Sarina Wiegman Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article presents an in-depth account of Sarina Wiegman’s Biography, encompassing her early experiences, childhood, parental influences (both father and mother), family roots, husband (Marten Glotzbach), siblings – specifically her brother (Tom Wiegman), children (Sacha and Lauren Wiegman), grandparents, as well as uncles and aunts.

SoccerBiography’s article on Sarina Wiegman goes on to discuss her family lineage, ethnicity, faith, hometown, educational background, net worth, astrological sign, personal life, earnings analysis, and scholarly pursuits.

Fundamentally, this report unravels Sarina Wiegman’s comprehensive history. It illustrates the courageous tale of a determined Dutch girl who boldly cut her hair to compete with her twin brother, Tom, and his team.

Emerging as the lone female pioneer, she made an indelible mark on her local football club in The Hague.

SoccerBiography highlights the extraordinary journey of this steadfast midfielder, who refined her skills playing with her brother and local boys. She commands the field with her unquestionable prowess and relentless diligence, ceaselessly guiding and inspiring her team members.


Our rendition of Sarina Wiegman’s life story starts with revealing key incidents from her formative years. Subsequently, we delve into the initial career accomplishments of this accomplished midfielder. Ultimately, we share Wiegman’s skyrocketing ascend to become one of England’s top women’s coaches.

SoccerBiography aims to spark your interest in Sarina Wiegman’s biography with this compelling composition. Indeed, Coach Wiegman has traversed a long path in her remarkable life.

Certainly, Sarina Wiegman’s influence in the football universe is undisputed. In 2019, she carved her legacy as the first woman appointed to the Dutch Football Association.

Furthermore, Wiegman broke another barrier by becoming the first non-British permanent manager of the England women’s national team.

In our exploration of Dutch Coaches’ narratives, we identified a gap in knowledge. The fact is, only a handful of fans have accessed the captivating aspects of her life. Thus, let’s delve right in.

The Early Years of Sarina Wiegman:

To kick off this biography, the coach is affectionately known as Sarina Wiegman. Her full name is Sarina Petronella Wiegman-Glotzbach CBE.

Wiegman entered the world on October 26, 1969, in The Hague, Netherlands, to her parents. She has a twin brother, Tom Wiegman, and they were the result of their parents’ loving marriage.

Childhood Years:

Sarina Wiegman was born and raised in The Hague, Netherlands. But the journey from player to coach wasn’t a solitary one for her. She was accompanied by her twin, Tom Wiegman, throughout her upbringing.

Despite the societal norms of her era that discouraged girls from participating in football, Sarina chose to engage in the sport. She was lucky to have her brother, Tom, who shared the same passion, ensuring she was never left alone or unengaged during her formative years.

Sarina Wiegman’s Early Experiences:

Sarina’s inaugural introduction to football was at the tender age of six. During that time, there were stern regulations in her homeland that barred females from the sport.

To participate in the game, Sarina resorted to cutting her hair short to resemble a boy, joining her brother’s team. Yet, her parents were supportive of her early interest in football.

She often encountered resistance from adversaries who were openly opposed to her participation in the sport. In addition, many of her friends were not permitted to join her due to their parents’ objections. Despite these obstacles, she was paving her own way.

Sarina credits her parents for being “progressive thinkers” and her initial experience playing street football with boys as pivotal foundations for her career.

Sarina Wiegman’s Family Origins:

During the 1960s, football wasn’t as prominent in the Netherlands as it is today. Organized youth leagues and training facilities were scarce, and many budding players learned the game informally through friends and family.

Regardless of these challenges, there was a rich pool of football talent in the Netherlands during the 1960s. Many of these players, including Sarina Wiegman, hailed from working-class families.

Football was viewed as a pathway to success and a means to escape adversity. Although we lack specific details about the professions of Sarina’s parents, it is apparent they were financially secure enough to care for their children’s needs.

Sarina Wiegman’s Family Roots:

Where is the origin of the current head coach of the England Women’s team? The information available indicates that both her parents are from the Netherlands. To put it simply, Wiegman’s nationality is Dutch. Additionally, she was born in The Hague, Netherlands.

Being the third largest city in the Netherlands, following Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Hague is situated in the country’s western region. It also serves as the capital of the South Holland province. Importantly, the city is recognized for its significant role in politics and diplomacy, hosting several international institutions.

Ethnicity of Sarina Wiegman:

Based on available data, Sarina Wiegman’s ethnic identity is Dutch. This term refers to individuals who are either natives or have ancestral links to the Netherlands, sharing a unified culture, language, and history. They are often characterized by their liberal and accepting attitudes.

The population of the Netherlands is approximately 17.5 million, with a significant majority being of Dutch origin. Research suggests that roughly 81% of the Netherlands’ population identifies as Dutch.

Sarina Wiegman’s Educational Journey:

While the exact details of Wiegman’s educational institutions aren’t documented, it’s established that she completed six years of primary education in the Netherlands. Further investigation revealed that Sarina was adept at balancing her academics with her football pursuits.

She was also a player for the 1989 North Carolina Tar Heels women’s soccer team during her time at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In North Carolina, she played alongside famous footballers like Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Carla Overbeck.

Career Inception:

Her passion for playing football, initially ignited by playing with her twin brother, shaped her early career aspirations. She embraced her destiny of becoming a professional footballer at the tender age of six, even cutting her hair short to be accepted into a boys’ team.

Understanding their daughter’s aspirations, Sarina Wiegman’s parents made compromises to support her happiness and ambition. They backed their daughter’s dream, even during times when societal norms prohibited girls from participating in boys’ teams.

Interestingly, before joining her first official team, she eagerly played with her brother and other boys in the neighbourhood. Her supportive parents regularly attended her matches, treating Wiegman’s dreams as a vital family project.

Sarina Wiegman Biography – Football Journey:

As a six-year-old, Sarina first participated in football with ESDO from Wassenaar, playing alongside her young neighbours. She initially began her career as a central midfielder, later transitioning to a defensive role. Her talent quickly drew attention, and her career advanced rapidly once she joined her first women’s team, HSV Celeritas.

In 1987, Wiegman joined KFC ’71 and clinched the KNVB Cup. A year later, she crossed paths with the former head coach of the USWNT, Anson Dorrance, and featured for the famous North Carolina Tar Heels women’s soccer team. This experience drastically changed her perspective on football.

In 1994, Wiegman joined Ter Leede, where she secured one KNVB Cup and two successive Dutch championships in 2001 and 2003. She also represented the women’s team during her time with HSV Celeritas in The Hague.

Sarina Wiegman Biography – Path to Recognition:

At just 16 years old, Sarina received her first invitation to join the senior team of the Netherlands. After contributing to Kruikelientjes ’71’s KNVB Cup victory, she made her debut against Norway the following year.

Wiegman, at the age of 20, decided to spend a season abroad, playing for the University of North Carolina. During this period, those who knew her recall her frustration with the lack of recognition women’s football received in the Netherlands compared to the United States.

After a year overseas, she returned to the Netherlands to complete her training as a PE teacher. At this time, the women’s football scene was still far from being professionally structured. Wiegman continued in this role throughout her playing career.

Before joining Ter Leede, she often played with the men’s teams of her local squad, ADO Den Haag. Ter Leede is a club based in Saanheim, approximately 40 minutes from her home in The Hague.

Sarina Wiegman Biography – Journey to Stardom:

Wiegman devoted nine years to Ter Leede, during which she helped the team win two league titles and the Dutch Cup. She also earned 104 caps for her country. Jeanet van der Laan, one of her teammates at Ter Leeds and now a Dutch politician, speaks highly of Sarina’s leadership abilities.

Jeanet characterized Sarina as a confident and skilled captain who was always concerned about her fellow players, who, like her, were not able to earn a professional salary as footballers.

Sarina continued to play for Ter Leede and worked as a PE teacher until the age of 33. She also spearheaded the fight for equal rights for women’s football players in her country. Despite an offer to lead the new Dutch women’s league from ADO Den Haag, she declined until they offered her a full-time position.

Sarina Wiegman’s Coaching Career:

Wiegman took over as manager of Ter Leede on January 24, 2006. She led the team to victory in the KNVB Cup and the Dutch championship in 2007. In the summer of 2007, Sarina Wiegman took the helm of ADO Den Haag’s women’s team.

Under her guidance, ADO clinched the Eredivisie championship and the KNVB Cup in 2012. The team added another feather to their cap by winning the KNVB Cup again in 2013. Wiegman left ADO on August 1, 2014, to serve as the assistant coach of the Netherlands women’s national football team.

In addition to earning her UEFA Pro coaching license, she also temporarily assisted Ole Tobiasen at Jong Sparta Rotterdam. This appointment made her the first female coach in a Dutch professional football organization.

Sarina Wiegman’s Tenure as Netherlands Head Coach:

On December 23, 2016, Van der Laan was let go by the KNVB, and Wiegman was appointed as his replacement, taking up the role of the head coach for the Netherlands Women’s team. Her appointment was made permanent on January 13, 2017.

Wiegman led the Netherlands to victory in all their matches at the 2017 UEFA Women’s Euro, including the final against Denmark, which they triumphed in with a 4-2 scoreline. Following Rinus Michels’ success in the men’s UEFA Euro 1988, Wiegman became the second Dutch coach to lead the national team to a significant win.

After qualifying for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Wiegman led the team to win the tournament. In recognition of her accomplishments in Dutch football, Wiegman was honoured with a statue in the KNVB’s statue garden on July 9, 2019.

Sarina Wiegman’s Role as England Women’s Head Coach:

In August 2020, the English Football Association announced that Wiegman had agreed to a four-year contract. She, with a strong English desire to win a football tournament, officially took over from Phil Neville as head coach of the England women’s national football team in September 2021.

Upon her appointment, Wiegman became the first non-British full-time manager of the Lionesses. In her debut match, she led her team to an 8-0 victory over North Macedonia. She went on to set a new record in her second game against Latvia, winning 20-0.

In 2022, the Lionesses were named Team of the Year by SpOTY, and Wiegman herself was awarded the prestigious Manager of the Year title. During the World Cup qualifying rounds, England continued their winning streak, winning all ten games and dominating their opponents.

Under Wiegman’s leadership, the Lionesses clinched their first medal at the Arnold Clark Cup. They went on to win the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Final in July 2022, with notable players including Leah Williamson (Arsenal), Lauren Hemp (Chelsea), Beth Mead (Arsenal), Ellen White (Ex-Man City), Ella Toone (Manchester United), Fran Kirby (Chelsea), and others. Furthermore, Wiegman was named an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

She also received the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year Award. In February 2023, England defended their title at the 2023 Arnold Clark Cup and won the 2023 Women’s Finalissima. However, she experienced her first loss as the England manager five days later.

England is now preparing for the Women’s World Cup, and it remains to be seen who Wiegman will choose for her 2023 England Women’s World Cup team.

Sarina Wiegman’s Personal Life – Marten Glotzbach:

Research reveals that Wiegman is married to Marten Glotzbach, her long-time love. Like his wife, Marten is also a coach.

While Marten Glotzbach has decided to keep his age private, it’s speculated that he has German roots and is approximately the same age as his wife. Wiegman was born on October 26, 1969.

Details on Marten Glotzbach:

Marten Glotzbach’s LinkedIn profile shows that he earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and commerce in 1994 and expanded his education with a degree in Economics in 2006. He has also taken several courses to fine-tune his coaching skills.

Glotzbach, the husband of Sarina, is as passionate about sports as she is. He dedicated the first ten years of his career to working as a youth coordinator and trainer at HBS. For the past 22 years, he has been managing football matches and teaching economics at Sebroek College in the Netherlands.

Sarina Wiegman’s Family:

Sarina and her husband, Marten Glotzbach, have two lovely daughters, Sacha and Lauren. Their ages remain private, but Sarina occasionally shares family photos on her Instagram.

Both Lauren and Sacha have a keen interest in sports and excel on the football field. Lauren is a standout at Sports Club Monster, and Sacha is a rising star in ADO Den Haag’s youth team.

Personal Insights:

Sarina Wiegman is an outgoing, positive, and humorous individual, and she finds an ideal partner in Marten, who is just as open-minded and lively. Their combined passion and expressiveness create a harmonious duo.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Sarina is resourceful, determined, brave, and magnetic. Other players, including Kadeisha Buchanan, Alyssa Thompson, and Marie-Antoinette Katoto, share the same zodiac sign. Off the field, Wiegman cherishes spending time with her family.

Sarina Wiegman’s Lifestyle:

Striking a balance between work and personal life is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and Sarina Wiegman appears to prioritize this balance for her overall wellness. This means spending quality time with her family and friends, pursuing her interests, and taking care of herself.

Being a coach, Wiegman’s vibrant lifestyle involves frequent travel attending matches, tournaments, and training camps. Despite her professional obligations, she also takes personal trips, creating treasured memories with her loved ones.

Wiegman values authenticity over ostentation in her life. She avoids flaunting lavish possessions or engaging in conversations focused on her wealth. Instead, she lets her actions and accomplishments make the statement, leading a genuine and fulfilling life.

The Significance of Sarina Wiegman’s Family Life:

The family unit is an invaluable aspect of most individuals’ life journeys, providing a nourishing and supportive platform for personal development and joy. It is within this familial setting that deep relationships, shared memories, and enduring bonds are forged.

Every family, encompassing parents, siblings, and extended kin, is unique, each with its distinct traditions, values, and dynamics. Given that, let’s delve into the familial world of Sarina Wiegman.

Sarina Wiegman’s Father:

Wiegman has kept details about her father largely private, making it challenging to glean specific information about him. However, available evidence suggests that he was a solid supporter of his daughter’s enthusiasm for football.

He cultivated an environment conducive to Sarina’s flourishing in both her professional and personal life. Moreover, he served as a mentor to his daughter as she navigated her path in the realm of women’s football.

Sarina Wiegman’s Mother:

Together with her spouse, Wiegman’s mother was a relentless cheerleader for her daughter. She facilitated Sarina’s pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, juggling her football commitments with academics, social interactions, and personal health.

Sarina Wiegman’s Siblings:

The bond between siblings is often profound, with shared triumphs and unconditional support. Having a sibling can mean having a constant companion, a co-conspirator, and a friend for life. Here, we look into the sibling relationships of Sarina.

Sarina Wiegman’s Brother:

Research indicates that Wiegman has a twin brother named Tom Wiegman. Although detailed information about him is scant, it’s known that the twins share the same birthdate, October 26, 1969, in The Hague, Netherlands.

Tom was more than just a sibling to Sarina; they shared common interests, and both initiated their football journey together. While it’s unclear whether Tom pursued a football career, records suggest that Sarina disguised herself by cutting her hair to join Tom’s team in their early Haag football days.

Sarina Wiegman’s Sister:

Limited information is available about Wiegman’s sister, who sadly passed away in 2022. The loss occurred a month prior to the 2022 Euro Tournament, with Sarina taking a brief respite for mourning before returning to training.

Upon her return, Wiegman revealed that her team, the Lionesses, offered incredible support. They had requested to wear a black armband during their initial friendly match in tribute to her sister’s untimely passing.

Following England’s triumph in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 final, Sarina Wiegman bent down to kiss a small band on her wrist. She later revealed, “This little armband belonged to my sister, who we lost during their preparation camps.

Not only was she a sister, but Wiegman referred to her as her best friend. She voiced that her sister would have been there in person, lending her unwavering support as she always did. She also expressed the belief that her late sister would have been enormously proud of her achievements, mirroring her own pride in her sister.

Final Chapter: Intriguing Aspects of Sarina Wiegman’s Life:

In this last segment of Sarina Wiegman’s biography, we’ll shed light on some fascinating aspects of her journey. Without further ado, let’s delve in.

Sarina Wiegman’s Earnings:

As the head coach of the England women’s football team, Sarina Wiegman is said to rake in more than £4 million annually. Following the Lionesses’ memorable win over Germany in the Women’s Euro 2022 Cup, it’s reported that she received nearly half of her £400,000 salary as a bonus.

Sarina Wiegman’s Net Worth:

As a renowned figure in football, Wiegman’s net worth is estimated to range between £1 million and £5 million. Her prosperous career took off at KFC 71 in 1987, and she went on to captain the Netherlands national team, earning an impressive 104 caps.

Subsequently, she transitioned into a managerial role, leading prestigious clubs such as Ter Leede, Den Haag, and the Dutch national team before assuming control of the England women’s team. Essentially, the bulk of her wealth is derived from her salary and bonuses.

Sarina Wiegman’s Religious Affiliation:

While the Dutch coach and manager of the Lionesses hasn’t publicized any specific religious affiliation, it’s possible that she follows Christianity. This presumption is based on her family’s observance of Christmas and the fact that Christians make up 43.8% of the Dutch population.


Sarina Wiegman, born on October 26, 1969, hails from a Dutch family. Her birthplace is The Hague, Netherlands. She spent her early years in the Netherlands with her parents and her twin brother, Tom Wiegman.

Our research reveals that the former football defender is of Dutch nationality and ethnicity. She is happily married to fellow coach Marten Glotzbach, and they are blessed with two daughters, Sacha and Lauren.

The athlete embarked on her football journey at age six with ESDO from Wassenaar, advancing swiftly to HSV Celeritas, KFC ’71, North Carolina Tar Heels, Ter Leede, and HSV Celeritas. She also took part in the women’s team while playing for HSV Celeritas in The Hague.

At 16, the young talent received her inaugural call-up to the Netherlands senior team, making her debut in a match against Norway. Upon completing her education abroad, she returned home to pursue a career as a Physical Education instructor while continuing her passion for football.

Career and Accolades:

In 2006, the inspiring coach assumed the role of Ter Leede’s manager, leading the team to victory in the KNVB Cup and the Dutch championship. She took over as the manager of ADO Den Haag’s women’s team in 2007, steering them to triumph in the Eredivisie championship and the KNVB Cup.

Wiegman joined the Netherlands women’s national football team as an assistant coach in 2014. Notably, she became the first female coach at a Dutch professional football organization. In 2017, she guided the Netherlands to the final of the 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup.

Wiegman holds the distinction of being the first non-British permanent manager of the England women’s national football team. In September 2021, under her leadership, the team clinched victory in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Final. That year, Wiegman was also awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

While managing the England women’s football team in 2022, Wiegman received the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year Award. Under her guidance, her team retained their title at the 2023 Arnold Clark Cup and won the 2023 Women’s Finalissima against Geyse Ferreira‘s Brazilian team.

Sarina commanded an English women’s team made up of Keira Walsh, Georgia Stanway, Lauren James, etc., to win the 2023 Women’s Finalissima despite a series of injuries plaguing the Lionesses ahead of the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

Closing Remarks:

We hope you enjoyed reading Sarina Wiegman’s SoccerBiography profile. We strive to deliver accurate and unbiased reports on Football Managers. Wiegman’s biography can be found in our category of England Football Stories.

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