Matias Soule Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Matias Soule, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, highlighting the influential roles of his parents, Nestor Soule and Virginia Malvano, and other family members like his brother, Agustin Malvano. The narrative explores Soule’s ancestry, including details about his grandparents, uncle, and aunt. Again, the Argentine’s romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

Furthermore, the article sheds light on Soule’s roots, discussing his family’s origin, ethnicity, religion, and the place where he grew up. It also touches upon his educational journey, financial status, including his net worth and salary, as well as personal aspects like his zodiac sign, lifestyle, any tattoos he might have, and his romantic life.

The central theme of the biography is Matias Soule’s profound love for football, a passion that became evident when he was just three years old. His early enthusiasm for the sport led him to join a football club at a tender age, reflecting his determination to pursue his dreams. The story highlights how Soule spent countless hours playing football at the SOIP, a local field in his neighbourhood.

This early immersion in the sport was instrumental in laying the foundation for his eventual career in football. The article, presented by Soccer Biography, portrays the journey of a footballer whose life was deeply intertwined with his love for the game.


This detailed biography of Matias Soule takes you on a journey through the significant milestones of his life, beginning with his childhood. We will explore the early successes of this talented Right Winger, leading up to his rise as one of Argentina’s most promising footballers.

Presented by SoccerBio, this biography aims to captivate your interest in the life stories of athletes, focusing on Matias Soule’s remarkable journey. We start with a vivid depiction of his life, tracing his path from early childhood to his well-deserved fame. Soule’s life story is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication.

Matias Soule has gained recognition as a shining star in Argentine football. His career is notable for training with football greats like Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala. His achievements include being named one of the world’s top 100 footballers under 21 in 2020.

While exploring narratives about Argentine professional footballers, we identified a gap in knowledge regarding Matias Soule’s life story. It seems that many fans have yet to learn about his fascinating background. So, let’s embark on this journey to uncover the captivating story of Matias Soule.

Matias Soule’s Early Life:

At the beginning of this biography, it’s essential to note that Matias Soule carries the full name Matias Soule Malvano. In line with Spanish naming customs, ‘Soule’ is his father’s last name, while ‘Malvano’ is derived from his mother. Born on April 15, 2003, in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Matias is the child of Virginia Malvano and Nestor Soule.

Matias grew up as the younger of two sons in a family deeply connected by love and mutual respect. His parents, Nestor and Virginia, have always been the bedrock of his life, providing unwavering support and encouragement for his ambitions.

Parents’ Influence:

From the outset, Matias Soule’s parents have played a pivotal role in his journey. Their consistent encouragement has been key in nurturing his football career. This support system has been a fundamental factor in his development and success as a footballer.

Formative Years:

From an early age, Matias showed an innate passion for football, a trait shared by many Argentine football legends. He had a particularly close relationship with his father, who was also a football enthusiast. This bond undoubtedly influenced his love for the game.

Throughout his childhood, Matias enjoyed a close-knit family environment. His bond with his parents and brother, alongside his cherished grandmother, provided a nurturing background. They have always understood him better than anyone else. Even now, as a professional footballer, Matias eagerly anticipates reuniting with his family at the end of each season. Their continuous support remains a vital aspect of his life and career.

Matias Soule’s Formative Years:

From a very young age, Matias Soule began to showcase his extraordinary talent in football. As he recounted in an interview with LA CAPITAL, he was frequently seen with a football at his side, a clear indication of his budding passion for the sport. His father, Néstor, along with the influence of the club Independiente de Avellaneda, played a significant role in igniting this passion.

At the age of three, Matias was already keen to join a football club. Despite his young age, he caught the attention of the well-respected Carlos Soria, who found a place for him at Argentinos del Sud. His eagerness and enthusiasm for football were evident even then.

However, Matias’s love for the game wasn’t confined to club activities. He was a regular at the local “little field” in his neighbourhood, known as the SOIP. It was here that he spent countless hours refining his skills and deepening his love for football.

This blend of formal club training and informal neighbourhood games played a crucial role in shaping Soule into the skilled player he is recognized as today. From early on, he mastered the balance between structured coaching and the freedom of unstructured play, enhancing both his technical abilities and his passion for the game.

Matias Soule’s Family Life:

Matias Soule’s journey began in the coastal city of Mar del Plata, where he was raised in a family that emphasized the importance of togetherness and unity. This strong familial bond had a significant impact on his personal development and the values he holds dear, placing his parents at the heart of his universe.

For Matias, his parents were more than just guardians; they were his sources of inspiration. From an early age, they noticed his inclination towards football and were proactive in fostering this interest. They not only encouraged him but also actively participated in his passion for the sport, celebrating each step of his journey.

Indeed, the foundation of Soule’s success in athletics can be attributed to the relentless support of his family. Although specific details about his parents’ occupations are not widely known, their dedication to his sporting pursuits was evident and instrumental. Raised in a nurturing middle-class household, Matias was provided with an environment conducive to the realization of his ambitions.

His father, Nestor Soule, was particularly notable for his supportive role. Nestor went beyond mere encouragement; he shared and understood his son’s fervour for football. However, it was Matias’ mother who emerged as the pivotal figure in his life. She played a vital role in his upbringing, striking a balance between love and discipline, thereby moulding Matias not just as a person but as a committed athlete.

Matias Soule’s Heritage and Roots:

The story of Matias Soule’s lineage begins in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata, his birthplace. As a proud Argentine, Soule embraces his nationality while also acknowledging the Italian elements in his ancestry. Which affords him dual citizenship in both Argentina and Italy.

His father, Néstor Soulé, originates from Nahuel Rucá, and his mother, Virginia Malvano, is from Mar del Plata. This Argentine upbringing played a pivotal role in shaping both his personal life and professional career.

The cultural values and lifestyle inherent in Argentina have deeply influenced Soule’s character and his approach to football. Growing up in a country with a rich football heritage, he developed a profound passion for the sport, a sentiment that is a hallmark of Argentine culture.

Soule’s journey parallels that of other iconic Argentine footballers like Diego Maradona, Gabriel Batistuta, Sergio Agüero, and Carlos Tevez. They all share a deep-rooted love for football, an element integral to Argentine identity.

Matias Soule’s Cultural Background:

Matias Soule’s ethnicity is a fusion of Argentine and Italian influences. Born in the harbour of Mar del Plata, Argentina, he naturally embodies the cultural and ethnic characteristics of Argentina. Furthermore, his Italian roots, presumably inherited from one or both of his parents, contribute to his diverse cultural identity.

This combination of Argentine and Italian ancestries is common in Argentina, a nation with a substantial Italian-descended community. Soule’s dual heritage is not just a personal attribute but is also legally recognized, as he holds dual citizenship in both Argentina and Italy. This allows him to embrace and represent both facets of his lineage proudly.

Matias Soule’s Educational Journey:

Details about Matias Soule’s formal education are not extensively documented. It’s common for football players of his calibre to balance their academic pursuits with rigorous football training starting from a young age. They often enrol in educational institutions that can adapt to their demanding training schedules, or they join football academies where they receive both educational instruction and sports training.

Given Soule’s early and intense focus on football, coupled with his relocation to Europe to advance his career, it’s likely that his educational path was tailored to accommodate his football commitments. European football clubs are known for emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded education for their young talents. They ensure that emerging players like Soule receive a balanced development, combining academic learning with their sports training.

Matias Soule’s Early Football Endeavors:

The story of Matias Soule’s ascent in football began at just three years old at the Banco Nación Club in Mar del Plata, the city of his birth. His father, Norberto, played a crucial role in fostering his deep-seated love for the game. From an early age, Matias became a dedicated supporter of Independiente, with Lionel Messi serving as his ultimate football idol.

Matias’ journey in refining his football skills continued at Argentinos del Sud. Following his stint there, he moved to Kimberley, a well-known club in Mar del Plata, where his talents started to garner attention. However, it was during his time with the youth teams of Vélez Sarsfield, a club renowned for its excellence in developing players, that his potential truly began to flourish.

It was at Vélez Sarsfield that Soule’s abilities were honed and nurtured, setting him on course to emerge as a promising young talent in the world of football. The club played an instrumental role in his early career, providing a strong foundation that would pave the way for his future achievements in the sport.

Matias Soule’s Football Odyssey:

From his early days, Matias Soule demonstrated exceptional talent in football. As a key player for Kimberley’s 2003 category team in Mar del Plata, he played a significant role in winning numerous titles, including the Mar del Plata League in 2011. At the age of 11, the gifted young footballer from Mar del Plata joined Vélez Sarsfield, marking a new phase of learning and development in his career.

His outstanding abilities soon earned him a place in Argentina’s youth national teams, where he often competed against older players. It was during an international tournament in Portugal that Matias caught the eye of scouts from top-tier clubs globally.

At that point, Soule had not signed a professional contract with Vélez, which left the door open for interest from major clubs like Atlético Madrid, Monaco, and Juventus. This marked a turning point in his career, as he drew attention from some of the most prestigious football clubs in the world.

Matias Soule the Journey to Fame:

Choosing Juventus, Matias moved to Torino with his family, including his parents Néstor and Virginia, his brother Agustín, and later his adopted sister Candela. His transition from Vélez was marked by legal complexities and a period of inactivity.

Arriving in Italy in January 2020, he faced challenges, including injuries and the pandemic, limiting his play to just two games that year. However, in 2021, his fortunes changed. He quickly set up himself as a key player in the Torneo Primavera (U19) for Juventus, scoring five goals in 28 games and being named in the championship’s “Ideal Team.” He also joined the Juventus senior squad for preseason training under coach Massimiliano Allegri, showcasing his skills alongside renowned players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala.

Following the preseason, Soule played regularly for Juventus’ reserve team in Serie C and made a substitute appearance for the senior squad against Napoli in Serie A. Known for his right-wing prowess, dribbling skills, and speed, he has also been recognized as a skilled free-kick taker, drawing comparisons to Di María.

Soon after, he fulfilled his childhood dream of joining the national team. Coach Lionel Scaloni emphasized that selecting Soule and other young talents like Thiago Almada was part of a strategic plan to integrate these emerging players with the experienced squad members.

Matias Soule Rising to Prominence:

On September 24, Soule extended his contract with Juventus until 2024, with an option until 2026. He also took part in the UEFA Youth League for Juventus U19, scoring twice in six matches. Unfortunately, he missed the final penalty against Benfica in the semifinals, leading to the team’s exit from the competition.

Soule made his UEFA Champions League debut on October 11, 2022, against Maccabi Haifa and played his first complete match for Juventus’ first team later that month against Lecce. On March 12, 2023, he scored his first goal in a 4–2 victory over Sampdoria.

After 19 appearances in his debut season with Juventus, Soule received his first call-up to the Argentina national team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. In May 2023, he joined the Argentina U20 team for the FIFA U-20 World Cup, under the leadership of coach Javier Mascherano.

On August 28, 2023, Soule moved to Frosinone on a season-long loan. His performances there and his Italian citizenship caught the attention of Italy’s national team manager, Luciano Spalletti, raising questions about his national allegiance. As this biography unfolds, the decision of whether he will represent Argentina or Italy remains a topic of great interest.

Matias Soule’s Personal Life:

Matias Soule, a rising star in the football world, has garnered considerable attention and admiration due to his early success in the sport. This prominence has naturally led to public interest in his private life, particularly his romantic relationships.

As of 2023, available information suggests that Matias Soule is currently single. Our investigations, including a review of his social media accounts, have not revealed any signs of a romantic relationship. Soule’s social media presence is primarily focused on his personal achievements, family, and football-related activities, without any indications of a significant other.

The lack of a romantic partner in his life at this time may be attributed to his intense focus on his flourishing football career. It’s possible that he might be heeding advice from family. Or mentors to concentrate on his professional goals, steering clear of romantic commitments for the moment. This dedication indicates that Matias is deeply invested in his career in football. While possibly prioritizing it over pursuing relationships at this stage in his life.

Did you know that the Argentine right winger shares his 2003 birth date with Jarell Quansah?

Matias Soule’s Interests and Activities:

Matias Soule, renowned for his football prowess, has a range of interests that extend beyond the pitch. He is passionate about traveling, fitness, and swimming, often sharing these activities on social media and in interviews. While he has diverse hobbies, football remains his primary passion.

Recognizing the importance of rest and recreation, Soule frequently indulges in holidays, social gatherings, and attending events. He understands that such leisure activities are crucial for relaxation. At the same time, he plays a significant role in enhancing his performance on the football field.

As an Aries, Soule exhibits traits common to this zodiac sign, such as bravery, determination, confidence, and enthusiasm. These qualities align him with other notable footballers like Kobbie Mainoo (Central Midfield), N’Golo Kante (Defensive Midfield), Andre Onana (Goalkeeper), and Azzedine Ounahi (Central Midfield), who share the same zodiac sign.

Physically fit, Soule stands at 1.76 meters (approximately 6 feet) tall and with his weights around 72 kg. His commitment to maintaining a nourishing lifestyle is a key factor in his agility and performance in football. Fans can catch a glimpse of his personal life through his Instagram handle, @matiassoule11, which has attracted over 556,000 followers.

Matias Soule’s Lifestyle:

Despite his exceptional talent in dribbling and his rising status at Juventus, Soule is not known for flaunting his wealth on social media. He avoids showcasing material possessions like cars or houses and steers clear of self-promotion.

Soule’s approach to life, despite his growing fame in football, is characterized by simplicity and dedication. Those close to him describe him as down-to-earth and committed to his craft.

He places a high value on family connections, often spending significant holidays and vacation time with his family. This strong family orientation reflects a grounded aspect of his personality. Therefore, balancing his professional achievements with a personal life rooted in familial bonds and simplicity.

Matias Soule’s Family Dynamics:

Matias Soule’s upbringing in a family that is both supportive and down-to-earth has played a significant role in his development as a professional footballer. The strong family foundation has undoubtedly been a source of stability. And support in the highly competitive realm of professional sports. Here, we explore the key members of his family.

Matias Soule’s dad- Nestor Soule:

Matias’s journey in football was significantly influenced by his father, Nestor Soule, who hails from Nahuel Rucá. Nestor, a former soccer player and employee at Oca, was the catalyst for Matias’s deep-rooted passion for soccer. He made considerable sacrifices to support Matias’s training, a reflection of their humble and hardworking family ethos. These sacrifices have been pivotal in the Soule family’s journey from their modest beginnings in Argentina. To their current life in Italy, underlining the power of dedication and resilience in achieving success.

Matias Soule’s Mom – Virginia Malvano:

Virginia Malvano, Matias’s mother from Mar del Plata, has been an integral figure in his football career. She has provided both emotional and practical support, from his early days in Argentina to his professional career in Europe. This support included career guidance and relocating to Italy to further Matias’s career. Virginia’s contributions, including her employment at a hotel to support the family, have been vital in Matias’s development as a professional footballer.

Matias Soule’s Siblings – Agustín:

As of 2023, Matias is known to have a brother named Agustín. Information about Agustín and any other siblings is not extensively publicized. Siblings of professional athletes like Matias often lead more private lives. Providing support and a sense of normalcy away from the spotlight of professional sports.

Matias Soule’s Ancestral Female:

Details about Matias Soule’s grandmother, including her name and background, remain private. However, it’s known that grandparents often play a significant role in the upbringing and emotional well-being of their grandchildren. Especially in cultures like Argentina. Matias had a close bond with his late grandmother. This is evidenced by his choice of jersey number 18 in her honour. Reflecting her significance in his life.

Lesser-Known Details:

As we reach the final part of Matias Soule’s biography, it’s time to uncover some interesting and lesser-known aspects of his life. Let’s dive in.

Matias Soule’s Earnings:

Based on information from Capology, as of August 2023, Matias Soule’s annual earnings from his loan spell with Frosinone amount to an impressive €560,000.

Matias Soule’s Wealth Comparison:

In Argentina, where Matias Soule’s family originates, the average annual income is approximately 541,700 ARS or 1,382.08 euros. Interestingly, it would take an average Argentine citizen over 33 years to match what Soule earns in a single month, given his monthly salary of €46,666.

Matias Soule’s FIFA Profile:

As a promising young talent at Juventus, Matias Soule’s playing style bears similarities to notable wingers like Moussa Diaby (a Right Winger) and Simon Adingra (a Left Winger). Soule excels as a right winger, demonstrating exceptional agility. As well as impressive dribbling skills, and remarkable ball control, all of which highlight his prowess on the field.

While Soule’s current abilities are impressive, there are aspects of his game that offer opportunities for further development. Areas such as intercepting passes, showing more aggression on the field, and increasing physical strength could be improved. These enhancements would not only complement his existing skills but also add new dimensions to his gameplay.

By focusing on these developmental areas, Soule could significantly improve his defensive play. Becoming more effective in intercepting and more assertive in confrontations. Additionally, enhancing his physical strength would make him more competitive in physical challenges. Such improvements would not only make Soule a more rounded player. But also increase his practicality and versatility on the pitch.

Matias Soule’s Tattoos:

Matias Soule, like many of his contemporaries in football, sports tattoos on both hands. And various other parts of his body. However, Matias has not explicitly discussed the significance of his tattoos. It’s typical for such body art to carry deep personal meaning. It’s likely that these tattoos are symbolic of important elements in his life or his beliefs. This is a common theme among athletes who choose to express themselves through tattoos.

Matias Soule’s Religious Beliefs:

As for his religious affiliation, Matias Soule has not publicly aligned himself with any specific ideological groups or religious beliefs. However, given that Christianity is the major religion in Argentina, accounting for approximately 88.77% of the population. It could be surmised that he, like Julian Alvarez and Alejo Veliz, might be Christian. This is a conjecture based on regional religious demographics. It should be taken as such, as personal religious beliefs are deeply individual and varied.


Matias Soule, born on April 15, 2005, in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He was raised in an environment enriched by his parents’ Argentine and Italian heritage. This diverse cultural influence played a significant role in shaping his early years.

Soule’s parents were quick to recognize his potential in soccer and encouraged him to follow his passion. Their steadfast support and guidance have been crucial throughout his football career. Matias’s journey in the sport commenced at Argentinos del Sud when he was just three years old. Displaying a profound interest in football from a very young age.

His early days included playing at the local “little field” known as SOIP. His talent further blossomed at Kimberley, where he helped the team secure several victories. Including the Mar del Plata League in 2011. At the age of 11, Soule’s career took a significant turn as he joined Vélez Sarsfield. Where his skills continued to develop, leading to his inclusion in Argentina’s youth national teams.

In January 2020, Soule made a pivotal move to Juventus on a free transfer. During the 2020–21 season, he made a notable impact with the under-19s. Where he scored five goals and provided five assists in 30 appearances. His UEFA Champions League debut for Juventus came on October 11, 2022, against Maccabi Haifa.

March 2023 marked a milestone for Soule as he scored his first goal for Juventus’ first team in a match against Sampdoria. Following 19 appearances, he was selected for Argentina’s U20 team for the 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup. In August 2023, Soule embarked on a new chapter with a season-long loan to Frosinone in Serie A.

His impressive performances at Frosinone drew the attention of Italy’s national team manager, Luciano Spalletti. Owing to his Italian citizenship, Soule became a potential candidate for inclusion in the senior Azzurri squad. Showcasing the international scope of his burgeoning football career.


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