Sophia Smith Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the Biography of Sophia Smith, providing a deep dive into her parents Kenny and Mollie Smith, her sisters Gabrielle and Savannah, her boyfriend Michael Wilson, other family members, her early years, family background, to her illustrious career in Soccer.

The narrative goes beyond that to discuss her family’s roots, ethnicity, religious beliefs, hometown, education, net worth, zodiac sign, tattoos, and personal life, amongst other details.

In essence, this piece offers a comprehensive insight into Sophia Smith’s life journey. Born in Colorado, Sophia was raised in a family with a basketball heritage. Introduced to the sport early in life, she chose to follow her heart’s true calling – football.

Brought to you by SoccerBiography, this account chronicles the path of a footballer who has reached remarkable heights. Smith bagged the US Soccer Women’s Player of the Year Award in 2022, the youngest to do so since Mia Hamm at the age of 22 in 1994.


Our account of Sophia Smith’s life begins by shedding light on the defining moments of her childhood. We then transition into her budding career and eventually describe her ascend to being one of the finest footballers in her country.

This biography of Sophia Smith by SoccerBiography is designed to captivate your interest. Yes, everyone knows that her impressive abilities and significant contributions to soccer have brought her wide recognition.

As we researched the landscape of American Women’s Soccer, we noticed a pronounced void in information about Sophia Smith’s life and career. Many fans, surprisingly, seem unaware of her intriguing life story. Hence, we present a fascinating exploration into the US Female Athlete life.

Sophia Smith’s Early Years:

Commonly known as Sophia Smith, her full name is Sophia Olivia Smith. This talented forward was born on August 10, 2000, to her parents Kenny and Mollie Smith in Windsor, Colorado, United States.

As the youngest of three daughters born to Kenny and Mollie Smith, Sophia’s childhood was marked by strong familial support. Her parents, who deeply committed themselves to her success, ensured that she had every opportunity to thrive in her chosen sport and profession.

Childhood and Adolescence:

Sophia’s formative years were spent in Windsor, Colorado, where she was brought up in a nurturing environment. She grew up with her two elder sisters and, as the youngest, received an abundance of love and attention from her family.

Her sisters, Gabrielle and Savannah, were both basketball players and formed a close-knit circle of support for Sophia from an early age. Raised in a family where basketball was a favourite pastime, the sisters spent countless hours training and playing together.

Growing up amidst basketball enthusiasts was a unique experience for Sophia. There was a time when it seemed likely that she, too, would pursue a career in basketball. However, her heart was set on football, which eventually became her professional calling.

Sophia’s Journey to Football:

Sophia Smith, an influential forward, has consistently showcased her impressive potential. She started playing football as a forward at the young age of four. Despite participating in other sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track, it was in football that she found her true passion.

Kenny Smith, a dedicated basketball player himself, encouraged his daughters to take up sports. He might have hoped that they would follow in his footsteps and embrace basketball. But Sophia had a different passion.

Football was where Sophia found her destiny, and her family, including her father, was entirely supportive. They had been with her since the beginning, witnessing her abilities first-hand. Their faith in her potential has been proven right, as Sophia has grown into a successful footballer.

Sophia Smith’s Family History:

Sophia Smith hails from a sports-loving family, bearing a striking resemblance to the story of Ellen White. When it comes to her parents’ professions, her father, Kenny, used to be a basketball player for the University of Wyoming, while her mother, Mollie, has been a dedicated caregiver.

Their home could be categorized as middle-class. Sophia’s parents were capable of maintaining a comfortable living and providing for their household needs through their combined earnings.

Despite the everyday challenges and a lifestyle that wasn’t luxuriously rich, Sophia’s family went the extra mile to support and fulfill their daughter’s dreams and ambitions. Summarily, Kenny and Mollie deserve commendation for their excellent parenting.

Sophia Smith’s Ancestry:

To answer the question – Where does Sophia Smith hail from? This record-breaking sportswoman was born in Windsor, Colorado, in the United States, making her an American national. The provided map can give a clearer understanding of Sophia Smith’s family roots.

Windsor is a town situated in the northern regions of Colorado, specifically within Weld and Larimer counties, approximately 60 miles north of Denver. This vibrant community had an estimated population of over 30,000 as of 2021.

Ethnic Background:

Sophia, the rising sports sensation, is of mixed ethnicity, having a lineage that primarily includes African American and Native American backgrounds. This unique blend of ethnicities intertwines the rich cultural influences and diverse ancestral traditions of both African and Native American heritage.

Sophia Smith’s Education Journey:

Research indicates that the extraordinary athlete got her education at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. She played soccer for the school team while completing her high school education.

Post high school graduation in 2018, Sophia enrolled at Stanford University. Here, she played collegiate soccer and bagged several awards.

Career Development:

Sophia Smith, a forward of world-class potential, recognized her love for soccer at the tender age of four. Although she participated in basketball, volleyball, and track, it was soccer that claimed her heart.

Beginning her soccer trajectory with Real Colorado, Sophia’s talent was on full display as she demonstrated exceptional skills. She thrived throughout her youth career with the club, which eventually led her to choose Stanford University for collegiate football with the Stanford Cardinal women’s soccer team.

During her tenure at Stanford, Sophia Smith made a significant impact with 33 appearances and a total of 24 goals. This noteworthy performance drew the attention of significant clubs. Since then, she has consistently impressed, highlighting her substantial talent on the field.

Sophia Smith’s Biography – Early Soccer Story:

Sophia Smith’s football journey began as a youngster when she met her future U.S. teammate, Jaelin Howell, in kindergarten. They were among only four girls in a class of 22. As fate would have it, the parents of another girl in their class established a recreational team, the Timnath Twisters.

Both Smith and Howell joined the team, launching their collaborative journey in the sport. Displaying standout performances, they were soon scouted by a local club, Arsenal Colorado.

At Arsenal Colorado, they caught the attention of Lorne Donaldson, who at the time was the president and a coach at Real Colorado, one of the premier clubs in the country.

“She was a true dynamo when we first noticed her at age 12,”

Donaldson reminisces about Sophia. Her field skills were remarkable, and her competitive spirit was noteworthy. In terms of drive and intensity, she mirrored Mal Pugh, another player at Real Colorado.

Donaldson, tasked with spotting Colorado’s top young talent, was well-versed in Smith’s potential. Smith, on the other hand, was attracted to Donaldson and his club due to their stellar reputation for nurturing talent.

Family Support for Sophia Smith:

Acknowledging the excellence of the club, the Smith family approached Donaldson. They understood the value of competition, considering Sophia’s father’s background in basketball, and believed the club would be instrumental in Sophia’s progress.

To facilitate Sophia’s daily training, her mother Mollie gave up her 20-year job to manage the three-hour round trip. Living in Denver, an hour and a half from their home, this decision enabled Sophia to wholeheartedly pursue her soccer career.

Sophia Smith’s Road to Fame:

Sophia kick-started her phenomenal journey in 2018, playing for her college team and netting seven goals that season, showcasing her capabilities. She continued to excel the following season, scoring 17 goals.

Her moment of glory came in 2019 during the College Cup, where she delivered a hat trick in the semifinal against UCLA. This brilliant performance helped her team secure victory, and they ultimately clinched the National Title in an exhilarating penalty shootout.

Overcoming a significant leg injury in her first year at Stanford in 2018, Smith managed to bounce back, validating Ratcliffe’s faith in her. The subsequent year, in 2019, she played a crucial role in guiding her team to victory and securing the national championship.

Sophia Smith’s Biography – Rise to Stardom:

Smith stepped into the 2020 NWSL Draft, where she was selected as the top pick by the Portland Thorns. At 19, she made history as the first teenager to be drafted into the NWSL.

Two years later, she celebrated the 2022 NWSL Championship with her team, the Portland Thorns. Additionally, Smith bagged the 2022 NWSL MVP Award, setting yet another record as the youngest recipient. She ended her 2022 season by being named to the 2022 NWSL Best XI First Team.

Despite being eligible for a transfer, she renewed her contract in the previous year to remain with the club till 2024. Currently, she is leading the league with ten goals and has already scored multiple hat tricks under coach Mike Norris. Playing alongside Christine Sinclair, she still has numerous games ahead.

International Success:

Smith’s journey in international football began in 2016 with the U17 United States Youth National Team (USYNT). She further established herself in the U.S. Youth Women’s National Team the following year.

In a remarkable demonstration of her ability, Smith scored nine goals in six consecutive matches, a feat that showcased her immense talent and potential on the international stage.

The next year, Smith moved on to play a few games with the U18 team and received invitations to the U20 and U23 squads. After a Talent Identification Camp in December 2019, she was invited to the Senior National Team’s inaugural training session in 2020.

Excitingly, Smith has been chosen to join the United States Women’s World Cup 2023 team under coach Vlatko Andonovski. Her inclusion will significantly boost the attacking strength of the U.S. squad in the forthcoming World Cup. Sophia Smith headlined the 2023 squad that would take on the likes of Portugal, Vietnam and the Netherlands in Group E of the tournament.

We look forward to seeing Smith make her World Cup debut, where she’ll have the chance to create a lasting impression. She’ll join forces with other talented players such as Trinity Rodman (Forward) , Lynn Williams (Forward), Rose Lavelle (Midfield), Megan Rapinoe (Winger), and Alex Morgan (Forward), among others. As they say, the rest of the story unfolds in real time.

Sophia Smith’s Relationship – Michael Wilson:

Known for her kindness and humility, Smith is a beloved figure. However, to those single gentlemen, it’s sad to say that she’s off the market. She is currently in a relationship with Michael Wilson.

Their Love Story:

Sophia Smith’s romantic relationship with Michael Wilson blossomed while they were at Stanford. What started as a casual friendship quickly developed into a significant bond. They officially became a couple on January 10, 2020.

Smith holds her boyfriend in high esteem, second only to her passion for football and her family. The celebrated athlete and her boyfriend, Michael, share a profound bond.

Their social media profiles are filled with numerous pictures that exhibit their deep connection, reflecting their close bond. At the time of this writing, Smith does not have any children.

About Michael Wilson:

Michael George Wilson, a skilled American football player, was born on February 23, 2000. Sophia’s lover, as I write this Bio, currently plays the position of Wide Receiver for Stanford University. Wilson is the son of Ngaire Wilson and Orville Wilson.

He also has three siblings: Davon, Marcus, and Miles. Impressively, Wilson is part of the Arizona Cardinals as of 2023, indicating his ascent to the professional level in his football career.

Personal Life:

Off the field, the forward is known for her fervor, philanthropy, warmth, cheerfulness, and creativity. Besides football, she enjoys sports like volleyball and basketball. Considering her background in basketball, her interest in the sport is not surprising.

Smith is also known for her philanthropic activities. She is an inspiration for young women and aspiring female athletes. Notably, she shares the Leo zodiac sign with the likes of Lauren Hemp, Mohammed Kudus and Anastasios Douvikas.

Sophia, like Coumba Sow, cherishes her family and relishes the moments she gets to spend with them during her downtime. Whether it’s with her friends, niece, nephew, sisters, or parents, she values these instances of bonding.

Moreover, Sophia and her boyfriend prioritize their relationship, taking deliberate breaks from their professional pursuits. They enjoy vacationing together.

Their chosen holiday spots include the San Francisco Bay Area and Colorado, places where they strengthen their bond. By the seaside, they find relaxation and rejuvenation, offering them an escape from their demanding careers.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophia developed a newfound love for reading, specifically drawn to romance novels. “Archer’s Voice” by Mia Sheridan holds the title as her most-cherished book, while Colleen Hoover’s work is also among her favourites.

Sophia has a penchant for skincare and shopping, with a special place in her heart for a well-brewed cup of coffee, particularly oat milk vanilla lattes. Her ongoing quest is to discover a delightful breakfast burrito in Portland.

A look at Sophia’s social media profiles reveals her down-to-earth nature, devoid of any flashy displays of wealth, such as expensive cars, jewellery, or timepieces. Discussions around wealth and material possessions are noticeably absent.

For Sophia, the central pillars in her life are her family and career. She deeply values the constant support of her parents, Mollie and Kenny Smith, expressing her gratitude through her actions and consistent acknowledgement of their contributions.

Sophia Smith Family Life:

Family serves as an instrumental pillar in our lives, offering moral guidance and a comforting presence during trying times. The Smith family, of which Sophia is a part, epitomizes such a tightly bonded unit, and their story provides insight into their unique bond.

Sophia Smith’s Father:

Sophia’s father, Kenny Smith, a former University of Wyoming basketball player, always encouraged his daughters’ participation in sports. He had a special fondness for basketball and one of his daughters indeed chose that path.

However, Sophia found her passion in football. Her family, particularly her father, backed her decision wholeheartedly. Despite extensive searching, not much information regarding Kenny Smith’s personal life was available.

Regardless, Kenny serves as an exemplary figure for his daughters, embodying virtues like hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship. These values inspire his children to pursue excellence both in sports and their personal lives.

Kenny actively promotes Sophia’s football career within the sports community by networking with coaches, scouts, and clubs, ensuring his daughter’s talents are recognized. He consistently seeks avenues for Sophia to enhance her football skills and career.

Sophia Smith’s Mother:

Sophia appears to have inherited her mother, Mollie Smith’s, striking beauty. While Mollie maintains a professional role to contribute to the family’s well-being, it’s evident that she made significant sacrifices for Sophia’s early football career.

Mollie left her job of over two decades to take on a role that allowed her to devote more time to Sophia’s training. Not only is Mollie Sophia’s staunchest supporter, but she is also her confidante and closest friend.

Sophia consistently praises her mother’s unwavering support and describes her as a dedicated and highly supportive parent. Mollie’s love and support unquestionably played a pivotal role in shaping Sophia’s successful football career.

Sophia Smith’s Siblings:

Sophia’s two sisters, Gabrielle Smith and Savannah Smith, have been instrumental in her life and football journey. They shared a mutual love for the game, playing both roles of siblings and teammates.

Encouraged by her elder sisters, Sophia took up soccer, looking up to them. After several seasons of being a spectator, she decided to join the sport. Although Gabrielle and Savannah gave up playing soccer in their middle school years, Sophia pursued it further.

Regardless, her sisters have been consistent pillars of support, providing guidance, motivation, and encouragement. Their unwavering support has been invaluable in shaping Sophia’s growth and success in her football career.

About Savannah Smith:

Savannah Smith, Sophia’s elder sister, has left a remarkable footprint in the basketball world through her performance at the University of Northern Colorado. Throughout her time at the university, she achieved numerous records and milestones, distinguishing herself in her collegiate career.

The basketball community widely acknowledges Savannah’s superior skills, commitment, and accomplishments. Her significant contributions to her team have carved out her niche as a notable player at the University of Northern Colorado.

Sophia Smith’s Nephew and Niece:

Though precise information about Smith’s nephew and niece, including their names and ages, is not publicly available, it is clear that Sophia harbors a deep love for them. Embracing her role as an aunt, Sophia has been a nurturing and loving figure in their lives.

As per Sophia’s account, she frequently orders toys for her niece from Amazon. Moreover, her niece has been trained to anticipate packages at the doorstep. Being a Nike-endorsed athlete, Sophia generously shares half of the gear she gets with her sisters, ensuring they too share in the benefits of her professional associations.

Little Known Facts:

In the concluding segment of Sophia Smith’s biography, we’ll reveal lesser-known facts about her. So, let’s dive in without further delay.

Sophia Smith’s Net Worth:

As per various sports reports, Sophia Smith’s net worth (2023) is within the range of $3-5 million. As an American football player, she earns a substantial amount from her club participation and prize money from matches.

She also has income streams from brand endorsements, such as Nike and Hyperice, and through participation in different events. Moreover, being managed by Wasserman provides her with numerous lucrative opportunities.

Sophia Smith in FIFA:

According to the most recent data, she has been making significant strides in FIFA. Sophia Smith’s Profile on FIFA stands at an impressive 85, with the potential to reach up to 94. This score underscores her crucial attributes as a contemporary attacker.

Alongside prominent players like Nichelle Prince and Alexia Putellas, Sophia is making valuable contributions to women’s football. Her talent and commitment are fueling her upward trajectory in the sport.

Sophia Smith’s Religion:

Sophia comes from a Christian background. However, she refrains from openly discussing her faith on social media. Like many of her peers in football, Sophia tends to keep her religious beliefs more private and rarely posts religious content online.

Sophia Smith and Jaelin Howell:

Both hailing from Colorado, Sophia Smith and Jaelin Howell made their first appearances for the US Women’s National Team against the Netherlands on November 27. The two have been teammates since their kindergarten days. A video shared by the USWNT shows the pair as young children, and their celebrations after earning their first caps for the national team.

Concluding Remarks:

Sophia Olivia Smith was born on January 10, 2000, to her parents – Kenny Smith (her father) and Mollie Smith (her mother), in Windsor, Colorado, United States. She spent her childhood in Windsor, Colorado, with her sisters and parents. She is of American nationality and belongs to mixed-race ethnicity.

Smith began her journey in sports at the tender age of four, inspired and guided by her older sisters. With their athletic expertise serving as her motivation, Sophia flourished under the tutelage of her sisters and the support of her family, setting the foundation for her impressive football career.

The Goal-scoring Phenom attended Fossil Ridge High School in Colorado. Post-graduation, she enrolled at Stanford University. During her time at Stanford, she distinguished herself in collegiate football and garnered several accolades.

Sophia Smith initiated her career at the youth academy of Real Colorado before moving on to Stanford Cardinal for college football. Her exceptional performances and goal-scoring abilities caught the attention of leading clubs. During the NWSL draft on January 16, 2020, she was selected as the top pick by Portland Thorns FC.

As of 2023, Sophia Smith remains an integral part of Portland Thorns. Internationally, she has represented the USA across various categories and has bagged numerous awards for her club and country during her career.

The forward has received prestigious recognitions and awards, including being named the NWSL’s Most Valuable Player in 2022 and the NWSL Championship Game MVP the same year.

Her notable contributions have led to her club and national team securing titles such as the CONCACAF Women’s Championship in 2022, the Women’s International Champions Cup in 2021, and the NWSL Championship in 2022.

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