Kendry Paez Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

SoccerBio presents a detailed chronicle of Kendry Paez’s Biography, an article which unveils the core aspects of his Childhood, Initial Years, insights into his mother, Jéssica Andrade, his father, Ray Páez, Family Background, rumored romantic affiliations, such as the one with Sulay Mora.

Our narration on Paez also offers insights into his family’s roots, cultural background, faith, academic pursuits, and his hometown, among others. Moreover, we’ll venture into his personal life, financial status, and the remarkable ascent of this swiftly emerging Ecuadorian sportsman.

At its heart, this biography captures the intriguing tale of Kendry Paez, narrating the story of a child whose exceptional soccer skills were discernible from an early age. Remarkably, Kendry defied typical norms in the soccer universe as a child.

The audacity of a young boy, barely 8 or 9, to negotiate with a club’s top executive for compensation, an academic grant, and a residence for his parents is extraordinary. Yet, Kendry’s unmistakable talent warranted it.

SoccerBiography presents the journey of an adolescent soccer player who eclipsed Pele’s record when he was merely 16. Hailing from humble origins and confronting myriad obstacles, Páez showcased unwavering commitment to his football dream.

The narrative also emphasizes the indispensable support of Kendry’s mother, Jessica, who demonstrated remarkable determination, often navigating through multiple bus rides and enduring extensive daily trips to ensure her son reached practice sessions.


Launching our Kendry Paez’s biography, we first recount key moments from his youth. Subsequently, we share insights into the fledgling phase of this Ecuadorian prodigy’s career. Ultimately, we elucidate how the prodigious talent from Guayaquil experienced a swift ascendancy in soccer, an accomplishment that facilitated his move to Chelsea FC.

As we immerse you in Kendry Paez’s life story, we present a captivating Biography that traces his evolution – from the cherubic lad under the mentorship of Alfaro Moreno to Ecuador’s burgeoning soccer sensation.

Undoubtedly, Kendry Paez’s repute as a formidable dribbler is widespread. He not only matched but surpassed a historic record established by the iconic Pele, positioning himself as the youngest individual to assist in South American football history.

Given our commitment to detailing Ecuadorian Football Chronicles (as we have done in Piero Hincapie‘s story), we identified a gap, particularly in midfield narratives. The reality is that a comprehensive rendition of Kendry Paez’s Biography remains elusive to many despite its intriguing nature. Thus, we crafted this account for you. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey.

Kendry Paez: Glimpses of Early Years:

Initiating our journey into Kendry’s past, he is fondly recognized as “The Gem of Ecuador.” Born Ray Kendry Páez Andrade, he made his grand entrance into the world on May 4, 2007. His birthplace, Guayaquil, Ecuador, saw the union of his parents, Jéssica Andrade and Ray Páez, who were blessed with this budding football prodigy.

An intriguing prelude to Kendry’s birth is his mother’s recollection of her pregnancy. Jéssica reminisced about the spirited kicks she felt during the later stages of her pregnancy, jokingly noting:

“I often felt as if he was already kicking a soccer ball while in my womb!”

Formative Years:

Kendry’s childhood unfolded in the vicinity of Trinitaria Island and Durán, areas proximate to his native Guayaquil. The environment and his upbringing deeply influenced his early life. While Kendry fondly remembers moments from these years, he also acknowledges the hardships faced by his family.

Their residence, considerably distant from his academy, Independiente del Valle, posed daily challenges. Given their financial limitations, Jéssica Andrade, his mother, frequently found herself boarding multiple buses, undertaking almost daily commutes lasting over an hour for Kendry’s training sessions. These sacrifices were a testament to their unwavering support for Kendry’s football aspirations.

Origins of a Football Prodigy:

From the time of his birth, or perhaps even before, Kendry’s magnetic draw to football was evident. Even as a baby, he demonstrated an affinity for the game. While it’s clear that he possessed an innate talent, Kendry often credits his parents for bequeathing him these skills.

His early years weren’t only about chasing the ball. Young Kendry, with a natural curiosity, avidly watched clips of Lionel Messi‘s gameplay, analyzing and learning from them. Although international players like Messi were influential, closer to home, Kendry revered Ecuador’s own Gonzalo Plata.

Gonzalo Plata, a celebrated figure in Ecuadorian football and a standout at Independiente del Valle, held a special place in young Kendry’s heart, given their shared roots in Guayaquil. From these figures, Kendry developed his signature dribbling techniques.

By age six, Kendry was already showing signs of his future promise, joining Huancavilca, a local academy in Guayaquil. His journey was undoubtedly challenging, yet these hardships only added layers to his story, which we’ll further explore in this narrative.

Kendry Paez’s Familial Roots:

Delving into the background of this rising star, one discovers a rich athletic heritage. Kendry’s parents, Jéssica Andrade and Ray Páez, both have sports entwined in their pasts. Kendry’s father, Ray, was a baseball enthusiast during his younger years and continues to indulge in soccer at a recreational level. Conversely, Jéssica, Kendry’s mother, hails from a lineage with deep soccer connections. She actively played during her school days and enjoyed spirited matches with friends and family.

Despite Kendry’s burgeoning fame, his parents, Jéssica and Ray, opt for a life away from the spotlight. Jéssica, who is in her mid-30s as of this writing, harbours concerns that excessive media attention could distract her son. Reflecting on her son’s rapid rise, she states,

“To me, Kendry remains my little boy. The influx of attention due to his skills is overwhelming, and it’s vital, as a mother, to ensure he is grounded and guided through this phase.”

Origins of the Paez Family:

Both Jéssica and Ray proudly bear their Ecuadorian roots, a legacy they’ve passed on to their talented son. Tracing back the Paez family’s origins leads us to Durán, a canton nestled in the Guayas province of Ecuador, as indicated on the map.

Kendry Paez’s Ethnic Background:

Kendry resonates with the Mestizo ethnic group, which forms a significant portion of Ecuador’s demographic. Observing Kendry’s complexion, one can infer a blend of indigenous and European (primarily Spanish) heritage. It’s noteworthy that other players, such as Moisés Caicedo and Pervis Estupiñán, belong to the Afro-Ecuadorian community.

Academics and Kendry Paez:

Before embarking on his journey with Academia Alfaro Moreno, Kendry pursued foundational education. The specifics of the institution where he received his Basic Education remain private. However, it’s clear Kendry managed to strike a balance between his academic commitments and budding football career.

During his younger years, there were talks with Barcelona Sporting Club, a renowned sports entity in Guayaquil, concerning Kendry’s schooling. As part of his potential association with the club, there was an emphasis on ensuring his educational pursuits were prioritized. Regrettably, the talks surrounding the then 8-year-old prodigy did not come to fruition.

Kendry Paez: An Odyssey of Football Mastery:

The young prodigy who surpassed a record set by the legendary Pele embarked on his footballing voyage at the tender age of 5. By then, Kendry Paez’s unparalleled skills had already begun to shine, leading his parents to enroll him in the local Huancavilca academy. His meteoric rise continued when he transitioned to the renowned Academia Alfaro Moreno shortly after.

Wherever Kendry played, he distinguished himself from the crowd. His prowess made him stand out even among the elite of Ecuador’s football academies. Recognizing his potential and eager for him to face even stiffer competition, he was soon presented to Barcelona Sporting Club, a premier Ecuadorian football establishment, at just 8 years old.

Academia Alfaro Moreno, well aware of the diamond in their midst, had particular aspirations for their young star. They believed Kendry deserved more than the usual package. To elucidate, they envisioned a future where…

This entailed Kendry’s prospective club looking after not just him, but also ensuring the well-being of his family. Among their stipulations were that Barcelona SC formalize a three-year contract for the young prodigy, provide a regular salary for him, ensure his educational needs, and arrange accommodations for his family in the city’s northern region.

Kendry Paez: Rise to Stardom:

To our understanding, Barcelona S.C. may have overlooked the immense talent they were being offered. Had they grasped the magnitude of Kendry’s potential, they would likely have met all the proposed terms, celebrating the foresight of their decision years down the line. Regrettably, this vision eluded them.

Believing the demands too steep, particularly for such a young player, Barcelona Sporting Club declined the opportunity to sign Kendry. In hindsight, had they recognized the global star Kendry would eventually become, they might have thought differently. Undeterred, Kendry soon affiliated himself with Emelec, another prominent club in Guayaquil. Seeking more time on the pitch, he later shifted to Patria, where he showcased his skills as a forward.

Come 2018, the year of the FIFA World Cup, a 12-year-old Kendry’s patience bore fruit. He was welcomed into the fold of one of Ecuador’s football giants, Independiente del Valle – the same club responsible for the ascent of Moisés Caicedo. Intriguingly, Moisés himself had made the move to Independiente del Valle at a young age, just a year older than Kendry.

Kendry Paez: A Journey from Obscurity to Stardom:

As Kendry Paez set foot in Independiente del Valle, his mother, Jéssica Andrade, watched with hope, recognizing it as the start of a transformative era for their family. Living in Trinitaria Island and Durán, the young footballer and his mother would frequently endure long commutes involving two bus rides and over ninety minutes of travel time just for him to attend training sessions.

As the years went by and Kendry transitioned into his teenage years, he displayed remarkable independence, often traveling 160 miles away from his home, driven by his dream and the pursuit of his big break in football.

By the end of his stint with Independiente del Valle’s youth teams, Kendry emerged as a formidable player, known for his fierce determination, relentless ambition, and a burning desire to excel. Throughout 2022, he continually showcased a passion that hinted at his potential to climb to the pinnacle of football.

During his tenure with Independiente’s U18 team, Kendry’s brilliance played a pivotal role in securing the coveted Copa Milo trophy. This victory wasn’t just a team triumph; it put him squarely in the spotlight, drawing the attention of scouts from footballing giants like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona, Manchester United, and Borussia Dortmund.

The European footballing scene quickly took note of this young dynamo from Ecuador. Many commentators marveled at the rapid ascent of a 15-year-old freshly out of the academy, commanding such global attention and respect.

Stepping into the Big Leagues and Chelsea’s Pursuit:

Prior to joining the senior ranks at Independiente del Valle, Kendry’s extraordinary skills shone brightly at the 2022 Next Generation Trophy in Salzburg, Austria. Spearheading his team’s campaign, they reached the tournament finals, with Kendry being heralded as the player of the event.

Such was the impression he made that Kendry was swiftly elevated to Independiente del Valle’s senior team. Aged just fifteen, he was included in the first-team roster for the 2023 preseason. On February 25, 2023, in a moment that made his parents swell with pride, Kendry marked his Ecuadorian Serie A debut.

An interesting tidbit? On this very debut, Kendry not only played but also scored, netting the third goal in a 3-1 triumph over Mushuc Runa. This feat earned him the distinction of being both the youngest scorer and debutant in the premier league of Ecuadorian football.

His splendid display wasn’t lost on the titans of the Premier League. Clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City all jostled for his signature. Yet, it was Chelsea, under Todd Boehly’s guidance, that successfully wooed the prodigy, crafting a deal beneficial to Kendry, his originating club, and his family.

By June 5, 2023, Chelsea formalized their agreement to onboard Kendry Paez, with plans for him to join their ranks after his 18th birthday in 2025. Blues fans predict he, alongside notables like Alfie Gilchrist and Djordje Petrovic, will have a great future at the club. And as the adage goes, the rest is history.

Kendry Paez’s Romantic Rumors:

The young Ecuadorian midfielder quickly rose to prominence in global football when he was just 16. An anonymous family insider shared that Kendry currently remains unattached in romantic terms.

Nevertheless, in contrast to that, a buzz from the Ecuadorian platform, Extra EC, emerged on July 19, 2023, suggesting that Kendry might be dating Sulay Mora, an 18-year-old model. In her chat with Expressions, a segment of the Diario Expreso magazine, Sulay confirmed her participation as Ecuador’s representative in the Miss Teen Americas beauty contest, set to unfold in El Salvador from July 23-30, 2023.

Recounting her encounter with Kendry, Mora mentioned,

“Our paths crossed a while back. What endeared me to him was his genuine nature. We were introduced by a mutual acquaintance who shared my contact with him. Conversations sparked, and from there our bond grew. It’s not about Kendry’s profession; what matters is our mutual support and understanding.”

Amidst these swirling rumours, Diaro EXTRA, an Ecuadorian daily, sought comments from Kendry’s family. One relative hinted that Kendry’s decisions and activities were always under the vigilant eye of his father, Ray Páez. A protective parent, Ray is mindful of his son’s newfound fame and the attention it brings, ensuring no one capitalizes on it. Speculations suggest that this revelation might lead to a father-son heart-to-heart, seeking clarity.

A Glimpse into Kendry’s World:

Who exactly is Kendry Paez?

The Ecuadorian footballer is known for his grounded nature and simplicity. Kendry gravitates towards authenticity, preferring to keep a low profile and focus on his aspirations. His life, for the most part, revolves around his burgeoning career.

Kendry Paez Off the Field:

Away from the football ground, Kendry can occasionally be found mingling with skateboarding enthusiasts. Yet, his dedication to his profession is paramount, often sidelining other hobbies. Raised with strong values, he leans towards a humble way of life, not easily swayed by the trappings of luxury vehicles or grand mansions. Kendry dreams of carving a niche for himself in football, wanting to be known for his talent and hard work rather than worldly possessions.

Kendry Paez’s Family Ties:

Kendry’s upbringing is rooted in the values of humility and simplicity, thanks to his parents, especially his father, Ray Páez. Let’s delve deeper into the lives of Ray and his wife, Jéssica, the anchors in Kendry’s world, ensuring he leads a focused and unpretentious life.

Ray Páez: Kendry’s Guiding Force:

Due to his son’s escalating football career, Ray Páez has acquired a deep understanding of football dynamics and the industry’s intricacies. He often collaborates with Walter Tenorio, regarded as a leading soccer scout in Ecuador. As seen in a snapshot, Walter is a pivotal figure at Independiente del Valle, where he scouts promising talent at the national level.

Beyond his professional acquaintances, Ray deeply values the time he spends with Kendry. The father-son duo was recently spotted at a match between Canaries and Orientales. Their presence seemed to captivate the audience, with cameras frequently zooming in on the pair.

Jéssica: The Constant in Kendry’s Life:

As of September 2023, Jéssica is in her mid-30s, suggesting that she embraced motherhood in her late teens, with Kendry being born when she was around 18 or 19 years old. Jéssica shares a close bond with her son, emphasizing their daily communication. She mentioned,

“We ensure we connect daily, be it Kendry reaching out or me. We share even the smallest details of our days. There’s really nothing he keeps from me, and we chuckle about it.”

The rise to fame has been quite swift for Páez. There was a time when Kendry and Jéssica could have a quiet meal at a mall without being noticed. Now, such simple outings are punctuated by fans seeking autographs or pictures.

Apart from discussing personal and professional matters, Jéssica also oversees Kendry’s online interactions. She believes in being aware of the people Kendry communicates with, given his growing popularity, especially among female admirers. To Jéssica’s relief, Kendry remains open, updating her on aspects of his personal life.

Unravelling Little-Known Facts:

In this concluding segment on Kendry Paez, we’ll shed light on some lesser-known aspects of his life. Let’s dive right in.

Kendry Paez in FIFA:

By 16, the young talent from Guayaquil is observed to be lacking in certain football skills on FIFA, specifically below the 50% average mark. These areas include: FK Accuracy, Finishing, Heading Accuracy, Penalties, and Volleys. Kendry’s strengths predominantly lie in Movement, Power, and Skills. His skillset is reminiscent of players such as James Maddison and Harvey Elliott.

Kendry Paez’s Financial Overview:

Based on SOFIFA’s data, Kendry began with a humble salary of €500 weekly after stepping out from the Independiente del Valle academy. But things are set to change dramatically. Upon joining Chelsea in 2025’s summer, Kendry’s estimated starting salary would be around £45,000 weekly.

This figure is in line with the initial remunerations of young prospects like Lesley Ugochukwu, Romeo Lavia, and Malo Gusto at Chelsea.

Kendry Paez’s Financial Outlook at Chelsea:

Hailing from a region where the typical monthly salary in Ecuador is about $1,370 across various sectors, the numbers are staggering. To put it in perspective, an average individual from this background would need 174 years to accumulate what’s projected to be Kendry’s annual earnings at Chelsea: £2,343,600 or roughly $2,868,332.

Kendry Paez’s Faith:

Like the majority of Ecuadorians, Kendry, like Vitor Roque, is a devout Roman Catholic, aligning with 70-80% of the nation’s populace. The strong cultural connection between Ecuador and Spain has significantly influenced the dominant presence of Roman Catholicism in the country.


Kendry Páez was born on May 4, 2007, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to proud parents Jéssica Andrade and Ray Páez. His childhood unfolded in Trinitaria Island and Durán, both situated near his birthplace.

Kendry’s innate football prowess became evident early on. By five, he was honing his skills at the Huancavilca Academy. His remarkable talent truly shone when he later joined Alfaro Moreno’s team.

At the ages of 8 and 9, his prowess caught the attention of Barcelona SC, a major club in Ecuador. The club was informed they had discovered a prodigious talent and was advised to provide special accommodations for him. However, Kendry’s journey took an unexpected turn when Barcelona SC declined to meet the specific terms set out by his parents.

Subsequently, Kendry found an opportunity with Independiente del Valle, a club known for nurturing Moise Caicedo before his move to Brighton. However, joining this new academy wasn’t without its challenges. Kendry’s daily commute to training with his mother, Jéssica, involved an arduous one-and-a-half-hour journey, often spanning multiple bus rides.

Despite these challenges, Kendry’s ascent in the world of football was nothing short of stellar. By 2023, he had secured a move to Chelsea, a testament to his incredible talent. At only 16, he made waves on the international scene, drawing comparisons to legends like Diego Maradona. He further etched his name in history by surpassing Pele’s record as the youngest player to assist in a South American match.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking a moment to delve into the story of Kendry Paez as presented by SoccerBiography. We talk about a Baller who nearly joined Borussia Dortmund before Chelsea gained his signature.

We are dedicated to ensuring both accuracy and fairness while bringing you tales from the Ecuadorian football scene. This narrative of Paez is just one of the many compelling stories from South America that SoccerTales is proud to share.

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Beyond the tale of Kendry Paez, our collection boasts a myriad of captivating football stories from both Ecuador and the larger South American region. From the South American view, you might find the stories of Alvaro Rodriguez and Jhon Duran, particularly engaging. And from a broader perspective, the journeys of Goncalo Inacio and Cesare Casadei are sure to pique your interest.

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