Son Heung-min Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Dive into a comprehensive portrayal of Son Heung-min’s Biography, which commences from his early years and goes right up to his rise as a soccer sensation.

For those curious about his life’s timeline, we’ve curated a pictorial representation that captures key moments from his youth to adulthood, offering a concise overview of Son Heung-min’s life journey.

The South Korea Star, in 2023, was compared to Cristiano Ronaldo by Ange Postecoglou. While many are familiar with his prowess on the field, including his ambidextrous skills, a comprehensive account of his life story remains a mystery to most.

Son Heung-min’s Early Days:

Kicking off our narrative, Son Heung-min arrived in this world on July 8, 1992, in Chuncheon, the vibrant capital of Gangwon, South Korea. He was the younger of two siblings, with his mother, Eun Ja Kil, and father, Son Woong-Jung, proudly welcoming him.

The streets of Chuncheon were where young Son spent his formative years, living a sport-infused life alongside his elder brother, Heung-Yun Son.

Formative Years:

From his first steps, Chuncheon’s fields witnessed Son’s budding passion for soccer. Such was his dedication that toys and video games found no place in his world.

The Backstory of the Son Family:

Somewhere during his youthful endeavours, his father, Son Woong-Jung, a former professional soccer player himself, posed a pivotal question about Son’s commitment to the sport. Son’s affirmative response spurred his father to become his mentor.

Under his father’s guidance, Son, along with his elder brother, honed their skills. And their mother, always supportive, ensured they recuperated well after their exhaustive practice sessions.

Son Heung-min’s Football Beginnings:

Delving deeper, did you realize that Son and his brother practised football fundamentals for an astounding six hours daily? That’s not all. They also dedicated four consecutive hours to mastering ‘Keepy Uppies’ (or Juggling).

The gruelling regimen often left them drained, seeing triple after hours of relentless practice. It’s evident that Son Woong-Jung’s athletic background was instrumental in shaping his children’s discipline and dedication.

Formative Football Years:

By 14, Son’s father allowed him to enter the competitive realm of football. This decision stemmed from a belief that earlier exposure might exhaust a young athlete’s potential by overtaxing their muscles.

Son’s quick grasp of the game, coupled with a solid grounding in football essentials, ensured a seamless transition into Hamburger SV’s youth academy, which he joined in late 2009.

Son Heung-min’s Ascendancy to Prominence:

His journey saw a significant upturn when, in July 2010, Hamburger SV presented him with his inaugural professional contract on his birthday.

After dedicating another two years to Hamburger, Son embarked on a new journey with Bayer Leverkusen in 2013. During his tenure, his remarkable performance caught the eyes of numerous clubs. Among them, Tottenham Hotspur successfully secured his talents.

Stardom Story:

Gracing the historic White Hart Lane in September 2015, Son bore the distinguished title of being the priciest Asian footballer at that juncture.

Fuelled by the weight of fan hopes and his innate drive, Son’s initial years at the English club saw a meteoric rise. By his third season, he had become the Premier League’s top-scoring Asian player. In his subsequent season, he achieved the accolade of the highest-scoring Asian player in Champions League history.

As of this account, Son stands as a pivotal figure for Tottenham and is heralded as one of the finest South Korean talents in European football. His legacy, undoubtedly, will leave an indelible mark on football’s annals.

Today, Son stands as an inspiration for several Asian players venturing into the Premier League, including Takefusa Kobo, Takehiro Tomiyasu of Arsenal and Hwang Hee Chan of Wolves. His story is a testament to perseverance, skill, and ambition, inspiring future generations.

Insight into Son Heung-min’s Relationships:

As of May 2020, sources indicate that Son remains unattached, though he has previously been linked with two notable individuals from the Korean pop scene, Bang Min-ah and Yoo So-young.

While his connection with Bang Min-ah has ended, speculations regarding Yoo So-young continue as they both maintain discretion regarding their personal lives.

Son has candidly shared insights from his father’s counsel – to concentrate on his football career and defer thoughts of marriage and family until after retirement.

Details about Son Heung-min’s Family:

Son’s journey to soccer stardom is a testament to the unwavering support from his family. Here’s a glimpse into the lives of those who’ve played crucial roles in his ascent:

Son Heung-min’s Father:

Son Woong-Jung, born on June 10, 1962, wears many hats in Son’s life: as a parent, guide, and confidant. Once a professional footballer in South Korea, his dreams were curtailed by an injury at 28.

However, his passion found a new avenue as he mentored young football aspirants in Gangwon Province. There are even whispers about him joining the coaching brigade of the Tottenham club.

Son Heung-min’s Mother:

Eun Ja Kil, the matriarch of the family, has been a steadfast pillar of support. Often credited for Son’s distinct features, she stands as a beacon of love and encouragement, cherishing his football achievements and hoping for continued success.

Son Heung-min’s Sibling:

Son shares a brotherly bond with Heung-Yun Son, his elder sibling. The two trained rigorously under their father’s watchful eyes. Heung-Yun once played for the German club SV Halstenbek in 2013, but updates about his football pursuits remain sparse.

Further Insight into Son Heung-min’s Kin:

As for a deeper dive into Son’s lineage, specifics about his grandparents or family background remain elusive. Information about other relatives, including uncles, aunts, or cousins, hasn’t been made public, nor has he shared about any younger generation members within the family.

Son Heung-min’s Personal Traits:

Beyond his professional prowess and his cherished family ties, Son Heung-min, when not on the field, is known to be a warm, tenacious, goal-driven, emotionally astute, and high-spirited individual.

Aligned with his Cancer Zodiac sign, Son immerses himself in various pastimes that mirror his personal interests. This list includes indulging in travel, fitness routines, gaming, catching up on films, and cherishing moments with his loved ones.

Just like Son, other top-rated Cancer football personalities include Vinicius Junior (Brazil), Solly March (English), Lamine Yamal (Spanish), Jude Bellingham (English), Moussa Diaby (French) and Alejandro Garnacho (Argentine).

Son Heung-min’s Financial Lifestyle:

As of 2020, Son Heung-min’s net worth is estimated to be around the $20 million mark. A significant chunk of this fortune is attributed to his earnings from football engagements.

Yet, a lesser-known facet of his income stream is his earnings from brand endorsements. With such substantial earnings, it’s no surprise he has the means to invest in luxurious assets like cars.

Even though Son opted to reside in a three-bedroom apartment in Hampstead with his family, it’s rumoured that his garage boasts an array of upscale vehicles, perfect for London’s bustling streets.

Intriguing Tidbits about Son Heung-min:

Concluding our exploration of Son Heung-min’s journey, here are some intriguing snippets about him. A Baller who is often called Little Seoul’s favourite son.

Income Insights:

At Spurs, Son’s remuneration package amounts to an impressive £140,000 weekly as of 2021.

Did you know? The average earnings of a South Korean citizen, which stand around 9,800,000 KRW, mean they’d have to work for almost eight years to match Son’s monthly earnings.

Mandatory Service:

Like fellow South Korean player Kim Min-jae, Son secured an exemption from the obligatory 21-month military stint in South Korea. This was a result of leading his nation to a gold medal triumph in the 2018 Asian Games.

Yet, in May 2020, he concluded a compulsory basic military training spanning four weeks. This brief stint is a norm for South Koreans who have clinched exemptions from the extended service period.


The meteoric rise of Son Heung-min has paved the way for other South Korean football prodigies to mark their territory in European Football. A shining example is Lee Kang-in, currently showcasing his skills at Valencia.

FIFA Scores:

The most recognized names in football often come with impressive FIFA ratings that validate their esteemed standing. Son Heung-min fits right in with an impressive overall FIFA score of 87 points.

However, some fans feel his FIFA stats look very much like those of Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski. Again, Son’s FIFA metrics underscore his remarkable offensive skills, paralleling the stats of his national colleagues, Hwang Ui-jo and Hwang Hee-chan.

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