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The Biography of Rodrygo Silva de Goes offers a comprehensive account of his childhood story, early life, Parents –  Eric Batista de Goes (Father), Denise Goes (Mother), Siblings, Relationship Life, Lifestyle, etc.

SoccerBiography presents the full story of a football prodigy, often dubbed “The New Neymar.”

The analysis covers his early life, family background, pre-fame experiences, journey to fame, relationships, personal life, and lifestyle, among other aspects.

Of course, everyone is aware that he is the electrifying offensive talent that Real Madrid couldn’t pass up. And the fact that he has made 150 appearances for Real Madrid before the age of 23.

Nevertheless, many soccer fans haven’t explored our detailed Rodrygo Goes biography, which is quite captivating. So, without further delay, let’s dive in.

Rodrygo’s Childhood – Early Years and Family Background:

To begin with the biography, Rodrygo Silva de Goes was born on January 9, 2001, to his father, Eric Batista de Goes, and mother, Denise Goes, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His youthful parents are peace-loving individuals who gifted the Real Madrid sensation the strength to conquer obstacles.

Rodrygo was the fruit of his parents’ (Denise and Eric) youthful and flourishing marriage when they were both teenagers. As of August 2019, Rodriygo’s father, Eric, was 34 years old.

His mother is likely in her early 30s as well. This suggests that his father welcomed him into the world at just 17 years old.

Superstar Rodrydo was born as his parents’ first child. For years, he was their only child, with no siblings.

Rodrygo Goes’ family hails from the municipality of Osasco, situated in the state of Sao Paulo. It is among Brazil’s most prosperous municipalities in terms of GDP.

Rodrygo grew up in the bustling city of Sao Paulo, which boasts more cars than the entire population of Rio de Janeiro.

Furthermore, Sao Paulo is known for consuming 1 million of the 1.6 million pizzas eaten by the entire Brazilian population.

Rodrygo Goes Education:

Initially, Rodrygo grew up in a middle-class family, with income primarily derived from sports. His father began his career as a footballer in Brazil’s lower leagues, which didn’t provide enough financial support for the family.

Having become a father at a young age, Eric realized he might not achieve great success in his career. He decided to live out his football dreams through his son, Rodrygo.

From an early age, Rodrygo started playing football in his family’s living room, which sparked his passion for the sport. With guidance from his father, he quickly immersed himself in soccer education.

As a Real Madrid fan, Eric ensured his son would emulate the skills and career trajectory of Robinho, whom they highly admired.

Rodrigo didn’t just watch Robinho’s videos; he replicated every move. When he received a call-up to attend trials with Santos at age 9, his father couldn’t have been prouder.

Rodrygo Goes Biography – Early Career Life:

Rodrygo’s dedication to soccer led him to pass trials with flying colours and join Santos’ academy, which laid the foundation for his career. When joining Santos’ youth system in 2010 at the age of 10, Rodrygo’s parents insisted he be placed on the club’s futsal team. This was the path taken by their football idol, the legendary Robinho.

From the age of 10, Rodrygo started playing with older and larger boys, consistently standing out in matches.

Playing as a forward in futsal helped him develop the technique of keeping the ball close, dribbling past defenders, and using his speed to score goals.

These attributes were reminiscent of Robinho’s early futsal days. As Rodrygo continued to progress, he consistently proved himself to be the best among his peers.

This achievement placed constant pressure on him to perform, which he managed to handle, eventually becoming the captain of his youth team.

Rodrygo Goes Bio – Path to Prominence:

As Rodrygo neared his 16th birthday, discussions about professional contracts and scholarships began. In March 2017, the Brazilian Wonderkid was called up to the first team under the command of Dorival Júnior.

Rodrygo successfully made his Copa Libertadores debut on March 1, 2018, setting a record as the youngest Santos player to appear in the competition at 17 years and 50 days old.

In just two weeks later, while in the same competition, superstar Rodrygo scored his first goal in the Copa Libertadores tournament. This achievement led to him becoming the youngest-ever Brazilian to score in the Copa Libertadores. Additionally, Rodrygo was awarded the Campeonato Paulista Best Newcomer for 2018.

Rodrygo Goes Biography – Journey to Stardom:

Goes experienced a meteoric ascent to prominence, becoming one of South America’s most sought-after young talents, comparable to the rise of his idol Robinho.

His exceptional dribbling skills caught the attention of Real Madrid scouts, who were at that time focused on discovering South American talents, including Vinicius Junior.

The most significant day of his life came when Rodrygo realized his dream by signing with Real Madrid in a deal that would secure his future with the club.

On June 15, 2018, Real Madrid reached an agreement with Santos for Rodrygo’s transfer, which was set to be finalized a year later, in June 2019.

Following the one-year wait, an emotional farewell took place as Rodrygo and his parents said heartfelt goodbyes to his cherished childhood club.

“The opportunity to join Madrid, one of the world’s largest clubs, is both exciting and intimidating for me. The sheer magnitude of the club is daunting, but it’s a positive fear. It motivates me even more, and I must prove why they have faith in me and my abilities,” Rodrygo shared during his signing.

Superstar Rodrygo is undoubtedly among the top talents emerging from Brazil’s seemingly endless pool of incredible forwards.

For us, he is regarded as the next shining promise for Brazilian football after Neymar Jnr. Rodrygo, at the time of writing, is having a great impact at Real Madrid, alongside notable names like Eduardo Camavinga, Arda Guler and Alvaro Rodriguez, etc.

As SoccerBiography says, the rest is history.

Rodrygo Goes Love Life:

Given that his parents married during their teenage years, it’s reasonable to wonder if Rodrygo had a girlfriend or wife at the time he was a teenager.

With Rodrygo’s rise to fame and joining Real Madrid, fans may speculate that a secret romance exists for him, possibly one that remains hidden from the public eye due to his private and drama-free love life.

As of this writing, it seems that Rodrygo has chosen to concentrate on his career and has avoided drawing attention to his personal life, leaving no indication of his love life or dating history.

Rodrygo Goes Personal Life:

Understanding Rodrygo Goes’ personal life away from the field can provide a more comprehensive view of who he is.

Off the field, Rodrygo has a strong sense of independence that allows him to make significant strides in his personal life.

The slender superstar leads an ordinary life outside of soccer while in Brazil. Rodrygo loves the skateboard and he uses it a lot in the streets of Brazil.

Additionally, in his personal life, Rodrygo Goes demonstrates self-control and the ability to create solid and realistic plans for his future.

He is a natural leader, as evidenced by his captaincy during his youth team days.

Rodrygo Goes Family Life:

First and foremost, Rodrygo Goes’ parents and relatives are currently enjoying the rewards of nurturing his strong mindset. His parents have been supportive of his Real Madrid journey since the beginning of his career.

About Rodrygo Goes Father:

At the time of writing, Rodrygo’s father is 34 years old.

Did you know?… Eric Batista recently retired from his career as a right-back and is now living out his paternal dreams as a caretaker for his son’s career.

Eric Batista, often referred to as a “classic Brazilian” by friends and family, played in Sao Paulo’s regional leagues, experiencing a career that many would consider unsuccessful.

About Rodrygo Goes Mother:

When it comes to footballers with stunning mothers, Rodrygo Goes certainly tops the list.

Denise Goes is not only beautiful but also quite young (in her early 30s) at the time of writing.

At first glance of seeing her (considering how young she is), one might assume that she is Rodrygo’s girlfriend.

Rodrygo Goes Siblings:

In early 2018, Rodrygo’s parents welcomed a baby girl, who became Rodrygo’s one and only sister.

Having a younger sister made him feel more mature and responsible. A strong bond exists between the brother and the little sister.


Similar to his teammate Takefusa Kubo, Rodrygo has received valuable guidance from his parents. He has learned how to manage his finances responsibly, thanks to his parents’ teachings.

At the time of writing this memoir, the footballer (Rodrygo) is not permitted to live a flashy lifestyle characterized by extravagant cars or other luxury items.

Rodrygo Goes Lesser-Known Facts:

Blessings from the Greats: Prior to joining Real Madrid in Europe, Rodrygo was fortunate to receive blessings from two of Brazil’s greatest footballers, Pele and Ronaldo de Lima.

The year 2001, when Rodrygo was born, witnessed several significant events:

  • The infamous 9/11 attacks occurred.
  • Dubbed the “Summer of the Shark,” 2001 saw a record number of global shark attacks.
  • In 2001, AIDS drugs received substantial subsidies, with discounts of up to 90% to help combat the deadly disease, particularly in Africa.


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