Nicolas Jackson Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the life story of Nicolas Jackson, providing a deep dive into his Biography in the following areas; his early years, including facts about his upbringing, his parents – David Jackson (his father) and Lynette Jackson (his mother), as well as his brother, Christian Valentim Dama. It will also delve into his family’s history, and his relationships.

Furthermore, this piece will discuss Jackson’s origins from Senegal and The Gambia, his ethnicity, his hometown, and his religious beliefs. We’ll also shed light on his personal life, net worth, lifestyle, and a detailed breakdown of his earnings as a forward from Ziguinchor.

Essentially, this write-up will give you a complete chronicle of Nicolas Jackson’s life. Presented by SoccerBiography, it narrates the tale of a boy who journeyed from Street football to the Premier League.

This is the tale of two brothers, Nicolas and Christian, who dedicated themselves to enhancing their family’s reputation via the game of football. Their journey wasn’t devoid of hurdles, but ultimately, it was Nicolas Jackson who triumphed and emerged as the main provider for his family.

Moreover, SoccerBiography shares the story of a young boy whose tenacity during his struggle to succeed in football was influenced by the wisdom of late global figures like Bob Marley and Muhammad Ali. Drawing motivation from these iconic personalities, Nicolas Jackson is instilled with the belief that he, akin to a lion, plays football not to submit, but to dominate his competitors.


In this profile on Nicolas Jackson, we first delve into the significant events from his early life in Ziguinchor, Senegal. We then follow his path with Casa Sports, the hometown team that thrust him into the limelight. We conclude with a narrative on how this humble lad from Ziguinchor ascended to stardom with Villarreal.

Our goal at SoccerBiography is to captivate your interest by unraveling Nicolas Jackson’s life story. Granted, his name might have a North American ring to it, but his roots are firmly planted in Senegal and The Gambia.

Some ardent Blues supporters can’t help but compare him to the legendary Didier Drogba, not just for their uncanny facial resemblance but also for their remarkable goal-scoring abilities.

Jackson has an astute understanding of the game, akin to Didier Drogba. He stands as a rising African forward with a particular flair for netting goals.

Just four years prior, had anyone suggested that he would emulate Drogba’s journey at Chelsea and replicate his goal-scoring prowess, Jackson would’ve responded humbly with a heartfelt, “Amen.”

As we’ve narrated the lives of various African footballers (the likes of Serhou GuirassyOsimhen, Assisat, Bennaccer, etc.), we realized a gap in the narrative. The fact remains that many fans, particularly those of Chelsea, haven’t read an in-depth biography of Nicolas Jackson, which is quite a fascinating tale. Hence, we’ve curated this detailed piece for you. So, let’s dive in without further delay.

The Early Years of Nicolas Jackson:

Before delving into his biography, it’s important to note that Nicolas Jackson is known by three monikers – “Nico”, “the Senegalese Drogba”, and “The Lion”. He was brought into this world on June 20, 2001, in Banjul, The Gambia, to his parents, Lynette and David Jackson.

It’s verified that Nicolas Jackson, the professional footballer hailing from Ziguinchor, isn’t the sole offspring of his parents. Our research indicates that Nicolas, along with his elder brother (Christian Valentim Dama), constitute part of the brood of his caring father and loving mother.

To all the football enthusiasts out there, it gives us great pleasure at SoccerBiography to introduce you to a woman of exceptional strength and fortitude, a beacon of unwavering resilience, and the guiding force behind Nicolas Jackson – a footballer who is held in high esteem by both Chelsea and Senegalese fans.

Childhood Years:

Nicolas Jackson, along with his brother, Christian Valentim Dama, spent his formative years in Ziguinchor, Senegal. Although born in Banjul, The Gambia (the smallest mainland country in Africa), his upbringing took place in Senegal.

While we eagerly anticipate photos from Nicolas Jackson’s early life, some images of his brother, Christian Valentim Dama, are publicly available via his Instagram handle.

It’s known through research that Nicolas Jackson was born to his parents precisely four months before The Gambia’s Presidential election of 2001.

It remains unclear to us at SoccerBiography if the potential threat of post-election unrest was the reason David and Lynette decided to move their family to Senegal. This narrative parallels that of Alphonso Davies, whose compelling biography we’ve also penned.

The Formative Years of Nicolas Jackson:

While destiny plays a role in the journey of some budding footballers, others, like Jackson, attribute their success to a blend of faith, talent, and diligent work. Nicolas Jackson’s childhood in Ziguinchor was filled with joy, largely thanks to his passion for football.

Echoing the stories of many prominent African footballers, Jackson initially honed his skills in street football before transitioning to his local team, ASC Tilene. Jackson and his brother, Christian, had a profound love for the game. For them, the football field was a haven where all their worries simply vanished.

Christian Valentim Dama, Jackson’s elder brother, fondly reminisced about the delightful footballing days of their youth. He shared that their shared joy of playing football on the local Ziguinchor pitch, as shown above, was incomparable.

As Jackson progressed from street football and established himself as a standout player for his local team (ASC Tilene), his life took a positive turn at the age of 15. It was then that he realized his potential to become the Senegalese Drogba. The rest of his fascinating journey will be unravelled in the subsequent sections of this article.

The Family History of Nicolas Jackson:

One striking detail about Nico’s family is their dual nationality. As previously mentioned in this profile, Nicolas Jackson has Senegalese roots but was born in Banjul, The Gambia. As confirmed by TransferMkt, Nicolas Jackson holds dual citizenship of Senegal and The Gambia.

Our investigation reveals that Nicolas Jackson’s parents were not wealthy, but they managed to meet the family’s needs with their limited resources. When asked about the individuals he cherishes the most, the athlete would undoubtedly refer to his mother. In essence, the special bond between Nicolas and his mother is encapsulated here.

Origins and Lineage:

Nicolas Jackson was born in the city of Banjul, established by the British in 1816. The city, which serves as the capital and the fourth-largest city of The Gambia, was initially used as a trade post and a stronghold to combat the slave trade. Today, Banjul is renowned for its thriving tourism sector, bustling markets, and stunning beaches.

Nicolas Jackson’s lineage also traces back to Ziguinchor, the famous principal town of the Casamance region in Senegal. Ziguinchor is regarded as a city of historical significance, serving as Senegal’s second-largest city after Dakar. Founded in 1645 by the Portuguese, the city was once a vital trade port. Interestingly, the place where Jackson grew up, Ziguinchor, was handed over to the French by Portugal in 1888.

Ethnic Identity:

Nicolas Jackson identifies as a Senegalese-Gambian, a reflection of his family background and dual nationality. The footballer has deep ethnic connections to both The Gambia and Senegal.

Given that both The Gambia (his birthplace) and Senegal host a multitude of languages, it’s probable that Nicolas Jackson is proficient in at least one of three local languages: Wolof, Mandinka, or Fula (which is spoken in both The Gambia and Senegal).

Academic Background and Career Genesis:

Like many children from middle-income families in Senegal, Nicolas Jackson completed his preschool and primary education. The specific school in Ziguinchor that he attended remains unknown. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Jackson had the intellect to balance his studies with his passion for football. Now, let’s delve into Nico’s career trajectory.

The Early Stages of Nicolas Jackson’s Career:

Originating from Banjul, Jackson experienced his initial sporting triumph in a well-known local championship in his Senegal hometown, called “Navetane”. It was in this event that Nicolas Jackson had his first major breakthrough, a success that led to his transfer to ASC Tilene de Ziguinchor.

With this local team, ASC Tilene Ziguinchor, Jackson rapidly ascended to become a player admired by his peers and supporters. Nicolas Jackson’s prowess earned him a spot on the radar of national scouts in Senegal. When he was 15, he was signed by Casa Sports, the largest club in Ziguinchor, Senegal.

Within his first year at the club, the young player’s talent flourished, leading to his promotion to the senior team. By the age of 16, Nicolas Jackson had become an integral part of Casa Sports, contributing significantly to the club’s mid-table finish in the Senegal Premier League, the nation’s top-tier football league.

Path to Recognition in Nicolas Jackson’s Biography:

After his swift rise with Casa Sports, Jackson didn’t have to wait long to receive international attention. To the delight of his family, he received a call-up to the Senegal Under-20 team in November 2018. Under the mentorship of coach Youssouph Dabo, Jackson received high praise. The coach described him as:

“Nico is an emerging star possessing remarkable dribbling skills and a knack for stealing the show.”

Relating to coach Youssouph Dabo’s description of him as a showman, there’s a little story to tell. In his early days, Nicolas Jackson was nicknamed the Senegalese Neymar by his teammates and friends. Everyone delighted in witnessing his playmaking abilities, dribbling techniques, and goal-scoring prowess.

One occasion when Jackson truly shone was during a game between Casa Sports and one of their fiercest rivals, AS Pikine. The match took place at the Alassane Djigo stadium, and Nico enthralled the audience, earning him the title of ‘best player of the day.’

That match, which finished in a 1-1 draw on November 16, 2018, marked a turning point for Jackson as it attracted the attention of international scouts from Europe. It also led to his selection to participate in the West African Club Championship (UFOA Cup) held in Togo.

Early European Endeavors:

At the close of the 2018/19 season, Nicolas Jackson, much to his family’s delight, signed with Villarreal. Like many Senegalese footballers before him, such as Boulaye Dia and Habib Diallo, he was fortunate to be signed by a major European club at the young age of 18.

Regrettably, Jackson’s move to the Andalusian club didn’t generate much fanfare. It appeared as though Villarreal was unaware of the talent they had just acquired. In fact, the Spanish club didn’t even bother to announce Nicolas Jackson’s signing on their social media platforms or introduce him to the Villarreal fans.

Like many young West African players who come to Europe at 18, Jackson had to step back a bit. Despite playing senior football in Senegal, he was relegated to Villarreal’s academy. After a season with the club’s academy, he moved on to their reserve team, Villarreal B, in 2020.

Regrettably, many young African players, regardless of their talent, find themselves struggling when they arrive in Europe. Notable examples include Simon Adingra and Victor Osimhen, whose biographies we’ve written. Nicolas Jackson also faced hurdles in his early days with the Yellow Submarine.

As part of their strategy to nurture him, Villarreal sent Jackson on loan. However, his stint with Spain’s second-division team, Mirandes, didn’t go as planned. Jackson scored just one goal in 16 league appearances, a disappointing outcome for him.

Nicolas Jackson Biography – Path to Stardom:

Returning to Villarreal after an unimpressive loan stint, Jackson felt the weight of his underperformance. Fearful of letting down his family and his Senegalese supporters, he was determined to turn his fortunes around. The wisdom imparted by Bob Marley and Muhammad Ali helped him reassess his approach, and he began to rectify his on-field shortcomings.

Rather than stepping up to the senior team as he’d hoped to play alongside the likes of Carlos Bacca or Gerard Moreno, Jackson was reassigned to Villarreal’s reserve team, Villarreal B. However, he graciously accepted Unai Emery’s decision and chose humility over disappointment.

The Breakthrough:

In Villarreal B, Jackson displayed his prowess by scoring five goals and providing seven assists, which were instrumental in the team’s promotion to the Segunda Division. This performance earned him the trust of Villarreal’s manager. During the 2021-22 season, Unai Emery sought a worthy competitor for Arnaut Danjuma and found it in Jackson.

His eagerly anticipated breakthrough came in the 2021-22 season, which served as his global stage debut. From his first day with the senior team, Jackson set a precedent that would dramatically alter the course of his life.

Owing to his stellar performance, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Samuel Chukwueze and Yeremi Pino. Jackson’s ability to excel on the wings, at the centre and forefront of the attack, resulted in 13 goals and five assists in the 2022/2023 season.

Journey to Premier League – A Missed Opportunity and a Second Chance:

Nicolas Jackson had always harboured a dream of playing in the Premier League. In January 2023, his dream seemed to become a reality when AFC Bournemouth had a £22.5 million offer accepted by Villarreal. However, due to hamstring issues discovered during medical examinations, the deal fell through.

In a twist of fate mirroring that of Julio Enciso, Jackson pledged to turn this setback into an opportunity. Upon his recovery from injury, he returned with a vengeance, scoring a total of nine goals in April and May 2023. Ahead of the 2023/2024 season, his exceptional form attracted interest from some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

In June 2023, Nicolas Jackson became a player for Chelsea FC, according to a report from The Guardian Football. By joining the Blues, he became the fifth player from Senegal to don the Chelsea jersey, following the likes of Kalidou Koulibaly (2022/2023), Edouard Mendy (2020-2023), Djilobodji (2015), and Demba Ba (2013-2014).

Jackson’s signing was part of Todd Boehly’s strategic vision to nurture young talents for the club’s long-term success. This youth-oriented approach has seen the club amass prodigious talents such as Mykhailo Mudryk, Wesley Fofana, Noni Madueke, Cesare Casadei, Lewis Hall, and others.

In the years to come, Blues fans could look forward to a potent partnership between Jackson and the likes of Armando Broja, Christopher Nkunku or David Datro Fofana in the Chelsea attack, facilitated by young midfield talents like Cole Palmer, Lesley Ugochukwu, Enzo Fernandes, Carney Chukwuemeka, and Andrey Santos. As we say, the rest is now part of the annals of football history.

Nicolas Jackson’s Personal Life:

Following his early success in his European career, it appears that the native of Banjul is set for a glittering tenure at Stamford Bridge. It is often said that behind every triumphant Senegalese striker, there’s a glamorous girlfriend, baby mama, or wife. With this in mind, one may wonder:

Does Nicolas Jackson have a girlfriend or a wife?…

Who is Nicolas Jackson dating?…

As of the time this biography was composed (June 2023), no information is publicly available regarding Jackson’s girlfriend, baby mama, child, or wife. It seems that unlike his Senegalese compatriot, Ismaila Sarr, who married early, Jackson has chosen a different path.

Off the Field – The Man Behind the Athlete:

Who is Nicolas Jackson beyond the football pitch?

Understanding Jackson’s personal inspirations can provide a unique insight into his character. Jackson is a devoted fan of Bob Marley, the legendary Jamaican musician and songwriter who passed away in 1981. He finds solace and strength in Marley’s words, which have helped him navigate challenging times in his life.

During a difficult period in his career at Villarreal, Jackson sought comfort in the empowering lyrics of Bob Marley, which encouraged him to face his opponents with confidence and resilience. Jackson often refers to these words:

“I don’t come to bow, I come to conquer.”

Additionally, Jackson is inspired by Muhammad Ali’s unwavering convictions, charismatic wit, and bold personality. Here are some of Jackson’s favourite quotes from the iconic boxer:

“I have one bodyguard. He has no eyes, yet he sees, he has no ears, yet he hears. And he remembers everything with the aid of mind and memory. When he wishes to create a thing, he just orders it to be and it comes into existence.”

The Spirit of a Lion:

When Nicolas Jackson identifies himself as a ‘Lion,’ it speaks volumes about his self-assured nature and conviction. The lion, known as the king of the jungle, is often symbolized by courage, bravery, and power.

Jackson, as an African footballer playing in England, believes these attributes of a lion are crucial for his on-field performance. A prime example of a footballer who refers to himself as a ‘Lion’ and exemplifies this ethos on the pitch is the formidable Francesco Acerbi.

Did you know?… Acerbi has battled and overcome testicular cancer twice, even enduring the removal of a testicle. Instead of succumbing to despair and abandoning his career, he returned with even greater determination, embracing a ‘Lion’ mentality. His resilience was instrumental in helping Simone Inzaghi Inter Milan team reach the UEFA Champions League final in 2023.

The Lifestyle of Nicolas Jackson:

Before joining Chelsea Football Club, financial reports from Capology indicated that the athlete earned a significant annual income of 520,000 euros. This sum, considered considerable wealth in Senegal, signifies financial security for Nicolas Jackson’s parents and his other family members. It’s highly probable that the forward from Ziguinchor has invested in luxurious properties in Senegal, including a beautiful home with a swimming pool.

However, amassing wealth doesn’t necessarily equate to an extravagant lifestyle for Nicolas Jackson. Based on his social media presence, there’s no evidence of him indulging in lavish living, such as owning multiple high-end cars, flaunting designer clothes, or living it up with partying and alcohol. But there’s one thing Jackson does indulge in – he values his vacation time.

Family Life of Nicolas Jackson:

The accomplishments of a successful African footballer like Jackson, currently with Chelsea, significantly uplift the lives of his family members back in Senegal. Let’s delve into the effects of his success as we explore more about Nicolas Jackson’s family, beginning with his elder sibling.

Concerning Nicolas Jackson’s Brother:

Christian Valentim Dama, known by his Instagram handle; christian_balintine_18, is based in Senegal and is an avid follower of football updates, particularly those related to his younger brother, Nicolas Jackson. As Christian notes in his Instagram Bio;

Nothing in the world compares to the love of football.

Despite the substantial success and prosperity that Nicolas Jackson has earned through his career, he maintains a deep connection to his familial roots in his native village in Senegal. Together with Christian, his older brother, they regularly take time to visit their homeland. And while there, the Ziguinchor brothers connect with family members and relatives.

Back in his home village, in the company of his older brother Christian and their extended family, Nicolas experiences a sense of tranquillity. Essentially, these visits to his birthplace serve as reminders of his humble origins and the journey he has embarked upon to achieve his current success.

Regarding Nicolas Jackson’s Father:

It is confirmed that the athlete’s father hails from either Senegal or The Gambia. Interestingly, it appears that neither Nicolas nor his brother, Christian Valentim Dama, have any photos of their father on their Instagram accounts, although they do share pictures of their mother. The reason for this is unclear, but it might be due to their father’s preference for privacy.

Regarding Nicolas Jackson’s Mother:

Based on her birthday, celebrated every 18th of May, Nico’s mother falls under the Taurus zodiac sign. To demonstrate his affection for her, here are Jackson’s heartfelt words on her birthday in 2020:

May God continue to shower you with blessings, Mom. We will strive to make you proud through God’s grace.

May every mother in the world receive God’s blessings.

Christian Valentim Dama, Nicolas Jackson’s brother, also chimed in to express his love and respect for their mother:

Happy birthday, Mom. May the good Lord protect you and our entire family.

We love you immensely and pray that God will allow you to stay with us for as long as possible while continuing to intercede for us. God is Great.

Concerning Nicolas Jackson’s Extended Family:

One thing that can be assumed with high certainty is that Nico has likely established a robust fanbase in his home country, Senegal. This fanbase is likely spearheaded by his brother and other extended family members.

As of writing, there has been no specific identification of any of Jackson’s relatives. However, it can be anticipated that they, along with Christian, will be fervently cheering for their family’s primary breadwinner at Stamford Bridge.

Uncovered Facts:

In the concluding segment of Nicolas Jackson’s Biography, we aim to share facts about him that may not be widely known. So, without further delay, let’s proceed.

Insights into Nicolas Jackson’s Earnings:

Making 520,000 euros annually as a footballer with Villarreal translates into a significant sum when viewed from an African perspective. The table below presents a breakdown of Nicolas Jackson’s Salary in his local currencies, the West African CFA franc (used in Senegal) and the Gambian Dalasi (used in The Gambia).

Understanding the Footballer from Banjul’s Wealth:

In Senegal, where Nicolas Jackson’s family originates from, the average income per person is approximately 186,710 francs per month (according to TradingEconomics). Did you know?… An average Senegalese would need to work for 35 years. To earn 6,547,820 francs – an amount equivalent to Nico’s weekly wages with Villarreal before he moved to Chelsea FC.

Similarly, in The Gambia, where Nicolas Jackson was born, the average annual income per person is roughly 192,000 GMD. Such an average Gambian would require 14 years and 7 months. To earn €43,333 – the monthly wage Nico once earned while playing for Villarreal.


Often likened to a Julian Alvarez in the making, SoccerBiography views Nico as a reincarnation of Sadio Mane and Didier Drogba. As of 2023, Jackson exhibits commendable strength stats on FIFA (rated above 70). With his primary prowess lying in his finishing abilities (rated at 80). It’s safe to say that FIFA career-mode enthusiasts would find Nico an intriguing acquisition.

What is Nicolas Jackson’s Religion?

Originating from Ziguinchor, Senegal, the professional footballer is a committed Christian. Jackson consistently acknowledges God’s grace for his professional achievements and during family festivities, such as his mother’s birthday. Nicolas Jackson’s family belongs to the Christian minority in Senegal, accounting for about 4% to 5% of the country’s population.


Nicolas Jackson was born to his parents in The Gambia, the smallest country on the African mainland. It is surrounded by Senegal, with a slender coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Along with his older brother, Christian Valentim Dama, he was raised in Ziguinchor, in the western region of Senegal.

Born in Banjul with Senegalese roots, the footballer possesses dual citizenship. In Nico’s early years, nothing was more special than football. He quickly started pursuing his ambition to become a professional footballer, taking his first steps with local club ASC Tilene.

His impressive performances for Casa Sports caught the attention of Villarreal. After joining, Nico faced initial challenges but soon began scoring, demonstrating his adeptness at being a clinical finisher. In the 2022/2023 season, Nicolas Jackson’s family rejoiced when their key breadwinner secured a spot in the senior team of the Yellow Submarines.

Under the leadership of Quique Setién and Unai Emery, Nico proved his worth with remarkable performances and goals for Villarreal. Playing alongside top talents like Juan Foyth, Pau Torres, Pervis Estupiñán, and Giovani Lo Celso was truly rewarding.

Jackson’s remarkable performances in the 2022/2023 season attracted the attention of big European clubs. At the close of the season, Villarreal’s president, Fernando Roig Alfonso made a decision regarding Nicolas Jackson’s future. The Senegalese striker was transferred to Chelsea just as the club was bidding farewell to significant talents like Hakim Ziyech and the legendary Ngolo Kante.

Without a doubt, Jackson’s career serves as a reminder to football enthusiasts that talent alone is not enough to succeed. Success demands hard work and, most importantly, self-sacrifice. On that note, we wrap up the tale of a rapidly ascending Senegalese footballer who refers to himself as “The Black Mamba”.


We appreciate the time you’ve taken to read SoccerBiography’s profile of Nicolas Jackson. We are committed to delivering accurate and fair football stories related to the Teranga Lions Players. Our coverage of Nicolas Jackson’s journey is part of our focus on Senegalese football narratives.

Please feel free to notify us in the comment section if you spot any discrepancies in our account of the Chelsea forward’s life story. Also, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Jackson, a rising star poised to bolster Chelsea into a high-scoring team under Mauricio Pochettino.

In addition to Nicolas Jackson’s profile, we have a plethora of engaging Chelsea and football tales for you to explore. You’re bound to find the life stories of Benoit Badiashile and Malo Gusto interesting from a Chelsea viewpoint. And from an African viewpoint, the Life History of Ismael Bennacer and Asisat Oshoala should excite your reading interest.

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