Malick Thiaw Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Presenting an insight into the biography of Malick Thiaw, this detailed article presents a comprehensive account of his early days, detailing his family background, including his parents, Souleymane Thiaw (Malick’s Dad) and Marjo Kristiina Thiaw (Malick’s Dad), as well as his siblings (a brother, Seny Laye Thiaw) and relatives.

SoccerBiography explores the rich tapestry of Thiaw’s family origins, multiple nationalities, ethnicity, and the diverse cultural influences from his Finnish mother and Senegalese father.

The narrative also delves into Thiaw’s initial foray into sports, starting with ice skating before he found his true calling in football.

His journey from a young ice skater in Dusseldorf to a towering central defender at AC Milan is a testament to his adaptability and passion for sports. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, Thiaw’s physical presence is as commanding as his skill on the football field.

Additionally, the biography highlights his linguistic abilities, being fluent in six languages, including Finnish and Senegalese Wolof, which set him apart in the German football scene.

An interesting aspect of Thiaw’s story is the discussion around his unique surname, particularly focusing on its correct pronunciation, which is often a point of curiosity and confusion among fans.

Beyond his personal and professional journey, the biography provides insights into Thiaw’s net worth, lifestyle, and salary breakdown during his tenure with AC Milan, offering a glance into the financial aspects of his career.

In sum, this comprehensive memoir paints a vivid picture of Malick Thiaw’s life, from his multicultural roots to his rise as a formidable player in international football.


In this biography, we delve into the life of Malick Thiaw, a rising star in the world of football. The story begins by exploring the notable moments from Thiaw’s childhood, tracing his journey from a young boy with dreams of greatness to a formidable figure in the sport. We journey through his early steps in the world of football, starting with TV Kalkum-Wittlaer and Fortuna Düsseldorf and progressing through various top-tier football academies.

Thiaw stands out as a defender who combines calmness and confidence with the ball and is known for his intelligent tackling and impressive speed. His tall stature gives him an additional advantage in the game, making him a formidable opponent on the field.

Our exploration into the careers of rapidly advancing German footballers revealed a gap in the narrative of Thiaw. Despite his growing prominence in the sport, few football enthusiasts are familiar with the depth of his story.

This biography is our endeavour to fill that gap, providing a detailed account of Malick Thiaw’s life and career. So, let’s embark on this journey and uncover the story of Malick Thiaw, a name fast becoming synonymous with excellence in football.

The Early Years of Malick Thiaw:

Beginning his journey in the world of football, Malick Thiaw is often referred to as “The New Joel Matip” due to his remarkable skills on the field. Born Malick Laye Thiaw on August 8, 2001, in Düsseldorf, Germany, he shares his birthdate with Joel Matip, a German-born Cameroonian defender known for his prowess in football.

Thiaw hails from a multicultural family, being the middle child among his siblings, which includes a younger brother and an older sister. His parents, Souleymane Thiaw from Senegal and Marjo Kristiina from Finland have been instrumental in nurturing his talents and personal growth. Their commitment to his development as a person and a professional athlete has played a significant role in shaping his career.

Formative Years:

Malick Thiaw grew up in a nurturing family environment alongside his brother, Seny Laye Thiaw. Born on November 11, 2006, Seny Laye pursued a different sporting path, excelling in basketball. As of this writing, he plays professionally for the ART Giants Düsseldorf.

During an Islamic festival, the Thiaw siblings, Malick, and Seny Laye, extended their Eid Mubarak greetings to their followers. Interestingly, Seny Laye, with his basketball background, stands taller than his older brother Malick, boasting an impressive height of approximately 1.95 meters or 6 feet 5 inches.

The Thiaw household was a linguistic melting pot. Malick was exposed to a diverse range of languages from a young age, including German, Finnish, French, and Wolof, which is his father’s native language.

Back then, the family’s conversations often varied between languages, with French and Finnish being predominantly used around his mother and her relatives. In contrast, Malick often conversed in Wolof when interacting with his Senegalese father.

The Pronouncing of Thiaw’s Name:

During his youth, Malick frequently found himself explaining the correct pronunciation of his last name, Thiaw, to friends and acquaintances. Many people struggled with saying it correctly, often mispronouncing it and inquiring about its origin. Malick clarified that ‘Thiaw’ is a Senegalese name, pronounced differently from what most would expect.

To pronounce Thiaw’s surname accurately, the “Th” should sound like “tech,” the letter “I” is silent, and the “w” should be pronounced as [ʄaɰ] without rounding the lips. Aware of its uniqueness, Malick often joked about the challenges his surname presented in different settings. Taking time away from football, he even dedicated moments to teach his fans the correct way to say “Thiaw”.

In Germany, Thiaw’s parents instilled in him a rich blend of cultural values and perspectives. His father emphasized the importance of gratitude for life’s blessings. Additionally, Malick spent considerable time with his Finnish grandparents in northern Finland, further enriching his understanding of diverse life views and experiences distinct from those of his peers.

Malick Thiaw’s Infant Years:

Malick Thiaw’s athletic talent extends beyond football, a sport he inherited a knack for, but his childhood included another sport as well. In his family, professional sports weren’t limited to just football. Interestingly, Malick had the potential to take up ice hockey, a path divergent from soccer. His upbringing, under the influence of a Finnish mother and a Senegalese father, involved immersing himself in both cultures. During his early years, Malick often visited his grandmother in west-central Finland.

These visits to Oulu, a region in Finland, sparked his interest in ice skating. Observing the local enthusiasm for the sport, Malick was drawn to ice skating, starting to learn it from a young age. In a conversation with Funke Mediengruppe, Thiaw shared that he was on the verge of choosing ice hockey over football as his primary sport. His story echoes that of Mateo Retegui, another footballer who was close to opting for field hockey.

Deciding on Football:

Malick once contemplated switching from football to ice hockey, but his childhood friends encouraged him to continue with soccer. His attraction to ice hockey was fueled by its easy access; just a short walk from his grandmother’s home in Finland was a bustling open-air ice hockey rink, a popular gathering spot for boys his age. For many of them, ice hockey was more than a pastime; it was a pathway to a professional career.

Each time Malick returned to Düsseldorf, Germany, from his holidays in Oulu, Finland, his inherent talent for football became evident. He excelled in local street football, showcasing his natural running ability and football skills. Despite these early successes, the allure of ice hockey remained.

However, everything changed when a friend suggested he try out for a well-known football academy. Taking this advice, Malick joined TV Kalkum-Wittlaer, a local football club in his area. His successful trial with them marked the beginning of his journey towards becoming a renowned German football defender.

The Family Environment of Malick Thiaw:

Malick Thiaw’s exceptional athletic abilities can be traced back to his parents. His mother, Marjo Kristiina, was an accomplished track and field athlete during her youth, and his father, Souleymane Thiaw, is a former goalkeeper who played most of his career in Senegal. This blend of sporting genes has significantly shaped Malick’s career.

Born in Germany to a Finnish mother and a Senegalese father, Malick originally held Finnish citizenship through his mother. German citizenship, on the other hand, wasn’t automatically granted to him at birth. In Germany, citizenship is typically inherited from German parents rather than conferred by birthplace alone. Since his parents were not German citizens, Malick did not receive German citizenship initially.

It wasn’t until 2021, several years after his birth in Germany, that Malick gained German citizenship. This process was in line with Germany’s ‘jus sanguinis’ principle, which emphasizes descent over birthplace for citizenship. His eligibility for German citizenship came from his parents’ extended residency in the country, and he successfully obtained his passport through naturalization.

That same year, 2021, marked a significant turn in Thiaw’s football career as well. He joined the Germany U21 football team, aligning this professional milestone with his newly acquired German citizenship.

The Ancestral Background of Malick Thiaw:

The German defender, Malick Thiaw, has his maternal family roots in Oulu, a city in central Finland situated at the mouth of the Oulujoki River. His Finnish heritage, particularly important to his mother, remains a vital part of his identity. The Thiaw family maintains a strong connection with their Finnish relatives, often visiting Oulu to spend time with them, especially Malick’s grandmother.

Malick shares a trait with Yunus Musah, both of whom have multiple nationalities. Also, he shares traits with Amadou Onana: both are multilingual. Malick typically converses in German with his siblings and in Wolof with his father. Wolof is a language prevalent in Senegal, spoken by the majority of its population, and also used in parts of Mauritania and The Gambia. With his Finnish mother, Malick primarily communicates in Finnish, a language he picked up during his visits to his maternal family in Oulu.

As of the time this biography was written, Malick has become proficient in English and is currently learning Italian, which aligns with his move to AC Milan. In comparison, Amadou Onana is fluent in four languages: French, English, German, and Dutch. Malick, on the other hand, can communicate in six languages: Finnish, Wolof, German, English, Italian, and French. In his family home, where he grew up with his parents and siblings, at least two of these languages were regularly spoken, reflecting the rich linguistic diversity of their household.

The Ethnic Blend in Malick Thiaw’s Lineage:

Malick Thiaw, the German Central Defender, has a biracial heritage, blending Senegalese and Finnish ancestry. His father’s Senegalese lineage places him within the Afro-German community. This ethnic background is shared by other notable Afro-German footballers, such as Karim Adeyemi and Jamal Musiala, who both have Nigerian fathers.

Malick Thiaw’s Academic Pursuits:

As reported by, a German news outlet, Malick Thiaw pursued his education at Berger Feld Comprehensive School, known locally as Gesamtschule Berger Feld, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. This school is notable for its size, with a staff of over 118 teachers and a student body exceeding 1325 pupils. Remarkably, it has a reputation for nurturing many of its students into professional football careers.

During his time at Berger Feld Comprehensive School, Malick Thiaw showed particular academic preferences. He had a strong inclination towards sports-related subjects and took a keen interest in learning English. On the other hand, he found scientific disciplines, such as mathematics and biology, to be more challenging.

Malick Thiaw’s Football Odyssey:

Malick’s path to professional football began with a simple suggestion from his best friend: “Why not join TV Kalkum-Wittlaer?” Heeding this advice, his parents signed him up for the youth teams at TV Kalkum-Wittlaer, a local district league team. Malick’s journey at the club spanned three years, starting with the Bambini (youngest) team and progressing to the F junior team. His natural talent quickly became apparent, distinguishing him from his teammates.

As he advanced in skill and stature, Thiaw earned the moniker “Mr. Versatile Footballer.” His ability to adapt to various roles on the field was notable – he could run, shoot, score, defend, and make precise passes from all over the pitch, often catching both teammates and spectators by surprise.

Initially, Malick didn’t play in the defensive line; his versatility shone in more forward positions, such as defensive and central midfield, even playing in attacking roles. Lukas May, his first coach at Kalkum-Wittlaer, reflected on Malick’s early prowess in an interview with Gazzetta, noting,

“As his coach, I saw Malick excel as a striker, consistently scoring at least three goals a game. He was equally skilled with both feet, capable of scoring sliding goals. Malick had a knack for collecting the ball from the back, weaving through opponents, and finishing with a goal.”

Malick Thiaw’s Ascent to Football Glory:

Living in Dusseldorf not far from the village club of Wittlaer, Malick Thiaw’s parents were ideally positioned to closely observe and nurture his growing football talent. As Malick began to outperform others at his childhood club, TV Kalkum-Wittlaer, they saw the need for him to face more challenging competition and encouraged him to join larger teams.

Malick, hailing from Düsseldorf, successfully tried out and joined Fortuna Düsseldorf for the 2008/2009 season. His standout performance there soon led him to the academy of Bayer Leverkusen, a prominent Bundesliga club. However, in pursuit of even better opportunities, Thiaw’s parents decided to move him from Bayer Leverkusen’s youth academy to another elite academy.

At the start of the 2011/2012 German soccer season, Malick transitioned to the youth sector of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Over his five seasons with the club, he shifted his focus to supporting goal scorers rather than being the scorer. During this time, he looked up to Yaya Tourè, mirroring his role as a versatile midfielder. Thiaw demonstrated strengths in midfield cover and aerial duels, as well as notable speed.

By age 14, Malick recognized his potential to turn professional, understanding that hard work and self-improvement were key. His ambition was to join FC Schalke 04, Germany’s most prestigious football academy, known for developing top talents like Ilkay Gündogan. For ambitious young players like Thiaw, FC Schalke 04 represented a goal to strive toward, a place where future stars were made.

The Schalke 04 Experience:

At the young age of fourteen, in 2015, Malick Thiaw became a part of the youth academy at Schalke 04. His education continued at Berger Feld Comprehensive School, renowned for its alumni like Draxler, Matip, and Neuer. At Schalke’s esteemed “Knappenschmiede” youth academy, he had the opportunity to train under Norbert Elgert, a celebrated figure in the Schalke Hall of Fame and one of Germany’s most respected youth football coaches.

Under the guidance of Norbert Elgert at Schalke 04, Thiaw underwent a significant transformation, transitioning from an attacking and midfield position to a central defender. In an interview with “Schalke TV,” Thiaw reflected positively on this change, expressing his gratitude towards Coach Elgert for making this crucial decision. Elgert had persuaded Malick to switch positions, believing he would excel as a central defender. In retrospect, Thiaw acknowledges the wisdom in Elgert’s advice.

As Thiaw developed his skills in Schalke 04’s youth academy, he didn’t fixate on a single role model, especially as he began playing in midfield. However, as he moved into the central defense role, his admiration began to lean towards world-class central defenders, shifting his focus and aspirations in line with his new position.

The Emergence of Malick Thiaw as a Star:

Malick Thiaw quickly adapted to his role as a central defender, seeing himself as a versatile footballer. He was keen to excel defensively and committed to learning and improving. He frequently studied the techniques of famous players through YouTube videos. Over seven years at Schalke 04, Thiaw refined his skills and seamlessly transitioned to professional football.

Standing tall at 6 feet 4 inches, Thiaw played an instrumental role in Schalke 04’s revival following their demotion to the 2. Bundesliga on April 20, 2021. He was a crucial part of the team that clinched the 2. Bundesliga title, paving the way for their return to the top tier of German football. His impressive performances didn’t go unnoticed and eventually led to his signing with the prestigious Italian club AC Milan on August 29, 2022.

Joining AC Milan and Being Called to Die Mannschaft:

Growing up, Malick Thiaw was an avid supporter of AC Milan. Upon joining the club (RossoneriBlog reports), he shared his excitement and admiration in a statement through the club’s media:

“It’s unbelievable; I still can’t quite grasp it. This is my first time here, and it’s amazing,” Thiaw commented on his move to AC Milan. “I’m incredibly happy and thrilled. The moment I got the call, I immediately informed my parents. It’s a fantastic chance for me. I’ve always watched Serie A closely and sometimes even picked AC Milan while playing PlayStation games.”

At AC Milan, he developed a solid partnership with Tomori under the guidance of coach Stefano Pioli. Thiaw played a crucial role in AC Milan’s journey to the Semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, where Simone Inzaghi’s Inter Milan eventually outplayed them.

During the 2022/2023 season, Thiaw emerged as a key player in AC Milan’s defence. Despite attracting interest from clubs like Real Madrid, he expressed his commitment to staying with AC Milan.

In addition, Thiaw received an early call-up to the German national team before the season’s full commencement, a proud moment for his family. His inclusion in the German squad at this early stage of his career highlighted his potential as a future defensive cornerstone for Germany. This step in his career is a significant milestone in his ongoing football journey.

Malick Thiaw’s Matrimonial Partner:

Malick Thiaw, with his towering stature and role at a prestigious club like AC Milan, naturally garners attention, especially from female fans. Many might wonder about his relationship status or dream of being his girlfriend, wife, or the mother of his children. Given this context, Soccer Biography poses an important question:

Is Malick Thiaw married?

Indeed, Malick Thiaw has tied the knot. This fact came to light in an interview titled “My Story Below” with SkySport DE. Discussing his dietary preferences, Malick revealed that his wife often prepares a variety of African dishes for him, highlighting his focus on maintaining a healthy diet. This aspect is crucial for athletes, as seen in the biography of Orkun Kokcu.

Further research reveals that Birgit is the name of Malick Thiaw’s spouse. As of the time of this biography, Malick has kept his wife’s identity away from the public eye, and it remains uncertain if they have any children.

Day-to-Day Living Information:

Malick Thiaw’s lifestyle off the pitch contrasts significantly with his dynamic presence on the field. In a discussion with SkySport DE, he revealed a preference for a quiet, home-centric life. Those who live with him often find him relaxing on the couch, enjoying his downtime.

Family members occasionally need to encourage Thiaw to venture outside. When he does step out, he finds himself drawn to stylish clothing. Prior to his transfer to AC Milan, fashion wasn’t a significant interest for him. However, since moving to Italy and immersing himself in its football culture, Thiaw has observed that fashion plays a larger role, even among his fellow footballers. This shift in environment has influenced his approach to style and fashion.

Personal Characteristics:

Joshua Klaff, a former youth coach of Malick Thiaw, characterizes him as an amiable, easy-going individual, much like Benoît Badiashile. He notes that Malick has maintained his grounded nature since his childhood. Another youth coach, Caleb Kwarteng, describes Malick as exceptionally polite and somewhat shy yet possessing a humorous side, evident in his love for joking around, reflecting his warm and welcoming personality.

A significant aspiration in Malick Thiaw’s career has been to represent Germany in football. He regards Germany as a prominent football nation with a historically successful team, a team he has supported since his youth. Malick has always believed in his capability to play for the German national team.

A challenging period in Malick’s career was Schalke’s relegation season in April 2021. This downturn could have been detrimental to any player, but for Malick, it was a period of character-building. His resilience and strengthened character played a pivotal role in aiding Schalke’s return to the Bundesliga.

Personal Family Affairs of Malick Thiaw:

Growing up, the young defender was passionate about both football and ice hockey. Once Malick decided to focus on football, his family wholeheartedly backed his choice. Now, let’s take a closer look at both the immediate and extended family members in the Thiaw household.

The Patriarch of the Thiaw Family:

Souleymane, a former goalkeeper, is known for his innovative approach to parenting, especially in nurturing successful athletes like his son Malick. His peers often praise him for this forward-thinking mindset. Souleymane introduced Malick, Seny Laye, and their elder sister to both Senegalese and broader African cultures. He emphasized the importance of moral values to his children, underscoring the significance of gratitude for their blessings.

Malick Thiaw’s Maternal Parent:

Malick Thiaw’s mother, a key figure in his upbringing, significantly influenced him and his siblings to speak Finnish at home. She was dedicated to keeping her sons connected to their Finnish roots, which included regular family visits to Oulu to see their maternal relatives.

Besides inheriting a passion for sports from his father, Malick was also inspired by his mother, a former track and field athlete.

He often credits her for her commitment to taking him to various youth team events. When Thiaw started his professional journey in 2009, it was his mother who accompanied him during his successful trials at Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Malick’s Grandmother and Grandfather:

The grandparents from Malick Thiaw’s maternal side are often the most talked about in his family. He has a special fondness for visiting his grandmother in Oulu, his birthplace in west-central Finland.

During these visits, not only does he enjoy quality time with her, but he also develops a love for ice skating in the town. This interest in skating was so strong that, as mentioned earlier in his biography, it almost led him to pursue it professionally.

Thiaw’s last family trip to Finland happened when he was 13 years old. In the years since, they haven’t been able to visit together as a family. He has particularly fond memories of his grandmother’s cooking, especially her Finnish salmon and other fish dishes. While he’s generally not keen on potatoes, he makes an exception for the ones his grandmother prepares. The sauna experiences and moments spent with his maternal relatives are also treasured memories for him.

Siblings in the Thiaw Household:

Malick Thiaw, a German footballer, has a brother who is a professional basketball player. Seny Laye Thiaw plays for ART Giants Düsseldorf, a basketball club based in Düsseldorf, Germany, which is also his place of birth. Seny Laye is particularly skilled in scoring points and rebounds in basketball.

It is noted that Malick is the middle child in a family with a strong athletic background. Alongside his younger brother, Seny Laye, he has an elder sister who is also engaged in sports.

Thiaw’s Familial Peer (Cousin):

In Thiaw’s extended family, football talent is prominent. According to Transfermarkt, Malick is related to Alassane Laye Thiaw, a skilled left winger at JFV Bremerhaven. Alassane is also adept at playing as a right-back and in the defensive midfield position. His team, JFV Bremerhaven, is situated in Bremerhaven, Germany, a city about 353.5 km away from Düsseldorf.

Alassane Thiaw, Malick’s cousin, holds dual citizenship in Germany and Senegal. He has made a notable impression with his football abilities, particularly during a match against his ex-team, SV Werder II, where his team secured a significant win.

In that match, Alassane’s performance was remarkable. His coach, Pinter, praised him, stating, “Alassane has all the necessary football skills; he’s a well-rounded player. We aim to further enhance his skills. He has great potential and needs to continue working diligently.”

Unknown Aspects:

In the concluding part of Malick Thiaw’s Biography, we’ll reveal additional lesser-known facts about him. Let’s dive in without delay.

Thiaw’s FIFA Persona:

In football, it’s rare to find a center-back as tall as 6 feet 4 inches with exceptional movement abilities. Even high-profile players like Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konate and OGC Nice’s Jean-Clair Todibo often don’t possess elite acceleration and sprint speed despite their height. Malick Thiaw, however, is an exception in this category.

His FIFA game statistics highlight this uniqueness. Thiaw boasts a high jumping rating of 84, coupled with notable speed (76) and acceleration (72).

Similar to Jan Paul Van Hecke, Malick’s defensive capabilities are also impressive, with an awareness rating of 77, a standing tackle of 78, and a sliding tackle of 77. These qualities position Thiaw as one of the most promising and swiftly developing centrebacks in global football.

Income Package of Malick Thiaw:

The German Defender’s contract with AC Milan secures him a weekly salary of €19,808 and an annual income of €1,031,600. In comparison to his peers at AC Milan, Thiaw’s salary is considerably lower. As per Capology’s 2023 statistics, team members such as Mike Maignan earn substantially more than Thiaw.

Financial Worth of the Tall Defensive Player:

In Senegal, where Malick Thiaw’s father is from, the average annual income is about 4,201,000 XOF, as per World Salaries data. Comparing this to Thiaw’s annual earnings at AC Milan, which are 677,140,805 XOF or €1,031,600, it would take an average person in Senegal around 161 years to earn what Thiaw does in a year. This figure greatly surpasses what one could typically earn in a lifetime.

Malick Thiaw’s Religion:

The German defender Malick Thiaw practices Islam, as was evident when he shared a photo dressed in Islamic attire with his brother, extending Eid Mubarak greetings to his followers during the 2022 Salah festivities. He adheres to his father’s faith, Islam, a religion that is followed by approximately 95% of people in Senegal.

Final Notes:

Malick Thiaw, born on August 8, 2001, in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the child of Souleymane Thiaw, hailing from Senegal, and Marjo Kristiina Thiaw, of Finnish origin.

Raised alongside his brother, Seny Laye Thiaw, a professional basketball player, and his older sister, Malick grew up in a household rich in languages. He fluently speaks Finnish, his mother’s language, and Wolof, his father’s native Senegalese tongue. In addition to learning Italian, he is also proficient in English and French.

Athletic talent runs in Thiaw’s family. His mother, Marjo Kristiina, was a track and field athlete, and his father, Souleymane, played soccer as a goalkeeper in Senegal.

Malick spent his childhood in Germany, immersed in the diverse cultural backgrounds of his parents. His early years were also marked by a significant interest in ice hockey, a sport he closely engaged with during visits to Oulu, his mother’s Finnish hometown.

Career Narrative:

Returning from a holiday in Finland, Malick was encouraged by his best friend to try out for the local football team, TV Kalkum-Wittlaer. Heeding this advice, his mother, Marjo Kristiina, took him to enrol with TV Kalkum-Wittlaer in Düsseldorf. Malick successfully passed their trials and joined the team.

He spent around three seasons with TV Kalkum-Wittlaer before transitioning to Fortuna Düsseldorf in 2009. After a year, he moved to Bayer Leverkusen and then to Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2011. Thiaw remained with the Fohlen until the summer of 2015, after which he joined FC Schalke 04.

Paolo Maldini, the AC Milan club legend and a five-time Champions League winner, was impressed with Thiaw and played a key role in his transfer to the Italian club. As a member of AC Milan, which is undergoing a resurgence, Thiaw aims to continue growing his career. A 2023 report had it that his agent is trying to engineer his move to Real Madrid. As I conclude, Malick aspires to be a part of the German national team for the 2024 Euros, which is set to be held in Germany.

Expression of Gratitude:

We appreciate you taking the time to explore Soccer Biography’s presentation of Malick Thiaw’s life story. Our commitment to accuracy and fairness guides us in delivering authentic German Football Stories. Thiaw’s biography is a part of our extensive European Football Stories collection.

Should you notice any discrepancies in our article about Malick, please inform us via the comments section. Additionally, we welcome your thoughts on Thiaw, a player known for his politeness and modesty, and who, according to GOAL in October 2023, has caught the attention of Real Madrid, ready to invest heavily in him.

Beyond Malick Thiaw’s story, we offer a variety of football biographies. The life stories of these fast-rising footballers, Jarell Quansah and Simon Adingra, are also available, and they promise to enrich your interest in soccer autobiographies.

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