations League Finals with Dutch stars like Virgil van Dijk.

As of writing, Reijnders was recognized in the Eredivisie Team of the Month in April 2023, sharing the honour with notable players like Orkun Kökcü.

Who is Tijjani Reijnder Girlfriend?

Marina Gourgis, from Eindhoven, is in a relationship with Tijjani Reijnders. She’s ventured into entrepreneurship with Marina Gourgis Clothes, selling her fashion pieces online.

Marina also dabbled in YouTube, creating personal vlogs and makeup tutorials, though her channel didn’t grow as hoped. The couple enjoys travelling, sharing their adventures from Paris to Tanzania on social media, and showcasing their love for exploration.

Tijjani and Marina have been together since early 2018 and continue to strengthen their bond into 2023.

Tijjani Reijnders Child:

On December 21, during their beautiful ceremony, Marina showcased her baby bump, hinting at their future family expansion. Excitedly, she’s already imagining strolls with their upcoming child, while Tijjani eagerly anticipates fatherhood.

We’re curious if their child will inherit the family’s entrepreneurial spirit or passion for sports, continuing the legacy in their unique way.

 Life outside sports:

Tijjani Reijnders enjoys a colourful life beyond football. He travels the world with his wife and soaks up various cultures. With Moluccan heritage, he values time with friends for relaxation and connection, balancing the intensity of his career.

His family, including his parents and sister, plays a significant role in his life, giving him a strong pillar network. As a Leo, Tijjani embodies loyalty, ambition, and confidence, traits he shares with football greats like Mohammed Kudus (Ghana), Robert Lewandowski (Poland), Mario Balotelli (Italy), and Malick Thiaw (Germany).

Way of living:

Tijjani Reijnders’ Instagram, devoid of cars and houses, might suggest a preference for privacy, modesty, or a focus on aspects other than material wealth. This approach could highlight his football career, personal connections, or interests, indicating a person who values privacy and experiences or is mindful of his or her public persona.

Reijnders isn’t alone in this perspective; players like Joey Veerman and Artem Dovbyk also seem to prioritize their professional accomplishments over displaying material wealth.

Tijjani Reijnders Family Dynamics:

Tijjani Reijnders comes from a tight-knit Dutch family, and his upbringing deeply influences his values and outlook. Let’s delve into the details of his family members.

Tijjani Reijnders’ dad:

Martin Reijnders, also known as Martin Reynders, began his football career at PEC Zwolle, advancing from the under-19 team to the main squad in 1990 and playing until 1998. He then moved to the Nashville Metros in the US, returned to Europe to join FC Jokerit in Finland, and later played for FC Haka and FC Den Bosch, concluding his professional career at SC Veendam by 2002. Post-retirement, he briefly returned to PEC Zwolle and served as an assistant manager.

As a father, Martin instilled a love of football in Tijjani and Elijah, encouraging their skills even amidst household mishaps. Noticing their need to improve their shooting accuracy, he motivated them with a 500-buck bet per successful shot, a tactic that significantly boosted their performance.

When Tijjani secured his contract with AC Milan, his first call was to Martin. Despite Tijjani’s attempt to prank him about the deal, Martin’s confidence in his son’s success was unwavering, highlighting their close bond and his belief in Tijjani’s abilities.

Tijjani Reijnders’ Mom:

Angelina Reijnders, with her Moluccan heritage, is the quintessential football mom, supporting her husband and sons in their football pursuits. She’s the backbone for Tijjani at AZ and Eliano at Jong FC Utrecht, deeply invested in their success and well-being.

Tijjani recalls his mother’s dedication, especially in managing their schedules and meals, regardless of the time. Angelina’s support extends beyond her sons to her daughter, Syane, encouraging her dance aspirations.

Angelina’s role goes beyond visible support at games; it’s in the daily sacrifices and guidance she offers, providing a stable foundation for her children’s ambitions.

Tijjani Reijnders Siblings: Brother

Eliano Reijnders, Tijjani’s younger brother, has been a lifelong companion, united by their love for football and family bonds. From childhood, they were inseparable, playing football together and supporting each other’s dreams.

Their early years, filled with football in their backyard and local fields, laid the foundation for their skills and brotherly bond. As they grew and pursued their football careers, with Tijjani at AZ and Eliano at PEC Zwolle, their support for each other never wavered despite the distance and professional demands.

Their journey includes shared successes, support during tough times, and cherished family holidays. As they advance in their careers, the memories and bond between Tijjani and Eliano continue to be a source of mutual strength and inspiration.

Tijjani Reijnders Sister:

Syane Reijnders, the only daughter and youngest child in her family, was adored by her parents. After two football-loving sons, her calm and pleasant nature was a refreshing change.

Unlike her father and brothers, Syane pursued dancing, carving out her unique path. Her choice underscored her parents’ openness to letting their children follow their passions.

Despite her different interests, Syane was a dedicated supporter of her brothers, attending their games and sharing in their highs and lows. The Reijnders siblings, diverse in their pursuits, remain closely bonded, supporting each other’s paths.

Tijjani Reijnders Grandparents:

Tijjani Reijnders’ Moluccan grandfather is a proud supporter, actively posting about his grandsons on social media and staying updated on their games and team activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the Reijnders family from attending matches, a significant change for them and the players who miss their presence in the stands. Now, they watch the games on TV, maintaining their support from a distance.

Post-match, the family connects over calls to discuss the game, keeping their bond strong despite the physical separation. They all look forward to the day they can reunite at the games.

Lesser Known Details:

In this concluding part of Tijjani Reijnders’s biography, we’re eager to delve into more captivating details about his life and career. Let’s explore these aspects together.

Tijjani Reijnders earnings:

At AZ Alkmaar, Tijjani Reijnders earned €10,000 weekly. His move to Serie A significantly boosted his earnings to over €40,000 weekly for the 23/24 season.

He’s in a similar salary bracket as Noah Okafor. Teammates like Ismael Bennacer, Theo Hernandez, Fikayo Tomori, Olivier Giroud, and Mike Maignan are among AC Milan’s top earners.

How did Tijjani Reijnders Get his birthname?

Martin Reijnders, Tijjani’s father and a former athlete, named his son after Tijjani Babangida, a retired Nigerian football winger who began his career in the Netherlands.

Babangida, from Kaduna, Nigeria, gained international attention at 17 during the 1991 All-Africa Games. His performance led to a move from Niger Tornadoes to Roda JC in the Dutch Eredivisie, with an initial loan to VVV-Venlo.

Martin’s choice to name his son after Babangida likely stemmed from admiration, hoping Tijjani would emulate the Nigerian player’s success. This decision seems to be paying off, aligning with the family’s aspirations.

Financial status of  Tijjani Reijnders?

An average Indonesian earns 12,100,000 Rupiah monthly, while a Dutch employee’s monthly income is €2,583. Tijjani Reijnders, playing for AC Milan, earns over €40,000 weekly.

To match Reijnders’ weekly earnings, an average Indonesian would need about four years and eight months, and a Dutch employee would need around one year and 3.5 months.

Tijjani Reijnders Faith:

Around 24.5% of the Dutch population is affiliated with Christianity. Given his nationality, Tijjani Reijnders is presumed to be Christian, though he hasn’t publicly stated his religious beliefs.

Tijjani Reijnders FIFA Status:

Just like Federico Valverde and Cesare Casadei, Tijjani Reijnders boasts impressive stats on SOFIFA. He, a versatile footballer, boasts of several green stats in defence, movement, and power. His potential is rated over 80%, which shows that he is nowhere near his potential as of 2024.

Wrap Up Summary:

Tijjani Martinus Jan Reijnders, born on July 29, 1998, in the Netherlands, is the eldest of three children to Angelina and Martin Reijnders.

His father, Martin, a football enthusiast and former player, instilled a love for football in Tijjani and his brother Eliano from a young age, teaching them the game’s basics and strategies. Meanwhile, their sister Syane followed her passion for dancing, adding to the family’s diverse interests.

The Reijnders household was supportive, encouraging each child to pursue their dreams. Martin balanced his sports career with family life, while Angelina nurtured their children’s passions, ensuring a well-rounded upbringing.


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