Rasheedat Ajibade Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

In this article, we delve into the intriguing Biography of Rasheedat Ajibade, focusing on key aspects of her life, such as her childhood experiences, early upbringing, parental influence – specifically, her father, Mr Ajibade, and her mother, Ajoke Aramide Ajibade, siblings, family lineage, state of origin, and other close relatives.

We’ll also touch on her background, ethnicity, religious beliefs, place of origin, educational background, among others. This comprehensive piece will further explore her affiliations, possible body art, net worth, astrological sign, and intimate aspects of the rapidly emerging Nigerian footballer’s life.

Essentially, this write-up will offer a complete historical account of Rasheedat Ajibade’s life. It paints the inspiring tale of Nigeria’s blue-haired future, a young girl who, despite societal pressure to conform to traditional roles, dared to dream beyond the kitchen, making her name on the football pitch instead.

We follow the remarkable journey of Rasheedat Ajibade, a girl who defied the conventional expectations of Nigerian society. Instead of confining herself to domestic chores, she chose to spend her days on the football pitch. This narrative will chronicle how Rasheedat’s persistence and determination led her to outstanding achievements in her football career.


Our rendition of Rasheedat Ajibade’s life story begins by shedding light on key instances from her formative years. This will be followed by a detailed exploration of her budding career with local Nigerian teams, concluding with an account of her rise to prominence as one of her nation’s most esteemed footballers.

Our aim with this narrative is to satiate your curiosity for biographical stories while you immerse yourself in Rasheedat Ajibade’s life story. There’s no denying that Ajibade has made impressive progress in her extraordinary life.

Rasheedat Ajibade is like Victor Osimhen, who is widely recognized as a sports icon. A Baller who clinched the honour of Nigeria Women’s Premier League Top scorer in 2017. She also bagged the Nigeria Football Federation Young Player of the Year in 2018 and was the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations Top Scorer, among other accolades.

In researching and documenting the stories of Nigerian female footballers, we noticed a substantial gap in knowledge. Strikingly, not many fans are familiar with Rasheedat Ajibade’s captivating life story. So, let’s dive right into it.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Early Years:

Starting with some biographical facts, Rasheedat, affectionately known as “RASH”, was born Rasheedat Busayo Ajibade. She was welcomed into the world on December 8, 1999, in Kaduna, Nigeria, by her mother, Ajoke Aramide Ajibade, and father, Mr. Ajibade.

Rasheedat was one of several children born to her parents, the result of the matrimonial union between Mr. Ajibade and Ajoke Aramide.

Let’s acquaint you with Rasheedat Ajibade’s parents, who have been her pillars of support since the inception of her career, particularly her mother, Ajoke. She has always provided Rasheedat with unconditional love and care.

Childhood and Growing Up:

Rasheedat Ajibade’s upbringing took place in Mushin, Nigeria, where she spent her formative years with her siblings under their parents’ care. She has a deep bond with her mother and is driven by the desire to make her proud.

Rasheedat cherished every moment she could share with her mother. Nevertheless, her early life was far from easy, as her family grappled with abject poverty.

They often had no food, and Rasheedat sometimes found herself roaming the streets. In addition to her predicament, she also served as a market vendor, often coming back home late.

In a bid to help her family survive, she also worked as a domestic helper for other families, earning a meager wage. Regrettably, she was occasionally subjected to ill-treatment and indignity simply because she was trying to subsist.

How Soccer Started:

Interestingly, Rasheedat’s talent for soccer wasn’t passed down from her family but was a natural ability. Yet, as a typical Nigerian girl, societal norms dictated that her role was domestic, revolving around the kitchen, school, market, or menial jobs, not on a soccer pitch.

These societal constraints, however, strengthened her resolve. Similar to Ismael Bennacer, she was driven to strive for betterment and to achieve her aspirations. She chose not to accept the roles society prescribed for her and sought to define her own destiny.

In Rasheedat’s words, the lack of a supportive network led her to adopt a solitary stance towards the world. The fear of failure was amplified as she was aware of the voices ready to say, “I told you so,” in case of a loss. Hence, her options were straightforward: to win or to win.

Rasheedat spent her childhood in the bustling suburb of Mushin in Lagos, a hotbed for talented footballers in Nigeria. It was in this neighbourhood that her career in soccer was cultivated. Thus, any discussion of her successful journey would be incomplete without acknowledging the pivotal role of Mushin.

Family Background:

Generally, many Nigerian footballers hail from modest family backgrounds, and Rasheedat’s story was no different. Wealth was only a distant dream in her early life.

Despite her humble beginnings, Rasheedat has striven to achieve success and ensure that her family shares in her accomplishments. She also supports up-and-coming talents by providing essential resources and sports equipment.

Our investigation reveals that Rasheedat comes from a close-knit family, which has been instrumental in supporting her professional journey. Her achievements have made everyone in her family proud.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Family Origins:

Starting with some basic facts, the Atlético Madrid Forward is a Nigerian national. Our research points to Oyo, Nigeria, as the origin of Rasheedat Ajibade’s family. The town holds great historical and cultural significance in Nigeria.

The state of Oyo is home to the University of Ibadan, the oldest university in Nigeria. This institution enjoys a distinguished reputation and draws students from across the country.

Oyo State is renowned for its diverse historical, cultural, and natural attractions, making it an enticing destination for those keen on delving into Nigeria’s heritage.

Ethnic Background:

Ajibade hails from the western region of Nigeria, and the Baller, like Manuel Akanji, identifies with the Nigerian Yoruba ethnic group. She is fluent in the Yoruba language, a dominant language in her region. Interestingly, notable footballers like Bukayo Saka and Taiwo Awoniyi also come from Yoruba lineage. Nigerian captain fantastic, William Troost-Ekong, hails from Akwa Ibom state.

The Yoruba language, which Rasheedat identifies with, includes a range of dialects, such as Ekiti, Igbomina, Ijebu, Ijesa, Oyo, Ondo, and Owo, among others. The commonly used Yoruba language, however, is a combination of two closely related dialects, Oyo and Lagos.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Educational Journey:

While specific details regarding the exact school Rasheedat attended are not available, it is clear that her parents ensured she received an education in her growing years. It is confirmed that she completed her six-year primary education and went on to high school in Nigeria.

Apart from her football career, Rasheedat is also an accomplished scholar with two degrees to her name. She showed a commitment to excel both in sports and academics. Initially, she earned a degree in accounting from Lagos State Polytechnic Nigeria.

Subsequently, she acquired a second degree in sports psychology from the Barca Innovation Hub during the lockdown. When queried about managing academics along with her football career, she cited determination as her driving force.

Rasheedat admitted that studying became a bit easier during the pandemic as she had the option to learn from home. She successfully concluded her academic pursuits, expressing her gratitude to God. She also has a desire to gain more qualifications in the future.

According to Rasheedat, her family values education highly and emphasizes its importance. She believes that education is essential as it provides an alternative career path post-retirement from football.

Early Career:

Rasheedat Ajibade, like Victor Boniface, stands as the epitome of a young woman who faced and overcame obstacles to realize her dreams. Even amid challenges, her zeal and skill steered her towards accomplishing her goals.

Despite the hurdles she encountered, Ajibade maintained her dedication to the sport. Bravely, she chose to leave her home and native town to pursue her football aspirations. Her persistence and unyielding commitment to her chosen career paid dividends as she crafted a successful path in football. Her tenacity and diligent effort enabled her to surmount the difficulties she encountered and propelled her towards realizing her ambitions.

Football Journey:

The skilled footballer commenced her professional journey with FC Robo in 2013, following the path of her Super Falcons teammate, Asisat Oshoala.

In 2014, Ajibade made her mark as one of the most promising young talents in the league. Even though her team didn’t win, she was selected for the Soccerladuma South Africa squad for the 2015 Nigeria Women’s Premier League.

She clinched the title at the inaugural Nigeria National Freestyle Championship and was awarded the prestigious Player of the Season for her remarkable performance in 2017. She scored eight goals during that season, assisting her team in avoiding relegation.

In May 2018, Ajibade received a nomination for the best player award at the Nigeria Pitch Awards, owing to her impressive performance in the 2017 Nigeria Women’s Premier League. She was a part of FC Robo from 2013 to 2018 and emerged as one of the most promising talents in the league.

Journey to Recognition:

In the closing month of 2018, Ajibade signed a two-year contract with Avaldsnes IL, a Norwegian club participating in the Toppserien. Ajibade shone during the 2020 season, scoring seven goals in the league, her personal best in a single season.

Her outstanding performance granted her a place in the Norwegian Female Team of the Season. Despite her endeavours, Avaldsnes conceded a 4-0 loss to Sandviken, settling for a bronze and missing out on the UEFA Women’s Champions League spot as well as the league championship.

Rasheedat Ajibade, the Super Falcons forward, officially terminated her association with the club in 2020. She publicized this on her Twitter account, expressing that her two-year stint with Avaldsnes had reached its conclusion.

Expressing gratitude for the team’s belief and support that fueled her growth as a football player, Ajibade left her followers intrigued and eagerly awaiting her next move with a subtle hint about her next destination.

Path to Stardom:

In January 2021, the exceptional athlete officially penned a two-year contract with former Spanish champions Atletico Madrid, marking her second European transfer following her exit from Avaldsnes in December 2020.

Ajibade’s inclusion in Atletico Madrid represents an exhilarating new chapter in her football career. Since her transfer from Avaldsnes, she has achieved significant success on the field, contributing to Atletico Madrid’s victories in the Supercopa Femenina and the Trofeo Ramon de Carranza.

Her move to Atletico Madrid symbolizes her growing prominence in the football world. In January 2022, her contract was extended for three more years, securing her spot until 2025, further cementing her bond with Atletico Madrid and reflecting the club’s faith in her capabilities.

International Career Achievements:

Rasheedat Ajibade has donned the Nigerian colors at various stages, including the under-17, under-20, and senior national teams. Significant achievements include scoring during the African qualifiers for the 2014 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

Her efforts propelled Nigeria to a quarter-final match against Spain. Moreover, she led Nigeria as the captain in the 2016 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. In a match against Canada at the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, the forward was awarded the Player of the Match.

Ajibade’s stellar performances persisted as she scored decisive goals in the African qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. Her hat-trick played a crucial part in Nigeria reaching the semi-finals in the inaugural edition of the WAFU Cup.

Ajibade’s triumphs continued into the 2018 African Nations Championship, where she played an instrumental role in Nigeria’s win. She also captained the Super Falcons in a friendly match against Olimpija Ljubljana.

Lastly, the talented forward is included in the Nigerian squad for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. As the saying goes, the rest of her biography is now part of history.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Love Life – Husband, Boyfriend, etc:

Given Rasheedat Ajibade’s significant achievements in football at such a young age, it’s evident that she has established herself as an accomplished sportswoman. As such, it’s natural for her many male admirers to fantasize about being romantically involved with her, leading us to the ultimate inquiry.

Who is the special someone in Rasheedat Ajibade’s life?

As of the time of this profile creation, Rasheedat Ajibade is not in a relationship, attributing her single status to her dedication to her professional soccer career and personal ambitions in the sport.

There is no accessible information about her previous relationships, indicating her preference for keeping her personal affairs away from the public eye. Interestingly, in a light-hearted TikTok video, she joked about being a perfect spouse material.

Our investigation found that Ajibade has no children, consistent with her devotion to her career. With her steadfast determination and passion for soccer, Ajibade concentrates on making significant progress in her professional journey.

Beyond the Pitch:

Away from the football field, she has a knack for balancing her professional obligations and personal life. Rasheedat Ajibade is a sociable and outgoing individual who cherishes joyful moments in life.

Like fellow athletes Jhon Duran, David Raya, and Jeremie Frimpong, Ajibade, a Sagittarius, is regarded as an inspiration for young girls and female athletes. The forward always display positivity, generosity, and idealism.

Fitness Regime of Rasheedat Ajibade:

The sports star is recognized for her dedication to regular physical fitness to maintain peak performance levels. Alongside her formal training with her club, Ajibade integrates personal workout regimes into her routine.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Initiative:

In the summer of the pandemic year, 2020, Rash launched her annual #StandOutWithRASH campaign. This campaign is in partnership with EaglesTracker, a leading Nigerian athlete branding company. This social media-driven initiative aims to spotlight and support emerging football talents in Nigeria.

Through her influential social media presence, Ajibade provides rising athletes with exposure, inspiration, and tangible rewards. These rewards encompass football boots, jerseys, and cash prizes for promising footballers who showcase their exceptional abilities on the field.

Personal Brand:

The Exceptional Forward has successfully established her own brand, RASH, featuring a variety of exclusive merchandise available for fans to purchase online. The brand embodies her distinctive style and personality, allowing her supporters to feel a deeper connection with her.

RASH doesn’t limit itself to merchandise; it also actively participates in numerous local activities within Nigeria. These include charitable endeavors and community outreach initiatives. Through her brand, Ajibade aims to create a lasting influence both within and beyond the world of football.

Rasheedat Ajibade further fortified her brand presence when she became a brand ambassador for Pluralcode. Following this, she launched the RASHxPluralcode Tech Scholarship, a program that provides free tech training in UI/UX design and web development to 60 Nigerians annually.

Showing her commitment to grassroots players, Ajibade visited FC Robo and donated 100 jerseys, balls, and tracksuits. This act underscores her dedication to empowering individuals through education.

Social Media Presence:

Rasheedat Ajibade actively engages with her fans through her verified Instagram and Twitter accounts, amassing a substantial following on both platforms. On Instagram, she has attracted over 147,000 followers, while on Twitter, she has around 2,134 followers.

Alongside her professional achievements, Ajibade has also been a guiding force for many young girls aspiring to make a career in football.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Way of Life:

Unlike certain celebrities, Rasheedat Ajibade does not use her social media to flaunt wealth. She leads a relatively simple life, as reflected in her humble persona. For the Stellar Athlete, the earnings from her career provide enough for a comfortable life.

The forward also values her downtime, cherishing moments spent near the water. Such occasions allow her to introspect, refresh, and recover from stress.

Vehicle Owned by Rasheedat Ajibade:

The Dazzling Soccer Diva enjoys the luxury of driving high-end vehicles, some of which are provided by her sponsors and club. In addition, she owns a stylish red car that adorns her garage.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Family Life:

Known affectionately as “The Girl With The Blue Hair,” Rasheedat Ajibade is graced with a tight-knit family whose support she deeply cherishes. Their steadfast backing fills her life with joy, gratitude, and a sense of accomplishment. Let’s explore her family background in this section of her biography.

About Rasheedat Ajibade’s Father:

Rasheedat Ajibade has largely kept her father’s identity out of the public eye, preferring to keep her family life private. Despite comprehensive investigations, detailed information about her father, Mr. Ajibade, is not readily accessible.

However, it is known that he is a native of Oyo State, Nigeria. There are suggestions that he might have welcomed his daughter, Rasheedat, in Kaduna before moving to Lagos State in search of better prospects.

He has been a vital figure in her football journey, offering continuous support and playing a key role in her development as a footballer. His profound influence and unwavering backing have been substantial contributors to Rasheedat’s accomplishments.

About Rasheedat Ajibade’s Mother:

Rasheedat considers her mother, Madam Ajoke Ajibade, as both a robust support system and a best friend. She has given Rasheedat unconditional love and support, and in turn, Rasheedat has pledged to make her proud—a promise she is delighted to be fulfilling.

Rasheedat sees her mother’s love as infinite and can’t imagine life without her. In short, she is a true mama’s girl and cherishes every moment spent with her.

Atletico Madrid Femenina celebrated a special occasion with Rasheedat and her mother, demonstrating the club’s emphasis on promoting family ties and unity.

This surprise on Mother’s Day created an indelible memory, reinforcing the strong bond between mother and daughter.

They enjoyed special moments together, including watching Rasheedat score a goal in a league match—an exhilarating experience for her mother.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Siblings:

Despite thorough research, we were unable to find any details regarding Rasheedat Ajibade’s siblings. Although there’s no publicly available information about her siblings, one thing is certain: they are tremendously supportive of their sister.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Extended Family:

Rasheedat is quite private when it comes to her extended family. Nonetheless, we gathered that she comes from a loving, supportive family that has stood by her throughout her football career. This includes her cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

Unrevealed Facts:

In this final section of Rasheedat Ajibade’s biography, we aim to unveil some intriguing details that might not be widely known. Let’s delve into these fascinating tidbits without further ado.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s Financial Worth:

Over time, the net worth of this ‘Falcon Queen’ has significantly increased. So, as of 2023, what does Rasheedat Ajibade’s net worth look like? The impressive athlete has a net worth that’s estimated to be between $5 million and $10 million. Her wealth primarily stems from her thriving careers, businesses, and brand endorsement deals.

Rasheedat Ajibade and FIFA:

This dynamic Nigerian footballer has demonstrated consistent excellence and stability in her gameplay. Despite her Sofifa not being updated since 2019, she stands alongside the likes of Alyssa Thompson, Katie Robinson, and Salma Paralluelo, who are recognized as superb forwards.

Her overall rating in FIFA 19 is 72, with a potential of 85. Among her standout stats are balance, acceleration, agility, and reaction. Nevertheless, she can still improve in other areas, such as vision, interceptions, long passing, and aggression.

About Rasheedat Ajibade’s Religious Faith:

There have been misunderstandings regarding Rasheedat Ajibade’s religious beliefs, primarily because her name is often associated with Islam. However, thorough research reveals that the Nigerian footballer is a Christian.

She is like Stanley Nwabali and Calvin Bassey, who has a strong faith in God and is actively involved in practicing Christianity in her daily life. Ajibade’s social media profiles provide a glimpse into her religious convictions and serve as a platform for expressing her faith.

Regularly, she posts content that displays her profound spiritual connection with Jesus. Through her online presence, she aims to inspire others while expressing her steadfast love and dedication to her Christian values.


According to the footballer herself, she feels enthusiastic and fulfilled about her association with FIFPRO. She further elaborated on how she came to know about the organization and its influence. Here are her remarks:

Driven by the desire to make a difference, I decided to join the FIFPRO World Football Council. With an inquisitive nature, I actively participate in discussions with my peers, especially about contract matters.

Through these dialogues, I learned about FIFPRO and its significant impact. Having seen the difficulties that players face, particularly those from Africa who might overlook contract details, I realized the importance of always asking the relevant questions.

The widespread practice of accepting whatever is given, regardless of the situation, makes footballers vulnerable to exploitation, especially by agents.

It’s vital for us as athletes to be informed, both on and off the pitch. Organizations like FIFPRO, acting as players’ unions, play a significant role in our sport by offering players essential information, support, and protection.

Closing Remarks:

Rasheedat Busayo Ajibade was born to Madam Ajoke Ajibade (her mother) and Mr. Ajibade (her father) on December 8, 1999. Her birthplace is Kaduna State, Nigeria. She is affectionately known as “RASH” and “The Girl With The Blue Hair”.

Research indicates that Ajibade embarked on her athletic journey when she was just thirteen. There was nothing in her early life that signposted her future in football, especially considering the scant regard for female football in Nigeria at the time.

Hailing from a family that values education, RASH completed her undergraduate degree before pursuing her career abroad. The football superstar attended both primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

In addition, she holds an accounting degree from Lagos State Polytechnic, Nigeria, and a second degree in sports psychology from Barca Innovation Hub. Rasheedat began her career with FC Robo, where she spent eight fruitful years.

Rasheedat Ajibade’s career path has taken her from FC Robo to Avaldsnes Idrettslag and currently, she represents Atletico Madrid, a prominent Spanish women’s football team.

Over the years, Rasheedat has gathered an array of awards for herself, her club, and her country. These include the 2017 Nigeria Pitch Awards NWPL Player of the Season and the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in 2018.

Also, she was the top scorer at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in 2022, and she won the Copa de la Reina in 2022-23. Her successes serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to budding football players globally.

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