Mikel Merino Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep dive into Mikel Merino’s biography, provides an insightful look into his life, starting from his early days, his childhood, family life with parents Maite Zazon (Mikel’s Mum) and Angel Miguel Merino Torres (Mikel’s Dad), and his siblings Jon and Unai Merino. The biography also touches upon his personal life, including his relationship with his girlfriend, Lola Liberal.

Additionally, the article offers details about Merino’s family roots, cultural background, religious beliefs, educational history, and astrological details. A key focus of this biography is on Merino’s multifaceted athletic abilities. Beyond his successful football career, Merino has shown exceptional talent in basketball and a keen interest in motorsports.

This comprehensive biography aims to present Mikel Merino as more than just a football player, highlighting his diverse athletic skills and his journey across different sports. It is a celebration of his life and career, emphasizing his versatility and passion for various athletic pursuits.


This biography of Mikel Merino starts by exploring his childhood and early life. We will journey through his formative years at the Deportivo Amigo Football Academy, highlighting both his initial struggles and early triumphs. The narrative then progresses to his ascent in Spanish football, showcasing how he swiftly rose to prominence in the sport.

Our aim is to capture your interest in football biographies by delving into Mikel Merino’s story. We’ll begin with a photo gallery that traces his path from a young boy in Pamplona to his celebrated status in the football world.

Mikel Merino is widely recognized for his skills as a defensive midfielder. Observers of his play will note his dynamic presence, particularly when his team does not have possession, as he effectively disrupts the flow of opposing teams. His notable achievements include winning the 2020 Copa del Rey and the 2023 UEFA Nations League.

In our extensive experience of sharing stories about Spanish midfielders, we’ve noticed an interesting gap: many have yet to discover the captivating tale of Mikel Merino. Recognizing this, we’ve compiled this comprehensive article to bring his story to light. Now, let’s embark on this journey into Mikel Merino’s life and career.

Mikel Merino’s Early Life:

Opening this biography, we spotlight Mikel Merino Zazon, born on June 22, 1996, in Pamplona, Spain. He shares the same birthplace as Oihan Sancet. Mikel Merino is the cherished firstborn son of his mother, Maite Zazon, and father, Angel Miguel Merino Torres.

Merino, a talented midfielder, was the first of three children in his family, all born from the loving union of Angel Miguel Merino Torres and Maite Zazon. This section will introduce you to Mikel Merino’s parents, who were instrumental in nurturing his football talents and overall well-being from an early age.

Mikel Merino’s Formative Years:

Mikel Merino’s childhood unfolded in the vibrant city of Pamplona, Spain, where he was the eldest of three children in his family. Born to Maite Zazon and Angel Miguel Merino Torres, he cherished the time spent growing up with his two younger brothers, Jon and Unai Merino. A nostalgic photograph capturing a young Mikel with his father offers a glimpse into these cherished early years.

Beyond the guidance and care of his parents, Mikel’s youth was significantly enriched by the presence of his brothers. Jon, the middle child, and Unai, the youngest, shared Mikel’s passion for sports, creating a dynamic and joyful home environment. The trio often engaged in backyard football matches, sports trips, and lively discussions about their favorite players and skills, making their childhood together invaluable.

According to interviews published in Noticias Denavarra, Mikel has always been known for his calm and loving nature, both as a son and as an elder brother. His strong family bonds and the shared love of sports with his siblings Jon and Unai played a pivotal role in his development. This biography aims to delve deeper into Mikel Merino’s journey and his enduring passion for football.

Mikel Merino’s Formative Sporting Years:

Football was a central passion in Mikel Merino’s family, a love that he shared deeply with his younger brothers, Jon and Unai. Each sibling displayed their unique talents in sports, with Jon venturing into basketball and Unai opting for a role as a goalkeeper.

Mikel’s father, himself a former central midfielder and football manager, played a significant role in nurturing this passion. He introduced Mikel to the football field when he was less than a year old, an experience Mikel fondly remembers. Remarkably, some of Mikel’s first steps were taken on the football pitch, where he developed a profound connection with the game under his father’s guidance.

Mikel’s father, despite his own achievements in football, did not pressure Mikel to pursue a football career. Instead, he wished for Mikel to naturally gravitate towards the sport, to embrace it out of genuine passion rather than a sense of familial duty. As a result, every action and decision in Mikel’s football journey stemmed from his own deep-seated love for the game, not merely as an extension of his father’s legacy.

Mikel’s brothers, Jon and Unai, were also influenced by their father’s legacy in sports. Initially, both showed interest in following in their father’s footsteps in football. However, as time passed, they each found their paths – Jon gravitated towards basketball, while Unai embraced his role as a goalkeeper.

Mikel Merino’s Family Heritage in Sports:

Mikel Merino hails from a family with a strong sports legacy. His father, Angel Miguel Merino Torres, was a distinguished footballer, known for his significant contributions on the pitch. During his career, he played in 293 matches and scored 26 goals across nine seasons.

After retiring from his role as a central midfielder, Angel Miguel did not sever his ties with football. He transitioned to a coaching role in 2014, working with the youth teams at Osasuna. His coaching career, though not lengthy, was marked by commendable achievements.

On the other hand, Mikel Merino’s mother, Maite Zazon, also has a background in sports. She was a basketball player for her local team. However, she chose to leave her athletic career to focus on her family, dedicating herself to the upbringing of Mikel and his siblings.

While the Merino family was not wealthy, they were not impoverished either. Maite Zazon and Angel Merino managed their resources carefully to provide the best possible upbringing for their three sons. As Mikel and his brothers grew, they learned the value of hard work, a principle instilled in them by their parents, who had since retired from their active sporting careers.

Mikel Merino’s Spanish Heritage:

Similar to Bryan Zaragoza, Merino has his family roots deeply embedded in Spain. His father, Angel Miguel Merino Torres, was born in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. However, the precise birthplace of his mother, Maite Zazon, remains undisclosed.

As a result of his parents’ Spanish origins, Mikel Merino holds Spanish nationality. He is particularly associated with the Navarre region in the Kingdom of Spain, a region known for its rich history and cultural significance. One of the prominent landmarks in this area is the Pamplona Cathedral, renowned for its Gothic cloister and its historical and religious importance that spans centuries.

Mikel Merino’s Ethnic Background:

As a Spanish national, Mikel Merino’s ethnicity is Spanish. Commonly, individuals of Spanish descent, including Merino, are categorized under the Caucasian race. In Spain, it’s also common for people to associate strongly with their regional identities, such as Basque, Catalan, Galician, Andalusian, among others, which are distinct cultural and historical groups within the country.

Mikel Merino’s Academic Journey:

According to Diario de Navarra, Mikel Merino received his education at the Luis Amigó school located in his hometown. This educational institution is known for integrating academic studies with football training, providing a comprehensive learning environment for students like Merino.

During his time at Luis Amigó, Merino faced the challenging task of balancing his academic responsibilities with the early stages of his football career. He has openly shared his experiences about the difficulties he encountered, particularly the exhaustion from juggling intensive learning and training sessions.

Mikel Merino’s Early Football Career:

Mikel Merino, born in Pamplona, Spain, was introduced to football at an incredibly young age, with his first experiences on the field occurring as early as four months old. His formal journey in the sport, however, began when he was over five years old.

Merino’s initial football training was with Deportivo Amigo, a Spanish club founded in Aranguren in 1986. He remained with the club until he was nearly 11 years old, developing his foundational skills.

In addition to football, Merino explored other interests in his youth. After receiving a go-cart as a gift from a family friend, he not only enjoyed the experience but also unexpectedly won a trophy in a competition. This early success hinted at his potential in motorsports, yet his passion for football was more dominant.

At the age of 15, Merino joined the Osuna youth team, the same club where his father, Angel Merino, had played. This move felt like a continuation of his father’s legacy. Before long, Merino progressed to the under-19 Osasuna squad and made his debut with the senior team’s reserves in the 2013–14 season in the Tercera División, marking the beginning of his professional journey in football.

Mikel Merino’s Ascent to Professional Football:

Mikel Merino’s significant breakthrough in football came on August 23, 2014, when he made his debut appearance for Osasuna B team as a central midfielder. A year later, at just 18 years of age, he ascended to the main squad and was assigned the number 8 jersey.

The dedication and hard work of Merino, backed by the unwavering support of his parents, culminated in a landmark achievement. He secured his first professional contract with Borussia Dortmund during the winter of the 2016–2017 season. The contract, valued at €3.75 million, marked a major milestone in his career.

Merino’s talents also caught the attention of the national team selectors. He was called up to join Spain’s under-19 squad and played a pivotal role in their victory at the 2015 UEFA European Championship tournament. While his father, Angel Merino, never pressured him to surpass his own achievements, Mikel was motivated to reach heights reminiscent of his father’s legacy.

His journey was not without challenges, including the physical toll of training and balancing school with his burgeoning career. However, these efforts ultimately led to his success and recognition in the world of football.

Mikel Merino’s Journey to Prominence:

Mikel Merino’s rise in the world of football began with his Bundesliga debut on October 14, coinciding with the arrival of Alexander Isak. However, Merino’s tenure with Borussia Dortmund was brief, as he was soon loaned out to Newcastle United in the Premier League.

This transition marked a significant step in Merino’s career. Initially joining Newcastle on a season-long loan, his impressive performance led the club to secure him with a five-year contract, a remarkable achievement for Merino, who was just 21 at the time.

Despite the potential shown during his loan, Merino’s tenure at Newcastle didn’t unfold as expected, and he left the club after the loan period. Reflecting on his time in the Premier League, Merino credits it as a pivotal phase in his development. His next move was a transfer to Real Sociedad, a notable club in Spain.

At Real Sociedad, Merino’s career flourished. He played a key role in the team, contributing significantly to their victory in the Copa del Rey in the 2019–20 season. His success continued with the Spanish national team, earning a silver medal at the 2020 Olympics. Furthermore, Merino’s exceptional performance in La Liga earned him a spot in the Team of the Season for 2022–23.

Merino, known for his skilful passing and goal-scoring abilities, has established himself as the genius behind Spain’s wheel. His biography, together with that of Takefusa Kobo, traces the path of a footballer who has become an influential figure in La Liga and a valued member of his national team.

Mikel Merino’s Relationship:

Mikel Merino, the celebrated midfielder for Real Sociedad, has seen his professional stature rise significantly in recent times. Parallel to his success on the football field, his personal life has also been flourishing, particularly his relationship with Lola Liberal. Lola, known for her interest in equestrian pursuits, fashion, travel, and family values, has become an integral part of Merino’s life.

The couple made their relationship public in the summer of 2019 through a post on social media. Lola shared a candid photograph with Mikel Merino, marking the beginning of their public journey as a couple. While the exact timeline of their romance prior to this revelation remains private, their subsequent social media presence has been a window into their growing relationship.

Lola, however, is more than just a partner to a famous footballer. She is deeply engaged in her own interests, including a passion for horses, a close bond with her family, and a keen eye for fashion. Although she is not a professional model, Lola’s natural charm and elegance are evident in the glimpses of her life shared online.

In their relationship, Lola and Mikel Merino share a special bond, balancing their individual passions with their life as a couple. Their relationship is a blend of mutual respect, admiration, and a deep, shared affection, creating a harmonious and loving partnership that complements both their lives.

Mikel Merino’s Off-the-Field Interests:

In this section of his biography, we delve into the aspects of Mikel Merino’s life away from the football pitch, shedding light on his personal interests and hobbies. Among his favourite activities, Merino enjoys playing tennis and engaging in outdoor pursuits like hiking and running.

Interestingly, if not for his successful football career, Merino might have pursued a path in another sport—basketball. This inclination towards basketball is not surprising, given his natural talent in the sport, which he likely inherited from his mother, a former basketball athlete. Additionally, his younger brother’s involvement in basketball provides Merino with another source of inspiration and possibly even a few tricks to learn from.

On a more personal note, Mikel Merino’s astrological sign is Cancer. This zodiac sign is often associated with traits such as a nurturing demeanour, emotional depth, and strong dedication to loved ones. These attributes resonate strongly with Merino, as evidenced by his deep commitment to maintaining and nurturing relationships with his family, friends, and partner.

Merino’s preference for being surrounded by his close ones is a hallmark of the typical Cancerian personality, which places a high value on tight-knit, intimate connections. Notably, other footballers who share the Cancer zodiac sign include Vinicius Junior from Brazil, English player Jude Bellingham, Alex Morgan from the United States, Spanish midfielder Alex Baena and Norway’s Erling Haaland.

Mikel Merino’s Approach to Life:

The biography of Mikel Merino reveals that he comes from a financially stable family background. His parents, both accomplished in their professions, provided a comfortable and secure upbringing for him and his siblings. According to Soccer Biography, the Merino family did not experience poverty during Mikel’s childhood.

Despite this secure background, Mikel Merino has chosen not to pursue or display a lifestyle of extravagance. He prioritizes the value of human connections over material wealth. A look through his Instagram profile clearly shows what he treasures most: moments spent with friends and family, underscoring his belief in the importance of shared experiences and togetherness.

Mikel’s philosophy seems to centre around the idea that life should be fully embraced, particularly in the time spent with loved ones. He maintains privacy regarding his material possessions, avoiding public displays of luxury such as extravagant homes or expensive cars.

His message to fans and the public is one of finding richness in relationships rather than in material goods. This perspective highlights his down-to-earth nature, a quality that keeps him grounded amidst the fame and attention that comes with being a professional athlete.

Mikel Merino’s Family Dynamics:

In this part of Mikel Merino’s biography, we explore the foundational role his family played in his journey to success. His parents did much more than bring him into the world; they provided him with the foundations for a prosperous future.

Mikel Merino’s brothers also played a crucial role in his life. Their presence and interaction contributed significantly to the tapestry of experiences that shaped Mikel into the accomplished footballer he is today.

At the core, Mikel Merino’s family provided him with a nurturing environment filled with love, joy, and a sense of fulfilment. Now, we take a closer look at these key family members who have been instrumental in his life and career.

Mikel Merino’s Father:

Angel Merino, originally from Madrid, has made a significant mark in Spanish football both as a midfielder and a manager. His career, highlighted by over 200 appearances in La Liga and an impressive tally of more than 20 goals, stands out in the annals of the sport. Beyond his professional achievements, Angel Merino is particularly notable for his role as a nurturing and supportive father.

Despite his success in football, he never imposed traditional or authoritarian views on his children regarding their career paths. When Mikel, his eldest son, displayed an interest in football, Angel’s approach was encouraging yet non-coercive. He prompted Mikel to deeply consider his passion for the sport, ensuring it was a genuine interest rather than merely following in his father’s footsteps.

Angel’s support for Mikel extended beyond mere encouragement; he provided guidance and advice yet consciously avoided overshadowing his son’s burgeoning career. He didn’t assume the role of a coach for Mikel, preferring instead to be a supportive figure, offering insights when necessary.

In addition to Mikel, Angel’s pride and supportive nature extend to his younger sons, who have pursued different sporting interests. In each case, he has been a constant source of encouragement, demonstrating the qualities of a loving and wise family leader, always present to cheer them on in their respective endeavours.

Mikel Merino’s Mother:

Maite Zazon, a talented figure in Spanish basketball, had the potential to achieve significant accolades in the sport. However, she chose to retire early, prioritizing her family. Her legacy in basketball, marked by athleticism and determination, remains a strong part of her identity.

When she decided to start a family, Mikel Merino’s mother made the significant decision to step back from her basketball career. This choice, often made by many women when embracing motherhood, did not diminish her love for sports.

Remarkably, Maite Zazon passed on her athletic talents to her children. While all of Mikel Merino’s siblings showed an interest in basketball, it was the youngest who pursued it at a professional level. This transition of her athletic gifts to her children is not only a testament to her skills on the basketball court but also to her ability to foster and nurture her children’s athletic interests and talents.

Mikel Merino’s Relationship with His Brothers:

Mikel Merino has two younger brothers, Jon and Unai Merino, who hold a special place in his heart. Mikel’s bond with them is so strong that he would do anything to ensure their safety and well-being.

In an interview with Noticias de Navarra, Mikel opened up about the dynamics within their family. He spoke of Jon, the middle child, as the most responsible of the siblings. Jon notably followed in their mother’s footsteps, pursuing a career in basketball and thus continuing her legacy in the sport.

Unai, the youngest brother, took a different route in his sporting endeavors. He chose to become a goalkeeper, a path distinct from both his older brothers and their parents. This choice highlights the independence and personal freedom that Mikel Merino’s parents encouraged in their children, allowing each son to pursue his own interests and passions.

Both Jon and Unai are grateful for the nurturing and supportive family environment that allowed them the freedom to make their own choices and develop their individual paths in sports. This supportive atmosphere has been instrumental in shaping their respective careers and personal development.

Mikel Merino’s Lesser-Known Facts:

In this concluding section of Mikel Merino’s biography, we aim to reveal some lesser-known aspects of his life and career. These are details that may not be widely recognized but offer a deeper understanding of who Mikel Merino is, both as a footballer and as an individual. Let’s explore these untold facts about him.

Mikel Merino’s Religious Beliefs:

According to information from Original Travels, a significant majority of the population in Spain, Mikel Merino’s home country, identify as Christians. This statistic, combined with Mikel Merino’s own practice of celebrating Christmas, as evidenced by his social media posts, suggests that he likely follows the Christian faith. While there are no specific details about his church affiliation, these observations indicate that Mikel Merino is a Christian.

Mikel Merino’s Financial Earnings:

According to data from Capology, Mikel Merino’s salary at Real Sociedad is estimated to be over sixty thousand Euros per week. This impressive salary ranks him as the fourth-highest earner at the club.

Reflecting on his earlier career, Merino’s financial progress is noteworthy. During his tenure at Borussia Dortmund, his weekly earnings were around six thousand Euros, indicating a significant increase in his salary as his career advanced.

In terms of his net worth, a report by Buzz Learn suggests that Mikel Merino’s overall financial value is estimated to be between 2 and 3 million dollars. This figure does not account for any additional income streams he might have outside of his football salary.

Mikel Merino’s FIFA Rating:

Mikel Merino’s reputation as one of La Liga’s most coveted midfielders is partly due to his exceptional work rate. His strengths in the game include a powerful shot, remarkable stamina, and significant physical strength. These attributes have contributed to FIFA, the popular football video game, awarding him a rating of over 80 per cent, reflecting his prowess and skill on the football field.

Conclusion on Mikel Merino’s Biography:

Mikel Zazon Merino, born to Angel Miguel Merino Torres and Maite Zazon in Spain on June 22, 1996, has carved a notable path in professional football. Coming from a family with a strong sports background, Mikel’s journey in football began early under the guidance of his father, a former footballer. His father introduced him to the sport at a young age yet allowed him to pursue his passion freely without the burden of legacy.

Mikel’s athletic abilities extended beyond football. In his younger years, he ventured into go-cart racing and remarkably won a trophy without prior training. Nonetheless, his primary focus remained football. He started his football journey with Deportivo Amigo, later moving to Osasuna’s youth team at the age of fifteen.

His professional career gained momentum with a contract at Borussia Dortmund, leading to international recognition. After a brief stint in the Bundesliga, he moved to Newcastle on loan and then made a permanent switch to the Premier League. His career trajectory eventually led him to Real Sociedad, solidifying his position in one of the top football leagues.

Internationally, Merino has been a valuable player for Spain, playing a key role in their under-19 team’s victory at the 2015 UEFA European Championship and later earning a silver medal in the 2020 Olympics with the senior team. And according to InternationalChampionsCup, he has evolved into an acting midfielder for his team.

Off the field, Merino’s life is equally rich. His mother, a former basketball athlete, and his girlfriend, Lola Liberal, a sports enthusiast, are significant figures in his life. Merino, like Robin Le Normand, has established himself as one of La Liga’s top talents, demonstrating their skill and dedication on and off the pitch.


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