Katie Robinson Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

We present to you a comprehensive account of Katie Robinson’s Biography, which involves discussion on her early years, the influence of her parents, her family lineage, as well as her siblings and other significant relationships, like boyfriends and extended family, including grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

We delve into her roots, religious beliefs, academic background, ethnicity, and hometown. In addition, we offer an insight into her personal life and lifestyle, exploring her passion for sports. We also provide details on her astrological sign, financial status including net worth and salary.

In essence, we’re offering a full record of Katie Robinson’s life journey, recounting the tale of a budding talent who, uniquely among many athletes, did not have family or relatives who had a background in soccer to inspire her.

We are unraveling the fascinating narrative of a spirited young girl whose childhood dreams of becoming a soccer star stemmed from a profound passion for the game.


The biography of Katie Robinson that we’re presenting commences by highlighting noteworthy incidents from her childhood. We’ll also clarify her ethnic lineage and early professional achievements. Subsequently, we’ll shed light on how this ambitious soccer player secured her spot among the ranks of English female footballers.

We aim to satiate your curiosity about Katie Robinson’s life story. To aid that, we share a photographic journey that encapsulates the sportswoman’s life from her earliest days in soccer to the point where she began to leave a significant mark.

With her ascent to fame, Katie Robinson’s role as a Striker for the Women’s Super League football club, Brighton & Hove Albion and the England women’s national team is widely recognized.

However, despite the existing knowledge about this remarkable athlete, we identified several aspects of the English star player’s story that could be further enriched. Thus, only a handful of soccer enthusiasts possess a detailed version of Katie Robinson’s compelling biography. Now, let’s dive in without any further delay.

The Early Years of Katie Robinson:

Often known by her nickname, “Robbo,” Katie Robinson was born on a bright August day, specifically the 8th, in the year 2002. She made her first appearance in Newquay, a quaint town nestled on the northern coast of Cornwall in the southwestern part of England.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Katie entered the world on an introspective Thursday, marking the 220th day of the year 2002. She is a testament to the loving and strong bond shared by her parents.

It appears that she was likely the sole child of her parents, as there is no documented evidence of siblings. Now, let’s bring you closer to Katie Robinson’s parents.

Growing Up Years:

The native land of Katie was the vibrant town of Newquay, famous as Cornwall’s surfing hub and entertainment epicenter.

There are no records indicating the existence of siblings, suggesting she might be the only child of her parents. Nevertheless, the passionate athlete was raised by her biological parents.

In her early years, Katie was a spirited yet slightly introverted child. She was known as a cheerful, bright, and introspective child in her hometown of Newquay, demonstrating a remarkable blend of resilience and quiet determination.

The foundation of her childhood was built on the profound love, care, and support she received from her devoted parents. Born and raised in Newquay, it was only natural for Katie to develop an affinity for the beach and surfing.

As per Katie Robinson’s accounts, she has a fondness for the beach. Besides, she is into bodyboarding – a watersport involving riding a wave towards the shore on a bodyboard. Katie often participated in bodyboarding, more than surfing, during family summer outings. Apart from this, she also enjoyed a range of outdoor activities, as the rugged coastline of Newquay offered opportunities for coastal walks, tide pool exploration, and cliff jumping.

Katie Robinson’s Initial Steps Towards Football:

Katie’s first encounter with football happened in Cornwall, guided by her supportive parents.

Despite Newquay not being a football hotbed, Katie’s parents noticed their beloved daughter’s deep-rooted interest in the sport quite early.

As a child, Katie was active and athletic. She devoted a substantial amount of time to various physical activities such as playing sports, bike riding, swimming, and other outdoor games. Katie’s energy levels were always high, and she loved being physically active.

From a young age, between six and ten years old, Katie was an ardent follower of The Lionesses on television and even attended the Olympics in 2012 to watch Team GB. Consequently, her dream of becoming a senior international player for England began to take shape.

Even as a child, she displayed an innate talent and aptitude for sports. Her speed, agility, coordination, and strength hinted at a promising sports career. Thus, she required consistent training and practice to hone her skills and elevate her performance.

The Family History of Katie Robinson:

Even though specific details about her parents are sparse, the significant role they played in helping her attain professional football prominence is noteworthy.

Born into an encouraging and tightly-knit family, her parents, who she greatly respects, significantly fostered her affinity for football from a tender age.

Despite not being particularly interested in football themselves, her parents were entirely committed to making all necessary sacrifices for her development and career advancement, in spite of their moderate income.

The Origins of Katie Robinson’s Family:

As we have highlighted before, this athletic prodigy hails from Newquay, a town situated on the northern coast of Cornwall, England. This is the place where she was born and spent her early years. Her hometown is renowned for its beautiful beaches, such as Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay.

It’s evident that her parents are also Cornwall natives. Furthermore, her surname, Robinson, is a patronymic name of English origin.

The surname translates to “son of Robin (a derivative of Robert).” Additionally, Robinson ranks as the 15th most common surname in the UK.

Consequently, Katie Robinson’s nationality is English. She originates from Cornwall, in England, United Kingdom. Here’s an image that elucidates the cultural heritage of this radiant English-born football player.

Katie Robinson’s Ethnicity:

Based on our SoccerBiography profile, she is part of the Indo-European language family. Her hometown, Cornwall, is known as one of the Celtic nations and is home to the Cornish people. As such, Katie Robinson identifies her ethnic group within the “White” category.

Katie Robinson’s Educational Journey:

Without a doubt, Newquay boasts a variety of educational institutions, from the early stage (elementary) and secondary schools to universities. Thus, Katie Robinson would have received her education at a local school, which would have provided a rich and diverse learning experience.

Young Robinson was enrolled in the Bishop’s Primary School, Treninnick Hill, Newquay, Cornwall, where she mingled with her peers. A family friend who managed a team invited her to join Newquay Boys when she was ten, while she was still attending school.

Her school environment allowed her to interact with other kids passionate about sports, which helped her to hone her athletic skills.

Nevertheless, the challenging task of balancing a football career with school required her to attend a football academy.

Her parents promptly enrolled her in the Bristol Academy of Sport, located at Filton College (currently part of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College).

This move allowed her to balance her academic pursuits with intensive football training and competition. Katie expressed her gratitude for the experience at Bristol, saying, “I will forever be thankful for the opportunities at Bristol. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.”

Building a Career:

Katie’s journey in football progressed from her school days in Cornwall all the way to her enrollment in Bristol City Football Academy, a manageable drive of about 149 miles from home.

Though the journey from Bristol to Cornwall exceeded two hours, Katie’s parents were prepared to seize the initiative, willingly forgoing their comfort to see their child thrive.

Before settling on Bristol, Katie and her parents endeavored to find a suitable institution within Cornwall and the South West of England.

Several local football clubs in their hometown offered children and young adults the chance to participate in the sport. These clubs generally supported youth teams for various age groups, allowing youngsters to refine their skills and compete in local leagues or tournaments.

Joining a local football club was a standard way for young players to engage in structured football and receive coaching.

As such, Katie’s father decided to start with Cornwall FA (in collaboration with Plymouth Argyle Boys’ Centre of Excellence), where the young athlete played and trained alongside boys her age.

Despite being one of the team’s younger players, she consistently pushed her boundaries during training sessions. Her extraordinary talent made her stand out.

Though Cornwall FA was conveniently close to home, it wasn’t the best option for players seeking to reach the top.

With input and advice from football coaches and her parents, they concluded that staying within Cornwall and its surrounding area wouldn’t benefit Katie’s career.

Therefore, they decided to move beyond the South West of England to places with better opportunities for talented players.

The Katie Robinson Story – Journey to the Top:

Growing up in Newquay, Cornwall, young Robinson would often play at Bishop’s Primary School with her friends. However, it was only when she turned ten that a family friend who managed a team invited her to join Newquay Boys.

She embarked on her path to the top by playing local boys’ grassroots football in Newquay, refining her skills at the Cornwall Girls Advanced Coaching Centre, and participating in the Plymouth Argyle Boys’ Centre of Excellence from age 13 to 16.

Katie Robinson’s abilities quickly improved, and she became well-known for her excellent techniques and superb ball-handling abilities. Even at a young age, her confidence and determination on the pitch were unparalleled.

It didn’t take long for the talented athlete to kickstart her youth career in Bristol City. Robinson advanced through the Bristol Academy’s ranks, which nurtured her talent and shaped her character.

Her natural talent and dedication quickly made her a sensation. She also caught the attention of scouts from various clubs. Despite her age, she exuded a strong personality.

Recognizing her potential, the dynamic forward believes that she’s at her best when she’s in control of the ball and outmaneuvering players. From that point forward, her career skyrocketed.

The Katie Robinson Story – Road to Stardom:

After rigorous training, competitions, and development at Bristol Academy, Robinson graduated from her youth career to her senior career.

Her talent didn’t escape the notice of the management, given her frequent attendance at national training camps. As such, at just 16, she started her senior career with Bristol City Women’s Football Club, a renowned women’s football team based in Bristol.

During her tenure there, she displayed her skills in 17 matches but sadly, she didn’t score any goals.

Her remarkable performances drew the attention of the England women’s national under-17 football team, often known as the Young Lionesses, earning her the chance to represent her country in various soccer tournaments.

On 19 September 2018, Robinson made her debut for England U17, substituting for Fran Stables in the 67th minute during the 2019 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship qualification.

In that match, held in Chișinau, she demonstrated her capabilities by scoring England’s third goal in a decisive 6-0 victory against Moldova. Throughout her U-17 season, she maintained an impressive record, making 11 appearances and scoring eight goals.

The Katie Robinson Story – Ascension to Fame:

After two seasons, Robinson decided not to renew her contract with Bristol and said her goodbyes after the 2019-20 season concluded.

On the 13th of July, 2020, she made a pivotal transition to Brighton & Hove Albion W.F.C., signing her first professional contract.

Despite an injury that sidelined her for the rest of the 2020-21 season, Katie managed to make 29 appearances and score four goals for Brighton & Hove Albion.

Over time, Robinson earned her initial call-up to the England senior squad in November 2022. Along with Maya Le Tissier, head coach Sarina Wiegman advanced them from the Under-23 side for matches against Japan and Norway.

Katie Robinson made her debut as an 83rd-minute substitute against Norway on the 15th of November, 2022. The English prodigy displayed her abilities with intricate footwork and smart collaborations with Lauren Hemp.

In her full debut, she laid the groundwork for Rachel Daly to score the Lionesses’ opening goal. Moreover, Robinson garnered attention in February 2023 when she was selected for the England senior squad in the Arnold Clark Cup.

However, the dynamic player had previously taken part in the Women’s Finalissima victory in April after winning the Arnold Clark Cup in February. This achievement, amongst others, made Manchester United step up their interest in Lionesses forward.

Building on her incredible journey, Robinson established herself within the prestigious England senior squad under Sarina Wiegman. She, alongside notables like Jess Carter, Georgia Stanway, Chloe Kelly, Lauren James, etc. made their names in the squad for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, securing their spot in the 23-player roster in May 2023.

Katie Robinson’s Relationship Status:

While some football players opt for serious relationships or early marriages during their careers, others prioritize professional growth before starting a family.

The rigorous lifestyle of a professional footballer, which includes intensive training, regular travel, and media attention, can pose unique obstacles in maintaining relationships.

Nonetheless, numerous football players successfully navigate these hurdles, resulting in satisfying marriages or long-term partnerships. Each player’s strategy differs, depending on personal decisions, values, and circumstances.

The steadfast and tenacious forward player chooses to focus her energy on practice and enhancing her skills rather than engaging in romantic relationships, given her youth.

Moreover, she hasn’t provided any hints of having a romantic partner on her social media profiles. As a result, Katie Robinson is currently unattached and not dating anyone.

Katie Robinson’s Private Life:

As a child, Katie participated in numerous athletics events, including sprints and long jumps. She cherished these athletic experiences. The cheerful, intelligent young native of Newquay possesses ample resilience and quiet determination.

Nicknamed “Robbo” in Brighton, she revels in controlling the ball and expressing herself as much as possible. She characterizes herself as very attack-minded, always eager to push forward, especially on the football pitch.

Much like Lauren Hemp, who wears white tape around her wrist inscribed with motivational quotes like ‘Be Brave,’ Katie finds ways to motivate herself.

She takes pleasure in being a role model for young girls who ask for her picture or autograph after games. The young athlete also enjoys watching television, keeping up with her favourite football matches and teams, and spending time with her teammates Jorja Fox and Vea Sarri in the dressing room.

Raised in Newquay, she has a fondness for the beach. While she prefers bodyboarding to surfing, Robinson cherishes summer beach outings with her family.

During lengthy trips, she keeps herself entertained by playing card games and Monopoly with some girls on the squad. Her hobbies and interests are diverse, encompassing travel, music, gaming, workouts, and swimming.

Additional Insights into Katie Robinson’s Private Life:

Music is another passion of hers, with Nicole Scherzinger being one of her favourite artists. Her social media posts and interviews provide a glimpse into her lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences. While the athletic star doesn’t currently sport any tattoos, she may consider getting one in the future.

As a Leo, she maintains an active social media presence to stay connected with her growing fan base. Her Instagram account @katierobinson_1 boasts over 15.3K followers.

Measuring 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) and weighing 58kg, Katie Robinson prioritizes rest and recovery to bolster her on-field performances. Our profile suggests she advocates balanced nutrition for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Katie Robinson’s Way of Life:

As a professional football player, the British sportswoman lives a lifestyle marked by remarkable focus and systematic methodology.

Her intense training, skill enhancement, formative experiences, and tactical planning have significantly shaped her lifestyle. Having represented England at the under-17 level, her inaugural appearance for the England U17 team took place in September 2018. She was selected for the England senior squad for the Arnold Clark Cup in February 2023.

With her star on the rise, it’s undeniable that sponsors will be attracted to her. Yet, considering her impressive accomplishments and pioneering feats, the athlete has gathered substantial wealth from her earnest endeavors.

Her financial status affords her the luxury of grand residences, flashy vacations, gourmet meals, and high-end vehicles. The vibrant sportswoman enjoys access to luxurious automobiles and leads a lavish, joyful life on the southern coastline of England, in Brighton and Hove.

Katie Robinson’s Family Background:

The British sports icon has received considerable support from her family, which has been instrumental in her prosperous career. Robinson’s family has been a consistent source of support, backing her at every stage of her journey.

Even with the passage of time, Robinson’s parents continue to share a deep bond. They take pleasure in each other’s company and keep laughter alive in their relationship.

Their shared interests and mutual respect hint at the loving and nurturing household in which Katie was raised. These positive familial traits have substantially impacted her, fostering admirable attributes like honesty and respect.

Her upbringing in such an environment has undeniably influenced her personal and professional evolution. More insights into Katie Robinson’s family life will be provided soon.

Katie Robinson’s Parents – Father:

During her developmental years, the confident forward maintained, and still preserves, a cherished bond with her family.

They were frequent spectators at her matches, cheering from the sidelines. Their steady support and encouragement were pivotal in her maturation as a player.

Details of her father’s occupation are yet to be known, but it’s evident that he must have been industrious to meet his family’s needs.

His involvement and encouragement were crucial in shaping her progress and building Katie’s self-assurance on the field.

The act of commuting almost three hours from Cornwall to Bristol is an example of the many selfless actions taken to support Katie and her career accomplishments.

Katie Robinson’s Mother:

The charismatic young athlete indeed keeps her personal life private, particularly with regards to her family. She ensures a clear distinction between her professional career and personal life. Therefore, detailed information about her mother remains undisclosed.

However, her mother was a significant contributor to the success of her daughter’s football journey. She made numerous sacrifices, dedicating time and resources to support her daughter’s aspiration to play football for her country one day.

She also played a pivotal role in her daughter’s education and moral guidance, fostering a sense of responsibility and ambition in her.

Katie Robinson’s Siblings:

Should we have specific information about Katie Robinson’s siblings, a more comprehensive picture could be drawn. However, this aspect of her life has been kept private.

While there may be information available about her potential siblings, it’s also possible that she is an only child. Based on a few social media posts, we speculate that she might have supportive siblings who frequently attend her matches, providing steadfast support.

Katie Robinson’s Extended Family:

As a professional footballer, Katie Robinson has opted to keep her extended family’s details out of the public eye, possibly to shield them from unwarranted attention.

Without precise information about Katie Robinson’s relatives, we can presume that, similar to most English families, her relationships with family members are significant.

She likely has extended family members such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws, but little information is available regarding them.

Untold Aspects of Katie Robinson’s Life:

From a little girl dreaming of representing England on the football field, to growing up in Cornwall and playing on her local boys’ team,

Katie Robinson has embarked on an extraordinary journey, progressing from Bristol City to Brighton and recently debuting for England. It’s likely unimaginable for her younger self to foresee her future participation in the World Cup for England.

In the concluding section of Katie Robinson’s biography, we will unveil more captivating facts about this talented sportswoman that you might not be aware of. So, let’s explore these details without further ado.

Katie Robinson’s Earnings & Wealth:

Since July 2020, the remarkable sportswoman has been showcasing her talent in the Women’s Super League, representing Brighton & Hove Albion. Her electrifying performances have resulted in substantial financial benefits.

Notably, since 2022, she’s been loaned to Charlton Athletic, where she has scored a goal in nine appearances to date, contributing to her income.

Given her promising career trajectory, it’s reasonable to anticipate her earnings will continue to rise significantly in the future.

According to Wikology, Katie Robinson’s net worth was approximately $1.5 million as of October 2022. Her market value is currently under review, as is her base salary from England’s Brighton & Hove Albion.

Katie Robinson in FIFA:

Robinson stands out for her exceptional ball control and technical skills. Her passes are accurate and strategically executed. Moreover, her crossing and shooting techniques are impressive.

In May 2023, this promising player from Newquay was listed in the 23-player England senior squad for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

According to FIFA Index, her FIFA 23 rating is 70, with a potential rating of 83. Her preferred positions are as a left winger (LW) and a striker (ST) like Alessia Russo and Emily van Egmond.

Katie Robinson’s Faith:

The young English player is Christian and adheres to her religious responsibilities. Like many of her fellow countrymen, she attends church services, observes religious holidays, and participates in religious rituals and traditions whenever possible.

Her deep faith has likely played a significant role in her rapid career progression and achievements to date.

Katie Robinson’s Injury:

Unfortunately, this dedicated player suffered an injury on the pitch shortly after joining Brighton & Hove Albion in 2020. As a result, Katie was ruled out for the rest of the 2020-2021 season.

Despite this setback, she remained resilient and optimistic. An Instagram post revealed her fighting spirit: “Although I know this process is going to be hard and a long journey lies ahead, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by the best teammates & staff I could ask for.”

She was determined to come back stronger for the next season, focusing on her recovery and improvement.

Concluding Remarks:

From being a young girl with aspirations of representing England on the football field, to her humble beginnings in Cornwall, playing in a local boys’ team, Katie Robinson’s journey has been extraordinary. It’s hard to believe that she would one day take part in the World Cup, donning the England jersey.

Robinson started her football journey at Bristol City Academy and played for her hometown club, Newquay FC/Newquay Godolphin. The talented athlete now plays as a forward for Brighton & Hove Albion in the Women’s Super League and represents the England women’s national team.

Born on August 8, 2002, in Cornwall, England, to supportive parents, Robinson made her mark in May 2023 when she earned a spot in the 23-player England senior team for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Before achieving fame, Robinson signed her first contract with Bristol City in July 2018, which lasted until June 2019. She debuted for Bristol City as a substitute for Juliette Kemppi, contributing to a 1–0 win over Birmingham City in the FA Women’s Super League.

Robinson appeared seven times for Bristol City during the season, twice in the FA WSL Cup. She also played eight times for England U17, earning her first call-up in September 2018 for friendly matches and then for the 2019 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship qualifiers. Robinson scored England’s third goal in a 6–0 home win over Moldova during her England U17 debut.

Her notable achievement came in February 2023 when she secured her place in the England senior squad for the Arnold Clark Cup.

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