Matheus Nunes Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover the intimate Biography of Matheus Nunes, where we delve into his early days, familial roots, parents, including his mother, Catia Regina, and father, Mr. Nunes, as well as his stepfather, Timo Nummelin. We’ll also explore his family background, siblings, and personal relationships.

Beyond the personal, we’ll shed light on Nunes’ religious beliefs, educational journey, ethnic background, and his roots from his hometown. Dive deep into aspects like his Zodiac sign, net worth, and salary specifics.

At the core of our narrative is the heartfelt chronicle of a young Matheus, tragically abandoned by his father. This absence forced him, along with his mother and siblings, to face immense challenges, including hunger and adversity.

Our narrative also weaves the story of this Brazilian native, who balanced his passion for football with daily work. Dedicated to his craft, Nunes would rise early, around 5 a.m., while his teammates still rested, to manage their bakery before heading to his football practice.


Embark on Matheus Nunes’ life journey, beginning with the pivotal moments from his early years. Explore his cultural roots and initial football milestones. Learn how, despite facing rejection from clubs, Nunes persisted and achieved greatness in the midfield position.

Eager to share his inspiring story, we present a story that dives deep into Nunes’ progression from a humble beginning to the pinnacle of his career.

Similar to KDB, Julio Enciso and Jamal Musiala, he is a shining attacking midfielder for both club and country. Nunes boasts a collection of accolades. Among his most notable are the Primeira Liga Midfielder of the Month and Player of the Year for the 2021-2022 season.

While Nunes’ on-field prowess is evident to many, not all fans are familiar with his personal journey. Thus, we present this detailed account, aiming to bridge that gap. Let’s delve right in.

The Early Days of Matheus Nunes:

Commonly referred to by fans as “Saint Matheus”, his official name is Matheus Luiz Nunes.

Born on the sun-kissed day of August 27, 1998, in Rio de Janeiro, Matheus was brought into the world by his mother, Catia Regina, and father. Tragically, his father departed early, leaving a void in young Matheus’ life. Thankfully, life introduced him to a caring stepfather who played a pivotal role in his upbringing.

Early Years and Childhood Experiences:

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Matheus Nunes spent his formative years under the care of his mother, Catia Regina, and in the company of his three siblings. Following his mother’s second marriage, two more siblings joined the fold, expanding their close-knit circle.

Facing life without a father’s presence presented myriad challenges for the family, especially for young Matheus. He was often thrust into a paternal role at a tender age, a responsibility many would find overwhelming.

Despite his mother’s tireless efforts, the financial constraints on their four-member household were palpable. Days passed where the family would skip meals to ensure sustenance for the days ahead.

A glimmer of hope emerged when Catia Regina wed Timo Nummelin, Matheus’s eventual stepfather. This union prompted a move to Ericeira, located in Lisbon District, Portugal. At the age of 12, Matheus found himself in a new land, adapting and growing.

With Timo’s arrival, Matheus had a guiding figure to emulate. Yet, it was his mother who inculcated in him a passion for football, leading to his admiration for the iconic Ronaldinho. Regardless of the circumstances — be it using socks as makeshift balls or playing shoeless, with feet caked in mud — football became Matheus’s refuge.

Family History and Upbringing:

Matheus’s early years bore witness to his family’s financial hardships, with daily sustenance often a daunting challenge. The arrival of his stepfather heralded a turning point. Relocating to Portugal wasn’t merely a geographic change; it was the start of an entrepreneurial venture. The family established a bakery, with young Matheus taking on a role as a salesman.

Though the bakery didn’t catapult them to affluence, it provided stability — a stark contrast to their previous struggles. Their financial situation, bolstered by the bakery’s earnings, was notably improved.

Origins and National Identity:

Matheus’s roots trace back to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s bustling metropolis. His childhood memories are anchored here, shared with family. A graphical representation would identify his native land as Brazil.

However, a significant shift occurred at age 12, when Matheus, alongside his stepfather and siblings, relocated to Ericeira, a picturesque coastal town in Portugal, nestled within the Lisbon district.

A decade later, Matheus embraced his Portuguese identity, securing his citizen card. Though birthed in Brazil, he chose to don the colours of Portugal in his athletic pursuits, highlighting his dual heritage and the intertwining of two vibrant cultures.

Cultural Roots:

While Matheus Nunes can rightfully claim European Portuguese status due to his dual nationality, his ethnicity primarily falls under the white category.

Educational Background:

Standing tall at 6-feet, this Wolverhampton midfield dynamo is believed to have pursued education at a local school in Lisbon. Details about his schooling in Brazil remain elusive.

Whether Nunes was academically gifted or took time to assimilate information is unknown. Yet, given the challenging circumstances of his upbringing, it’s plausible to infer that he honed an intrinsic ability to adapt and learn swiftly.

Early Football Endeavors:

Hailing from Rio, Nunes embarked on his professional journey with Ericeirense, situated in the Lisbon region. Freshly settled in the city at age 12, he was initiated into the club’s 6th division, marking his entry into junior football. His talent swiftly propelled him into the senior ranks by the 2015/16 season. Come 2018, he inked a deal with Estoril, marking his presence in a match against Varzim.

However, an injury relegated him to the reserve squad. Despite this setback, Nunes concluded his stint at Estoril with 13 match appearances and a commendable tally of two goals. This phase was just the beginning of his evolution from a Brazilian native to a rising European football star.

Journey to Recognition:

Nunes’ trajectory wasn’t an overnight ascent. Following his relocation from Rio to Portugal, the Nunes family ventured into the bakery business, launching “Pasteis de Nata”, which specialized in bread and assorted pastries. Embracing familial responsibilities, Nunes took on the role of a salesman.

As described by TheAthletic, his typical day commenced at 5 am, blending early football training sessions with his bakery duties. This required him to be on his feet extensively. Post his work commitments, Nunes cycled his way to further training.

During this phase, Nunes trained with renowned clubs such as Lille, Braga, and Benfica. But, in a disheartening twist, he wasn’t inducted into any of their squads. Facing rejection from multiple quarters could have been demoralizing, but destiny had a different plan. Sporting CP, recognizing his potential, presented him with a lucrative offer in January 2019, cementing his position with a €500,000 deal accompanied by a staggering €45 million buyout clause.

Matheus Nunes: A Meteoric Rise to Stardom:

The dynamic midfielder came into prominence around the same time as Bruno Fernadez, the adept left winger. In a notable development on the 23rd of October 2019, Nunes saw an enhancement in his contract, with his buyout clause escalating from 45 million to a whopping 60 million Euros.

Elevated to the primary squad, Nunes didn’t waste time making a mark. He netted his inaugural goal for the team, earning the title of the match’s best player. In the company of talents like Gonzalo Plata and Joao Mario, Nunes played a pivotal role in leading Sporting CP to multiple league victories.

On the 17th of August, Nunes made his grand entry into the English Premier League, signing a lucrative deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers valued at over 40 million euros, outpacing Fabio Silva’s previous 32 million euros record. This transition had him sharing the pitch with stalwarts such as Diego Costa, Fabio Silva, Adama Traore, and Leonardo Campana.

Although Nunes can claim allegiance to both Portugal and Brazil, he elected to don the Portuguese colours over his homeland’s jersey. An unforeseen situation saw the Brazilian coach confined at home, pending full COVID-19 vaccination.

Heeding Fabio Santos’ summon, Nunes donned the Portuguese jersey on the 30th of September during the 2021 World Cup and was later selected alongside 55 others for the FIFA event in Qatar in 2022.

As of now, Nunes is hailed by football maestro Pep Guardiola as a global standout. This is the reason Pep signed him at City (club statement): to fill in for the absent Ilkay Gundogan and support the likes of Phil Foden in the midfield. While some enthusiasts draw parallels between him and football legends like Xavi and Andres Iniesta, many believe his best is yet to come.

The Personal Side of Matheus Nunes:

The meteoric rise from obscurity to football stardom places Nunes in a special league. With his achievements in football and his imposing 6-foot stature, he’s naturally the cynosure of many eyes.

The digital grapevine is rife with speculations around Nunes’ romantic life. A certain snapshot featuring a striking ginger-haired lady alongside the footballer has added fuel to the fire. While fans and pundits alike are inquisitive about her identity and her association with Nunes, the star prefers to maintain a veil of secrecy around his personal life.

Character Traits:

Away from the electrifying atmosphere of stadiums, Nunes (like Karim Benzema) is a devoted family man, cherishing moments with his kin. Regular outings with his siblings, mother, and stepfather paint a picture of a man deeply rooted in familial bonds. His zodiac sign, Sagittarius, might be the reason behind his generous and loving nature.

In addition to cherished family moments, Nunes is committed to his fitness. Rigorous gym sessions are a testament to his dedication. Outside the strenuous football regimen, the Brazilian native enjoys globetrotting and relaxing by serene coastlines, a much-needed respite from his high-octane professional life.

Matheus Nunes: A Glimpse into His Life and Upbringing:

Matheus Nunes, with roots deeply grounded in modest beginnings, continues to lead a life characterized by simplicity and humility. It is apparent that even as his status continues to rise, he remains attached to his origins. This humility is mirrored in his personal life as well, where he finds solace in the company of his pet dog, Nala.

Although he may share a similarity with Tobias Lauritsen in maintaining privacy around personal possessions, one can speculate that the rewards from his football career have provided him with luxurious amenities, from cars to homes.

The Cornerstone of Matheus Nunes: His Family:

There’s an age-old saying that behind every successful individual, there’s a supportive family. Matheus Nunes stands as a testament to this statement. While many celebrities prefer a veil of secrecy around their families, Matheus openly acknowledges the integral role his family, particularly his mother and stepfather, played in his journey to stardom.

Let’s delve deeper into the lives of the several family members who played a pivotal role in shaping Matheus Nunes’ character and career.

Matheus’ Biological Father:

In a candid interview with the Suntimes, it came to light that Nunes’ biological father had walked away from the family. The circumstances or reasons for this departure remain shielded from public knowledge. Perhaps it’s a matter Nunes prefers to keep personal, or maybe there was no specific reason at all.

This departure undoubtedly left a void, placing immense pressure on his mother, who found herself in the challenging role of a single parent, ensuring her children did not feel the absence of their father.

The Entrance of a Guiding Figure: Matheus’ Stepfather:

In the aftermath of the family upheaval, Mr. Timo Nummelin entered the scene as a beacon of hope. When he became a part of Matheus’ mother’s life, he didn’t just form a bond with her but embraced her children as his own. This English gentleman not only filled the void left by their biological father but also transported the family to a new emotional sanctuary.

Through love, commitment, and understanding, he helped in reshaping the family’s narrative, proving once again that family isn’t always about blood; it’s about who’s willing to hold your hand during life’s toughest moments.

Matheus’ Mother, Catia Regina:

The backbone of Matheus Nunes’ life, Catia Regina, has faced storms that tested her strength and resilience. When her partner departed, she took the mantle of responsibility for her children, ensuring they lacked for nothing.

Comparing her sacrifices to those of other footballing legends like Memphis Depay, Arturo Vidal, and Cristiano Ronaldo, one can see a pattern of mothers who’ve given their all for their children’s dreams. Now, with love found anew in the embrace of an Englishman, Catia Regina is a symbol of a mother’s indefatigable spirit. Her sacrifices for Matheus have been etched in his heart forever.

Matheus’ Sisters:

According to insights from FactMandu, Matheus shares his life with three sisters. Though their identities remain a mystery, one can only imagine the bond that the football star shares with them. Their journey, from times of hardship to moments of joy, makes for a testament to their close-knit relationship. These sisters stand as pillars of strength and affection in Matheus’ life.

Matheus’ Brother:

There’s a tidbit from the DailyMail suggesting that Matheus also has a younger brother. Tales of their childhood, playing makeshift football with socks, paint a nostalgic picture. However, a subtle hint dropped by Matheus might indicate that his brother has departed or perhaps taken a different path away from the public eye. The real story, for now, remains within the confines of the Nunes family.

Further Insights into Matheus Nunes’ Life:

As we draw the curtain on Matheus Nunes’ story, let’s delve deeper into lesser-known facets of his life. The journey of the acclaimed Portuguese midfielder is filled with layers, each more intriguing than the last. Join us as we explore them further.

Religious Beliefs of Matheus Nunes:

Sourced from Hamariweb, the name Matheus is rooted in Christian tradition, often interpreted as a “gift from God.” Considering his Brazilian upbringing and family’s faith, it’s safe to infer that Nunes practices Christianity. However, without any direct affirmation from him, this remains an educated guess.

Matheus Nunes’ Earnings:

Based on data from Capology, the illustrious footballer, once with Wolverhampton Wanderers, has seen a significant increase in his remuneration, now earning an impressive 85,000 pounds on a weekly basis. A stark contrast from his previous €8000 per week. It’s noted that he surpasses fellow players like Nelson Semedo and Daniel Podence in earnings. Yet, when compared within Sporting CP, players like Raul Jimenez and Joao Moutinho stand atop the list.

FIFA Ratings of Matheus Nunes:

By 2023, Nunes graced the elite circle of footballers with a potential score of 86 or higher. Joining him in this bracket are players like Arda Guler (86) and Romeo Lavia (86). An overview suggests that while Nunes excels in skills, mental fortitude, defense, and power, he still has potential growth in offensive strategies.

Snapshot of Nunes’ Life:

Arriving on the world on the 27th of August 27, 1998, in Rio de Janeiro, Matheus was raised by his devoted mother, Catia Regina, after his father’s departure. Growing up in Rio alongside his siblings, the family dynamics evolved with Catia’s remarriage, leading to the inclusion of two new siblings.

The absence of his biological father was compensated for by the love and guidance of his stepfather. This man’s name is Timo Nummelin. He relocated the family to Ericeira, Lisbon District, Portugal. It was under his mother’s influence that Matheus developed an affinity for football. Often resorting to socks when a proper football was out of reach. His early footballing days were spent in Ericeira with the local team.

While he faced initial setbacks with rejections from prominent clubs, Nunes’ life took a turn. It happened when he joined Sporting CP on his milestone 20th birthday. Prior to his football fame, he supported his family by working in their bakery. However, his undeniable talent on the field soon propelled him to a monumental transfer to Wolverhampton.

As of now, there’s no public record of Matheus being in a relationship. His prime focus seems to be his burgeoning career and his cherished family.


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