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This article on Lauren Hemp’s Biography offers intriguing insights about her early days, including the story of her youth, her parents – mother Julie Hemp, father Kevin Hemp, her family’s history, and her sibling – her sister Amy. We also delve into her relationships and extended family, featuring grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and more.

We likewise illuminate the familial origins of Lauren Hemp, her religious beliefs, education, ethnic background, and her place of birth. Additionally, SoccerBiography will shed light on her personal life and lifestyle, such as her Zodiac sign, net worth, and earnings.

In essence, we offer a comprehensive history of Lauren Hemp. Our tale features a laid-back young girl who was initially indifferent towards soccer. When she was younger, she often watched her sister, Amy, play football, although her interest lay more in her sibling’s company than the game itself.

Rather, Lauren Hemp had a passion for dance. Intriguingly, her path diverged after five years when she decided to step into the world of football. This shift occurred around the same time when her elder sister chose to leave professional football.

Biography Intro:

Our presentation of Lauren Hemp’s life story commences with an exploration of significant incidents from her early years. We then delve into her cultural background and initial professional milestones. Finally, we narrate how the acclaimed player from Manchester City assisted the Lionesses in securing victory at the 2022 Euros.

Through Lauren Hemp’s biography, SoccerBiography aims to satisfy your hunger for an intriguing life story. To this end, we’ve curated this article chronicling the sports contender’s journey from her youthful days to her emergence as a prominent figure in women’s football.

Indeed, Hemp is renowned for her exceptional performances in the Women’s Super League, earning her the title of “the Superspeed Goal Queen.” Her agility even piqued the interest of the iconic Usain Bolt, who requested her jersey.

However, despite our extensive research, we’ve found a significant knowledge gap in our Women’s Football Story collection. Only a handful of football enthusiasts possess a detailed understanding of Lauren Hemp’s biography, which is quite compelling. Now, without any further delay, let’s move forward.

About Lauren Hemp’s Childhood:

Starting with some biographical information, Lauren May Hemp is her full name. She was born on August 7, 2000, to her loving parents – mother Julie Hemp and father Kevin Hemp – in a bustling market town located in the heart of Norfolk, England, specifically within the North Norfolk District.

Her birth took place in the delightful town of North Walsham on a pleasant Monday, and she grew up with her older sister, Amy. The talented footballer and her sole sibling came into this world through the loving and selfless union of their parents in England.

Now, let’s acquaint you with Lauren Hemp’s parents. Her mother, Julie Hemp, and her father, Kevin Hemp, worked tirelessly and constantly motivated their daughter, ensuring that she reached her full potential.


As previously stated, Lauren Hemp was raised alongside her older sister, Amy, in North Walsham, located in the North Norfolk District of England. This region is primarily rural, with numerous quaint villages and towns dotted across the district.

Notably, growing up in North Norfolk meant embracing a slower-paced lifestyle deeply rooted in nature. Their community had limited exposure to modern conveniences.

Like many in their area, Lauren and her family frequently spent time outdoors, relishing beach visits and engaging in water sports such as surfing, sailing, and kayaking.

Their community boasted a gorgeous coastline featuring sandy beaches and charming seaside towns. Moreover, Lauren demonstrated a unique blend of physical, creative, and expressive attributes.

She delighted in playing with her neighbours and her older sister at home. Hemp was physically active and possessed impressive stamina. Her keen sense of rhythm and ability to move with the music made her develop a fondness for dance.

Early on, Lauren displayed signs of competitiveness and a penchant for sports. One unforgettable moment with her father, Kevin took place in their small garden, where he threw a table tennis ball towards her.

In response, Lauren caught the ball with ease, much like plucking an apple from a tree. However, it would be a while longer before football came into her purview.

Early Engagement with Football:

The athlete, native to Norfolk, initially showed little to no interest in football. Interestingly, her father and older sister would regularly secure tickets to watch Norwich City matches every week. However, Lauren displayed no fondness for the sport and would often choose to stay home with her mother instead.

When her mother attended local games to watch Amy play, Lauren would amuse herself by dancing on the sidelines. She always found her own enjoyment while her parents cheered on her sister.

The turning point came during a casual play session in her grandparents’ garden. Encouraged by her grandparents’ suggestion – ‘why don’t you give it a go?’ – Lauren decided to try her hand at football.

Subsequently, her father accompanied her to a local grassroots team for a trial. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Lauren Hemp’s Family History:

Proud parents Kevin and Julie Hemp raised the future Manchester City and England national team forward in the small market town of North Walsham, Norfolk, England, along with her sister, Amy, who was also a football player.

Lauren Hemp hails from a family deeply passionate about sports, particularly football. This inherited affection for the sport eventually led to her developing a profound love for football at an early age.

Details regarding her parents’ professions are scant. However, it’s known that she was brought up in a middle-income household. Despite the financial constraints and moderate living status, the family never faltered in providing wholehearted support to realize their children’s dreams.

Lauren Hemp’s Family Heritage:

Born and raised in the small village of North Walsham, located in Norfolk, England, within the North Norfolk district, the female football dynamo comes from a family of English lineage. Her parents and grandparents share these roots.

The family of the Manchester City and England national team player originates from the United Kingdom, specifically North Norfolk, a district in the county of Norfolk that lies in the eastern part of England.

North Norfolk is celebrated for its robust community spirit. Being raised in this region often means being part of a tight-knit community that cherishes tradition, history, and local events.

The town boasts a vibrant population with an array of outdoor activities and sports facilities readily available.

Significantly, the proficient forward holds English nationality. To illustrate the cultural heritage of this exceptional female football player, we’ll tell you about her ethnicity.

Ethnicity Background:

While the term “English” pertains to nationality rather than ethnicity, the English people largely descend from Celtic and Anglo-Saxon roots, with Viking and Norman influences also present.

England today is home to a diverse population featuring many people from varied ethnic backgrounds. Consequently, Lauren Hemp’s ethnic heritage spans the East of England. She is white and of British nationality, thus she is a fluent English speaker.

Lauren Hemp’s Educational Background:

North Norfolk hosts an assortment of primary and secondary schools, offering a blend of public and private educational institutions. In nearby cities such as Norwich, there are numerous colleges and universities that provide higher education opportunities.

Among the multitude of educational establishments, Lauren Hemp attended Millfield Primary School, Recreation Road, a Community School located in North Walsham.

Subsequently, she progressed to North Walsham High School, a co-educational secondary school situated in North Walsham in the English county of Norfolk. Here, she showcased her athletic prowess and played for the school.

Lauren Hemp participated in both the girls’ and boys’ football teams at North Walsham High School. Impressively, her girls’ team even clinched the County Championship one year!

With encouragement from her parents, Lauren was persuaded to refine her football skills by enrolling at the Norwich City academy at the age of 8. They also supported her in joining North Walsham Youth FC along with her sister, Amy.

Career Development:

While dancing was her initial passion, Lauren’s interest shifted towards football at an early age, and her childhood was marked by her love for sports and her resolve to excel in football.

Interestingly, Lauren initially ventured into the sports world as a cricketer, only to later switch to the captivating game of football. Besides the influence of her parents and grandparents, her strong bond with Amy, her only sibling, played a considerable role in fostering Lauren’s love for soccer.

Indeed, even after developing an interest in football, she initially considered it more of a hobby than a profession. However, as soon as her sister started playing football, Lauren was inspired to do the same and soon joined her.

As time passed, the pair frequently tuned into radio broadcasts for football updates whenever they couldn’t watch matches live. Lauren became a significant supporter of football, largely due to her sister’s influence.

Like many female footballers, Lauren’s initial role models in the sport were male players. She admired renowned figures like Wes Hoolahan and James Maddison.

Her talent and dedication have propelled her to the pinnacle of her profession, and she continues to inspire young girls and women across the globe through her on-field triumphs and off-field achievements.

Lauren Hemp Biography – The Journey of Football:

Indeed, growing up in a locale distanced from the traditional heartlands of English football, a professional future in the sport was not something the young Lauren had initially contemplated. But, it gradually dawned on her that football was her destined path.

When her parents, Kevin and Julie, realized their daughter’s exceptional talent for the sport, they encouraged her to elevate her game.

They facilitated Lauren’s entry into North Walsham Youth FC, where she began refining her skills. Both Lauren Hemp and her sister Amy joined the Norwich City academy at the age of eight and Lauren started playing for the local club, North Walsham Youth FC.

At times, Lauren was the only girl in the boys’ team. Though this could potentially be intimidating, attending the same school as her teammates was beneficial because she was well-acquainted with them and got along well.

Her youth career took off in 2008 at Norwich City, where her sister Amy also played until 2015, the year when Hemp turned professional.

While the Norwich City Academy gave her a fantastic start in her football career. The center of excellence, combined with the chance to train with the elite boys at Norwich, significantly benefitted her early career.

This experience not only enhanced her independence and facilitated her moving away from home, but it also played a crucial role in shaping her into the player and person she is today.

Despite her successes on the field, Hemp has confronted numerous challenges off the field. She has candidly discussed her battles with anxiety, which she admits can occasionally impact her performance on the field.

Nonetheless, she has also expressed that football has consistently been a source of solace for her during tough times.

Lauren Hemp Bio – Ascension to Stardom:

The English dynamo has performed on some of the grandest platforms in Women’s football during her budding career, and, despite any nerves, has always risen to the occasion.

In February 2015, Hemp received her first call-up to the under-15 squad. At just 16, Lauren had to depart from the Academy to join Bristol City in the Women’s Super League 2. She made her senior debut for the Vixens, scoring the team’s third goal in a 4-1 victory over Watford.

On March 19th, 2017, she made her first FA Women’s Cup appearance, netting two goals in a 5-0 triumph over the Millwall Lionesses.

Moreover, in May 2017, she captained the England team at the UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship, securing a goal in a 5-0 win against the Republic of Ireland.

In September 2017, Lauren was named Vauxhall England Young Player of the Year. Consequently, within two years, in 2018, Hemp secured a move to Manchester City Women.

Hemp’s career skyrocketed at Manchester City, and she rapidly made a name for herself as one of the finest young talents in the Women’s Super League. She was voted the Professional Footballers’ Association Young Player of the Year.

Lauren Hemp Bio – Story of Rise to Stardom:

In August 2018, she contributed significantly to England’s under-20 team, finishing third at the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Interestingly, in one of the matches, she scored an unusual and amusing goal. Hemp maneuvered the ball with her hip during England’s triumph over Mexico in the U20 Women’s World Cup.

She made her senior England debut on October 8th, 2019, replacing Beth Mead in the 86th minute in a 1–0 friendly win against Portugal.

In January 2020, UEFA listed Hemp as one of Europe’s top ten emerging young players. Subsequently, she was selected for the Great Britain women’s Olympic football squad for the 2020 Olympics.

She is a four-time recipient of the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year award (Professional Footballers’ Association Women’s Young Player of the Year).

Moreover, on November 30th, 2021, she netted her first four goals for England in a record-breaking 20–0 victory over Latvia.

In June, Hemp was listed alongside Arsenal’s Leah Williamson in the England squad that won the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. During the final, Hemp’s corner was converted into the winning second goal by teammate Chloe Kelly.

In early 2023, Hemp displayed a magnificent performance as City overpowered Chelsea at the Etihad Campus, launching a stunning strike to ensure a 2-0 victory.

Following the competition, she took a snapshot with the legendary sprinter, Usain Bolt, both of them proudly displaying her shirt, which she had autographed ‘to Usain, best wishes’.

On the 3rd of July 2023, she, alongside notables like Georgia Stanway, Alessia Russo, Katie Robinson, Chloe Kelly, etc., made the Sarina Wiegman‘s list for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The rest, as SoccerBiography says, is now history.

Who is Lauren Hemp Dating?

The English footballer is known for being a private and reserved individual who does not share much about her personal life. She is the kind of person who likes to take her time getting to know people.

However, as of 2022, it is known that Hemp is in a relationship with fellow footballer Ellie Butler, who currently plays for Coventry.

Her girlfriend, Ellie, is a talented striker who has previously played for Bristol City’s academy and Tottenham Hotspur’s reserves, and she joined Wolves in the summer of 2021. Pictures of Ellie have become more public after her appearances at Lauren’s games.

Interestingly, ahead of England’s semi-final match against Sweden, Ellie tweeted a video of herself in the crowd, enthusiastically cheering on her girlfriend as England secured a resounding 4-0 victory.


Lauren Hemp, like Marie-Antoinette Katoto, is typically introverted, a trait she maintains until she feels comfortable with new people in her life.

However, once she warms up to someone, Hemp can be quite a character. Known for her sharp wit, Hemp is said to have a knack for making people laugh with her clever one-liners. Her best friend and Manchester City teammate, Esme Morgan, can attest to her sense of humour.

Born and raised in Norfolk, Hemp exhibits fearlessness and determination on the field, which continually thrills fans. Yet, off the pitch, those closest to her describe her as quiet, humble, and amusing.

Despite the pressures of being a professional athlete, Hemp finds solace in relaxation at home. She remains humble despite receiving high praise for her footballing abilities.

Dancing, cricket, and of course, football remain her passions. Hemp enjoys every aspect of football and isn’t afraid to get a bit dirty on the pitch from time to time.

As part of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Hemp prioritizes balanced nutrition. Standing tall at 6 feet, she weighs 68 kilograms and doesn’t have any tattoos.

Regular exercise is part of her routine, and she often encourages others to do the same. In her spare time, Hemp enjoys watching movies and shows.

Hemp’s striking black eyes often captivate viewers, while her blue hair adds a touch of uniqueness to her appearance. Like many football stars, she maintains an active social media presence to stay connected with her growing fan base.

Sharing the Leo zodiac sign with other notable footballers like Pablo Gavi (Spain) and Anastasios Douvikas (Greek Forward). Hemp is also a part of a talented constellation of Leo football stars. These persons include the likes of Harry Kane (England), Thierry Henry (France), Alan Shearer (England), Emile Smith Rowe (England), and Roy Keane (Ireland).


Lauren Hemp, a dynamic and fearless athlete, has been a highly promising talent in English football for many years. Following her significant contributions to the Lionesses senior team in the EURO 2022, where England emerged victorious on home soil, Hemp has truly started to live up to the high expectations.

As a testament to her hard work and impressive achievements, Hemp is now enjoying the rewards of her footballing career. Given her crucial role in the Manchester City women’s squad, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her income increase substantially in the coming years. Her earnings certainly set her apart from many others in women’s football.

With her wealth, Hemp can afford the luxury and comfort, befitting her status. Whether it’s purchasing luxury homes, embarking on expensive vacations, indulging in gourmet meals, or driving luxury cars, Hemp has the means to enjoy life to its fullest.

Currently, Hemp lives a luxurious lifestyle in North Walsham. She owns a personal luxury car and a large bungalow. Her lavish lifestyle, including world travels, is regularly featured on her social media posts and stories, providing glimpses into her day-to-day life.

Family Life:

Lauren Hemp’s remarkable success in her football career can be attributed in large part to the unwavering support of her family, which has been instrumental in her journey to global stardom.

The versatile forward continues to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of her parents and other family members who have played critical roles in her life. Let’s delve into the lives of these pivotal figures in Lauren Hemp’s family.

Lauren Hemp’s Father – Kevin Hemp:

Despite Lauren’s skyrocketing football career, she still fondly remembers being the little girl who constantly asked her father for a kickabout in the park. A cherished memory revolves around their small garden, where Kevin would lob table tennis balls at her, and Lauren would catch them effortlessly.

It was evident from a young age that Lauren had a competitive spirit, which her parents, Julie and Kevin, decided to nurture. Kevin Hemp, in particular, played a crucial role in fostering his daughter’s interest in sports.

Being an athlete himself, specifically a cricketer for the local men’s team, Kevin imbued his love for sports in Lauren, who often watched him play every Sunday. “It was just a nice family day out,” Lauren recalls.

Although Lauren initially followed in her father’s footsteps by starting her sporting journey in cricket, she later transitioned to football, a decision fully supported by her parents.

Allowing Lauren to leave home at 16 to pursue her dreams was one of the most significant sacrifices Kevin and his wife, Julie, made. The decision was heart-wrenching for them, and even Lauren found it emotionally challenging. Nonetheless, her mental resilience shone through.

Despite the distance, Lauren maintains close contact with her family, regularly Facetiming them at home and engaging with them on social media.

The pride her parents feel watching their daughter compete at the highest level, including the Olympics, is unmistakable. To date, Kevin Hemp remains a significant influence in Lauren’s athletic journey, and his unwavering support and guidance have significantly contributed to her global success.

Lauren Hemp’s Mother – Julie Hemp:

Julie Hemp, Lauren’s mother, also has a profound love for sports. It was her keen perception of Lauren’s natural athleticism as a toddler that prompted her to enroll Lauren in a football academy at the tender age of eight.

Julie Hemp has always seen the competitive streak in her daughter. She fondly recalls the ‘Hemp Olympics’ that Lauren used to stage with her sister, Amy, in their backyard. The events would continue until Lauren came out victorious!

Julie emphasizes how Lauren has always been driven to excel. She states, “She always wanted to be the best.” Overwhelmed by Lauren’s accomplishments, Julie says, “Lauren never ceases to amaze me with what she has achieved. She is just a stunning person.”

Expressing her immense pride, Julie adds, “To call her my daughter, an Olympian, is amazing. We’re so proud of her.” Julie is married to Kevin Hemp, and together they have two daughters, both of whom share their parents’ love for sports.

Lauren Hemp’s Siblings:

In this section of our sports bio, we delve deeper into the English athlete’s siblings. Notably, Lauren doesn’t have any brothers, but she does have an elder sister named Amy Hemp.

Amy was a dedicated striker and an impressive player, having previously played at Norwich City Girls’ Centre of Excellence. “I think Amy was more of a goalscorer than I’ll ever be,” confesses Lauren.

However, while Lauren went on to fulfil her parents’ dream of representing their country at the senior international level, Amy’s career was unfortunately cut short by injuries. She suffered from two cruciate ligament injuries, which compelled her to retire from the game.

Despite this, Amy has stayed connected to sports and is now a PE teacher. She continues to support Lauren wholeheartedly, frequently attending her games. The two sisters share a close bond.

Lauren Hemp’s Relatives:

The love for football in Hemp’s family isn’t limited to her parents; it extends to her grandparents as well.

Interestingly, their grandfather recognized Lauren and Amy’s talent for football while the pair were playing in his backyard. Both of them eventually joined the Norwich Centre of Excellence: Amy first and then Lauren at her second trial.

Speaking about other family members, it’s highly likely that Lauren has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws. However, there isn’t much public information about these family members.

Untold Facts:

Notably, in this concluding segment of the international football sensation’s life story, we will disclose additional, lesser-known information about the Manchester City striker. So, let’s not delay and dive right in.

Lauren Hemp Salary & Net Worth:

Certainly, Manchester City recruited Hemp for all the right reasons. Impressively, the skilled woman has met the expectations of her team and country. Keeping tabs on her career has been fascinating.

In addition, she is believed to earn around $60,000 per year through her agreements with various brands and endorsement deals, which have contributed to her substantial wealth. This amounts to at least $5,000 per month.

Nonetheless, in terms of football, she earns approximately $20,000 monthly, or about $240,000 per year, from her contract. Lauren Hemp’s estimated net worth ranges between 1.5 million to 2 million.

It is expected that her earnings will continue to grow, both financially and through increased tournament victories and fan support.

Lauren Hemp FIFA:

The exceptional English soccer sensation boasts an overall score of 87 in FIFA 22, with the potential to reach 92. Adept at shooting with her left foot, she demonstrates remarkable finesse and consistency in her playing style.

Her FIFA rating reflects her impressive abilities, including her crossing, skill moves, and particularly her speed. This sets her apart from other female players like Christine Sinclair and Kyra Cooney-Cross.

After a triumphant 2-0 victory over Chelsea, she even received praise from sprinting icon Usain Bolt, to whom she gifted her jersey.

However, there’s always room for growth in a player’s skillset. While she’s performing admirably, she can still focus on enhancing her aggression and interception abilities.

Lauren Hemp Religion:

According to historical accounts, the female sports champion was raised in Norfolk, specifically in the North Norfolk region of North Walsham, England.

Similar to numerous other towns and cities across the UK, North Walsham is predominantly Christian, with the Church of England serving as the official religious institution.

Furthermore, Lauren Hemp’s upbringing by her family followed Christian traditions, which is a common practice among English households.

Biography Summary:

Lauren Hemp, born on August 7, 2000, in North Walsham, Norfolk, England, is an exceptional professional footballer who plays as a forward for Manchester City Women’s Football Club and the England women’s national team.

Hemp started her football journey with Norwich City Ladies, later joining Bristol City Women in 2016. By 2018, she had signed with Manchester City Women, where she has since made a substantial impact.

In the 2020-21 season, she played an instrumental role in Manchester City’s Women’s FA Cup victory and their reach to the Women’s Champions League final. Representing the England national team across various levels, Hemp made her senior squad debut in 2019 in a friendly match against Portugal.

Recognized for her speed, dribbling abilities, and goal-scoring prowess, Hemp has twice received the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) Young Player of the Year award in 2019 and 2021. She was also named in the Women’s Super League (WSL) Team of the Season for 2020-21.

Off the field, Hemp serves as an ambassador for Women in Sport, a charity promoting gender equality in sports. She is an advocate for mental health awareness, speaking openly about her personal battles with anxiety.

“I think I’ve made the best decision and one that I’ve never really looked back on because I love what I’m doing,” she reflects on her career. Lauren Hemp’s journey is only beginning, and we’re excited to witness her future endeavours.

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