Kylian Mbappe Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Kylian Mbappe, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle. It includes details about his early years, his parents, Fayza Mbappe Lamari and Wilfried Mbappe, his family background, and his brothers, Jires Kembo-Ekoko and Ethan Adeyemi Mbappe.

Additionally, the biography explores Mbappe’s personal relationships, his lifestyle, and his financial status. It provides an extensive overview of the journey of this celebrated French footballer, originally from Bondy. The narrative traces Mbappe’s life from his initial days to the point where he gained widespread recognition.

The biography also highlights Mbappe’s remarkable skills on the football field, such as his incredible speed and precise ball control. It acknowledges the speculation about his significant transfer in the summer of 2021.

Despite his well-known achievements, many may not be familiar with Mbappe’s complete story. This biography, prepared by Soccer Biography, is crafted to enrich your understanding of his journey and to share the love of football. Let’s delve into the story of Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe’s Early Life:

In the opening of his biography, it’s noted that Kylian Mbappe’s full name is Kylian Adesanmi Lottin Mbappé. He arrived on planet Earth on the 20th day of December 1998 in Bondy, a northeastern suburb of Paris, France. His parents are Fayza Mbappe Lamari and Wilfried Mbappe.

Remarkably, Kylian was just six months old when France triumphed in the 1998 World Cup, held at Stade de France, located merely 11 kilometers from his family home. Mbappe holds the distinction of being the eldest child in his family.

Kylian Mbappe’s Childhood in Bondy:

Mbappe’s early life in Bondy, a suburb of Paris, was marked by challenges. Bondy, often associated with social unrest, experienced significant violence and rioting, particularly during the 2005 riots, which led to the burning of cars and public buildings. These turbulent events unfolded close to where Mbappe’s family lived. The suburb, just 10 kilometers from Paris, was frequently perceived as a hotbed for crime and was even mentioned in a New York Times article titled “Kylian Mbappé and the Boys From the Banlieues” as a place with a troubled reputation.

Despite the instability of his hometown, Kylian’s future in football was secured, largely thanks to the determination of his father, Wilfried Mbappe, who was a football coach. Wilfried was committed to protecting his son’s future amidst the chaos.

Kylian’s passion for football was evident from a young age. He was so devoted to the sport that he would often sleep with a football, using it as a pillow. His father, Wilfried, shared in an interview that Kylian’s dedication to football was extraordinary. He described his son as being deeply passionate, to the point of obsession, about the game. According to Wilfried, Kylian would spend hours watching football, sometimes viewing four or five matches in a row. This unwavering love for the sport was a defining aspect of Kylian’s childhood in Bondy.

Kylian Mbappe’s Family Heritage:

Kylian Mbappe hails from a sports-oriented, middle-class family in Bondy, a suburb of Paris. His family is part of the larger working-class community in the area, which has come to take great pride in Mbappe as their most renowned football icon. A testament to this admiration is a poster displayed on the building where Mbappe spent his childhood.

The family is headed by Wilfried, who has a background as a soccer coach, and Fayza Lamari, Kylian’s mother, who was a professional handball player. The importance of sports was deeply ingrained in the family’s lifestyle, with a strong emphasis on pursuing athletic careers.

Kylian’s adopted brother, Jires Kembo-Ekoko, is also a professional soccer player, showcasing the family’s dedication to the sport. This commitment to athletics extends to all of Mbappe’s siblings, who have followed in the family’s sporting footsteps.

Kylian Mbappe’s Ancestral Background:

Kylian Mbappe is widely known to be from Bondy, a settlement in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France. However, his familial roots are less commonly known and are quite diverse, spanning across three African countries.

Kylian’s father, Wilfred Mbappe, has a heritage that traces back to Cameroon, with familial connections to Nigeria. He emigrated to Northern France in pursuit of better opportunities. On the other hand, Kylian’s mother, Fayza Lamari, hails from Algeria and is of Kabyle descent.

The union of Wilfred and Fayza is a blend of different cultures and backgrounds. French media reports suggest that Wilfred, seeking a permanent residency, married Fayza Lamari, who is of Algerian-French descent. Fayza, with her Kabyle origins, went on to become the mother of Kylian Mbappe, who proudly carries this rich and diverse heritage.

Kylian Mbappe’s Education and Musical Interests:

While football was Kylian Mbappe’s primary passion from a young age, he also pursued other interests, notably in music. From the ages of 6 to 11, he attended a conservatory music school where he learned to read music and play the flute. He developed a keen interest in singing, which he considers his second favourite hobby after soccer. Kylian credits his music teacher, Céline Bognini, for nurturing his musical talents.

During his time at the music school, Kylian participated in choir performances, often held at the town hall park in Bondy. He and his tutor performed a diverse range of mainly French songs, showcasing his budding musical abilities.

In terms of formal education, Kylian’s focus on football meant that he did not attend school full-time. He did, however, have a brief period of schooling where he was classmates with William Saliba, another future football star. As his commitment to football grew, Kylian spent the majority of his time in football training rather than in a traditional classroom setting.

To complement his football training, Kylian’s father, Wilfried, conducted private study sessions with him. This approach to education, combining structured football training with tailored academic lessons at home, constituted Kylian’s unique form of homeschooling.

Kylian Mbappe’s Early Football Journey:

Kylian Mbappe’s dedicated journey in football began in 2004, at the age of six, when his father, Wilfried, enrolled him at AS Bondy. Wilfried, who worked as a coach at AS Bondy, played a focal role in Kylian’s early football development.

From the outset, Kylian exhibited exceptional talent, contributing significantly to AS Bondy’s success in youth tournaments. Under his father’s guidance, he quickly mastered key skills such as clinical finishing, speed, and dribbling.

One of Kylian’s youth coaches at AS Bondy, Antonio Riccardi, spoke highly of his abilities from an early age. Riccardi noted that Kylian stood out even among the talented youngsters at AS Bondy. His dribbling skills and speed were notably advanced, setting him apart from his peers.

Ricardi, reflecting on his 15 years of experience in coaching young players, regarded Kylian as the most outstanding talent he had encountered. He emphasized that despite being familiar with numerous talented players in Paris, Kylian’s abilities were unparalleled, marking him as a unique and exceptional talent from a very young age.

Kylian Mbappe’s Unique Childhood Experiences with Football Legends:

Kylian Mbappe’s upbringing differed significantly from that of his peers, including William Saliba, who was also coached by his father. Unlike most children who spend time attending birthday parties or socializing with friends, Kylian’s parents, Fayza and Wilfried, chose a unique approach for their son’s development.

Instead of typical childhood activities, they focused on introducing Kylian to renowned football heroes. This strategy was part of their broader plan to inspire and motivate him in his football journey. One of the most memorable moments in this regard was arranging for Kylian to meet the French football legend, Thierry Henry. This encounter was particularly significant and unforgettable, as Henry, an Arsenal icon, was unaware that he was in the presence of a young boy who would eventually break two of his national records.

Another notable meeting arranged by his parents was with Zinedine Zidane, a player who shared a similar family origin with Kylian’s mother, Fayza Lamari. During this encounter, Zidane, a celebrated Real Madrid legend, had no idea that the young boy he met would one day surpass his own Champions League record. These experiences were instrumental in shaping Kylian’s aspirations and commitment to football from a very young age.

Strengthening of Father-Son Bond and Preparation for Football:

Wilfried Mbappe, Kylian’s father, was keen on preparing his son for life’s challenges from an early age. He didn’t wait for Kylian to grow up before exposing him to the realities of the world. Their relationship was deeply rooted in affection and open communication, with Wilfried sharing life lessons and insights with Kylian while he was still very young.

Their conversations, often held during walks, were predominantly centred around football. These discussions were more than just about the game; they were a testament to the strong and unbreakable bond that developed between father and son. This connection, fostered through shared interests and open communication, played a significant role in Kylian’s personal and athletic development.

Kylian Mbappe’s Journey to Stade Rennais Trials:

Kylian Mbappe and his parents often visited Stade Rennais to support his half-brother, Jirès Kembo-Ekoko, who played for the club. As Kylian neared his teenage years, his father, Wilfried, decided it was time for him to advance from AS Bondy, where Wilfried worked, to a more prominent academy.

The family saw an opportunity for Kylian to join his brother at Stade Rennais FC. The club, recognizing Kylian’s potential, invited him to participate in a detection tournament for under-12 players. Kylian, wearing the Stade Rennais kit, made a significant impact by leading his team to victory in the competition.

His standout performance in the tournament quickly made him the top priority for Stade Rennais’ recruitment team. The club, eager to secure Kylian’s talents, sent officials to his family home in Bondy, hoping to persuade his parents to enrol him in their academy.

Dréossi, a staff member from Rennais, reflected on their efforts: “We tried our best. My team went to Bondy many times to negotiate with his parents. They are people we know well. Wilfried and Fayza are very interesting sportspersons. We tried making offers but didn’t succeed. The bidding took place, and we failed to win the race.” This episode marked an early indication of Kylian’s emerging status as a sought-after young talent in football.

Kylian Mbappe’s Transition to Clairefontaine:

Following the unsuccessful negotiations with Stade Rennais, Kylian Mbappe made a significant move to the prestigious Clairefontaine Academy. Known as France’s national football centre, Clairefontaine is renowned for its exceptional training program, dedicated to nurturing the finest young talents in the country.

At Clairefontaine, Kylian not only honed his football skills but also joined the ranks of notable alumni. This list of distinguished graduates includes football greats like Thierry Henry, Nicolas Anelka, Blaise Matuidi, Hatem Ben Arfa, and William Gallas, all of whom have made significant contributions to the sport.

Kylian’s outstanding performances at Clairefontaine did not go unnoticed. His skill and potential attracted the attention of several leading European football clubs. Teams such as Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Bayern Munich expressed interest in him, extending invitations for trials. This period marked a pivotal moment in Kylian’s early career as he began to draw international recognition for his football prowess.

Kylian Mbappe’s Early Experiences with European Teams:

At the age of 12, Kylian Mbappe embarked on a journey to showcase his talents to various European football teams, starting with a visit to England. Upon their arrival, his parents arranged for an apartment, where Kylian personalized his room with wallpapers of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kylian participated in a trial with Chelsea FC during his time in England. He played alongside notable young talents like Tammy Abraham and Jeremie Boga, who, as of 2023, is associated with Atlanta BC. Kylian’s trial included a match where his team triumphed over Charlton with a striking 8-0 victory. This experience was a joyful and memorable moment for Kylian, who returned home feeling optimistic about his performance.

He even posed with a personalized Chelsea shirt, believing that he had made a significant impression on the club. However, despite his high hopes and the initial success at the trial, Chelsea FC did not follow up with an offer. This experience was part of Kylian’s early journey in football, where he faced both opportunities and challenges in his pursuit of professional success.

Kylian Mbappe’s Visit to Real Madrid:

Following his experiences in England, Kylian Mbappe and his family accepted an invitation from Zinedine Zidane to visit Real Madrid for trials. This visit presented Kylian with an extraordinary opportunity, one he had eagerly anticipated: meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

For Kylian, this encounter was the fulfilment of a significant dream, as Ronaldo was not only his idol but also a player he aspired to emulate. The meeting was momentous in his young life, offering him inspiration and motivation.

Interestingly, Cristiano Ronaldo himself could not have foreseen at the time that this young admirer would one day rise to challenge his stature in the world of football. Kylian’s journey and achievements, especially in the Champions League, have led fans and commentators alike to draw comparisons between him and Ronaldo, highlighting Kylian’s rapid ascent in the football world. This encounter at Real Madrid marked a pivotal moment in Kylian Mbappe’s early career, embedding in him the aspirations and dreams that would fuel his rise to fame.

Kylian Mbappe’s Rise to Success at Monaco:

Following unsuccessful negotiations with several European clubs, Kylian Mbappe ultimately found his footing at AS Monaco. At Monaco, he quickly demonstrated his exceptional abilities, progressing rapidly from the academy to senior football. This period of his career at AS Monaco was marked by noteworthy highlights and significant growth.

On March 6, 2016, Kylian’s family celebrated a major milestone when he signed his first professional contract with Monaco. However, his journey was not without challenges. Initially, limited playing time led to frustration for the young forward.

The situation reached a critical point when Kylian’s father, Wilfried, publicly expressed his concerns. He issued a stern warning, stating that Kylian would consider a transfer if his circumstances at the club did not improve. This declaration seemed to catalyze a change in Kylian’s fortunes at Monaco.

Following his father’s intervention, Monaco’s manager, Leonardo Jardim, decided to give Kylian a starting role in a match against Montpellier. This opportunity marked a turning point for Kylian. He played a pivotal role in Monaco’s 6-2 victory over Montpellier, showcasing his talent and potential.

From that moment on, Kylian’s career trajectory soared. In the 2016–17 season, he netted 26 goals, playing a crucial role in leading Monaco to clinch the Ligue 1 title. This achievement firmly established him as a rising star in world soccer and marked the beginning of his remarkable success story.

Kylian Mbappe’s Journey with PSG and the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

Mbappe’s rise to prominence led to an intense transfer battle, culminating in a monumental €145 million deal, with an additional €35 million in add-ons, to Paris Saint-Germain. This transfer set a new record for the most expensive teenage footballer.

At PSG, Mbappe swiftly lived up to expectations. He played beautiful football in a pivotal capacity in helping the team secure a treble, and he earned individual accolades as the Ligue 1 Player of the Year and the league’s top scorer.

In May 2018, Mbappe’s exceptional talents were further recognized when he was selected for the French national group for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Forming a dynamic forward duo with Antoine Griezmann, he achieved a historic milestone by becoming only the second teenager, after the legendary Pelé, to score in a World Cup Final. His performance was instrumental in France’s victory in the tournament.

Continued Rise:

Post-World Cup, Mbappe continued to excel, securing consecutive titles as the league’s top goalscorer. His remarkable skills and achievements at a young age have not only earned him numerous honours but also positioned him as a potential successor to football legends like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

As of the time this biography was written, there is considerable speculation and anticipation regarding Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await his decisions and future plans. Thanks to Kylian Mbappe’s gigantic rise, some of his fans think he and Erling Haaland could surpass Messi and Ronaldo as the greatest-ever footballers.

Whatever path he chooses, it is clear that Kylian Mbappe’s legacy in football will be a significant one, and his story will continue to be a part of football history.

Alicia Aylies – Biography and Relationship with Kylian Mbappe:

Alicia Aylies, renowned for her striking beauty, embarked on her modeling career with the Guyanese agency Mannky’n. She arrived in the world on the 21st day of April 1998 in Martinique, a French overseas region in the Caribbean. Her parents are Marie-Chantal Belfroy and Philippe Aylies. Alicia’s father works as an environmental manager, and her mother previously worked as a driving school instructor.

Alicia experienced her parents’ divorce at the tender age of two, after which her mother, Marie-Chantal, raised her. She grew up with her mother in Remire-Montjoly and completed her education with a science degree from a local lycée in 2016.

After graduating high school, Alicia pursued law studies at the University of French Guiana. However, her passion for modeling eventually led her to leave her legal studies behind.

Alicia Aylies, known for being Kylian Mbappe’s girlfriend, is notably private about her personal life. As of January 2021, there are few public photographs of the couple together, indicating their preference for keeping their relationship away from the public eye. Additionally, Alicia holds the title of Miss France 2017, a significant achievement in her career.

As for her relationship with Kylian Mbappe, there is no publicly available information regarding when they first met or started dating. As of the time this biography was compiled, Alicia and Mbappe are neither engaged nor married and do not have any children together. Their relationship, while known to the public, remains largely private.

Speculations About Kylian Mbappe and Camille Gottlieb:

Camille Gottlieb, rumoured to have been Kylian Mbappe’s first girlfriend, comes from a background of royalty. She is the daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Jean Raymond Gottlieb, who was formerly a bodyguard at the palace.

Before his relationship with Alicia Aylies, Kylian Mbappe was allegedly involved with Camille Gottlieb. Among the women linked to the footballer, she is the only one who has been publicly seen with him.

However, the exact reasons for the end of their alleged relationship are not clear. After their supposed closeness ended, Camille Gottlieb reportedly moved on to a relationship with another individual. This part of Kylian Mbappe’s personal life, like many celebrity relationships, remains a topic of speculation and rumour.

Personal Characteristics:

Kylian Mbappe is known for his endearing and mature personality, which is a reflection of the strong upbringing provided by his parents. He possesses an admirable attitude and an understanding of life’s nuances. The legendary footballer has the same Sagittarius zodiac as Cameron Archer (Centre-Forward), Yunus Musah (Central Midfield), Destiny Udogie (Left-Back) and Leandro Trossard (Left Winger).

One notable aspect of his character is his approach to handling anger. Instead of reacting impulsively, Kylian tends to laugh off situations that upset him. He makes a conscious effort to understand what he refers to as ‘their situation’ – the circumstances or reasons behind others’ actions. This trait demonstrates his empathetic nature and his ability to maintain composure in challenging situations.

Kylian Mbappe’s Passion for Luxury Cars:

Kylian Mbappe, while generally private about his personal life, has a well-known interest in high-end automobiles. As of January 2021, he owns a collection of five top-tier cars. With his substantial weekly earnings, the estimated value of his car collection stands at around €780,000.

Mbappe’s garage boasts an impressive lineup of luxury vehicles. This collection includes prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, and Range Rover. Each of these cars reflects his taste for luxurious automobiles, underscoring a facet of his lifestyle influenced by his success as a professional footballer.

Kylian Mbappe’s 2021 Net Worth and Expenditures:

Kylian Mbappe’s financial status, as of 2021, reflects the continuous growth in his wealth, largely attributed to his successful football career and various endorsements. With an income exceeding 20 million Euros annually, his net worth is estimated to be around £120 million.

The sources of Mbappe’s wealth are primarily his earnings as a professional footballer, supplemented by significant endorsement deals with big brands like Nike and EA Sports. These partnerships add substantial value to his overall financial portfolio.

Regarding his lifestyle and spending habits, Kylian is known to invest in high-quality holiday experiences, particularly enjoying water Island vacations. He has shared with his fans his preference for pool activities and specializes in aquatic workouts, indicating a personal interest in water-based leisure activities. This aspect of his lifestyle is a testament to his preference for relaxation and recreation, balanced with his professional commitments.

Kylian Mbappe’s Family Dynamics:

The strong family bonds within Kylian Mbappe’s household have played a significant role in fostering his confidence and success, notably contributing to his triumphs, including winning the 2018 World Cup. The support and close relationships with his family members have been instrumental in his pursuit of numerous honours and awards in his football career.

In the following section, we delve deeper into the details of Kylian Mbappe’s family life. This includes insights into his parents, his brothers, and other relatives who have been integral to his journey and achievements. Understanding his family background provides a clearer picture of the environment and relationships that have shaped Kylian Mbappe both as a person and as a professional athlete.

Kylian Mbappe’s Father, Wilfried:

Wilfried Mbappe, a former regional footballer, transitioned into a role as an educator at the local club where Kylian began his football career. He raised his family near the Léo-Lagrange stadium, as noted by Taylor, a former neighbour. With his Cameroonian and Nigerian heritage, Wilfried maintains a strong connection to his African roots, which is reflected in various aspects of his life.

This cultural influence is particularly evident in the names he chose for his children. Wilfried gave Kylian the Yoruba middle name ‘Adesanmi’, which translates to “the crown fits me” in English. This choice of name reflects a connection to his Nigerian heritage. Similarly, his youngest son bears the name ‘Adeyemi’, another Yoruba name meaning “the crown befits you”.

Wilfried is known for his foresight and discipline, especially in matters related to football management and negotiations. He takes a very hands-on and discerning approach in guiding Kylian’s career, filtering every decision and ensuring that his son remains grounded despite his fame and success. His influence has been a cornerstone in Kylian’s development both as a person and as a professional athlete.

Kylian Mbappe’s Mother, Fayza Lamari:

Fayza Lamari, born in 1974 and also known as El-Amari in Arabic, is a former handball player who enjoyed a successful career with AS Bondy’s first league team from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. She comes from a family with a strong football background, as her father was also a football player in the Bondy suburb of Paris.

Fayza has left a lasting legacy at the handball club in her hometown, where she is still regarded as a symbolic figure. During her active days as a right-winger in handball, she was known for her tenacity and competitive spirit on the court. Jean-Louis Kimmoun, a former board member at AS Bondy, reminisced about Fayza in an interview with ‘Le Parisien’, stating, “She grew up just opposite our handball playing hall. Many of Fayza’s brothers played for the club. On the court, she was a fighter. Sometimes, things got quite rough whenever Fayza met her opponents.”

Beyond her sporting achievements, Fayza is described as a charming individual who continues to follow handball passionately. She takes great pride in watching her son, Kylian, grow not only into a fine young man but also into one of the most prominent football players in the world. Her influence and background have significantly shaped Kylian’s life and career.

The Mbappe Brothers and Their Bond:

Kylian Mbappe has two brothers, showcasing a strong sibling bond in a sporting family. Their relationship is marked by deep affection and support, reflecting the dynamic between brothers with shared interests, especially in sports. The camaraderie and love between the Mbappe brothers highlight the role of family in their lives, both personal and athletic.

Jires Kembo-Ekoko – Kylian Mbappe’s Adopted Older Brother:

Jires Kembo-Ekoko, a French Congolese footballer, was born on January 8, 1988, in Kinshasa, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). His biological father, Kembo Uba Kembo, is a former footballer who participated in the 1974 FIFA World Cup for the DR Congo team. Jires’s love for soccer is deeply rooted in his family heritage.

At the age of six, Jires moved to Europe, settling in Bondy, France, with his uncle and older sister. This relocation, decided by his mother, was for educational purposes while his parents stayed back in Congo.

In France, Jires was adopted by the Mbappé family. Wilfried Mbappe, Kylian’s father, became Jires’s legal guardian, following the passing of Jires’s father, who was a close friend of Wilfried.

There is a ten-year age gap between Jires and Kylian. Jires has played as a striker for several clubs, including Clairefontaine, Rennes, Al Ain in the UAE, El Jaish, Al Nasr, and Bursaspor in Turkey.

Kylian looks up to Jires immensely, considering him his first idol. Their relationship goes beyond mere brotherly love; they share a profound and close bond, deeply connected both personally and through their shared passion for football.

Ethan Adeyemi Mbappe – Kylian Mbappe’s Younger Brother:

Ethan Adeyemi Mbappe, born in 2005, is the younger biological brother of Kylian Mbappe and the son of Fayza Lamari and Wilfried Mbappe. His middle name, Adeyemi, is a nod to his Nigerian heritage, bestowed upon him by his father. It translates to “the crown befits you.” It’s important to note that Ethan Adeyemi is not related to Karim Adeyemi.

Ethan, who is seven years younger than Kylian, has a special influence on his older brother. Kylian’s unique goal celebration – posing with his arms crossed and thumbs up – is inspired by Ethan. This celebratory style began as a playful gesture between the brothers, particularly when Ethan would win against Kylian in FIFA video games.

Kylian and Ethan share a close bond, which is evident in Kylian’s fond recollections and actions. For instance, Kylian once made an arrangement with Monaco to have Ethan accompany him as a mascot for a match. Kylian shared that this decision was influenced by Ethan’s eagerness.

Recounting the experience, Kylian said, “Ethan wanted it – that it would be a great moment. He was breaking my head at home. He said, ‘Take me, take me,’ so I said, ‘OK, I’ll take you, come on…'” This anecdote reflects the playful and loving relationship between the two brothers.

Kylian Mbappe’s Alleged Grandfather, Maréchal Samuel Mbappé Léppé:

In Cameroon, there is a widespread belief that Maréchal Samuel Mbappé Léppé, a notable figure in African football history, is the grandfather of Kylian Mbappe, the PSG striker. Samuel Mbappé Léppé, who passed away in 1985, left a significant legacy in football. He is celebrated for being the first captain to lift the African Champions Clubs’ Cup during the 1964/65 season.

Born in 1936, Maréchal Samuel Mbappé Léppé gained fame as a striker for Orix Bellois in Douala. His contributions to football were posthumously recognized in 2015 when the African Football Confederation awarded him the “African Legend” trophy.

While this connection is widely believed in Cameroon, it’s important to note that the familial relationship between Kylian Mbappe and Maréchal Samuel Mbappé Léppé is based on public speculation and has not been officially confirmed. Regardless, the legacy of Maréchal Samuel Mbappé Léppé remains an influential part of African football history.

Kylian Mbappe’s Extended Family Members:

Kylian Mbappe’s family extends beyond his immediate relatives, with some members gaining prominence in their own right. One such relative is Pierre Mbappe, Kylian’s uncle and Wilfried Mbappe’s brother. Born on September 18, 1973, Pierre has made a name for himself as a coach in the world of football. His coaching career includes stints with US Ivry and Stade Lavallois.

Pierre Mbappe, Kylian’s well-known uncle, attracted attention when he disclosed that Kylian frequently watches Chelsea matches, a revelation that sparked interest among football fans.

Another notable relative is Christian Dippah, who is widely recognized in Cameroon. He has spent a considerable part of his life in West Africa and is commonly regarded as one of Kylian’s uncles. These family members, each with their distinct connection to the world of football, contribute to the broader narrative of Kylian Mbappe’s familial background and its ties to the sport.

Kylian Mbappe – Lesser-Known Facts:

In concluding Kylian Mbappe’s biography, we aim to reveal lesser-known facts about the PSG striker. These details provide insight into Mbappe’s life beyond football. We seek to uncover aspects of his personality and experiences that are not commonly known, offering a fuller understanding of him.

The Story Behind Kylian Mbappe’s “Donatello” Nickname:

In 2017, an incident between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe at PSG led to the emergence of Mbappe’s nickname, “Donatello,” inspired by a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This nickname initially caused discomfort for Mbappe’s mother, Fayza, who was concerned about the persistent comparison and teasing her son faced, especially from teammates Neymar and Dani Alves.

The situation escalated around November 2017 when Thiago Silva presented Mbappe with an early Christmas gift orchestrated by Neymar. To Mbappe’s surprise, the gift was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask.

The nickname gained further traction among fans, with some even dressing up as the character and causing pitch invasions. At first, Mbappe was unsettled by the joke, feeling that it had been taken too far and that he was becoming a subject of mockery. However, over time, he came to embrace the “Donatello” nickname, accepting it as part of his unique identity among his teammates and fans.

Kylian Mbappe’s Childhood Experience with Didier Drogba:

Kylian Mbappe experienced a memorable incident as a child involving Didier Drogba, the Chelsea legend. This event occurred after a 2009 Champions League semi-final match between Chelsea and Barcelona. Following the match, a young Mbappe eagerly approached Drogba, hoping to take a selfie with him. However, Drogba, who was visibly upset about the match’s outcome and preoccupied with his grievances towards the referee, did not acknowledge Mbappe’s request for a selfie.

This moment left a lasting impression on Mbappe, who felt disheartened at being ignored. However, a decade later, in 2019, the paths of Mbappe and Drogba crossed again, this time on the stage of the Ballon d’Or ceremony. In a twist of fate, Drogba took the opportunity to make amends for the past incident. He fulfilled the long-awaited request by taking a photo with Mbappe, thereby settling a ‘debt’ that had lingered for ten years. This gesture symbolized a full-circle moment for Mbappe, from a young fan to sharing the stage with one of his football idols.

Kylian Mbappe’s Religious Affiliation:

Questions about Kylian Mbappe’s religious beliefs have arisen among fans, particularly after images of him wearing Islamic attire circulated on the internet. To clarify, there is no indication that Kylian Mbappe is a Muslim. His father, Wilfried, has not converted to Islam, and his mother, Fayza, does not bear a Muslim surname.

Given this background, it appears more likely that Kylian Mbappe identifies as a Christian. The decision to wear Islamic attire, as seen in some photographs, is understood to be influenced more by the cultural practices in his hometown of Bondy rather than a reflection of his personal religious beliefs.

It’s important to note that in France, particularly among the Black Christian community, there has been a tendency to embrace Islamic attire. This trend can be attributed to a sense of solidarity or cultural affinity, especially in the context of experiencing segregation from fellow white Christians. Therefore, Mbappe’s choice of clothing aligns more with a cultural expression rather than an indication of his religious affiliation.

Comparing Kylian Mbappe’s Height to Notable Basketball Players:

Kylian Mbappe’s height has often been a topic of interest, especially when compared to renowned basketball players. For instance, LeBron James stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters), while Giannis Antetokounmpo towers at 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 meters). In contrast, Kylian Mbappe’s height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters).

There is a common misconception among football fans regarding Mbappe’s height. Due to his long legs, many assume that he is taller than he actually is. However, in reality, Mbappe’s stature is not as tall as it might appear on the field. This misconception underscores the differences in physical builds and perceptions between athletes in different sports such as football and basketball.

Kylian Mbappe in FIFA Video Game:

In the FIFA video game series, Kylian, alongside notables like Kevin De Bruyne, are recognized for his impressive attributes. Like any player, he has areas that are not as strongly represented in the game. Specifically, Mbappe’s in-game character shows lesser proficiency in aggression, free-kick accuracy, penalties, and long passing.

Notably, Mbappe was featured as the cover star for the 2020 edition of FIFA, a testament to his prominence in the football world. In terms of gameplay attributes, his characteristics are often compared to those of Sadio Mane. It indicates a similarity in their virtual representations. This comparison reflects the balance in the game, where each player, regardless of their real-world skills and achievements, has a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses.


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The role of Kylian’s parents, Wilfried and Fayza Lamari, in his journey cannot be overstated. They have been instrumental in guiding him to understand the essence of life from an early age, despite the challenging environment in Bondy. Their efforts ensured that the societal difficulties in Bondy did not dictate Kylian’s future.

Jires Kembo-Ekoko, though not as prominent in his football career as Kylian, played a crucial role as his first idol, emphasizing the impact of the ‘big brother effect.’ This influence has now been passed to Kylian’s younger brother, Ethan Adeyemi, who has a promising future ahead.

Final Notes:

As for Kylian’s professional path, there is speculation about his tenure with PSG, with some reports suggesting he might seek new opportunities beyond Paris.

Regardless of where his career takes him, it’s clear that the Speedster, who has the same birth year as Federico Valverde and Tijjani Reijnders, is on track to become a leading figure in football, potentially succeeding legends like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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