Rayan Cherki Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This story is all about Rayan Cherki, and his Biography, as we have prepared, focuses on his life from when he was a little kid, his French, Italian and Algerian roots, his family background, details of his upbringing by his parents, including his dad, Fabrice, his mom, his brothers Katib and Adame, and other relatives uncles, aunts, and his best friends (his grandparents).

More importantly, SoccerBiography shares where Rayan’s family comes from and their background. It also looks at Rayan’s beliefs, where he grew up, and his schooling. It even talks about things like any tattoos he might have, how much money he makes, his star sign, his personal life, and what he gets paid.

Basically, this story tells us everything about Rayan Cherki, starting from his early days. Rayan grew up loving football, playing in the streets, and learning from his dad. From a young age, when he was just six, he impressed Roger Martinez, which was the beginning of his exciting journey in football.

The article is a tribute to Rayan’s unique way of playing football, which he developed by practising with his father. It celebrates how he turned his passion for street football into a professional career.


We’re going to share Rayan Cherki’s story, starting with his early days. We’ll look at how he began his football career and how he became one of the best players in his country.

Our goal is to get you excited about reading life stories, starting with Rayan Cherki’s. We’ll take you through his life, from his childhood to his rise to fame. Rayan Cherki’s story is truly inspiring, especially how he grew and succeeded in soccer.

Cherki is known as a young and very talented footballer from France. He made headlines when he became the youngest player to score for Lyon at just 16 years old in January 2020. One of his big moments was helping Lyon to come in second in the 2019–20 Coupe de la Ligue.

As we looked into stories of French footballers, we noticed not many people know about Rayan Cherki’s fascinating life. So, let’s get started and learn more about his journey.

Rayan Cherki’s Early Years:

Rayan Cherki is his name, but his full name is Mathis Rayan Cherki. He was born on the 17th day of August 2003, in Lyon, France, to his parents, Fabrice and Thierry Henry. Interestingly, he shares his birthday with the famous French and Arsenal football player Thierry Henry.

Rayan was the third son in a family of five boys. His family was very close, and his arrival, joining his two older brothers, made their home even more lively. His family’s warmth comes from his dad, Fabrice, and his mom, who is from Algeria.

Let’s talk about Rayan Cherki’s parents. His dad played a big role in helping Rayan reach his full potential in football, thanks to his hard work and encouragement. His parents’ loving support also helped Rayan shine in the football world.

Rayan’s Boyhood Days:

Rayan grew up in Lyon, the third-biggest city in France. His family loved football, so it’s no surprise that he started loving it too from a young age.

As a kid, Rayan was quiet and calm, but his passion for football made him stand out. He grew quickly, both in height and in his football skills, which everyone noticed when he played.

His life was all about his family, including his brothers, his cousins, and his friends, as well as his biggest passion, football. Instead of playing with gadgets or video games, Rayan spent most of his time playing football, often in old shoes that were worn out from so much use. These simple beginnings were crucial in shaping his path to becoming a talented midfielder for France and Lyon.

Rayan always enjoyed spending time by himself or playing football, but he also loved being with his family and friends.

Rayan’s Start in Football:

Being part of a sporty family, Rayan naturally loved sports. He took part in many sports events in his city, playing games with his brothers and friends.

People started noticing Rayan’s hard work and talent in football pretty soon. His family’s support was also a big part of his growth in the sport. These things together led him to football. Rayan was not just good at football; he also knew early on that he had a special talent for it.

Determined from a young age, he began his football journey early. His skills quickly got people’s attention, marking a big moment in his life. This led to him joining a football youth academy, an important step in his growing career in sports.

Rayan Cherki’s Family Life:

Not much is known about Rayan Cherki’s family, but we do know his dad used to play football, too. Even though he didn’t become famous, he was pretty good. Rayan’s dad would take his older kids to watch his games on weekends, which helped them all get interested in football. The Cherkis are a middle-class family. Rayan’s parents earned enough to take care of the family’s needs, even though they didn’t have a lot of money.

They always did their best to support their kids’ dreams, making sure they had what they needed to chase their goals.

Where Rayan Cherki Comes From:

Rayan grew up in Lyon, a big city in France, and spent his childhood in a small place called Pusignan near Lyon. As of 2023, Pusignan is a quiet area with about 522,000 people, located quite a bit north of Paris.

Rayan was born in Lyon, but his family comes from different places. His parents are from Algeria, and his dad, Fabrice (sometimes called Fabio), has Italian roots too. So, while Rayan is French, he also has a deep connection to Algeria (like Riyad Mahrez) and Italy (Destiny Udogie and Luca Koleosho).

Rayan Cherki’s Background:

Cherki, known for his football skills at Olympique Lyonnais, is of Caucasian ethnicity. But there’s more to his story. His family’s roots spread across the Mediterranean, from Algeria to Italy, which adds to his unique background.

Even though Rayan grew up in France, his family’s Algerian and Italian heritage plays a big part in who he is, both as a person and as a football player. This mix of cultures makes his story even more interesting.

Rayan Cherki’s Schooling:

Cherki balanced his love for football with going to school, just like most kids. He went to a local school in his hometown, where he learned all the regular subjects, giving him a good mix of schoolwork and sports from an early age. While we don’t know much about his school life after that, it’s clear that his time in school was important. It helped him grow not just as a football player but also as a person who knows about more than just sports.

How Rayan Started in Football:

Rayan Cherki has always loved playing football, especially in the streets. He remembers his dad teaching him to keep the ball in the air on the hard ground, which isn’t how most football players start. This street football style made him really good at being quick, creative, and great at dribbling the ball.

When he was only six years old, Rayan was already showing how good he was at football. He was at a local club called AS Saint-Priest, watching his older brother play, and was playing with a ball himself nearby. A coach named Roger Martinez noticed him and was amazed by how skilful he was for such a young kid.

Martinez couldn’t believe how well Rayan could handle the ball and was impressed by his natural talent. Right away, he knew Rayan was special. Even at that young age, Rayan knew the game so well that Martinez felt he didn’t have much to teach him. This was the beginning of Rayan’s journey in football, showing everyone just how talented he was.

Rayan Cherki’s Football Journey:

Rayan Cherki started playing at Saint-Priest, a club that also helped Nabil Fekir become a star. After a year, he moved to Lyon and played in older age groups right away. He even played against Barcelona in a friendly match when he was under 13.

At 13, Rayan faced a big challenge. He had a knee problem called osteochondritis that stopped him from playing for a year. This was a tough time for him. He learned a lot about facing problems and the importance of family. He noticed that when he was doing well, lots of people would call his dad, but when he was hurt, the calls stopped. This taught him to rely on himself and his family.

When he got back to football, Rayan quickly caught up. This tough time made him stronger and more determined.

Rayan Cherki’s Rise to Fame:

Rayan’s big break came at Lyon’s youth academy, where he stood out from the start. The likes of Bradley Barcola and Malo Gusto also stood out at the French academy. At just 15, he was playing for the reserve team and soon signed his first professional contract. In 2019, when he joined Lyon’s main team, he played alongside famous players and made his first appearance in a top league match against Dijon.

Rayan’s talent shone brightly when he scored four times in the UEFA Youth League, leading to his debut in the Champions League at 16. A big moment was when he scored his first goal for Lyon, becoming the youngest player to do so. He played a key role in a big win against Nantes and even appeared in a Champions League semi-final.

In May 2021, he scored his first goal in the French top league, which was a big deal because it helped Lyon win the game. The Greatest Graduate from Lyon Academy, Rayan, became known for his skills and potential, making people excited about his future in football.

International Play:

Rayan started playing for the French under-16 team in 2018. In 2021, he joined the French Hopefuls team, where he quickly made a mark by scoring three goals in qualification matches. His performances were so good that they helped his team win important games.

Rayan can play for France, Algeria, or Italy because he has citizenship in all three countries. The Algerian national team is very interested in him, which means he has many options for his international career.

Rayan Cherki’s Relationship Status:

Rayan Cherki, known for his football skills, is also popular for his good looks. He has a distinctive style, complete with a cool moustache and trendy haircut, making him stand out. Despite the attention he gets, Rayan is currently single and focuses mainly on his football career. He keeps his personal life private, and as of now, there’s no news about him dating anyone.

About Rayan Cherki:

Off the field, Rayan is known for his laid-back and confident style. He’s calm and enjoys spending quality time, especially with his family. Rayan loves to relax and have fun when he’s not playing football.

One of his favourite hobbies is watching movies. He’s a big movie fan and often goes to the cinema alone to watch new releases. He’s a fan of all kinds of movies and admires actor Denzel Washington the most. Rayan also keeps up with movie news and can remember many movie lines.

Besides movies, Rayan is interested in fashion and loves watching football games. He’s also a fan of tennis, admiring the mental strength it requires. For fun, Rayan enjoys playing video games like FIFA, which he says makes him want to play football with his friends, and War Zone from Call Of Duty.

Rayan Cherki’s Fitness Routine:

As a professional athlete, Rayan Cherki follows a strict fitness regimen that includes cardio, strength training, skill drills, and tactical training to keep in top shape. His workout routine is crucial for his stamina and performance on the field. Rayan, whose zodiac sign is Leo, shares this sign with other athletes like Tijjani Reijnders, Malick Thiaw and Anastasios Douvikas, who are known for their creativity, passion, and cheerful nature.

Rayan Cherki’s Way of Life:

Rayan Cherki is known as one of France’s most skilled football players. From when he was little until now, he has always been focused on football. His hard work has made him one of the top players in France.

Thanks to his dedication, Rayan now enjoys the rewards of his hard work, including many awards and financial success. His success lets him live a life of luxury, with fancy houses, expensive trips, great food, and top-notch cars. As a famous footballer, Rayan might get cars from his team or through deals with brands, but we don’t know exactly what cars he has. He also lives in a fancy apartment in France, showing how successful he is both in and out of football.

Rayan Cherki’s Family:

Every great football player has a supportive family, and Rayan Cherki is no different. Let’s take a closer look at his family and some personal details about his life.

Rayan Cherki’s Dad:

Rayan’s dad, Fabrice, also known as Fabio, is from Italy. His grandma moved from Bari, Italy, to France, making Rayan’s family French. Fabio used to play football for fun and has always supported Rayan in his career.

Even though he wasn’t a professional player, Fabio has done a lot to help Rayan and his brothers, Katib and Adame, succeed. He’s been a big inspiration, especially during tough times, showing his sons how to face challenges.

Rayan Cherki’s Mom:

Rayan’s mom is from Algeria and is a big part of his life and career. They are very close, and they talk about life lessons every day. Rayan says he’s still learning a lot from her, which shows how important she is in his life.

Rayan Cherki’s Brothers:

Rayan is the third of five brothers. We don’t know much about all his brothers, but we do know that his older brother, Katib, used to play football, and his younger brother, Adame, is into sports marketing. The brothers are very close and support each other a lot.

Rayan Cherki’s Other Relatives:

Rayan also has Italian roots through his dad’s side of the family. But we don’t know much about his other relatives, such as uncles, aunts, cousins, and so on. This part of his family life is still a bit of a mystery.

More About Rayan Cherki:

Let’s look at some less-known facts about Rayan Cherki as we wrap up his story.

Rayan Cherki’s Earnings:

Rayan Cherki has a contract with Olympique Lyonnais that pays him €3,600,000 a year. To understand what this means, let’s break down his income. Compared to the average yearly salary in Algeria, where his mom is from, Rayan earns a lot more. An average person in Algeria makes about 14,675.88 euros a year, so it would take them almost five years to earn what Rayan makes in a week, which is €69,124.

Rayan Cherki in Video Games:

In the FIFA video game, Rayan Cherki is known for his great dribbling and prefers to shoot with his left foot. He has a potential rating of 87, which is quite high for an attacking midfielder. His current rating is 74, but many believe this will go up as he continues to play well.

Rayan Cherki’s Faith:

Rayan Cherki hasn’t talked much about his religion. There’s no evidence of him following any religious rituals publicly. His first name, Mathis, might suggest a Christian background, but Rayan keeps his religious beliefs private.

Rayan’s Friendship with Kylian Mbappe:

Rayan Cherki and Kylian Mbappe, both famous French footballers, are good friends. Rayan looks up to Mbappe and thinks of him as a genuinely nice person. Let’s not forget that Rayan and Mbappe have Algerian roots. Also, the likes of Michael Olise and Ismeal Bennaccer have Algerian roots through one of their parents.

Cherki and Kylian talk often and give each other advice. Their friendship started on social media when Mbappe reached out to Rayan as he was starting his career. Rayan watches all of Mbappe’s games and values the simple advice Mbappe gave him: “Score goals! People remember the scorers.”

Rayan Cherki’s Agent:

Fayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappe‘s mom, is now Rayan Cherki’s agent. They agreed on this after talking for a while. Starting in 2023, Lamari, known as the ‘Iron Lady’ in the Mbappe family, began looking after Rayan’s career. This move connects Rayan with a well-known figure in the football world.

Final Words:

“Rayan Cherki” is a name that stands out in the world of football. Baby Rayan arrived on the 17th of August, year 2003, in Lyon, France. The athlete shares the same birth year with Matias Soule and Alfie Gilchrist. His family background is diverse, with an Algerian mother and an Italian father. Rayan grew up surrounded by his family, including his parents, brothers, and friends.

Our findings show that Rayan has both French and Algerian citizenship and Italian family ties. From a very young age, he was dedicated to both his studies and football, showing his commitment and hard work. Rayan started his football journey at the age of six in 2009, training with his father and brothers and soon began playing for his local team, Saint-Priest. After a year, he joined Olympique Lyonnais at just seven years old and quickly made a name for himself at the OL 12 training centre.

Rayan advanced through the ranks at Lyon, hitting important milestones along the way. A standout moment came on September 19, 2018, in the UEFA Youth League, when he became the competition’s youngest scorer at 15 years and 33 days old against Manchester City.

This achievement led to his first professional contract with OL, which lasted until June 2022. A significant development was that he extended his contract with Lyon until 2025 or 2023.

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