Matthias Ginter Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive Matthias Ginter Biography, provides an insightful overview of his early boyhood years, upbringing, family background, his parents – Thomas and Rita Ginter, his brother Niklas, his wife Christina Raphella Ginter, his son Matteo, his grandfather Josef Ginter, financial status, and personal lifestyle. 

SoccerBiography delves into Matthias’s nationality, ethnicity, religious beliefs, educational background, astrological sign, and family roots.

Additionally, the article gives insight into Ginter’s personality and his financial status, including net worth, and a detailed analysis of his earnings at SC Freiburg, right down to what he earns every second. Overall, this biography covers Matthias Ginter’s entire journey.

This narrative shares the story of a young boy from a family with a significant football heritage. It highlights Matthias’s German roots, particularly focusing on his grandfather, who established one of the football training grounds in his hometown. With his father being a former athlete and retired coach, Matthias was poised to continue the family’s sporting legacy.


This biography of Matthias Ginter starts by exploring significant events from his early life. We’ll delve into his German roots and early career achievements leading up to his impact in the Bundesliga.

Ginter is widely recognized for his crucial contributions to Germany’s victories in the FIFA World Cup 2014 and 2017. Additionally, he’s a two-time recipient of the Fritz Walter Medal Gold in 18/19 and 12/13 and was named in the Bundesliga Team of the Season for 2019/20 and 2022/23.

During our research on German footballers, we found a gap in knowledge regarding Ginter’s life story, which is quite captivating. As a result, we’ve compiled this article to enlighten fans. Let’s dive in.

Matthias Ginter’s Childhood:

Matthias Ginter, often referred to as “The Preventer,” was born Matthias Lukas Ginter on January 19, 1994. His parents, Thomas and Rita Ginter, welcomed him in Germany as the first of their two children. Their marriage, filled with happiness, provided a nurturing environment for Matthias and his sibling.

Early Years in Freiburg:

Matthias’s story starts in the beautiful city of Freiburg in Breisgau, situated in Germany’s Black Forest. Immersed in the rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes of this area, Matthias’s childhood was likely a blend of traditional German customs and picturesque surroundings.

Football quickly became Matthias’s passion, possibly influenced by Freiburg’s strong football culture. Picture him playing in local parks, developing his skills alongside his brother and friends, his love for the game blossoming with each day.

The values of family, hard work, and resilience, deeply embedded in Freiburg’s community life, undoubtedly shaped his early life. Undoubtedly, the Ginter home, a haven of support and unity, would have instilled in Matthias the foundational values he carried forward.

Mathias Ginter Early Influences:

Football runs deep in the Ginter family. Matthias’s father, Thomas, had a notable sports legacy, sparking an early interest in football for both Matthias and his brother Niklas.

Furthermore, Matthias’s grandfather was not only a footballer but also a co-founder of SV Hugstetten, a prominent football complex in Germany. This sporting legacy was a staple in the Ginter family, passed down through generations.

From a young age, Matthias was captivated by football, inspired by his father’s involvement in the sport. Alongside his brother, he spent countless hours refining their football skills, often joined by local children, fostering a communal spirit around their shared love for the game.

Matthias Ginter Family Heritage:

The Ginter family, originating from Germany, is known for their diligent and persevering nature. Here’s a look at the family dynamics, beginning with the patriarch, Thomas Ginter.

Thomas Ginter, Matthias’s father, was not merely an average footballer. In his prime, he excelled as one of the standout athletes in his league. Following his retirement from active play, he didn’t opt for a sedentary lifestyle but rather transitioned into a role as a football coach, continuing to play a vital role in supporting the family financially.

Nonetheless, Rita Ginter, Matthias’s mother, was the foundational support of the household. She skillfully managed family affairs during the years her husband was engaged on the football field and in his subsequent coaching career, possibly juggling these responsibilities with her professional commitments.

This background indicates that the Ginters were a family with stable means, capable of supporting Matthias and his brother and fostering their goals and passions, especially in the realm of football.

Matthias Ginter Family Roots:

Matthias Ginter hails from Freiburg in Breisgau, a picturesque city in southwest Germany. This city, which is also his parents’ hometown, is celebrated for its deep cultural roots and scenic charm.

Positioned at the brink of the Black Forest, Freiburg is distinguished for its historic buildings and dynamic university community. This milieu likely offered the Ginter family a nurturing and culturally stimulating environment.

Ethnic Composition:

Predominantly, the inhabitants of Freiburg in Breisgau, including the Ginter family, are of ethnic German descent. This group represents the majority of the population in the city. Freiburg, which is characteristic of many metropolitan areas in Germany, is home to a variety of ethnic groups, but ethnic Germans form the primary demographic in this locality.

Matthias Ginter’s Educational Journey:

Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, Matthias Ginter’s father made sure his son attended Gundelfinger High School. However, Matthias faced the challenge of balancing his academic responsibilities with his budding football career.

Combining education with football training was a demanding endeavour. His former teacher recalls how Matthias endured considerable stress during his high school years. Despite these challenges, he persisted and completed his education.

Matthias Ginter’s Early Football Career:

At the tender age of four, in the summer of 1998, Matthias embarked on his football journey with SC March, a local amateur club in Breisgau, Germany, known for nurturing young talents. Matthias spent seven years with the team before moving on to new challenges.

While at age 11, he joined SC Freiburg in 2005. Matthias steadily progressed through the ranks of the club, and by July 1, 2009, he had made it into the under-17 team.

Throughout his early career, Matthias’s parents played pivotal roles in supporting him. His mother, Rita Ginter, enrolled him in “Füchsletagen,” a program where young players train alongside experienced footballers across six gaming stations. His father, Thomas, a former athlete himself, set up a mini-pitch at home to teach Matthias various football techniques.

Matthias Ginter’s Path to Recognition:

Matthias advanced to SC Freiburg’s under-19 team, quickly making a name for himself. His talent shone through, and he helped his team win the Under-19 DFB-Pokal in 2011 and 2012. Around this time, he also earned a spot on the national team.

After two years of impressive performances and contributing to team victories, Matthias was deemed ready for the main squad. On his 18th birthday, he became SC Freiburg’s youngest Bundesliga goalscorer. Following over 60 appearances with Freiburg, he was loaned out.

Borussia Dortmund recognized his talent, signing him on a five-year contract for €10.00m. In his debut, Matthias and his team triumphed in the DFL Supercup against Bayern Munich.

Matthias also excelled in international play. He was part of the 2015 European Championship squad in the Czech Republic, playing alongside notable players like Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Emre Can, Serge Gnabry, and Kevin Volland.

Matthias continued to surpass the achievements of his father and grandfather, embodying the culmination of his family’s football legacy.

Matthias Ginter’s Continued Success:

In 2017, Matthias joined Borussia Mönchengladbach, marking a new chapter in his career. He was a key player, succeeding Andreas Christensen after his return to Chelsea. After four years and 154 matches with 11 goals at Mönchengladbach, Matthias returned to his youth club, SC Freiburg.

Back at Freiburg, he stepped in to fill the void left by departing players like Nico Schlotterbeck and Kevin Schade. Approaching 28, Matthias showed no signs of slowing down, continuously making headlines in football.

Internationally, he represented Germany as a substitute for Mesut Ozil in a friendly match in Berlin. In that memorable year of 2014, the Defender participated in Brazil’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup as the team’s youngest player. He contributed to Germany’s silver medal win at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and was part of the victorious 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup team.

During the memorable 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, Matthias played alongside teammates like Niklas Süle and Kai Havertz. He is considered one of Bundesliga’s the spine of SC Freiburg. Matthias Ginter’s journey in football is a story of relentless pursuit of excellence and the embodiment of his family’s sporting heritage.

Matthias Ginter’s Wife:

The renowned skilled centre-back for SC Freiburg has garnered a substantial following, including a notable number of female admirers. This leads to the frequently asked question: Who is Matthias Ginter married to? The answer is Christina Raphella.

Christina, a native of Germany, is a ballet instructor and is pursuing a degree in human resources management at Open University. She and Matthias have shared a long-standing friendship since their childhood, which blossomed into romance over the years. The couple got engaged on a picturesque beach in Dubai on December 28, 2017, and celebrated their wedding in Breisgau on May 19, 2018.

Their marriage is described as genuinely harmonious, as they share a deep bond of friendship. The birth of their child, Matteo Ginter, added immense joy to their family. Furthermore, there were indications of their family growing, as Christina was seen with a baby bump on November 6th, suggesting that Matteo might soon have a sibling.

Personal Traits:

Matthias Ginter, who has been recognized in the Bundesliga team of the season, places great importance on family. For him, his football legacy is not the only significant aspect of his life; his family, including his wife Christina and son Matteo, holds immense value.

Beyond his professional life, Matthias, a Capricorn, shares this zodiac with footballers like Jean-Clair Todibo (Centre-Back), Simon Adingra (left-winger), Orkun Kokcu (Central Midfield) and Victor Boniface (Centre-Forward). He is known for his philanthropic efforts. He also established the Matthias Ginter Foundation to assist underprivileged children in the Freiburg area. But in his absence, Christina Raphella, his wife, takes a leading role in managing the foundation’s activities.

Ginter, like fellow Centreback Jan Paul Van Hecke, is recognized for his simplicity and modest lifestyle, steering clear of extravagance. His down-to-earth personality is as commendable as his skills on the football field.

Matthias Ginter’s Family Dynamics:

Matthias Ginter, who earned a silver medal in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, attributes his success not solely to his efforts but also to the unwavering support and encouragement from his family. This section explores the significant roles played by Matthias Ginter’s family members.

Matthias Ginter’s Father, Thomas:

Thomas Ginter, Matthias’s father, has a rich background in football as both a player and a coach. His extensive understanding of the game provided Matthias with a solid foundation in football from an early age.

As a coach, Thomas imparted specialized training and insights to Matthias. He dedicated ample time to teaching his son the nuances of the game and developing the skills necessary for a professional football career.

Thomas’s personal experiences in football enabled him to offer invaluable advice to Matthias, particularly as he embarked on his competitive football journey. This guidance was crucial in helping Matthias navigate challenges, avoid pitfalls, and remain focused on his objectives.

Matthias initially found it daunting to live up to the footballing achievements of his father and grandfather. However, his perseverance paid off, and he has since carved out his successful path in the sport.

Matthias Ginter’s Mother, Rita:

Rita Ginter, though not a footballer herself, played a pivotal role in Matthias’s success. Her constant emotional support and encouragement were instrumental in helping him overcome challenges and stay motivated. Rita ensured a stable and nurturing home environment, which was crucial for Matthias’s development as an athlete.

She instilled values such as discipline and humility in Matthias and emphasized the importance of balancing education with sports. Rita also actively participated in Matthias’s football journey, often taking him to training sessions.

Rita Ginter is undoubtedly her son’s biggest supporter, always prioritizing his well-being. Now a grandmother, she extends her love and support to her grandchildren as well.

Matthias Ginter’s Brother, Niklas:

Niklas Ginter, starting his football journey with FC Denzlingen’s youth team, later joined Freiburg’s B youth team, mirroring his brother’s path. Football became more than a pastime for him at this stage. Subsequently, Niklas moved to SV Waldhof in Mannheim, where he also completed his high school education.

However, Niklas’s football trajectory changed due to injuries and the relegation of his regional league team. He shifted his focus and is now pursuing a dual degree in sports management, with SC Freiburg providing practical training experience.

Matthias Ginter’s Grandfather, Josef:

Josef Ginter, Matthias’s grandfather, played a foundational role in establishing SV Hugstetten post-war. This family connection to football likely instilled a sense of pride and connection to the sport in Matthias from a young age. Josef’s initiative in founding a football club highlighted the sport’s significance in the Ginter family.

Growing up in a football-centric environment and community, influenced by Josef’s dedication to reviving football in their area post-war, undoubtedly inspired Matthias. Josef’s efforts laid a solid foundation for Matthias and future generations to develop a profound love for the game.

Matthias Ginter – Lesser-Known Facts:

As we conclude Matthias Ginter’s biography, let’s explore some lesser-known aspects of the talented centre-back. Read on for intriguing insights into his life and career!

Religious Beliefs:

In Germany, Christianity is the predominant religion, primarily divided between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism (Evangelical Church). Given this religious landscape, Matthias may be affiliated with either of these Christian denominations.

Earnings and Salary:

At 29 years old, Matthias Ginter has already marked significant milestones in his career, carving out a new legacy for the Ginter family. As a result, it’s no surprise that he stands as one of the highest-paid players in his team. His current salary for the 2023/24 football season is an impressive €145,000 weekly, amounting to an annual income of approximately €7,550,000. This figure significantly surpasses the earnings of some of his teammates, such as Kevin Schade, who reportedly earns €5,000 weekly.

Tattoo Preferences:

Matthias Ginter, recognized as the 2019 Germany National Team Player of the Year, does not have any tattoos. This choice could stem from personal preferences or be influenced by his role in overseeing a foundation. By not having tattoos, Matthias might be aiming to maintain an image that is universally approachable and professional, akin to other notable players like Mo Salah, Paul Pogba, and Robert Lewandowski, who also eschew body art.

FIFA Rating:

The son of former footballer Thomas Ginter boasts a FIFA rating of 87. Similar to the stats of top-rated defenders, the likes of Ibrahima Konate (French) and Jonathan Tah (German), Ginter’s defensive ratings reflect his exceptional defensive skills, strength, and stamina. Despite being a decorated athlete, there is always potential for further development in his career.

Financial Standing:

Compared to the average German worker, who, as per 2020 data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, earns an annual gross salary of around €47,700 (or about €3,975 monthly before taxes), Matthias’s financial status is significantly higher. According to Capology, his yearly salary exceeds 6 million euros. To put it into perspective, an individual earning the average salary would need over a century to accumulate 7 million euros. Matthias’s substantial earnings underscore his commitment to giving back to his community through charity. 


Matthias Lukas Ginter, known as “the preventer,” was born into a football-loving family in Germany on January 19, 1994. His parents, Thomas and Rita Ginter, raised Matthias and his brother Niklas in an environment steeped in football tradition. Thomas, a former football player and coach, and Rita, the supportive matriarch, played pivotal roles in nurturing Matthias’s passion for the sport. His grandfather’s involvement in founding SV Hugstetten, a local football club, further deepened the family’s connection to the game.

Matthias’s journey in football began at the tender age of four with SC March, an amateur club in his hometown. His dedication and skill quickly became apparent, leading to his joining SC Freiburg at age 11. By 2009, he was a key player in their under-17 team, showcasing his growing talent.

His early successes with SC Freiburg’s under-19 team, including winning the Under-19 DFB-Pokal, were just the beginning. On his 18th birthday, Matthias achieved a significant milestone by becoming SC Freiburg’s youngest Bundesliga goalscorer. Also, his career further escalated with a transfer to Borussia Dortmund, where he continued to impress, particularly with a DFL Supercup win against Bayern Munich.

Matthias’s move to Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2017 marked another high point in his career, culminating in his return to SC Freiburg after four years and numerous achievements. Matthias also represented Germany in several prestigious international tournaments, solidifying his reputation as a formidable defender.

Personal Life:

Away from the football field, Matthias Ginter’s life is equally fulfilling. He shares a lifelong bond with Christina Raphella, a ballet instructor and human resources management student. The couple, who have been close since their younger years, tied the knot in May 2018. Together, they welcomed their son, Matteo, enriching their family life.


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