Mohammed Kudus Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Presenting a detailed insight into Mohammed Kudus’s Biography, this article covers crucial aspects of his early years, including his upbringing, his mother, Mariama Suleman, his father, Suleman Idris Kudus, and other family members. It explores his early life in Nima, detailing his Hausa roots, educational journey, religious beliefs, and ethnicity.

Further, the article offers a glimpse into Kudus’ lifestyle, including his personal interests and hobbies, and an overview of his financial earnings, including his net worth and salary in Euros and Ghanaian Cedi.

The narrative captures the essence of Mohammed Kudus’ life story, portraying him as a precocious child from Accra’s Hausa community, raised primarily by his mother and grandmother, both of whom were vendors. It also highlights his journey as a talented Ghanaian midfielder known for his exceptional skills on the soccer field from a young age.


This biography unfolds the captivating journey of Mohammed Kudus, starting with the formative years of his childhood in Nima. It chronicles the influential figures in his life, particularly his mentor. That is the person who introduced him to football. Our article traces his path from local pitches in Ghana to the professional arenas of Europe.

We further narrate the remarkable ascent of Nima’s beloved son, detailing his rise to fame in Denmark and his subsequent move to AFC Ajax. SoccerBiography aims to kindle your interest in the fascinating life story of Mohammed Kudus.

To set the scene, we present a gallery showcasing the trajectory of his early life and success. Kudus, the pride of Nima, known for excelling in various positions such as central midfield and as a wide attacker, is revered in his community. His popularity among those who aspire to emulate his success is evident.

In exploring the stories of Ghanaian footballers, we noticed a significant gap in research. Recognizing this, we crafted this detailed narrative to quench your curiosity. Now, let’s embark on the journey of Mohammed Kudus’s life and career.

Beginning Mohammed Kudus’s Biography:

In the early chapters of his story, the Ghanaian footballer known as ‘Mo’ emerges. This is also a nickname for Mohamed Salah. Mohammed Kudus entered the world on August 2, 2000, in Accra, Ghana, born to his mother, Mariama Suleman.

Our investigations reveal that the quick-footed Ghanaian is one of three children raised by Mariama. Let’s acquaint you with Mohammed Kudus’s parental figure — his devoted mother. Mariama Suleman, a vendor of foodstuffs, may not have provided worldly riches. However, Mariama instilled in her son a profound sense of respect and determination.

Early Life:

Mohammed Kudus grew up in the bustling neighbourhood of Nima. This hometown of his is located in Ghana’s capital, Accra. This area, as highlighted in the section about his family’s origins, is a densely populated market hub known for its vibrancy.

The community of Nima, where he was raised, predominantly consists of Muslim inhabitants who commonly speak the Hausa language, which is widely used in Nigeria. While Nima is recognized for its lively market, it is also infamous for incidents of gang violence.

A particularly severe outbreak of violence on January 18, 2022. It occurred between rival factions in Nima and neighbouring Mamobi. The violence led to widespread chaos, resulting in numerous arrests and a significant bounty placed on the leaders of the gangs. The incident underscored the area’s struggles with law and order.

Within this challenging environment, Mohammed was nurtured by his mother and grandmother in a devout Muslim household. Alongside his siblings, he grew up immersed in the Islamic traditions of the Nima community.

The success that Mohammed Kudus has achieved in his life is attributed to the unwavering support and sacrifices of his family, especially his mother and grandmother, whose nurturing and guidance were pivotal in his upbringing.

Mohammed Kudus’s Formative Years:

Mariama Suleman, rather than confining her son to her foodstuff shop, always encouraged Mohammed Kudus to indulge in sports, understanding the joy and development it brought to him.

In the local neighbourhood of Nima, young Kudus and his peers found their greatest thrill in playing soccer. The sport was not just a pastime but a passion that they pursued vigorously.

Whenever Mohammed’s mother heard residents praise her son’s football prowess, she felt a surge of pride and encouraged him to continue honing his skills. Her encouragement fueled his ambition and drive.

From the beginning, Mo exhibited an innate talent for soccer, performing feats with the ball that belied his young age. His extraordinary abilities and intelligence on the field made it clear to all who observed him: this was a child destined for greatness, with a future that would likely extend beyond the borders of Ghana to the soccer fields of Europe.

Mohammed Kudus’s Familial Roots:

The Baller has modest origins as a Ghanaian midfielder. Modest origins encapsulated in the hard work of his mother in the bustling Nima market. Mariama Suleman earned a living selling various food items, the profits from which sustained her family.

Mariama’s stall, an open space in the market without any shelter, is a testament to her relentless effort to provide for her family and keep them above the threshold of poverty. Her dedication ensured that her family, including Mohammed, never suffered from hunger.

The Nima market, a key commercial hub in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, was where Mariama sold an array of local food staples. Her inventory included Tuo Zaafi, Dawa, Zobo leaves, Dankali, Garri, rice, beans, and ground pepper, among other items.

Notably, Mariama was especially known for her Tuo Zaafi, a beloved local dish with origins in the Hausa language. Her reputation in the market and community was built significantly on the back of this particular delicacy.

Mohammed Kudus’s Ancestral Background:

Born at the dawn of the new millennium, the midfielder holds Ghanaian nationality exclusively. Mohammed Kudus hails from Nima, a well-known residential area often referred to as a Zongo community in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Nima is particularly famous for its bustling market. The town is a central commercial hub that played a significant role in Kudus’s early life. It is in this lively market that his mother, Mariama Suleman, ran her foodstuff business. Mariama contributed to the unique cultural and economic tapestry of the town.

Mohammed Kudus’s Ethnic Heritage:

The celebrated Ajax player is a member of the Hausa ethnic group, predominantly located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. This means Mohammed Kudus is ethnically Hausa, aligning himself with the traditions and culture of this community.

The Hausa people represent one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa, with around 290,000 speakers residing in Ghana.

Notably, Hausa stands as one of the most influential ethnic groups across West Africa and is the second most widely spoken local language in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a significant number of speakers in Nigeria as well.

Mohammed Kudus’s Educational Journey:

Upon reaching the appropriate age, Mohammed Kudus was enrolled by his mother, Mariama Suleman, in a public school in their hometown of Nima. Throughout his primary school years, Kudus was deeply involved in football, playing fervently during and after school.

His mother and grandmother were pivotal in nurturing this balance, providing him the liberty to immerse himself in sports while also ensuring his basic needs were met and he never experienced hunger. Their support allowed him to pursue his passion for football alongside his academic studies.

Mohammed Kudus’s Football Narrative:

Dedicated to football from a young age, he was largely influenced by his mother. Thanks to her encouragement, Kudus adeptly learned. He learned to balance the demands of school with his commitment to the game. He navigated through the difficult dual pursuit of education and football. Attending school while participating in both home and away matches.

Before rising to prominence in Ghana and making a name for himself in Amsterdam, Kudus began his football journey with Strongtower FC, his first training ground. Eager to advance his prospects for playing in Europe, he moved to Dynamic Heroes football academy, based in his hometown of Nima, Accra.

Like many young African football enthusiasts, Kudus dreamed of playing in Europe. This dream was inspired by Ghanaian legends such as Michael Essien. Also, the likes of Kevin-Prince Boateng and Jordan Ayew. To inch closer to this dream, he aimed to excel in local clubs, viewing them as stepping stones to eventually join leagues in Europe.

The Benefactor Behind Kudus’s Success:

The Right to Dream Academy, founded in 1999 by Tom Vernon, has significantly impacted young Africans. As Manchester United’s former head scout in Africa, Vernon has dedicated his life to uplifting young Africans through the academy. One of those footballers is Simon Adingra.

Since age nineteen, Tom has been committed to helping African youth. He offers training, food, shelter, and education and is known for his generosity and support.

Through Right to Dream, Tom provided Mohammed Kudus an invaluable opportunity to harness and grow his football talent. At the age of 12, Kudus joined the academy, making the significant decision to leave his family and dedicate countless hours to perfecting his skills alongside his peers, who had similarly embraced football as a central part of their lives.

Along with teammates, including Ibrahim Sadiq and Gideon Mensah, Kudus persisted in pursuing his dream of playing in Europe. Their relentless effort and dedication paid off, and from their modest beginnings, Kudus and Ibrahim Sadiq eventually got their breakthrough, being called to join Nordsjælland, a Danish club, thus fulfilling their European aspirations.

Mohammed Kudus’s Journey to Prominence:

In the 2018 winter transfer period, Mohammed Kudus, along with his teammates Ibrahim Sadiq and Gideon Mensah, embarked on a life-changing journey to Europe, joining the Danish football club FC Nordsjælland. Located in Farum, this team is noted for its strong connections with African soccer academies.

The move was facilitated by Tom Vernon, the founder of Kudus’s former academy and the president of FC Nordsjælland since 2017. Recognizing Kudus’s remarkable determination and potential to bring honour to his country, Vernon was instrumental in bringing him to the European stage.

Upon joining Nordsjælland, Kudus was driven by the ambition to excel and attract the attention of larger clubs. His impact was immediate and profound, swiftly becoming one of the club’s standout players and the ninth youngest to debut in its history.

His prowess on the field, characterized by his ability to elegantly maneuver past opponents, made him a formidable player. This skill did not only captivate fans but also drew the attention of scouts from top clubs across Europe, paving the way for his rise in international football.

Mohammed Kudus’s Ascension to Stardom:

On 16 July 2020, the Nima-born footballer inked a five-year deal with the Eredivisie club Ajax.

Initially in Jong Ajax, Kudus scored five goals in few games, leading to his senior team promotion by coach Erik ten Hag.

He adapted well, showing discipline and skill on his September 20, 2020 debut. His arrival at Ajax coincided with major team changes. He joined new talents amid the exits of key players like Ziyech and van de Beek. This was before the likes of Carlos Borges and Chuba Akpom joined the club.

In just two seasons with Ajax Amsterdam, Kudus’s contributions were recognized with three individual honors. He was awarded the Eredivisie Talent of the Month for May 2021, SWAG Foreign Footballer of the Year 2021, and was named in the 2020 IFFHS CAF Youth Year. In 2022, his accomplishments include winning the Eredivisie title twice and the KNVB Cup in the 2020-21 season.

The New Phase at Ajax Post-Ten Hag:

With the onset of the 22/23 season, AFC Ajax entered a new era. The exits of André Onana, Antony, Lisandro Martínez, and Ryan Gravenberch paved the way for others to step up as mainstays in the first team, with Mohammed Kudus emerging as one of the notable figures to secure a regular spot with the Dutch powerhouse.

Under Alfred Schreuder’s management, the Nima prodigy quickly rose at Ajax. Kudus became a standout player with his mature, confident style in national and club play. He added dynamic energy and filled a key role with his unique flair.

2022 FIFA World Cup Journey:

As this biography of Mohammed Kudus is penned, the talented Ajax player is poised alongside notable Ghanaian footballers such as Andre Ayew, Thomas Partey, and Inaki Williams to compete in Group H of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This tournament presents a significant opportunity for Ghana to seek redemption against Uruguay. What unfolds next in this chapter of football history is awaited with anticipation.

Mohammed Kudus’s Relationship:

Often, it is said that every ascendant Ghanaian footballer has a supportive partner by their side. For Mohammed Kudus, this holds true in the form of a girlfriend who has been with him since before his rise to prominence. She shares a close bond with his family, particularly with his mother, Mariama Suleman.

Throughout his successful stint in Danish football and his subsequent signing with Ajax, the couple has remained united. A social media photograph commemorating Kudus’s signing with AFC Ajax features both him and his girlfriend. It’s important to note, however, that as of the writing of this biography, Kudus has kept the identity of his girlfriend private, not revealing it on any of his social media platforms.

Mohammed Kudus Beyond the Field:

Off the football field, Mohammed Kudus is characterized as an open-minded and spirited individual. Known for his vivacious and expressive personality, Kudus also harbours a passion for music, particularly enjoying singing. His enthusiasm for music extends to supporting and celebrating local Ghanaian musicians, with Stonebwoy ranking as one of his favourite artists.

Stonebwoy, whose real name is Livingstone Etse Satekla, is a prominent figure in Ghana’s music scene. Born on March 5, 1988, he has made a name for himself in the Afropop, reggae, and dancehall genres, becoming a beloved musician within the country and Kudus’s personal music idol.

Mohammed Kudus’s Lifestyle Preferences:

The esteemed former Nordsjælland player cherishes moments of solitude and connection with nature. Kudus finds tranquility in the natural world, appreciating the serene influence it has on his well-being. He enjoys immersing himself in the calm of natural settings, often taking time to recharge amidst nature’s quietude. He exemplifies how he rejuvenates himself by embracing the peacefulness that his environment offers.

Mohammed Kudus’s Automobile:

With an annual salary of €1,201,850, Mohammed Kudus certainly has the means to afford luxury items of his choice. A fan of sports cars, he began indulging in this passion as soon as he started earning from football. On May 27, 2012, Kudus took to Twitter to share his favourite car model with his followers. Beyond his impeccable fashion sense, Kudus has invested in a Mercedes-Benz, known for its reliability and speed, as a testament to his successful career and personal tastes.

Mohammed Kudus’s Insights on Family and Life:

Mohammed Kudus shared a personal insight that resonates with many athletes: the all-consuming nature of professional sports. He observed that footballers often get so engrossed in the game that they overlook other aspects of life. However, it’s during periods of injury and absence from football that they come to realize the sport isn’t everything.

During a hiatus from football due to injury, Kudus found comfort and support in his family and close friends. This experience led him to appreciate the broader spectrum of life beyond the pitch.

Mohammed Kudus’s Paternal Background:

Questions often arise regarding the identity of the biological father of the renowned Ghanaian midfielder. Up to this point in the biography, there has been little mention of Mohammed Kudus’s father. As of the latest update in 2022, Kudus himself has not publicly discussed his father.

Through our research, we identified a man named Suleman Idris Kudus, who has hinted at a dual role in Mohammed’s life, suggesting a relationship as both a father and uncle to the footballer. The specifics of this relationship and the degree of involvement in Kudus’s life remain relatively private.

Mohammed Kudus’s Maternal Influence:

Ghana is known for its formidable women who have raised successful footballers, and Mariama Suleman stands proudly among them. A hardworking woman from Nima, she has witnessed the rewards of her labour as she saw her son rise in the world of football. Even during Kudus’s early days at Nordsjælland, she made efforts to attend his games, demonstrating her unwavering support.

Kudus continues to honour his mother, acknowledging her as a miraculous figure in his life. His journey from Nima to international acclaim began with his Mum’s support. This includes the daily love and immense sacrifices of his mother. She, Mo’s Mother, has been a constant source of strength and inspiration for the accomplished midfielder.

Mohammed Kudus’s Grandmother’s Role:

Together with her daughter, Mohammed Kudus’s grandmother holds the narrative of the family’s journey and the sacrifices made to support the budding football star. As the years have passed, she often becomes sentimental, reflecting on the past struggles and triumphs of their family. Known affectionately as Kudus’s second mother, she has been a pillar of strength and love, visibly moved by the successes and challenges along the way, as seen in moments where she is overcome with emotion.

Mohammed Kudus’s Extended Family:

The strong connection Mohammed Kudus shares with his extended family is vital. It is the reason he deeply cherishes his Ghanaian roots. The bonds he maintains with relatives, alongside the unwavering support from his mother, have established a familial fan base that continually inspires and motivates him.

These relationships underscore the importance of home and kinship in his life. It serves as a foundation of love and support regardless of his global travels and professional commitments.

Additional Insights:

As we approach the concluding segment of Mohammed Kudus’s bio, we give extra facts. Put simply, we’ll reveal further details about his life and career. Stay on as we dig deeper into the lesser-known aspects of the Ghanaian midfielder’s journey. We’ll provide more information to complete the portrait of this remarkable athlete.

Mohammed Kudus’s Earnings at Ajax:

Mohammed Kudus’s annual salary at Ajax is calculated to be €1,201,850. When converted using an exchange rate of 10.25 Ghanaian Cedi, this amounts to approximately GH₵ 12,334,219 each year. The following table, pertinent to the year 2022, provides a detailed breakdown of Kudus’s earnings from his contract with AFC Ajax.

Salary Comparison:

In Accra, Ghana, a typical worker earns GH₵ 7,160 monthly. In contrast, Mohammed Kudus makes about GH₵ 1,027,851 monthly at Ajax. It would take an average Accra worker 12 years to earn what Kudus gets in a month. This shows the huge income gap between a pro footballer like Kudus and local workers.

Mohammed Kudus in FIFA:

Numerous fans of career mode in football manager games have acclaimed a fact. That Mohammed Kudus, as of 2023, is one of the best attacking midfielders in FIFA. Names like the German Florian Wirtz, Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott, and Spurs’ James Maddison made that list.

Alongside Kudus, players like Nico Williams and Tariq Lamptey, both of Ghanaian descent, are known for their speed and can significantly enhance the gaming experience in FIFA’s career mode.

Additionally, Antoine Semenyo, another fast Ghanaian forward, contributes to the dynamic roster of Ghanaian players in the game. Kudus, recognized for his impressive movement stats, continues to be a favoured choice for players looking for agility and speed in their virtual midfield.

Mohammed Kudus’s Faith:

As a devout follower of Islam, Mohammed Kudus, the renowned footballer from Nima, adheres to the practice of praying five times a day. His religious commitment is a fundamental aspect of his identity. It seamlessly integrates his faith with his professional life. Even while adapting to life in Denmark and representing his club and country on an international stage, Kudus remains steadfast in his religious observances.

Kudus credits his positive outlook and resilience to his Islamic faith, emphasizing faith and belief in Allah. He openly expresses his deep trust in Allah, as evident from his statements and personal reflections shared in various platforms, underlining the integral role religion plays in his life and career.

Closing Summary:

Commonly referred to as ‘Mo’, Mohammed Kudus was born to Mariama Suleman. His birth date is August 2, 2000, in the bustling market town of Nima, Accra, Ghana. As one of three siblings, Kudus was raised in a devoted household. He was raised by his mother, Mariama Suleman, and his grandmother. His mother, a vendor in Nima’s market, was known for selling Tuo Zaafi. She was also known to sell other local delicacies, a dish particularly favoured by the Hausa community.

Kudus’s upbringing in Nima, a neighbourhood with its challenges, was shaped by the strong matriarchal figures in his life. His ethnic background is Ghanaian Hausa, a significant identity marker for him and a community well-represented in the Zongo areas of Accra. His life story is proof of overcoming adversity, with his roots deeply planted in the rich cultural tapestry of Nima.

Professional Journey Overview:

Growing up in a devout Muslim family, Mohammed Kudus was encouraged by his mother, Mariama Suleman, to pursue his passion for football. His initial steps in football were taken at Strongtower FC, where he began to hone his skills and dedication to the sport. His journey through football involved extensive travel and commitment to both training and matches.

Kudus’s ambition took a significant leap forward when he joined two clubs. First is Dynamic Heroes Football Academy. The latter is the Right to Dream Academy, which solidified his pathway to professional football.

Under the ownership of Tom Vernon, a scout for Manchester United deeply committed to improving lives through football, Kudus flourished. Recognized for his profound dedication and talent, he and his teammates eventually made their way to Europe, marking the beginning of an impressive ascent in the sport.

At FC Nordsjælland, Kudus’s remarkable performance earned him a transfer to the prestigious AFC Ajax. There, as a vital member of the Dutch giants, he began to stand alongside some of the most prominent names in football, making his mark as one of the top scorers in the Champions League, sharing the stage with luminaries like Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, and Robert Lewandowski. Kudus’s rise in football has, in 2024, seen him being shortlisted for 2023 December Premier League Player of the Month.


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