Noa Lang Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Noa Lang, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background detailing his upbringing and the influential figures in his life, including his mother (Manon de Vries), stepfather (Nourdin Boukhari), and father (Jeffrey Lang), as well as his siblings and stepsisters. Let’s not forget Noa’s romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

The biography also explores Noa Lang’s roots, including his hometown, family origins, and relatives like Mourad, Jeffrey Bruma, and Marciano Bruma. It touches upon aspects such as his ethnicity, religion, and personal relationships, including details about his partner, lifestyle, and personal interests.

Significantly, this account highlights Noa Lang’s journey in the world of professional football. It portrays how his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari, played a pivotal role in realizing his dreams of becoming a professional footballer. The biography celebrates his remarkable achievements, including a standout moment in December 2019 when he became the first Ajax player in sixty years to score three goals in his league debut, leading his team to a 5-2 victory over Twente.

Overall, this narrative offers a comprehensive look at Noa Lang’s life, from his humble beginnings to his rising fame and success, underscoring his perseverance and the pivotal periods that shaped his career.


This biography of Noa Lang unfolds with a focus on the defining moments of his childhood, leading into an exploration of his Dutch roots and early career milestones. We aim to chart his ascent to fame, detailing how he became a renowned winger.

Our goal is to spark your interest in Noa Lang’s story as you delve into this biography.

To set the stage, we present a visual journey from his early years to his achievements with the national team, showcasing the remarkable trajectory of his football career.

While Noa Lang is widely recognized for his role as a winger for Belgian Club Brugge and the Netherlands national team, there exists a gap in the collective knowledge about Dutch footballers. Surprisingly, many fans have yet to discover the fascinating story behind Noa Lang. So, let us embark on this journey to uncover the captivating tale of Noa Lang’s life and career.

Noa Lang’s Early Life:

At the beginning of Noa Lang’s biography, it’s important to note that he was born as Noa Noëll Lang on June 17, 1999. In addition, the centre forward shares his 1999 birth date with English talent Phil Foden, Uruguyan’s Federico Valverde, French Jean-Clair Todibo and Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma. Noa’s birthplace was the quaint city of Capelle aan den IJssel in South Holland, a western region of the Netherlands.

Born to parents Manon de Vries and Jeffrey Lang, Noa Lang entered the world on a lively Thursday. In his early years, he was adopted by his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari, a significant figure in his life.

Childhood Years:

Noa’s childhood was marked by a pivotal moment at the age of four. His biological father, Jeffrey, a sports teacher and gym owner, enrolled him at RSV HION (Rotterdam Sports Association Hollandia Is Our Name). Which is a local Dutch amateur football club in Rotterdam.

Initially, Noa was deemed too young to participate in competitions, only training was allowed. However, his talent was undeniable when he effortlessly played alongside seven-year-olds, leading to his first game that very Saturday.

Noa’s growth from a child to an adult was remarkable. Initially raised by his biological father, Jeffrey, in the Netherlands, he later came under the care of his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari.

Jeffrey Lang recalls in an interview that Noa skipped the crawling stage, walking at just eighteen months. Intriguingly, whenever Jeffrey rolled a ball towards him, Noa would skillfully kick it back using the instep of his right foot, a sight that amazed many.

His early introduction to football was significant; Noa’s first contact with the sport was at the age of four. Registered at RSV HION by his father, he was initially restricted to training due to his young age. However, Noa quickly proved his exceptional skills by playing impressively with older children. This marked the beginning of his extraordinary journey in football.

Noa Lang’s Family Background:

Noa Lang, originally from Capelle aan den IJssel in the Netherlands, comes from a family known for their hard work and relative affluence. Details about his mother, Manon de Vries’ profession, are not widely known.

His stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari, is a former professional footballer and coach known for his role as a midfielder. As of 2018, according to a report by, Nourdin Boukhari’s net worth was estimated at $6 million, a proof to his successful career and ability to provide well for his family.

Noa Lang Family Ancestry:

The origins of Noa Lang’s family present a diverse tapestry. Born in a small town in South Holland, his familial roots span multiple cultures. His biological father is of Surinamese heritage, hailing from the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America.

His mother is Dutch, contributing to his mixed heritage. Additionally, his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari, while born in the Netherlands, is of Moroccan descent and has played international football for Morocco. Let’s not forget to tell you that Ismael Bennacer and Azzedine Ounahi have their roots in Morrocco.

Lang’s self-identification reflects this rich background. He considers himself both Dutch and Surinamese, akin to fellow footballer Calvin Stengs. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he is of Caucasian ethnicity. Despite his Moroccan connections through his stepfather, Lang does not hold Moroccan citizenship, which affects his eligibility for international representation in football.

Ethnic and Cultural Identity:

Regarding his ethnic and cultural identity, Noa Lang primarily identifies as Dutch. The Netherlands, his homeland, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, featuring canals, windmills, and iconic tulip fields. The capital city, Amsterdam, is famous for its historic and cultural sites.

A poignant reminder of the Jewish community’s struggles during World War II. The city’s rich artistic heritage dates back to the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age, highlighted by the works of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Lang, who is of white ethnicity, is fluent in both Dutch and English, reflecting his upbringing in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

Noa Lang’s Educational Background:

Noa Lang, a Dutch footballer with Surinamese heritage, stands out as an exceptional playmaker. His versatility on the field is evident as he skillfully navigates and attacks the opposition’s penalty areas through various tactics. Known for his adaptability, Lang excels in both creating plays with his precise passing and unsettling defences with his adept dribbling skills.

A significant aspect of Noa Lang’s development as a footballer is his training at the renowned De Toekomst academy in Ouder-Amstel, Netherlands. This academy, operated by AFC Ajax N.V., is a testament to his technical prowess and courage on the ball.

De Toekomst, meaning ‘The Future’ in Dutch, is aptly named to represent what Ajax is famous for — nurturing young talent and facilitating their transition to the first team. This academy is a cornerstone in Lang’s football education, equipping him with the skills and confidence that define his style of play.

Noa Lang’s Career Progression:

Embarking on a successful career in football at a young age requires immense hard work, dedication, and resilience, qualities that Noa Lang has consistently displayed. His football journey began with RSV HION (Rotterdam Sports Association Hollandia Is Our Name) in 2003, where he played until 2005. His early experiences here laid the foundation for his future achievements.

In 2005, Lang took a significant step by joining the youth ranks of Feyenoord, a prominent Dutch football club. He honed his skills there until 2013, a period marked by growth and development. Following his tenure at Feyenoord, Lang moved to Ajax’s youth academy in 2013, a decision that would greatly influence his career trajectory. His first notable appearance for Ajax’s senior team came in the KNVB Cup on September 26, 2018, marking the start of his professional career at the club.

Noa Lang Career Highlights:

A landmark moment in Noa Lang’s career occurred on December 1, 2019, when he achieved a remarkable feat for Ajax. He became the first player in sixty years to score a hat-trick on his league start, showcasing his exceptional talent and potential.

In January 2020, following the arrival of Ryan Babel at Ajax, Lang was loaned to Eredivisie club Twente for the 2019-2020 season. During this stint, he made seven appearances and scored once, gaining valuable experience.

Lang’s journey took another significant turn in the summer of 2020 when he joined Club Brugge on loan, a move that later became permanent. Adapting swiftly to the Belgian Pro League, he quickly made a name for himself, debuting for the club on October 17, 2020.

His performance in Belgium has not gone unnoticed, as larger clubs across Europe are now showing interest in this young forward, speculating on his readiness to compete at an even higher level. His ascent in the football world continues to be a testament to his skill, dedication, and the strong foundation laid in his early years.

Noa Lang’s Journey to Stardom:

Noa Lang’s ascent to fame in the football world is marked by his impressive international career with the Netherlands. He has represented his country at various youth levels, including U16, U18, U19, U20, U21, culminating in his advancement to the senior national team. Lang’s debut for the Netherlands senior team occurred on October 8, 2021, in a World Cup qualifier, signalling his rise in international football.

Playing alongside renowned Dutch players like Davy Klaassen, Teun Koopmeiners, Nathan Aké, Georginio Wijnaldum, Virgil van Dijk, Arnaut Danjuma, Denzel Dumfries, Memphis Depay, Hans Hateboer, Jordy Clasie, and Matthijs de Ligt, Lang has established himself as a vital member of the national team. Notably, he was selected to represent the Netherlands at the 2022 FIFA on November 11, a significant milestone in his career.

Club Achievements:

Lang’s club career, particularly with Club Brugge, has been equally remarkable. On May 20, 2021, he played a pivotal role in securing the Belgian First Division A title for Club Brugge, even scoring a goal in the decisive match. He continued his stellar performance by scoring in the Belgian Super Cup against Genk on July 17, 2021.

One of Lang’s most notable achievements came during a UEFA Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain on September 15. In this match, he outshone PSG‘s formidable trio of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar, earning the title of Player of the Match as Brugge held the French giants to a 1-1 draw. This performance, alongside Charles De Ketelaere, stole the limelight from the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio, highlighting Lang’s exceptional talent.

Performance in Belgium:

In his first season with Club Brugge in Belgium, Lang’s impact was immediate and significant. He scored 16 goals and seven assists, contributing significantly to Brugge’s triumph in the Belgian Pro League. His form continued into the next season, with three goals and four assists in his first ten games, including a goal in Brugge’s Belgian Super Cup victory.

Lang’s outstanding performances have not gone unnoticed, attracting attention from major European football clubs. Among them, Liverpool FC reportedly showed interest, engaging in a competitive bid with Arsenal to secure the talented Dutch winger from Club Brugge. Lang’s career trajectory continues to rise, showcasing his prowess as a formidable force in both national and international football arenas.

Noa Lang’s Personal Life – Relationship Status:

Currently, Noa Lang is not in a public romantic relationship and is enjoying his single life. He prioritizes his burgeoning football career and maintains a high level of seclusion regarding his personal affairs. Lang has not shared details about any past relationships or dating history with the media.

He is very discreet about his private life, successfully keeping it away from the scrutiny of the paparazzi and media spotlight. Lang has managed to steer clear of any rumours or controversies that could potentially impact his professional life.

While Noa Lang may have a significant other, he has chosen not to disclose any information about his love life. This decision reflects his desire to keep his personal life separate from his public persona as a professional footballer. As a result, he is fully embracing and making the most of his life as a single individual.

Noa Lang’s Family Dynamics:

Noa Lang’s journey to professional success in football has been marked by various challenges, but through it all, he has been supported by a loving and encouraging family. This strong family foundation has played a key role in shaping him into the remarkable individual and athlete he is today. Let’s delve into the details of Noa Lang’s family and their influence on his life.

Jeffrey Lang – Noa Lang’s Biological Father:

As previously mentioned, Noa Lang has been fortunate to have two father figures in his life – his biological father and his stepfather. His biological father, Jeffrey Lang, as of 2022, is around 54 years old.

Jeffrey’s roots trace back to Suriname, where he was born and lived before moving to the Netherlands. Professionally, he is a sports teacher and owns a gym, signifying his own passion for sports and fitness. Importantly, Jeffrey was the one who introduced Noa to football at a young age. He was responsible for registering Noa with RSV HION when he was just four years old.

The relationship between Noa and his biological father, Jeffrey, remains strong and positive. They share a bond over their love for football and enjoy a good rapport, reminiscing about their shared experiences and time together. Jeffrey’s role in Noa’s early exposure to football has been a foundational part of Noa’s development in the sport.

Noa Lang’s Relationship with His Stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari:

Nourdin Boukhari, Noa Lang’s stepfather, plays a significant role in his life and football career. Boukhari, a Moroccan native who has established his life in the Netherlands and acquired Dutch citizenship, has been pivotal in nurturing Noa Lang’s potential. Notably, Noa was raised under the guidance of his stepfather, further strengthening their bond.

Boukhari’s love for football extends beyond mere fandom; he is a former professional footballer who excelled as an attacking midfielder and winger. Following his retirement from active play, he transitioned into coaching. Contributing his expertise to the Sparta Youth Academy. Currently, he serves as a deputy coach for Sparta Rotterdam.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Boukhari is a family man with two daughters and a brother who also possesses notable football talent. His brother, Mourad, is particularly esteemed in the world of indoor football. Despite suffering a career-impacting injury at 19, Mourad garnered considerable attention for his technical skills and drew large crowds to his games, becoming a local legend in the sport.

Boukhari’s personal life has seen its share of changes, including the end of a relationship with a former partner. Despite these changes, his connection with Noa Lang remains unaffected. The bond between Noa and his stepfather is strong. Demonstrating the enduring impact of Boukhari’s influence and support in Noa’s life and career. This relationship underscores the importance of family ties and mentorship in shaping the paths of young athletes.

Exploring Noa Lang’s Relationship with His Mother, Manon de Vries:

Manon de Vries, the mother of Noa Lang, has played a crucial role in her son’s comprehensive development. Her dedication to Noa’s growth encompasses not just his physical and mental well-being but also his emotional, social, and independent skills. Like any devoted mother, her commitment to Noa’s welfare is unwavering, regardless of the circumstances.

Noa Lang highly regards his mother, often speaking positively about her. Despite this, he has made a conscious decision to keep details about his mother private, reflecting his respect for her privacy. Nonetheless, it’s evident that he shares a strong and affectionate bond with her, which occasionally surfaces in his social media posts.

Manon de Vries maintains an Instagram presence, identifiable as @manon097, where she has garnered over 532 followers. Her posts often express gratitude for Noa’s achievements and the positive environments he has found himself in. She has publicly stated, “I am grateful that he ended up in a good litter,” a sentiment reflecting her appreciation for Noa’s successful integration into his professional environment.

Specifically, she acknowledges the positive impact of Noa’s experiences in Bruges. She believes the coaching there has been instrumental in bringing out the best in Noa, a view that underscores her deep engagement and interest in her son’s career progression. This level of involvement and support from Manon de Vries has undoubtedly been a foundational element in Noa Lang’s journey and continued success in his football career.

Noa Lang’s Siblings:

Growing up in a family with siblings often enhances interpersonal skills and emotional expression, and Noa Lang’s family structure provided this environment. He grew up with siblings, including an older sister named Kyara Joëlla, shared with his biological father, Jeffrey. Kyara, being three years older than Noa, played a significant role in his early life, even acting as a makeshift goalkeeper for him during their childhood games.

Additionally, Noa has stepsisters from his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari’s side of the family. This extended family dynamic added richness to his upbringing, contributing to his development both personally and professionally.

Extended Family Relationships:

Family support is crucial in shaping an individual’s life, and Noa Lang’s extended family is no exception. While specific details about Noa’s uncles, aunts, and grandparents from his biological parents’ side remain private. It’s evident that he comes from a family where relationships are valued.

Moreover, Nourdin Boukhari, Noa’s stepfather, comes from a large family with seven siblings, indicating a broad network of relatives. Among them, Mourad stands out for his passion for football, similar to Noa.

Noa Lang’s family connections extend into the professional football world as well. He is related to Jeffrey Bruma, a professional footballer playing for Kasimpasa FC, and Marciano Bruma, who plays for CSV Zwarte Pijl Football Club. These connections highlight a family deeply rooted in the sport. Providing Noa with a strong support system and role models within the football community.

In summary, Noa Lang’s family, including his siblings and extended relatives, have played a significant role in his life, offering support, guidance, and inspiration. Their influence extends beyond his personal development, contributing to his success and passion for football.

Personal Life of Noa Lang:

Noa Noëll Lang is a professional footballer whose height is 1.79 meters (5 feet 10 inches) and weighs 68 kilograms. He boasts an athletic physique, with striking pale blue eyes and blonde hair. Dedicated to maintaining peak physical condition, Lang adheres to a rigorous exercise regimen to enhance his agility and stamina. He also emphasizes a balanced diet to support a healthy lifestyle.

Lang’s interests extend beyond the football field. He enjoys swimming and is an avid gamer, often playing video games and watching live football matches. His admiration for Lionel Messi is well-known, and he holds a special affinity for Club Brugge, the team he plays for. Additionally, Lang is a pet lover and owns a dog.

The Gemini zodiac footballer shares his sign with other athletes like Nuno Mendes (left-back), Ibrahima Konate ( Centre-Back) and Eddie Nketiah.

Social Media Presence:

Lang actively engages with his fans through social media. His Instagram account, @Nnoano17, has amassed over 390K followers, where he shares glimpses of his life and career. Known for his straightforwardness, Lang once quoted, “If everybody likes you, you have a serious problem.” His social media also reveals his fondness for tattoos, which are prominently displayed on various parts of his body.

Wealth and Lifestyle:

Noa Lang’s successful 12-year career in football has brought him not only fame but also financial prosperity. His earnings from football, including salaries, bonuses, endorsements, and partnerships, have enabled him to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Despite his substantial wealth, Lang maintains a balanced approach to his expenditures, investing in high-end properties, cars, and luxury items.

Lang’s move to Bruges in 2020, initially on loan, became permanent due to his exceptional performance, including scoring 16 goals in 29 games, contributing significantly to Club Brugge’s Belgian First Division title. Off the field, Lang has a penchant for luxury cars, often preferring to be chauffeured rather than driving himself.

Salary and Net Worth:

Linked with a potential move to Leeds United, as reported by The Telegraph, Lang’s market value has been a topic of interest. His income, primarily derived from his professional football career, includes his salary, bonuses, and endorsements. As of 2021, his salary was reported to be around £1 million. Transfermarkt lists his highest market value at €25.00 million, with an annual salary of approximately 1.4 million euros (1.2 million pounds). While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, these figures indicate Lang’s financial success as a professional footballer.

Untold Aspects of Noa Lang’s Career:

Noa Lang, the talented winger from the Netherlands, has numerous intriguing facets to his football career that many might not be aware of. Here’s a deeper look into some lesser-known facts about his playing style and impact in the Belgian Jupiler League.

Playing Style and Impact in Belgian Football:

Lang made an immediate and significant impact in his first season of appearances in the Belgian Jupiler League. His dynamic attacking skills quickly established him as one of the league’s most prominent players. Contributing to Club Brugge’s dominant performance and their substantial lead in the regular season.

His statistics in the league are noteworthy. Lang is among the top players in goals scored and assists provided. Specifically, he ranks ninth in the league for goals and seventh for assists. His efficiency is further highlighted by his joint-top position for goals and assists per 90 minutes. Sharing this distinction with Genk’s prolific centre-forward, Paul Onuachu. Additionally, Lang leads the league in shots on target per 90 minutes, averaging 1.80.

Lang’s style of play is characterized by innovation and speed. He excels in counter-attacking situations and is highly skilled in advancing the ball up the pitch, often using deft ball-lifting techniques. His time at Club Brugge has seen him develop a keen awareness of how to exploit space on the field. He is particularly adept at timing his runs to receive the ball, which allows him to break through defensive lines.

Overall, Noa Lang’s playing style and contributions in the Belgian Jupiler League not only underline his individual talent. But also demonstrate his ability to significantly influence his team’s performance. His skills and tactical awareness make him a valuable asset on the field and a player to watch in the future.

FIFA Profile and Other Aspects of Noa Lang’s Career:

Noa Lang has garnered a reputation not only on the field but also in the virtual world of FIFA. Where he is recognized as a fast-rising left winger in the game. Fans of FIFA’s career mode, especially those managing the Netherlands national team, often praise Lang for the excitement and dynamism he brings to the game. Similar to Bradley Barcola and Tahith Chong, his movement stats in FIFA highlight his capabilities and make him a sought-after player for virtual football managers.

Controversy and Apology:

In May 2021, Noa Lang was involved in a controversy showing him participating in a chant with Club Brugge fans. The chant was aimed at Anderlecht fans, who are historically associated with the Jewish community. This incident led to allegations of anti-Semitism against Lang. The chant drew condemnation from various political figures, and the Royal Belgian Football Association initiated an investigation.

Lang issued an apology following the incident, clarifying that his intention was not to promote anti-Semitism. He explained that the chant was traditionally used as a nickname and was not meant to be offensive. His previous association with AFC Ajax, a team with historical ties to the Jewish community, was also brought into the discussion as he defended his actions.

Noa Lang Faith:

Regarding his personal beliefs, Noa Lang has confirmed that he is a practising Muslim. This aspect of his identity is influenced by his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari. Lang participates in the Islamic practice of Ramadan fasting. And has expressed respect and camaraderie towards others who observe this religious tradition. He shared his thoughts and support for the Ramadan fast in a Twitter post dated May 3, 2020. In the post, he demonstrates his engagement with his religious practices and community.

Concluding Thoughts on Noa Lang’s Biography:

The biography of Noa Lang, encompassing his childhood and rise to fame, offers several key insights and lessons. Born in Rotterdam in 1999, Lang’s early life was significantly influenced by his stepfather, Nourdin Boukhari. Who is a former Morocco international who played for Ajax from 2002 to 2006.

Lang honed his football skills at Feyenoord’s academy during his childhood. Before making a pivotal switch to their rivals, Ajax, at the age of 14. He began playing at the youth level for both Jong Ajax and the Netherlands’ national teams. While progressing through the ranks up to the Under-21s.

By the age of 20, Lang made a striking impact in professional football. He became notable for being the first player in years to score a hat-trick on their Eredivisie debut for Ajax. Achieving this in a remarkable 5-2 victory over FC Twente. However, his journey wasn’t without challenges. Following a notable performance in a 4-3 Dutch Cup win over Telstar. Lang faced a learning moment when he received cautionary advice from his coach, Erik Ten Hag. For not following instructions from the team captain, Dusan Tadic.

In the summer of 2020, a significant career move occurred when Ajax arranged for Lang to be loaned to Club Brugge. For the 2020-21 season, a €6 million permanent transfer is set for July. This move to Brugge proved to be a successful step in Lang’s career. He consistently delivered outstanding performances, scoring 16 goals and providing 10 assists in 33 games across all competitions. Including a notable goal against Zenit Saint Petersburg in the Champions League group stage.

As Lang’s transfer to Brugge becomes permanent, the club is faced with the prospect of potentially making a quick profit from their investment in him. Lang’s journey from a promising young talent in Rotterdam to a rising star in international football illustrates a story of growth.

Adaptation and triumph in the face of challenges. His biography is a testament to his talent, resilience, and the influential role of his family. Particularly his stepfather, who shaped his successful football career.

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