Manor Solomon Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover the Biography of Manor Solomon, from his youthful adventures to familial ties, Parents – his Mum, Ayala Solomon, Dad, Yossi Solomon,  romantic involvement with Dana Voshina, siblings, and connections to grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

This narrative gives you a profound understanding of Manor’s roots, faith, scholastic life, ethnicity, and origins. In addition to an introspective look into his personal experiences and lifestyle, we shed light on his astrological sign, financial stature, and earnings.

In essence, we present a holistic overview of Manor Solomon. Our narrative takes you through the intriguing backstory of a budding footballer, fondly nicknamed “Pikachu” by his colleague Neeskins Kebano.

This playful tag was inspired by Solomon’s swift gameplay, reminiscent of the nimble Pokémon character, Pikachu, from a globally adored video game saga.

A pivotal chapter in Manor’s life narrates his commitment to his nation. Before embarking on his football expedition, in 2017, he served in the Israel Defense Forces, the national military service of Israel.


Dive into Manor Solomon’s journey, starting from his childhood escapades, delving into his cultural background, and spotlighting his initial career strides. We also highlight the prowess of this dynamic player, both as an attacking midfielder and a winger.

As we unfold Manor Solomon’s story, we invite you to a visual retrospective, capturing the essence of his football trajectory, from his maiden kicks to his current affiliation with the English Premier League’s elite.

Regarded as a formidable talent in football, Manor Solomon flaunts his skills at Tottenham Hotspur and dons the jersey for the Israeli national team.

Yet, our exhaustive research reveals that the full spectrum of this multifaceted player remains elusive to many. A mere fraction of soccer aficionados truly grasps the magnetism of Manor Solomon’s life journey. Let’s dive deeper and unveil the mystique.

The Early Chronicles of Manor Solomon:

Beginning with the lighter notes, apart from “Pikachu”, Manor is also affectionately termed “Manorinho.” On a tranquil Saturday, the 24th of July 1999, Manor graced the world in Kfar Saba, commonly known as Kfar Sava, a city nestled in Israel’s Central District.

His arrival brought immense joy to his doting parents. The specifics about his siblings remain ambiguous, hinting he might be an only child.

Above all, the soccer prodigy stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of his parents in West Asia. Their relentless support and nurturing environment paved the way for Manor’s potential to shine brightly.

Childhood Insights:

Raised in the heart of Kfar Saba, Israel, Manor Solomon’s early years were defined by his rich heritage and the warmth of familial bonds. His parents, Ayala and Yossi Solomon, were his pillars of support throughout.

The mosaic of cultures in Kfar Saba, which merges the old with the new, shaped Manor’s worldview. This multicultural setting instilled in him a profound respect for diverse traditions.

Kfar Saba, nestled in central Israel, boasts a balance of urban conveniences in a suburban ambiance. The locale is celebrated for its welcoming environment, dotted with parks and recreational zones. Cultural events, community-centric activities, and proximity to hubs like Tel Aviv, give Kfar Saba a lively, community-driven spirit.

In this setting, Manor emerged as an affable, courteous young soul. His amiable nature, combined with his humility and positivity, made him instantly likable. Manor’s approach to life is characterized by determination, always accompanied by a cheerful disposition. His childhood also saw him dabble in martial arts and tennis, activities that honed his agility.

Football: The Early Days:

Manor’s intrigue with football was an offshoot of his childhood and adolescent years, spurred by his family’s inclination towards physical fitness and the sport’s prominence in Israel.

Hailing from a lineage of physical education enthusiasts in Kfar Saba, Manor was naturally exposed to a variety of sports. This family backdrop possibly spurred Manor’s athletic endeavors, championing an active lifestyle from a tender age. His family’s dedication to fitness undeniably bolstered his fervor for football.

Moreover, Israel’s fervent football culture ensures children familiarize themselves with the sport early on, thanks to school initiatives, neighborhood clubs, and community-driven programs.

Manor’s training in martial arts and tennis enriched his agility and dexterity, skills that later became his assets in football. These formative experiences, under the umbrella of his family’s encouragement, steered his path towards footballing success.

Peek into Manor’s Lineage:

Delving into Manor Solomon’s familial backdrop provides a window into his diverse lineage. Rooted in Kfar Saba, Israel, Manor owes much of his values and outlook to his parents, Ayala and Yossi Solomon.

The fact that both of them were involved in physical education underscores the family’s shared enthusiasm for athleticism and well-being. Growing up in such an uplifting, tight-knit environment in Israel, it’s evident that his parents, held in deep esteem by Manor, were pivotal in igniting his passion for football.

Economically, based on their professions as educators, the family was comfortably situated. Ensuring fundamental needs were met without strain, Ayala and Yossi can be classified as middle-class earners, providing a stable upbringing for Manor.

Manor Solomon’s Ancestral Tapestry:

Emerging from Kfar Saba, Israel, Manor Solomon’s lineage is steeped in Israel’s rich and varied Jewish heritage.

To begin with, his ancestral threads trace back to Ashkenazi Jews, with connections to Hungarian-Jewish forebears. Furthermore, the vibrant midfielder is intertwined with Sephardi Jewish ancestry. His family tapestry also weaves in Mizrahi Jewish, particularly of Iraqi-Jewish descent.

From the mosaic of his heritage, one can deduce that Manor’s parents, Yossi and Ayala Solomon, come from different ancestral backgrounds. Intriguingly, both have maritime academic backgrounds, possibly influencing their choice of “Manor” for their son—a name with Hebrew origins and nautical significance, meaning “a boom” in sailing jargon. Manor’s diverse Jewish lineage mirrors the cultural tapestry of Israel’s populace.

Adding another layer to his identity, Manor also possesses a Portuguese passport, a nod to his Sephardi ancestry and the community’s historical connections with Portugal. For some with Sephardi lineage, there’s an avenue to obtain Portuguese nationality. This passport could potentially ease his travels and open doors in the European football arena.

Conclusively, Manor Solomon boasts dual citizenship. Primarily, he identifies as an Israeli, underlining his representation for the Israeli national team. Attached is an illustrative representation showcasing Manor Solomon’s rich ancestral roots in Kfar Saba.

Manor Solomon’s Cultural Blend:

Manor’s identity is a mosaic of Israel’s cultural panorama. He hails from an Israeli lineage that amalgamates Ashkenazi Jewish (Hungarian-Jewish), Sephardi Jewish, and Mizrahi Jewish (Iraqi-Jewish) influences.

His familial canvas is diverse, with Ashkenazi Jewish roots linked to Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, his Sephardi connection ties him to the Iberian Peninsula—Spain and Portugal. Further enriching his background is the Mizrahi Jewish lineage, resonating with Middle Eastern and North African echoes. In essence, while Manor’s heritage is multifaceted, his primary identity remains Jewish.

Manor Solomon’s Academic Journey:

Kfar Saba is replete with educational institutions, spanning primary to secondary levels. Manor Solomon, being the offspring of educators, was privileged to attend a reputed private institution in his locality, followed by nearby tertiary education.

His fervor for football was undeniable, and he committed diligently to honing his skills. Yet, he never sidelined his academics.

Navigating the dual demands of education and football is a challenge many budding athletes face. In his adolescent years, Manor enrolled in a specialized program linked to a football academy. This initiative allowed him to seamlessly integrate his academic and athletic pursuits.

Manor Solomon’s Early Football Days:

From a young age, Manor Solomon’s love for football was palpable. Many an afternoon was spent in local parks, playing with friends, and dreaming of making it big in the world of football.

His keen interest in the sport was obvious. Every match day, he would be found engrossed in front of the TV, dissecting the gameplay, moves, and tactics of the professionals.

Realizing his deep-seated passion, Manor’s parents became pillars of support, nudging him closer to his dreams. With their encouragement, he took his first significant step by joining a community youth football team.

Despite his young age, Manor’s prowess on the pitch was evident to his trainers. He consistently went the extra mile, challenging himself during every practice.

In recognizing his potential, at just 8, his parents enrolled him in Hapoel Kfar Saba, an esteemed football club in their hometown. Although a brief association, this period saw rapid growth in his gameplay. Manor’s swift reflexes and ability to deter shots made him a standout.

His resilience, confidence, and determination set the stage for his burgeoning career.

Manor Solomon: The Football Journey:

Football for Manor Solomon was not just a pastime but a destiny waiting to be fulfilled. Bolstered by the unwavering support of his family, notably his fitness-coach father, Manor committed to refining his skills.

After a productive spell at Hapoel Kfar Saba, 9-year-old Manor transitioned to the youth ranks of Maccabi Petah Tikva, a well-established club based in Petah Tikva, often referred to as Em HaMoshavot.

Amidst football, Manor navigated Israel’s mandatory military service. Yet, notable footballers with national team experience or offers from premier clubs might secure exceptions. By 2018, after a span of 9 years, Solomon intertwined his football aspirations with military commitments, culminating in a debut for the Israeli national side.

Manor Solomon’s Ascent to Stardom:

At 17, in 2017, Manor Solomon received the honour of being summoned to the Israeli senior side. Though he didn’t feature immediately, his maiden cap came a year later, in September 2018, against Albania in the UEFA Nations League. The outing ended in a narrow defeat for Israel.

His breakthrough on the club front came with Maccabi Petah Tikva, a club in the Israeli Premier League. Match after match, he left spectators and critics awed with his nimble footwork, precision, and knack for goal-scoring.

His stellar performances paved the way to Shakhtar Donetsk in 2019, a beacon in Ukrainian football. Transitioning to a new culture and language was challenging, but Manor’s determination was unwavering. Competing against a pool of talent, he carved a niche for himself.

His time at Shakhtar was highlighted by game-changing moments, most notably against football giants like Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Moreover, in his tenure with the youth national side, Manor Solomon featured in 35 fixtures, netting seven goals for Israel.

Manor’s Significance to the Israeli National Team:

Over the years, Manor has consistently emerged as a beacon of hope for the Israeli national squad. Even with stalwarts like Bibars Natcho and Eran Zahavi, Manor’s presence has always been seen as a cornerstone for the team’s future exploits.

While stalwarts like Zahavi remain pivotal, the team’s landscape is evolving, and Manor’s significance cannot be understated.

He’s anticipated to be the linchpin for the “new-age Israel,” partnering with emerging talents such as Eli Dasa from former club Vitesse Arnhem, Shon Weissman of Valladolid, Munas Dabbur of Hoffenheim, and Liel Abada of Celtic.

Manor Solomon: Journey to Stardom:

Gifted with versatility, Manor Solomon can seamlessly transition between an attacking midfield role and that of a winger. His knack for orchestrating key plays and netting pivotal goals sets him apart.

His exploits in Israel and Ukraine didn’t go unnoticed, attracting interest from top-tier European clubs.

In a turn of events in 2022, Manor transitioned to Fulham, an English Premier League outfit, on a loan spell. This move was facilitated by a unique FIFA regulation in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

This provision permitted players impacted by the war to momentarily suspend their contracts with Ukrainian clubs till mid-2023. With Manor on board, Fulham secured a commendable 10th place finish, which saw Manager Marco Silva expressing keenness to retain him.

In a standout moment, on February 24th, he netted his third consecutive goal coming off the bench, ensuring a 1-1 draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers. This feat positioned him as the first Israeli since Ronny Rosenthal in 1992 to achieve such a record.

In a subsequent development, the Israeli winger after successful loan inked a deal with Tottenham Hotspur in July 2023. Under the stewardship of Ange Postecoglou, the club’s ambition is to make waves in European circuits.

With a contract stretching till 2008, Solomon’s journey with Spurs began on an auspicious note, as evident from his scintillating debut.

Solomon became the latest addition to the Spurs, joining the London club roster that includes the likes of Dejan Kulusevski from Sweden, Spain’s Pedro Porro, Guglielmo Vicario, Alejo Veliz and England’s own James Maddison.

Although a knee injury sidelined him for a portion of the previous season, Solomon’s resolve remains unshaken. He’s geared up for a triumphant return with Tottenham Hotspur, as evinced in a recent conversation after his recovery.

How did Manor Solomon Transfer for Free?:

The transition of Manor Solomon to Tottenham Hotspur without a transfer fee was a product of unique circumstances. With only a half-year left on his contract with Shakhtar Donetsk, due to conclude at the year’s end, a particular FIFA regulation extension surpassed his contract’s tenure. This scenario enabled him to depart from Shakhtar Donetsk without incurring a transfer fee, thus paving the way for Tottenham to acquire him freely.

The Spurs are set to benefit immensely from Manor Solomon’s adept dribbling skills, finesse in finishing, and overall dynamism in attack.

Is Manor Solomon in a Relationship?:

In the professional football realm, players often vary in their personal choices; some may opt for early relationships or marriages, while others prioritize their sporting commitments before settling down.

The life of a footballer, with rigorous training, extensive travel, and media scrutiny, can make stable relationships a challenge.

However, in Manor Solomon’s case, he is in a loving relationship with Dana Voshina. Their love story began back in 2018 during his time in Israel. The distance has tested their bond, bringing both beautiful moments and hurdles.

Insights into Dana Voshina, Manor’s Girlfriend:

Dana Voshina is a budding fashion designer with her own clothing brand. She enjoys a considerable social media presence, boasting over 15,000 Instagram followers. Pursuing her education in Communication and Political Science, she now resides in London alongside Manor.

While Manor Solomon remains unwed and without children, he shares a profound bond with Dana Voshina, with their relationship journey spanning since 2018. Like all relationships, they’ve navigated their fair share of highs and lows.

Personal Touch:

Manor has affectionately earned the nickname “Pikachu.” This was a playful gesture initiated by his Fulham teammate, Neeskins Kebano, who drew parallels between Solomon’s swift and dynamic gameplay and the energetic traits of the beloved Pokémon character, Pikachu. Kebano felt that just as Pikachu is known for its lightning-fast moves, Solomon’s style mirrors that energy. Embracing the moniker, Solomon mentioned it became quite a trend, even back in Israel.

Like many, even elite footballers harbour passions beyond the field. Manor Solomon is a testament to this with his eclectic interests. Whether it’s globetrotting, diving deep into the gaming world, hitting the gym, or diving into pools, he is always up for an adventure. A glimpse into his social media tells tales of his diverse interests.

Despite his diverse interests, football remains at the core of his heart. Growing up, he admired Liverpool FC and took inspiration from the likes of Yossi Benayoun, a former Liverpool and Israel national player.

Off the field, he believes in grounding himself with close friends and family. He emphasizes recuperation and personal well-being, ensuring he remains in peak physical condition. With a height of 1.70 meters and weighing approximately 66 kilograms, he keeps himself in top form.

Digging Deeper into Manor Solomon’s Life:

Manor’s birth date, July 24th, classifies him as a Leo. Known for their compassion and leadership qualities, Leos radiate warmth, and their nurturing nature often comes to the fore.

On the field, Manor’s agility and ball control entertain and mesmerize his fans. Eagerly, he waits to unleash his prowess in the forthcoming season.

Manor is also active on digital platforms. His Instagram, @manorsolomon, enjoys a following of over 203K, while on Twitter, @Manorsolomon, he’s followed by more than 25.5K enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into Manor Solomon’s Lifestyle:

With his rising stature, Manor’s potential shines bright, not just for Israel but in the global football arena. His astute game sense and disciplined approach make him a standout.

Manor’s accolades and impressive feats have amassed considerable fortune. Given his trajectory, his assets are bound to amplify. This financial comfort lets him indulge in finer experiences – opulent homes, gourmet meals, and extravagant automobiles. His love for cars might soon see him behind the wheel of luxury vehicles, perhaps a Porsche 911 GT3 PDK Clubsport coupe.

Presently, he resides in a lavish home located in Tottenham, London.

The Foundations of Manor Solomon’s Life:

Manor’s foundation stems from his family’s unyielding support. With parents who taught physical education, Ayala and Yossi Solomon, the essence of sports was imbibed in him early. They played a dual role – cheering during his highs and lifting him during the lows.

His family’s unwavering faith boosted his confidence and equipped him with the tools needed for success. They offered not just emotional, but also tangible assistance, emphasizing his holistic development.

This consistent backing and grounded upbringing have paved Manor Solomon’s triumphant path in football. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the life of this soccer star and his closely-knit family.

Yossi Solomon – A Pillar in Manor’s Life:

Manor Solomon’s father, Yossi Solomon, holds a special place in his son’s life. As a physical education instructor, Yossi’s affinity for sports and fitness is evident. Both of Manor’s parents have dedicated themselves to physical education, suggesting a family-wide appreciation for athletic pursuits.

Yossi and his spouse, Ayala, forged their bond while studying at Ohalo College. They both specialized in physical education and showed a mutual interest in maritime studies. The name “Manor” stems from this nautical influence, as it resonates with maritime connotations in Hebrew.

Even if we don’t have comprehensive details about Yossi’s personal life, his vocation in physical education and his bond with Ayala significantly influenced Manor’s formative years. Undoubtedly, his guidance played a crucial role in Manor’s journey to football stardom.

Ayala Solomon – The Maternal Beacon:

Ayala Solomon, Manor’s mother, has been pivotal in his growth, both personally and professionally. Sharing her profession with Yossi, Ayala’s career as a physical education teacher signifies a family tradition of fostering athleticism and well-being.

Ayala, in partnership with Yossi, likely cultivated a supportive ambiance, enabling Manor to chase his dreams, resulting in his remarkable achievements in football.

Manor Solomon’s Sibling Scene:

As for siblings, Manor Solomon has always prioritized discretion, maintaining a reserved stance about this facet of his life. We lack comprehensive knowledge about any siblings the Spurs’ midfielder might have, suggesting he might be an only child. Yet, in the context of his football journey and the privacy he upholds, we’re left without a definitive answer.

Manor’s Extended Family Circle:

Maintaining discretion about his extended family, Manor Solomon emphasizes shielding his kin from the public eye’s potential intrusions. Even though specific details about his wider family circle are sparse, familial ties are deeply cherished in Jewish culture. It’s conceivable that Manor’s extended family, encompassing grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and potentially in-laws, hold essential places in his heart.

Beyond the Basics:

While Israel might not be acclaimed for producing a plethora of football legends, exceptions like Yossi Benayoun shine bright. Manor Solomon seems set to join such ranks. Having initiated his football journey with Maccabi Petah Tikva and subsequently impressing in Ukraine post-2019, the young talent caught the eyes of European giants, including Arsenal.

Eager to know more about Manor Solomon? Stay put as SoccerBiography delve deeper into the untold stories and intriguing aspects of this rising football star’s life.

Manor Solomon’s Financial Profile:

Manor Solomon’s primary revenue stream is derived from his illustrious soccer career. As Tottenham’s attacking midfielder, his financial intake is dictated by his contractual terms with the club and any endorsement deals or collaborations.

He took a significant leap in his career when Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine acquired him from Maccabi Petah Tikva in Israel for a notable fee of €6 million on January 11, 2019. This transaction was a record-breaker, positioning him among the most expensive Israeli footballers ever.

Upon joining Shakhtar, his annual remuneration was documented at £1.7 million, which had potential increments based on his performances. Subsequently, Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League secured his services, committing to a contract that extends till 2028.

Various estimates place Manor Solomon’s net worth around the $5 million mark. As he continues to prove his worth, it’s anticipated that he’ll soon rival Tottenham’s top earners like Harry Kane and Tanguy Ndombele, who are known to earn approximately £200,000 weekly.

As per myworldtimes, his yearly salary stands at £1.7 million, translating to about £32,692 weekly. Additionally, transfermarkt values him at €18.00 million, peaking at €20.00 million, highlighting his stature in the football world.

Manor Solomon in FIFA:

Each year, FIFA updates player statistics, reflecting their real-world performance. As of 2023, Manor Solomon is rated at 77, with his peak rating being 78 and a potential to reach 84.

Predominantly positioned as a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) in the game, his FIFA stats illustrate his commendable skills and stability. Attributes such as Dribbling, Curve, Long Passing, Acceleration, Ball Control, and Composure stand out, drawing parallels with players like Victor Roque and Rodrigo from Brazil.

Despite these strengths, there’s always room for growth, even in FIFA’s digital realm. For Manor, enhancing aggression and heading accuracy are areas of potential improvement.

Manor Solomon’s Faith:

While Manor Solomon’s Jewish lineage suggests an affiliation with Judaism, detailed insights into his spiritual practices remain undisclosed.

Judaism, an ancient monotheistic belief system, is rich in traditions and doctrines evolving over millennia. Central to its ethos is the belief in a singular deity and adherence to teachings encapsulated in sacred scriptures like the Torah.

Manor Solomon’s Monikers:

Apart from “Pikachu,” Manor Solomon is fondly termed “Manorinho.” This sobriquet is attributed to multiple factors. His gameplay exudes Brazilian flair, and his meteoric rise aligns with the “-inho” suffix common among football stars.

The primary catalyst for this nickname emerged during contract talks between Maccabi Petah Tikva and Shakhtar Donetsk, his former club. With Shakhtar’s reputation for transforming lesser-known Brazilians into celebrities, the fusion of these elements birthed “Manorinho.” Fans embraced it, paying homage to his artistic prowess and Brazilian-inspired techniques.

Final Notes:

Manor Solomon, born on July 24, 1999, is a distinguished soccer player hailing from Israel. He currently showcases his skills at Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League and wears the jersey for the Israel national team.

Manor spent his childhood in Kfar Saba, Israel. His rich Jewish heritage traces back to Hungary, Spain, and Iraq. Both his parents, Ayala and Yossi Solomon, are passionate about physical education and chose the name “Manor” inspired by their maritime interests. In 2017, he dutifully served in the Israel Defense Forces.

A distinctive aspect of Solomon’s profile is his Portuguese passport, a testament to his family lineage, enabling him a smooth transition in European soccer leagues.

His soccer trajectory commenced at Maccabi Petah Tikva in Israel, transitioned to Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine where he shone in the Champions League. Subsequently, he had a stint at Fulham in the English Premier League before settling with Tottenham Hotspur as their fourth summer signing.

On the international front, he’s been a commendable asset to Israel’s national team, marking his debut goal in the UEFA Nations League, signaling his emerging prominence in Israeli football.

On the personal front, Manor shares a romantic relationship with Dana Voshina since 2018. Their bond, though tested by distance, remains intact.


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