Rose Lavelle Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article on Rose Lavelle’s biography presents facts about her childhood, early life, parents –  Janet Lavelle (mother), Marty Lavelle (father), her family background, husband, siblings – brother (John Lavelle) and sisters (Honora Lavelle and Mary Lavelle), grandparents (Charles ‘Red’ Lavelle and Gigi Lavelle), aunt (Jill Donnellon), sister-in-law (Lavelle Lea), and more.

The article also delves into her family origin, ethnicity, religion, hometown, education, tattoo, net worth, zodiac sign, personal life, and salary breakdown.

In summary, this piece offers a comprehensive account of Rose Lavelle’s life. It’s the story of a girl who concealed her broken ankle at eight years old to avoid being kept from playing the sport she loves. She would go on to become one of the most outstanding left-footed goal-scorers in women’s football history.


Our rendition of Rose Lavelle’s biography starts by highlighting key moments from her childhood. We then explore the “Nutmeg Duchess’s” early career accomplishments. Lastly, we discuss how the exceptional midfielder became one of her country’s best footballers.

SoccerBiography aims to pique your interest in autobiographies as you read this piece about Rose Lavelle. To kick things off,

Indeed, everyone is aware that Rose Lavelle is a prolific Forward like Lyn Williams. She concluded her high school career as the top goal scorer, with over 57 goals to her name.

During our research on female American football players, we discovered a knowledge gap. Only a handful of fans have read Rose Lavelle’s biography, which is quite intriguing. So, without further delay, let’s dive in.

Rose Lavelle Childhood Story:

To start with her biography, the female American football player is known by the nicknames “Nutmeg Duchess” and “Sweet Baby Rose.” Her full name is Rose Kathleen Lavelle. She was born on May 14, 1995, to her mother, Janet Lavelle, and father, Marty Lavelle, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America.

Rose Lavelle is the second daughter of three girls and has one brother. All the children were born to their parents, Marty Lavelle and Janet Lavelle, who are married.

Growing Up Years:

Rose Lavelle grew up in a ranch house in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her parents and three siblings. Her parents were Catholics and ensured that their children were raised in the Catholic faith.

She has one brother, John Lavelle, and two sisters, Nora Lavelle and Mary Lavelle. Nora is the oldest sister, while Mary is the youngest. Although it can be challenging to determine the birth order of the Lavelle sisters due to their striking resemblance, they share a strong bond.

At the age of five, Nora had already started playing football, and Rose would imitate everything her elder sister did. This demonstrates that Nora Lavelle was a positive role model for the young football prodigy.

Rose Lavelle Early Life:

Rose Lavelle knew she wanted to be a football player by the age of eight. Despite not coming from a family of football players, she always had a passion for the sport. Interestingly, her grandfather, Charles ‘Red’ Lavelle, was a quarterback back in his day.

To nurture her talent, her parents enrolled her in the Lakota Sports Organization, where she played in the Under-9 team.

Realizing the need to further develop their daughter’s skills, her parents hired Cincinnati soccer trainer Neil Bradford, who began training her when she was eight years old. She joined Bradford’s Greater Sycamore Soccer Association Team.

The left-footed goal scorer has always attributed her love for soccer to Neil Bradford, who made coaching enjoyable and unforgettable.

Her passion for football extended beyond the field. In school, she often expressed her admiration for the sport through class projects. For instance, she wrote about her female football idol Mia Hamm in her third-grade project report.

At age 11, Rose’s parents, Marty, and Janet Lavelle, discovered her practicing her soccer skills in their backyard. This further strengthened their resolve to support their daughter in pursuing her football career.

Background of Rose Lavelle’s Family:

Marty Lavelle and his spouse, Janet Lavelle, are enthusiastic sports fans. The American Midfielder’s love for soccer began by watching games on TV with her parents.

Rose Lavelle’s parents are well-off individuals who own a sizable ranch house spanning over 2,200 square feet. They are also devout Catholics and brought up their children in the Catholic faith.

Rose’s father, Marty Lavelle, operates a construction business, overseeing and employing skilled workers, among other responsibilities. He is a reserved, down-to-earth man who only speaks when necessary. Marty Lavelle is a caring father who always expresses his love for his children, particularly his daughter, the renowned goal-scorer.

On the other hand, Janet Lavelle has a vibrant personality, contrasting her husband’s quiet demeanor. It is evident that Rose Lavelle inherited much of her outgoing character from her mother.

The Lavelle family’s matriarch is a dedicated mother who consistently supports her family, particularly her children. She once mentioned that she enjoys watching cicadas emerge from their home with her daughter, Rose Lavelle.

Though Marty and Janet Lavelle’s income is not publicly disclosed, they have always been able to provide for their children’s needs.

They have consistently cheered Rose Lavelle on during her soccer games. They also take care of every trophy and award their daughter has ever received.

Rose Lavelle hails from a tight-knit family that loves and supports one another.

Origin of Rose Lavelle’s Family:

The American Midfielder’s great-grandparents migrated from Achill, Ireland, in the early 20th century, eventually settling in Ohio, United States of America.

Both Marty Lavelle and Janet Lavelle share Irish ancestry. Rose Lavelle was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America.

Notably, Cincinnati was once known as the global beer capital and currently boasts more than 50 breweries. Rose Lavelle shares her birth country with other renowned football players like Megan Rapinoe and Mallory Swanson.

Ethnicity of Rose Lavelle:

The talented left-footed player has Irish roots that can be traced back to the Achill Islands in Ireland.

As of the 2020 American Community Survey, around 32 million individuals of Irish descent resided in the United States of America, accounting for approximately 9.7% of the nation’s total population.

A fun fact: Ireland is home to the famous Guinness stout, which was first brewed in Dublin in 1759.

While Rose Lavelle is fluent in English, it is unknown if she speaks any other languages.

Rose Lavelle’s Education:

The female midfielder attended Mount Notre Dame High School from ages 13 to 17. The school, located at 711 E Columbia Ave, Cincinnati, was established on September 17, 1860. Notable alumni include Abby Brauning and Peyton Kohls.

During her time at school, Rose Lavelle played for the school’s team, scoring 15 goals or 38 points. In her senior year, she was named the Cincinnati Player of the Year. She finished high school as her team’s top goal scorer, with 57 goals to her name.

After graduating high school in 2013, Rose Lavelle enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While attending college, she played soccer for the Wisconsin Badgers, scoring six goals as a freshman and earning the Big Ten Conference Freshman of the Year title.

Throughout her education, Rose Lavelle recognized the importance of both soccer and academics. Although soccer was her priority, graduating with a degree is among her proudest accomplishments. In 2017, she graduated with a degree in sociology, having received numerous awards for her outstanding soccer skills.

Career Development:

During her college years, Rose Lavelle participated in various soccer clubs, honing her skills and preparing for her professional future.

With unwavering support from her parents, Rose eagerly pursued her dreams of a career in soccer and was prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve her goals.

Rose Lavelle Biography – Soccer Journey:

The talented female soccer player began playing the sport at just 8 years old. At one point during her school years, she concealed a sprained ankle from her parents for two days so they wouldn’t prevent her from playing.

The late British Coach Neil Bradford is credited with fostering Rose Lavelle’s love for soccer. From the tender age of 8, Bradford coached Rose and her peers, making their practice sessions enjoyable and unforgettable.

Rose’s first training academy was GSSA Sycamore United Club, where she competed in soccer matches. She later moved on to the Lakota United Soccer Club and eventually to the Cincinnati United Premier Soccer Club, which further developed her soccer skills.

Notable alumni of the Cincinnati United Premier Soccer Club include record-breaking goalkeeper Lindsey Carstens, Michele Christy, and Claire Falknor.

Marty and Janet Lavelle ensured they provided their award-winning daughter with all the support she needed.

Rose Lavelle Bio – Path to Success:

Between 2013 and 2016, the confident goal scorer represented the Wisconsin Badgers as a collegiate soccer athlete. In the 2014 season, she also played for the Dayton Dutch Lions in the United Soccer Women League.

During this time, she scored numerous goals and received multiple awards, such as being named the First All-American by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Notably, she was the first Wisconsin Badger to win this award since 1991.

In 2017, Lavelle joined the Boston Breakers. Unfortunately, during her early professional career, she encountered challenges, including a hamstring injury sustained while representing the United States in the 2017 Women’s FIFA World Cup.

Despite these setbacks and still being a college student, Lavelle maintained good grades while pursuing her sociology degree.

Following college graduation, Lavelle was drafted by the Washington Spirit in the 2017 National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Draft. She quickly made a name for herself as a skilled midfielder, captivating both coaches and fans with her performances.

Regrettably, an injury limited Lavelle’s appearances with the Washington Spirit, allowing her to play in only seven games in 2018 and six in 2019. Nonetheless, she was recognized as part of the NWSL Best XI.

Rose Lavelle Biography – Ascension to Stardom:

Lavelle’s remarkable college performances caught the attention of the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) coaches, earning her a call-up in 2017. She debuted for the USWNT in March of that year, and her technical prowess and creativity with the ball quickly endeared her to fans.

After making her professional debut in April 2017, Lavelle quickly established herself as one of the league’s standout players. In her first season, she scored two goals and provided one assist across 14 appearances.

Lavelle’s breakthrough performance occurred at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. As a key contributor to the USWNT’s fourth world championship victory, Lavelle scored three goals in the tournament, including an unforgettable solo effort in the final against the Netherlands. Her World Cup exploits earned her the Bronze Ball, recognizing her as the tournament’s third-best player.

From 2020 to 2021, Rose Lavelle played for Manchester City in the English Women’s Super League. She made an instant impact, scoring her first goal for the club in her debut match against Everton in the Continental Cup. Lavelle’s on-field success and off-field charisma have made her one of the most recognizable and beloved soccer players globally.

On May 17th, 2021, Rose Lavelle signed with the Seattle-based women’s soccer club, OL Reign. To date, she has made 28 appearances and scored six goals. Her teammate and fellow superstar player Megan Rapinoe has described her as dynamic.

Lavelle’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of extraordinary, and she is now one of the world’s top players. Her skill, creativity, and determination on the field have made her an inspiring role model for young players.

Again, she continues to motivate a new generation of soccer enthusiasts. According to the18, Rose Lavelle is cooking something great, and she is likely to shine at the 2023 World Cup.

Rose Lavelle’s Relationship Status:

The talented midfielder is currently unattached and not in a relationship with anyone at the moment.


As Rose Lavelle is not married, she doesn’t have any children. However, she absolutely adores her dog, whom she treats like her own child.

Personal Life:

When the skillful soccer player isn’t busy winning trophies, she enjoys sharing pictures of her beloved dog, Wilma Jean Wrinkles, on her Instagram page.

Besides her remarkable soccer career, Rose Lavelle also has a life outside of the sport. She cherishes spending time with her family and friends, exploring new places, and sampling new foods in her leisure time.

Lavelle is an avid reader and takes pleasure in finding new books and authors. She frequently shares her passion for reading with fans on social media, recommending books she has enjoyed and participating in book clubs.

In addition to reading, Lavelle is enthusiastic about giving back to her community. She has volunteered with local organizations in Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., using her platform to raise awareness for causes close to her heart, such as gender equality.

A music enthusiast, Lavelle loves attending concerts and music festivals. She often shares her favorite bands and artists on social media and even creates her own playlists for fans to enjoy.

Lavelle is a fan of movies and particularly enjoys the popular Harry Potter series. The fun-loving and outgoing athlete never hesitates to share amusing and intimate moments with her loved ones, spending quality time with her family and teammates.

As a Taurus, Rose Lavelle shares common traits with others born under this zodiac sign, such as being down-to-earth, tenacious, and loyal. Interestingly, she shares the same sign as fellow soccer players Mallory Pugh, born on April 29th, 1998, and Abby Dahlkemper, born on May 13th, 1993.

While soccer is a significant part of her life, Rose Lavelle has a range of interests and passions beyond the sport.

Rose Lavelle’s Lifestyle:

As a professional athlete, Rose Lavelle focuses on maintaining her physical health and fitness. She trains consistently and adheres to a strict diet to ensure she is in top condition for games and competitions. This includes consuming a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein while avoiding processed foods and sugary beverages.

Lavelle prioritizes rest and recovery when off the field to allow her body to heal and prevent injuries. She enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active, often participating in activities like hiking or yoga in her free time.

As a high-profile athlete, Lavelle has a demanding schedule filled with media appearances, sponsor obligations, and events. She carefully manages her time to balance her soccer commitments with her personal life and hobbies.

Despite her hectic schedule, Lavelle values her downtime and makes a point to spend time with her friends and family. She has a close group of friends and often shares pictures of their escapades on social media.

Little information is available about Rose Lavelle’s specific spending habits or financial situation. However, as a professional athlete, she likely earns a significant income from her soccer career, endorsements, and other endeavors.

Lavelle isn’t known for flaunting luxurious purchases or opulent spending habits on social media or in interviews. Instead, she seems to prioritize experiences and relationships over material possessions. She has expressed her love for travel and adventure in interviews, often sharing pictures from her trips on social media.

It’s likely that Lavelle manages her finances responsibly, prioritizing experiences and relationships above material possessions.

Rose Lavelle’s Family Life:

The talented left-footed soccer star often discusses her family with great affection, highlighting their vital role and support in her journey to becoming a prominent female footballer.

She cherishes her family and frequently shares pictures of them on her social media accounts. Her parents and siblings continue to be a source of inspiration for her.

About Rose Lavelle’s Father:

Marty Lavelle, of Irish descent, owns a construction company in Cincinnati. He is a humble and easygoing individual, which likely influenced Rose’s own down-to-earth nature.

He has been a supportive figure throughout her soccer career, and Rose has acknowledged him as one of her biggest influences and inspirations. Marty has also been involved in Cincinnati’s soccer community, coaching and mentoring young players.

In interviews, Rose has talked about the positive impact her father has had on her life and career, and the two share a close bond.

About Rose Lavelle’s Mother:

Rose’s mother, Janet Lavelle, maintains a relatively low profile compared to her daughter’s public persona.

However, Janet has been a supportive presence in Rose’s life and soccer career. Rose often expresses gratitude for her mother’s unwavering support and encouragement in interviews.

Janet, the head of the Lavelle family, proudly supports her children.

About Rose Lavelle’s Siblings:

The Lavelle siblings enjoy a strong bond, characterized by closeness, loyalty, and support, as they celebrate each other’s successes and achievements.

Their connection as a family demonstrates the power of sibling love and the importance of having a reliable support system in life.

About Brother John Lavelle:

John, Rose’s brother and the first child of Marty and Janet Lavelle, was born on June 28, 1990. A devoted brother, husband, and father, he has assisted Rose in staying sharp during the offseason. John played soccer at the high school level and has been a teammate of Rose’s on a local club team in Cincinnati.

Although not much is known about John or his occupation, he is married to Lea Lavelle and has a lovely young daughter affectionately known as Juu.

John Lavelle remains a supportive presence for his sister, attending her games to cheer her on.

About Sister Honora Lavelle:

Commonly known as Nora, Honora is Rose’s older sister. She has consistently supported Rose’s soccer career and played a key role in Rose’s love for the sport.

When Rose was five years old, she would imitate Nora’s soccer moves, a common behavior among siblings.

Born on June 1, 1992, and married to Aaron Rietschlin, Nora continues to support her sister. She attends many of Rose’s games and offers encouragement. Nora is also involved in sports, having played basketball in high school.

About Sister Mary Lavelle:

Born on June 21, 1997, Mary is the youngest Lavelle sibling. She frequently attends Rose’s games, cheering her on from the sidelines.

Though not much is known about Mary’s life, she is an unwavering supporter of her older sister.

About Rose Lavelle Relatives – Sister-in-law:

Lea Lavelle, married to Rose’s only brother, John, is always seen alongside her husband supporting and cheering on Rose during her games.

Though her occupation remains unknown, her support for Rose is steadfast.

About Rose Lavelle Relatives – Niece:

Julia Lavelle, born on May 8, 2022, and affectionately called Juu, often appears in Rose’s social media posts. She is the daughter of John and Lea Lavelle.

About Rose Lavelle Relatives – Nephews:

JP and Joni Lavelle, Juu Lavelle’s younger twin brothers, were born on June 6, 2022.

About Rose Lavelle Relatives – Aunt:

Jill Donnellon, Janet Lavelle’s younger sister and Rose’s aunt maintains a very private life and is typically seen in family photos.

Though not much is known about her, it is clear that she supports Rose like the rest of her family members.

Rose Lavelle’s Grandparents:

At the time of writing, the ages of Rose’s grandparents are unknown. Her grandfather, Charles Lavelle, has passed away.

Gigi Lavelle, Rose’s grandmother, is alive and well and played an essential role in raising her grandchildren.

Like most grandparents, they provided the necessary support and care. They also served as mentors to Rose, affectionately known as the Nutmeg Duchess.

Lesser-Known Facts:

In this final section of Rose Lavelle’s biography, we will reveal more facts you might not be aware of. So, let’s dive in.

Rose Lavelle’s Earnings:

According to, the talented midfielder receives €42K in wages. However, it is safe to say that Rose’s annual income is significantly higher.

The midfield dynamo earns additional income through sponsorships, endorsements, and other off-field ventures.

Rose Lavelle’s Wealth:

While Rose Lavelle leads a relatively private life concerning her finances and avoids showcasing extravagant purchases, her earnings in soccer, sponsorship from New Balance Football, and partnership with IcyHot contribute to a net worth estimated to be over $1 million.

Rose Lavelle’s Faith:

Like Lauren James and Ellen White, she was born into a Christian household. Rose Lavelle practices Catholicism. She observes specific Catholic rituals, such as Ash Wednesday.

With her family originating from Ireland, a predominantly Catholic country, she is open about her faith and often shares it on her Instagram page.


Rose Lavelle is an accomplished American soccer player. Born on May 14, 1995, in Cincinnati, Ohio, she began playing soccer at a young age.

She attended the University of Wisconsin, playing for the women’s soccer team, and earned the Big Ten Conference Midfielder of the Year title in 2016.

Her biggest supporters are her parents, Marty Lavelle and Janet Lavelle. The Lavelle family, of Irish descent from the Achill Islands, is closely knit.

Rose shares strong bonds with her brother John Lavelle and two sisters, Nora and Mary Lavelle.

After graduating from Mount Notre Dame High School, she earned a degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017. Since then, she has focused on her soccer career.

In 2017, the Boston Breakers drafted Rose Lavelle for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). After playing for the Breakers for a season, she was traded to the Washington Spirit in 2018. Lavelle became a standout player for the Spirit, earning spots on the NWSL Best XI in 2018 and 2019.

As a key player in the United States Women’s National Team’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup victory, she scored three goals and was named to the tournament’s Best XI. She has since become a regular national team member, contributing to their victories in the 2021 SheBelieves Cup and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Rose Lavelle’s charismatic personality and support system have contributed to her success as a skilled soccer player, with much of her career still ahead of her.


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