Lyndon Dykes Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This biography of Lyndon Dykes provides an in-depth look at his life from his early years to the present. Learn about his family, including his mother, Julie Dyke, father John Dykes, sister Hollie Dykes, uncle Stuart Stevenson Johnston, wife Victoria Thompson, and son Tiime Dykes.

The narrative delves into Dykes’ background, including his family roots, ethnicity, religion, education, and astrological sign. You’ll gain insight into his lifestyle, net worth, personality, and detailed breakdown of his earnings as a professional football player, right down to what he earns every second.

The article also covers the gripping tale of Lyndon Dykes, a talented individual who, before fully committing to football, excelled in rugby, leaving a remarkable impression despite facing severe health challenges, including a frightening battle with pneumonia that severely affected his breathing and caused him to faint twice during training sessions.


This detailed biography of Lyndon Dykes starts by exploring the defining moments of his childhood and early years. We will guide you through his ascent to prominence, starting with his time at the Robina High Football Academy and his passionate shift to professional football. The narrative then chronicles the early stages of his career in Australia and his remarkable rise to fame in the Scottish football scene.

As we delve into Lyndon Dykes’ life story, we aim to captivate you with the journey of this Australian football star. Our article traces his path from a young teenager in Australia to achieving recognition in his professional career.

Lyndon has emerged as an exciting talent in football, particularly known for his role as a formidable centre-forward. His career took a significant turn when he joined the Queens Park Rangers of the EFL Championship. Despite starting later in his football journey, Lyndon’s relentless spirit has been evident.

In our exploration of football stories from the United Kingdom, we noticed a gap in the narrative of this Australian player. Realizing that only a few are acquainted with Lyndon Dykes’ life story, we’ve compiled this engaging biography. Let’s embark on this journey to uncover his story!

Introduction to Lyndon Dykes’ Early Life:

Beginning our biography, Lyndon John Dykes was born on October 7, 1995, in Gold Coast, Australia, to his parents, Julie Dykes and Mr John Dykes. In the family, Lyndon was the younger of two children, both born from the union of Mr. and Mrs. Dykes.

Early Years Narrative:

Lyndon grew up in Canberra, far from his birthplace on the Gold Coast of Queensland. As the youngest child of Julie and John, he recalls a joyful upbringing filled with cherished family moments.

Hollie, his elder sister, was the firstborn in the Dykes family. She was not just a sister but also a caring figure who showered Lyndon with affection and camaraderie. The duo spent their childhood playing and exploring together, forming an inseparable bond.

Lyndon’s sibling relationship with Hollie was unique. Unlike many of her peers, Hollie wasn’t as interested in typical girlhood pastimes like playing with dolls; instead, she shared a profound love for sports with her brother. This common interest brought them closer, making their bond extraordinarily strong and their childhood memories filled with shared adventures and playful days.

Early Life of Lyndon Dykes:

Lyndon Dykes grew up in a family where a passion for sports was a common thread, each member excelling in various athletic pursuits. This affinity for competitive sports seemed almost like a legacy in the Dykes household.

Julie, Lyndon’s mother, was not only a gymnast but also adept in hockey and badminton. His sister, Hollie, similarly followed in the gymnastic tradition, achieving considerable success and accolades in her discipline.

On the other hand, Lyndon’s father, John, pursued cycling, while his uncle, Stuart Stevenson Johnston, made his mark in football playing for an Australian club. Lyndon himself initially gravitated towards rugby, aiming to make a name for himself on the field.

Despite his early affinity for rugby, Lyndon eventually shifted his focus to football during his teenage years, inspired by his uncle and the supportive influence of his mother. Though he dabbled in basketball and Aussie Rules football, it was the football pitch where he truly aimed to excel.

However, this path was not without concern for his mother, Julie. She often felt anxious about the physical toll of sports on Lyndon, especially distressed when he suffered severe injuries like concussions. Witnessing her son endure such pain was heart-wrenching for her.

Family Background of Lyndon Dykes:

While the previous section highlighted the athletic talents within Lyndon Dykes’ family, they also engaged in various professions to support their household. Here’s an insight into their lives beyond the sports field.

Lyndon’s father, John Dykes, aside from being an avid cyclist, worked as a bricklayer. According to the New York Times, this profession provided the primary financial support for the family, with John dedicating himself to both his career and passion.

Julie, Lyndon’s mother and a skilled gymnast, also took on the role of a cleaner. Balancing her time between badminton and her job, she strived to contribute to the family’s income and elevate their living standards.

Despite the hard work and dedication of both parents, the financial returns from their jobs were modest. Consequently, as the children grew older, they, too, were expected to contribute to the family’s income, reflecting a collective effort to support one another.

Family Heritage of Lyndon Dykes:

Well-known as a native of the Gold Coast in Australia, Lyndon Dykes holds Australian nationality, sharing his birth country with other notable athletes such as Caitlin Foord, the talented Kyra Cooney-Cross and Hayley Raso.

The roots of the Dykes family trace back to Scotland. Lyndon’s father, John Dykes, hails from the quaint town of Moniaive, while his mother, Julie Dykes, originates from Dumfries. Thus, Lyndon was born as the younger of two children to parents deeply rooted in Scottish heritage.

Lyndon Dykes’ Cultural Heritage:

The accomplished footballer enjoys a rich cultural identity and possesses dual nationalities. Lyndon was born in Australia, giving him an inherent connection to the country and its diverse cultural landscape.

However, his lineage extends beyond Australian shores. His parents, originating from Scotland, have imparted their Scottish heritage onto him. This combination of Australian and Scottish backgrounds doesn’t just offer him dual citizenship; it weaves together the traditions, values, and experiences of both nations. Again, this unique blend has not only influenced his personal life but has also left an imprint on his football career, reflecting his profound connection to both countries.

Educational Background of Lyndon Dykes:

Despite the financial problem faced by the family, Lyndon Dykes’ parents ensured he received a formal education by enrolling him at Robina State High School, a prominent institution located in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Alongside his academic pursuits, Lyndon also dedicated himself to honing his football skills. Under the guidance of his teacher and sports team leader, Alex Morrison, he began to adapt and refine his techniques. Given his background in rugby, transitioning to football required Lyndon to learn and master a new set of patterns and strategies to excel on the football field.

Lyndon Dykes’ Journey in Football:

At the age of 14, Dykes was actively involved in the rugby league community of Canberra. Yet, following a relocation back to the Gold Coast, he found himself amidst the Maori rugby scene of his hometown. Amidst concerns for his safety, his mother urged a shift to a less hazardous sport.

It was then that Lyndon’s uncle intervened, introducing him to Robina Soccer Club. Concurrently, Lyndon took to the field with his school’s team, benefiting from the coaching and mentorship of his teacher. By the time he was sixteen, he had joined forces with Stuart Stevenson Johnston at the Mudgeeraba club.

Transitioning from the intensity and physicality of rugby to the strategic and technical demands of football was a significant shift for Dykes. Nevertheless, his resilient and determined nature ensured that it wasn’t long before he adapted to and thrived in his new sporting environment.

Lyndon Dykes’ Ascent to Prominence:

Dykes continued his football journey with Mudgeeraba until he reached the senior level. Subsequently, he transitioned to Merrimac Football Club in Australia. By the age of 19, after making 16 appearances and netting 28 goals for Merrimac, he was ready for the next step.

In the summer of 2015, Dykes embraced a new challenge by joining Queen of the South’s under-20 squad on a free transfer. That same year, in autumn, he became a key player for Redlands United FC, making a significant impact in each game, scoring consistently in his 15 appearances.

Despite short stints at Gold Coast City FC and Surfers Paradise Apollo, Dykes continued to excel, though a major breakthrough in Australia’s top leagues eluded him.

Finally, an opportunity arose from his parents’ homeland, Scotland. Queen of the South in Dumfries recognized his potential and signed him for over two hundred thousand dollars, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Like Robin Le Normand, Dykes left his birth country to represent another, setting the stage for his rising fame.

Lyndon Dykes’ Journey to Stardom:

For Lyndon Dykes, Queen of the South FC in Scotland’s third-tier league was more than just a team; it was a crucial milestone in his career. His time there was marked by significant achievements, including a memorable goal against Hibernian and a trophy win. His performance earned him a contract extension in the winter of 2016/17.

While playing for Dumfries, Dykes made over 80 appearances and scored 19 goals. His career trajectory shifted in the 2019–2020 season when he moved to Livingston amidst a Premiership relegation battle. It was here that he distinguished himself by becoming the first player in the club’s origin to score a top-tier hat trick.

On August 16, 2020, Dykes’ path led him to Queens Park Rangers, coinciding with the departure of notable players like Eberechi Eze, Bright Osayi, and Charlie Austin. His exceptional performance quickly earned him the Player of the Month award, thanks to his six goals in consecutive games, and he concluded the season as the club’s leading scorer, securing yet another contract extension.

At the time this biography was penned, Dykes had established himself as a pivotal player for Scotland despite recent health challenges. The Scottish forward has evolved from a late bloomer to a premier striker. He stands alongside other Scottish talents such as Billy Gilmour, Che Adams, Scott McTominay, and John McGinn, not to mention his fellow forward Kevin Nisbet. His story, often said to be history, continues to inspire.

Lyndon Dyke’s Personal Life – Victoria Thompson:

Reaching the professional echelons of football is a significant achievement for any player, and with that comes the opportunity to focus on both professional growth and personal life. Many athletes, amidst their busy careers, find time for romance and family, becoming part of the well-known community of athlete spouses and partners, often referred to as WAGs.

In this aspect of his life, Lyndon Dykes is no different. He found love with Victoria Thompson, a native of Dumfries, Scotland. Their paths crossed while Lyndon was showcasing his talents at Queen of the South, a club celebrated for its passionate players and supportive fans in Dumfries.

Their relationship quickly blossomed, leading to an intimate and joyful wedding in 2018, surrounded by their closest family and friends. This celebration marked the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

Two years into their marriage, in 2020, the couple welcomed a son they affectionately named “Tinime,” bringing even more happiness and fulfilment to their lives. Lyndon’s journey from his football achievements to his family life paints a picture of joy and contentment, as evidenced by the heartwarming support he gets from his family.

Lyndon Dyke’s Relationship Controversy:

Every relationship has its own narrative, filled with moments that later become cherished memories. However, the beginning of Lyndon Dyke’s romance was met with controversy and public attention.

The relationship between Lyndon Dykes and Victoria Thompson caught the public eye for its unusual beginnings. Victoria was previously married to Jim Thompson, who was Lyndon’s former manager at Dumfries club. Adding to the intrigue, Lyndon had been a visitor to Jim’s home back in 2016, which added layers to the unfolding story.

The development of this relationship became a topic of speculation and gossip, with various narratives spun by onlookers. Despite the whirlwind of rumours and discussions, the individuals involved chose not to disclose their perspectives publicly.

As time has passed, all parties have moved forward, focusing on their family lives and relishing the roles of parents and spouses. They have put the past behind them, finding joy and contentment in their present lives.

Off the Pitch – Lyndon Dykes’ Interests:

Away from the football field, the former Queen of the South forward, Lyndon Dykes, indulges in a variety of interests. He has a penchant for rugby league, a sport where he initially showcased his talents. In addition, Lyndon is an avid fan of the NFL and basketball, with a particular admiration for legendary player Allen Iverson.

When it comes to cuisine, Lyndon has a fondness for Italian, especially pasta, which he humorously admits could be his meal of choice indefinitely. Family time is also precious for Lyndon, as he enjoys vacations with his partner, Victoria Thompson, and their son Tiime, cherishing moments together away from the sport’s demands.

In terms of personality traits, Lyndon is a Libra, a zodiac sign associated with charm and a heartfelt commitment to bringing joy to loved ones. This aspect of his nature is evident in his loving relationship with Victoria.

He shares this astrological sign with fellow football luminaries such as Joao Neves (Defensive midfield), Guglielmo Vicario (goalkeeper), Mason Greenwood (right winger) and Felix Nmecha (central midfield), all noted for their distinct presence both on and off the field.

Family Influences in Lyndon Dykes’ Career:

The remarkable journey of this accomplished footballer has been significantly shaped by the steadfast support and encouragement from his family. This section delves into the pivotal role Lyndon Dykes’ family has played in both developing his character and propelling his professional life forward.

We aim to uncover and discuss the critical moments and intimate relationships that have punctuated his life. Each story offers deeper insight into his pathway to professional achievement and personal growth.

Profile of Lyndon Dykes’ Father:

Mr. John Dyke, a native of Scotland, balances his life between two demanding roles – as a competitive cyclist and a hardworking bricklayer. Imagine the resilience and strength required to lay bricks by day and then compete in cycling events. Although no photos are available to depict this, it’s evident that Lyndon likely inherited some of his father’s robust characteristics.

John Dyke nurtured his family with love and unity, even though financial abundance was limited. His dedication ensured that his children, Lyndon and Hollie, were raised with care and commitment, reflecting the family’s close-knit bond and collective perseverance.

Insight into Lyndon Dykes’ Mother:

Julie Dykes, originating from Dumfries in Scotland, is the proud mother of the QPR forward. She is a woman of athletic talent, engaging in both gymnastics and badminton. Had she pursued these sports at a professional level, she might have been a well-known figure in the athletic world.

More than her athletic pursuits, Julie is recognized for her dedicated motherhood. She was a nurturing and vigilant parent, particularly observant of the toll rugby took on her son, guiding him towards a transition that ultimately favoured his health and career. Her maternal insight has played a crucial role in shaping Lyndon into the star athlete he is today.

Profile of Lyndon Dykes’ Sister:

Hollie Dykes, Lyndon’s elder sister, has carved out her own path distinct from her brother’s football career. As a former competitive gymnast for Australia, she not only set an example for her younger brother but also achieved significant success in her own right, securing numerous medals until her retirement in 2008.

While Lyndon represents their parents’ homeland of Scotland in football, Hollie proudly represents their birth nation, Australia, in gymnastics. However, despite her success, Hollie chose to step away from the sport to pursue other interests, motivated by a desire not to be confined to the identity of a “gym princess.” Her decision reflects a personal journey beyond the realm of competitive sports.

Influential Relatives in Lyndon Dykes’ Life:

Stuart Stevenson Johnston, Lyndon Dykes’ uncle, played a pivotal role in guiding him towards football. With four children of his own already involved in the sport, and alongside Lyndon’s mother, they collectively encouraged the shift from rugby to football. But Stuart’s influence didn’t end with just the transition.

During the challenging times when Lyndon faced setbacks and considered abandoning his football aspirations, Stuart was there to provide unwavering encouragement and support. His mentorship and motivational words were instrumental in bolstering Lyndon during the crucial early stages of his career.

Discovering the Hidden Gems:

As we draw closer to the end of Lyndon Dykes’ biography, we aim to shine a light on some lesser-known aspects of his life. This section is dedicated to unravelling the more intriguing and lesser-spoken details of his journey. Join us as we delve into these captivating elements of his life story.

Lyndon Dykes’ Body Art:

The Scottish forward is known for the extensive collection of tattoos adorning his body. With a myriad of designs, ranging from avian imagery and script to significant dates such as the commencement of his international career with Scotland, his tattoos are so numerous they could almost constitute a wardrobe of their own. Lyndon frequents the Rock n Roll tattoo studio in Glasgow for most of his body art, where he adds to his already impressive array.

Religious Affiliation of Lyndon Dykes:

Lyndon Dykes has ties to both Australia and Scotland, nations where Christianity is a prevalent religion. The name “Lyndon,” associated with “lime tree,” is understood to have Christian connotations. Additionally, as a prominent player in the EFL Championship, he is known to celebrate Christmas, indicating an adherence to Christian traditions and beliefs.

Lyndon Dykes’ Financial Journey:

Lyndon Dykes’ professional evolution reflects his tireless dedication and resilience. Initially recognized as a latecomer to the sport, he has now secured his place as a celebrated player in the English Premier League. While playing for Livingston during the 2018/19 season, his weekly earnings were around 577 Euros.

However, his salary witnessed a significant leap as he started to earn over 17,000 euros per week, marking a substantial advancement in his football career. This financial progression highlights his determination and hard work. As a result, he stands as the third highest-paid player at Queens Park Rangers.

In terms of net worth, estimates place Lyndon Dykes’ value between 1 and 2 million dollars. This figure likely includes not only his earnings from football but also potential income from other investments and endorsements, showcasing the fruitful outcome of his career endeavours.

Lyndon Dykes in FIFA:

The Queens Park Rangers Forward has defied critics with his remarkable skills and unwavering ambition. In the FIFA video game series, Lyndon is like Anastasios Douvikas and Tobias Lauritsen, who are recognized for their capabilities as goal scorers (Lyndon Fbref’s stats can attest to that). Attributes that set him apart include his powerful shot, enduring stamina, and considerable strength, all contributing to his competitive edge in the game.

Concluding Remarks:

Born on October 7, 1995, in Gold Coast, Australia, Lyndon John Dykes was raised in a family deeply involved in sports. The centre forward also shares the same 1995 year of birth as Manuel Akanji. Also, he, alongside notables like Felix Nmecha and Mason Greenwood, was born under the Libra zodiac sign.

Lyndon Dykes parents and elder sister, Hollie, all engaged in various athletic activities, creating an environment that naturally steered him towards an athletic career. Initially drawn to rugby, he later transitioned to football, significantly influenced by his family’s guidance.

Education and early involvement in sports were critical in shaping Lyndon’s early life. Despite financial challenges, his parents committed to his education at Robina State High School, where his sports teacher, Alex Morrison, was instrumental in developing his football skills. This early guidance led him to discover his passion and talent for football.

Lyndon’s career is a testament to his perseverance and skill. Beginning with rugby, shifting to football, and progressing through local clubs, he achieved a breakthrough when he was called up by Scotland. His ascent continued with impressive performances for Queen of the South and Queens Park Rangers, validating his pursuit of football and establishing him as a distinguished international player.

Off the field, Lyndon’s life is enriched by his family. He and his wife, Victoria Thompson, have quickly formed a close-knit family with the birth of their son “Tiime,” adding personal fulfilment to his professional achievements. Together, Lyndon’s journey in both his career and personal life illustrates a story of resilience, love, and unwavering commitment.


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