Khephren Thuram Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the life story of Khephren Thuram, providing a deep dive into his Biography in the following areas;  his Childhood Story, Parents – Sandra (Mother), Lilian Thuram (Father), Early Years in Football, Family Background, Love Interest (Kimberley Affrina), Siblings – Brother (Marcus Thuram), Grandparents, Relatives, and so on.

This account of Khephren Thuram sheds light on his Family Roots, Ethnic Background, Hometown, Citizenship, Religious Beliefs, Education, Personal Life, Tattoo, Net Worth, Earnings Details, and so forth.

In essence, this write-up provides a Comprehensive History of Khephren Thuram. Like Tim Weah, Khephren chose to tread the path of his father and older sibling. We’re here to share the tale of a young lad whose soccer journey is akin to that of his Father and Brother.

Moreover, SoccerBiography tells the tale of a promising talent named after the iconic pharaoh Chephren. This king is the respected son of King Cheops from the Fourth Dynasty of the Egyptian Old Kingdom.


Khephren Thuram’s biography commences with the significant instances from his childhood, followed by his initial career accomplishments, and then his amazing journey to becoming one of the most promising players of his nation.

As you delve into this account of Khephren Thuram’s life, our aim is to engage your curiosity. We begin by offering an intriguing gallery that encapsulates a narrative from his formative years to his impressive rise.

Prepare to be moved by the challenges, victories, and pivotal moments that have moulded Khephren Thuram into the outstanding individual he is today.

Khephren Thuram’s accomplishments are noteworthy, such as finishing as a runner-up in the Coupe de France for the 2021-22 season and being part of the acclaimed UNFP Ligue 1 Team of the Year for 2022-2023.

In our pursuit to chronicle the life stories of French professional soccer players, we noticed an information void. Evidently, a large number of fans are not aware of Thuram’s captivating life journey. Hence, let’s not waste any more time and immerse ourselves in the engaging saga of Khephren Thuram.

The Childhood of Khephren Thuram:

To initiate the biography, Khephren Thuram, a well-known midfielder, carries the full name Khephren Thuram-Ulien. The football player was born on the 26th day of March 2001 to his parents, Sandra Thuram and Lilian Thuram, in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Khephren Thuram was born as the second son to his parents, Lilian and Sandra. The parents of this Defensive Midfielder set the nurturing groundwork for Khephren and his sibling as they matured.

Allow us to introduce you to Khephren Thuram’s parents. Lilian Thuram and Sandra Thuram extend their unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement to their son. Crucially, they played an instrumental role in fostering their child’s enthusiasm for football.

Childhood Years:

Born as the younger child in his family, Khephren Thuram is a remarkable footballer of this era. His parents named him after the famous Pharaoh Chephren, a distinguished ruler from the Fourth Dynasty of the Egyptian Old Kingdom.

Khephren spent a considerable part of his childhood with his elder brother, Marcus Thuram, who is five years older. Their playful sibling rivalry often led them to friendly football matches in their backyard.

These two brothers were a formidable pair, dedicating countless hours to the sport together. These early football experiences not only strengthened their bond but also ignited a shared passion for the game.

Early Days of Khephren Thuram:

From a very young age, Khephren Thuram was introduced to football. Being the son of the iconic Lilian Thuram, the 1998 World Cup champion, his father was his earliest mentor and coach.

Lilian Thuram has been unwavering in his commitment to overseeing and guiding his sons’ career paths. As stated by a Sunday publication, he has played an active role in their football trajectories, offering post-match analyses and consistent support.

As a youngster, Khephren was fortunate to have access to football resources and mentoring. With his elder brother Marcus’s assistance, Khephren, a defensive midfielder, continues to make strides in his career.

Family Background of Khephren Thuram:

Footballers hailing from affluent families have a distinct edge in their careers, even when they hit rough patches. The story of Khephren Thuram, an aspiring French midfielder, stands apart from those of his contemporaries in football.

Khephren had the benefit of a privileged upbringing, largely due to his father, Lilian Thuram, an established name in the football world. Lilian not only ensured financial security for his son but also offered professional mentorship.

Moreover, he imparted critical wisdom and advice derived from his successful football career. It’s a fact that the Thuram family’s wealth and prosperity stemmed mostly from the financial rewards associated with football.

Lilian’s achievements in football brought substantial monetary gains, fostering a wealthy family environment that positively shaped Khephren’s upbringing.

Family Origins of Khephren Thuram:

According to our research, Khephren Thuram is a French national. He was born in Italy to his father, Lilian Thuram, a former French international footballer. To add more context, Khephren Thuram, although born in Italy, traces his roots back to Guadeloupe.

His parents, Lilian and Sandra Thuram, are natives of the island of Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is a French overseas territory nestled in the Caribbean Sea, specifically in the region’s southern part.

Khephren Thuram’s Cultural Heritage:

Despite his Italian birthplace, Marcus’s family roots extend to Guadeloupe, informing his cultural identity and bond to the Caribbean region. Intriguingly, there is a strong correlation between Guadeloupe and influential figures in French football.

French football icon Thierry Henry, along with players Kingsley Coman and Anthony Martial, all have family ties to Guadeloupe. This Caribbean island has significantly contributed to the heritage of these gifted athletes.

Educational Background of Khephren Thuram:

Based on findings, the aspiring midfielder completed his education at Marymount, a prestigious American school located in Paris. Although situated in Paris, his classroom instruction was primarily in English, with French lessons only taking up 45 minutes of his weekly schedule.

Furthermore, his American educational experience extended beyond academics. He enthusiastically represented his school in basketball competitions. Due to his height advantage over his peers, Khephren often played as a point guard, leading the team’s strategy and setting the pace.

Interestingly, had Khephren not chosen football as his professional path, his ambition was to succeed in other sports. Basketball, fondly referred to as ‘ball,’ piqued his interest, and he demonstrated a strong passion for the sport.

In addition to his basketball activities, the budding Thuram also participated actively in volleyball during his school years. His engagement in this sport demonstrated his athletic versatility.

Cultivating a Career:

In the Thuram family, football has invariably been the main focus. Following Lilian Thuram’s retirement from professional football, the family patriarch laid out a comprehensive plan to facilitate his sons’ pursuit of their aspirations.

Hence, Lilian’s strategic vision was designed to offer sustained support for his sons’ football dreams. This also allowed the midfielder to emulate his father’s footsteps and sustain their shared love for the sport.

Importantly, Khephren Thuram was fortunate to have been born during the playing days of the Great Brazilian Ronaldo. He grew up during an era of football dominated by iconic players such as Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and more. His exposure to these outstanding players undoubtedly had a significant influence on his evolution as a footballer.

The budding midfield prodigy commenced his football journey with the youth club Olympique de Neuilly, where he played alongside his brother. This initial experience enabled him to hone his skills and gain valuable playing experience.

Khephren Thuram Biography – His Football Journey:

Subsequently, after a productive six-year tenure with Olympique de Neuilly, the French football prodigy moved on to the next critical stage of his career. He advanced to the youth division of AC Boulogne-Billancourt.

This club, located in the suburbs of Paris, is renowned for cultivating Olympians and world champions across various sports. After spending three years with the club, at the age of 15, Khephren embarked on a path similar to his father’s by joining AS Monaco.

This choice signified a turning point in his football trajectory. Notable players such as Benoit Badiashile, Youssouf Fofana and Axel Disasi have also graced Monaco. It provided him with fresh prospects and hurdles as he sought to actualize his dreams at a distinguished club.

Khephren Thuram Bio – Journey to Stardom:

Khephren Thuram rapidly made his mark at Monaco. His commendable performances at the youth level led to his professional debut at the tender age of 17. This debut occurred in a Champions League match against Atletico Madrid in November 2018.

In that game, he stepped onto the field as a substitute, playing for half an hour. Despite the team’s 2-0 loss, Khephren got the chance to exhibit his prowess. He shared the field with accomplished players such as Radamel Falcao, Youri Tielemans, and Benoit Badiashile.

During that season, Khephren Thuram made two more appearances as a substitute. He was called upon during the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund and the French League Cup match against Guingamp.

However, his standout moment surfaced in the UEFA Youth League, where he demonstrated his ability by netting a spectacular long-range goal. This formidable Midfielder’s display was against a Chelsea squad featuring gifted players like Conor Gallagher, Billy Gilmour, Tariq Lamptey, and Marc Guehi.

Khephren Thuram Biography – Ascending to Prominence:

Unsurprisingly, Khephren Thuram began garnering attention from elite clubs, including Chelsea. Yet, contrary to expectations, he chose to sign with OGC Nice in the summer of 2019.

Khephren Thuram seamlessly adjusted to life at Nice, following up a sturdy debut season with an even more remarkable second campaign. He appeared in 33 matches across all competitions and earned his inaugural call-up to the French Under-21 squad.

In the subsequent season, 2021-22, he received the club’s Young Player of the Year award. This rising football star was recognized as one of the top prospects in Ligue 1 at the Trophees UNFP awards, comparable to France’s PFA awards.

In the most recent season, Thuram maintained his forward momentum and positive sofascore ratings, featuring in 47 matches for Nice and reached another significant milestone by making his senior international debut for France in March.

International Career:

Following his father’s legacy, the gifted Thuram has honorably represented France at various international youth levels throughout his career. In March 2023, he marked a substantial achievement by earning his inaugural call-up to the France senior national team.

This chance arrived for the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying matches against the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland. He was brought on as a late substitute in France’s European Championship qualifying win over the Netherlands.

The promising French talent displayed his growth and potential at the pinnacle of international competition alongside elite players like Kylian Mbappe and others such as Mike Maignan, Theo Hernandez, Eduardo Camavinga, Adrien Rabiot, and Aurelien Tchouameni. The rest, as they often say, is history.

Khephren Thuram and His Relationship:

Given his early success and fame in football, it’s evident that Khephren Thuram is already a highly decorated athlete.

However, it’s unavoidable that he will attract the attention of female admirers who may dream of becoming his wife, girlfriend, or even the mother of his future children. His popularity and accomplishments are bound to invite intrigue from followers.

So, the burning question is…

Who is Khephren Thuram’s girlfriend?

Based on our findings as of 2023, it appears that Khephren Thuram is currently dating Kimberley Affrina. Though information about his girlfriend is sparse, it’s clear that the couple is happy and occasionally shares photos on social media.

Personal Life:

Khephren Thuram delights in a range of hobbies, including travel, singing, and reading. He tends to keep a low-profile lifestyle, consciously shunning excessive media exposure and maintaining an understated presence.

Moreover, he embodies a positive attitude, concentrating on what’s important to him, both personally and professionally. Physically, Khephren stands at a towering height of 1.92 meters (6 feet 4 inches) and exhibits an athletic physique.

He weighs around 80 kilograms and maintains a robust black physique. Additionally, the footballer is dedicated to sustaining endurance and fitness through a regular exercise regimen.

As a follower of the Aries Zodiac sign, he shares characteristics with other notable Aries individuals like Kobbie Mainoo, Sergio Ramos, Antoine Griezmann, Manuel Neuer, Dele Alli, and Gabriel Jesus. These traits encompass bravery, resolve, confidence, excitement, and fervour.

Khephren Thuram Lifestyle:

At the time of penning this biography, Khephren Thuram, the midfielder for OGC Nice, is acclaimed as one of the most promising male footballers, credited to his unwavering devotion to his career.

Moreover, his diligent efforts are now reaping the rewards, granting him widespread acclaim and acknowledgement in the football domain. Alongside his escalating success, the defensive midfielder is also experiencing financial growth.

It’s only a matter of time before his wealth multiplies even more. This prosperity allows him to indulge in lavish homes, opulent vacations, and luxury cars, mirroring his elevated lifestyle.

Khephren Thuram’s Vehicle:

When Khephren Thuram reached the age of 20, his father, Lilian, guided him in choosing his first automobile. They decided on a modest model, befitting his status as a young learner and conscientious student.

Specifics about the exact car models owned by Khephren are not known. As a professional footballer, he might have access to a range of vehicles provided by his team or sponsors, expanding his options.

Khephren Thuram Family Life:

Being born into a family of celebrated footballers unquestionably provides a major source of motivation for any budding footballer. In this section, we will explore more about Khephren Thuram’s parents and other family members.

Khephren Thuram’s Father:

Ruddy Lilian Thuram-Ulien is a former professional football player and a World Cup champion. He is also a French author who publicly addresses vital issues like equality, immigration, and racism.

His commitment extends beyond the pitch; he was a member of the French High Council for Integration. In 2008, Lilian Thuram established the Lilian Thuram Foundation to fight against racism and advocate for education.

He has also been politically active, regularly voicing his concerns about matters that deeply impact him. Additionally, Lilian Thuram’s cousin, Yohann Thuram-Ulien, participates in sports, playing for Amiens.

Furthermore, Lilian Thuram, Khephren’s father, is divorced, indicating he is no longer wed to Khephren’s mother, Sandra. In his personal life, Lilian started a relationship with Kareen Guiock in 2015, and they tied the knot seven years later.

As the patriarch of the family, Lilian puts a priority on his children’s career advancement, offering guidance as needed and ensuring their welfare and triumph. He is committed to providing for his family, both financially and emotionally.

Khephren Thuram’s Mother:

The mother of the budding football sensation, Sandra, was previously married to Lilian Thuram and is the mother of Khephren and his sibling. Her vital contribution and participation in the family undeniably had a profound impact on Khephren’s growth and football progression.

In addition, Sandra Thuram regularly occupied a seat in the stadium during football tournaments, passionately encouraging her ex-spouse and sons. She also backed Lilian’s triumphant campaigns in the 1998 World Cup.

However, a few years following the birth of their second offspring, Sandra and Lilian Thuram decided to part ways. Nevertheless, their separation didn’t hinder Sandra from continually extending her maternal support to Khephren and his brother, Marcus.

Khephren Thuram’s Sibling:

Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien, a forward for Borussia Mönchengladbach and the French national team, is Khephren’s older brother. The forward was christened after Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey.

Born on the 6th of August 1997, Khephren Thuram’s sibling has notably influenced his life. They share a love for football and empathize with the sport’s ups and downs.

Having a supportive sibling can serve as a potent source of motivation, friendly rivalry, and fellowship. In essence, having a brother who treads a similar path and has a common fondness for football has contributed significantly to shaping Khephren Thuram’s career.

Khephren Thuram’s Uncle:

Through investigation, it was discovered that Khephren Thuram has an uncle, Gaetan Thuram, who is the elder brother of Lilian Thuram, Khephren’s father. Gaetan Thuram is the father of Anthony Thuram, a cousin to Marcus.

The familial ties among Khephren, Marcus, Gaetan, and Anthony fortify their bond as kins. It also extends their collective passion for football across various generations.

Khephren Thuram’s Grandparents:

Khephren Thuram’s paternal grandmother, Mariana Christiane Thuram, holds a unique position in the family. Mariana brought up her son, Lilian, amidst the tough conditions of severe poverty.

Her son’s extraordinary accomplishments, including winning the 1998 World Cup and becoming a French football icon, still astonish her. Regardless, Mariana’s steady love and support played a vital part in Lilian Thuram’s path.

Additionally, Mariana instilled in her son the resilience and tenacity to surmount hardship and reach impressive heights. Her enduring influence is treasured within the Thuram family.

Concluding Facts:

In the final segment of Khephren Thuram’s life story, we present more intriguing facts about him. So, let’s proceed without delay.

Khephren Thuram Earnings:

The defensive midfield dynamo’s agreement with Nice assures him an impressive annual income of 960 thousand Euros.

We’ve conducted a comparative analysis between Khephren Thuram’s remuneration and the average earnings of a French citizen. It paints a promising picture.

Khephren Thuram’s Wealth:

Based on findings, an average French citizen’s income revolves around €40,000 or higher per annum, subject to various determinants. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that an average French citizen would require around two years or more to accumulate €80,000, equivalent to Khephren Thuram’s monthly earnings.

Khephren Thuram in FIFA:

At the time of documenting Khephren Thuram’s biography, he is 22 years old and thriving in FIFA. From the following statistics, it’s clear that the midfielder exhibits the necessary attributes of a contemporary left-back.

Comparable to other talented athletes such as Eduardo Camavinga and Boubacar Kamara, he’s making significant strides in the realm of football.
Khephren Thuram’s Faith:

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Khephren Thuram follows a particular religion. Whether his upbringing by his parents, including his father Lilian Thuram, adhered to Christian principles remains uncertain, especially given Lilian’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, which clashes with some religious perspectives.

While Khephren’s religious inclination isn’t explicitly evident, the probability of a Catholic background can’t be ruled out. Notably, about 80% of Guadeloupe’s population, where the midfielder has familial roots, identifies as Roman Catholic.

Final Thoughts:

Khephren Thuram-Ulien was born to French parents, and he is of Guadeloupean heritage via his father, Lilian. His place of birth is Reggio Emilia, Italy. Thuram and his siblings were born in Italy, and the family returned to France following Lilian’s retirement from professional football.

This French prodigy was born on March 26, 2001, to his parents, Lilian Thuram and Sandra. He was named after the Egyptian pharaoh Khephren. Not long after his birth, his parents decided to part ways.

Khephren initiated his football journey with Olympique de Neuilly, along with his brother. After demonstrating considerable growth, he transitioned to Boulogne-Billancourt. The aspiring footballer dedicated three years to this French club, refining his skills before transitioning to Monaco’s professional football team.

At the time of this writing, he plays for OGC Nice, a professional French football team based in Nice. Notably, the talented young sportsman has represented France across various youth tiers. In March 2023, he earned his first invitation to the France senior national team.

Indeed, his performances have captivated numerous premier clubs in Europe. Surprisingly, esteemed clubs such as PSG, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid have expressed interest in him. We promise to keep you updated on which club eventually secures his commitment.


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