Terem Moffi Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article delves deep into the life of Terem Moffi Biography, unveiling details about his early years, upbringing, and the foundation laid by his parents – Margaret and Leonard Moffi. Alongside details about his siblings and state of origin, we also highlight Moffi’s personal life, including his relationships.

Furthermore, this feature dives into Moffi’s background, ethnicity, religious beliefs, educational journey, and astrological details. Our exploration also presents insights into his lifestyle, earnings, character traits, and a breakdown of his financial rewards as a professional footballer.

Embarking on this journey, we narrate the tale of a determined young man who encountered several challenges in football, from facing rejection to being left out of international tournaments. Through it all, his father, Leonard, a former goalkeeper and practicing lawyer, remained his rock. Instead of using his connections to further Moffi’s career, Leonard had faith in his son’s abilities to shine on his own.

This article also reveals Moffi’s admiration for Robin van Persie, which played a significant role in shaping his skills. It touches upon his overseas experiences and the mentorship he received from Alex Iwobi, a close family friend. Today, Moffi not only competes alongside stars like Mbappe but also enjoys the luxury that his success brings.


Our coverage of Terem Moffi’s life story begins by recalling significant events from his childhood and formative years. We then trace his path to prominence via the Buckswood Football Academy, shedding light on early career hurdles. This biography also unveils Moffi’s European escapades, leading to his rise to stardom in the world of club football.

We aim to engage readers with a vivid picture of Moffi’s football life. To illustrate this, this article traces Moffi’s evolution from a young boy in Calabar to a renowned professional footballer.

Many have drawn parallels between Moffi, Serhou Guirassy and Romelu Lukaku. Terem possesses strength, speed, and a knack for finding the net. He epitomizes the contemporary forward – calm and lethal in the penalty area. His on-pitch highlights are truly a spectacle.

In our extensive coverage of Nigerian forwards, Terem Moffi’s biography stands out as one of the least explored. Hence, we’ve crafted this in-depth narrative for our readers. Let’s dive in.

Childhood Insights:

Kicking off our biography, Terem Moffi, often referred to as “TM” or “The Left-footed Drogba”, was born on May 25, 1999, in Calabar, Nigeria. His parents, Leonard and Margaret Moffi, blessed the world with four children, with Terem being one of them.

Leonard and Margaret Moffi are not just parents but pillars in Terem’s life. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in his rise in the football world.

Childhood Memories:

Born and raised in Calabar, Nigeria, Terem Moffi shared many cherished moments with his three siblings. Positioned third among the Moffi children, Terem often recounts his early years in Calabar as some of the most memorable and heartwarming moments of his life.

During those times, it wasn’t just the company of his loving parents, Margaret and Leonard, that made him feel cherished. His bond with friends from his neighbourhood and school brought joy and comfort to his young heart. At that time, Life for young Terem was serene and straightforward, particularly with the steadfast support from his father and siblings.

Terem Moffi’s Formative Years:

Young Terem led a worry-free existence, with his heart firmly anchored to the world of football. His daily activities were filled with kickabouts alongside his pals and engaging in typical childhood pranks. Growing up in a part of Cross River State where football was more than just a game, he was among the countless boys who congregated each dusk to play and relish the sport.

Within the Moffi household, the love for football was palpable. Terem’s elder brothers, too, were no strangers to the pitch. In fact, two of Leonard’s children once played forward, with one of them even showing more promise than Terem. However, prioritizing his studies, this sibling paved a path for himself in the medical field.

From his early days, Terem had a singular dream: to grace the football field as a professional. When not engrossed in street soccer, he would often find himself mesmerized by football legends. Among those he admired, the former Arsenal and Manchester United frontman, Robin van Persie, held a special place in his heart.

Being left-footed, Moffi meticulously observed and learned from van Persie’s striking prowess. Although he enjoyed watching legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, The Great Brazilian Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi on platforms like YouTube, he found himself revisiting van Persie’s gameplay again and again.

The Moffi Family Legacy:

Leo Moffi, Terem’s father, was once a celebrated footballer in Nigeria, defending the net as a goalie. While he might not have played on European soil or graced international arenas, Leo’s influence on Terem’s budding football journey was profound. As Terem once voiced:

“My dad often reminded me that I had the potential to outshine him in football, all I needed was to believe in myself.”

Leo candidly expressed that Terem’s decision to tread the football path wasn’t influenced by his own journey in the sport. From the tender age of three, he saw in Terem a flair that stood out, making him confident about the heights his son could reach in the football realm.

Leonard Moffi: Terem Moffi’s Father Unveiled

Known in his heyday as “The Big Leonard,” Terem Moffi’s father was no ordinary goalkeeper. Leonard Moffi was a pillar of reliability behind the goalposts. His career spanned multiple Nigerian clubs, including Enugu Rangers, El Kanemi Warriors, Calabar Rovers, and Black Cats of Ogoja. Additionally, reports suggest that Leonard had a stint with Vasco da Gama, a renowned club from Enugu, Nigeria.

During his time with Enugu Rangers, Leonard reportedly shared the field with Super Eagles defender Taribo West. Intriguingly, he also played alongside his close friend, Chuka ‘Mehalla’ Iwobi, who is none other than Alex Iwobi’s father.

Subsequent to his football journey, Leonard pursued higher education in Law at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His friend, Chuka Iwobi, joined him in this academic pursuit. Both successfully transitioned into law careers, with Leonard securing a position in Nigeria post-graduation.

Professionally, Leonard served as a permanent secretary at Nigeria’s Ministry of Budget Planning. While he dedicated over a decade to Nigerian football, he didn’t explore international opportunities, even though he had trials in Belgium in 1988.

Choosing family over a career abroad, Leonard decided to settle in Nigeria. By the 1990s, he was married to Margaret, and together they welcomed four accomplished sons, with Terem Moffi being their third child, who later etched his name in football history.

The Origins of Terem Moffi’s Family:

Leonard and Margaret Moffi proudly hail from Nigeria, which, by extension, gives Terem his Nigerian nationality. Specifically, Terem, the former Lorient striker, originates from the South-South geopolitical region of Nigeria.

Our findings show that Terem hails from Cross River in Nigeria, a region deeply rooted in history and characterized by a vibrant cultural and traditional heritage, including diverse ceremonies, cultural dances, and music.

Terem Moffi’s Ethnic Roots:

Though Terem’s ties to Cross River State are clear, there is an ongoing exploration into his linguistic background. As of now, it’s believed that his native language could be one of the following: Efik, Bahumono, Agwagwune and Kiong (Okiong), Ekoi (Ejagham), Bekwarra, and Boki (Nki). Do you know?… Terem’s national team captain, William Troost-Ekong, hails from Akwa Ibom state.

Educational Background of Terem Moffi:

Terem Moffi is an alumnus of Buckswood School in England, a reputable private institution founded in 1933. He transitioned to Buckswood upon moving from Nigeria to London to chase his football aspirations. Prior to this, he had already embarked on his secondary education back home in Nigeria.

During breaks at Buckswood School, Terem often connected with Alex Iwobi, who became a guiding figure for him. It’s worth noting that the Moffi family values both education and the pursuit of personal passions. In a revealing account, Leonard shared that his eldest son, despite his football talent, chose to study medicine in Russia. Leonard candidly admitted that this son, in his view, had even more football prowess than Terem but chose academics over sport.

Academic Achievements:

Terem Moffi, renowned for his football acumen, displayed commendable prowess in his scholastic endeavors as well. If not for the allure of the football pitch, he might have graced the halls of a university, potentially completing both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Echoing the multidimensional talent of his elder sibling, Terem once remarked,

“While in school, I wasn’t the top of the class, not due to a lack of capability but merely the absence of the drive to excel. If I’d devoted even a fraction of my football dedication to academics, I’d be hailed a genius.”

He proudly treasures a commendation from the Head of Buckswood School, East Sussex, England. This recognition celebrates his exceptional academic journey, accentuating the unwavering support of his family. Beyond academic success, he was an esteemed figure among peers and their families, a sentiment immortalized in a framed testimonial in his room.

The Inception of His Professional Journey:

Following his secondary education, Terem’s parents, especially his education-centric father Leonard, encouraged him to further his education. Heeding this advice, Terem embarked on a diploma course.

Terem’s initiation into professional football was marked by his enrolment in the Nigeria Youth Soccer Academy in Calabar. Guided by his father, he started in the academy as a midfielder.

Terem Moffi’s Football Narrative:

Despite being positioned as a midfielder, Terem felt out of place. His affinity for the ball was evident, but his reluctance to engage in tackles made him an unlikely fit for the midfield role. His mild demeanor and disinclination towards aggressive play raised eyebrows.

Observing Terem’s potential, Coach Agboola, the head of the Youth Soccer Academy in Calabar, realized his inherent striker’s instinct. Drawing parallels with Chelsea’s Frank Lampard, Coach Agboola repositioned him as a forward.

Reminiscing about Terem’s games, Coach Agboola lamented the lack of footage capturing Terem’s brilliance, especially a standout match in Calabar where Terem netted a hat trick, leading to a 3-1 victory. He recalls,

“Watching this young talent dismantle our opponents was a sight to behold.”

Apart from being a prolific scorer, Terem was instrumental in steering his team to several victories, enhancing his profile and catching the eyes of keen football scouts. A cherished memento from his early days encapsulates Moffi with his peers, celebrating a triumphant moment, medals gleaming with pride.

The Guiding Hand:

At the Nigeria Youth Soccer Academy, Terem found a mentor in Coach Abdulgafaar Agboola. This influential figure played a pivotal role in moulding Terem’s early football journey, earning the lasting gratitude of the Moffi family.

Recognizing Terem’s innate talent and determination, Coach Agboola provided him with extra training sessions, treating him with paternal care and guiding him towards greatness on the pitch.

Terem Moffi’s Journey to Stardom:

Between the ages of 10 to 17, Terem Moffi faced a rollercoaster of experiences that would ultimately shape his football destiny. A notable episode was his experience at the scouting camp organized by the Aspire Football Academy.

At the age of 11, a scout spotted Terem’s talent and invited him to the camp in Nigeria, an initiative driven by Aspire Academy. Though originally from Qatar, this academy, established in 2004, had extended its reach to identify budding talents globally.

At this camp, young Terem found himself among the youngest, surrounded mainly by teenagers aged 15 or 16. Regardless of this age gap, Terem was undeterred, eager to prove his worth. However, his passion was met with a disheartening response. A coach approached him, stating,

“Terem, you have exceptional talent, but unfortunately, you’re too young for this program. We’re targeting older players, around 15 or 16.”

This feedback crushed Terem. He had seen the Aspire Academy program as his gateway to international football.

Luckily, Terem’s family was present to offer solace. They reassured him, emphasizing that even in rejection, his talent was acknowledged to surpass many older participants. Still, this event remains one of the more poignant memories of his early football journey.

Seeking New Horizons:

Subsequently, in 2012, Terem got the opportunity to participate in the National Youth Games, representing the host, Cross River State, since Calabar was his hometown. As seen in a photograph from the time, Terem, flanked by his father Leonard, played with fervour and determination. One of the tournament highlights was a 2-0 victory against Niger State. Regrettably, in a twist of fate, his team was later defeated by the same Niger State in a penalty shootout during the knockout stages.

A couple of years post the Youth Games, after a standout performance in a match, Terem caught the attention of selectors for the MTN Scholars’ football program. However, Terem declined to participate in the final selection in Lagos. The program’s focus on U.S. college football scholarships didn’t align with his vision. Terem was steadfast in his aspiration: to carve a football career in Europe, including the UK.

The London Opportunity:

After the MTN Scholars episode, Terem briefly played for a Lagos-based academy before returning to Calabar for his high school exams. In his absence, a scout with a keen eye for European football prospects visited his academy in Lagos. On not finding Terem, he inquired,

“Where’s the striker, Moffi?”

Informed about Terem’s ongoing exams in Calabar, the scout, despite never having witnessed Terem in action, reached out to Leonard, Terem’s father, with an enticing proposition,

“Barrister Leonard, there’s an opportunity for your son in London.”

For Terem, this was the call he’d been waiting for. With the support of his father and the scout, the necessary formalities were swiftly handled. Terem’s European dream was about to commence, starting in London.

Initial Struggles in London:

Terem Moffi, like many aspiring footballers transitioning from Africa to Europe, confronted several adaptation challenges. Moving away from the familiar comforts of family in Nigeria, he had to adjust to a different cultural backdrop and a markedly colder climate. Comprehending the distinct British accent in his early days was an ordeal. He candidly shared,

“In my early weeks of school in London, the local accent was a puzzle. It was a challenge to grasp what was being said.”

Despite these cultural hurdles, Moffi viewed these experiences as essential character-building moments. Being away from his family and confronting these adjustments head-on honed his resilience and fostered his independence.

Early Days with the Nigerian Youth Squad:

While playing for Buckswood Football Academy in Hastings, East Sussex, Terem’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. He earned a spot in the Nigerian U17 national team, a nod that further bolstered his confidence in his footballing journey.

As the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup approached, concerns about age discrepancies among players surfaced. Terem’s father, Leo, an advocate for sports integrity in his role with the Cross River Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria, staunchly opposed age fraud. Using Terem as a shining example, he emphasized the importance of authenticity in age declaration. As preparations for the World Cup began, Terem, genuinely 16 years old, returned to Nigeria to participate in the team’s training camps. During this period, he connected with Alex Iwobi, who had recently transitioned to the senior national team.

A Dream Deferred:

Much to Terem’s dismay, he was excluded from the final list for the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Coach Emmanuel Amuneke had chosen Victor Osimhen as the primary centre-forward. The blow was even more poignant as Terem learned of his exclusion just before the team’s departure to Chile.

While notable players like Taiwo Awoniyi and Emmanuel Denis weren’t part of the squad, Samuel Chukwueze secured his position. Internationally, the tournament showcased talents such as Tyler Adams, Éder Militão, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Pervis Estupiñán, and Dayot Upamecano.

Though Terem initially made it to the preliminary squad of 35, the final cut didn’t have his name. But in these trying times, his family, especially his father Leo, stood by him, providing encouragement and reminding him of his worth.

In a turn of events, Nigeria emerged victorious in the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup. This triumph paved the path for players like Samuel Chukwueze and Victor Osimhen to ascend to the senior national team. While Terem did feel a pang of disappointment, his sights were already set on the future, and he took immense pride in his nation’s achievement.

Embarking on a Professional Journey:

Two seasons post the U-17 FIFA World Cup disappointment, Terem, to his family’s delight, marked his graduation from Buckswood Football Academy. With ambitions of garnering more game time and joining a first-team lineup, he contemplated a move away from England to another European league.

His next venture took him to Lithuania with Kauno Žalgiris. After a brief stint and a single goal in eight matches, he transitioned to Riteriai. Despite some initial setbacks due to visa complications, Terem quickly adapted. He even learned bits of the Lithuanian language to communicate better with his teammates.

His time with Riteriai was particularly noteworthy as he netted 20-plus goals in a single season. Following this feat, Terem was ready for new horizons. While Belgium teams displayed keen interest, he was inclined towards Danish, Scandinavian, or Swedish teams. He explained,

“My approach was ‘one step at a time’. Belgium felt like a leap. Although my agent presented multiple offers, I was drawn to Kortrijk.”

A Rising Star’s Tale:

Embracing the challenges, Terem joined Kortrijk, a top-tier football club in Belgium. His initiation, however, wasn’t smooth. Without any prior training for almost a month, his debut performance during a pre-season match didn’t meet expectations. Observers voiced their concerns, wondering,

“Is this the striker we’re banking on?”

But Terem remained unfazed. He knew he needed some time to settle in and tap into his full potential. True to form, he swiftly made an impression, scoring five goals in just a few weeks. His prowess caught the attention of Ligue 1 outfit, Lorient, sealing his move there in October 2020.

At Lorient, Terem found camaraderie with Yoane Wissa, one of the few English-speaking members of the team. Additionally, Thomas Fontaine, another teammate, became instrumental in helping him adapt, offering guidance and making him feel at home.

Lorient’s New Luminary:

With Wissa’s move to Brentford, Terem had the stage set to be Lorient’s prime striker. He remains deeply appreciative of Lorient’s faith in him, especially considering his limited exposure in Belgium. Club President, Loïc Fery, believed in Terem’s potential, reminiscent of his trust in earlier recruit, Trevoh Chalobah.

Buoyed by the support of his team and the club, Terem excelled on the field, clinching accolades and consistently finding the back of the net. His stellar performances caught the attention of Nigeria’s national team. Coach Gernot Rohr called him up to join the Super Eagles for the June friendlies in 2021. On returning to Lorient, Terem continued his goal-scoring spree, much to the delight of his fans and teammates alike.

Ascending to New Heights of Triumph:

Terem’s heartfelt farewell to FC Lorient was evident in the emotional message he shared. In it, he expressed:

“It’s with a heavy heart I bid adieu to the club that became my home. A heartfelt thanks to the unwavering supporters, the dedicated staff, every manager, and teammate I’ve had the honor of working with at @fclorient. Our journey, filled with highs and lows, will always be cherished. To the fans, your constant encouragement will forever resonate with me. Your heartfelt cheers have etched lasting memories. My gratitude extends to the club for molding me into a refined player and embracing my family. Forever grateful, and here’s to the memories we’ve created.”

As the calendar turned to 31 January 2023, OGC Nice, the rising powerhouse of the French League, welcomed Moffi into their ranks. Here, he found himself amidst renowned players like Kasper Schmeichel, Ross Barkley, Aaron Ramsey, Khéphren Thuram, and Nicolas Pépé.

Soaring High:

The 2022/2023 season was a benchmark for Moffi as he climbed the ranks, becoming Ligue 1’s joint second-top scorer. Only the prodigious Kylian Mbappe surpassed his tally. His form spilled over into the 2023/2024 season, as he showcased his prowess against elite teams, including PSG. Moffi’s striking finesse was evident as he consistently found the back of the net for Nice.

As this narrative unfolds, Moffi’s aspirations stretch beyond, with dreams of donning the Nigerian jersey at the 2026 FIFA World Cup. With rumours suggesting a move to the Premier League and potential interest from West Ham, Moffi’s trajectory seems promising. Only time will reveal the next chapters of his career. The rest, as SoccerBiography says of the Rise of a “Mr. Nobody”, is now history.

Behind the Spotlight – Terem’s Personal Life:

Rising to prominence in football, combined with his imposing stature of 6 ft 2 inches and striking looks, Moffi undoubtedly attracts attention. This leads to inevitable questions about his personal life.

Who holds the key to Terem Moffi’s heart? Is there a special someone, perhaps in Nigeria or elsewhere?

While there’s evident curiosity, our findings suggest that Terem remains reticent about this facet of his life. A scroll through his social media doesn’t reveal any hints about relationships or significant others.

Why such secrecy? It’s possible that Terem values the advice of his family and opts to keep certain aspects of his life away from the public gaze. It might also be a conscious decision to maintain his focus solely on football. Whatever the reasons, only time will unravel these mysteries. Until then, one can only speculate and respect his privacy.

Understanding Terem Moffi: A Peek Beyond the Pitch

So, who exactly is Terem Moffi?

This chapter unfolds insights about the man beyond the goals and football boots. Each morning, as Terem stirs from his slumber, he reaches for his phone, where a powerful mantra greets him. The wise words of iconic coach Sir Alex Ferguson resonate deeply with him:

“Discipline’s departure is success’s downfall.”

It’s a testament to Moffi’s unyielding discipline and dedication to his craft. A daily visual reminder on his phone’s backdrop, these words fortify his resolve, a driving force behind his pursuit of excellence. Now, let’s delve deeper into what makes Moffi tick.

Outside of football, Terem could’ve ventured into the world of athletics. His aptitude for sprinting suggests he might’ve been a contender on the track. In fact, during his earlier days in London, a fitness coach had recognized his potential in this arena.

Historically, he drew inspiration from football legends such as Messi, Van Persie, Ronaldo de Lima, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Fast forward to 2023, and Terem’s admiration has aligned more with contemporary stars like Erling Haaland, Romelu Lukaku, and Victor Osimhen. To refine his game, he often reviews footage of these players, and of course, of himself – reminding himself of his capabilities and fueling his drive to excel.

Lifestyle Insights: Terem Moffi’s Off-field Choices:

Unveiling facets of Terem’s life helps paint a more comprehensive picture of him. A passionate Nike aficionado, when quizzed about his favorite footwear in an interview, he unhesitatingly mentioned his predilection for all things Nike, especially prized possessions like Air Jordan 4 and 1.

At his core, Terem is a grounded individual seeking the joys of life. He eschews unnecessary stress, preferring a balanced lifestyle. A fervent gamer, Terem’s downtime often finds him engrossed in FIFA, though he surprisingly avoids playing as his virtual avatar or his ex-club, Lorient. He candidly shared,

“Honestly, the moment I realized I was in FIFA with my first PlayStation, I checked out my rating once. After that? I never really bothered.”

In FIFA duels with pals, he leans towards playing as Manchester City, an ensemble of footballing brilliance like Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, and Riyad Mahrez, among others. Alternatively, he sometimes chooses Liverpool, a side resplendent with African talents he deeply admires, including the likes of Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah. But there’s one player he sidesteps on the virtual field: Adrian Grbic, his former teammate, whom he deems ‘an adversary too formidable’.

In essence, Terem Moffi is a fusion of discipline, passion, and simplicity. While his on-field prowess captures headlines, it’s these off-the-pitch nuances that truly define the man.

Vacations and Ventures Beyond Football:

When not on the football pitch, Terem Moffi often finds solace in video games and enjoys the comfort of his home. Another prominent facet of his leisure activities is his love for travel. He perceives himself as someone deserving of life’s pleasures, notably oceanic adventures. A testament to his passion for travel is an image from his escapades in July 2022.

Terem Moffi’s Set of Wheels:

On the 25th of April, 2023, Terem took to Instagram to flaunt his latest prized possession. With that post, he added his name to the list of African footballers who have a soft spot for the G WAGON, joining esteemed colleagues like Wilfried Zaha and the Ayew brothers, Andre and Jordan.

A Glimpse into Terem Moffi’s Family Bonds:

The Moffi household is characterized by love, prayers, and mutual support. Terem and his brothers owe their values and mannerisms to the upbringing provided by their parents. Let’s delve deeper, starting with the family patriarch, Leonard.

The Patriarch – Leonard Moffi:

Popularly referred to as Leo, he’s recognized both as a former goalkeeper for Enugu Rangers and a legal luminary. Leonard epitomizes integrity, always refraining from any unethical practices to further his son’s football career. He once remarked,

“I won’t turn to the media to influence any coach’s decision regarding my son’s selection. Being an ex-player myself, it’s inappropriate. Terem’s performance will vouch for his merit.”

Leonard’s close friendship with Chuka Iwobi, spanning over four decades, deserves a mention. Both were teammates at Rangers International of Enugu and the University of Nigeria, Nuskka. Their bond reflects in their children’s camaraderie, with Alex Iwobi (Chuka’s son) guiding Terem during their days at Buckswood School.

The Matriarch – Margaret Moffi:

Margaret stands as an epitome of warmth, endearing herself to all around her. On certain tough days for Terem, it’s not his performance that weighs him down but the longing for his mother. He once admitted to feeling inexplicably melancholic at times, only to realize it stemmed from missing his family, especially his mother.

Margaret garnered media attention in Nigeria due to her heartfelt response to Terem’s debut call-up for the national team. Post his remarkable hat-trick against Bordeaux, Terem’s phone was flooded with messages. Initially attributing the barrage to his on-field exploits, he was pleasantly surprised to find an invitation from Coach Gernot Rohr for the Nigerian national team. In his excitement, Terem shared the news on his family group chat, leading to an outpouring of emotions, especially from his elated mother. Such milestones remind her of the family’s collective dreams and their realization, courtesy of Terem’s thriving football career.

Terem Moffi’s Brotherly Bonds:

As depicted in earlier visuals, Terem Moffi, the noted Nigerian footballer, shares his life with two elder brothers and a younger one. Intriguingly, one of these siblings chose the medical profession over the football field. Their father, Leo, once remarked that this medically-inclined brother had a talent for football that even surpassed Terem’s. However, he chose to chase his dream in the realm of medicine.

Terem, in an interview, mentioned how his father and brothers are ardent followers of his career advancements, often referring to online updates, especially from TransferMkt. Terem laughingly stated,

“My dad and brothers are always on TransferMkt, sharing updates on our family WhatsApp group. I prefer to stay away from such stats. For me, it’s all about playing football and relaxing with Netflix.”

Fascinating Tidbits:

To conclude Terem Moffi’s life journey, here are some lesser-known yet captivating details about him:

Guidance for Future Nigerian Football Stars:

Terem’s counsel for budding Nigerian talents is multifaceted. While talent is crucial, it’s only a part of the equation. Discipline, courteous behaviour, and building a healthy rapport with peers and coaches are equally vital. Furthermore, the emphasis shouldn’t just be on hard work but smart work. He believes that the key is to be genuine, have faith in one’s abilities, and maintain a spiritual connection.

Acquaintances with Anthony Joshua:

Terem shares a bond with British boxer Anthony Joshua, who, despite his UK upbringing, is deeply connected to his Nigerian heritage. The two had an enriching interaction around June 2021.

Terem’s FIFA Traits:

The reason behind Terem drawing comparisons with stalwarts like Romelu Lukaku, Christian Benteke, or Didier Drogba lies in his physical prowess. Both in reality and FIFA, his standout attributes include strength, sprinting speed, and precision in finishing. As of 2022, areas like vision, interceptions, and long-range passes could use enhancement.

Terem’s Earnings:

Upon his contract with Nice, Terem secured an annual salary of €901,400. Translated to Nigerian currency, this equals approximately ₦‎447,556,421. Based on data from Capology, a trusted portal, Terem’s weekly wage rounds up to 17,308 euros.

A Glimpse into Terem Moffi’s Affluence:

In Nigeria, a well-earning individual makes around 200,000 naira monthly. To put Terem’s earnings into perspective, an average person in Nigeria would need nearly 186 years to amass what Terem earns in a single year at OGC Nice when converted to Nigerian currency.

What is Terem Moffi’s Religious Belief?

Terem Moffi, much like his compatriots Wilfried Ndidi and Calvin Bassey, is a staunch Christian. Throughout his journey, he has reiterated that “God and Family” remain central to his existence. A visit to Moffi’s Instagram Bio displays his cherished Bible verse, Philippians 4:14.


Representing the Super Eagles, Terem Moffi, full name Teremas “Terem” Igobor Moffi, hails from Cross River State, situated in South-South Nigeria. Born under the Gemini sign like Eddie Nketiah and Stanley Nwabali, Terem was nurtured by his parents, Leonard and Margaret Moffi. He grew up flanked by his three siblings, with one pursuing a career in medicine.

The Moffi lineage boasts a profound connection to football. Leonard Moffi, Terem’s father, previously defended the nets for clubs like Calabar Rovers, El Kanemi, and Enugu Rangers. During his time, he played alongside the iconic Taribo West. Additionally, a significant bond ties him to Barrister Chuka, the father of Alex Iwobi. Their friendship, which stretches over four decades, was cultivated during their university years at the University of Nigeria Nuskka, after which both chose the legal profession.

Terem’s early years in football saw him playing as a midfielder. However, his non-aggressive nature in that position led him to transition to a striker role. It’s noteworthy that his decision to turn professional wasn’t influenced by his father’s footballing exploits but rather his own intrinsic passion and innate talent for the game.

Exploring Opportunities Abroad:

Having demonstrated his prowess in the Aspire Football Academy and various other platforms, Terem was presented with the chance to shift to the UK during his teenage years. Upon his arrival in London, it was Alex Iwobi who became his guardian angel. In the heart of the city, Terem pursued his education at Buckswood School and simultaneously honed his football skills at their renowned Football Academy in Hastings.

Although he couldn’t secure a position in the FIFA U-17 World Cup team, the triumph of Nigeria in the same competition lifted his spirits. Taking his professional aspirations further, Terem decided to venture beyond England, landing in Lithuania with the team Kauno Žalgiris.

An unforeseen visa snag delayed his inaugural match, redirecting him to Riteriai, where his career took a notable upward turn. This journey continued as he moved to the Belgian side, Kortrijk, and later showcased his talent in France, playing for Lorient and, subsequently, Nice, further elevating his reputation in the football world.


We genuinely appreciate your time and interest in exploring the SoccerBiography portrayal of Terem Moffi’s life journey. Our dedication lies in presenting accurate and unbiased narratives, especially when sharing tales about Super Eagles’ footballers. This biography of Terem is a significant chapter in our broader African Football Chronicles.

Should you come across any discrepancies or have feedback on Moffi’s account, we encourage you to share your thoughts through the comment section. We’re particularly keen to hear your views on this prolific forward whose winning goal celebration once provoked Kylian Mbappe.

In addition to Terem Moffi’s life story, we have an array of captivating narratives from Nigeria that might intrigue you. The biographies of Victor Boniface and Mostafa Mohamed, among others, promise a deep dive into the world of football.

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