Piero Hincapie Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Piero Hincapie, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing by his parents, who are Mayra Reyna, Piero’s Mum and Jesus Hincapie, his dad, his relationship with his siblings – taking about Miguel Hincapie (Piero’s Brother) and Felicia Hincapie, his sister, his favourite Cousin, Stéfano Tello, super Grandmother Martin Reyna, and romantic life with Jossmery Toledo, his girlfriend etc.

SoccerBiography delves into Piero Hincape’s background, including his nationality, ethnicity, religion, education, astrological signs, and family roots. Soccer Biography will also provide insights into the central defender’s character and financial standing, as well as a detailed account of his earnings at Bayer Leverkusen, down to the earnings per second.

This tale unveils Piero Hincapie’s life, punctuated by a profound, sorrowful event. Envision Piero, on the cusp of football stardom, when dread strikes. His cousin, dear as a sibling, is abducted. The agony and terror Piero endures, uncertain of their reunion, is unimaginable. This ordeal, amidst his triumphs, serves as a stark reminder that joy can swiftly be overshadowed by concern for our loved ones.


We start Piero Hincapie’s biography by exploring significant moments from his early years and upbringing. We’ll then follow his initial football steps with Barcelona Esmeraldas and outline his journey to prominence in the Bundesliga.

Known in the football world as Martin, this Ecuadorian defender has made a mark with Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. His achievements include winning the U-20 Copa Libertadores in 2020 and being named to the IFFHS Men’s World Youth (U20) Team in 2022.

Despite these accomplishments, Piero Hincapie’s story remains largely unknown to both Ecuadorian football fans and global lovers of the game. This article is crafted especially for you, so let’s dive right in without delay.

Piero Hincapie’s Early Story:

Piero Martín Hincapie Reyna, known as “The Wall, Mister, Kaiser, Goleador,” was born on January 9, 2002, in Ecuador to Jesus Hincapie and Mayra Reyna. He was the youngest of three siblings in his family, marking the completion of their household.

Raised in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Piero Hincapie was the youngest of three. He grew up in a close-knit, hardworking family. He was always made to feel loved and valued. Playing football on the streets with peers was his escape and joy. Despite being the baby of the family, his upbringing kept him grounded.

Piero remains true to his roots, often expressing pride in his hometown and gratitude towards his family and community for their role in his journey. His story highlights the impact of dreams and resolve.

Piero Hincapie’s Early Childhood:

Piero Hincapie’s entry into football was influenced by his father, Jesus, a former player and avid Emelec supporter. Growing up, Piero and his siblings shared their father’s passion for the team. Piero started playing football in Esmeraldas, using stones for goalposts.

While his brother often joined in, his sister pursued different interests. From these humble beginnings, Piero set his sights on a professional football career.

Piero Hincapie Family Dynamics:

Piero Hincapie’s family, brimming with love and happiness, had modest means. The family patriarch, Don Hincapie, had an early end to his football career and possibly worked in a common sector in Ecuador, like agriculture or oil, to support the family.

Piero’s mother, Mayra Reyna, was the heart of the home, ensuring cleanliness and preparing meals that only she could perfect, according to Piero. While not wealthy, the Hincapies weren’t poor either but saw room for financial improvement, pinning hopes on Piero’s potential football career.

Piero Hincapie Origin:

Piero Hincapie hails from Esmeraldas, Ecuador, in South America, suggesting his family’s roots are likely there, affirming their Ecuadorian identity. Esmeraldas, his birthplace, is dubbed the “Green Province” for its verdant environment and hosts the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve, famous for its towering mangroves.

Ethnicity and Identity:

This region is notable for its vibrant Afro-Ecuadorian community, enriching the area with distinct music, dance, and traditions.

Piero Hincapie Academics:

Piero Hincapie, affectionately referred to as “the little pussy” by his father, attended Refinería School in Esmeraldas for his primary education. He later moved on to Complejo Independiente del Valle School for his secondary education, where he excelled, graduating with honors.

Balancing his budding football career with academics, Piero stayed focused on his studies, guided by his school’s motto, “If you don’t study, you won’t play,” a principle that motivated even the least interested students to engage in their education.

Piero Hincapie Early Football:

Starting at just seven, Piero Hincapie made his mark in local clubs in Esmeraldas, shining at the Barcelona SC academy as a champion. After stints with Escuela Refinería, Emelec, and Barcelona in the 2012/2013 season, he moved to Norte América in Guayaquil, a six-hour journey from his hometown, at age ten.

This move was tough for his family, especially his mother, Mayra Reyna, mirroring the sentiments of Alex Baena’s family when he joined Villareal. Despite the distance, Piero’s parents remained supportive. To stay connected, they established a routine of daily calls and biweekly visits, easing the pain of separation.

Piero Hincapie Road to Fame Story:

After two years at Norte America, Martin moved to Deportivo Azogues, then to Independiente del Valle in Quito, debuting in November 2016, moving further from home.

His standout performances led to a promotion to the first team and a spot in the under-20 team alongside Moisés Caicedo at just 16. Piero played a key role in winning the U-20 Copa Libertadores, moving up to the B team, and ending his youth career.

As Piero advanced, Gonzalo Plata stepped into the main squad, bringing Piero closer to his dreams. He also represented Ecuador at the U15 level in 2017, captained the U17 team, and competed in the South American championship in Peru and the World Cup in Brazil.

Piero Hincapie Biography Prominence Story:

In January 2020, Hincapie joined Independiente del Valle’s main squad, played three games, and then signed a five-year contract with Argentina’s Talleres. He arrived alongside Francis Mac Allister in August 2020 but left after a year and 14 games for Germany’s Bayer Leverkusen amidst rumors of interest from top European clubs, including Real Madrid.

At Leverkusen, Hincapie teams up with Jonathan Tah, and under Xabi Alonso’s leadership, the club excels in the Bundesliga. Internationally, he debuted with Ecuador’s senior team in June 2021 and participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, supported by his family.

Currently seen as Bayer Leverkusen’s rough diamond, Hincapie is known for his speed, skill, and tactical awareness. He has the potential to reach the heights of his idol, Sergio Ramos.

Who is Piero Hincapie Dating?

Rising to fame often puts footballers’ personal lives under the spotlight, with their relationships, especially with well-known figures, attracting public attention. Despite Piero Hincapie’s clear statements about being single, rumors have circulated about his potential romantic connections.

Speculation first linked him to Jossmery Toledo, a Peruvian reality star and former police officer, after she shared vacation photos on Instagram. Despite the rumors, Hincapie remained quiet, and Toledo clarified that they were merely friends, expressing frustration over the false dating claims.

Another rumor suggested Hincapie was involved with Ecuadorian fashion influencer Bianca Fariña, with reports of them spending the new year together and enjoying jet ski rides. However, Hincapie firmly denied any romantic ties, insisting they were just friends.

These unfounded rumors can potentially tarnish reputations, emphasizing the importance of verifying such claims. Until confirmed by the individuals themselves, Piero Hincapie is considered to have no girlfriend.

Off Work Personality:

Piero Hincapie is passionate about fitness, particularly focusing on core and stamina training. He cherishes time with his dog and family, making up for the years spent apart since age ten by frequently reconnecting with them. Piero’s preferred dishes are Tapado Arrecho and Blue Crabs, and he has a special fondness for his mom’s cooking. Besides savoring delicious food, he finds solace in the tranquility of water.

The Capricorn athlete shares this zodiac sign with other footballers, such as Matthias Ginter, Jean-Clair Todibo, Simon Adingra, and Cesare Casadei.


Piero Hincapie, key to Bayer Leverkusen, is known for his focus and discipline, traits instilled by his parents. Unlike many, he doesn’t flaunt his assets online, preferring a low-key life. He enjoys luxuries privately, sharing only what he chooses. He enjoys a low-profile lifestyle, sharing only what he chooses.

Piero Hincapie Family Dynamics:

His family’s support is evident, yet he keeps details private, highlighting their significant role in his journey. Stay tuned for more on his family life.

Piero Hincapie’s Patraich:

Don Hincapie, Piero’s father, is a fervent fan of Emelec, one of Ecuador’s top football clubs. This passion for football, particularly for Emelec, has deeply influenced Piero’s career in the sport. The family’s bond with football, especially their support for Emelec, plays a key role in their lives. Piero’s professional journey is intertwined with this shared love for the game.

Piero once scored against Emelec, feeling mixed emotions about the game but proud of his achievement. Throughout, Don Hincapie has been a constant support, always standing by his son.

 Piero Hincapie’s Mother:

Mayra Reyna is celebrated for her culinary skills, particularly her ability to craft Piero’s favorites: Tapado Arrecho and Blue Crabs. Her cooking brings the family together, creating memorable moments around the dinner table.

When Piero left home at 10, it was a tough period for Mayra, adjusting to his absence. To stay connected, she visited him biweekly, with daily calls in between. Piero’s success is a testament to his upbringing, often returning home to spend quality time with Mayra, showing his appreciation with smiles and affectionate gestures.

Piero Hincapie’s Brother:

Miquel, Piero’s older brother, was his earliest companion, guardian, and friend. Their childhood was vibrant, with shared joy and endless soccer in Esmeraldas’ sunny streets. Their playful matches often ended with Miquel letting Piero score, lighting up his younger brother’s face with victory. As they matured, Miquel became Piero’s mentor, sharing dreams and guiding him through youth.

When Piero’s soccer talent emerged, Miquel was his biggest cheerleader, always supporting him from the sidelines. Despite Piero’s professional path taking him afar, their bond remained strong, with Miquel proudly watching his brother’s rise to fame.

Piero Hincapie’s Sister:

Piero also shared a deep connection with his sister, Felicia. She was his confidante and biggest fan, supporting him through every game and life’s challenges. Their relationship epitomized sibling love, with Felicia keeping Piero grounded amidst his success. The Hincapie siblings, including Piero and Felicia, were known for their close-knit relationship, often seen celebrating and supporting each other in the community.

Piero Hincapie’s Extended Relatives:

Piero Hincapie’s middle name, Martin, honors his grandmother, a name also shared by his late mother, who passed away before his birth. Though details about her are scarce, it’s clear she would have held Piero dear.

His cousin, Stéfano Tello, and Piero likely shared a close bond, further evidenced by their support for each other during a tragic event in 2023. More on this will be discussed later.

Lesser Details:

In this concluding part of the biography, we’ll explore more about Piero Hincapie, the exceptional Ecuadorian footballer. Let’s dive into the fascinating details of his life and career.

Piero Hincapie’s Paychecks:

Piero Hincapie’s move to Bayer Leverkusen involved a €6.35m transfer fee. In the 23/24 season, his weekly earnings are €40,000, summing up to an annual gross of €2,080,000.

Piero Hincapie’s FIFA Profile:

The ex-Norte América center-back, Martin, excels in movement with acceleration, sprint, and agility, all above 70. His defence skills, which is similar to that of Calvin Bassey and Malick Thiaw are notably strong, reflecting a proactive approach on the field. An admirer of Sergio Ramos, he boasts a 79% rating with a potential to reach 80.

Piero Hincapie’s Beliefs:

Don Hincapie, Piero’s father, is a devout Christian with a special devotion to Saint Martin de Porres, embodying humility. This spiritual depth influences Piero, who shows his reverence by kneeling in gratitude before every game.

Piero’s emotional connection to the game is significant, often moved to tears by losses, as observed by his father. To offer solace and direction, his father gave him a Sacred Heart of Jesus card, a cherished and guiding keepsake for Piero.

Piero Hincapie’s Cousin was Abducted:

Stéfano Tello experienced a harrowing ordeal, being kidnapped and held for five days. General Fausto Buenaño of the Esmeraldas police reported Tello’s release in a remote area after a significant ransom was paid. Subsequently, a 28-year-old suspect, Freddy VG, involved in the kidnapping, was arrested but found dead shortly after. This incident highlights a concerning trend of soccer players’ relatives becoming crime targets.

Piero Hincapie’s Body Tattoos:

Despite being known for his faith, Bayer Leverkusen’s left-back Piero Martin Hincapie shows that devotion is more than outward expressions, as seen in his choice of tattoos. He aligns with stars like Lionel Messi, Memphis Depay, Neymar, and Otamendi, who also sport body art. His idol, Sergio Ramos, is notably tattooed, further inspiring Piero’s choices.

Financial Capacity of Piero Hincapie?

Comparing Piero Hincapie’s earnings to the average Ecuadorian highlights a significant disparity. With an average monthly income of 1,360 USD in Ecuador, Piero’s weekly pay of 43,764 USD is striking. It would take an average citizen over ten years to match what Piero earns in a month, underscoring his remarkable financial ascent.

End Note:

Piero Martín Hincapie Reyna, also known as “The Wall” and “Mister,” was born to Jesus Hincapie and Mayra Reyna in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, on January 9, 2002. He was the youngest of three, completing the family.

Raised in Esmeraldas, Piero was immersed in a culture of unity and hard work, with a deep love for football from a young age, supported by his family. Despite being the youngest, he stayed humble and connected to his community. Influenced by his father, a former player and Emelec fan, Piero’s passion for football grew through street games, hinting at a future career.

Balancing football with education, Piero excelled in school, graduating with honors from Complejo Independiente del Valle School. His football path began locally, leading to stints with Barcelona SC Academy and Norte América. Family support was crucial during this time. His journey continued with Deportivo Azogues and Independiente del Valle, reaching key career milestones.

Piero’s talent took him to the top with Independiente del Valle, then to teams in Argentina and Germany. His transfer to Bayer Leverkusen and national team performances have marked him as a football star on the rise.

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