Marcus Rashford Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive Marcus Rashford Biography, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing by his parents, Melanie Maynard (Marcus’ Mum), his Dad, Robert Rashford, Siblings, Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford), Sisters (Tamara and Chantel), family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

Dive deep into the story of Marcus Rashford, tracing his path from his early days to his rise to fame with Manchester United. We thoroughly examine Rashford’s life, capturing the essence of his journey from childhood to becoming a celebrated soccer star.

While Rashford’s skills on the field are well-known, the full story of his life, filled with intriguing details, is less familiar to many. Let’s explore his life’s story.

The Early Years of Marcus Rashford:

Known affectionately as the “Prince of England,” Marcus Rashford entered the world on October 31, 1997, in Wythenshawe, Manchester, to parents Robert Rashford and Melanie Maynard. Born into a Christian family on Halloween, Rashford’s humble beginnings and grounded nature would capture the world’s attention later.

As the youngest child in his family, Rashford grew up with four older siblings, becoming the cherished youngest member of his household.

Life in Manchester:

Rashford’s formative years were spent in Wythenshawe, a challenging suburb of Manchester, where he lived with his two sisters, Claire and Chantelle, and two brothers, Dane and Dwaine. He also has a half-sister, Tamara, who shares the same father but has a different mother, making her his half-sibling.

Family Life and Challenges:

The comfort Rashford enjoys today stands in stark contrast to his difficult upbringing. Raised by his mother, Melanie, a single parent, the Rashford family faced financial hardships. Melanie worked tirelessly as a cashier, earning a minimal wage, to support her five children.

Despite her full-time job, the family struggled to afford necessities, often going hungry. Marcus and his siblings would wait for their mother to return from work late in the evening for their second meal of the day. Melanie took on additional jobs to make ends meet, sacrificing her meals to ensure her children were fed. Reflecting on those tough times, she shared with the BBC the extent of their struggles, highlighting the family’s financial difficulties and the lengths she went to provide for her children.

“I looked and found three jobs. We wouldn’t have had enough to make a meal if I hadn’t. That’s how hard things were. Sometimes, we didn’t even have a single piece of bread at home. It’s hard to admit, but we just didn’t have it.”

The Fight for a Better Life:

Growing up, Marcus Rashford and his family faced many financial challenges. These hardships pushed his mother, Melanie, to go to great lengths to provide for her children.

In a conversation with BBC Breakfast, the English footballer shared how his mother made tough choices to overcome their financial difficulties. He said:

“If we had food, we ate. If not, I went to see friends. I only went to friends who knew about my tough times’.

Marcus Rashford’s Heritage:

Marcus Rashford is widely recognized for his Jamaican roots. To clarify, both of Rashford’s parents are of Caribbean heritage. His father, Robert, hails from Jamaica, and his mother, Melanie, originates from St Kitts, a quaint Caribbean island.

Controversy Over Rashford’s Paternity:

In 2020, a notable event unfolded when Michael Boye Marquaye, a former Ghanaian football player, made a bold assertion. He claimed to be the real father of the Manchester United forward.

Marquaye insisted that Marcus Rashford’s true name should be Jonathan Maama Marquaye, not the name by which he is known in the football world.

Marquaye presented photographs from his younger years during an interview with the Ghanaian radio station Starr FM to support his claim. He expressed his willingness to undergo a DNA test to prove paternity, stating:

“Marcus Rashford is my real son and he knows this. But we haven’t seen each other for many years. Marcus is upset because he believes I left him, but I didn’t.

‘People say I should find a new story, but I’m not someone who tries to make quick money or get famous easily. I just want to explain things and also let everyone know that Marcus Rashford has family from Ghana”.

Early Years before Manchester United:

Before joining Manchester United, Marcus Rashford was just a regular kid who loved playing football. He would play in his backyard, inside his house, and pretty much anywhere he could find space. Marcus was known for his playful nature, often breaking things around the house, which led to his mom frequently scolding him.

The Story of Marcus’s Ball:

Growing up, Marcus didn’t have many toys or the latest gadgets like other kids in his neighborhood in Wythenshawe. However, he had one prized possession – an old white football. He cherished this ball so much that he named it “Marcus’s ball,” marking it with a black marker. This ball was his constant companion.

Despite the trouble he caused at home by breaking things, Marcus’s true passion was playing with his ball. He would often kick it onto his family’s garage roof and then try to control it as it came back down. This simple game unknowingly laid the groundwork for his future football career. Rashford himself has reflected on how these early experiences were the beginning of his journey in football.

“I didn’t realize my Mom was watching when I played soccer on our roof. I remember her saying she’d take me to a youth club to play with other kids instead of me playing soccer on our garage roof. This decision started my young soccer career.

Marcus Rashford’s Beginning at Fletcher Moss Rangers:

When Marcus Rashford was just five years old, his mother, Melanie, signed him up at Fletcher Moss Rangers, a youth football club established in 1986, coinciding with Sir Alex Ferguson’s start at Manchester United. Marcus joined the club just before turning six, marking the start of his football journey.

Interestingly, Marcus began his football career as a goalkeeper. This choice was inspired by the times he would catch his beloved “Marcus’s ball” after kicking it onto the roof of his house. During this period, he looked up to Manchester United’s goalkeeper Tim Howard, considering him his first football hero.

Marcus’s father, Robert, who was a coach at the club, played a crucial role in Marcus’s early development in football. Despite his parents being separated, his involvement at Fletcher Moss Rangers provided a crucial connection between him and young Marcus.

Dave Horrocks, the development officer at Fletcher Moss Rangers at the time, noticed early on that Marcus was exceptionally talented and stood out from his peers at the academy. Horrocks, who often gave Marcus rides home, remembered his remarkable skills and dedication even at such a young age.

“Every time I give him a ride home from practice, Marcus gets in the back of my car and falls asleep right away, unlike the other kids”.

Whenever they arrived at his mom’s house, a sleepy Rashford would quickly wake up, hop out of the car, freshen up, grab his cherished “Marcus’s ball,” and immediately start playing football on the nearby patch of grass. His drive to become a professional footballer knew no bounds, and he would seize every moment to practice and hone his skills.

How Marcus Rashford Joined Manchester United:

Marcus stood out for his goalkeeping skills from a young age, even helping his team win a significant tournament as a five-year-old. This performance caught the eye of scouts from top clubs, including Manchester United and Liverpool, during a competition where Fletcher Moss Rangers showcased their talent.

Fletcher Moss Rangers, known for sending players to United, became a well-trodden path for young talents. Notable alumni include Danny Drinkwater, Ravel Morrison, Jesse Lingard, and Danny Welbeck. After a brief trial with Manchester City, Marcus chose Manchester United at seven, influenced by his brothers and the club’s reputation.

Marcus Rashford’s Schooling:

While developing his football skills at United, Marcus attended Button Lane Primary School, benefiting from the free meal program, which eased his family’s financial burden. The support from the school’s food voucher scheme was crucial for Marcus and left a lasting impact on him, inspiring him to support later children facing food insecurity.

Challenges and Support:

Due to his family’s financial situation, transportation was a significant hurdle, and he often missed training sessions. However, youth coaches stepped in to help, ensuring he could attend practices.

At age 11, faced with the hardships at home, Marcus’s mother requested Manchester United to allow him to join their accommodation program a year early. This move provided Marcus with stability and reduced the strain on his family. Impressed by his talent and dedication, United made an exception to their policy, admitting Marcus into their Schoolboy Scholars scheme.

Secondary Education at United:

Marcus’s journey continued at Ashton-on-Mersey Secondary School, chosen by Manchester United for its proximity to its training facilities and commitment to balancing education with football development. This time was a big change in his life. It started his successful journey with United and gave his family new chances.

Marcus Rashford’s Journey to Stardom:

While attending Ashton-on-Mersey’s Sports College, Rashford pursued his academic interests in business and sports, earning a BTEC National Diploma in Sports. This was part of his experience with the Manchester United Schoolboy Scholars scheme, which provided him a glimpse into a more ordinary life outside football.

Beyond his studies, Rashford was known for his dedication on the football field, pouring every ounce of his energy into the game. His exceptional talent and hard work led to him advancing quickly, allowing him to play alongside and befriend teammates who were several years older, including notable players like Paul Pogba, Ravel Morrison, and Jesse Lingard.

Challenges with Growth Spurts:

Around the age of 14, Rashford faced personal challenges related to his rapid physical growth. He experienced a significant increase in height, which was not accompanied by a corresponding development in his build, leading to a period of awkward coordination. By 15, despite appearing older due to his stature, he was still young, which brought about feelings of discomfort due to being physically ahead of his peers.

“While it was happening, he was upset because he couldn’t do his usual things. My boy was a bit grumpy and in a bad mood because of that, his dad says.

Marcus Rashford’s Breakthrough:

Marcus Rashford put in tremendous effort and extra training to adapt to the rapid changes in his physique. As he gained a better understanding of his physical capabilities, he continued to push himself.

At 16, Rashford was still physically developing but played in the under-18 team, facing off against more physically mature opponents. This required him to intensify his efforts on the field.

After Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, Rashford, to the delight of his family, signed his first professional contract with Manchester United. He was thrilled to start training with the first team under David Moyes.

Louis van Gaal was the manager who first included Rashford in the first-team squad due to a significant number of injuries within the team. Rashford seized this opportunity by scoring twice on his first-team debut, quickly becoming a favorite among fans.

Notably, Rashford was 18 years and 120 days old when he scored his debut double, mirroring the age at which Wayne Rooney achieved a similar milestone. This promising start heralded a successful career for Rashford as an elite footballer, filled with numerous accolades.

Rashford’s Personal Life:

Off the field, Marcus Rashford has a low-key romance with Lucia Loi, who is often seen as his partner and future spouse. Despite Rashford’s preference for privacy on social media, his relationship with Lucia, a Manchester native with Italian roots, is serious and longstanding.

Lucia, born on August 4, 1997, boasts a first-class degree from Manchester Metropolitan University. She has worked in PR and is active in charity, especially in Africa. The couple, who have been together since their school days, enjoy their time together away from the public eye, with Manchester’s Bem Brasil as one of their favorite spots.

Amidst rumors of other romantic links, Rashford has stayed focused on his relationship with Lucia, with whom he shares a deep connection.

Beyond Football:

Rashford’s interests extend beyond football, including basketball, playing the guitar, snooker, and fashion. He’s also a dog enthusiast, owning a pet named Saint.

Rashford’s efforts to fight food poverty during the COVID-19 crisis, motivated by his own upbringing, have earned widespread acclaim. His work to aid food banks and advocate against child hunger resulted in him receiving an MBE in October 2020. The Scorpio athlete has the same zodiac sign as Dutch Joey Veerman, Serbia’s Djordje Petrovic, English’s Tino Livramento, and Spanish Ansu Fati.


Rashford’s rise from a simple start to becoming famous and wealthy shows how hard and committed he worked. He lives a balanced lifestyle, investing in his passions and contributing to charitable causes, embodying a true rags-to-riches story.

Marcus Rashford’s Vehicles:

Marcus Rashford strongly prefers luxury cars, with Mercedes-Benz being at the top of his list, followed by the classic Range Rover. His collection includes high-end models like the Mercedes-Benz CLA, C Coupe, GLA, and the iconic G Class.

Rashford’s Real Estate Investments:

Upon achieving success in football, Rashford’s first act of generosity was towards his mother, Melanie, and his brothers, Dane and Dwaine. He constructed a lavish £800,000 home for them in Wythenshawe, not far from where he was raised. Later, Marcus invested £1.85 million in building his bespoke residence, preferring to design his dream home from scratch rather than purchasing an existing property.

Private Helicopter:

Marcus Rashford isn’t shy about showcasing his success, occasionally opting for his private helicopter over his luxury cars. This choice reflects his bold personality and the lifestyle he has earned through his football career.

Vacation Preferences:

Rashford often shares glimpses of his holiday experiences on social media. He expresses a preference for destinations with clear waters over deserts, finding solace and reflection in serene environments. He’s also an enthusiast of jet ski water sports, adding an adventurous element to his leisure time.

Rashford’s Family Bonds:

Family is paramount to Rashford, holding a special place in his heart and life. His childhood memories with his family members are treasured, reflecting the deep connections that have shaped him.

Regarding His Father:

Robert Rashford, despite the challenges and separation from Marcus’s mother, Melanie, remains his biological father. The early absence of Robert during crucial years caused tension, especially with Rashford’s eldest brother, Dwaine, who at one point changed his surname to their mother’s.

However, reconciliation occurred later in life, bringing the family back together, a testament to their strong bonds and forgiving nature. This reunion was particularly meaningful as Marcus’s football career flourished, highlighting the importance of family unity and support.

Robert Rashford, who has been involved in Marcus’s career from the beginning, possesses a good understanding of football management. He collaborates with his other son, Dwaine, to serve as Marcus’s agent.

Marcus does not resent his father, unlike some other footballers who might be in similar situations. By including his father in his management team, Marcus demonstrates his forgiving nature and the value he places on family ties. This decision highlights his character and willingness to maintain a positive relationship with his father.

About Marcus Rashford’s Mother:

Melanie Maynard, born in 1964 and affectionately known as Mel, is Marcus Rashford’s dedicated mother. Working first as a cashier and then as an accountant at Ladbrokes Online Betting, she single-handedly raised her children. Instilling in their strong Christian values and a steadfast resolve to guide them correctly, the football community admires her.

For her strength in single-handedly nurturing her family, choosing not to remarry, thereby preventing any stepfather figure from entering Marcus’s life. Melanie is celebrated for successfully guiding her five children away from trouble, a testament to her strength and character.

Marcus Rashford’s mother is also his key partner in his food bank initiative in Manchester, reflecting their close bond. The project’s warehouse is even named in her honor, highlighting her significant influence on Marcus’s life and values.

About Marcus Rashford’s Brothers:

Marcus has two brothers, Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford, who share an unbreakable bond with him. They are not just siblings but also lifelong allies.

Dwaine Maynard, born in 1984, is the eldest in the Rashford family. Dwaine plays a significant role in football, overseeing Marcus’s professional dealings and contract discussions, notably with Manchester United.

Although their father was absent earlier on, Dwaine has since made peace with him. However, he chooses to keep their mother’s last name, Maynard, as a personal preference.

Dane Rashford, the younger brother born in 1993, has a close relationship with Marcus, sharing interests outside football, such as computer gaming and bodybuilding. Unlike Dwaine, Dane’s focus is away from the football business, emphasizing the diverse interests within the Rashford family.

About Marcus Rashford’s Sisters:

Marcus is also blessed with three sisters, Chantelle, Claire, and half-sister Tamara Rashford. Chantelle and Claire, his full sisters, have played significant roles in the family, especially during their parents’ separation, with Chantelle often acting as a second mother to her siblings.

Tamara Rashford, his half-sister, has made a name for herself as a beauty queen and a successful marketing and communications assistant. Despite coming from different mothers, Marcus shares a bond with Tamara, reflecting the inclusive nature of the Rashford family.

About Marcus Rashford’s Cousin:

Nicholas Rashford, Marcus’s cousin, has a troubled past, having been convicted of a serious crime at a young age. This chapter of the Rashford family’s history contrasts with Marcus’s accomplishments, underscoring the varied journeys that family members may embark on.

Despite Nicholas’s troubled past, the narrative of the Rashford family is marked by resilience, forgiveness, and triumph. Marcus’s successful career has become a beacon of pride and a unifying factor for the entire family.

Marcus Rashford: Behind the Scenes:

In this final segment of our exploration into the life of the celebrated football star, we’ll share some lesser-known facts about him. Let’s dive in.

Connection to Jay Z’s Roc Nation:

When Marcus Rashford began making headlines, he caught the attention of global icons, including Jay Z. The rap mogul who runs Roc Nation Sports showed an early interest in representing Rashford. Jay Z’s agency had already signed football stars like Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku. However, Rashford’s family preferred to keep his management within the family, leading to his brothers taking on the role of his agents.

The Story Behind Rashford’s Tattoos:

Rashford sports a tattoo of a lion’s face over his heart, symbolizing his fierce and courageous nature, both on and off the field.

Scroll and Praying Hands – A Tribute to Family:

On his left shoulder, Rashford has a scroll tattoo with the words “Family Forever” along with the names of his family members. This tattoo is a homage to the unbreakable bond he shares with his family. The praying hands tattoo is also dedicated to his grandmother, Cillian Henry, signifying her prayers and blessings for him.

House Tattoo – A Nod to His Roots

A tattoo on the left side of his stomach shows a young boy playing football near a house, representing Rashford’s childhood in the Wythenshawe council estate. This piece is a constant reminder of where he started and his early love for football.

Marcus Rashford’s Earnings at Manchester United:

Rashford’s journey with Manchester United began with a modest salary of £500 a week. Over the years, his exceptional talent and hard work have significantly increased his earnings. As of 2021, Rashford’s salary reflects his status as one of the key players at the club. Marking a remarkable progression from his early days.

Interesting Fact:

Did you know that someone earning £30,000 per year in England would have to work for six years and seven months to match what Marcus Rashford earns in a week at Manchester United?

Rashford also benefits from a sponsorship deal with Nike, adding to his income. Even though he didn’t have many different big investments by 2021. The money he made from playing for Manchester United and from Nike ads helped him have a total wealth of about £65 million ($80 million).

In the Gaming World:

Marcus Rashford, at just 22, stands out as one of the top-rated young forwards in the FIFA video game series. His only noted weakness in the game is Interception, which isn’t a significant concern for a forward.

A Nostalgic Moment with Sir Bobby:

Rashford shared a cherished memory from his childhood when he appeared in a video alongside United and England legend Sir Bobby Charlton. This experience remains a fond and proud moment for him. Reflecting on the honour of being close to such a footballing icon during his early years.

Rashford’s Religious Beliefs:

The name Marcus has a Greek origin, linked to Mars, the Roman god of war. Yet, in a biblical context, Marcus means ‘Defense’ and is akin to ‘Mark’ from the Bible. This suggests that Rashford’s upbringing and beliefs are rooted in Christianity.

Final Thoughts:

Marcus Rashford’s story is a classic example of a real-life journey from humble beginnings to stardom, offering inspiration to many. His resilience and stroke of luck demonstrate how it’s possible to rise above challenges and achieve greatness. Notably, the left winger shares the same birth year as Artem Dovbyk, Ibrahim Sangare, and Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

Special recognition goes to Rashford’s family, especially his mother, Melanie, for their pivotal role in his journey. His father, Robert, brothers Dwaine and Dane, and sisters Claire, Chantelle, and Tamara have all been part of this journey. Thus witnessing Marcus lift their family from hardship to prosperity.

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