Oscar Bobb Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive Oscar Bobb Biography, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing by his parents, notably his celebrity Mum, Turid Gunnes, his Dad, Abdou Bobb, who hails from The Gambia, Bobb’s romantic life, his sister, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

We explore Oscar Bobb’s roots in Europe and Africa, including his West African ethnicity, upbringing, and education. We also provide details about his earnings, lifestyle, zodiac signs, cancer, and salary structure.

In essence, this SoccerBiography piece tells Oscar Bobb’s complete story. It recounts how his childhood was often marked by legal issues and moving between countries. Despite not being at fault, Bobb was frequently in the spotlight, surrounded by controversy.

The article also shares the journey of a soccer player who was constantly in the media. At one point, he was even called “a little Messi. ” Another chapter of his life involved legal battles between FIFA and his mother, stemming from a prolonged dispute with FIFA, which we’ll explain.

Bobb’s soccer story is about a young prodigy who captivated Norway with his exceptional skills, even wearing an oversized Lightning kit. His appearances on TV2, Norway’s top TV channel, didn’t sit well with his mother. A notable incident involved Gunnes Turid, a well-known Norwegian figure, clashing with FIFA and overtaking her son to Portugal. Despite numerous challenges, Oscar, under Turid’s care, saw a remarkable rise, especially with his development under Pep Guardiola‘s guidance.


This story introduces you to Oscar Bobb, starting from his childhood in Oslo, Norway. We’ll share his journey with Lyn, from his first steps in football to the early challenges he faced, including issues with FIFA. Despite these hurdles and his West African heritage, Oscar’s talent in football led him to remarkable success.

We aim to deepen your appreciation for football tales by bringing you Oscar Bobb’s story. From being a young talent in Oslo to learning the intricacies of the game under Pep Guardiola, Bobb’s journey is inspiring.

Oscar Bobb, known for his skilful ball-handling similar to Jack Grealish and clear thinking on par with Bernardo Silva, has made significant decisions in his game reminiscent of Kevin De Bruyne. A fan once remarked, “Remember the name Oscar Bobb!” after watching his gameplay, which had made headlines when he was just 11.

In our exploration of Norwegian football, we’ve noticed that the midfield often goes unnoticed. The magical and daring Oscar Bobb’s exciting story deserves more attention, which is why we’ve decided to share it with you.

Oscar Bobb’s Early Years:

Oscar, affectionately known as the ‘Little Wizard,’ was born to Turid Gunnes and Abdou Bobb in Oslo on July 12, 2003. He is one of two children in his family. After his parents parted ways, his mother, Turid, took full custody, showing immense dedication to his football career, even facing off with FIFA for his sake.

Growing Up:

Oscar wasn’t the only child; he had a younger sister. Raised in Tåsen, a peaceful part of Oslo, the siblings had a close bond. Oscar’s passion for football was evident by age three. His parents recognized his talent early and enrolled him at Lyn, a local football club known for nurturing young talents. Oscar stood out even then, easily dribbling past older boys in his distinctive Lightning kit.

Oscar admired Martin Odegaard, a star from Strømsgodset who gained interest from top clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool. Odegaard’s success inspired Oscar and other young Norwegian players to aim high in their football careers.

Encountering His Role Model and Gaining National Attention:

At 13, Oscar Bobb met Martin Ødegaard, the player he looked up to, marking a memorable day in his young life. Few could have predicted that Oscar and Martin would later become teammates on the Norwegian national team. Ødegaard, a rising star in 2015, was keen on inspiring the next generation, including Oscar.

A pivotal moment in Bobb’s youth came when he gained widespread recognition for his talent. At just 11, his performance in a key Norwegian Cup match for his local team drew the spotlight. Especially from TV 2 Direkte commentators. Per-Jarle Heggelund notably dubbed him “little Messi” during the broadcast, catapulting Oscar into the limelight and attracting interest from European clubs.

Oscar Bobb’s Family Life:

Oscar is the child of a well-known Norwegian figure, his mother, Turid Gunnes. A celebrated actress and a Norwegian National Academy of Theatre graduate. Turid has had a successful career in theatre and film since 1994, featuring in works like “Linus in the Swing,” “Life, Whales,” “Christmas in Blodfjell,” and more.

Details about Oscar’s father, Abdou, are less known. But he and Turid co-parented their children until 2010 when they divorced. Despite the split, parents remained actively involved in their children’s lives.

Turid Gunnes’s Background:

Born on June 22, 1965, to Norwegian parents, Turid pursued her passion for acting at the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre, graduating in 1990. She then joined Den Nationale Scene, Bergen’s largest theatre. Turid made her film debut in 1994.

Beyond her acting, Turid gained additional public attention in 2013 due to Oscar’s rising fame in football. Living with her children in Oslo, she balanced her acting career with organizing theatre arts projects for immigrants across Europe, showcasing her multifaceted talent.

In 2013, Turid’s expertise led her to Portugal to work with PELE. A theatre company focused on helping disadvantaged children, highlighting her commitment to using her skills for social good. Independent of the football legend Pele. This collaboration underscored her professional dedication and her impact beyond Norway’s borders.

Oscar Bobb’s Cultural Roots:

Fans often ask Oscar Bobb about his unique heritage, which links him to Norway and Africa. Oscar’s mother, Turid, gives him Norwegian nationality. His father, Abdou, has African roots from the Gambia.

His Father’s Background:

Oscar shares a connection with notable Norwegian footballers like Joshua King and John Carew, who also have African heritage. Oscar’s Gambian lineage comes from his father, Abdou. The Gambia, his paternal homeland, is known as the smallest country on the African continent.

His Mother’s Background:

Turid Gunnes hails from Nordåssløyfa. A village in the Søndre Nordstrand district of Oslo near Holmlia. Nordåssløyfa, named after the Nordre Ås farm in 1982, is where Turid’s family originates. She raised her children in Tåsen, a western Oslo neighbourhood. Nordåssløyfa remains an important part of their family story, located just a short drive from Oslo’s city centre.

Oscar’s Ethnicity:

Oscar’s ethnicity reflects his rich family history, with Afro-Norwegian or mixed heritage. His father’s Gambian roots and his mother’s Norwegian background give Oscar a distinct appearance. And cultural identity that blends West African and Scandinavian elements.


Oscar began his education at a local school in Tåsen, Oslo. However, his educational journey faced uncertainty when his mother received a job offer in Portugal. In April 2015, the family moved to Porto, hoping Oscar could continue his schooling there, marking a significant shift in his life and education.

Oscar Bobb’s Journey to Football Prominence:

Oscar Bobb was only ten when his passion for football started shaping his future. His time at Lyn Football Club’s academy laid the groundwork for his development. At 11, Oscar’s performance during a Norway Youth Cup match, broadcasted live on TV 2, caught the nation’s attention. His skilful play made headlines, though his mother, Turid Gunnes, was concerned about the sudden media exposure, preferring to keep a low profile around her son.

Transition to Portugal:

Following an employment opportunity, Turid moved to Portugal, and soon after, Oscar joined her. In March 2013, while in Portugal, Oscar participated in the Algarve Youth Cup, also known as Mundialito. His exceptional dribbling and precision in shots caught the eye of FC Porto scouts, who quickly reached out to his mother.

FC Porto’s Interest:

Despite Oscar being enrolled at Lyn Football Academy in Oslo, FC Porto expressed a keen interest in having him. They invited Oscar and Turid to Portugal to see the club’s facilities. Hoping to secure Turid’s consent to sign Oscar. Turid agreed, with the understanding that Oscar’s participation would be informal due to his minor status and Norwegian residency.

Over the next two years, Turid’s work led to frequent travels to Porto. Where she collaborated with PELE and the Nordic Black Theater Company. During these visits, Oscar had the chance to train and play with FC Porto’s academy. Even participating in international tournaments in the summers of 2013 and 2014.

Official Registration with Portuguese Football:

In October 2015, Turid decided to relocate to Portugal with Oscar, who was then 12. Shortly after settling, she signed a declaration for Oscar to be registered with the Portuguese Football Federation. Ensuring all legal and regulatory requirements were met. This step marked a significant milestone in Oscar’s burgeoning football career. Thus formalizing his involvement in Portuguese football and opening new doors for his development.

“I immigrated to Portugal for reasons not related to the activity of my son Oscar Bobb, holder of passport number (…), born on July 12, 2003, but for reasons related to my professional activity”.

Oscar Bobb’s mum made other documents ready in January 2016. She sent them to the Portuguese Football Federation, who forwarded them to FIFA. All these efforts were made so that her son would have the green light to become a member of Portuguese football. She had hoped that when the application was approved, FC Porto would get the go-ahead to allow Oscar Bobb to participate in the national youth championship.

FIFA’s Continued Scrutiny:

Despite Turid Gunnes’ efforts to explain her move to Portugal as professionally motivated, FIFA remained unconvinced. Turid detailed her growing interest in community social projects, which led her to Porto.

Initially, in 2013 for a theatre initiative and later for a teaching role in Vila Nova de Gaia in 2015. She emphasized that her son’s training with FC Porto was subsequent to her professional connections in Portugal. Yet, FIFA questioned the nature of this arrangement, suspecting that Oscar’s involvement with FC Porto might have begun earlier, in 2013.

Challenges and Adaptations:

Turid’s initial relocation to Portugal was solo, but she soon felt the need for her family to join her. Settling in Porto, she took up a position with Kale. A dance and theatre company, intending for her family, including Oscar, to establish their lives in Portugal.

FIFA’s Regulations and Oscar’s Football Path:

FIFA’s focus was on Article 19, which regulates the international transfer of players under 18. Oscar’s visible association with FC Porto raised flags about potential rule violations. With FIFA’s regulations preventing a formal agreement with FC Porto, Turid faced the tough choice of either returning to Norway with Oscar or finding an alternative in Porto.

Turid chose to keep Oscar in Porto and sought to enrol him in AJ Escola de Futebol Hernâni Gonçalves. This move necessitated a new application to FIFA, with the football school required to declare its independence from FC Porto. In their submission to FIFA, the school’s president affirmed no connection with FC Porto, claiming they only became aware of Oscar in January 2017 when Turid introduced him.

These developments illustrate the complexities and challenges Turid and Oscar faced as they navigated FIFA’s stringent rules. Striving to find a place where Oscar could continue to grow as a footballer while adhering to the governing body’s regulations.

FIFA’s Second Rejection and Legal Battles:

FIFA remained sceptical about Oscar Bobb’s move to Portugal, suspecting FC Porto’s involvement in organizing the relocation in 2015. This suspicion was fueled by documents cited by “Der Spiegel” and investigations by the EIC consortium, alongside Norwegian publications VG and Expresso. Consequently, FIFA rejected the attempt to transfer Oscar to the Hernâni Gonçalves football school in Porto in January 2017.

The Court’s Decision:

Unsatisfied with FIFA’s rulings, Turid Gunnes escalated the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), challenging FIFA’s refusal to allow Oscar to join a new club and register with the Portuguese Football Association.

The dispute reached a critical point in court, where the central question revolved around the reasons for the family’s move to Porto. Did Turid’s job offer drive it, or was it primarily to facilitate Oscar’s signing with FC Porto? Ultimately, FIFA prevailed in the legal battle, with the court ruling in favor of the football governing body, citing Article 19 of FIFA’s regulations. This rule restricts the international transfer of minors, allowing exceptions only under specific conditions.

The court concluded that Turid’s move to Portugal was motivated by her career opportunities, not by any arrangements for Oscar to play football with FC Porto. As a result, Oscar was prohibited from registering with the Portuguese Football Association.

Returning to Norway:

Throughout the legal proceedings, Turid shielded Oscar from the details, sparing him the complexities of the case. Despite his eagerness to play with FC Porto, the family’s loss in court deeply disappointed Oscar, necessitating comfort and support from his parents.

Ultimately, the family returned to Oslo, Norway, where Turid rented an apartment in Tåsen, where Oscar and his sister spent their childhood. This marked a significant turning point in Oscar’s journey, compelling him to continue his football aspirations in his home country.

Oscar Bobb’s Journey to Stardom:

After the challenging period in Portugal, Oscar and his mother, Turid, returned to Norway, where he joined the local team, Vålerenga. Despite facing injuries that sidelined him for much of his early time at the club, Oscar’s innate talent was undeniable. Thomas Hasselgren, the head of development at Vålerenga, noted Oscar’s exceptional skills and potential during the brief periods he was fit to play.

Oscar quickly became a celebrated figure among Vålerenga supporters. He showcased his talent even as a 15-year-old and promised a bright future in football. His remarkable abilities caught the attention of one of England’s top clubs, Manchester City, leading to his signing in July 2019.

Shortly after joining Manchester City, Oscar’s talent was recognized on an international level. The Guardian highlighted him as the top young talent of his age group within the club. However, adapting to a new country and football culture posed initial challenges, slowing his start compared to his peers.

Making a Mark at Manchester City:

Oscar’s perseverance and skill eventually solidified his position in Manchester City’s under-23 team, where he delivered notable performances and assists. Inspired by football greats like David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne, Oscar drew attention from Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, who saw potential in him for the first-team lineup.

First Team Opportunities:

Oscar shone in the 2023/2024 season, earning a spot in the first team and making an impact on the Asian tour. He debuted in the Premier League against Fulham in September 2023, assisting in a key goal by Erling Haaland.

Cole Palmer’s move to Chelsea allowed Oscar more playtime, showing his ability to play various positions. He scored in his Champions League debut against Red Star Belgrade and netted his first Premier League goal against Newcastle, contributing to a Manchester City comeback win.

International Achievements:

Oscar moved from Norway’s U16 to U21 teams alongside his club achievements, showcasing his skill and commitment. In 2023, as he joined Manchester City’s first team, he debuted for Norway’s senior team and fulfilled his dream by scoring for his country.

Oscar Bobb’s story, from overcoming early challenges to shining on the international stage and within one of the world’s top football clubs, underscores his status as Norway’s next footballing superstar, with a promising career ahead.

Oscar Bobb’s Personal Life and Relationships:

Bobb, known for his impressive rise in football despite the challenges he faced with FIFA as a youngster, is not just making strides on the pitch under Pep Guardiola. His appealing appearance also wins many fans, raising curiosity about his romantic life.

Despite the attention, Oscar Bobb seems to be focusing on his career as of 2024. There’s considerable interest in his love life from fans who find his youthful looks endearing, but Bobb appears to be single. His social media activity suggests that he prefers to keep his personal life private, without any indications of being in a relationship.

Who He Is:

Understanding Oscar beyond the football field reveals more about his character. He is known for embodying the qualities of his Cancer zodiac sign, which he has with Artem Dovbyk, Spanish Alex Baena, Uruguay’s Federico Valverde, and Mikel Merino. Oscar is resilient and determined, especially when it comes to football. He’s also recognized for his artistic flair on the field, mirroring his creative side off the pitch.

Bobb’s ability to navigate through tough situations, like the legal battles with FIFA, without letting them hinder his career highlights his strong intuition and problem-solving skills. These traits make him a well-rounded individual, capable of gracefully overcoming life’s hurdles.

Lifestyle Choices:

Despite an annual salary that positions him among the wealthier footballers, Oscar maintains a modest lifestyle. He does not flaunt wealth on social media, choosing instead to live simply. This approach reflects his grounded nature, focusing more on his sport than the trappings of success.

Family Bonds:

Family plays a central role in Oscar’s life, particularly his bond with his mother, Turid, who has been pivotal in his career and personal development. The close-knit relationship with his parents and siblings underscores the importance of family support in his journey. Oscar’s story is about his professional achievements and the values and relationships that sustain him off the field.

Oscar’s Father:

Despite his separation from Turid Gunnes, Abdou Bobb remains a significant figure in his children’s lives. While there’s speculation about Abdou’s potential influence on Oscar’s football talents, it’s unclear if he had any formal involvement in the sport, either professionally or recreationally.

Oscar’s Mother:

Turid Gunnes, post-divorce, took on the primary caregiving role for Oscar and his sister, actively guiding Oscar’s career choices. Turid’s dedication to her children’s well-being and opportunities is evident through her bold decisions, such as the one to keep Oscar in Portugal despite FIFA regulations.

Turid’s Professional Background:

Turid Gunnes is renowned in the Norwegian acting scene and is celebrated for her extensive work in theatre and film. A Norwegian National Academy of Theatre Arts graduate, she has been a pivotal figure at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen, one of Norway’s most prominent and historic theatres.

Turid’s contributions to the arts extend beyond the stage. Since 1994, she has appeared in numerous films, including notable titles like “Christmas in Blodfjell,” “Whales,” “Life,” and “Linus in the Swing.” Her role in the film “22 of July,” directed by Paul Greengrass and available on Netflix, highlights her involvement in significant cinematic projects.

In addition to her acting career, Turid is an influential educator. S he served as an associate professor at the Oslo Academy of Arts. She imparts her knowledge of acting to the next generation of Norwegian actors and has co-authored “The Actors Working With the Text,” a resource published in 2017. She further participated in the Actor’s Fellowship at Shakespeare’s Globe in London in 2011.

Oscar’s Sibling:

Oscar Bobb’s family life includes his sister, who was part of the family’s journey to Portugal during Oscar’s brief stint with FC Porto. Current information suggests Oscar has a sister, with no confirmed reports of other siblings. The bond within the Bobb family, particularly between Oscar and his sister, is integral to his support system as he navigates his professional football career.

Exploring More About Oscar Bobb:

As we delve into the lesser-known aspects of Oscar Bobb’s life and career, we uncover elements that paint a fuller picture of the young footballer. Here are some insights:

FIFA Profile and Playing Style:

At 19, Oscar Bobb stands out for his remarkable acceleration, scoring 84/100, well above average for his age. He also shines in speed, agility, balance, dribbling, and ball control. Bobb’s style is compared to Lamine Yamal, Felipe Anderson, and Andreas Skov Olsen. This highlighted his versatility and promise on the field.

Salary Insights:

In 2024, Oscar Bobb’s agreement with Manchester City stipulates a weekly salary of £15,125. This translates to monthly earnings of £65,642 and an annual salary of £787,710.

When juxtaposed with the salaries of Manchester City’s highest earners like Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, Croatia’s Josko Gvardiol, Bernardo Silva, Manuel Akanji, and John Stones, Bobb’s salary is modest. Yet, it reflects his status as an emerging talent within a squad of established stars.

Oscar Bobb’s Faith:

Oscar hasn’t publicly discussed his religious beliefs. Considering Norway’s predominantly Christian population and the common membership in the Church of Norway, it’s plausible Oscar might share this faith, though this is not confirmed.

Final Thoughts:

Oscar Bobb, a promising young footballer from Norway, is a Cancer, just like Lionel Messi. He was born to Turid Gunnes, a renowned actress, and Abdou Bobb. Oscar and his sister were raised in a notable Norwegian family.

His dual nationality enriches Oscar’s background. His father, Abdou, is from The Gambia, introducing West African heritage, while his mother, Turid, hails from Nordåssløyfa in Oslo, grounding him in Norwegian culture.

Oscar, who is following Phil Foden’s path today, started his football journey with Lyn Football Club, quickly gaining national attention. His move to Portugal with his mother for her job led to an opportunity with FC Porto, sparked by his performance in the Algarve Youth Cup.

FIFA blocked Oscar’s registration with the Portuguese Football Federation. This move led to a legal battle that ended with the Court of Arbitration for Sport siding with FIFA. The issue centred around Turid’s reasons for moving to Portugal. FIFA’s argument stated it wasn’t related to Oscar’s football career.

Despite these hurdles, Oscar returned to Norway to join Vålerenga. Here, he impressed and caught the attention of Manchester City’s academy. His progress at City was initially slow, but he quickly adapted and made a name for himself in the under-23 team. He eventually caught Pep Guardiola’s eye and earned a spot in the first team.


We appreciate your interest in Oscar Bobb’s story. Our goal is to provide accurate and engaging stories about footballers, focusing on their journeys and achievements. Nonetheless, for any corrections or feedback, please get in touch.

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