Levi Colwill Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our Biography of Levi Colwill brings you facts about his early life, family – Levi Samuels Colwill (Father), Deborah Samuel Colwill (Mother), Brother – Jayvon Samuels Colwill, Girlfriend, Uncles (Barry and Byron Mason), and more.

This comprehensive story of Levi Colwill also shares details about his ancestry, hometown, religion, education, and more. We will delve into his lifestyle, personal life, estimated net worth, and salary details of the rapidly ascending English Centre-Back.

In essence, this account narrates the full life story of Levi Colwill. SoccerBiography narrates the tale of a young lad who became childhood friends with Jamal Musiala. Interestingly, the renowned German footballer and Levi share the same birthday.

Moreover, we will share the journey of a promising talent who is not averse to being dubbed as ‘The New John Terry.’ We will shed light on a footballer who does not mince words when he senses injustice. Despite being a Chelsea player on loan, Colwill once lauded Brighton and criticized his parent club (Chelsea). The act of upsetting Chelsea fans came through these words;

‘This club (Brighton) trusted me when others didn’t.’


The biography of Levi Colwill commences by highlighting significant occurrences during his formative years. Subsequently, our memoir offers insight into his early career with City Central and Chelsea Academy. Finally, our report describes his rise from the frustration of being loaned by Chelsea to becoming a notable talent with Brighton.

SoccerBiography aims to pique your interest in autobiographies as we take you through Levi Colwill’s life story.  Undeniably, the son of Samuels has journeyed far.

From a young boy nurtured by his parents on England’s south coast, Colwill has evolved into a swift and nimble Defender capable of tackling fast forwards like Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez.

Upon exploring the life stories of England Defenders, we identified a knowledge gap. We at SoccerBiography realized that numerous fans have yet to discover the riveting version of Levi Colwill’s biography. Without further delay, let’s commence.

Levi Colwill Early Life:

To begin, he is often referred to by his nickname, ‘The New John Terry,’ in the biography. His full names are Levi Lemar Samuels Colwill. The English professional footballer was born on February 26th, 2003, to his father, Levi Colwill Samuels, and mother, Deborah Samuel Colwill, in Southampton, England.

Levi is the eldest child of his parents. He is one of two male siblings (his brother, Jayvon, being the other) born to the joyous marital bond between his father, Samuel, and mother. Now, let’s introduce Levi Colwill’s parents, who hold an esteemed place in his life.

Childhood Years:

Levi Colwill spent his formative years in the city of Southampton, England. As a young boy, he was tasked with the responsibility of looking after his younger brother, Jayvon. It is evident that a significant age gap exists between Levi and his brother, Jayvon Samuels Colwill.

Levi Colwill’s Early Days:

The world of football has been a cornerstone in Levi’s life from the tender age of four when his family lived in Southampton. His earliest memories of engaging with the sport involve joyful moments spent playing football with his father, Levi Samuels, outside their family home in Southampton.

In his youth, Levi became incredibly close to Jamal Musiala, a professional footballer for Germany. Their bond deepened as they played together for the local team, City Central. Fun fact: Levi and Jamal Musiala, pictured left and right respectively, were born on the same day.

Given that his birthday falls on February 26, 2003, Colwill chose the jersey number 26 during his loan spell at Huddersfield Town. The footballer explains:

“People assume I chose the number because of John Terry. However, it’s due to my birthday – the 26th of February, 2003. Growing up, 26 was always my number, even when I played video games on the PlayStation.”

About Levi Colwill’s Family History:

Levi’s uncles, Byron Mason and Barry, were the main influencers behind the family’s passion for football. Both played for Sholing FC, an English football club based in the Sholing district of Southampton, Hampshire. The Mason brothers gained recognition for winning the 2014 FA Vase Final.

At the finals, young Colwill had the honor of walking out at the renowned Wembley Stadium as a mascot. This experience, alongside his uncles (Barry Mason and Byron) at the national stadium, further fueled Levi’s aspiration to pursue a professional football career.

His relatives’ involvement with Sholing, a non-League club from Southampton, truly inspired the young boy. On the day of the FA Vase Trophy final, Sholing, the team featuring Levi’s uncles, claimed victory against West Auckland Town.

As a proud mascot, Levi was seen standing with his uncle Barry as the teams (Sholing and West Auckland) lined up before the match. This was a significant moment for the budding footballer who had been part of Chelsea Football Academy for three years.

Reflecting on his inaugural visit to Wembley Stadium, which reignited his passion for football, Levi stated:

“I was simply appreciating the grandeur of the stadium. I remember thinking, ‘This stadium is breathtaking. Hopefully, one day I’ll participate in a final here.’ I haven’t had the opportunity to play there yet, but hopefully soon.”

“With my uncles having already secured a win at Wembley, it’s evident that I have large shoes to fill. Hopefully, I can uphold my family’s winning legacy.”

Levi Colwill’s Ancestry:

Often likened to John Terry, this left-footed Defender hails from Sholing, South England. As per TransferMkt data, Levi Colwill’s nationality is British. His family is rooted in Sholing, formerly known as Scholing. It is an area located on the eastern side of Southampton in Southern England, as shown on the map.

Levi Colwill’s Ethnicity:

Being the child of a Black father and a British mother, the Chelsea FC graduate is of mixed ethnicity. Technically, Levi Colwill is part of England’s Black British ethnic group. Our research shows that his father, Levi Samuels, traces his ancestry back to Africa.

Levi Colwill’s Life Story – The Football Journey:

Hailing from Southampton, the young talent began his football journey at Chelsea Academy’s under-9 level. Before this, he had played for City Central alongside his childhood friend, Jamal Musiala.

Levi joined the ranks of distinguished Chelsea Academy graduates such as Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Conor Gallagher, Tariq Lamptey, and Reece James (big brother to Lauren James). Upon his graduation in the 2021/2022 season, numerous clubs showed an interest in securing him on a loan deal.

Aware of the promising Defender’s potential, these clubs presented strong cases to Chelsea’s loan technical coach, Carlo Cudicini and the club’s academy director, Neil Bath. Huddersfield stood out amongst the interested parties, articulating how they could effectively utilize and nurture the young talent from Sholing.

Levi Colwill’s Biography – The Path to Glory:

Historically, Huddersfield and Chelsea enjoyed a fruitful relationship. Positive experiences with loan players such as Trevoh Chalobah, who later became a crucial member of Thomas Tuchel’s first team at Stamford Bridge, fostered trust between the two clubs. The success stories of Ben Chilwell and Emile Smith Rowe further cemented this trust.

Like many other Chelsea loanees (for instance, Billy Gilmour), Colwill was mentored by a loan player technical coach. That coach was Paulo Ferreira, a former Portuguese right-back who served Chelsea from 2004 to 2013. Colwill and Paulo shared a strong bond dating back to Levi’s days at Chelsea Academy. He spoke fondly of Paulo Ferreira, saying:

Paulo would attend any matches in London, and he would reach out to me after a game. He’d give me feedback on my performance, discussing what I did well and where I needed improvement. Paulo’s guidance played a significant role in my development.

Levi Colwill’s Biography – Ascension to Stardom:

While at Huddersfield on a loan deal, the Chelsea Academy product underwent an impressive growth trajectory. By January 2023, rumors circulated about the possibility of Levi being recalled from his loan to join Graham Potter’s team.

Before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Colwill made a significant career move by transferring to Brighton on loan. The arrival of Roberto De Zerbi at the club in September 2022 further bolstered his confidence and drive. Alongside rising talents like Julio Enciso (Paraguayan), Evan Ferguson (Irish), and Moisés Caicedo (Ecuadorian), Colwill flourished under the Italian manager’s guidance.

At the time of drafting this biography, media sources reported that Chelsea had turned down a £30 million offer from Brighton for a permanent contract with Levi. This news emerged around the same time Mauricio Pochettino, known for his preference for home-grown talents, was appointed as the head coach at Chelsea.

Excitingly for Levi Colwill’s parents, their eldest son earned his maiden call-up to the England national team in June 2023. Anticipations of seeing him partner with the likes of Harry Maguire or Tyrone Mings under Gareth Southgate’s leadership marked the onset of a promising chapter for the Defender. And with that, Levi Colwill’s journey into football history was well underway.

Character Traits:

Levi is an individual who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. His interest in cooking has escalated since he started living independently. He has been quoted saying;

I’m always ready to try new recipes, but spaghetti bolognese is my go-to dish.

It’s fail-proof, isn’t it? I like to add some salad cream (a more sugary variant of mayonnaise), which is quite easy to whip up.

My parents, my sibling, and I all have a fondness for salad cream and incorporate it in many of our meals.

When Levi Colwill isn’t engrossed in football practice or matches, he loves to catch up on sleep. His routine post-training typically involves preparing a meal, watching a favoured TV show or film, and taking a nap. Talking about his lifestyle, Colwill shared;

It may sound mundane, but I enjoy it. Living away from my family home has been smoother than I initially thought.

It’s primarily because I’m pursuing what I’m passionate about (playing football).

Even on non-match days, just being in the company of my teammates uplifts my spirits.

At the time of drafting this biography, there have been speculations about Levi Colwill being in a relationship, but the details remain unclear. Judging by his social media activity, the Brighton Centre-Back appears to prioritize showcasing his career achievements over sharing his personal life.

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