Kevin Schade Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Dive into the comprehensive Biography of Kevin Schade, from the chapters of his childhood and early experiences to the anecdotes of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schade, and his broader family circle.

In this biography, we delve into Kevin Schade’s roots, his spiritual beliefs, educational journey, ethnic lineage, and hometown. Additionally, we’ll shed light on this Premier League star’s personal world, including his horoscope sign, financial worth, and earnings.

To encapsulate, this is a thorough narrative of Kevin Schade, a young German soccer talent with a mixed ethnic heritage. Notably, he stands as one of the swiftest forwards in Bundesliga’s annals.

Those attuned to football stats will recognize this German prodigy’s contributions, as he’s not only scored but also assisted for the u-21 national squad. His prowess on the field didn’t go unnoticed; he was a contender for the Brent Ford Goal of the Month accolade.


We set the stage of Kevin Schade’s biography by shedding light on the pivotal moments of his youth. We then journey through his familial ties and significant milestones in his budding career. Concluding, we discuss how this central player has garnered respect and commendation.

At SoccerBiography, we aspire to pique your interest in Kevin Schade’s story. As an added visual treat, we present a curated article that epitomizes his journey.

Deemed as a quick-footed player by many trainers, this German gem truly shines within the penalty box, making him a challenge for opponents. Born in Potsdam, he continually brings honour to his team, both domestically and internationally.

Yet, our observations suggest that only a fraction of soccer enthusiasts are acquainted with the mesmerizing tale of Kevin Schade. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Kevin Schade’s Early Years:

Kevin Schade, a forward, first saw the world on November 27th, 2001, born to a German mother and a Nigerian father in Potsdam.

The young player belongs to a family of three children. Our findings indicate a trio comprising two boys and a girl. And while we’d love to showcase Kevin Schade’s parents, here’s a glimpse of his mother.

Growing Up:

Bundesliga sources affirm that Kevin spent his formative years with his family in Potsdam, Germany. Our research unveils that he has three siblings: two sisters and a brother. Let’s take a nostalgic trip with a snapshot from Kevin’s childhood.

A significant detail to underline is Kevin Schade’s diverse heritage. His father hails from Nigeria, while his mother is German. This intercontinental union suggests a melting pot of cultures during Kevin’s upbringing.

Immersed in a dual cultural ambiance, Kevin was introduced to both German treats, like Auschnitt, and Nigerian culinary delights, like garri and traditional soups. Such cultural richness was not only confined to Kevin but extended to his siblings as well.

The diversity in their household, rather than causing divisions, became the glue binding them. It’s a testament to how families can blossom amidst varied cultural influences.

Kevin Schade’s Formative Years:

Based on insights from “Sport1”, Kevin initially demonstrated an affinity for handball rather than football. This raises the query: how did he transition from a hand-focused sport to one primarily played with feet?

Hendryk Lau, a former manager of SV Babelsberg 03 U19, recounts that during his scouting visit to Waldstalt Elementary School, Kevin was more of an observer than a participant in soccer games. It was Hendryk’s encouragement that steered the young German towards the football field.

Though not a soccer enthusiast initially, Kevin’s potential was evident. It’s intriguing to speculate on the conversations he might have had with his father after that school encounter.

Interestingly, Kevin Schade’s father had once harboured aspirations of becoming a footballer. Undoubtedly, his son’s inclination towards the sport would have filled him with elation. This probably laid the foundation for the rigorous training sessions that followed.

Kevin Schade’s Family Context:

Residing in Potsdam, close to the sprawling city of Berlin, Kevin Schade’s family maintained a modest lifestyle. His father, possibly a businessman or an employee, ensured the well-being of his family of four and his spouse.

In an early 2022 documentary by rbb24 about the Schade family, it was noted that Kevin’s mother continues to reside in Potsdam. His younger sister also lives in Potsdam, while his elder sister has settled in Berlin.

It’s essential to highlight that Kevin was not born into affluence. Yet, he cherishes his family deeply, as reflected in his statement from an interview:

“I’m diligently saving to purchase a house for my mother.”

Until that dream materializes, she occasionally stays in Brentford’s guest room with her daughter.

Rather than splurging on luxury cars, Kevin’s priority is enhancing his family’s comfort.

Kevin Schade’s Ancestral Roots:

Research shows that while Kevin Schade’s mother is of German descent, his father hails from Nigeria, a West African nation celebrated for producing football stars like Asisat Oshoala, Wilfred Ndidi, and Odion Ighalo. This culturally rich country is predominantly known for its ethnic groups: the Igbos, Hausa, and Yoruba.

Kevin’s fondness for Nigerian cuisine is palpable: “I adore Nigerian food. My closest friend, also of Nigerian origin, often brings native dishes when his family visits.” He especially relishes the fiery jollof rice indigenous to his father’s homeland.

Nigeria, teeming with over 200 million people, stands as the world’s seventh most populous country. It houses diverse religious beliefs: Christianity, Islam, and traditional practices. The nation’s film industry, Nollywood, is globally recognized, trailing only behind India’s Bollywood.

Given that Kevin’s maternal lineage is German, it fuses his German nationality with his Nigerian heritage. Here’s a map elucidating the dual origins of this talented winger.

Kevin Schade’s Nigeria Heritage:

Kevin’s lineage traces back to two distinct nations, making him of mixed heritage. This multicultural background is reflected in other footballers, such as Manuel Akanji, Felix Nmecha and Lesley Ugochukwu, who also share Nigerian paternal roots and mothers from different parts of the world.

Kevin can be aptly described as Afro-German, denoting individuals with German citizenship but of African descent.

Kevin Schade’s Educational Background:

Sources suggest that Kevin began his educational journey at Waldstalt Elementary School. Later, his athletic aspirations led him to enrol at Lausitzer Sports School in Cottbus.

Kevin has fondly mentioned that it was during his time at the academy that his earliest dreams found their footing. He reminisces, “I cherish memories from that phase, and I maintain connections with a couple of friends from back then, whom I occasionally visit.”

Kevin Schade’s Football Genesis:

At the tender age of seven, inspired and trained by his father, Kevin initiated his footballing journey by joining the local club, Babelsberg, situated in Potsdam-Babelsberg near Berlin.

Kevin was an integral part of the D junior teams that vied against Rathenow in state indoor championships. Their U-13 team showcased stellar performances, securing a bronze medal in the 2014 tournament. Memories of their jubilant celebrations still linger. Can you spot a young Kevin in those snapshots?

Remaining with Babelsberg into his adolescent years, Kevin later transitioned to Energie Cottbus, where his 23 appearances and seven goals didn’t go unnoticed. His talent caught the attention of the SC-Freiburg youth division.

By 2018, Kevin had migrated to northeastern Germany. In this new territory, he continued to impress, accumulating 11 goals and nine assists across 43 matches.

Kevin Schade’s Rise to Prominence:

August 21, 2021, marked a significant milestone in Kevin’s career as he made his debut for the senior team. His entry as a 71st-minute substitute culminated in a winning goal. Throughout that season, he managed to make 21 league appearances and left his mark on the scoreboard.

However, every athlete’s journey encounters obstacles. Kevin too grappled with an abdominal injury, sidelining him temporarily. Yet, such setbacks couldn’t deter his spirit or mar his on-field brilliance.

There were also emotional and mental hurdles. The days when he yearned for a goal or when uncertainties about securing a contract loomed large. Yet, perseverance prevailed. Let’s delve deeper into the ensuing chapters of his journey.

Kevin Schade’s Rise to Prominence:

In early January 2023, Kevin inked a loan agreement with Premier League team Brentford (BBC Sports Report), slated to run through the 2022/23 season’s conclusion. Notably, as Kevin arrived, central midfielder Christian Eriksen was on his way to Manchester United.

Just a few months into his stint, Brentford chose to solidify Kevin’s place in the squad with a full five-year commitment, acquiring him for a sum close to £20 million. Kevin’s unique dual citizenship granted him the choice of representing either Nigeria or Germany on the international stage.

Yet, he chose to don the colours of his birth nation, Germany. By March 17, 2023, Kevin had earned his inaugural appearance for the German senior team, coming on as a replacement for Serge Gnabry in a clash against Peru.

Currently, Kevin’s style on the field draws comparisons to the likes of Michael Owen. Further, analysts at Squawka believe that Kevin possesses the calibre to emerge as one of the Premier League’s shining stars. As the saying goes, the rest, indeed, is history.

Kevin Schade’s Romantic Life:

Reliable sources indicate that Kevin’s heart does belong to someone special. By his own admission, his girlfriend resides in Stuttgart, suggesting that their paths likely crossed during Kevin’s stint with SC Freiburg.

She is known to pay him visits in Ealing, which is conveniently close to Brentford. While fans are curious to learn more about the woman behind the footballer’s happiness, Kevin remains tight-lipped about his personal affairs.

Embodying discretion, Kevin chooses to keep aspects of his private life away from the limelight, ensuring the privacy and safety of his close ones.

Off the Pitch:

Kevin, in his personal space, appears serene and easy-going. Yet, his followers are ever eager to gain glimpses into his life beyond football.

Delving into his social media, particularly his Instagram, Kevin appears no different from other young adults, fully embracing and enjoying his youth.

Kevin’s astrological sign is Sagittarius, aligning him with other athletes like Rasheedat Ajibade, Jeremie Frimpong, and Eddie Howe. Such traits make him a magnet to friends, leading to frequent hangouts. Kevin, like many of his age, also enjoys a relaxed day by the pool.

Living the Life:

It’s apparent that the values instilled in Kevin by his family, particularly humility, have played a significant role in shaping his adulthood. His grounded nature shines through in his everyday life, paired with a refined sense of style.

Contrary to many of his peers, the Potsdam native maintains a low profile, rarely showcasing his living spaces or luxury purchases. Despite enjoying a lucrative contract, Kevin defies typical expectations, focusing more on substance than flash.

The Importance of Family in Kevin Schade’s Journey:

An individual’s identity is significantly influenced by their family. For Kevin Schade, a biracial athlete, his family’s unwavering support was instrumental in his success.

The trust and belief Kevin’s family placed in him played a pivotal role in building his confidence. This support wasn’t just emotional but also extended to tangible assistance, ensuring a comprehensive growth in his athletic journey.

Insights into Kevin Schade’s Father:

Available information suggests that he hailed from Nigeria and sought better opportunities abroad. During this journey, he met a German lady and together they welcomed their son into the world.

While specific details about Kevin’s father remain private, his influence on Kevin’s passion is evident. The initial training and guidance he provided to the budding athlete played a crucial part in Kevin’s growth in the sport. This story underscores the sacrifices parents make, emphasizing the importance of nurturing their children’s dreams. Kevin’s father now enjoys the fruits of his labour, witnessing his son’s accomplishments in the sports arena.

A Glimpse into Kevin Schade’s Mother:

Kevin’s mother, originally from Germany, epitomizes love that knows no borders. Establishing a family and raising children amidst cultural differences is commendable and requires immense courage.

As Kevin begins a new chapter in his career, the joy and pride on his mother’s face are unmistakable. Their journey must have encountered numerous challenges, but the determination and tenacity shown by Kevin’s mother is evident. This resilient spirit can also be seen in Kevin, a testament to his mother’s influence.

About Kevin Schade’s Older Sibling:

Reports suggest that Kevin Schade’s elder brother also pursued a career in football, although not at the same level as Kevin. It’s believed that their father imparted footballing skills to both sons from a young age.

As of now, details about the current endeavours of Kevin’s brother remain limited. Yet, one can safely assume that he celebrates his younger brother’s accomplishments with pride.

On Kevin Schade’s Sisters:

Information from the Bundesliga indicates that Kevin has two sisters – one elder and one younger. The bond he shares with them is profound, and it’s challenging to capture the depth of their relationship in words.

Currently, without a romantic relationship, it’s evident that his sisters hold a special place in Kevin’s heart. After all, the bond between siblings is unique and irreplaceable.

Notable Insights:

Germany stands out in football history, being the only nation to clinch both the men’s and women’s World Cup and the European Championship. Players such as Leroy Sane, Lea Schuller, Ilkay Gundogan, and Jamal Musiala have fortified the team’s prowess.

Now, this talented Afro-German footballer, Kevin Schade, is on track to augment the team’s strength. As we delve deeper into Kevin Schade’s journey, prepare for some intriguing revelations.

Kevin Schade’s Financial Overview:

Football remains Kevin’s primary source of income. As a forward and winger for Brentford, his earnings correlate with his role in the club.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Kevin has an association with Puma, providing him with another income stream. On the 12th of June, he clinched a significant deal, reportedly around £22 million.

While various estimates exist regarding his net worth, a source, SoccerSouls, estimates it to be upwards of 6 million dollars. Presently, his weekly earnings are believed to be $10,000.

Given his talent and a reported market value of €25.00m, as per Transfermarkt, it won’t be surprising if Kevin soon reaches the earning bracket of his teammate, David Raya. As his stature grows, we can expect a considerable revision in his compensation.

What is Kevin Schade’s Religion?

While the name “Kevin” has Gaelic origins, signifying fairness and gentleness, it’s also associated with Christian traditions. Data from a 2023 German religious survey reveals that approximately 24% of the German population identifies as Protestant/Evangelical.

Notably, Germany predominantly identifies as a Christian nation. However, while assumptions may lean towards Kevin being Christian, he has yet to publicly declare his religious beliefs.

Kevin Schade’s In-Game Statistics:

By 2023, Kevin Schade, previously associated with Energie Cottbus, boasts a FIFA rating of 71. His role as a left-winger highlights his standout skill: remarkable speed, a trait easily observable to any game viewer. Lamine Yamal and Cole Palmer share similar on-field characteristics with Kevin.


Born on November 27, 2001, in Potsdam, Kevin Schade’s heritage is richly diverse, with his mother being German and his father hailing from Nigeria. According to sources, Kevin is one of three children in his family. He grew up in Potsdam, surrounded by the love and camaraderie of his siblings: two sisters and a brother.

This young Brentford talent was introduced to the world of football by his Nigerian father. It’s easy to envision the entire family engaging in playful training sessions. By the age of seven, Kevin had joined Babelsberg, a local club near Berlin. His soccer journey took a leap when he transitioned to Energie Cottbus, where he secured seven goals in just 23 games, an indication of his budding potential.

Kevin’s undeniable skill on the field caught the attention of the SC-Freiburg youth team, leading to an offer in the 2018 season. As of this biography’s last update, Kevin Schade is an integral member of the Brentford Premier League team.


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