Mike Maignan Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our biography of Mike Maignan uncovers facts about his early life, upbringing, family background, including his Haitian mother and Guadeloupean father, siblings – two sisters and brothers, stepfather, partner/wife, and children (two daughters).

This account of Maignan’s life also reveals his family origins, ethnicity, religious beliefs, education, and more. Furthermore, we delve into his net worth, personal life, lifestyle, and earnings breakdown as a professional French goalkeeper.

In essence, this article outlines the comprehensive story of Mike Maignan, highlighting the journey of a young boy who, despite his early challenges, emerged as the “pride of Carreaux”. Today, Maignan’s success serves as an inspiration for the youth in his French hometown of Carreaux.

We present the tale of a goalkeeper who initially played as a box-to-box midfielder, idolizing Steven Gerrard during his younger years. Maignan faced difficulties in school and was compelled to transition to a goalkeeper, a position he was initially hesitant to embrace. This article explains the reasons behind his reluctance.

Additionally, we share the story of a goalkeeper who initially disliked football, only to develop a passion for the sport thanks to McDonald’s. That’s right! We reveal how a simple gift from the multinational fast-food chain ignited Mike’s love for the beautiful game. Moreover, we discuss the impact former Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho had on Maignan’s mindset, ultimately leading to his success.


We begin Mike Maignan’s biography by recounting significant moments from his childhood and early life. Following that, we detail his burgeoning career with Villiers le Bel JS and Paris Saint-Germain. Lastly, we explore how the top French goalkeeper achieved rapid success with Lille and AC Milan.

To illustrate the captivating nature of Mike Maignan’s story, we offer a glimpse of his formative years and ascent to stardom. From his struggles with school to his eventual rise to fame, Maignan has certainly come a long way.

Indeed, many are aware that he was chosen by Didier Deschamps to succeed Hugo Lloris, who retired as France’s number one goalkeeper after the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Like Lloris, Maignan excels in goalkeeping reflexes, positioning, diving, kicking, and reactions.

In our ongoing effort to deliver stories about French football and top goalkeepers, we identified a gap in knowledge. The truth is, not many fans have had the chance to read the fascinating biography of Mike Maignan. So, without further delay from our French Football Category, let’s begin.

Mike Maignan Childhood Story:

To begin this biography, the well-regarded goalkeeper has earned several nicknames, including “Monsieur Pizza,” “Magic Mike,” “Iron Mike,” and “the air conditioning.” His full name is Mike Peterson Maignan.

Born on a lovely Monday, July 3rd, 1995, in Cayenne, French Guiana, Mike Maignan has a Haitian mother and a Guadeloupean father. His birth occurred shortly after English football club Everton claimed their last trophy—the English FA Cup—by defeating Eric Cantona’s Manchester United (1-0).

Growing-Up Years:

As a child, Mike Maignan displayed a cheerful, happy, and playful demeanour. He had a vibrant personality with a hint of mischief. Although he could be stubborn, Mike maintained a positive outlook on life.

Our research indicates that the young French Guianan enjoyed snacks and fast food during his childhood. He frequently ate hamburgers, particularly from his favourite McDonald’s. Little did he know, this fast-food chain would alter his fate before he turned five.

While McDonald’s has negatively impacted many young footballers’ careers by contributing to weight gain and reduced athleticism through its hamburgers, it did launch one notable career—that of Mike Maignan. Before his football journey began, the young boy didn’t even like the sport.

Mike Maignan Early Years:

In his early days, the Cayenne native had no interest in playing football. Whenever his family watched soccer on TV, he found it dull. Mike vividly recalls his frustration when his stepfather would change the channel to watch a football match.

The future French goalkeeper would protest by crying. However, unbeknownst to him, he was soon to embrace football wholeheartedly. And a fast-food company played a crucial role in this transformation.

Mike Maignan discovered the joy of playing football when his parents took him to McDonald’s. At the American fast-food establishment, he won a colourful foam ball. That fateful day, the eye-catching toy was given to Mike Maignan’s parents to present to their son as a gift. The four-year-old became enamoured with the vibrant foam ball, a souvenir from the restaurant’s children’s menu.

Mike Maignan’s family, including his older siblings, were surprised that he clung to his new gift (the ball) despite disliking the sport. He was drawn to the souvenir because of its appealing colours. From the moment the foam ball was presented to him, Mike never let it out of his sight.

Remarkably, he developed the habit of kicking his new gift everywhere, turning this practice into a hobby. This newfound pastime of kicking the foam ball led to a few broken items around his family home.

The Euro 2000 Connection:

Did you know? The foam ball gifted to Mike was actually a promotional item for Euro 2000. Indeed, this McDonald’s souvenir was intended to create excitement around the tournament, which was ultimately won by France, Mike Maignan’s father’s country.

Another interesting fact: on July 2nd, 2000, France’s former captain Didier Deschamps hoisted the Euro 2000 trophy alongside famous players like Thierry Henry, Nicolas Anelka, and the legendary Zinedine Zidane. The very next day, Mike Maignan celebrated his 5th birthday.

As his family asked him to blow out his candles and make a wish, a delighted Mike, inspired by the Euro 2000 victory celebrations, wished to become a professional footballer. Little Maignan continued to enjoy his birthday festivities as the spirit of the Euro 2000 triumph filled the air. Now that we’ve covered the goalkeeper’s early years, let’s delve into his family background.

Mike Maignan Family Background:

Raised in Villiers-le-Bel, a place with many children of immigrant origin, Mike Maignan grew up in a family with his Haitian mother, two sisters, and a stepfather. He never knew his biological father. Before finding financial success in football, Mike Maignan vowed to help his family escape their average lifestyle. The French national team goalkeeper deeply values his family.

Although Mike Maignan has two brothers, their relationship to him remains unclear. His parents are separated, and he was raised by his mother and stepfather. The goalkeeper’s Haitian mother and stepfather maintained a middle-class household in Villiers-le-Bel, a suburb in the north of Paris that became notorious for the 2005 deaths of Bouna and Zyed. Thanks to a solid upbringing, Mike avoided joining the wayward youths who participated in the ensuing riots.

Family Origin:

Mike Maignan’s roots lie in Cayenne, Guyana, a location outside France’s mainland. The French national team goalkeeper spent his earliest childhood years in South America (not France). When he was eight years old, Mike Maignan’s family decided to leave their native island and relocate to mainland France.

In 2003, the athlete’s mother, stepfather, and sisters settled in the Parisian suburb of Villiers-le-Bel. Mike joins footballers like Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Moussa Dembele, and Randal Kolo Muani, who also call the northern Paris suburbs home.

Villiers-le-Bel, the place Mike Maignan considers home, is a commune situated in the northern suburbs of Paris. According to its Wikipedia page, Mike is among the top eight most famous individuals from this French suburb. Positioned 17.4 km from the center of Paris, Villiers-le-Bel is negatively associated with the 2007 riots.

During that fateful year, Mike Maignan’s family witnessed the Villiers-le-Bel riots, as gangs attacked a police station, ransacked shops, and destroyed cars.

The chaos ensued after the deaths of two teenagers whose motorbikes collided with a police vehicle. The protests escalated and spread to neighbouring towns. In the aftermath, 82 police officers were reported injured, with four sustaining gunshot wounds. Fortunately, Mike and his family remained unharmed.


Maignan identifies with the French Black population or Black people in France. This ethnic group, referred to as Afro-French or Afro-Français, comprises around 5 million individuals in the country. Presnel Kimpembe and Christopher Nkunku are well-known examples of Afro-French football celebrities.

Mike Maignan’s Education:

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, the talented goalkeeper is a proud alumnus of Léon-Blum College, located in his hometown of Villiers-le-Bel. As a child, Maignan wasn’t particularly fond of academics or balancing his studies with his budding sports career.

His lack of focus on academics led to poor grades, which eventually impacted his opportunities to join larger football academies. Reflecting on this in an interview, Maignan mentioned, “Many football training centers turned me down due to poor academic performance.”

Career Beginnings:

When Maignan’s family relocated from their native island to mainland France, he started his football journey at the age of 8. He joined Villiers-le-Bel, his hometown club in the Paris region. Interestingly, the Cayenne (Guyana) native didn’t begin his career as a goalkeeper but rather as a box-to-box midfielder.

From ages 9 to 10, Maignan dreamt of becoming a professional football player. Romain Damiano, a soccer training expert from the famous Boris-Vian neighbourhood centre, welcomed him to his first academy and later became his career mentor. Damiano even organized additional training sessions for the young midfielder during school breaks.

Romain Damiano was Maignan’s first coach and soon took on the role of his mentor and disciplinarian at Villiers-le-Bel. Damiano recalled, “I was not only his coach but also his taskmaster. Mike was a leader, someone you could count on to win games. Managing him wasn’t always easy, as he would sometimes act impulsively, especially when it came to his academics, where he struggled with poor grades.”

Maignan and his friends played soccer frequently after school. At times, they would win competitions against rival teams in their neighbourhood. As a young fan of Liverpool, Maignan idolized Steven Gerrard.

Mike Maignan’s Journey to PSG:

As a midfielder, Maignan emulated the playing style of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, even displaying a knack for scoring long-range goals. However, under Romain Damiano’s guidance, he experienced a significant shift in his position on the field. Despite being a skilled and powerful midfielder, Maignan, much like Caoimhin Kelleher, found himself transitioning to a goalkeeper role.

The reason behind Maignan’s positional change was to address the team’s goalkeeping issues. After impressing his coaches, he was advised to fully commit to his new role as a goalkeeper. Initially, Maignan was hesitant about this change, as he had always envisioned himself playing on the field rather than in goal. At one point, he even considered returning to a midfield or attacking position.

Goalkeeping Assurance:

Maignan was told that he lacked the necessary speed to excel as an attacker. Damiano reassured him that his technical abilities made goalkeeping the best option for his future. To ease the transition, Damiano allowed Maignan to play one final match as a midfielder, during which he scored an impressive five goals. This achievement helped him accept his new position in goal wholeheartedly.

Instead of drawing inspiration from Steven Gerrard, Maignan began to study goalkeeping legends like Gigi Buffon, Fabien Barthez, and Iker Casillas. He spent a total of six years in Villiers-le-Bel’s developmental program before moving on to another club.

Many football enthusiasts may not know that Axel Disasi, a fellow French international, was once Maignan’s teammate at Villiers-le-Bel JS. The two have remained close friends since their early years with the academy.

Mike Maignan’s Path to Fame:

At 12 years old, Maignan’s exceptional performance as a goalkeeper for Villiers-le-Bel JS caught the attention of Franck Raviot, the Goalkeeping Coach for the France U21 team and a coach at INF Clairefontaine. Additionally, PSG expressed interest in Maignan.

Despite passing Raviot’s trials, Maignan could not join the team due to his poor academic performance at Léon-Blum College. It wasn’t just his grades; teachers also noted his disruptive behaviour.

PSG’s Conditional Acceptance:

The aspiring goalkeeper, eager to join a larger club, pursued a spot in the Paris Saint-Germain academy. PSG was open to taking Maignan, but only if he improved his academic performance.

As shared by Kévin Farade, a friend of Maignan, he was given a one-year trial period. PSG would monitor his school performance before making a final decision. Under immense pressure, Maignan changed his approach, focusing on his studies and ultimately improving his grades.

Though he had a history of rebellious behaviour, Maignan managed to keep it in check, although he still struggled with school-related frustrations.

Continued Challenges at PSG:

While Maignan promised to improve academically, he grappled with low self-confidence on the field. The pressure of balancing school and football took a toll on his mental health. Maignan once admitted:

“I almost gave up my soccer career because I was deeply stressed. Every day, it was the same: wake up, go to class, and then deal with stress during football training. All I wanted was to play soccer. The fact that it was compulsory for me to go to school broke my morale.”

Maignan’s inability to cope with the demands of school and rigorous PSG training eventually affected his physical performance. During this challenging time, he remembered the warnings from PSG scout Pierre Reynaud, who had cautioned him that poor grades could lead to expulsion from the club.

Despite these obstacles, Maignan remained determined to pursue his football dreams. Possessing unwavering confidence in his goalkeeping skills, he believed that without the stress of school, he would excel when pushed to his limits by PSG’s youth coaches.

During his time at the PSG academy, Maignan faced more than just academic challenges. In 2011, following the club’s acquisition by Qatar Sports Investments, the young goalkeeper was desperate to succeed with PSG.

Mike Maignan Bio – Journey to Stardom:

As the billionaire Qatari investors took over PSG, the club’s young talents became increasingly concerned about their futures. Under the leadership of Club President Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the new owners vowed to aggressively recruit world-class players, paying little attention to the academy.

At that time, PSG had an efficient training center, and the takeover made the club not only wealthier but also a formidable contender for the UEFA Champions League title.

With the Qatari takeover, it became difficult for young talents to break through at PSG. Players such as Mamadou Sakho, Samuel Piètre (a future prodigy), Jean-Michel Badiane and Maxime Partouche saw their careers impacted by the new management.

Parisian central defender Mamadou Sakho successfully moved to Liverpool, drawing on exceptional mental strength following the loss of his father. In fact, Sakho’s success after leaving PSG was largely due to his resilience.

Drawing Inspiration from Others:

Mike Maignan, an under-19 goalkeeper at the time, chose to follow Sakho’s example. With an absent father and two brothers he hardly knew, the young goalkeeper was determined to succeed for the three most important women in his life. Maignan often thought about his mother’s struggles and expressed his motivation:

“If I want to succeed in my career as a goalkeeper, it’s more for my mum than for me, including my two sisters. I want to get my family members out of where they are and give them a good life.”

Secretly, Maignan dreamed of taking his beloved mother to Miami to join the Haitian community and reconnect with her family roots. According to the young goalkeeper, this dream could only be realized if he became a professional.

Driven by the desire to help his family and overcome challenges, Maignan pushed himself to the limit during training. He developed a warrior’s mindset, remarkable for a young boy with a tender heart.

Bold Choices:

Eventually, Maignan came to terms with the reality that he might never have a chance to play for PSG’s first team. With the arrival of Kevin Trapp and the presence of Salvatore Sirigu, Nicolas Douchez, and a possible return of Alphonse Areola on loan, his prospects seemed bleak.

Maignan was invited to a professional training camp in Austria, where his impressive performance caught the attention of Lille Olympique Sporting Club. In 2015, Lille signed Maignan for €1 million. Upon joining the club, he immediately set his sights on competing for the first-choice goalkeeper position following Steeve Elana’s departure announcement.

Initially, Maignan served as an understudy to Nigerian Vincent Enyeama. After signing with Lille OSC, Maignan expressed his enthusiasm:

“I am happy to have signed for a team like LOSC, a club that I have seen grow since I was a little boy. When the club’s management contacted me and proposed their exciting project, I found it difficult to refuse.”

Upon joining Lille OSC, Romain Damiano, Maignan’s mentor, advised him:

“Vincent Enyeama is 32 years old, and you are 20. If you are patient, you will become a starter.”

A determined 20-year-old Maignan knew he needed to work harder to achieve what his mentor envisioned for him. In the following section, we’ll discuss how the Guyana-born goalkeeper became the first-choice goalkeeper.

Mike Maignan Biography – Path to Success:

During a September 2015 match against Rennes, Vincent Enyeama received a red card. Maignan substituted Yassine Benzia and seized the rare opportunity, saving the penalty that followed the red card incident.

By the 2017-18 season, a persistent Maignan had become the preferred starter for Lille. He played a crucial role as the club finished as runners-up to Thomas Tuchel’s PSG in the 2018/2019 season. PSG’s team included top talents like Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe, and Angel Di Maria.

That season, Maignan was named Goalkeeper of the Year, thanks to his record-breaking 17 clean sheets and three saved penalties. Drawing on his midfield skills, Maignan continued to excel in goal. Two seasons later, he helped LOSC Lille secure the French championship title.

Journey to the French National Team:

As Maignan began participating in the Champions League with LOSC, he received a call-up to the French national team in 2020. In Les Bleus, he assumed the role of the third-choice goalkeeper, behind Hugo Lloris and Steve Mandanda.

Maignan, along with notable players like Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe, contributed to France’s first UEFA Nations League victory. His impressive performances and trophy wins attracted the attention of top European clubs.

AC Milan and Beyond:

On May 27, 2021, Lille OSC agreed to a €15 million transfer for Maignan to AC Milan. The Italian club had just sold their Goalkeeper Legend, Gianluigi Donnarumma, to PSG. And they welcomed Maignan as his replacement.

Upon arriving in Milan, Maignan earned several nicknames from the Italian press, such as “Magic Mike” and “Iron Mike,” thanks to his outstanding performances. In the 2021/2022 season, Maignan was awarded the Best Serie A Goalkeeper trophy. Alongside teammates Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez, and Simon Kjær, Maignan played a crucial role in AC Milan’s 2022 Serie A title win.

In March 2023, Maignan climbed the ranks in the French national team and became the first-choice goalkeeper. Since assuming this role, “Magic Mike” has demonstrated through his impressive saves that he is indeed the future of Les Bleus.

Who is Mike Maignan’s Girlfriend?

From a young player who nearly faced rejection by PSG to becoming France’s number-one goalkeeper, Maignan has undeniably achieved success. With his good looks, it’s no surprise that he has attracted female admirers, some of whom aspire to become his wife or the mother of his children.

Mike Maignan, the 2021 UEFA Nations League winner, has not disclosed any details about his personal life. However, it has been discovered through research that he has two daughters with either his wife or partner. As of 2023, the French goalkeeper is a father to two daughters, while he is yet to welcome a son into the world at the time of writing this bio.


Outside of his goalkeeping career, who is Mike Maignan?

Off the football pitch, Maignan can be described as humble, cheerful, and friendly. He possesses a unique style and charisma that fans admire, along with his height, good looks, and composed demeanour. He maintains a positive reputation, staying away from controversy.

Mike Maignan Lifestyle:

In addition to his passion for goalkeeping, Mike has a keen interest in fashion, and enjoys listening to rap music, watching movies, and showcasing luxury cars. In fact, he has built an impressive collection of automobiles. Let’s explore Mike Maignan’s Mercedes and Volkswagen cars.

But Maignan’s garage isn’t limited to just Mercedes and Volkswagen vehicles. The French Guiana goalkeeper also owns a Porsche and an Audi among his stunning collection of high-end cars. Furthermore, Mike is known for coordinating his outfits with the colours of his cars, such as wearing black to match his Audi or donning the logo colour of his Porsche.

Mike Maignan Family Life:

The members of his immediate family hold a special place in the heart of the former Lille OSC goalkeeper. Even though he grew up without knowing his biological father and the thought of having two absent brothers, Maignan is dedicated to the well-being of the three important women in his life. Let’s learn more about them.

Mike Maignan’s Mother:

Her sacrifices, as a native of Haiti, are among the driving forces behind his success. One of Mike Maignan’s goals is to make his mother’s dreams come true. One such dream is to relocate to Florida, USA, where she can join and be a part of the state’s Haitian community.

Our research shows that Florida has the largest Haitian population in the US, with 533,409 individuals (2.4% of the state’s population). Now that Mike Maignan has become a successful footballer, fulfilling his mother’s dream is likely a reality.

Mike Maignan’s Father:

Aside from the fact that his father is from Guadeloupe, there is little information available about him. According to a French website (Lepopulaire), Maignan is not familiar with his biological father. Instead, there is a stepfather who is married to his Haitian mother.

It is believed that Mike Maignan’s mother, stepfather, and sister lived together in Villiers-le-Bel, where he grew up. Before 2003, the family, including his stepfather, lived in Cayenne, French Guiana (his birthplace).

Mike Maignan’s Siblings:

Research suggests that the French athlete has three important women in his life, which includes two sisters. In a Lepopulaire article, Mike Maignan mentioned that they, along with their mother, “suffered with me.”

Now that he has achieved success, the French athlete has provided a comfortable life for them all. It is worth noting that Mike also has two absent brothers, and as of 2012, he had limited knowledge about them.

Untold Facts:

As we near the conclusion of Mike Maignan’s biography, we’ll share some lesser-known facts about him. A goalkeeper who has put to an end the question of who will succeed Hugo Lloris as France’s goalkeeper.

Mike Maignan’s FIFA Profile:

In 2022, the French goalkeeper joined the ranks of elite goalkeepers with potentials of 90 and above. These goalkeepers (including their potential) include Manuel Neuer (90), Jan Oblak (91), Ederson (91), Courtois (91), and Alisson (90).

In terms of goalkeeping statistics, Mike Maignan excels in diving, handling, kicking, positioning, and reflexes. Additionally, he demonstrates prowess in jumping and strength. Not to mention his leadership traits (also possessed by Djordje Petrovic), long throws, and ability to intercept crosses.

Mike Maignan’s Salary:

Capology reports that the goalkeeper’s contract with AC Milan earns him €3,595,499 or $3,876,846 per year. As of 2023, Mike Maignan’s salary is slightly higher than Charles De Ketelaere‘s.

Players like Sandro Tonali and Olivier Giroud earn more than him. The 2022-2023 AC Milan salary figures show top players like Ismaël Bennacer, Theo Hernandez, Sergino Dest, and Divock Origi among the highest earners. As of 2023, Maignan earns approximately €410 per hour and €6.9 per minute.

What is the AC Milan Goalkeeper’s net worth?

In Villiers-le-Bel, where Mike Maignan’s parents (his mother and stepfather) raised him, the average person earns around €36,000 per year. Did you know that such a person would need 99 years to match his annual earnings with AC Milan?

Mike Maignan’s Religion:

Raised by his devoted Christian mother and stepfather, the Shot Stopper frequently acknowledges God’s role in his career successes and challenges. On the day Mike won the Ligue 1 trophy for the 2020-21 season, he repeatedly raised his hands in gratitude and credited his victory to God.

Closing Note:

Mike Maignan was born in Cayenne, northern French Guiana, South America, to a Haitian mother and a Guadeloupean father. He never knew his biological father, and as of 2012, he had two brothers who were not part of his life. The Shot Stopper of immigrant family origin spent his childhood with his two sisters, mother, and stepfather.

As a young child, Maignan wasn’t particularly interested in playing or watching football. At the age of four, he was not enthusiastic about the sport whenever a family member turned on the TV to watch a football match. However, when he was almost five, he received a foam ball from McDonald’s as a gift, which was a promotional item for Euro 2000. This gift sparked his love for football.

Young Maignan enjoyed playing with his gift, often kicking it around his family home and inadvertently breaking a few things in the process. Around his fifth birthday, which coincided with France’s victory in Euro 2000, Maignan made a vow to become a professional footballer.

At the age of eight, Maignan, along with his mother, sister, and stepfather, left his native island to settle in mainland France. He started playing football with Villiers-le-Bel in the Paris region. Initially, Maignan was not a goalkeeper but a box-to-box midfielder who idolized Steven Gerrard. Throughout his early teenage years, he struggled with his academics and was repeatedly told to improve his academic performance.

Path to Success:

In 2009, Maignan joined Paris Saint-Germain as a goalkeeper after being recognized for his abilities. He signed a professional contract with the club in June 2013. After experiencing a lack of playing time, he moved to Lille in 2015 as the second-choice goalkeeper and potential successor to an ageing Vincent Enyeama.

Maignan had an outstanding first season with Lille. Capitalizing on a red card given to Vincent Enyeama, he showcased his talent with an immediate penalty save. After being called up to the French national team in 2019, Maignan played a pivotal role in Lille’s 2021 French League title win.

Following his success with Lille Olympique Sporting Club, Maignan joined AC Milan in 2021. His exceptional performances for the Rossoneri earned him the nickname “Magic Mike.” As an undisputed starter for AC Milan, Maignan helped the team secure the 2021/2022 Serie A title.


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