Rasmus Hojlund Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This detailed Rasmus Hojlund Biography presents you with facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Anders Højlund (his Father) and Kirsten Winther (his Mother), Twin Brothers – Oscar and Emil Hojlung, Laura (Girlfriend and Wife-to-be), Family Background and more.

This article on Hojlund also shares information about his Danish family origins, ethnicity, hometown, Atalanta salary breakdown, and more. Additionally, we’ll delve into Hojlund’s lifestyle, personality, and 2023 net worth.

In short, this narrative unfolds the complete history of Rasmus Hojlund, a Danish striker whose talent didn’t emerge out of nowhere. Instead, Rasmus inherited his passion for the game from his father, Anders Højlund. We’ll reveal facts about this man who takes pride in raising a family full of footballers.

Have you observed? Ever since Season 6 of the Viking Television Series was released, world-class Scandinavian strikers have been captivating the world of football. First, it was Erling Haaland, and now Rasmus is the next emerging Scandinavian superstar.


To start Rasmus Hojlund’s Bio, we will first discuss notable events from his childhood years and early life. Next, we’ll guide you through his amazing football journey with B.93, Brøndby, and Holbæk. This article will further explain how the Danish Bomber overcame setbacks and achieved a meteoric rise in the beautiful game.

SoccerBiography hopes to pique your interest in Rasmus Hojlund’s Biography.  In 2023, numerous football fans have referred to the Danish Bomber as the ‘other Haaland’ who is flourishing with Atalanta BC.

Internationally, Rasmus quickly became Denmark’s most popular player at the start of 2023. With remarkable speed, he has transitioned from a frustrated FC Copenhagen substitute to one of Europe’s most sought-after football talents.

While writing about Danish football forwards, we discovered areas that have not been covered. The truth is, not many football fans have read a comprehensive piece on Rasmus Hojlund’s Biography, which is incredibly fascinating. Our Danish Footballers Category has this article to satisfy your curiosity about the Atalanta BC striker. So, let’s begin.

Rasmus Hojlund Childhood Story:

To begin the biography, he is often referred to as “The New Erling Haaland.” His full name is Rasmus Winther Højlund. The Danish forward was born on a Tuesday, the 4th of February 2003, to his father, Anders Højlund, and mother, Kirsten Winther, in Copenhagen.

Rasmus Hojlund is the first child and son among three children (himself and two brothers) born to his parents. Now, let’s introduce you to Rasmus Hojlund’s parents, Anders and Kirsten.

They are often described as cheerful individuals who have instilled in their children the importance of pursuing their dreams and maintaining their family’s athletic reputation.

Growing-Up Years:

Anders Højlund and Kirsten Winther raised a family of three boys. In other words, Rasmus has no sisters but two brothers who are twins. Oscar and Emil Hojlung are their names, and it may interest you to know that they are also professional footballers.

The Danish forward and his twin brothers (Oscar and Emil) were raised in Hørsholm, an urban area on the Øresund coast, about 25 km north of Copenhagen. The three Højlund brothers have always shared a close bond and have been inseparable since their youth.

Rasmus Hojlund Early Life:

Similar to Harvey Elliott, Rasmus had his first kick of the ball at the beach when he was just two years old. It happened when Rasmus Hojlund’s parents took him to a beach, and he became captivated by a beach ball that was larger than himself.

Rasmus focused solely on kicking the ball with his left foot and ignored other beach activities. It was at this moment that his father, Anders, realized his son was both left-handed and left-footed. In the case of Harvey Elliott (the English footballer), he (who was also a toddler at that time) embarrassed a beach game organizer.

After a fun day at the beach, an excited Rasmus (who had been given a ball) would continue kicking the object in every corner of his family’s living room.

The future Danish forward was less than two years old when he began playing with the ball. Kicking the ball at home soon became a joyful activity shared by Rasmus and his father.

In an interview with The Tip Sheet Magazine, a weekly Danish sports magazine focusing on football, Anders Højlund once said:

“Whenever I threw the ball over to Rasmus, he kicked it with his left leg. As a former soccer player myself, I know that being left-footed provides better opportunities for success in today’s football world.”

Passion for Other Sports:

From the moment Rasmus first kicked a ball at the beach, his father, Anders Højlund, knew he was destined to be an athlete. In fact, Rasmus engaged in various physical activities as a child. Apart from football, he practised tennis, played badminton, and excelled at swimming, much like Charles De Ketelaere.

To support their son, Rasmus Hojlund’s parents enrolled him in a swimming club. Little did they know that he would become one of the most talented young swimmers in Denmark’s Capital Region. According to Rasmus’ father;

“One day, a staff member from the swimming club called and said that Rasmus had a great talent for swimming. He then asked permission to formally begin Rasmus’ swimming career, including moving him up the system.”

By that time, young Rasmus had already set some of the best junior records in Denmark’s swimming scene. He was celebrated as one of the best swimmers in his hometown. Before this revelation, Rasmus’ parents had no idea their son was one of the fastest young swimmers around.

Commitment to Football:

Although Rasmus enjoyed various sports, he knew that he would eventually have to choose one as he grew older, just like Gianluca Scamacca. His love for football always outweighed his interest in tennis, badminton, and swimming. At the age of nine, he faced the crucial decision of selecting and focusing on just one sport.

Deep down, Rasmus always wanted to pursue football. The young Dane had no doubts about his talent and competitiveness in the sport. In the words of his father, Anders Højlund;

“Rasmus had no doubt about his football talent. He saw himself as being competitive. But he also thought that his swimming hobby was fun. The ultimate love for sports was deeply rooted in football.”

Rasmus Hojlund Family Background:

The athlete, who was once one of Denmark’s most talented young swimmers, grew up in a family with strong football ties. Rasmus and his brothers inherited their sporting abilities from both parents. Now, let’s delve deeper into his parents, Anders Højlund and Kirsten Winther.

Rasmus Hojlund’s father, Anders, is a retired footballer who once played as the captain of Boldklubben af 1893 (B.93), a Danish football club in Østerbro, Copenhagen, currently playing in the country’s 2nd Division league. Interestingly, Rasmus Hojlund’s twin brothers, Emil and Oscar, are also footballers. Emil is a striker, while Oscar is a midfielder.

In addition to playing football, the Hojlund family enjoyed attending matches to cheer for their favorite hometown team, F.C. Copenhagen. This tradition became an integral part of the Hojlund family’s life. Anders and Kirsten nurtured a thriving, middle-class household that found happiness in the shared experience of football.

Now, let’s discuss Rasmus Hojlund’s mother’s occupation. Our research indicates that Kirsten Winther was once a 100-meter sprinter. As a former athlete married to a retired footballer, it is no surprise that their children inherited their parents’ athletic skills.

The Hojlund Family’s Home Pitch:

Rasmus and his football-loving twin brothers, Emil and Oscar, shared an intense passion for playing football at home. Anticipating their children’s future interests, their parents decided to create a football-friendly environment within their family home.

Recognizing that they were fostering the growth of three football fanatics, Anders and Kirsten wisely chose to build a small football pitch in their basement. This decision was made to prevent their sons from accidentally damaging delicate items in the family’s living room due to their vigorous ball play.

Regarding the basement that saved their living room from potential damage caused by their sons’ enthusiasm for football, Anders Højlund once stated:

“We created a football field in the basement, measuring ten meters in length, six meters in width, with a ceiling height of three meters.”

Rasmus Hojlund Family Heritage:

According to his Transfermk page, the athlete holds only Danish citizenship. This suggests that both of Rasmus Hojlund’s parents possess Danish nationalities. Now, let’s explore the meaning behind his parents’ names.

Rasmus Hojlund’s mother’s family name, Winther, is a surname of primarily Danish and Norwegian origin, stemming from the Scandinavian region. Further investigation of the name “Winther” reveals its origin in the Old Norse word “Vetr,” which means “winter.”

In contrast, Højlund, the Dane’s surname, is derived from two components. The first is “høj,” which translates to “high” or “hill” in Danish, while the second is “lund,” meaning “grove” or “small forest.”

Rasmus Hojlund’s family resides in Hørsholm, a town located north of Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. This town boasts a rich history dating back to the 12th century and is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and green areas.

Rasmus Højlund’s Ethnic Background:

The Copenhagen forward’s family is among the 86.9% of Denmark’s population who identify as Danes. Additionally, our research discovered that Højlund’s roots and ancestry can be traced to the North Germanic ethnic group native to Denmark.

Rasmus Højlund’s Education:

When the time was right, the young athlete began his pre-schooling (Alder) before the age of six, focusing on emotional development and social skills. As Rasmus Højlund commenced his primary education (Folkeskole), he was already a part of the Hørsholm-Usserød football program.

One of Rasmus Højlund’s most unforgettable school moments occurred when he was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. On that sports day, children were asked to participate in a 400-meter race. At that time, Rasmus was dealing with a broken finger. Despite this, he did the unexpected.

During the race, the bandage Rasmus used to wrap his broken finger fell off. Noticing this, he quickly stopped running and hurried to his mother’s side. Rasmus Hojlund’s mother promptly helped her son secure the bandage back in place.

Despite the other children having a significant lead in the race, the young Dane chose to continue. To the amazement of all onlookers, Rasmus still managed to catch up with his racing opponents. Given that his parents were once professional athletes, it’s no surprise that Hojlund’s athletic prowess brought him considerable success during his early years.

Rasmus Hojlund Biography – Early Football Story:

At the young age of four, Rasmus Højlund began his football journey with Hørsholm-Usserød, his first academy. During this period, his soccer talent was not yet apparent to his family, and he was encouraged to explore other sports, such as tennis and badminton.

By the time he reached nine years old, Rasmus, while still playing for Hørsholm-Usserød, chose to leave all other sports behind and focus exclusively on football. From that point forward (in 2012), the beautiful game became the centre of the young Dane’s life. Højlund, who had won his first-ever trophy, developed a personal connection with one of the local football heroes.

On the local scene, the Dane greatly admired Nicklas Bendtner, the former Arsenal and Danish professional footballer. Rasmus Hojlund’s family and Bendtner were acquainted with each other. As a child, he would accompany Nicklas Bendtner to his football training sessions in Helsingør, an eastern Danish port city. Learning from the ex-Arsenal player has always been a cherished memory.

During his early football years, Rasmus proudly displayed his passion for Manchester United. He mainly supported the renowned English club because of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. When CR7 transferred to Real Madrid, the Dane shifted his allegiance to the Spanish team.

Embracing Football with Greater Commitment:

After completing training sessions at his childhood club Hørsholm-Usserød, Rasmus and his twin brothers, Oscar and Emil, would head to their family’s basement to continue playing. For the Hojlund brothers, it was all about football and enjoying FIFA on their PlayStation. The walls of Rasmus, Emil, and Oscar’s room were covered in football posters.

Rasmus Hojlund’s football potential became more evident to his family when he moved to Brøndby IF. The 12-year-old’s talent was identified at the club, and in less than a year, Denmark’s largest club, FC Copenhagen, came calling.

The young talent spent the 2016-2017 season with the local team Holbæk FC before joining FC Copenhagen’s academy at the beginning of the 2017/2018 season. Like any proud Dane, Rasmus Hojlund’s family was overjoyed when one of their own joined a club that had dominated Danish football for decades.

At F.C. Copenhagen, the rising star quickly became a standout player in their youth squads. Our research indicates that Rasmus Hojlund fully embraced the role of a striker after joining the club. Time and again, he was praised for his speed and physicality at the under-19 level, which became his most potent weapon.

Rasmus Hojlund Bio – Road to Stardom:

The striker, who had already made a name for himself in F.C. Copenhagen’s youth ranks, aspired to begin his senior career with the club. To the delight of Rasmus Hojlund’s parents, their talented son made his official debut for the club in 2020 at the age of 17.

Due to injuries within the Copenhagen offence, the teenage Rasmus was given opportunities to play off the bench. Gradually, the attacker secured his position by demonstrating his goal-scoring abilities. Two months after his debut, Rasmus Hojlund was awarded a new contract by the Scandinavian club.

As Rasmus Hojlund re-signed with FC Copenhagen, his twin brothers had already started making progress in the club’s youth system. Oscar and Emil played for Copenhagen’s under-17 team, where they experienced victories and the thrill of trophy celebrations.

Challenging Times:

Rasmus Højlund swiftly advanced from FC Copenhagen’s U19 team to the first team within just one season. Initially, coach Stale Solbakken utilized him as a substitute. With a strong mindset, Højlund started well, scoring five goals in the UEFA Europa Conference League.

However, the appointment of a new manager, Jess Thorup, from Belgian club KRC Genk, made the Danish forward’s career more complicated. It quickly became evident that the new manager had plans to bring in his own strikers. During the 2021/2022 season, the club signed Khouma Babacar, Nicolai Jørgensen, and Mamoudou Karamoko.

With the arrival of experienced forwards, Rasmus Højlund found himself unfairly sidelined from the squad. With limited playing time, it was an indirect way of telling him to seek another club. Højlund, who wasn’t given an opportunity to prove his worth, had to make the difficult decision to leave his childhood club.

The Danish footballer admitted that he experienced the greatest setback of his career when he was let go from FC Copenhagen. This was the football club he had supported since he was three, where he had worn their jersey and hoped to achieve success with them.

Rasmus Højlund and his teammate, Jonas Wind (FC Copenhagen’s top goal scorer in the 2020/2021 season), left the club simultaneously. Austrian Bundesliga club Sturm Graz secured Rasmus’s services for a reported fee of €1.8 million.

According to Rasmus Højlund’s father, Anders:

The former B.93 striker and father of the three football-playing brothers once shared his perspective on his son’s treatment by Football Club Copenhagen. Speaking to Frihedsbrevet’s football newsletter Fri Spark, Højlund’s father commented;

“Rasmus mainly got 10, 12, or 15 minutes where he was instructed to just hunt around.
A few stats he got were when manager Jess Thorup was affected by Corona.

That’s not good for a 17 or 18-year-old. The club never gave him a real chance. Rasmus only got six months as a regular in the first team.

And then you might think it wasn’t difficult to say yes when Sturm Graz approached him. Of course, it was incredibly difficult to leave Copenhagen.

FCK still remains Rasmus’ biggest crush. There was actually room for him to explore his potential in the team, but they never gave him a chance. FCK just didn’t do that.”

Rasmus Hojlund Biography – A Tale of Success:

The Danish professional footballer found his footing with Sturm Graz, where he was provided ample first-team opportunities. Rasmus Hojlund’s father, Anders, attributed his son’s success to a change in playing style. He explained:

“FC Copenhagen’s approach to football is more longitudinal, which has become a tendency in Danish football, particularly with FCK. There’s too much side-to-side and back-and-forth play, too much ball control.

At Sturm Graz, the ball is put into play quickly, and passed down to the final third of the pitch. This creates numerous goal-threatening situations, particularly for offensive players.

Rasmus thrived in this environment, finding himself in several goal-scoring situations. Sturm Graz’s style of play is more audience-friendly,”

says Højlund’s father.

The decision to join Sturm Graz was made easier by the club’s thorough preparatory work. They created videos demonstrating how Rasmus would fit in and presented them to his parents. The club addressed all their concerns, convincing Anders and Kirsten that their son was making the right choice.

As Højlund’s career took off with Sturm Graz, FC Copenhagen fans lamented his departure. Although a return was impossible, they celebrated his progress and hoped for a national team call-up.

Simultaneously, FC Copenhagen supporters were frustrated that their club had invested in the wrong strikers, leaving no room for Højlund on the team. This was especially evident given the team’s struggle to find effective strikers since the departure of their Viking warrior, Andreas Cornelius.

Conquering Austria and Beyond:

In Sturm Graz, Rasmus Højlund gained the confidence he lacked at FCK. After scoring 12 goals in less than half a season, top European clubs took notice, sparking a transfer battle for the Danish player.

Newcastle was initially mentioned, but it emerged that Rasmus Højlund had his sights set on Italy. Atalanta (Bastoni‘s former club) quickly entered the race for his signature and secured the deal for €17 million on August 27, 2022.

Upon joining the Italian club, Højlund’s career continued to skyrocket. Alongside Ademola Lookman and Teun Koopmeiners, he scored goals reminiscent of Erling Haaland’s signature style.

International career:

Hojlund missed the 2022 FIFA World Cup selection as he was still working to establish himself in the Danish national team. National team coach Kasper Hjulmand chose experience, opting for Kasper Dolberg, Yussuf Poulsen, and Martin Braithwaite.

Before the World Cup, Rasmus participated in the last two UEFA Nations League matches against France and Croatia. His absence at the tournament drew criticism, particularly given the underwhelming performance of Danish strikers at the club level.

Following Denmark’s disappointing 2022 FIFA World Cup, Hjulmand made changes for the Euro 2023 qualifiers. Rasmus’ goal-scoring form with Atalanta BC earned him a starting position as Denmark’s #9. He justified his March 2023 national team call-up by scoring consistently.

Rasmus became a national hero when he scored a hat-trick at the beginning of the UEFA European Championship Qualifying. He quickly made a name for himself on the European stage.

Considering his impressive goal-scoring record, Rasmus is well on his way to becoming a national star like Christian Eriksen. His popularity is rapidly surpassing that of Thomas Delaney, Pierre Emile Højbjerg, and Andreas Christensen.

Moreover, Rasmus’ remarkable performances with Atalanta B.C. have given the people of Denmark hope in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. He, alongside notables like Vitor Osimhen and Rafael Leao, are likely to take their club football to greater heights outside Italy in the near future.

Rasmus Hojlund’s Girlfriend, Laura:

As a prolific goal scorer with a grounded attitude, Rasmus Hojlund is destined for greatness. As the saying goes, behind every successful Danish striker, there is a dazzling partner. Allow us to introduce you to Rasmus Hojlund’s girlfriend, Laura.

Hojlund has a unique goal celebration reserved for Laura, his special someone. When he netted his seventh league goal for Atalanta during the 2022/2023 season, he celebrated by shaping an ‘L’ with his fingers, followed by a kiss and the words, “It was for you, honey.”

The young Danish striker also formed the ‘L’ sign with his fingers when he scored a hat-trick against Finland on March 23, 2023. In a post-game interview with TV 2 Sport, Rasmus shared, “It was for my girlfriend, Laura. And then I had an agreement with Trygfonden, where I promised a boy named Loki that I would make the ‘L’ for him and my girlfriend when I score.”

Our research indicates that Rasmus and Laura were born in the same year, 2003. As of 2023, the couple was not living together in the same country. When questioned about this, Rasmus replied that cohabitating with Laura was not on the agenda at the moment. This brings us to a discussion of the Danish forward’s character, which we will explore in the following section.


So, who is Rasmus Hojlund outside of football?

First and foremost, the Danish striker is a refined gentleman, an athlete who concentrates solely on his personal growth. Rasmus possesses an innate sense of self-confidence. Grounded and determined, he is always prepared to face any challenges that come his way.

Rasmus is conscious of his rapid rise in the football world. Despite his soaring success, he remains humble. The Danish player once admitted that his career had progressed more quickly than he had anticipated or dared to hope.

His experiences in 2022, despite being only 20 years old, have helped Rasmus mature. He now understands his role as a center forward and how to improve his performance on the field. He also recognizes that setbacks are a natural part of any athlete’s journey.

Analyzing his statements, Hojlund believes that ups and downs are inevitable in football. Consequently, he works on developing the mental resilience needed to bounce back from any downturns.

In Bergamo, Italy, Hojlund has become a football hero for many Atalanta supporters. The young, blonde Dane is considered one of the most popular players in the entire country. He remains humble and never hesitates to pose for photos or sign autographs for his fans.


During the off-season, the Danish striker enjoys visiting African holiday destinations, similar to Jose Mourinho. One of Hojlund’s favorite vacation spots is the renowned Chwaka Beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Rasmus’ Car Ownership:

In an interview, the athlete revealed that he has not yet had the opportunity to celebrate his rise in football. Hojlund mentioned that his plan in 2023 was to buy a car for himself. However, before transferring from his childhood club, FC Copenhagen, to Sturm Graz, he did manage to obtain a driver’s license.

The Family Sphere of Rasmus Hojlund:

The family of the Danish soccer star is overjoyed to witness their primary breadwinner’s remarkable rise in his career in merely one year. Similar to his teammate, Andre Onana, Rasmus ensures that his family reaps the rewards of his achievements, financially included. Let’s explore more about his family members.

Regarding Rasmus Hojlund’s Father:

An intriguing aspect of Anders Højlund’s background is his history of playing soccer with Kasper Hjulmand, the present manager of Denmark’s national team, in the 1990s for the Danish club Boldklubben af 1893.

Despite their close bond, Hjulmand’s professional ethics led him to not select Anders’ son for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This choice turned out to be advantageous, as Rasmus started to flourish following the tournament.

In 2022, when Rasmus received his national team invitation, he shared a touching moment with his father. Reflecting on the day Kasper Hjulmand phoned him, Rasmus recounted:

“I discovered the day before the team announcement that Kasper Hjulmand would call me.

I reserved a hotel room with my dad that day, and we shared a sincere hug.

A few tears ran down my cheeks, and I felt somewhat overwhelmed, but hearing my name in the selection was genuinely amazing.”

Anders Højlund was the initial coach for Rasmus and his twin brothers, Oscar and Emil, and always aspired for his son to outshine his own career accomplishments. Anders never competed outside Denmark or earned an international cap with the national team. He takes great pride in Rasmus’s successes.

One of Anders’ most cherished memories of Rasmus’s budding career was his son’s resolve to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo. Reminiscing about a conversation with Rasmus during a Sportek interview, Anders revealed:


About Rasmus Hojlund’s Mother:

Currently, Kirsten Winther enjoys the advantages of her son Rasmus’s thriving career. When he obtained funds from his move to Atalanta, he contemplated the most important people in his life. Kirsten was among the first individuals he thought of, and he sent her some money as a gesture of gratitude.

If it weren’t for someone like Kirsten Winther, Rasmus would not have achieved so much in such a brief period. Following his debut international match against Croatia in the month of September 2022, Kirsten Winther was the first person her son contacted, succeeded by his father and then his brothers (Oscar and Emil).

Hojlund once faced a situation where he was insulted by Austrian Rapid Wien’s travelling supporters after they made derogatory remarks about his mother. This occurred when he scored a goal a few minutes into the match. During his celebration, Rasmus cupped his hand around one ear, signaling that the rival fans had quieted down.

His provocative goal celebration infuriated the Rapid Wien fans, who started hurling beer at FC Copenhagen teammates. In an interview with Krone TV, Rasmus further stated:

Rapid Wien fans weren’t precisely whispering kind words about my mother.

After Rasmus transferred to SK Sturm Graz, he had the opportunity to confront his former adversaries, the Austrian team Rapid Wien. When his squad clashed with them at the Merkur Arena, Rasmus Højlund encountered a chilly welcome.

The icy reception resulted from the Dane’s prior actions (his goal celebration gesture) while representing F.C. Copenhagen.

Delving into Rasmus Hojlund’s Brothers:

In this section, we’ll provide more insight into the soccer-enthusiastic siblings and twins born to Anders and Kirsten. It is well-known that they began playing soccer in their living room, which ultimately inspired their father to construct a basement pitch in their Hørsholm home.

Rasmus Højlund, as the oldest child, takes pride in being the family’s primary earner and most exceptional talent. Presently, he serves as a strong role model for his twin brothers (Oscar and Emil), who are both flourishing with Denmark’s under-17 team (as of 2023). Now, let’s delve into the Hojlund twins individually.

About Emil Højlund:

Born on January 4th, 2005, Rasmus’ twin brother Emil Højlund plays as a centre-forward attacker. Capable of excelling in the attacking midfield position, Emil joined FC Copenhagen’s U19 team on July 1st, 2021.

Often regarded as a versatile striker who can perform in both attacking positions, Emil shares similarities with his older brother, showcasing good finishing, speed, physicality, and ball vision. As of December 2022, Transfermarkt estimated Emil’s market value at €150k.

At the time of writing Rasmus Hojlund’s biography, rumors circulated that Austrian club Sturm Graz was interested in signing Emil. Given Rasmus’ accomplishments in Austria, it’s not surprising that Sturm Graz is closely monitoring Emil. Considering Emil’s career trajectory, the prospect of both brothers leading Denmark’s national team attack in the future seems plausible.

About Oscar Højlund:

Born on January 4th, 2005, Oscar Winther Højlund differs from his twin brother, Emil, in his playing style. As a dynamic and vigorous box-to-box midfielder, Oscar demonstrates both offensive vision and defensive tenacity in his game.

Oscar’s rapid ascent in soccer suggests that Rasmus may not be the only gifted player bearing the Højlund surname. Like his twin brother, Oscar possesses great potential and is currently with FC Copenhagen, a club known for nurturing young talent.

Unveiling Unknown Facts:

In the concluding segment of Rasmus Hojlund’s biography, we’ll disclose lesser-known details about him. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Rasmus Hojlund’s FIFA Attributes:

The Danish player’s primary strengths in the game are his Movement and Power. At just 19 years old, Rasmus already has impressive stats, including 84 Sprint Speed, 84 Strength, and 83 Acceleration. Other top-rated attributes include Stamina (73), Shot Power (74), Finishing (73), and Aggression (71).

In FIFA, 19-year-old Hojlund boasts an overall potential of 86 which puts him at the level of fellow young talents such as Joao Pedro, Alvaro Rodriguez and Benjamin Sesko. For FIFA enthusiasts, acquiring Rasmus Hojlund in career manager mode promises an exhilarating experience, particularly in the future.

Rasmus Hojlund’s Salary:

Per SOFIFA, after signing his August 2022 contract with Atalanta BC, the athlete secured a deal that earns him €17,000 per week. In Euros and Danish Krone, Rasmus Hojlund’s annual income amounts to €885,360 or 6,597,353 kroner.

The Danish Forward’s Wealth:

In Copenhagen, where Rasmus Hojlund was raised, the average person earns approximately $44,474 per year. To match Rasmus’s 2023 yearly salary with Atalanta BC (€885,360), an average person would need 19.9 years.

Rasmus’s Thoughts on Comparisons to Erling Haaland:

Comparisons between Rasmus and his quest to emulate Haaland’s Scandinavian success. While Rasmus is aware of these discussions, he prefers to avoid them. In a conversation with the Austrian Bundesliga website, the Danish player remarked:

“I’ve stated numerous times that I don’t want to compare myself to Haaland. He’s a beast; he’s incredible!

I do recognize the similarities between us. Firstly, we’re both fast and left-footed. We also share considerable strength.

I hope to reach Haaland’s level, but that will necessitate intense training and heightened focus on the field.”

Rasmus Hojlund’s Religious Beliefs:

It is likely that Rasmus Hojlund is a Christian, as the majority of people in Denmark (72% of the country’s population) are registered members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, according to research.


Born to Anders Højlund, a former football player, and Kirsten Winther, a retired 100-meter sprinter, Rasmus Hojlund grew up in Hørsholm, Denmark, alongside his twin brothers, Oscar and Emil. Rasmus is in a relationship with a girl named Laura.

Having been raised in a sports-oriented family, Rasmus inherited his speed from both his parents. As a child, he showcased his talent in various sports, including football, tennis, swimming, and badminton.

Rasmus’s football potential became evident when, at just two years old, he managed to kick a ball much larger than his legs could handle.

Before turning nine, Rasmus faced the difficult decision of choosing between swimming and football. He had achieved remarkable results as a young swimmer, much to his parents’ surprise. Ultimately, Rasmus opted for football, fueled by his competitive spirit. To accommodate their son’s passion, Anders Højlund built a football pitch in the basement of their house.

Career Summary:

Rasmus began his football journey with Hørsholm-Usserød and later moved on to Brøndby and Holbæk. He emerged as a full-fledged striker at Denmark’s leading club, F.C. Copenhagen, where his brothers, Emil and Oscar, later joined the academy.

After experiencing limited playtime in his early senior career, Rasmus transferred to Sturm Graz. Within six months, his market value skyrocketed due to impressive performances, and he became a sought-after football transfer target.

Rasmus joined Atalanta on August 27, 2022. As of now, he has not only disproven F.C. Copenhagen’s doubts but also demonstrated his worthiness for inclusion in Denmark’s 2022 FIFA World Cup selection through his exceptional 2023 form.

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