Micah Hamilton Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Micah Hamilton, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing by his parents of English and Jamaican origins, his Manchester family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

This article delves into Micah Hamilton’s background, including his family roots, ethnicity, hometown, and education. It also covers his lifestyle, net worth, and zodiac sign and provides a detailed breakdown of his earnings at Manchester City down to what he makes every second.

Summarizing Micah Hamilton’s life, this biography highlights his journey from a street footballer and ball boy to playing for Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. It’s notable that Micah has an interesting story from his days as a ball boy, which played a part in his development within the club.

The story unfolds with Micah’s early dream at age four to join Manchester City, inspired by playing football with his father. Despite interest from Manchester City and United, the choice was ultimately his, and he followed his heart to City, contrasting Anthony Elanga‘s decision.


We start with Micah Hamilton’s early years, focusing on his memorable time as a ball boy and his rise to fame under Pep Guardiola.

This biography aims to enrich your appreciation for football stories, sharing Micah’s transition from a ball boy to a key player for Manchester City. Known for his versatility as an attacking midfielder and left-winger, Micah has become an integral part of the team, embodying the success of following Guardiola’s guidance.

In exploring untold stories of footballers from Greater Manchester, we realized the lack of comprehensive biographies for players like Micah Hamilton. Hence, this biography is crafted to share his inspiring football journey, fueled by our passion for the sport. Let’s dive into the story of Micah Hamilton.

Micah Hamilton’s Early Life:

Known as “Mic” and “Ball Boy turned Hero,” Micah Philippe Jude Hamilton entered the world on November 13, 2003, in Manchester, UK, to Jude Hamilton and Mrs. Hamilton. Micah’s early years growing up in Manchester were marked by his athleticism and a natural inclination towards sports. Making him a true Mancunian, much like David Beckham and Marcus Rashford.

Micah Hamilton’s Childhood:

Micah’s passion for football began naturally, with his father playing a crucial role in his early development. Their regular football sessions were more than just skill-building. They instilled a deep love for the game and an understanding of teamwork in Micah.

These early experiences, playing with his dad, laid the groundwork for his future in football. Soon, Micah was playing with friends on the streets, showcasing his versatility and catching Manchester City’s and United’s eye.

Faced with the choice between the two clubs, Micah’s parents left the decision to him. Knowing his father’s preference for City, which is known for its excellent academy, Micah chose to join Manchester City. Following his heart and his father’s subtle guidance.

Micah Hamilton’s Family Insights:

Micah’s father, Jude Hamilton, played a crucial role in his early football development. Laying the groundwork for his career. While there’s limited information on Micah’s family, a common question among fans is whether he’s related to Formula One star Lewis Hamilton simply because they share a surname. However, there’s no blood relation between Micah and Lewis. Or between Micah and Lewis’s brother Nicolas, nor is there any connection to other athletes like Rico Lewis, the Fast-Rising Lewis Miley, and Lewis Hall.

Micah’s Heritage:

Born in Manchester, it is known for its historical significance in the railway and computing industries. Micah also has Jamaican heritage. This adds to his rich cultural background, reflecting the diverse roots of many English footballers.

A notable number of these athletes share Jamaican origins, enough to form a formidable football team with talents like Jacob Ramsey, Kalvin Phillips, and Morgan Gibbs-White in midfield. Also, Kyle Walker and Danny Rose in defence, Raheem Sterling and Demarai Gray on the wings, Mason Holgate and Chris Smalling in central defence, David James as a goalkeeper, and forwards like Ivan Toney and Michail Antonio. This showcases Jamaica’s significant contribution to football, with many players eligible to represent the national team.


Micah, born in England to Jamaican parents, is part of the Black British community. His Jamaican heritage is a key part of his identity, making him a British Jamaican and Black British footballer.


Micah was raised in Manchester, a city known for its rich cultural and sporting heritage. Although his educational details are not widely known, it’s clear he balanced his studies with a strong focus on football from a young age.

Football Story:

Micah’s football path began early. By age four, he was already connected with Manchester City, not as an official academy player but within their children’s team. This early start differed from that of most kids, who typically joined academies around the age of seven. His love for City was influenced by his family’s support for the club.

At seven, Micah formally joined Manchester City‘s Academy, choosing it over Manchester United and showing a keen interest in advancing his football skills. Micah’s father, Jude Hamilton, played a critical role in his early development. Through informal “kickarounds” at home, Jude helped nurture Micah’s talent, laying the foundation for his future in football.

Micah Hamilton’s Journey to Recognition:

Micah’s early years at Manchester City’s Academy laid a strong foundation for his football career. As he matured, the game became more than just basic drills; it was about honing his skills for professional play.

Alongside continuing his practice sessions with his dad, Micah took on the role of a ball boy for Manchester City, a position chosen through the club’s selection process.

Like other young talents such as Trevoh Chalobah and Mason Mount at Chelsea, Micah diligently fulfilled his ballboy duties. It’s worth noting that even Pep Guardiola started as a ball boy, highlighting this role’s potential impact.

A key moment for Micah was on September 23, 2017. At 13, he was a ball boy for a game against Crystal Palace, with famous players like Yaya Toure and Sergio Agüero.

In this game, which City won 5-0, Micah was seen getting advice from Guardiola. This sparked interest from fans and the media. Years later, Micah talked about this advice, showing how these early moments influenced his football career.

“Pep just called me over, and he was telling me something and I’m just thinking, yeah, just nod.”

Seeking Guardiola’s Insight:

Despite Micah’s explanation, the media sought further clarity and turned to Pep Guardiola for his perspective. Investigation into the records from that day revealed Guardiola was addressing an issue during the match, prompting his conversation with Micah, then the standout ball boy.

Guardiola later clarified the nature of their exchange, shedding light on the guidance he offered to the young Micah Hamilton at that pivotal moment.

 “If there was a foul, no one went to take the ball and start to play. There was so much delay for players to pick up the ball, and I didn’t like that.

There were five, and sometimes ten, seconds before someone went to take the ball and started to play. When this happens, everything is slow.

the ball boys were slow; everybody in the pitch was slow. And we have to create speed in the game. We have to provoke the game. And we didn’t do that for most of the time in the first half.

So, I spoke to Micah to fix it. In the second half, you could see the speed immediately, and the team was ready to win.”

Guardiola’s strategic emphasis on speed, combined with Micah’s adept execution, led to a decisive 5-0 victory for Manchester City. The match saw Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero, Leroy Sane, and Fabian Delph goals.

Micah’s talent was recognized early with an England U16 call-up, a notable feat given his age. He was part of a gifted 2003 cohort, including Levi Colwill, Jude Bellingham, and Jamal Musiala, who were among England’s finest young talents.

Path to Stardom:

Micah excelled in City’s academy, advancing quickly through the ranks despite injury setbacks. Even in an injury-affected season, he managed to contribute three goals to a youth championship win.

Micah stood out playing with academy friends Tommy Doyle and Carlos Forbs, showing leadership by giving six assists and leading his team. These are traits Guardiola appreciates.

After Riyad Mahrez and Cole Palmer left, Micah, with Oscar Bobb and Jeremy Doku, moved up to the senior team. His first big game on December 13, 2023, in the Champions League, saw him scoring his first goal for the senior team, marking his arrival as a new star in English football.

Career Aspirations:

The latest street star is determined to secure a regular spot in Manchester City’s first team but is open to exploring opportunities elsewhere if needed. Despite fans’ hopes for him to stay, reports suggest City has big plans for him. Micah recognizes the challenge of becoming a first-team regular, considering the limited success of academy graduates post-Phil Foden, like Jayden Braaf and Jamie Bynoe-Gittens.

Personal Life:

Off the field, Micah’s appeal extends beyond his football skills, earning him a significant female following. Despite this, he keeps his personal life private, with no known public relationships, maintaining a focus on his burgeoning football career.

Personality Traits:

The man City Jewel is a focused and thoughtful midfielder who knows the challenges of coming up through Manchester City’s academy. He’s good at researching and understanding his path in the club.

He sees the chances Pep Guardiola gives to academy players but knows it’s tough to become a regular in the first team. Micah thinks a lot about needing patience and what his chances are of being a main player in the senior team, sharing his thoughts on his journey and future.

“When you see a player like Cole Palmer, he was getting appearances but he’s was still not in as a regular. I think there’s opportunity there but it’s difficult, you’re either patient like Phil Foden or you go away”.

Lifestyle Choices:

Micah leads a modest lifestyle, valuing honesty and simplicity, akin to Wilfried Gnonto’s approach. He’s financially prudent, rarely flaunting luxury on social media, showing a preference for a more down-to-earth lifestyle, much like Ruben Vargas.

The Scorpio athlete has the same zodiac as Joey Veerman, Djordje Petrovic, Tino Livramento, and Robin Le Normand.

Family Support:

Micah Hamilton deeply values his parents’ role in his upbringing and navigating academy football challenges. Their support has been a cornerstone of his development as a player and a person.

Father’s Influence:

Jude Hamilton played a crucial role in Micah’s early football development, actively engaging in his son’s practice sessions and providing valuable guidance, laying the groundwork for Micah’s passion and skills in football.

Mother’s Role:

Micah’s mother has been a pillar of emotional support and home stability, offering comfort during tough times and contributing significantly to his well-being and success.


As of now, there’s no public information about Micah having any siblings, leading to the speculation that he might be an only child. Additionally, despite sharing the same surname, Micah is not related to Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton.

Exploring Micah Hamilton’s Lesser-Known Facts:

Record-Breaking Moments:

Micah Hamilton set a Manchester City record as the youngest player to score in his Champions League debut in December 2023, at 20 years and 30 days old. He surpassed Gabriel Jesus and Ferran Torres in this achievement. However, he isn’t the youngest English player to score in the Champions League; that title goes to Jude Bellingham, with Marcus Rashford also making history before Micah.

FIFA Profile:

Micah is seen as a versatile player, skilled in dribbling, ball control, and short passing. Though his heading accuracy, aggression, and interceptions could improve, his style is compared to players like Manor Solomon and Anthony Gordon.


Micah’s faith is important to him, aligning with Christianity, which nearly half of England’s population shares. His approach to life and football is inspired by the motto “1% Chance, 99% Faith.”


In 2023, Micah’s contract with Manchester City granted him an annual salary of £1,302,000. Converted to Jamaican Dollars, this amounts to approximately J$ 255,436,329. A detailed breakdown of his earnings showcases the financial rewards of his football career.

Micah Hamilton’s Wealth Compared:

In Manchester, where Micah grew up, the average income is about £37,500 annually. To match Micah’s 2023 earnings from Manchester City, which are around £1,302,000 a year, an average Mancunian would need to work for 34 years.

Closing Thoughts:

Micah Hamilton, born to Mr. and Mrs. Jude Hamilton on November 13, 2003, naturally gravitated towards football. Micah’s dad, Jude (Bellingham‘s namesake), was more than just a parent. He was also Micah’s first football teacher and biggest supporter.

They often played football together in their backyard. This helped Micah fall in love with the game. With his family cheering him on, Micah joined Manchester City’s young players’ group when he was only four, showing his early love for football.

Choosing Manchester City over United, Micah embraced the club his family had long supported. As a kid, a big moment for Micah was getting advice from coach Pep Guardiola while he was a ball boy. This showed how much he cared and knew about football.

As he got better at football, Micah led City’s U23 team and became a pro player, famous for his quick moves and scoring goals. Scoring in his first Champions League game was a huge achievement resulting from many years of effort and practice.


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