Rico Lewis Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article on Rico Lewis’s biography presents insights into his childhood story, parents – Rick Lewis (father) and Stephanie Lewis (mother), early life, family background, and Rico’s siblings, his sister, Sacha Lewis.

SoccerBiography also delves into Lewis’ English and Jamaican family origins, ethnicity, religious beliefs, educational background, and hometown.

Moreover, we explore the personal life, lifestyle, net worth, and earnings of the Manchester City teenage sensation.

In essence, this account unfolds the complete story of Rico Lewis.

Rico is the renowned son of a retired Thai boxing champion. His father, Rick, played a significant role in shaping his character and outlook on life.

This biography details the journey of a footballer who began practising Thai boxing at the tender age of four.

Under the guidance of his celebrated father, a former British lightweight champion, Rico honed his skills.


This Rico Lewis biography starts by shedding light on key events from his early years in both boxing and football.

Following that, SoccerBiography delves into the athlete’s initial venture into football with Manchester City’s academy. We will also disclose how the English prodigy achieved fame in the sport.

SoccerBiography aims to inspire your interest in autobiographies as you explore this narrative on Rico Lewis’ life.

Undeniably, Rico has made remarkable strides throughout his incredible journey.

It is well-known that the athlete is impressively versatile, much like Reece James and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Interestingly, the Premier League has recently seen a surge of wing-backs due to a new tactical shift.

Manchester City fans are thrilled to have a new wing-back among them. They are grateful to see Rico, along with other young talents like Cole Palmer, getting playing time.

Considering Kyle Walker’s age, Rico Lewis has been fortunate to join the Manchester City senior squad at the perfect moment.

While researching, we discovered a lack of comprehensive information on England’s right-backs. The truth is, not many football enthusiasts have read an all-encompassing account of Rico Lewis’ life story.

We have crafted this narrative-driven article to satisfy your curiosity and to showcase SoccerBiography profound passion for the beautiful game. So, let’s get started.

The Childhood Life of Rico Lewis:

As an introduction to his biography, the young athlete is affectionately known as “the new Philipp Lahm.” His full name is Rico Henry Mark Lewis.

Rico was born on November 21, 2004, to his mother, Stephanie Lewis, and father, Rick Lewis, in Bury, England.

The English professional footballer is one of two children (himself and a sister) born to the union of his parents, Rick and Stephanie.

In this bio, we will introduce you to one of Rico Lewis’ parents, Rick, a cheerful man with a successful boxing career who instilled discipline and hard work in his children.

The saying “once a boxer, always a boxer” holds true for Rick Lewis, as his love for Thai Boxing remains strong even after retirement.

Growing Up in Bury:

Belonging to a family of four, Rico Lewis spent his childhood with his sister, Sacha. Under their father Rick’s guidance, both children trained in boxing.

Although their father had a background in boxing, both siblings (Rico and Sacha) decided to follow a career path in football.

As of writing this bio, Sacha Lewis is an aspiring professional footballer training at the Manchester City academy, where she aims to achieve success just like her brother.

Rico Lewis’ sister, Sacha, shares his impressive speed. In fact, her agility, game intelligence, and goal-scoring prowess make her a force to be reckoned with on the field.

We recommend you watch some highlights of Rico Lewis’ sister, Sacha, in a Manchester City jersey.

Early Years in Sports:

Not long after his son’s birth, former British Champion Rick decided to retire from fighting.

The devoted father chose to step away from Thai Boxing to support his son and pass on his knowledge of the sport. In the words of Rico Lewis’ father:

“Something within me changed the moment Rico was born. I realized I couldn’t be selfish anymore. I knew I had a responsibility to my son, and the time had come to take care of this little man.”

At the tender age of four, young Rico began training in Thai boxing under his father’s guidance. He focused on developing technical and spatial awareness skills.

In fact, Rico’s balance, competitive spirit, and self-confidence on the football field were initially cultivated within the walls of a Thai kickboxing ring.

Sacha, Rico Lewis’ sister, also received Thai boxing training from their father before progressing through Manchester City’s academy girls’ team.

Both siblings acquired technical and spatial awareness skills from Thai boxing, which they successfully transitioned to their football careers.

Family Background:

Now, here are five facts about Rico Lewis’s dad. Since June 2002, Rick has been a Thai kickboxing instructor for over 20 years.

During this time, Rick has operated Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing, a Muay Thai boxing gym in Whitefield, England.

Rico Lewis’ father’s workplace is located at Albert Close Trading Estate, Whitefield, Manchester M45 8EH, United Kingdom.

Rick Lewis, known by the stage name “Kru Rick,” has more than 30 years of martial arts experience. Rico’s father specializes in Muay Thai and was trained by renowned Master Phil Nurse and Grand Master Sken.

The director of Phoenix Muay Thai (as Rick is officially known) learned a systematic and proven method of achieving greatness in Thai Boxing.

Today, Rick Lewis’ company, Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing, aims to establish a gym that is welcoming and accessible to people of all skill levels.

In fact, the company, which has the website https://phoenixmuaythai.co.uk, claims to have one of the most inclusive and friendly gyms in the entire North West of England.

A brief account of Rico’s Dad’s career:

Over the course of his career, Rick earned multiple championship titles, including the Double British and Double North West Championship. In total, Rick claimed four titles.

These accolades comprise two British Lightweight Champion titles, the Northern Super Lightweight Champion title, and the Northern Lightweight Champion title.

Rico Lewis’ Dad’s journey with martial arts (Muay Thai) began in the 1980s.

He persistently competed in every division and level until becoming the British lightweight champion. Rick retained the title for an extended period due to his successful title defences.

For Rico Lewis’ Dad, the ultimate goal was to secure a European Thai boxing belt. Unfortunately, Rick never had the opportunity to compete for, win, and add this belt to his collection.

Rick alleged that the then-holder of the European Thai boxing belt avoided him and refused to engage in a match.

Family Origins:

Rico’s birth in Bury, Greater Manchester, indicates his British nationality. However, there is more to the Manchester City wing-back’s background.

According to the Reggae Boyz Commentary YouTube Channel, Rico Lewis’ heritage traces back to Jamaica through his father, Rick. Meanwhile, Stephanie Lewis, his mother, is fully British.

While it is confirmed that Rick, his father, is Jamaican, little information is available regarding Rico Lewis’ mother’s origins. Numerous English footballers have Jamaican family backgrounds, some of whom you may know.

Famous examples include the James siblings (Reece and Lauren), Brennan Johnson, Jaidon Anthony, Michail Antonio, Ivan Toney, and more.

Rico Lewis Educational Background:

As the appropriate time approached, the gifted footballer commenced his primary education in Manchester, his birthplace. Before turning five, Rico Lewis’ parents, particularly his father, acknowledged his athletic prowess.

Rick always desired for Rico and his sister, Sacha, to obtain a comprehensive sports education. While their athletic education began with Thai boxing, it eventually shifted to football for the Lewis siblings.

Here is a young Rico training for greatness and preparing to take on the world.

Regarding his education, our research indicates that Rico was still completing his college exams in 2022 when he demonstrated to Pep Guardiola his ability to adapt to the Premier League. Now, let’s discuss the beginnings of the Manchester City prodigy’s football career.

Start to Football Career:

Initially, Rico’s first football club was not Manchester City but Prestwich Pythons, a local team.

At the young age of six, the talented Rico caught the attention of football scouts. At that time, he played as a striker for Prestwich Pythons and was a top goal scorer.

Young Rico started his career as a winger before transitioning to a striker role. Bolton Wanderers, a Greater Manchester-based club, was the first team to approach the young athlete.

The efforts of a skilled Manchester City scout named Garry Riley resulted in the best offer for Rico Lewis’ parents.

With Rick and Stephanie’s consent, their son joined the academy of England’s then-wealthiest club.

Rico Lewis Biography – Early Years in Soccer:

Under his father’s guidance and instruction, a solid foundation in Thai boxing was established alongside his soccer training.

Rico’s passion for soccer grew rapidly, and he soon decided to dedicate all his time to the sport.

Rico Lewis’ parents supported his transition to football when he was just eight years old, two years after he began playing the sport. His younger sister, Sacha Lewis, followed in her big brother’s footsteps a few years later. Both siblings, born to the former Thai boxing champion, joined Manchester City’s academy.

Through the Muay Thai training he received from his father, Rico built a strong foundation in his new sport.

The skills he acquired from Thai boxing aided him in football. Muay Thai proved to be an invaluable asset, helping the young player navigate the challenges of his soccer career.

In fact, Thai boxing provided Rico with an advantage that enabled him to succeed in the highly competitive Manchester City academy.

More interestingly, the early success of his football career endeared both of his parents to the sport. Rico stated:

My dad initially never had anything to do with football. But now, he is involved in it, and he loves it just as much as I do.

The positive influence of Rico Lewis’ father in his early football career cannot be understated. Rick, the former Thai boxing champion, became a football fan through his son.

For the record, the British Muay Thai champion had never played football before. However, he began building a stronger bond with his children (Sacha and Rico) through their shared love of the sport.

Journey to Finding Fame:

Throughout his teenage years, the youngster’s competitive edge, honed through Thai boxing, set him apart from his teammates.

Lewis quickly established himself as a leader, both on and off the pitch. This earned the young talent a captaincy role during his Manchester City under-15 days.

Captain Rico Lewis led his Manchester City team to an under-15 tournament held in San Diego, California.

Being a team leader at such a young age demonstrated that the young captain, facing formidable opposition, had something special.

As he advanced through City’s age groups, his raw talent and exceptional leadership skills continued to shine.

Furthermore, as Rico Lewis progressed to the under-18s team, he maintained his strong leadership qualities. This factor inspired his City team to achieve remarkable victories, which we will detail in the next section.

Rico Lewis Biography – Finding Fame:

As captain, Rico played a significant role in the team’s success by winning trophies. A major milestone in Rico Lewis’ City academy years was capturing the Under-18s Premier League title.

As shown above, the City youth prodigy captained his team to victory in the U18 Premier League. Rico’s accomplishments did not end there. The rapidly rising City star also received the Player of the Year award.

Throughout his time with City’s under-18s, Rico (like Romeo Lavia and Carlos Borges did) maintained a record of achieving multiple victories and title wins.

With these achievements, Rick’s son demonstrated the potential to become a successful professional athlete in the near future.

Rise with the Man City Senior Team:

To fans’ surprise, Pep included the youngster on City’s bench for the first time during the team’s opening match of the 2022–2023 season.

Upon seeing him on the bench, not many Man City fans knew much about the young boy wearing the number 82 shirt.

In fact, one fan asked, “Who is he?” At this point, Rico’s Instagram began to buzz. Many City fans took to the social media platform and were astonished by this picture.

Fans discovered that the mystery footballer was the son of the legendary ‘Kru Rick,’ a two-time British Lightweight Thai-Boxing Champion.

To truly grasp Rico’s rising status, one should observe Pep Guardiola’s reactions when the press asks him about Rico.

When questioned about Rico, the City manager’s eyes light up, and a gentle expression follows.

More than once, Pep Guardiola has been seen puffing out his cheeks before commenting on the emerging English footballer.

Early Career Honors:

Since his Man City debut, Rico Lewis has emerged as one of the standout players of the 2022/2023 EPL season. Unlike many academy graduates, he integrated seamlessly into the team, going so far as to break a football record previously held by Karim Benzema.

Did you know?… Rico Lewis became the youngest player ever to score on his first Champions League match start. At 17 years and 346 days old, he broke the record previously held by Karim Benzema.

After scoring against Sevilla, Rico became the second-youngest English footballer (behind Jude Bellingham) to score in the Champions League. Bellingham achieved this record at 17 years and 290 days old.

Rico Lewis’ goal against Sevilla at the Etihad sparked a wild celebration. During the excitement, the young player from Bury couldn’t believe what he had just accomplished.

On that memorable day, Rico Lewis’ dad had stepped away to grab some halftime food. He was just returning to his seat when his son scored.

As Rick celebrated his son’s goal, his food and drinks almost flew into the air.

“It’s been a rollercoaster for my son,” says Rick, after his son scored the stunning goal against Sevilla. He added:

“Rico is such a calm and collected boy. It was very touching one day when he had to go off and walk around the side of the pitch because of cramps.
That day, I noticed everyone loved him. The crowd was chanting his name, ‘Rico! Rico!’

Undoubtedly, Rico has proven he can meet Pep’s expectations. The athlete knows how to read the game, demonstrates strong tackling, and most importantly, can surge forward to join attacks like a seasoned modern full-back.

The most captivating aspect of Rico’s rise in Man City is his ability to play the additional role of a holding midfielder. This playing style reminds football fans of the legendary Philipp Lahm. Even the great Ashley Cole, as revealed by ManchesterEveningNews, reveals that Rico Lewis is doing that he ‘couldn’t do’ at his age.

For a rapidly rising footballer who was sometimes chosen over Joao Cancelo, he is undoubtedly destined for a remarkable career. The rest of Rico Lewis’ success story, as they say, is now history.

Who is Rico Lewis’ Girlfriend?

Becoming City’s youngest scorer on a first Champions League start suggests that the athlete is bound for a successful career. It is often said that behind every successful City footballer is a glamorous partner. With this in mind, we ask:

Who is Rico Lewis’ Dating?

To begin with, it’s undeniable that a handsome footballer like Lewis would attract admirers.

Those who aspire to be his girlfriend, the mother of his children, or simply his baby mama. Now, let’s reveal our findings about the relationship status of the Bury athlete.

At the time of writing Rico Lewis’ biography, the 18-year-old appears to be single, with no signs of dating anyone.

Rick’s son, the former British boxer, is more focused on his City career than pursuing romantic relationships.


Who is Rico Lewis?

Based on the information available, Rico Lewis is an individual with a friendly and pleasant personality. The former City youth captain, known for staying out of trouble, leads an exemplary life.

Much like captain Ilkay Gundogan, Rico Lewis possesses a positive and likable personality that endears him to others.

Lastly, the City right-back demonstrates strong self-control and discipline, which helps him stay focused on achieving his career goals.


How does the Bury native live his life? To begin with, Rico values practicality over extravagance and is content with maintaining a low-key lifestyle.

As such, the Man City defender avoids spending money on unnecessary luxuries, such as flashy cars, large houses, or expensive wristwatches. At the time of writing his biography, Lewis does not consider these things as particularly important to him.

Rico Lewis Family Life:

As observed throughout this biography, growing up in a family that strongly supported sports had a positive impact on Rico as an individual.

Now, let’s discuss the family members who shaped the life of Henry Mark (his middle name), the Thai kickboxer who became a footballer.

About Rick, Rico Lewis Father:

Besides being the Director of Phoenix Muay Thai, Rick also held a full-time position as a Grant Consultant for a company called Which Grant Limited.

He started serving as Director of Phoenix Which Grant in April 2020 and continued to do so up until the present (according to his LinkedIn data).

Rick Lewis owns the Phoenix Muay Thai gym, which is located near his family’s residence. Rico used to play football there with his father and sister, Sacha. Rick enjoyed kicking the ball with his son, which contributed to Rico’s passion for football.

When Rico Lewis was younger, his father would show him clips of inspirational sports figures from the past.

Among these individuals was the world’s most famous boxer, Muhammad Ali. Rick shared the story of the legendary boxer with Rico, which helped shape his mindset.

Rico’s Dad’s Journey in Thai Boxing:

Rick always remembers his beginnings as a devoted student of Arjan Phil Nurse and Grand Master Sken. These individuals guided him in the world of Muay Thai kickboxing.

Phil Nurse was an English former Muay Thai kickboxer. The legend held an undefeated European Light Welterweight Championship title.

Additionally, Phil Nurse was a British All Styles Super Light Welterweight Champion and a Double British Champion. After retiring, he became the owner and senior Thai kickboxing instructor at The Wat in Manhattan.

On the other hand, Grand Master Sken currently serves as the chief instructor at the Master Sken Academy (MSA) located in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England.

He is acknowledged as one of the first Thai masters to introduce the art of Muay Thai boxing to the western world.

Rick Lewis learned Thai boxing from a teacher who is highly valued and respected worldwide, even among his peers.

Grand Master Sken’s training methods have produced numerous exceptional instructors and champions in both western boxing and Muay Thai.

About Stephanie, Rico Lewis Mother:

Stephanie is the woman who gave birth to the Man City defender. During interviews, Rico consistently acknowledges his mother, Stephanie, for her unwavering support.

This occurs as Rico often reminisces about his childhood experiences at his dad’s gym.

His mother, Stephanie Lewis, played a crucial role in his personal growth and development. She provided him with motherly care and support during challenging times.

One of those times was when Rico had to balance studying for college exams while playing in the Premier League.

About Sacha, Rico Lewis Sister:

Sacha is the second child of her parents, Rick and Stephanie Lewis. She is well-known for being Rico Lewis’ sister and the daughter of the Double British and Double North West Muay Thai Champion.

As mentioned earlier in this biography, Rico Lewis’ sister is also a footballer who plays for the Man City girls’ team.

Clearly, this demonstrates that Rick’s family is deeply passionate about sports. Sacha plays as a right-back, the same position in which her brother excels for the club’s senior team.

Rico Lewis Facts:

In the concluding section of Rico Lewis’ biography, we will reveal additional details related to him. Without further delay, let’s begin.

Rico Joins Other Sports Celebrities with Diverse Backgrounds:

Did you know that Nani was a ballet dancer in his youth, and Schweinsteiger was an exceptional skier?

It doesn’t stop there. Jamal Musiala and Zlatan Ibrahimović practised Judo when they were young. In fact, Ibra holds a black belt.

From other sports, Hakeem Olajuwon and Joel Embiid attribute their success to football. These NBA stars played the game as children, which has aided their footwork.

Moreover, Roger Federer played football and basketball before focusing on tennis at around the age of 16.

Rico Joins Other Footballers with Athlete Parents:

Like one of Rico Lewis’ parents (his dad) who excelled in another sport, we see similar situations with other footballers.

Starting with Jacob Ramsey’s dad (Mark), he is a retired British boxer (ABA Champion in 1989).

Next, Erling Haaland‘s mother, Gry Marita Braut, was a former heptathlete. Leroy Sane’s mom was a renowned Olympic gymnast, now retired.

Additionally, Harry Kane’s father (Patrick Kane) was a former boxer, while his mother, Kim Kane, was a professional golfer. Kylian Mbappe‘s mother, Fayza Lamari, was a former handball player. Lastly, Adolphine, Romelu Lukaku’s mother, was a former handball player.

Rico Lewis in FIFA:

Undoubtedly, the athlete’s greatest strengths in football are his movement and potential (akin to Diogo Dalot, Liverpool’s Conor Bradley and Tariq Lamptey).

As seen from Rico’s SOFIFA card, as of 2023, he has an acceleration of 73, a sprint speed of 76, and a balance of 75 (his top stats). FMBrotherhood puts Rico Lewis as one of the Best English RB Wonderkids.

Rico Lewis Salary Breakdown (2023 stats):

His initial salary as a footballer with City was reported to be £5,000 per week.

By 2023, Rico’s earnings increased to £1,302,000. This equates to a weekly income of £25,000. The following is a breakdown of Rico’s wages with City (based on 2023 figures).

How wealthy is Rico?

Considering the average income in Manchester, where Rico Lewis’ parents reside, is £30,212 per year, it would take a person 43 years and 1 month to earn £1,302,000, which is Rico’s 2023 annual salary with Man City.

What is Rico Lewis Religion?

SoccerBiography leans towards the likelihood that the Bury-born defender is a Christian. Rico, much like Marcus Rashford, does not frequently post about his faith on social media. The religion of Rico Lewis’ family accounts for 59% of the English population.


Rico Lewis is the son of Rick and Stephanie Lewis. Born on November 21, 2004, in Manchester, United Kingdom, Rico has one sibling, a sister named Sacha.

Growing up in Greater Manchester, Rico was exposed to Thai boxing from a young age, as his father Rick, a former Thai boxing champion known as “Kru Rick,” founded Phoenix Muay Thai. Rico spent his early childhood years, starting at age four, practising Thai boxing under his father’s guidance, where he learned technical and spatial awareness skills.

As Rico grew older, he translated his boxing talents into football. At the age of six, he joined Prestwich Pythons, a local soccer team. As a striker, Rico caught the attention of football scouts, and by the age of eight, he joined Man City’s academy.

Rico progressed through the academy, eventually captaining the under-18 team to a national title. Ten years after joining City’s academy, he signed a professional contract. Since then, Rico has broken several records with the club.

Alongside teammates, Palmer and Phil Foden, Rico has demonstrated that Man City offers a pathway for talented young players to succeed. Let’s not forget Man City’s female talent, Mary Fowler. Jeremie Frimpong, another graduate from City’s academy, is also among the list of City graduates making their mark.

Rise with Manchester City:

Starting his journey, the 5-foot-7 defender became the youngest English player to start a Premier League game for the club.

Rico later became Man City’s youngest-ever scorer in his first Champions League start. Fans believe that Rico has immense potential and will swiftly ascend the ranks in Pep’s team.

Supporters anticipate that Rico will quickly rise in prominence. He holds an advantage in his future with Gareth Southgate’s England team.

Additionally, he appears more defensively sound than Trent Alexander Arnold and less injury-prone than Reece James and James Justin.

Furthermore, the City Prodigy is considerably younger than the ageing Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier.

SoccerBiography contends that Rico has demonstrated his ability to play as a defensive midfielder better than the aforementioned players who will vie with him for an England position.

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