Lautaro Martinez Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our article about Lautaro Martínez’s Biography offers a comprehensive narrative of his Early Life, Parents – Karina Vanesa Gutiérrez (Mum), Mario Martínez (Mum)., Family Background, Siblings – Brother (Jano), Love Life, etc.

We delve into Lautaro Martinez’s journey from childhood to stardom, providing you with an all-encompassing account of important events from his youth up to his rise to fame.

The detailed evaluation covers his early life, family history, pre-celebrity days, the path leading to his fame, his road to success, relationships, personal life, and lifestyle, among other aspects.

Indeed, he is widely recognized as the exceptional Argentine forward who shone brightly in the 2019 COPA America tournament. Also, in the 2023 UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals against Mike Maignan and Ismael Bennacer‘s AC Milan team.

Yet, not many football enthusiasts have read our detailed narrative of Lautaro Martinez’s life story, which is quite captivating. Now, without further delay, let’s commence.

The Childhood Story of Lautaro Martinez – Family Background and Early Life:

To kick off this biography, Lautaro’s full name is Lautaro Javier Martínez. More commonly known as Lautaro Martinez, he was born on July 22nd, 1997, to his mother, Karina Vanesa Gutiérrez, and father, Mario Martínez, in the Argentinian city of Bahía Blanca.

The swiftly rising star, originating from a Latin American family, was born as the second child and son of his adoring parents.

Moreover, our research suggests that Lautaro Martinez does not have a sister. He spent his formative years with his older brother, Alan, and his younger brother, Jano, who can be seen just behind their father below.

Even though he was raised in a city predominantly known for its wealthy residents, Lautaro Martinez, in contrast, experienced an impoverished upbringing in a family that had little to show off, apart from cherished memories of his father’s footballing career.

Lautaro Martinez’s Education:

Over the years, Lautaro’s father struggled with his retirement from football. His deepest desire was to vicariously live out his dreams through his son.

From an early age, Lautaro Martinez was introduced to sports education by his father, who helped shape his primary life goal, which was nothing less than to become a professional football player.

His constant inclination towards the sport, combined with an unwavering will to succeed, bestowed upon Lautaro the courage to participate in football trials at Liniers, a local club in the city.

Learning valuable lessons from his father proved beneficial as Lautaro successfully navigated his trials and secured a spot in the club.

Lautaro Martinez Biography – Football Beginnings:

In his youthful days with the club, Lautaro had to travel by train and bus back and forth between his family home and the academy’s training grounds. He would return home late in the evening only to set off early the next morning.

Guided by his father’s wisdom, Lautaro Martinez successfully advanced through the youth ranks of the Liniers Academy.

His aspirations grew in tandem with his progress, and this sparked the urge to attend soccer trials at more prestigious academies.

Lautaro Martinez Bio – Journey to Stardom:

Martinez experienced setbacks during his adolescent years. At the age of 15, he was scouted by the Boca Juniors club, who extended an invitation for trials.

Are you aware?… The club turned him down, asserting that he was not skilled enough to play for them.

“They informed me that I lacked strength and speed, and that I could return if I improved these areas. I was somewhat resigned and upset,”

He recalls.

Lautaro Martinez was undeterred. A year later, his exceptional performance at the youth level drew the attention of Racing Club’s interim coach, Fabio Radaelli, who recruited him in January 2014.

During his tenure at the academy, Lautaro successfully scored 26 goals in 26 matches, an achievement that led to his call-up to the senior career.

Owing to his performance, the “jewel of Racing”, as he was nicknamed, was selected to represent his country and compete in the Alcudia tournament.

Are you aware?… Lautaro emerged as the leading scorer and the most valuable player in the tournament.

Lautaro Martinez Biography – Ascension to Fame:

The skilled striker experienced a swift ascent in his early senior career, not only for his club but also representing his nation.

Thanks to his attacking capabilities and proficiency in scoring goals, Lautaro’s rapid rise led the Argentine media to dub him.

“A blend of Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain”.

The story didn’t end there. Major clubs like Real Madrid, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, and Inter Milan eagerly pursued him, each vying for his signature.

Eventually, the Argentine star found his footing in Europe with Inter Milan winning the race to sign him. During his time at the club, he benefited from the company of his fellow countryman and compatriot Mauro Icardi.

At Inter, Lautaro began shattering records, even when used as a substitute.

His crowning achievement came during the 2019 COPA America tournament, where he established a formidable partnership with Lionel Messi.

And his performance in the tournament led fans to dub him the future of Argentine football.

It’s undeniable that we may be witnessing the rise of another youthful talent maturing into a world-class player right before our eyes.

Indeed, the Argentine is part of the continuous stream of incredible attacking talents emerging from Argentina and South America. A few of the rising names in Brazilian football (as of 2023) are; Endrick Felipe, Vitor Roque and Andrey Santos.

A look at Lautaro Martinez’s journey and career honour via the Nerazzurri website proves his Legendary status. As they say, the rest is history.

Lautaro Martinez’s Romantic Journey with Sol Pérez:

Martínez was romantically involved with Sol Pérez until their relationship became fraught with controversy, leading to their separation in 2017. Although they appeared to be perfect lovers, they experienced a considerable amount of discord during their relationship.

Tensions escalated when Sol Perez refused to leave Argentina for Italy after her boyfriend was summoned to play for Inter Milan.

“We had divergent paths, I wanted to stay in Argentina, to continue my career,”

Revealed Sol, whom the media affectionately call ‘the weather girl’.

She further elaborated,

“Naturally, it would have been significantly easier for me to relocate to Italy, yet I chose to remain here, working around the clock. Plainly put, Lautaro left me. Our frequent arguments indicated that I wasn’t truly in love with him.”

Rediscovering Love:

Lautaro Martinez wasn’t single for long before he found love once more. Behind the renowned footballer, there’s a stunning girlfriend and model named Agustina Gandolfo, who willingly relocated with him to Europe.

Initially, Lautaro and his girlfriend Agustina shared a deep friendship, which quickly evolved into a genuine romance, as depicted in their loving posts on their social media pages.

Given the evident passion between the two, it’s likely only a matter of time before Agustina Gandolfo becomes Lautaro’s beloved wife.

Personal Life:

While it’s often said that loyalty is a rarity in contemporary football, this certainly doesn’t take into account the unshakeable bond between Lautaro and his beloved dog, as seen in the image below.

Understanding Lautaro Martinez’s personal life beyond the football field offers a more holistic view of his character. First and foremost, he possesses a heart of gold and is known for his kindness.

Despite numerous career obligations, Lautaro has consistently dedicated time to visit and bring solace to the sick, a practice he started during his career days with Racing.

Lautaro Martinez’s Family Life:

In this segment, we’ll delve deeper into his family background. Let’s begin with his father.

About Lautaro Martinez’s Father:

He is commonly known as Mario Martínez, though he was dubbed “Pelusa” during his football career.

Mario Martinez was an active footballer from 1972 until five years later, when he played in the Argentine National B.

In subsequent years, his career did not meet expectations, leading him to amateur football and financial hardships.

Mario Martinez once confessed that his dream was for his son Lautaro to be coached by Pep Guardiola.

“Let me clarify that this is merely a fatherly wish,”

He once defended his son’s aspirations.

About Lautaro Martinez’s Mother:

Karina Vanesa Gutiérrez is his mother. She is the kind of mother who is profoundly moved by her son’s accomplishments.

Lautaro once shared an anecdote about his mother:

“After a particular game in which I led my team to victory, I called my mom. When she picked up, I heard her crying: I knew she was overjoyed for me because she understood the effort I had put in for that opportunity.”

About Lautaro Martinez’s Siblings:

As mentioned previously, Lautaro Martinez has two brothers – Alan and Jano. Not much is known about Alan Martinez, but Jano, his younger brother, has achieved success in his own right.

Are you aware?… He is a record-setter in Argentine basketball. At just 14 (at the time of writing), Jano is one of the emerging stars of Argentine basketball.


Having reviewed his social media and various blogs that cover ‘Unknown Facts about Lautaro Martinez’, we’ve noticed that he doesn’t lead a flamboyant lifestyle typically associated with professional footballers.

This lifestyle is often characterized by high-end cars, attractive partners (WAGs), and displays of opulent homes.

From the image provided, one can concur that Lautaro Martinez prefers a more modest lifestyle. He demonstrates astute financial management, refraining from excessive spending.

Little-known Facts:

In the year “1997”, when Lautaro was born, several significant events occurred.

(1) Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash in Paris, France, while being pursued by paparazzi. (2) The epic romantic disaster film (Titanic) premiered. (3) The technology now widely known as Wi-Fi was launched.


Lautaro frequents the Mandinga Tattoo shop situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His tattoos serve as a comforting reminder of his roots and personal history, helping to alleviate feelings of homesickness.

Lautaro Martinez’s Religion:

Most residents of his city (Bahía Blanca) identify as Roman Catholics, with several Protestant churches and a synagogue present as well. Considering this, it’s plausible that Lautaro Martinez practices Christianity, likely of the Catholic denomination.

Fact Verification:

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