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On SoccerBiography, we’ll tell you the Biography of Kevin De Bruyne, a footballing mastermind affectionately referred to as the ‘Ginger Pele’. This exhaustive profile of Kevin De Bruyne encapsulates significant occurrences from his early years up to the present.

In examining the celebrated legacy of this Manchester City icon, we delve into his past, pre-fame life story, familial ties, and a host of lesser-known details from his life both inside and outside the footballing world.

Indeed, it’s a well-known fact that De Bruyne is among the premier contemporary playmakers who have played under Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola.

Nevertheless, the biography of Kevin De Bruyne remains relatively unexplored by many football enthusiasts.

His story is captivating, and we’re excited to share it with you now. So, let’s get started on KDB’s Bio without any further delay.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood:

To initiate the biography, Kevin De Bruyne entered the world on June 28th, 1991, son to Herwig De Bruyne and Anna De Bruyne.

He was born into the White Caucasian demographic, a smaller portion of Belgium’s white ethnicity. From an early age, De Bruyne exhibited unique talent, leading many to believe he was destined for greatness.

It’s not widely known among football fans that a significant portion of Kevin’s early years were spent visiting Ealing, England, where his mother’s family lived.

Trips to Africa were also common for the De Bruyne family, particularly to places where his mother, Anna De Bruyne, had spent her younger years.

Most of their vacation time was split between Burundi and Ivory Coast, where the branches of their family’s oil business were located. De Bruyne’s maternal grandfather is a substantial oil investor in Africa.

Kevin De Bruyne Biography – Journey to Stardom:

In the town of Gent, Belgium, young Kevin De Bruyne took his first steps onto the football pitch in Drongen at the tender age of four. From the very beginning, he showcased an impressive affinity for the game.

Since those early days, the Belgian player’s ascent to fame has been lightning-fast, driven by two essential attributes: his tireless work ethic and unwavering determination.

Kevin De Bruyne’s first experience of fame came from his exceptional commitment to achieving excellence.

His dedication at his local youth club brought about significant success, which drew considerable media attention. He was hailed as the future of Belgian football, the same way Gabri Veiga is for Spain and Romeo Lavia for Belgium.

At this time, Belgium was yearning for a new generation of footballers, as their existing lineup was losing popularity due to their lackluster performances.

A grassroots revolution in Belgian football was desperately needed, and young Kevin was seen as the beacon of hope for such a transformation.

As a child prodigy, Kevin frequently found himself in the media spotlight, facing numerous interviews before and after his games.

Along with the media attention, his meteoric rise also piqued the interest of scouts within the Belgian youth football system.

Every youth club was eager to have him. Kevin’s rapid progression solidified his status as one of the nation’s most beloved youth footballers.

Early Years in Football:

At the tender age of 14, Kevin De Bruyne bid farewell to his home in the village of Drongen, just outside Ghent, to join the academy at Genk. He could only reunite with his family on weekends.

This was a transformative time during which he learned to be self-sufficient. He found a caring family at the academy that became his friends and support system. By 14, Kevin was capable of looking after himself.

His earnings were meagre, but he managed them well. In Kevin’s words,

“My parents taught me how to be self-reliant. I’m not someone who spends a lot in my life. I save for the future, for holidays – because our off-time is limited.

During the season, I stay home. I cook good food for myself. I’m content. I’ve lived on my own since the age of 14.”

KDB’s decision to leave home at 14 (such a young age) to chase his professional dreams ultimately proved rewarding.

Although he was quite young when he made that decision, Kevin has indeed come a long way in a short span. His grandmother empathized deeply with him and would often visit him.

Kevin De Bruyne Family Facts:

This section of the biography provides insights into the family members of the Manchester City luminary. Let’s begin with the head of the De Bruyne family.

About Kevin De Bruyne’s Father:

Herwig De Bruyne, Kevin’s father, oversees his son’s professional career. His competent management of his son’s off-field activities has proven to be lucrative for both of them.

Herwig De Bruyne Snr is a shrewd businessman and skilled negotiator, credited with strategically orchestrating the trajectory of his son’s career. This strategic planning has led to a ripple effect, resulting in higher salaries for Kevin and an increase in sponsorship deals.

Furthermore, Herwig stands ready to challenge anyone who attempts to undermine his son’s football career. He has even warned Jose Mourinho against unjust criticism aimed at his son.

About Kevin De Bruyne’s Mother:

Kevin’s mother, Anna De Bruyne, has roots in the United Kingdom, where her parents were born. However, she was born in Burundi, East Africa, where her family’s oil business had a branch. Consequently, Kevin’s ancestry can also be traced back to Africa.

At the young age of 18, Anna gave birth to Kevin, explaining her youthful appearance today. She is a professional in the field of Petroleum Engineering.

Following in her father’s footsteps, she oversees the family’s oil businesses in Burundi and the Ivory Coast.

Anna spent much of her childhood and adolescence in Burundi before moving to Belgium, where she met and fell in love with Kevin’s father, Herwig De Bruyne Snr.

Despite Anna’s parents living in the London Borough of Ealing, Kevin often spent Christmas holidays there with his mother, as noted previously.

In terms of supporting her son, Anna regularly attends games, dedicating much of her time to watching and cheering on Kevin.

After matches, Kevin usually takes some time to spend with his mother before heading directly to the locker room. She typically greets him with a warm kiss after every game.

About Kevin De Bruyne’s Sister:

Kevin also has a sibling, Stefanie De Bruyne. Interestingly, she bears a strong resemblance to their mother, while Kevin takes after their father.

Personal Life:

As of this writing, Kevin De Bruyne is happily married to Michele Lacroix, a woman of remarkable beauty and excellence who he adores deeply.

The couple met after Kevin went through relationship troubles with his former girlfriend and experienced betrayal by his best friend, Thibaut Courtois, who had an affair with his ex.

Since beginning his relationship with Michele, Kevin has found a true partner in her. Michele has been instrumental in shaping him into the man he always aspired to be.

Michele’s support was a significant factor in his decision to transfer from Chelsea to Wolfsburg. She helped mend Kevin’s heart and heal the emotional wounds that had been tormenting him.

Never shy about expressing his affection for Michele, Kevin often showcases his love for her publicly.

His mother wholeheartedly approves of their relationship and has become close friends with Michele, often joining her in cheering on Kevin at games. This bond played a crucial role in Kevin’s decision to propose marriage to Michele.

In 2016, Michele announced their engagement via Instagram, and the couple wed the following year, in 2017.
Around the time of his wedding, Kevin was going through a difficult period professionally, struggling with his form at Manchester City. The joy of his wedding brought a smile back to his face and seemed to rejuvenate his performance on the pitch.

After the wedding, the newlyweds escaped to Paris for a romantic honeymoon. Even before their marriage, they were blessed with a son, Mason Milian De Bruyne.

Kevin treasures the intimate moments he shares with his son, often going for picnics together. Apart from these father-son bonding times, the entire family enjoys their shared moments of happiness.

Dispute with Thibaut Courtois:

Kevin De Bruyne had a serious relationship with Caroline Lijnen, which lasted for three years.

However, the relationship ended in acrimony when Thibaut Courtois, previously considered Kevin’s trusted friend, had an affair with Caroline, sparking an ongoing feud between Kevin and Thibaut.

Caroline Lijnen, Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, revealed that she cheated on Kevin with Thibaut Courtois after discovering that Kevin had been unfaithful to her with her former best friend.

Rumours regarding a potential love triangle involving Lijnen and Kevin started circulating in April 2013. Since then, Lijnen has provided clarification on the matter.

She confirmed having an intimate relationship with Courtois in Madrid after discovering that Kevin had cheated on her. She also expressed that Courtois provided her with emotional support that Kevin failed to offer.

In a direct comment to Kevin, she said,

“Thibaut Courtois gave me in a night what you couldn’t in three years.”

Lijnen insisted that Kevin was the first to cheat, and her actions were a response to his infidelity. She also alleged that Kevin’s parents were aware of his unfaithfulness but did nothing, possibly due to their son’s football stardom.

Reflection on the Premier League:

Kevin has shared his thoughts on the Premier League, remarking…

“Without a doubt, the Premier League is the best, but it is quite challenging for young talent to break through. I observe that very few English players play abroad.

The influence of our Belgian players who are in the Premier League is positively impacting us back in Belgium.

Perhaps, English players could also benefit from playing abroad. Younger players here often get loaned to the Championship.

It might be more beneficial to play in the top league in Germany – the level of play there is really high.

There are numerous good teams from which one can learn. Playing in Germany is much better than playing in the Championship.

I’ve noticed that English people tend to prefer staying in England. Perhaps this is the case, but I can’t be sure.”

Kevin certainly raises a valid point. Many young players who have migrated to England from other European football nations have achieved considerable success.

De Bruyne’s own journey is a testament to this. He found success outside his home country and is now proficient in three languages: Dutch, French, and English. The scope of his football training is indeed commendable.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Affection for London:

It’s interesting to note that Kevin’s familial ties extend to the city of London. His grandfather’s home in Ealing is just 10 miles from Stamford Bridge, and Kevin spent many Christmases there during his childhood.

Kevin was part of the Genk team that played against Chelsea in a Champions League match years ago. This match was a special occasion for his family as they all had a reunion in London, congregating to watch him play.

Kevin reminisces,

“From that day onwards, I developed a love for London. My mother possesses an English mentality, but I am fully Belgian.

The decision of my family to converge in support of me left me feeling deeply loved. This was a significant factor in my decision to join Chelsea FC, a club so close to what feels like a second home.”

The Kevin De Bruyne and Mourinho Feud:

A report by the Daily Mail revealed that after starting in 5 games for Chelsea, Kevin De Bruyne was benched from the 6th game onwards. Upon confronting his then-manager, Jose Mourinho, Kevin was reportedly met with the response:

“Kevin, you don’t train well. You’re also emotionally traumatized by your relationship issues. You need to develop patience with life on the bench. Get yourself together, and you won’t sit on the bench.”

De Bruyne’s father, Herwig De Bruyne, reportedly also put pressure on the situation, insisting his son should be playing with the first team. He organized several press conferences to discuss his son’s lack of opportunities at Chelsea and his intent to leave the club.

This led to another response from Mourinho, who said,

“I am tired of Kevin De Bruyne’s disturbances. If you have a footballer knocking on your door and crying every day that he wants to leave, you have to make a decision. His dad has pushed his son to become a crybaby. He was an upset kid who lost form because he couldn’t manage his emotional life.”

In response to Mourinho’s “crybaby” taunt, Herwig De Bruyne defended his son, saying,

“Jose Mourinho’s claim about my son being an ‘upset kid’ is unkind. He only said he wanted to leave because he wasn’t playing. It wasn’t about his emotional life. I believe that part of him should remain a private matter.”

Chelsea eventually sold the youngster to Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga for £18m. Seasons later, Kevin De Bruyne’s profile witnessed a gigantic leap. He, alongside notables like Bernardo Silva, Rodri, Phil Foden, İlkay Gündoğan, etc, went on to become Legends for The Citizens.

Proving Chelsea FC Wrong:

While at Wolfsburg, Kevin De Bruyne managed to score 16 goals and provide 27 assists in one season, earning him the title of Bundesliga’s Outfield Player of the Year for 2015. This phenomenal performance kindled his desire to return to the Premier League.

At this point, Chelsea FC reportedly regretted selling him. Speaking about his determination to return to the Premier League, De Bruyne stated,

“I am a fighter. I learned it at Genk and mastered it at Wolfsburg. Now I am fighting to go back to the Premier League.

While at Manchester City, I will fight to cement my place in the first team. I will also fight to prove Chelsea FC wrong.”

Kevin De Bruyne indeed proved his point, becoming an inspiration to many young footballers following in his footsteps, one of whom is Charles De Ketelaere.

The KDB Clothing Line:

Kevin De Bruyne has ventured into the fashion industry with his own pop-up clothing line known as ‘KDB’. This venture was carried out in partnership with the clothing label Cult Eleven.

Interestingly, De Bruyne has made this business venture a way to support a cause close to his heart. A portion of the proceeds from the ‘KDB’ clothing line is donated to the Special Olympics. Kevin has been an ambassador for the Special Olympics since the beginning of 2014.

The Special Olympics committee greatly appreciates Kevin’s financial support. The organization’s aim is to provide special facilities for sports for people with disabilities.

It’s notable that De Bruyne has contributed more financially to this organization than any other sportsperson, truly showing his dedication and commitment to the cause.

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