Morgan Gibbs-White Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This detailed article on Morgan Gibbs-White’s Biography presents to you an insightful look into his early years, role of his family members including his father, Kirk Gibbs-White, mother, Leanne Gibbs-White, Sisters (Madison, Jaiden), his girlfriend (Britney De Villiers), and his aunt, Natalie Hall and childhood experiences.

This comprehensive account on Gibbs-White further delves into his family’s background, their heritage, religious beliefs, place of origin, his educational journey, and more. Additionally, you will get a peek into his lifestyle, financial stature, earnings and the unique character of this talented midfielder hailing from Stafford.

In summary, this write-up provides a holistic history of Morgan Gibbs-White. Dive into the narrative of a young boy, once overlooked by his childhood team, only to rise to the challenge and become a record-signing for Nottingham Forest.

Moreover, here’s a captivating facet of his life; Gibbs-White is not only a football professional but also holds the cherished title of being godfather to Phil Foden’s son.


We set the scene for Morgan Gibbs-White’s story by highlighting the memorable events from his early days.

Next, we’ll journey through his football career that began at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Our narrative will then traverse his remarkable transition to becoming an indispensable asset for Nottingham Forest, a transition observed by none other than Gareth Southgate.

Our goal is to kindle your fascination for life stories, and to achieve this, we narrate the extraordinary journey of Morgan Gibbs-White.

To enhance this narrative, we offer a visual timeline that portrays his path.

From his delightful childhood memories to achieving national recognition, Morgan’s story is a compelling saga of determination and success.

Notably, Nottingham Forest aficionados have a penchant for players with a distinctive flair.

Football analysts often characterize Gibbs-White as a football maestro, possessing the uncanny ability to dissect defenses with his agility, nimble footwork, and precise passes.

In our endeavor to narrate tales of English football talents, we’ve unearthed unique perspectives.

Truthfully, very few have delved deep into the exhilarating life story of Morgan Gibbs-White. Now, let’s unravel his tale.

Morgan Gibbs-White’s Early Years:

To initiate this profile, let’s mention his popular moniker – Gibby. His full name is Morgan Anthony Gibbs-White.

Arriving on earth on January 27, 2000, in Stafford, England, Morgan was welcomed into the world by his parents, Leanne and Kirk Gibbs-White.

Morgan is the only son amidst three daughters, all born to his parents’ joyful union.

Now, a glimpse into the lives of his parents, Kirk and Leanne, who have always been Morgan’s beacon – his constant source of motivation, optimism, and encouragement.

Childhood Days:

Morgan Gibbs-White’s early days were anchored in Stafford, England. As the sole son of Leanne and Kirk, he grew up surrounded by his sisters. It’s believed that among his sisters are Madison and Jaiden.

Young Morgan’s youth was primarily spent in Ecclesall Ward, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Since his youngest days, his exuberance was evident, and his genuine, gleaming smile was his signature trait. This is the same smile, a testament to his spirited nature, which continues to shine even today.

Gibbs-White’s Youth:

From the outset, Morgan was drawn towards sports, with football catching his fancy the most. His early years saw him constantly playing, the football ever-present by his side. His primary ambition was to make it big in football, but he also had a fallback – his aspirations to excel in academics and perhaps pursue professions like law, medicine, or engineering.

A key chapter in Gibbs-White’s football journey was written at Thomas Telford School. Here, he refined much of his football prowess. Be it casual play at home or structured practice at the academy, Morgan was always seen training with his characteristic bright smile.

Family Roots of Gibbs-White:

Known fondly as ‘Gibby’, it’s important to recognize that Morgan’s passion for football is in his genes. Kirk Gibbs-White, Morgan’s father, was a commendable striker who played at Staffordshire tiers.

Post his playing days, Kirk was driven by the desire to see the family’s football tradition flourish. Today, he watches, with immense pride, as his son Morgan shoulders this legacy, carrying forward the Gibbs-White name in the football arena.

Our research underscores that the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship victor hails from a closely-knit family unit. As the main earner, Morgan ensures his loved ones are always around during his career’s monumental moments. For instance, an illustrative photo showcases Steve Bull, a Wolverhampton icon, embracing Morgan’s two youngest sisters.

In the same frame, Morgan is seen standing adjacent to Gareth Prosser, the youth team coach for England, flanked by his mother, Leanne, his younger sister, and his father, Kirk.

Origins of the Gibbs-White Clan:

Per TransferMkt, a reputed football portal, Morgan holds dual citizenship – English and Jamaican. One might wonder about his Jamaican ties? His roots trace back to his father, Kirk, who has Jamaican heritage.

While Stafford, England, confirms Morgan’s British identity, it’s crucial to mention that his mother, Leanne, is originally from the UK. Pinpointing the exact English locale of the Gibbs-White family lineage, it’s inferred from sources that they have residences in both Stafford and Ecclesall Ward, Sheffield.

Cultural Background:

Building on what was mentioned earlier, Morgan’s paternal lineage, with Kirk being Black, signifies his Jamaican ancestry. This positions Morgan as a British Jamaican sportsman. Broadly, Gibbs-White aligns with the ethnic classification of Black British individuals.

There’s a notable list of footballers sharing similar mixed heritage, having a British mother and Jamaican father. Among them are Brennan Johnson, Dwight Mcneil, Jacob Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Rico Lewis, and siblings Reece and Lauren James.

Educational Journey:

Morgan Gibbs-White, the talented attacking midfielder, was educated at Sir Graham Balfour School, a comprehensive secondary institution in Stafford, England. Later, he continued his education at the esteemed Thomas Telford School in Telford, Shropshire.

Of particular note is his time at Thomas Telford School, where he gained invaluable football insights under the guidance of Des Lyttle.

While Morgan was deeply passionate about football, he never neglected his academic pursuits. He remained dedicated to his studies, viewing it as a potential alternative if his football ambitions didn’t come to fruition.

Morgan Gibbs-White Bio – Soccer Journey:

Thomas Telford School played a pivotal role in shaping Morgan’s football career, with Des Lyttle, an ex-professional footballer for Nottingham Forest, playing a key role. Des Lyttle, speaking to BirminghamLive, expressed:

“No one could’ve foreseen Morgan’s meteoric rise.

He was a grounded youngster, decent in his academics.

He graduated with impressive grades, which is what Thomas Telford School expects from all its students, not just those in the academy.”

The holistic development Morgan received from Des Lyttle and other educators was instrumental in his success.

In 2008, a new chapter began for Morgan when he joined the Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy. His innate skill with the football was evident from the outset. Based on his leadership and prowess, it was clear to many that he had a promising career ahead. Pictures from his time at the Wolves Academy confirm he had notable achievements.

The Playful Prodigy:

Des Lyttle humorously remarked that Morgan was like many youngsters, labeling him as “quite playful.”

Lyttle mentioned that while Morgan was indeed a spirited lad, often engaging in playful mischief, he wasn’t one to cross the line.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy had many students who never turned professional, but Gibbs-White was a standout exception. His adaptability and skill set made him a popular figure among his peers.

His exceptional talent didn’t go unnoticed, and he was selected to represent England in the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup. This tournament in India would prove to be a turning point in his life.

 Morgan Gibbs-White Biography – Path to Stardom:

The 2017 Under-17 FIFA World Cup provided Morgan with the platform to shine on a global stage. It was during this time that he first teamed up with Steve Cooper, the then-head coach of England’s U-17 team.

Recognizing Morgan as one of the nation’s emerging stars, Cooper called upon him, along with other budding talents such as Marc Guehi, Angel Gomes, Conor Gallagher, Phil Foden, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Rhian Brewster, and Emile Smith Rowe.

Morgan’s big break came when Jadon Sancho was recalled by Borussia Dortmund. Seizing this chance, Morgan made a considerable impact. A highlight for the Gibbs-White family was when he was pivotal in England clinching the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup in India.

Throughout the tournament, Morgan scored crucial goals, including those against the United States and the grand finale against Spain, which England won convincingly.

Outside of the matches, he bonded significantly with Phil Foden during the World Cup. They were roommates and even spent late nights playing the video game, Fortnite. Their camaraderie continued post-tournament, with Morgan becoming the godfather to Phil Foden’s children, testament to the strong bond they shared.

Remarkable Journey:

Securing victory at the U-17 World Cup propelled Morgan’s professional career. This feat in India was a proud moment for his manager at the time, Nuno Espirito Santo. The Portuguese mentor once commented, “Morgan possesses immense talent, undeniably marking him as a future star.”

Morgan first stepped onto the pitch for Wolverhampton Wanderers at just 16. By 17, he had a Junior World Cup under his belt, and by 18, he was already making waves in the Premier League. Morgan, alongside contemporaries like Ryan Sessegnon and Phil Foden, was considered one of the most exciting 18-year-olds in the league.

Remarkably, he was the sole product of the Wolves academy to make the first team, standing out amidst international talents like Ruben Neves, Adama Traore, and Raul Jimenez, to name a few.

Broadening his Horizons:

For a more hands-on experience, Morgan chose to play the 2021-22 season on loan, first with Swansea City (a Welsh club), under the coaching umbrella of Steve Cooper. Sharing the field with seasoned players like André Ayew and Marc Guehi, his time in Swansea was fruitful, though the team narrowly missed advancing to the Premier League.

Subsequently, Morgan showcased his skills with Sheffield United, impressing fans and critics alike. In that season, he contributed 11 goals and nine assists, marking his time with many memorable moments.

A Return Met with Disappointment:

Back at Wolves, Morgan faced an unexpected setback. His position with the club seemed uncertain as Bruno Lage appeared to favor other midfielders over him. Discussing this phase with The Athletic, Morgan expressed, “It was a challenging phase. I had to decide whether to remain loyal to my childhood club or embark on a new journey. I believed it was time for a change.”

A New Chapter:

Come the 2021/2022 transfer window, Nottingham Forest embarked on a significant recruitment drive. Morgan emerged as Steve Cooper’s top pick, and it was evident that the coach held him in high regard. Their history traces back to their days with the England U-17 team and Swansea. While previous mentors deployed Morgan in various roles, it was Cooper who recognized and nurtured his capabilities in the No. 10 position.

Such faith from Cooper culminated in a pivotal move. On August 19th, 2022, Morgan transitioned to Nottingham Forest in a deal valued at approximately £42.5 million – a testament to his undeniable potential in the world of football.

Forest’s Remarkable Asset: Gibbs-White:

In his time with Forest, Gibbs-White showcased several standout performances, notably in the crucial 4-3 victory over Southampton. His significant contributions in crucial matches, like against Arsenal, and the consistent game time he achieved, reiterated why Steve Cooper regarded him so highly. Morgan once expressed that he viewed Forest not just as a club, but as an extended family.

During the 2022/2023 season, Gibbs-White’s contributions were notable with 116 shot-creating actions, surpassing renowned players such as Bruno Guimaraes, Riyad Mahrez, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Jack Grealish.

In his debut season with Forest, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with players like Brennan Johnson, Emmanuel Denis, and Taiwo Awoniyi for the fan-favourite club awards.

Gibbs-White didn’t just secure the title of Nottingham Forest’s Player of the Season for 2023; he established himself as a beacon of hope for the club’s aspirations. Gibsy, alongside David Raya, Julio Ensico, Levi Colwill, etc., were seen among the surprise names to grace the EPL in the 2022/2023 season.

Without a doubt, Morgan’s story with Forest is nothing short of legendary. Anthony Elanga, at the time of writing, is heading in that direction. The rest, as we say of the Attacking midfielder with the difference, is now history.

The Love Behind Gibbs-White – Britney De Villiers:

Every successful individual often has a strong supporting figure. For Morgan, it’s Britney De Villiers. The duo reportedly began their relationship in 2020, during Morgan’s loan period with Swansea City.

Who Exactly is Britney De Villiers?

Beyond being Gibbs-White’s significant other, Britney is a lawyer, social media influencer, and content creator on YouTube. An alumna of University College London, she has a degree in Law. Born on February 24, 2000, she hails from South Africa but resides in London.

Britney’s YouTube Presence:

A talented content creator, Britney’s YouTube channel, which she began on June 30, 2013, has garnered over 33.6k subscribers and close to 2 million views as of 2023.

One of her most popular videos, boasting over 287K views, is titled “Lounge Underwear Try-On Haul (Get Valentine’s Day Ready).” Another of her notable videos features Gibbs-White and their pet dog.

A Glimpse into Morgan’s Personality:

At the core, Morgan is an individual who lives in the present, embracing joy and experiences without delay. An inked reminder of his philosophy, “Why save the good stuff for later?”, is etched on his right hand, symbolizing his zest for life.

Coupled with a strong sense of purpose, he possesses a light-hearted demeanor. He enjoys moments of relaxation and fun, like playing Water Head Tennis with his teammates. One memorable moment dates back to July 2018, when Morgan and his team celebrated a win in Switzerland.

Morgan Gibbs-White’s Spiritual Ink:

A detailed look at Morgan’s tattoo reveals imagery deeply rooted in faith. On Gibbs-White’s left abdomen, there’s a portrayal of Jesus Christ and a dove, symbols of his Christian belief. Clearly, his faith is an integral part of who he is, serving as a pillar of inspiration and strength in his life.

The masterful artwork was crafted by Willy G Tattoo. Based on available visuals, this religious tattoo was inked in 2020 when Gibbs-White was affiliated with the Wolves team. A tweet from the tattoo company read:

A fantastic healed shot of the tattoo we did last year on Wolves player, ⁦@Morgangibbs27. Share if you love it!

Life Beyond the Pitch:

Morgan’s exuberance for life sometimes makes headlines. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he faced criticism for allegedly breaking lockdown measures by joining a gathering with television personalities. This incident involved him fraternizing with some Love Island stars at a residence in London.

A now-deleted Snapchat video showed Gibbs-White enjoying himself at an apartment near London’s O2 Arena. Present at the event were Love Island contestants Georgia Steel and Elma Pazar. Amidst the revelry, attendees could be seen enjoying beverages and using balloons.

Such a lapse in judgment during lockdown garnered disapproval, especially from some Wolves supporters. They called for the club to take action. Fortunately, Gibbs-White hadn’t contracted COVID-19, and the club seemed to settle with a cautionary note on his responsibilities.

Morgan’s Close-Knit Family:

Through thick and thin, Morgan’s family has always been his rock. They’ve been with him every step of his footballing journey, offering unwavering support.

A Glimpse into Morgan’s Father’s Pride:

One of the most cherished moments for Kirk, Morgan’s father, was seeing his son shine at the FIFA U-17 World Cup. Travelling from his home near Eccleshall Road, Kirk first went to India for the competition’s group stages. The pride he felt for his son’s achievement was palpable.

After briefly returning to Stafford, Kirk went back for the knockout stages in India. The culmination was Morgan, medal in mouth, celebrating England’s victory. Reflecting on this, Kirk said:

“It’s heartwarming to see a lad from Stafford achieve so much. Morgan has truly highlighted Stafford’s potential, inspiring others to dream big.”

Morgan’s Pillar of Strength – His Mother:

Leanne has always been a guiding force for Morgan. Her significance was beautifully highlighted during the 2020 Mother’s Day. To Leanne’s surprise, Morgan gifted her a brand-new Range Rover, a gesture of gratitude he publicly shared on Instagram. On this special occasion, Morgan posted:

“Mum, your endless support and love have shaped me. I’m constantly in awe of your strength. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Morgan Gibbs-White and His Siblings:

As previously discussed, Morgan Gibbs-White is blessed with three sisters, namely Madison and Jaiden among them. Notably, there’s no record of the talented midfielder having a brother, making him the only son in the family of Kirk and Leanne.

Extended Family:

The talented midfielder has an expansive family lineage, with some hailing from Jamaican roots, likely from his father’s side. Notably, one relative, Aunt Natalie Hall, has made her presence known in Morgan’s life. While it’s unclear if she’s related through Morgan’s mother or father, she clearly holds a special bond with him, as evidenced by her heartwarming birthday message:

“Happy 18th, Morgan! You’re an incredible young man and an inspiration to my kids. The pride I feel being your aunt is immeasurable. Sending birthday wishes across every platform!”

Ronnie Foden – Morgan’s Godson:

Young Ronnie Foden, son of Manchester City’s Phil Foden, holds a special place in Morgan Gibbs-White’s heart as his godson. Their bond traces back to when Phil and Morgan grew close during the 2016 FIFA U-17 World Cup in India.

Young Ronnie, celebrating his father’s 2023 Treble win with Manchester City stars, caught the attention of many. Even Morgan commented on Ronnie’s rapidly growing popularity. Testament to this is Ronnie’s remarkable Instagram following, which is over 3.7 million to date.

Additional Insights:

To delve deeper into Morgan Gibbs-White’s life, we’ve curated some lesser-known facts for you.

The Goal Celebration Controversy:

A unique goal celebration between Morgan Gibbs-White and Neco Williams once became a talking point. In a match opposing Liverpool, after Diogo Jota‘s two goals and responses by Neco Williams and Morgan for Nottingham Forest, an unexpected celebration caught many off guard.

Upon scoring, Morgan darted straight to Neco and they shared an affectionate kiss. This unexpected display spurred varied reactions, with some speculating about their relationship, while others deemed such gestures as commonplace in UK culture.


In 2022, the renowned Attacking Midfielder secured a contract with Nottingham Forest, guaranteeing him an impressive weekly salary of £80,000. This agreement, as of 2023, places Gibbs-White among the club’s highest earners. Fellow players Chris Wood and Felipe enjoy similar salaries (£80,000), while Jonjo Shelvey trails slightly with £75,000. Let’s explore Morgan Gibbs-White’s financial details further.

Financial Overview of the Stafford’s Football Star

Growing up in Stafford, where the average annual income is approximately £32,000, it’s quite noteworthy that Gibbs-White’s yearly earnings stand at a whopping £4,166,400. This means a typical Stafford resident would need a monumental 130.2 years to match Morgan’s annual salary.

Considering Gibbs-White’s Jamaican lineage on his father’s side, the average person in Jamaica earns about J$2,265,475 yearly. To match Gibbs-White’s annual income in Jamaican Dollars, which totals around J$819,984,589, a Jamaican would have to work an incredible 361 years.

FIFA Evaluation:

A look at his FIFA metrics suggests that this attacking midfielder might be underrated in certain aspects. Given Gibbs-White’s reputation for fast counter-attacks, his pace stats could use an upgrade. Moreover, other attributes like his attacking strength, mindset, overall score, and potential also seem deserving of a reevaluation. Finally, the attacking midfielder shares comparable traits with players such as Arda Guler and Ismael Bennacer.

Gibbs-White’s Religion:

The tattoo drawings of Jesus Christ and a dove flying as presented earlier in this Bio give a pointer to his faith. Results from our research suggest that Morgan Gibbs-White is a Christian. However, he isn’t the type of Christian who publicly displays his faith, especially on social media.

Controversy with Wolves:

In the 2022/2023 season, a memorable match saw Gibbs-White’s Nottingham Forest defeating Wolverhampton Wanderers 4-3 in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals. The match culminated in a dramatic penalty shootout where Gibbs-White confidently scored. He then controversially gestured towards the Wolves’ fans, a move that did not sit well with many.

The ensuing confrontation saw both clubs receiving fines from the English FA. Matters intensified when Matheus Cunha confronted Gibbs-White after the game, especially after Wolves’ coach Julen Lopetegui had already admonished him.

Addressing the incident with his ex-team, Morgan Gibbs-White remarked:

“My tenure at Wolves was without controversies. It wasn’t in my control to have limited playtime at the club. I always believed I had more to offer on the pitch, but eventually, I felt Wolves wasn’t the right fit for me. I parted on good terms, so the recent jeers from them surprised me. If they dish it out, they should expect some in return. Onwards to the semi-finals!”

Closing Remarks:

Born to Kirk Gibbs-White, a past football player, and Leanne Gibbs-White, Morgan stands out as their only son among three daughters, which includes Madison and Jaiden. Throughout his upbringing, family played a pivotal role, with aunt Natalie Hall being notably close. By 2023, Morgan is romantically involved with Britney De Villiers, a versatile individual balancing her roles as a legal professional, model, and digital influencer.

From his early days, Morgan’s dedication was split between academics and his emerging soccer abilities. It’s documented that he attended Sir Graham Balfour School and later Thomas Telford School. Even with soccer at the forefront, he always had an alternative route planned for his future.

His inherent love for the game shone brightly, whether on school fields or during his tenure at Wolves’ youth club. He often cites the foundation provided by Thomas Telford School as crucial for his career trajectory. His remarkable talent was spotlighted when he was chosen for the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup’s England youth team.

During this memorable competition, this Stafford-bred sensation scored a crucial goal in the finale. After trailing 2-0 against Spain, courtesy of Sergio Gomez, Morgan’s goal, alongside Rhian Brewster’s, turned the tables.

Remarkably, this World Cup victory was not just a win for Gibbs-White and the team. It represented a comeback, especially since they had previously lost to Spain in the Under-17 European Championships final.

Concluding Note:

Having showcased his talent at Wolves Academy and subsequent loan spells at Swansea City and Sheffield United, Morgan returned to Wolves, only to find limited opportunities.

However, fate had other plans. In the 2021/2022 transfer window, Steve Cooper, Nottingham Forest’s coach, expressed his desire to reunite with his former student, leading to Morgan’s significant transfer.

With Nottingham Forest, Morgan’s exquisite skills, from evading defenders to scoring and setting up goals, made him a crowd favourite. His remarkable contributions were acknowledged when he clinched the 2022/2023 Nottingham Forest Player of the Season title.

As we conclude Morgan Gibbs-White’s profile on SoccerBiography, many believe that an invitation to England’s national team is imminent by August 2023. He’s motivated to join internationally lauded Forest teammates like Brennan Johnson, Serge Aurier, Emmanuel Dennis, and Anthony Elanga.

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