Leandro Trossard Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Dive into the captivating Biography of Leandro Trossard, starting with insights about his early life, including stories about his parents – Linda Scheepers (his mother) and Peter Trossard (his father).

Additionally, this memoir tells you facts about Leandro’s family roots, his relationships, particularly with his spouse, Laura Hilven, and the lifestyle they lead, including their choices in automobiles.

To give you a glimpse, we’re about to narrate the journey of a prodigious Belgian football talent originating from Genk. This chronicle travels through his humble beginnings to the moment he etched his name in the football annals.

Undoubtedly, his prowess on the field, resembling the style of Eden Hazard, makes him a prized gem for the Belgium national team. He joins the likes of Gabi Martinelli, Simon Adingra and Karou Mitoma as one of the Premier League’s fast-rising left-wingers in 2024.

However, most fans might not be acquainted with the detailed narrative of Leandro Trossard’s life. So, let’s dive right in.

Childhood Days of Leandro Trossard:

Commonly known amongst his peers as Le Tross, Leandro was welcomed into this world on December 4, 1994, by his mother, Linda Scheepers, and his father, Peter Trossard, in the quaint municipality of Genk, Belgium.

Research indicates that the talented footballer is the eldest of two siblings in the Trossard household. It’s hard not to notice that Leandro bears a striking resemblance to his father, Peter Trossard. Worth noting is that Linda Scheepers retained her maiden name even after marrying Peter.

Life as a Young Boy in Belgium:

A spirited young boy, Leandro’s childhood was filled with energy, mostly spent chasing a soccer ball.

According to his social media, Leandro and his younger sister, who share a striking resemblance, grew up in Lanklaar, a picturesque Belgian town. Here’s a snapshot of the siblings, reminiscing their shared memories.

Leandro’s younger days were spent near the Dilsen-Stokkem municipality in Belgium. This area is conveniently located just a short drive from Genk’s Luminus Arena, though it doesn’t fall within the city limits.

Insights into Leandro Trossard’s Family Life:

Leandro’s mother, Linda Scheeper, ran a cozy cafe in Lanklaar, Belgium, offering a range of light refreshments to patrons, many of whom were ardent supporters of Leandro. Meanwhile, his father, Peter Trossard, was a hardworking member of the Belgian workforce.

Collectively, they ensured a comfortable middle-class lifestyle for their family, managed their finances prudently, and never faced any monetary hardships.

Leandro Trossard’s Ancestral Background:

Hailing from Lanklaar, a serene town nestled in Belgium’s Limburg province near Hasselt, Leandro Trossard is a true Belgian by birth.

Ethnically, Leandro Trossard is associated with the Flemish Belgian group, predominant in Belgium’s Flemish region. The majority of this group communicate in Dutch, contrasting the French-speaking Belgians, amongst whom the likes of Thorgan Hazard are notable.

Leandro Trossard’s Academic Journey:

Like many Lanklaar children, young Leandro pursued mandatory education as dictated by Belgian norms. However, there came the point when he shifted his focus from academia, channelling all his energy towards his passion for football.

Records suggest that Leandro attended the Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege, a renowned secondary institution in Brussels.

Ascent to Football Stardom:

From his childhood days, Leandro’s fervor for football was unmistakable. He became so engrossed that his parents, Peter and Linda, often accompanied him to nearby football matches.

While engaging in football at Lanklaar’s Krekeldries area, Leandro and his peers made a pact. They were determined to excel, vowing that at least one amongst them would shine in professional football.

Of this group, Leandro, although the most petite, was unmistakably the most driven. He invested countless hours perfecting his craft in the very streets he grew up.

Even after relocating to Dilsen-Stokkem, he frequently revisited Lanklaar, cherishing the bond with his childhood comrades. As years rolled by, each friend pursued his own path.

Leandro Trossard’s Football Odyssey:

Identifying as a staunch Genkie from his early days, Leandro’s loftiest aspiration was to join the ranks of the esteemed Belgian club. Contrary to certain online narratives, Leandro only joined KRC Genk when he was sixteen.

His journey in football commenced with stints at a couple of local clubs. Under the watchful eyes of his parents, Leandro’s early football experiences were at Louis J. Mercierlaan, home to Patro’s youth teams.

By the age of twelve, Leandro firmly anchored his position with Patro, a modest Belgian outfit, where he spent numerous memorable moments.

However, at fifteen, destiny took him to FC Bocholt, another Belgian club located in Limburg’s Bocholt municipality. This transition was prompted by Patro’s challenges, which led to their relegation to the Belgian fourth tier.

FC Bocholt marked an upward trajectory in Leandro’s budding football career. He showcased his prowess upfront, modelling his game after the legendary Didier Drogba. His exceptional talent did not go unnoticed; after netting 42 goals across two seasons, he earned a much-deserved call-up to Belgium’s youth national team.

Leandro Trossard’s Journey to Recognition:

During the time when Leandro received a call-up to the junior national squad, top-tier Belgian football teams began to show interest in this budding talent. Both K.R.C. Genk and Standard Liege were keen, but ultimately, Genk became his preferred choice.

At sixteen, Leandro joined the ranks of KRC Genk. Given his youth and limited experience, he was sent on loan to Lommel SK, a club based in Limburg’s Lommel city.

During his loan spell with the Belgian First Division B team, Leandro showcased his mettle. His talent was further refined during subsequent loans to teams like K.V.C. Westerlo and Oud-Heverlee Leuven.

After netting 34 goals across these loan tenures, Leandro was welcomed back to Genk, now a proven striker.

Leandro Trossard’s Triumphs:

His triumphant loan stints were no fluke, and Leandro quickly solidified his reputation at Genk, even earning the captain’s armband.

Under his leadership, Genk soared in the Belgian league, with Leandro delivering match-winning performances time and again.

In this phase, where he began to mirror the trajectory of luminaries like Kevin De Bruyne, Leandro’s focus was solely on amassing accolades. This is quite similar to the aspirations of other Belgian footballers, the likes of Johan Bakayoko and Romeo Lavia.

Securing the Belgian First Division title bolstered his image, marking him not just as a team linchpin but also as one of Belgium’s rising stars.

His sterling form caught the eye of several European clubs. Ultimately, Brighton swooped in to secure his signature in June 2019. Alongside players like Julio Ensico, Solly March and Evan Ferguson, Leandro has been instrumental in Brighton’s ascent, a feat that earned him a move and subsequent rise with Arsenal.

The journey henceforth has been nothing short of legendary.

Leandro and Laura’s Romantic Tale:

Leandro’s life isn’t just about football. Off the pitch, he shares a profound bond with Laura Hilven, his gorgeous wife who’s a couple of years his senior. Yet, as the saying goes, age is merely a number. Before their engagement, the couple relished their unwedded days. Leandro eventually proposed, and Laura joyously accepted.

Following their engagement, Laura expressed on social media her excitement about spending her life with Leandro. Their wedding, a momentous occasion, took place in Opglabbeek’s town hall, where the couple resided before Leandro’s move to Brighton.

The wedding was symbolic in many ways, marking both a new chapter in their personal lives and Leandro’s transition from Genk to Brighton.

Even before tying the knot, the duo had decided to expand their family. In 2017, they welcomed their son, Thiago Trossard, who may well follow in his father’s footsteps. For Leandro, fatherhood is an unmatched joy and accomplishment.

The Trossard family, now settled in Brighton, cherishes every moment together, ensuring their son Thiago receives the best upbringing possible.

Thiago Trossard’s Potential Path:

It’s highly conceivable that Thiago’s parents might envision a footballing future for him. However, it’s essential first to ensure he acquires essential life skills, such as water safety.

Interestingly, aside from football, Thiago shows an inclination towards rugby, hinting at a potential sporting direction for him.

Life Beyond the Football Field:

True to his Sagittarius zodiac sign, like Cameron Archer, Leandro is brimming with energy and vitality. A native of Lanklaar, Leandro has a knack for turning his ideas into tangible outcomes that often yield immediate results.

A testament to this is how he engaged with his Sagittarian creativity. Did you hear? During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, to combat the isolation, Leandro took on the challenge of constructing a Lego model of the Taj Mahal.

Undertaking this project at his family residence in Genk, Leandro dedicated hours daily, meticulously piecing together the 5,923 components to replicate the renowned architectural marvel.

Furthermore, reflecting on his character, it’s evident that successful individuals often remain connected to their roots. The Brighton winger exemplifies this, frequently reminiscing about the streets of Lanklaar, where he first fell in love with football.

Living the Leandro Trossard Way:

From what’s evident, Leandro relishes in the pleasures of both coastal and inland vacations. In essence, he celebrates life with the same zest and zeal characteristic of many elite footballers.

Part of his penchant for these getaways is to fortify the bond he shares with his partner, Laura Hilven.

Leandro’s Choice of Ride – What’s in his Garage?

Undeniably, Leandro has a penchant for luxury, which reflects in his choice of vehicles. His preference leans towards sleek black cars, a colour he’s been partial to since his younger days. This particular vehicle brand has remained his top pick for years.

Leandro Trossard’s Family Ties:

Those who remain steadfast beside you during your journey, especially in the early, uncertain days, are truly the ones who deserve to celebrate with you during your triumphs.

In this segment, we delve into the world of Leandro Trossard’s closest kin—his parents, sibling, and extended family—who ensure he feels cherished, especially on special occasions like his birthdays.

Leandro Trossard’s Father – A Guiding Force:

Peter has been a beacon of unwavering support for Leandro. As Leandro scaled new heights, Peter has remained his consistent pillar, irrespective of his son’s achievements or stature.

By 2021, this remarkable father was on the verge of celebrating his 50th birthday. Early in Leandro’s career, Peter discerned the importance of prioritizing his son’s dreams, often placing Leandro’s ambitions before his own. Alongside the guidance of agent Josy Comhair, Peter has adeptly navigated Leandro’s promising career.

Leandro Trossard’s Mother – The Heart of the Family:

Linda Scheepers stands as the family’s emotional anchor. In Dilsen-Stokkem, specifically Lanklaar, where Leandro spent his formative years, Linda is a well-known figure.

She operates a thriving pub in the Lanklaar area. Due to Leandro’s rising fame, her establishment often buzzes with fans eager to watch Brighton’s fixtures. Linda’s welcoming nature is evident as she always has time for sports enthusiasts, even amidst her bustling business.

The Bonds with Siblings:

As far as public knowledge goes, Leandro has a sister, whom he once introduced to his online followers. However, post his 2013 loan move to Lommel United, there has been limited information about her. It appears she prefers to maintain a discreet profile.

Connections with Extended Family:

Leandro shares a close bond with Laura Hilven’s family, especially with his mother-in-law. Fabienne Hilven, a fervent supporter, often attends KRC Genk games and joins in the celebrations.

Whenever Leandro and Laura visit, Fabienne ensures she spends quality time with her grandson, Thiago. She, like Linda, is open to media interactions.

On a side note, the name ‘Dylano Trossard’ frequently emerges on social platforms, hinting that he might be a younger cousin or relative of the footballer.

Leandro Trossard: Lesser-Known Facts:

Delving deeper into the life of this dynamic winger, there are intriguing aspects of his persona that remain largely unexplored. Let’s delve into some of these lesser-known facets.

Leandro’s Fascination with Firearms:

Leandro’s physique and endurance hint at his potential prowess in pistol shooting. This seems to be one of his less publicized passions, where he showcases his marksmanship skills.

A Misstep in Celebrations:

In a rare lapse of judgment, Leandro found himself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. During a title celebration, an inebriated Leandro made inappropriate comments, including a derogatory chant aimed at the fans of Club Brugge, a competing Belgian team.

The aftermath saw a remorseful Trossard addressing the incident. He stated to TV Limburg:


Controversy with Laughing Gas:

Another incident that raised eyebrows involved a video where Leandro appeared alongside teammates like Jahanbakhsh and Duffy in a setting that looked like a bar or club. Amidst the backdrop of drinks and a Shisha pipe, balloons were visible, often associated with nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” inhalation.

The local media outlet, The Argus, reported that Brighton was aware of the video and had addressed the situation internally.

Leandro Trossard’s Earnings and Financial Standing:

Comparing earnings, the typical Belgian citizen, with an annual income of €61,357, would have to toil for nearly 40 years to match what Leandro Trossard earns in a year at Brighton.

Leandro Trossard’s Financial Status:

Having been in the professional realm since 2012, Trossard has undoubtedly amassed significant wealth, especially under the guidance of his agency, JC Player Management Sports, helmed by Josy Comhair. Over the years, Trossard’s accumulated salary, endorsements, and sponsorships have bolstered his net worth, which stood at an impressive 4 million euros at the outset of 2021.

A Remarkable Record:

An interesting tidbit: Leandro Trossard shares an unfortunate record with Cristiano Ronaldo — he’s one of the two players to hit the goal frame thrice in a single Premier League fixture, making him a contender for the title of “unluckiest player” in a single EPL game.

FIFA Ratings:

Many believe that Trossard’s skills, particularly in dribbling and ball control, should grant him a FIFA score above 80. Yet, in FIFA 2021, both he and Divock Origi were given a rating of 77, which has left fans quite perplexed. In terms of likeness, Leandro is quite similar to Luis Diaz and Wilfried Gnonto.

Leandro’s Spiritual Beliefs:

In Belgium, Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism, is the predominant faith, with Catholics forming 58% of the populace. Leandro identifies as a Christian and wed Laura Hilven in a ceremony aligned with Christian traditions. He tends to keep his religious practices personal and away from the public eye.

Final Thoughts:

Instead of faltering, as some international players often do, the Belgian has continually showcased resilience and growth in the English Premier League.

Leandro Trossard’s story reminds us that one’s determination plays a crucial role in achieving success. Among childhood companions he made commitments with, it was Leandro who exhibited the strongest willpower.

It’s worth recognizing the unwavering support from Leandro’s parents, Linda Scheepers and Peter Trossard. His father prioritized Leandro’s growth over his own career, while his mother leveraged her business to rally local supporters for her son.

Our team has made every effort to ensure accuracy and fairness in this profile of Leandro Trossard. He is fondly remembered as a Great Baller who played for Roberto de Zerbi‘s Brighton team and then went on to help Arsenal break a Goodison Park curse.

If you come across any discrepancies in our account of the footballer, please let us know. Also, keep an eye out for more tales from SoccerBiography. The journey of Josko Gvardiol and Brennan Johnson is sure to intrigue you. Let’s not forget Gabriel Martinelli, his fellow Left Wing partner at Arsenal.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Leandro.

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