Mary Fowler Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This biography on Mary Fowler presents a detailed account of her early years, including her upbringing, parents – her mother, Nido Fowler, and father, Kevin Fowler – as well as her family history. SoccerBiography further delves into the lives of her siblings, brothers Seamus and Caoimhin, and sisters Ciara and Louise.

This narrative about Mary further sheds light on her nationality, cultural heritage, a comprehensive breakdown of her salary, the place where she grew up, religious affiliations, educational background, and net worth. It also provides insights into personal aspects such as her tattoos, astrological sign, personal life, and family roots.

SoccerBiography narrates the journey of a young girl hailing from a family deeply passionate about fitness. The spotlight is on the middle child of the “Fowler quintet.” This family has gained significant popularity in their hometown of Cairns, earning the affection of its residents.


Mary Fowler’s life story commences by shedding light on memorable events from her childhood. Subsequently, we’ll delve into Mary’s early career achievements. Lastly, we’ll illustrate how the forward ascended to become one of Australia’s finest female soccer athletes.

Our objective is to pique your interest as you delve into the autobiographical account of Mary Fowler. Undeniably, the skilled midfielder has travelled a remarkable path.

It is well-known that Fowler, the rising star often referred to as the “next big thing” in Australian soccer, has managed to reach international prominence with Manchester City, along with her siblings. Her exceptional talent for propelling her teams forward has cemented her status as a sports icon.

SoccerBiography notices a significant knowledge gap while compiling profiles of Australian soccer stars. Only a select group of devoted fans were acquainted with the details of Mary Fowler’s life story. So, without further delay, let us commence.

Childhood Life of Mary Fowler:

To start off the biography, her full name is Mary Boio Fowler. She was welcomed into the world on February 14th, 2003 by her parents – Nido Fowler (mother) and Kelvin Fowler (father), in Cairns, Australia.

Mary’s birth happened on a blessed Wednesday evening. In addition to Mary, the Fowler family includes four more children, thus making them a family of seven.

Now, let’s familiarize you with Mary Fowler’s parents – her father, Kelvin, and her mother, Nido. They are the driving force behind Mary’s success, ensuring through their dedication, support, and encouragement that their daughter was able to realize her full potential.

Growing up with four Siblings:

As stated earlier, Mary Fowler has four siblings: Seamus and Vino, Ciara and Louise. Her hometown is an ideal location for those who appreciate a close-knit relationship with nature.

Members of Mary Fowler’s family are fond of spending ample time outdoors. She took great pleasure in exploring the vibrant coastal areas, and often spent time playing at the beaches with her siblings and close friends.

Moreover, she hails from a city that is predominantly Christian. Consequently, Mary was born into the Christian faith and has remained a part of it to this day.

Early Years with Sports:

The entire sporting journey began at Trinity Beach in North Queensland, which is situated just 24 minutes away from Mary Fowler’s hometown and was a regular visitation spot for her family.

The preferred spot was a grassy area featuring sand and surf zones. This place served as the cornerstone for Mary Fowler, her siblings, and their parents, as they would all pile into their van for a daily visit.

Locals in the area eagerly anticipated the arrival of the ‘Fowler Five’, who visited daily. Mary Fowler’s parents would prepare dinner while their children completed their homework on Trinity Beach. This routine was repeated so frequently that it nurtured Boio’s love for outdoor activities.

Physical fitness was a motto for Mary Fowler’s family. This is why her father would take them to the beach to experience nature firsthand.

Kelvin Fowler desired a lifestyle for his children that did not revolve around watching television or using mobile phones. It was primarily for this reason that he decided to move his family to Australia.

Mary Fowler’s Family History:

The parents of this remarkable Australian International forward player, Nido Fowler and Kevin Fowler, have an interesting backstory. After getting married in Papua New Guinea, Mary Fowler’s father, Kevin, left his family of ten siblings in Dublin to move abroad.

Kevin Fowler is a naturally talented runner who even earned a scholarship to a US college. In addition to being an avid backpacker, he started off by coaching his own kids, a role that later expanded to include coaching other children.

On the other hand, Mary Fowler’s mother, Nido, worked as a homemaker. She also participated in the family’s fitness activities and embraced the outdoor lifestyle. While details of their professions are scant, the Fowler family can be classified as middle-income earners. Despite their modest financial status, they made significant sacrifices to ensure their children could pursue their dreams.

Mary Fowler’s Family Heritage:

Kevin Fowler, Mary’s father, hails from Dublin in Ireland, Europe, while her mother originates from South-Western Pacific in Papua New Guinea. The footballer herself was born and raised in Cairns, Australia.

Being naturalized, the Manchester City midfielder holds Australian citizenship. Let’s take a closer look at Cairns. Located in Far North Queensland, it’s a bustling city that houses significant landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest.

Ethnic Background:

Boio has a mixed ethnic background. Her father originates from Ireland and her mother from Papua New Guinea, making the forward player of a biracial lineage similar to athletes like Mallory Swanson and Kadeisha Buchanan.

Mary Fowler’s Education:

In alignment with the belief that education is the greatest gift one can offer a child, Mary Fowler’s parents took this saying to heart. They chose Trinity Anglican School for their daughter, Boio.

The budding Manchester City forward was an exceptionally intelligent student. In fact, math was Mary’s favorite subject as she enjoyed solving complex equations.

Beyond mathematics, the athlete had a strong affinity for Biology and other nature-related subjects. Fowler once mentioned that if her football career hadn’t taken off, she would have likely pursued a career in Zoology.

Therefore, it was relatively easy to combine the athletic regimen laid out by Mary Fowler’s parents with her early academic training.

Career Foundations:

Interestingly, Mary Fowler hails from a family that places a high emphasis on fitness. But how did football find its way into their lives? It was primarily due to Mary Fowler’s brother, Caoimhin, also known as “Quivi”.

One of the school teachers suggested to Mary Fowler’s father that he should channel his son’s abundant energy effectively. Kevin took this advice and involved not just Quivi, but all of his children in the sport.

Initially, Boio was not particularly interested in football. However, just as Megan Rapinoe was influenced by her sister to take up football, Mary Fowler’s brother sparked her interest in the game.

Soon, in the small town of Cairns, a football legacy began to form within the Fowler family. Ciara also got involved in the sport; the family cultivated each other’s skills through mutual coaching and training.

Mary Fowler’s Biography – Soccer Journey:

Upon witnessing the enthusiasm of her brother, Mary decided to join him, along with her other siblings. Instead of starting their careers in a typical football academy like many other footballers, Mary Fowler and her family took a different path, choosing to handle all training and nutrition on their own.

The young aspirant started her journey with Saint FC and also participated in her school’s football team. As mentioned earlier, the Fowler Five were inseparable. Whenever there was a soccer match, one or two of Mary’s siblings were always on the field with her.

Boio’s talent was so exceptional that it often led other parents to voice their concerns to the coaches about her performance. The young girl seemed to pose a significant challenge to both her female and male counterparts. The extent of the Cairn-born footballer’s potential in the sport seemed boundless.

Gratefully, Mary Fowler’s parents always prioritized their children’s goals over their own. This is why they frequently organized training sessions in the front yard or any other suitable space.

Mary Fowler’s Bio – Quest for Success:

Despite originating from the small town of Cairns, Fowler’s remarkable talents were not unnoticed, although her recognition was initially confined to her hometown. Transitioning to an international stage presented a challenge.

Moreover, several parents expressed dissatisfaction with the way she played. They believed it was inappropriate for a girl to play amongst boys who were older than her. Such criticism almost led Nido, Mary Fowler’s mother, to withdraw her daughter from the sport.

Nevertheless, despite the prevailing narrow-minded views about what roles women should undertake, Fowler made her first club debut at Adelaide United alongside her sister. Shortly after, she signed a three-year contract with the French League 1 club, Montpellier HSC.

Impressively, the middle child of Kevin and Nido (Mary Fowler’s parents) had little difficulty in transitioning from her teenage career to a professional level. In May 2021, Boio earned a place in ESPN’s 21 Under 21 list, showcasing the next generation of talent.

Earlier, in 2018, this promising football prodigy was selected to represent her country in international tournaments. At a tender age of just 15, she became one of the youngest players for the Australian women’s national team, the Matildas.

Mary Fowler’s Biography – The Path to Stardom:

Two years down the line, the English FA WSL club Manchester City struck a four-year deal with the dynamic forward. Achieving this feat at such a young age was truly remarkable. Fowler attained her dream platform much earlier than any of her siblings.

Additionally, the prolific forward would now be playing alongside renowned players such as Rose Lavelle and Lauren Hemp. Concurrently, Boio represented the Australian team in the 2019 and 2020 FIFA World Cup. As of now, she is eagerly awaiting the 2023 women’s tournament, hopeful to bring the trophy home as they did in February.

One of her coaches has described the young prodigy as one of the most formidable forces in women’s football. Mary is being compared to powerhouses such as Sam Kerr and Trinity Rodman. As they say, the rest is history.

Who is Mary Fowler in a Relationship With?

The Australian footballer is notably reserved, revealing very little about her personal life. The Cairns-born athlete has been especially private when it comes to discussing her relationships.

Her fans, however, respect her decision to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye. As the world anticipates the day when details about Mary Fowler’s romantic partner emerge, there is currently no one in the picture.

Rather than focusing on romance, this rising football star is devoting her time to nurturing a successful career. At this stage, her affection is predominantly centered on her family, including her siblings, who hold a special place in her heart.


The rising Australian soccer star can be characterized as an ambivert, oscillating between extroversion and introversion depending on the context and environment. So, what is she like off the pitch?

To begin with, Mary Fowler’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, which she shares with other soccer players like Nichelle Prince and Alexia Putellas. As an Aquarius, the energetic and skilled footballer lives life on her own terms, unaffected by others’ influence. This trait also explains her kind-heartedness and compassion towards others.

Interestingly, Mary is also a polyglot, capable of speaking several languages, including Dutch, German, and French. This trait aligns her with other multilingual figures like Amadou Onana and Gianni Infantino.

Besides her linguistic prowess, Fowler has a profound love for art, animals, and paintings. If soccer hadn’t taken center stage, she might have pursued a career in science.

When the Manchester City forward isn’t making her rivals quiver on the pitch, she indulges in more tranquil pursuits outside her professional life. Engaging in her hobbies and taking care of herself are some ways she spends her free time.

Mary Fowler’s Lifestyle:

The dynamic forward has quickly become one of the most promising talents from her homeland. With a call-up to the senior women’s Australian team, she stands ready to fulfil her potential.

Mary Fowler’s salary enables her to afford a comfortable lifestyle, inclusive of a lovely home, fine dining, and a custom-designed car. However, the football superstar isn’t one to flaunt her privileges. Her focus primarily remains on spending quality time with her loved ones.

There exists several social media photos from Mary Fowler’s family vacations. Despite her adulthood, the love for outdoor life instilled by her father has stayed with her and her siblings.

Given her accomplishments and diligence, the Manchester City forward has reaped the rewards of her hard work generously. With her continued dedication to her craft, it won’t be long before we witness a significant surge in her earnings.

Mary Fowler’s Family Life:

From her narrative, it’s evident that this talented woman has achieved great heights in her career. Furthermore, the Australian wunderkind has reached these milestones largely due to the unwavering support from her family, as evident in several social media images showing their solidarity.

The Manchester City forward holds immense gratitude towards her parents and siblings for their instrumental role in helping her realize her dreams. Without further delay, let’s delve into the details of Mary Fowler’s family members.

About Mary Fowler’s Father:

Kelvin Fowler is the proud father of the dynamic midfielder. He is the kind of man who nurtures and backs his children’s dreams.

Mary Fowler’s father has always had a passion for football. During Boio’s formative years, she often observed him training her older brother, Quivi. These scenes sparked her interest in the sport.

Kelvin, despite lacking support to pursue his own passion, ensured that his dreams were realized through his children. He didn’t differentiate or discriminate based on gender; instead, he nurtured and magnified Mary’s talents and potential.

About Mary Fowler’s Mother:

Nido Fowler, Mary’s mother, hails from Papua New Guinea. Like her husband, she also harbors a deep love for sports. In fact, it was Mary Fowler’s mother who first identified her daughter’s soccer prowess.

Nido has always been an unwavering pillar of support. She provided encouragement and inspiration, helping shape her daughter into the phenomenal talent she is today. In summary, Mary Fowler’s mother can be characterized as nurturing, compassionate, and inspiring.

About Mary Fowler’s Siblings:

The emerging star of the Women’s Super League, Mary Fowler, has a strong familial connection with her siblings. Caoimhin is her older brother and was instrumental in sparking her interest in football. Her sister, Ciara, is also part of the sporting world and has shown a keen interest in soccer.

In addition, Mary has two other siblings, Seamus and Louise, contributing to the lovingly dubbed “Fowler Five”. This tight-knit group has always supported and inspired each other on their individual journeys, further bolstering the familial bond they share.

About Mary Fowler’s Sisters:

Louise and Ciara Fowler, Mary’s sisters, have made commendable strides in their respective football careers, with both having represented Australia’s youth national team.

Their passion and skill have gained attention in the football world, adding to the illustrious Fowler legacy in Australian soccer.

The sisters share a special bond, both on and off the field, and have celebrated remarkable victories together. There exist Instagram photos that capture one such joyous moment, when the Matildas, including Ciara and Louise, won a significant trophy for their team.

About Mary Fowler’s Brothers:

Seamus and Caoimhin Fowler, Mary’s brothers, are a testament to the enduring passion for soccer that runs in the Fowler family.

Both players represent the Ireland national team, a nod to their father’s Irish nationality. Their dad, Kelvin Fowler, instilled in them a love for outdoor activities from a young age, and today, his children are athletes with enormous potential.

Their father’s serious commitment to nurturing his children’s growth has borne fruit. What may have seemed like a simple family interest in sports has now placed the Fowler family on the global soccer map. Their story serves as an inspiring reminder of how nurturing talent from a young age can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Mary Fowler Facts:

In this final section of Mary Fowler’s Biography, we’ll share some intriguing facts about the Manchester City player. So, let’s dive right in without any further ado.

Salary and Net Worth:

Currently contracted to Manchester City, Fowler’s impressive work rate and consistent contributions have won her accolades from both the coach and her teammates.

Dubbed the “next big thing” in Australian soccer, Fowler is amongst the wealthiest female players. According to a report by Business Insider, her net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Given her four-year contract with Manchester City, it is projected that the Cairns-born star will earn an annual salary of approximately $440,000. As such, we can expect her net worth to increase significantly over the course of her contract.

FIFA Rating:

As a prodigious talent who has already made her mark on the global stage, Mary Fowler has an impressive overall FIFA rating of 74, with a potential to rise as high as 89. Her ability to shoot with both feet, similar to players like Geyse Ferreira, gives her a considerable edge over her opponents.

Looking at her FIFA rating, it’s evident that her strongest attributes are her dribbling skills and ball control. Additionally, Fowler boasts impressive speed and acceleration. While her current performance is certainly commendable, there is always room for improvement and it is expected that she will continue to grow and develop as a player.

What is Mary Fowler’s Religion?

Mary Fowler’s religious beliefs are influenced by her upbringing in Cairns, Queensland. The region is predominantly inhabited by Christians, and Fowler’s family is no exception to this. Furthermore, her name, “Mary,” has biblical origins, further indicating her affiliation with the Christian faith. As an Australian forward, Fowler identifies herself as a follower of Christianity.

Mary Fowler’s Tattoo:

Mary Fowler, the talented player representing both Manchester City and the Australian national team, has chosen not to adorn her body with any tattoos.

Similar to Ashley Hatch and Alessia Russo, who also don’t have any ink, Fowler shares this preference. However, it’s possible that she may consider getting a tattoo in the future to showcase her personal artistry.

Biography Summary:

Mary Boio Fowler was born on February 14, 2003, in Cairns, Australia, to her parents Nido Fowler (mother) and Kelvin Fowler (father). She comes from a family of four siblings: Seamus, Vino, Ciara, and Louise. Her hometown of Cairns offers a wonderful environment for those seeking a natural and outdoor lifestyle.

Although she was born in Australia, Mary Fowler spent her formative years in Holland. Being the second child and the first daughter in the family, Fowler’s father prioritized raising his children away from excessive technology and immersed them in nature. As a result, they developed a love for art, hiking, and various outdoor activities.

Mary Fowler’s introduction to soccer came through her brother, Vino, who was the first in the family to pursue the sport. Inspired by him, the other children in the household also embraced football, becoming field athletes themselves.

Fowler began her soccer journey in her hometown of Cairns, playing for Saints FC and Leichhardt FC, before eventually progressing to Adelaide alongside her sister Louise. Her professional club career started at the French Ligue 1 club Montpellier HSC.

Eventually, Mary Fowler secured a four-year contract with Manchester City, a significant achievement in her career. By signing with City, she joins the likes of Rico Lewis and Phil Foden (from the male side), who are considered the future of the club.

As an Australian citizen, she also has the opportunity to represent her country, and she eagerly prepares for her role in the 2023 Women’s FIFA Cup as a rising star in the sport.

Final Notes:

We value you are taking some of your time to read Mary Fowler’s biography on SoccerBiography. As we frequently publish stories and details of Australian soccer players, we focus on authenticity and fairness.

If you observe any inconsistencies in this biography of the Aussie soccer star, do let us know. The input you provide is always valued and taken into account by SoccerBiography. A female Athlete who has high hopes for home World Cup – as revealed by SkySports.

In addition to Mary Fowler’s biography, we have intriguing accounts of other female footballers like Kyra Cooney-Cross and Coumba Sow (the cousin of Djibril Sow).

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