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This article, about the Biography of Phil Foden, presents you with facts about his childhood, family background, parents – Claire Foden (mother), Phil Foden Snr (father), early life, Girlfriend (Rebecca), son, lifestyle, net worth, and personal life.

In summary, SoccerBiography provides a detailed account of the English footballer’s history. We’ll guide you through significant events in Phil Foden’s early life, leading up to his rise to fame.

Yes, everyone acknowledges him alongside notables like Gabri Veiga and Jamal Musiala as fast-rising Soccer stars. Phil as one of England’s most promising young talents and a patient youngster who has helped Phil Man City’s trophy cabinet.

However, not many soccer fans have read our rendition of Phil Foden’s Biography, which is rather engaging. Now, without further delay, let’s get started.

Phil Foden’s Childhood Story – Family Background:

For Biography newcomers, he is nicknamed “Pep’s lad.” His full name given to him by his parents (Claire Foden and Phil Foden Snr) is “Philip Walter Foden,” not “Phil Foden,” as commonly known.

Foden was born on May 28, 2000, to his mother, Claire Foden, and father, Phil Foden Snr. The Athlete’s birthplace in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, United Kingdom.

Phil Foden’s parents had “Phil” as their firstborn. Born into a middle-class family, neither Phil’s mother, father, nor close family members were part of Manchester’s wealthy class.

Young Foden spent the earliest years of his life in Edgeley, a modest Stockport suburb often considered an ideal area for low and middle-class income earners.

The Stockport-born footballer with Manchester family origins wasn’t an only child. He grew up with a younger sister whose name remains unknown at the time of writing. Phil Foden’s sister is likely a couple of years (1 or 2) younger than him.

Early Years with Football:

Did you know? Phil Foden was born into a family that has supported Man City for decades (even before the 2008 takeover).

As a toddler, little Phil was seen as a sensory learner who initially discovered his passion for kicking a soccer ball in his family’s living room.

As Phil grew older, he began attending Etihad matches with his parents every weekend. He was a great football lover who enjoyed singing the famous “Blue Moon from the Stands” like every other Manchester City fan.

This admiration for the club led young Foden to request that his parents buy him a “Full Man City Kit.” Fulfiling their son’s request, Phil Foden’s parents got him his desired dream kit, and he joyfully wore it at all times to football matches.

Foden’s passion for soccer continued throughout his childhood, it didn’t take long before the youngster embraced his destiny, aspiring to become a professional footballer.

Phil Foden Childhood Biography – Education and Career Development:

From an early age, young Phil recognized his football talent. After refining his skills on Manchester’s local pitches, the eager child went on to try out for the Man City academy.

His parents and other family members were overjoyed when Phil passed his trials with flying colours.

Little Phil Foden joined the Man City Academy at the tender age of 8. Playing for the club meant everything to the young boy, who received the perfect platform and substantial parental support to develop his talent at such an early age.

According to Manchester Evening News, Phil Foden displayed exceptional star quality from the initial stages of his career. Even his club (Man City Academy) couldn’t help but express their gratitude to him and his teammates.

Did you know? Impressed by Phil’s progress, Man City FC once offered one of their luxury cars (a Limousine) for young Phil and his teammates to make their end-of-season presentation to spectators.

Phil Foden Biography Facts – Early Career Life:

Throughout his teenage years at the academy, Phil Foden evolved into an extraordinary prodigy who consistently delighted fans with his skills.

The Manchester-born talent possessed remarkable control and a knack for gliding past opponents.

Phil Foden’s accomplishments led to his rapid ascent through the academy ranks, thriving against various opponents.

As intelligent as he is, Phil multitasked by pursuing his education while still in the Man City academy. While playing with the Man City youth, Phil Foden’s parents has always stood with the idea that their son should not completely sacrifice his education for his football career.

In response, Manchester City awarded Foden a scholarship. The club covered his tuition fees while he attended private school at St. Bede’s College in Whalley Range, Manchester, England.

Phil Foden Biography – The Journey to Fame:

The gifted and precocious teenager continued to excel in his passion while attending private classes at St. Bede’s College.

During his early teenage years, Foden understood that to achieve success, he needed technical quality, a bit of luck, and, most importantly, to avoid injury.

As far as SoccerBiography knows, Phil’s first teenage sports victory came when he assisted his youth team in winning the prestigious Neon Cup.

In that competition, the budding footballer was awarded the title of the “best player of the tournament.”

For those who knew him, this was an indication that he had indeed made his mark as an academy footballer.

Phil Foden Bio – Ascension to Fame:

The young prodigy, often referred to by his friends as the “Man City Academy Chief Goal Creator,” was soon invited to join England’s U16 team, where he made an immediate impact.

In under a year, Phil advanced to the English U17 squad. Alongside Morgan Gibbs-White, Jadon Sancho and Callum Hudson-Odoi, the young footballer was called up to participate in the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Did you know? Phil Foden not only helped the England U17 side secure the trophy, but he also won the FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball.

Furthermore, Foden’s youth success continued as he earned the 2017 BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award.

At the time of writing this Biography, the Manchester-born Soccer star is considered the most promising young talent under Pep Guardiola and Gareth Southgate.

Do you know?… Foden’s achievements have paved the way for Cole Palmer, Romeo Lavia and Rico Lewis. These are two Man City youngsters who followed in his darling footsteps.

Not to forget, Foden was a part of the Man City team that secured the Treble in the 2018/2019 season. In that season, the teenager won the Premier League, EFL Cup (+ FA Community Shield) and the FA. As a lucky Baller, he holds the honour of scoring a landmark Manchester City’s 1,000th Goal.

The rest, as SoccerBiography says, is forever history.

Rebecca Cooke and Phil Foden – The Love Story:

As Phil Foden’s fame in English football grew, many fans became curious about his relationship status, wondering if he had a girlfriend or was actually married.

Our research shows that Phil, at the time of writing this Bio, is not married, but he has a girlfriend.

Supporting the successful footballer is his glamorous girlfriend, Rebecca Cooke.

According to the Liverampup Blog, both Phil and Rebecca have known each other since their days of attending high school.

A young Phil Foden decided he would become a parent at the tender age of 18. Indeed, it is an uncommon occurrence for young footballers of his calibre and age. He and his devoted girlfriend Rebecca welcomed a beautiful baby boy on January 24th, 2019.

Did you know? By the time Phil Foden retires from football (likely at age 36), his son will be 18 years old and possibly a senior team footballer.


Understanding Phil Foden’s personal life will give you a clearer picture of his off-pitch personality.

Firstly, there’s no better way to unwind from the stress of competing with the likes of İlkay Gündoğan, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, David Silva, for a starting position.

Phil relaxes from the pressures of Man City by spending time fishing for various species with or without his friends. What an incredible hobby!

Regarding Phil Foden’s personal life, he possesses a generous nature. Despite his success, the millionaire footballer does not feel the need to distance himself from his childhood friends and schoolteachers.

Instead of splurging on houses and cars, Foden allocates some of his earnings to those with whom he once shared his dreams. Once upon a time, the footballer presented gifts to one of his teachers during a visit to his former school in Stockport, where the children delighted him.

Phil Foden Family Facts:

In this section, we delve into Phil Foden’s family life. Remarkably, at the time of writing, the footballer still resides with his parents despite having a child with his girlfriend.

Foden’s accomplishments have enabled his family to relocate from Edgeley, a modest Stockport suburb, to Bramhall, a more affluent area in south Manchester.

About Phil Foden’s Dad (Phil Snr):

Concerned that his son might be too young (at 18) to establish a home with his girlfriend Rebecca, Phil Foden’s father, Phil Snr, insisted that his son continue living with him and the rest of his family members after becoming a parent.

Phil Foden agreed to stay in his dad’s house, while his girlfriend Rebecca remained with her mother.

About Claire Foden, Phil Foden’s Mum:

Claire Foden is a homemaker who primarily focuses on maintaining her home and ensuring the proper upbringing of young Foden and his sister.

In contrast to her previous smaller home, a delighted Claire now resides in a £2m home, which her son purchased for her around 2018 (as reported by TheSunUK).

About Phil Foden’s Sister:

Foden has a sister who currently enjoys the numerous perks of having an older brother playing in the Premier League. Phil’s sister knows him better than anyone else.

Phil Foden’s Grandmother:

Experiencing the joy of having one’s grandparents alive after achieving success in one’s career is a beautiful feeling.

This is the case for Phil Foden. The greatest gift he offers his grandmother is his unwavering love and support.


Obviously, Phil Foden is a rich footballer. In December 2018, he signed a contract with Manchester City that earned him an impressive salary of 1.7 million euros (1.5 million pounds) per year.

This reveals that he is a millionaire footballer and has the means to lead a lavish lifestyle.

However, at the time of writing, Phil Foden is known to avoid embracing an extravagant lifestyle, which would typically involve a collection of costly wristwatches, clothing, cars, and a mansion, among other things.

Despite earning £30,241 in weekly wages, the footballer prefers wearing modest clothes. In fact, this is what his room looked like when he was already wealthy.

Phil Foden Facts:

As we conclude the biography of the Manchester City prodigy, we’ll share more lesser-known facts about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Guinness World Record:

Phil Foden has joined legendary former footballers Pele and Lionel Messi in holding a Guinness World Record.

Did you know?… Foden holds the record for being the youngest football player to win the Premier League. According to the renowned reference book publisher, Phil Foden’s name will be included in the 2020 edition of its series.

Phil Foden’s Tattoo:

Tattoo culture is widespread in today’s football world. Often, it is used to represent one’s religion or the people they love.

At the time of writing, SoccerBiography has found that Phil Foden is not tattoo-free. The Athlete from Stockport has a tattoo drawn on his right hand, which symbolizes his passion, a sponsor logo, and other elements.

The year of the birth was a period of uncertainty:

Phil Foden, with White English family roots, was born at the dawn of the year 2000, the new millennium.

Do you remember? It was that year rumours have it that there would be technological disruptions. As previously predicted, it did not occur.

In reality, the infamous Y2K millennium bug never materialized. Aeroplanes, as anticipated, did not fall from the sky.

Missiles didn’t accidentally launch, and finally, the hypothetical resetting of dates on computers never took place.

What is Phil Foden’s Religion?

Regarding his religion, Phil Foden is a Christian, and he, like Mary Fowler, was raised in a devoted Catholic family home. This explains why his parents made him attend St Bede’s Roman Catholic co-educational school.


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