Lineth Beerensteyn Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This memoir unveils the Biography of Lineth Beerensteyn, providing insights into her childhood, early life, parents – Kenneth Beerensteyn (her father) and Linda Beerensteyn (her mother), family background, romantic life, siblings – including her brother, Rodney, grandparents, and other family members.

This profile of Lineth Beerensteyn offers information about her family origin, ethnicity, religious beliefs, hometown, education, tattoos, net worth, astrological sign, and personal life.

In essence, this write-up traces the life story of Lineth Beerensteyn. From an early age of two, this young girl recognized her calling to be a footballer, challenging gender norms to follow her passion for football in her homeland.

Through SoccerBiography, we present the narrative of a determined athlete who fearlessly joined in football games with her brothers and other boys, refusing to let societal expectations deter her passion for the sport. Her unyielding resolve to follow her dreams was evident in each strike of the ball.


We commence our rendition of Lineth Beerensteyn’s biography by retracing the significant steps of her early years and the pivotal events that forged her journey. We’ll then move on to elaborate on Beerensteyn’s initial career accomplishments, marking her rise to fame.

Lastly, we’ll share how this gifted Dutch forward ascended to become one of the premier footballers in the Netherlands, demonstrating her extraordinary rise in Dutch football.

At SoccerBiography, we aim to satiate your curiosity for autobiographies as we unfold Lineth Beerensteyn’s life story.  Surely, everyone acknowledges that Lineth Beerensteyn was a part of the Dutch team that clinched the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 victory.

Additionally, she holds the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Moreover, as a team member of Bayern Munich, she celebrated the win of the Frauen-Bundesliga in 2020–21.

Upon exploring the lives of Dutch professional women footballers, we discovered a lack of comprehensive information about Lineth Beerensteyn’s intriguing life story.

Truthfully, not many fans are acquainted with Lineth Beerensteyn’s biography, which is quite captivating. So, let’s delve into it without further ado.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Early Years:

To initiate the biography, the distinguished striker, often referred to as Lineth Beerensteyn, was christened Lineth Enid Fabienne Beerensteyn at birth. She was born to her parents, Linda Beerensteyn (her mother) and Kenneth Beerensteyn (her father), on the 11th day of October 1996, in The Hague, Netherlands.

Beerensteyn was welcomed into her family as one among several children. She has older brothers, making us believe that she is possibly the only daughter in the family. All of these children were born to Kenneth and Linda, their parents.

Meet Lineth Beerensteyn’s parents, the pillars of her success. They instilled in her the importance of a strong work ethic and the value of resilience. Specifically, her mother, Linda, played an instrumental role in supporting Lineth until her tragic demise in 2022.

Childhood Years:

Lineth Beerensteyn’s early years were spent in The Hague, where she was born and raised. She grew up in the company of her elder brothers. Together with her siblings, the young soccer talent enjoyed playing football with other kids in their vicinity.

According to Lineth’s mother, her daughter displayed a strong determination from an early age. When she was just two years old, Lineth confidently shared her future ambitions with her parents, declaring, “Do you know what I’m going to be when I grow up? I’m going to play football!”

Despite her mother’s initial surprise and comment that “women don’t play football,” Lineth remained steadfast in her passion. She continued to engage in soccer games with her brothers and neighborhood boys.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Early Years:

Like many sports superstars, Lineth Beerensteyn’s first introduction to football occurred at a very young age. Despite being generally calm as a child, her composed demeanor didn’t stop her from actively engaging in football, her dream pursuit.

Kenneth, Lineth’s father, initially resisted the idea of his daughter playing football with boys. He was under the impression that people admired her just because she was a girl, rather than truly recognizing her talent.

Nevertheless, Lineth continued to play football with her brothers and neighborhood boys who acknowledged her skills. As a young girl, she demonstrated remarkable speed and agility, making many assume she would pursue athletics.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Family Background:

It is noteworthy that the celebrated forward comes from a family with a sporting background. As per our research, one of Lineth Beerensteyn’s parents, her late mother Linda, was an athlete in her younger days. Given her parents’ professions, it seems that Beerensteyn hails from a middle-class family background.

While her father’s occupation is not known, it is clear that Kenneth had a job that allowed him to provide for his family. Linda, her mother, served in a hospital for 37 years. After retirement, she began working as a self-employed caregiver for a private home care agency.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Family Origin:

Lineth Beerensteyn, the celebrated forward for Juventus, was born and raised in The Hague, Netherlands. Although her parents have Maroon roots, Beerensteyn spent her formative years in The Hague, the third-largest city in Holland (the Netherlands) and also the seat of the country’s government.

As of 2021, The Hague’s population was estimated to be around 545,310 people. Known for its rich cultural heritage, the city offers an array of museums, art galleries, and more. Moreover, it boasts a diverse populace and seamlessly blends modern facilities with picturesque natural landscapes.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Ethnic Background:

Based on SoccerBiography’s findings, it can be inferred that Lineth Beerensteyn, the renowned Dutch footballer, has African roots (like Naomi Girma). Specifically, she seems to belong to the Maroon ethnic group, given her complexion. Furthermore, her parents, Linda and Kenneth, were both born and brought up in Suriname before relocating to The Hague.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Education:

Though the specifics about Lineth Beerensteyn’s schooling are not readily available, it is known that she completed her primary education, spanning six years, in The Hague.

Upon looking further, it becomes clear that Beerensteyn acknowledged the significance of education in parallel to her fervor for sports. Hence, she committed herself to diligently pursuing both concurrently.

Career Foundation:

Beerensteyn’s early career aspirations were greatly inspired by her admiration for the legendary footballer Ronaldinho. She embraced her dream of becoming a professional player from a tender age of two. Her formal career kicked off when she was eight years old, during which she played with a boys’ team.

Observing their daughter’s deep-seated passion, Beerensteyn’s parents made sacrifices to help her achieve her dreams. Her father, in particular, escorted her to football events, reflecting his unwavering dedication and seriousness towards her dreams.

Lineth Beerensteyn Biography – Soccer Journey:

At first, Beerensteyn’s parents found it somewhat unconventional for their daughter to play football, considering it a predominantly male sport. They suggested that she should opt for sports more typically associated with girls, like athletics or sprinting.

Nevertheless, the dynamic Dutch forward was persistent and continued playing football with her brother and his friends, including those older than her. When her father took her brother to register at the DHC football club in Delft, Lineth insisted on coming along.

While walking across the field, she excitedly pointed out that there were girls playing football there too. At first, he dismissed it, thinking they were boys with long hair. However, the coach overheard and clarified that girls were equally welcomed at the club.

This marked the beginning of Beerensteyn’s journey towards professionalism at the tender age of eight. Intriguingly, her father signed her up at DHC in Delft, along with her brother. At DHC, her exceptional talent and commitment to the sport quickly distinguished her from her peers.

Lineth Beerensteyn Biography – Journey to Stardom:

After a seven-year tenure with DHC, Sarina Wiegman, the current England Women’s national coach, spotted Beerensteyn and introduced her to ADO. At sixteen, she was persuaded to join the professional club in The Hague.

Beerensteyn had an exceptional stint with ADO Den Haag’s women’s team, helping them clinch the KNVB Cup twice with her exceptional goal-scoring skills. During her four seasons at the club, she played 85 games, netting an impressive 39 goals.

Her stellar performances piqued the interest of leading Dutch professional clubs. Finally, FC Twente made a decisive move, and in 2016 she relocated to the club located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, making Enschede her new home.

Beerensteyn’s stint in Enschede was short-lived as she played just one season with FC Twente women’s team, scoring nine goals in 21 games. The top-tier club, Bayern Munich, expressed interest in her, leading to her eventual transfer.

Lineth Beerensteyn Biography – Ascension to Fame:

Beerensteyn spent five seasons with the Bayern Munich women’s team in the Bundesliga. Despite not being a regular starter, she had a successful run, consistently scoring goals and unsettling German defences with her speed.

Moreover, the nimble forward netted 17 goals in 87 matches for the German powerhouse. In 2022, Beerensteyn decided to leave southern Germany. Juventus offered a promising opportunity, prompting her to embark on an Italian journey, joining the ranks of players like Julia Grosso at Juventus.

At Juventus, she gets more frequent starts and consistently scores. As a key player in Turin, Beerensteyn’s presence significantly influences the playing style of the Juventus women‘s squad.

International Career:

Lineth Beerensteyn debuted for the Dutch women’s team in a friendly match against South Africa on June 4, 2016. Before her senior national team debut, she had been a part of numerous youth teams for several years.

In 2014, the forward was instrumental in clinching the European Under-19 Championship. Beerensteyn was also a member of the Dutch team that won the 2017 European Championship held in the Netherlands.

The fast attacker was part of the squad that won the Algarve Cup with the Orange Lionesses in 2018. The former FC Twente player helped the national team reach the 2019 World Cup final, where they finished as runners-up.

One of her notable achievements includes scoring the decisive goal against Canada in the group stage. The rest, as they say, of Lineth Beerensteyn’s biography is now history.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Relationship Status:

Despite her stellar performances in Italy, Lineth Beerensteyn is currently single. As of June 2023, she does not have a significant other. The athlete offers a unique glimpse into her private life to her almost 50,000 Instagram followers.

Moreover, there is no known record of her past relationships. However, Beerensteyn often highlights her strong familial bonds, signifying the immense value she places on her family ties. According to our research, Lineth has no children.

Personal Aspects:

Beyond her avid love for football, Lineth Beerensteyn indulges in a variety of activities. From a young age, she participated in numerous sports, such as track and field, parallel to her dedication to football.

To preserve her physical health, this member of the Orange Lionesses emphasizes a well-rounded diet. With a 5 ft 3 in (1.61 m) and height and a lean body weight of around 53kg, Lineth Beerensteyn prioritizes her fitness. She has a vibrant personality and abundant talent.

The Dutch player takes pleasure in physical training to refine her skills and is an avid user of Nike products. A Libra by birth, she shares this star sign with other distinguished individuals like Simi Awujo and Lauren James. It’s worth noting that Beerensteyn has a dark complexion.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Way of Life:

Apart from her passion for football, Lineth Beerensteyn loves vacationing and spending time at the beach. These activities offer her a respite from the pressures of her sport and an avenue to relax. She is fond of exploring mesmerizing destinations.

She finds joy in places like the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, where she can bask in the dynamic environment and enjoy the sun-drenched beaches. Also, spots like Palma De Mallorca in Spain, with their beautiful landscapes and tranquil coastal allure, draw her attention.

Pursuing these pastimes allows Lineth Beerensteyn to decompress, rejuvenate, and create precious memories away from the football pitch. Despite being driven by her professional goals, she doesn’t focus excessively on leading a lavish lifestyle.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Family Bonds:

The Dutch goal-scoring dynamo relishes the time she spends with her family, which adds balance, joy, and grounding to her life off the pitch.

She deeply appreciates the unwavering support and love she receives from her tight-knit family. Now, let’s discuss her family members, starting with her father.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Father:

Kenneth Beerensteyn, Lineth Beerensteyn’s father, has been a cornerstone of support and inspiration throughout her football journey. From early on, he saw her zeal and knack for the game and has been her most ardent cheerleader.

He offered advice, encouragement, and endless training sessions to help her cultivate her skills and achieve her maximum potential. Kenneth has been present at her games, rooting for her from the stands and joyously celebrating her triumphs.

His faith in her capabilities has fostered a strong sense of self-assurance in Beerensteyn. It continually drives her to strive for excellence. She acknowledges her father’s devotion and sacrifices for her football success, and their bond is a testimony to their special connection.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Mother:

Lineth Beerensteyn’s mother, Linda Beerensteyn, was a significant figure in her football career. She offered consistent support and fostered her daughter’s passion for the game. Throughout Beerensteyn’s journey, her mother was a continuous source of love, inspiration, and motivation.

From her formative years in training and youth football, her mother was there every step of the way. The relationship between Beerensteyn and her mother was characterized by deep affection and respect. Her mother’s sacrifices and dedication influenced her professional determination and commitment to her ambitions.

Until her final moments, Linda actively supported her daughter’s career, offering wisdom and cheering from the stands. Beerensteyn is deeply thankful for her mother’s impact and steadfast support in her quest for football greatness.

The passing of Beerensteyn’s Mother:

On October 8, 2022, the forward revealed the passing of her cherished mother on her Instagram account. She penned;

“My mother, the strongest and most beautiful person I knew, departed from us all too soon. My heart feels shattered, and it can never fully mend because a piece will always be missing. That piece is her. She is and will always be my everything.”

“I thank you for being the best mother possible, Mom. My joy with you will forever remain. I’ll miss you so much, Mom. I love you immensely. Rest in peace, Mom. You have transformed into a beautiful star in the sky,” expressed the forward.

Lineth Beerensteyn’s Siblings:

Our research suggests that Beerensteyn has two brothers, one of whom is named Rodney Beerensteyn. She used to play with her brothers and their friends during her early career. One of her brothers was a prominent amateur player, while she became a professional.

Despite the lack of extensive information about her brothers, it’s evident that they are among Beerensteyn’s biggest cheerleaders and are incredibly proud of her.

Undisclosed Details:

In the final segment of Lineth Beerensteyn’s biography, we’ll explore interesting facts about her that might be unknown to you. Prepare for some intriguing discoveries as we embark on this concluding chapter.


The ex-ADO Den Haag Striker’s statistics bear resemblance to those of renowned players such as Christine Sinclair, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, and Geyse Ferreira. She is a forward who boasts goal-scoring prowess, vision, and the ability to create chances for her teammates. Here’s a glance at Lineth Beerensteyn’s Sofifa stats.

This star player is among the top-ranked female soccer athletes. Her FIFA rating shows an impressive potential of 83 and a total score of 80. Beerensteyn is well-known for her extraordinary skills in Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Dribbling, Ball control, Agility, and more.

What is Lineth Beerensteyn’s Religion?

While Lineth Beerensteyn has not publicly stated her religious preferences, SoccerBiography speculates that she might be a follower of Christianity, a religion that a significant proportion of the Dutch populace practices.


Beerensteyn features among the ranks of female footballers who have adorned their bodies with tattoos, such as Sam Kerr and Fran Kirby. These athletes often opt for tattoos as a form of self-expression or as a source of inspiration and motivation. Notably, Beerensteyn has a tattoo on her arm depicting a person in prayer reaching out towards the sky. Refer to the image below.

Net Worth:

Beyond being one of the most popular female footballers in the Netherlands, Beerensteyn is also among the wealthiest. As of June 1, 2023, it’s estimated that Lineth Beerensteyn’s net worth ranges between $1 to $5 million.

Concluding Remarks:

Lineth Enid Fabienne Beerensteyn was born on October 11, 1996, to her parents, Kenneth Beerensteyn (father) and Linda Beerensteyn (mother), in The Hague, Netherlands. She is of Dutch nationality and Maroon ethnicity.

Beerensteyn’s journey towards becoming a professional footballer began as early as age two. As she grew older, she started playing with her brother and his friends. Observing her dedication and passion, her father, Kenneth, enrolled her in her first football club alongside her older brother.

Essentially, her full-fledged career began at the age of eight when she started playing with the boys in DHC Delft, her first club. After spending seven years with them, she moved to the ADO Den Haag youth team under the guidance of the current England coach, Sarina Wiegman.

Since then, her career has seen her playing for the ADO Den Haag Senior team, Twente, and Bayern Munich. Lineth started her international career with the Netherlands national team at the tender age of 15 and she has represented her country in various categories, setting numerous records. Similar to Noa Lang and Ian Maatsen from the male football side of things, she is a fast-rising Dutch soccer star.

Lineth Beerensteyn Accolades:

Beerensteyn currently represents Juventus Women in Italy as a forward. Like Sophia Smith, she has been honored with various esteemed awards and recognitions for her extraordinary performance in national and club competitions. Notably, she was awarded the Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau in 2017.

Moreover, she was a part of the victorious team in the UEFA European Women’s Championship in 2017, and she claimed victory in the Algarve Cup in 2018. She also triumphed in the UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship in 2014.

Furthermore, Beerensteyn secured the KNVB Women’s Cup in 2012-13, finished as the runner-up in the BeNe Super Cup in 2012-13, and clinched the Frauen-Bundesliga title in the 2020-21 season, among other significant achievements.

Final Word of Gratitude:

We appreciate your interest in SoccerBiography’s rendition of Lineth Beerensteyn’s biography. We aim to maintain accuracy and fairness as we bring you the life histories of female Dutch footballers. This narrative of the goal machine, Lineth, is part of our compilation of women’s football stories.

At SoccerBiography, we work diligently to provide accurate and credible information about Beerensteyn’s career and accomplishments. If you have any feedback or spot any inaccuracies, please do let us know.

We’d also like to hear your opinions about Lineth Beerensteyn, the ex-Bayern Munich forward who has, on several occasions, grabbed Dutch Football headlines in the past.

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