Niclas Fullkrug Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

We present a deep dive into the Biography of Niclas Fullkrug, detailing an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, details on his parents, Andreas and Natalie Fullkrug, as well as his siblings, Mika and Anna-Lena, Lisa (Fullkrug’s wife) and other family members like grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

The narrative further explores Fullkrug’s roots, including his family’s origin, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and the place he was brought up. It also touches on his educational background. Not just limited to his personal and familial history, the biography sheds light on his physical attributes like tattoos and his zodiac sign, as well as financial aspects, including his net worth and salary.

At its core, this story chronicles the journey of Fullkrug, a young boy fascinated by football. A boy influenced by the sporting legacy of his father and grandfather. All he ever wanted as a kid was to become a prodigious talent in the sport. Our article highlights his extraordinary achievement of scoring 162 goals in a single season. This is a record that stands tall in Niclas’ hometown.

The account is a testament to Fullkrug’s passion and talent. Also, his supportive family environment. One that propelled him from a mere enthusiast to a celebrated football icon. This biography is a comprehensive account of a boy who became a remarkable figure in football. A boy whose life is driven by familial support and an innate love for the game.


This biography unfolds the captivating journey of Niclas Fullkrug. It traces the pivotal moments from his early childhood to his emergence as a premier forward in professional football. We aim to take you through the significant milestones that positioned him among Germany’s elite footballers.

Through this biography, SoccerBio seeks to engage and feed your curiosity about the life and career of Niclas Fullkrug. We invite you to explore a gallery that illustrates his evolution. From an aspiring athlete to a celebrated German football star. His path is marked by numerous obstacles he has overcome and commendable achievements he has earned.

Among his notable accomplishments, Fullkrug earned the title of Hanover’s Athlete of the Year. He won that in 2018. His career trajectory reached new heights when he became the Bundesliga Top Scorer in 2023. This was shortly followed by earning the Sport-Bild Award 2023 as the “Rising Star of the Year.” Since the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he has cemented his position as Germany’s attacking answer.

In our exploration of biographies of German footballers, we’ve observed a general unawareness of Niclas Fullkrug’s inspiring story. As such, we’re eager to delve into and share the details of his life and career. Without further delay, let’s embark on this discovery journey of Niclas Fullkrug’s biography.

Niclas Fullkrug Early Years:

In the beginning chapters of his life’s story, Niclas Fullkrug, also known by the moniker “Lucke” — a German word translating to “gap”, a playful reference to his distinct front teeth — embarked on his journey.

He was born as Niclas Fullkrug on February 9, 1993, in Hanover, Germany. The German Striker was born to parents Natalie and Andreas Fullkrug. Niclas was one of three siblings in a closely-knit family. A family which included another brother and a sister. All were nurtured in the union of their parents, Andreas and Natalie.

Introducing Niclas Fullkrug’s parents, it’s crucial to recognize their influential role. They were more than just guardians; they were his pivotal support system.

Their guidance and perhaps even personal sacrifices were critical in shaping Niclas. Not only into a professional athlete but also into the person he is today. Their unwavering support was a cornerstone of his development. It guided him through significant life choices and maintained his focus on his ambitious goals.

Early Life:

From a tender age, Niclas Fullkrug was deeply enthralled with football, showing an innate passion that seemed predestined. In a nation where football is not just a game but a part of the cultural identity, it’s conceivable that he was acquainted with the sport from a very young age, much like many of Germany’s football legends.

Growing up, Niclas, also known as “Lucke”, shared his youthful years with his siblings, Mika and Anna-Lena. As a child, Niclas was noted for his joyful demeanour and inherent charisma. He was known for his cheerful spirit and an apparent natural aptitude, embracing life with a rare positivity and energy that distinguished him early on. His early years were characterized by the happiness and innocence that often accompany a child’s first forays into their passions and pursuits.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Formative Years:

Niclas, a native German attacker, was born and raised in a family with a rich soccer lineage. His father, Andreas, took to the field as a soccer coach, while his grandfather, Gerd, had a professional career with SV Arminia Hannover. The football fervour didn’t stop there; his sister, Anna-Lena, played for Hannover 96, and his younger brother, Mika, was involved with TuS Ricklingen.

Niclas’ own foray into football began at six years old, spending countless hours enjoying the game with his siblings. His early life wasn’t merely about playing; it was about embracing a legacy. Influenced by the sporting achievements of his family, he walked a path well-trodden by his forebears, all while harbouring dreams of reaching the pinnacle of the sport.

For Niclas, the game was more than a mere hobby; it was a pursuit steeped in family tradition. Each play and every goal was a step in the journey of continuing his family’s footballing legacy. Despite the numerous icons in the sport, his admiration was particularly piqued by the likes of Didier Drogba. With each passing year, Niclas’s skills and passion grew, forging his own unique path in the world of football.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Family Dynamics:

Niclas Fullkrug, known as Werder’s Warrior, was raised in a family deeply passionate about sports, with his parents working hard to provide a nurturing environment. His father, Andreas, was not only an ardent soccer enthusiast but also carved out his career within the sport, playing and coaching. He imparted his knowledge and skills to Niclas, focusing on enhancing his ball handling, shooting techniques, and strategic understanding of the game.

While the specifics of his mother Natalie’s profession remain unknown, her role in the family was evidently significant, contributing to a supportive and loving household. The family’s shared enthusiasm for soccer likely played a pivotal role in shaping Niclas’s early interest and dedication to the sport.

The Fullkrugs were a middle-class, tightly-knit family, prioritizing a joyful, healthy upbringing and encouraging Niclas to chase his dreams of becoming a soccer player. Their home was more than just a dwelling; it was a foundation for growth, learning, and pursuing passions, deeply rooted in the love for soccer that permeated their everyday life.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Ancestral Roots:

Niclas Fullkrug celebrated as a leading figure in the Bundesliga, is a proud German national. Delving into his heritage reveals that his family originates from the vibrant and historical city of Hanover, Germany. To understand his roots, one can visualize a map pinpointing Hanover as the cradle of the Fullkrug family’s lineage.

Hanover itself is a city where history and modernity intertwine gracefully. Its Old Town area narrates stories of antiquity amidst its charming historical structures. The city is a cultural hotspot, with institutions like the Sprengel Museum housing contemporary art treasures.

Beyond culture, Hanover is known for its lush landscapes, notably the regal Herrenhausen Gardens, offering a green retreat within the urban sprawl. It stands as a beacon of innovation and industry, famously hosting the world’s largest industrial fair annually. The city’s culinary scene reflects its rich cultural tapestry, with diverse dining options catering to a myriad of tastes. This backdrop of tradition, innovation, and cultural richness is where Niclas Fullkrug’s family has its roots, shaping his identity and values.

Cultural Background:

Niclas Fullkrug, often referred to as the Blitz from Bremen, belongs to the German ethnic group. Germans constitute the majority of the population in Germany, accounting for approximately 86.3% of the residents. Raised in Germany, Niclas’s familial and cultural identity is deeply entrenched in the nation’s traditions and values.

He is closely connected to the German way of life, embodying the cultural and traditional ethos of the country. While specific details of his family’s ancestral lineage or possible connections to other countries are not publicly known, his identity is firmly rooted in the German cultural landscape.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Academic Background:

Details regarding Niclas Fullkrug’s educational journey, known as the German Goal Machine, are largely kept private. It is common in Germany for young, aspiring athletes like him to juggle academic responsibilities with rigorous football training schedules.

The specifics of his educational institutions or accomplishments have not been disclosed, suggesting that his path may have been predominantly shaped by his early and intense dedication to football.

In Germany, young athletes often join programs balancing school and sports. Niclas’s academic details are unclear, but his early football success suggests a strong focus on the sport over traditional education.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Ascent in Football:

Niclas Fullkrug’s journey into football was deeply rooted in his hometown, where he often played alongside his siblings, developing a profound love for the game under the guidance of his father, who also served as his initial coach. This familial environment nurtured his basic skills and fueled his passion for football.

His prowess became evident at TuS Ricklingen, a local club in Hanover, where he spent eight years refining his abilities. During this time, he emerged as an exceptional goal scorer, averaging an astonishing 160 goals each season, indicating early signs of his potential for greatness.

A particular standout year in Niclas’s early career was 2001, during which he made history with the Ricklinger youth team by scoring 162 goals in a single season. This extraordinary feat not only marked a personal milestone but also set a historic record, affirming his prodigious talent and hinting at the future success that was to unfold in his football career.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Football Journey:

At the age of 14, Niclas Fullkrug reached a significant crossroads in his football career, facing the decision to choose between multiple offers. He ultimately decided on Werder Bremen, attracted by its reputation for outstanding training. This decision marked the commencement of an important new phase in his promising football journey.

Known as the Hanseatic Hero, Niclas initially balanced his time between his home in Lower Saxony and his commitments in Bremen. His commitment to the sport was soon evident as he moved to Werder’s boarding school, fully immersing himself in his football development.

Fullkrug’s dedication quickly translated into success on the field. He notably scored 17 goals for Werder’s B youth team in the 2009/10 season and continued his impressive streak in the A-youth games with 12 goals and six assists. By the age of 17, he was already making significant contributions to Werder’s U23 squad.

His early accomplishments were indicative of his burgeoning talent and potential. His consistent performance and growing skill set drew the attention of higher leagues, marking him as more than just a regular player. As he continued to refine his abilities, it became clear that Niclas Fullkrug was on a trajectory toward significant recognition and success in the world of football.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Path to Prominence:

Niclas Fullkrug, known for his scoring prowess, began to garner attention with his impactful performances and crucial goals for his team. His talents particularly shone through in a 3-1 victory over VfB Stuttgart II. Following a successful training period in Turkey, his consistent form earned him a spot on the Bundesliga squad.

His ascent from the U23s to the first team was rapid. In 2012, Fullkrug made his Bundesliga debut and quickly left a mark by scoring against Augsburg. This significant achievement cemented his place in the team, leading to a professional contract that extended until 2015.

Fullkrug demonstrated that he was more than capable of holding his own among the experienced players. As the subsequent season introduced new forwards to Werder Bremen, he showcased his versatility by adapting to various positions while continuing to score.

Playing alongside notable teammates like Theodor Gebre Selassie, Josh Sargent, and Davy Klaassen, he contributed to the team’s dynamics and success. However, in 2013, Fullkrug faced a setback when a knee injury temporarily halted his rising career. Despite this adversity, his determination and passion for the game remained unshaken, signaling his resilience and enduring commitment to football.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Loan Spell at SpVgg Greuther Furth:

During the 2013/14 season, Niclas Fullkrug, often hailed as the King of the Comeback, had a standout period at SpVgg Greuther Furth. He delivered an impressive series of performances, notably scoring four goals in a single match. His contributions were pivotal in pushing Furth to third place in the league, ultimately leading to a critical relegation playoff.

In a nail-biting face-off against Hamburger SV, the match concluded in a draw, with Hamburg advancing on away goals. Despite the disappointing outcome, Fullkrug’s remarkable performance during the season highlighted his growing prominence in football.

Notably, Fullkrug was in the company of other distinguished players like Neymar, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, Jack Grealish, and Sebastian Kerk. After his time with Furth, he transferred to FC Nurnberg in 2014, rather than returning to Bremen. At Nurnberg, he excelled on the left wing, eclipsing fellow teammates Koch and Gebhart with his performance.

That season, Fullkrug’s seven assists showcased his ability not only as a scorer but as a creator on the field. His notable contributions included a double that secured a 2:1 victory in an away game. However, in March 2015, he faced a major setback with severe cartilage damage sidelining him.

Returning for the 2015/16 season, Fullkrug fought hard to regain his place and influence on the field. His efforts resulted in fifteen goals, significantly boosting Nürnberg’s attack. A standout moment was his hat-trick against Union Berlin, marking a high point in his season. Despite the team’s efforts and finishing third, their playoff matches against Eintracht Frankfurt ended in a draw and a loss, denying them a chance to ascend to the Bundesliga.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Tenacious Ascent:

In 2016, Niclas Fullkrug made a significant career move, signing with Hannover 96, a team then in the second division. His start was somewhat slow, notching his first goal only on the 13th matchday. While expectations were not for him to skyrocket to fame like Aubameyang or Lewandowski immediately, his potential was evident.

Initially under coach Daniel Stendel, Fullkrug found himself mostly on the bench, overshadowed by the team’s lead scorer, Martin Harnik. However, the tide turned with the appointment of André Breitenreiter as coach.

Under Breitenreiter’s guidance, Fullkrug earned a starting spot and formed a dynamic duo with Harnik, contributing significantly to the team’s undefeated run.

Breitenreiter’s tactics were crucial in Hannover’s promotion to the Bundesliga, aided by Fullkrug’s five crucial goals. The next season, Fullkrug’s 14 goals were instrumental in maintaining Hannover’s league status, affirming his importance to the team.

His impressive performance garnered attention from larger clubs, notably Borussia Mönchengladbach, which showed interest in acquiring him for a significant fee. Despite these enticing offers, Fullkrug demonstrated loyalty to Hannover by extending his contract until 2022.

Yet, in a twist of fate, Fullkrug encountered another challenge when a cartilage injury after 13 games sidelined him, limiting his season’s goal tally to just two.

His absence was keenly felt, as Hannover struggled with eight consecutive defeats and ultimately faced relegation before the season concluded. This downturn was a poignant reminder of the highs and lows in Fullkrug’s journey to the top.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Journey to Prominence:

In 2019, Niclas Fullkrug made a significant return to Werder Bremen, immediately showcasing his skill with early-season goals. However, his progress was abruptly interrupted by a severe knee injury in September, forcing him out of play until June 2020.

Despite the season being disrupted by the pandemic, Fullkrug returned with impact, notably scoring against SC Paderborn and playing a crucial role in Bremen’s fight against relegation through a tense playoff. The year 2021 brought further challenges for Fullkrug, particularly after a DFB Cup match.

Following a game against RB Leipzig, Fullkrug was selected for routine doping control. Instead of proceeding directly to the control station, he first visited his team’s locker room, resulting in a five-minute delay. This delay was seen as a significant breach of strict anti-doping protocols by the DFB sports court, leading to substantial fines for both Fullkrug (10,000 euros) and Werder Bremen (8,000 euros).

Injuries throughout the season limited his appearances and goal contributions, culminating in only six goals as Bremen faced the disappointment of relegation. However, Fullkrug’s tenacity was evident in the following 2021/22 season, overcoming initial setbacks to form a dynamic partnership with Ducksch. Together, they scored 19 goals, with Fullkrug himself securing ten by the winter break, marking him as one of Germany’s top forwards at that time.

Before the begining of the 2023/24 season, Fullkrug embarked on a new chapter by signing a three-year contract with Borussia Dortmund, indicating a promising phase of his career with the Bundesliga powerhouse and opening up new opportunities for both himself and the team.

Niclas Fullkrug’s International Football Endeavors:

Niclas Fullkrug’s journey to international prominence began in the junior leagues of Bremen, where he quickly made a name for himself as a prolific early goal-scorer. His ability to compete effectively in higher age groups showcased his exceptional skill and agility, leading to his debut with the DFB junior team in 2010.

He continued to impress, especially with the U19 team, where he netted five goals in just seven games. By the 2022/23 season, his consistent goal-scoring prowess caught the eye of national coach Hansi Flick, leading to his inclusion in Germany’s squad for the 2022 World Cup.

During the tournament, Fullkrug shared the field with esteemed players like Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller, Youssoufa Moukoko, Leon Goretzka, and Karim Adeyemi. His international debut was marked by a historic goal against Oman, making him the oldest outfield debutant for Germany since 2002.

Despite Germany’s early departure from the World Cup, Fullkrug’s individual performance shone brightly, particularly in matches against Spain and Costa Rica, underscoring his capability on the international stage. Even as the team faced setbacks, his market value saw a significant increase, reflecting his personal achievements amidst collective challenges.

Inquiries about his muted celebration after a critical goal against Spain were met with Fullkrug’s emphasis on team success over personal glory. His modesty and team-first attitude highlighted his dedication to the collective ambitions of the squad. As Fullkrug’s biography unfolds, his journey continues to be etched in the annals of football history.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Marriage with Lisa:

Niclas Fullkrug’s life is not just defined by his professional achievements but also by his enduring relationship with his wife, Lisa. The couple has shared a profound connection since their early days in elementary school. In a romantic gesture, Niclas proposed in the Seychelles, leading to their marriage in 2016. Their bond has remained resilient, weathering the challenges and scrutiny that come with public life.

Their journey together didn’t merely continue after marriage; it flourished. By 2019, the couple’s happiness and commitment to each other were more apparent than ever, choosing to keep their most joyful moments private. Through the various highs and lows of life, especially in the demanding world of professional sports, they have maintained a strong partnership, with fame and public attention never diminishing their connection.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Parenthood:

In 2019, Niclas Fullkrug and his wife, Lisa, shared the joyful news that they were expecting their first child, filling their circle with anticipation. After much waiting, they were delighted to welcome their daughter, Emilia, into the world.

While the couple radiates happiness with their new addition, they have consciously decided to keep the details of their family life, especially regarding Emilia, private. This decision shows their commitment to maintaining a safe and discreet environment for their family amidst the public nature of Niclas’s career.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Off-Field Life:

Known on the field as the Green-White Giant, Niclas Fullkrug has interests and habits that extend beyond football. He used to be an avid FIFA video game player, though he has stepped away from gaming recently. In terms of fashion, he prefers the relaxed look of casual, sporty attire over more formal clothing and enjoys the process of shopping for new outfits.

Music plays a significant part in Fullkrug’s life, with “Eye of the Tiger” holding a special place as his motivational anthem. He vividly recalls how this song would energize the locker room during his early football days under his father’s coaching in Ricklingen. The song continues to inspire him, evoking memories of camaraderie and determination and giving him an extra boost of energy whenever he hears it.

Astrologically, Fullkrug is an Aquarius, sharing the sign with other footballers like Jonathan Tah ( Centre-Back), Cristiano Ronaldo ( Centre-Forward), Jarell Quansah (Centre-Back) and Hannibal Mejbri (Attacking Midfield). Traits typically associated with Aquarians, such as being progressive, original, independent, and humanitarian, are often attributed to him.

In addition to his football career, Fullkrug is proactive in securing his future. He has invested in several properties in northern Germany for business purposes. His physical attributes are also notable; he stands tall at 1.89 meters (6 feet 2 inches) and maintains a healthy weight of 88 kilograms. His light, earth-toned hair and well-defined muscles add to his athletic and imposing physical appearance, reflecting his commitment to staying fit and healthy.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Approach to Life:

Niclas Fullkrug, a German footballer, keeps a low profile on social media. He avoids flashy posts, preferring privacy and humility.

On the field, he’s known for his skill, focusing more on football than online fame. He commits fully to his sport.

Niclas and his wife, Lisa, enjoy quiet seaside breaks. These holidays are special, strengthening their bond away from the spotlight.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Automotive Interest:

Niclas Fullkrug, known in the Bundesliga, enjoys driving luxury vehicles, especially high-end Mercedes. He made unexpected news when his AMG S 63 was seen driven by Rommel Abou-Chaker, linked to a notable group, in court.

Fullkrug had loaned the car to a friend, unaware of its controversial use. While details about his car collection are unclear, including his first car, his successful football career enables him to indulge in such luxuries.

With substantial earnings from football, speculated at around 50,000 pounds per week, Fullkrug has the capacity to purchase expensive vehicles. However, he does not flaunt his wealth or acquisitions, choosing instead to maintain a level of modesty about his lifestyle and possessions. This indicates that while he has the means for extravagant purchases, he prefers not to display his affluence overtly.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Familial Support:

Details about Niclas Fullkrug’s family might be limited, but the influence they’ve had on his career is clear and significant. They have provided unwavering support and encouragement, playing a crucial role in his development and success in professional football.

The importance of Fullkrug’s family, often referred to as the Field’s Virtuoso, goes beyond mere background support. Their deep involvement and influence have been instrumental in shaping his journey and achievements in the sport. Each member has contributed to the strength and direction of his career, reflecting the collective impact of his familial support system. As we explore further, the integral role of his family in his life and career becomes increasingly apparent.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Relationship with His Father:

Niclas Fullkrug, a prominent German forward, has always been deeply connected to his family, particularly his father, Andreas. With Andreas’s background as a former player and coach, he was instrumental in igniting Niclas’s early interest in football. This unique position allowed Andreas to serve not only as a supportive father but also as an early mentor and guide in Niclas’s burgeoning football career.

Andreas was a regular fixture at Niclas’s games, providing both support and encouragement from the sidelines. This close relationship has significantly influenced and shaped Niclas’s journey in football. Despite the profound impact of his family, particularly his father, on his career, Niclas chooses to keep his family life private. This discretion underscores his commitment to maintaining a respectful boundary between his public persona and personal life.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Maternal Influence:

In the world of football, the support of family, particularly the role of mothers, is often crucial in nurturing emerging talents. Mothers frequently contribute immensely to their children’s sports careers, providing a foundation of support and encouragement.

This dynamic is clearly reflected in the relationship between Niclas Fullkrug and his mother, Natalie Fullkrug. Although the details of her life are not widely publicized, her influence on Niclas’s career is undeniable. Her involvement and guidance have played a substantial role in instilling values and dedication in Niclas, shaping him into the committed and focused athlete he is today.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Bond with Siblings:

The Green-White Giant, Niclas Fullkrug, deeply cherishes his relationship with his siblings. One that has significantly shaped his personal and emotional development. He shares a close and supportive bond with both his brother and sister. The Athlete also draws strength and camaraderie from these familial ties. In the following section, we’ll delve into the specifics of Fullkrug’s relationships with his siblings. Let’s explore this integral part of his life.

Anna-Lena Fullkrug’s Relationship with Niclas:

Anna-Lena Fullkrug shares more than just familial ties with her brother Niclas; she mirrors his passion for soccer. The siblings have a history of playing together, including a stint at Hannover 96 in the regional league. Their journey in football began under the tutelage of their father, who coached them in their early years in a local team.

Anna-Lena reminisces about their shared experiences in football, acknowledging the significant role it played in her development. In a joint interview for Hannover 96’s club TV, she expressed, “We played a lot of football together. I was always allowed to be there. I learned a lot there.”

Even though their professional commitments have led them on different paths, making their in-person meetings less frequent, the siblings maintain a strong connection. They regularly communicate over the phone, especially when faced with important career decisions.

Born on December 8, 1996, Anna-Lena is three and a half years younger than Niclas. She has carved out her own niche in football, playing as a striker for Hannover 96. Known for her goal-scoring prowess, she demonstrates skills that echo her brother’s, maintaining the family tradition of football excellence.

Mika Fullkrug’s Role in the Family Tradition:

In the Fullkrug family, football is more than a sport; it’s a cherished tradition. This passion, largely instilled by their father, Andreas, has been embraced by all the children, including the youngest, Mika. He has been nurtured and guided in the sport, with influences from both his father and his sister, Anna-Lena, particularly at TuS Ricklingen, a local club in Hanover.

Mika continues to carry the family’s football legacy, representing their sporting honor in Hanover. While he shares the family’s enthusiasm for football, his interests diverge somewhat when it comes to music. Unlike Niclas and Anna-Lena, who enjoy blasting Wolfgang Petry’s songs, Mika does not share the same musical inclinations. This distinct preference highlights the unique personality each sibling brings to the family, even as they share a common passion for football.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Family Embrace:

Niclas Fullkrug, affectionately known as “Lücke,” is deeply committed to his family. In Qatar, his commitment extends beyond his immediate family of his wife and daughter to include a wider circle of relatives such as siblings, an uncle, and in-laws. This gathering is more than a mere reunion; it reflects Fullkrug’s profound appreciation for the presence and support of family.

This inclusive approach underscores a united front as he pursues his professional goals. It illustrates the importance he places on familial bonds. Moreover, this close-knit family environment serves as a pillar of strength. It allows Fullkrug to navigate the demands and pressures of his career. Doing that with the reassurance and comfort that comes from being surrounded by loved ones.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Grandfather’s Legacy:

Niclas Fullkrug’s grandfather, Gerd, etched a significant mark in football, competing in the second league for Arminia Hannover. His involvement in the sport was more than a hobby; it established a family tradition deeply rooted in the love and principles of football.

Gerd’s journey through the competitive world of football set a precedent for future generations. His dedication in each match shaped his career and became a tale of inspiration within his family. This legacy motivates the next generations, including Niclas and his siblings, to pursue sports.

Gerd’s impact goes beyond his own success, inspiring his grandchildren and future descendants with his commitment to the sport.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Lesser-Known Aspects:

As we approach the concluding section of Niclas Fullkrug’s biography, we prepare more facts. Put simply, we’ll delve into the more obscure facets of his life. This segment is dedicated to uncovering those elements that have remained relatively unnoticed or under-discussed.

With an aim to provide a fuller understanding of his life and character, we invite you to join us in exploring these untold stories and facts about Niclas Fullkrug. Let’s proceed to uncover these hidden details.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Earnings:

According to Capology, Niclas Fullkrug, the forward, commands an annual salary of 6,000,000 Euros. This is a testament to his dedication and prowess in football. His income is not solely his salary; it is supplemented by additional rewards for his achievements, image rights, and other income avenues.

The level of his earnings reflects the trajectory of his football career, with improved performance translating into increased financial rewards. This correlation not only boosts his motivation to excel in the field but also demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between his career growth and financial gains. To provide a clearer picture of how Fullkrug’s compensation package is structured, a detailed breakdown of his earnings follows.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Wealth in Context:

Niclas Fullkrug, known as the Field’s Virtuoso, is from Hanover with an average income of 38,607 Euros. In contrast, he earns about 13 times the annual local average monthly at Borussia Dortmund.

This highlights the vast difference between his and the average income in Hanover. Fullkrug’s earnings reflect the lucrative side of professional football and the hefty pay of elite clubs.

Niclas Fullkrug’s FIFA Profile:

According to Sofifa’s 2023 rankings, Niclas Fullkrug is rated with a solid overall score of 80, with experts predicting his potential to remain around this mark. Known for playing as a Centre-Forward, he is predominantly right-footed like Lyndon Dykes and Anastasios Douvikas.

Fullkrug, known as Lucke, stands out at his Bundesliga club with skills in finishing, positioning, jumping, and powerful shots. These traits boost his gameplay. However, his defending and goalkeeping skills lag, especially in interceptions.

To elevate his performance, Fullkrug could benefit from improvements in long passing and agility. Enhancing these skills would likely make him a more formidable opponent on the field. His playing style has been likened to that of notable players such as Serhou Guirassy and Benjamin Sesko, reflecting his stature and capabilities as a forward.

Niclas Füllkrug’s Unusual Injury:

In a surprising incident, German footballer Niclas Füllkrug was involved in a peculiar situation that drew public interest. He and another player clashed heads while attempting a header in a match. Remarkably, the other player’s tooth was embedded in Füllkrug’s head, causing an abrupt game halt and urgent medical care to avert infection.

Despite the unusual and potentially distressing nature of the injury, Füllkrug displayed remarkable resilience and professionalism. He even managed to retain a sense of humour about the situation in post-match reports and interviews. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of sports and underscores the paramount importance of safety in all athletic endeavours.

Niclas Fullkrug’s Spirituality:

The Bundesliga’s leading striker places great emphasis on his Christian spirituality. His entire family cherishes their spiritual beliefs as well. They hold these convictions strongly, and it significantly impacts their existence. Niclas, on the other hand, maintains his spirituality as a personal matter. He utilizes it as a private compass in his life and professional path.

Fullkrug does not flaunt his spiritual aspect. This decision reflects his individual manner. He allows his convictions to navigate him through challenging periods. Moreover, they fortify his resolve in athletics and other areas. This subtle equilibrium is crucial to his vigour and accomplishments.


Niclas Fullkrug, affectionately nicknamed “Lücke” (meaning “gap” in German), stands out as a prominent footballer in the Bundesliga. Born on the sunny day of February 9, 1993, in Hanover, Germany, he deeply identifies with his German heritage. He has established a loving family with his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Emilia. The centre-forward has the same birth year as Ederson Moraes (goalkeeper).

Off the pitch, Fullkrug’s life is deeply rooted in family, with his parents, Natalie and Andreas, providing a solid foundation. Raised in Hanover alongside his siblings, Mika and Anna-Lena, he flourished in a culturally rich environment, significantly shaping his personal and football development. The strong bond he shares with his siblings reflects the tight family unit they belong to.

His father’s guidance during his eight years at TuS Ricklingen, located in the Ricklingen district of Hanover, nurtured both his football skills and familial relationships. At 14, Niclas reached a critical juncture in his career. He chose Werder Bremen over five other Bundesliga teams and Hannover 96 in 2006. This decision kicked off his professional journey, leading to a loan at SpVgg Greuther Furth and expanding his horizons.

More Notes:

Niclas’s career trajectory accelerated after a notable period with 1. FC Nurnberg and a move to Hannover 96. Despite early challenges and injuries, his talent shone through. It shone particularly in the breakout season of 2017-2018, marking his resilience and determination.

In 2019, Niclas Fullkrug rejoined Werder Bremen, completing a career cycle amid transfer speculations. Back in familiar territory, he promptly found form, notably netting a hat-trick against Schalke 04 and reestablishing his Bundesliga status.

His resurgence earned him a spot in Germany’s 2022 FIFA World Cup squad, highlighting his dedication and skill.

Moreover, on August 31, 2023, Borussia Dortmund announced Fullkrug’s signing on a three-year deal. The transfer included a €13 million fee with an additional €2 million tied to performance.

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