Kaoru Mitoma Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive biography of Kaoru Mitoma, provides an insightful overview of his Childhood Story, Wife (Narumi Miura), Early Life, Parents, Family History, Brother (Yuuki Kousei), and more.

This write-up on Kaoru Mitoma also discloses details about his Family Roots, Place of Birth, Ethnicity, Academic Background, and so forth.

Additionally, we delve into the Japanese winger’s Lifestyle, Net Worth, Private Life, and a breakdown of his Salary – right down to what he earns per second with Brighton.

In essence, we are set to narrate the Comprehensive Life Story of Kaoru Mitoma.

This is the tale of a footballer who opted to indulge in Belgian fries and mussels on his journey to follow the footsteps of Takehiro Tomiyasu and Takumi Minamino, who recently joined the Premier League.

SoccerBiography is set to relay the full narrative of a boy who, from childhood, honed a fierce attacking mentality.

Observers said Kaoru Mitoma possessed the football acumen of Neymar Jr. Unmatched by his peers, he was known for his relentless approach every time he scored a goal.

Right from the start, Mitoma, who didn’t entertain any alternative paths, was entirely committed to his ambition of turning professional in football.

With unyielding resolve and consistent effort, his primary plan came to fruition just as he had envisioned.


Our rendition of Kaoru Mitoma’s life story starts by highlighting key moments from his formative years. We’ll then delve into his journey through the ranks of Saginuma SC and Kawasaki Frontale, culminating in how this Kanagawa native ascended to success in the world of football.

Our aim at SoccerBiography is to whet your appetite for autobiographies as you delve into Kaoru Mitoma’s life story.

To set the stage, we present a complete story that encapsulates the Japanese Athlete’s early life and rise to stardom. It’s undeniable that Kaoru has traversed a significant distance in his remarkable journey.

As a youngster, whenever he took possession of the ball, the stadium’s atmosphere would palpably shift. Also, the expectations of football fans would invariably heighten.

Kaoru, like Vinicius Junior and Alejandro Garnacho, is a predominantly right-footed left winger, yet his versatility allows him to utilize both feet in a variety of attacking scenarios. He’s selflessly inclined, often creating numerous opportunities for goals.

While researching Japanese professional footballers, we noticed a knowledge gap.

The reality is that many football enthusiasts have not had the opportunity to read a comprehensive version of Kaoru Mitoma’s Biography. Consequently, we have crafted this piece to cater to your curiosity. So, without further ado, let’s delve in.

Kaoru Mitoma Early Life:

Initiating this biography, the talented winger was welcomed into the world on the 20th day of May 1997 by his sports-loving Japanese parents in Kanagawa, a prefecture nestled in the Kantō region of Honshu.

Kaoru Mitoma is one of three siblings born out of the harmonious union of his parents. Here’s a precious snapshot from the past, featuring the young Japanese winger seated alongside his older brothers, the eldest being three years his senior.

Growing Up:

Kaoru Mitoma was raised alongside his elder and younger brothers.

In essence, he hails from a family of four, comprising his father, mother, and older brother. The majority of his youthful days were spent in Oita, a city on the island of Kyushu, situated at the western extremity of Japan.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Introduction to Football:

Research indicates that the budding winger’s initial engagement with football was largely due to the influence of his older brother.

Among his siblings, Kaoru Mitoma was the one who pursued the sport with the most dedication. His elder brother, who eventually pursued an acting career, mostly played soccer recreationally during their formative years.

It became evident that the young Japanese winger was brimming with potential and was destined for a professional football career, with no alternative career path in sight.

When the Japanese Baller was at the tender age of nine, he made a pivotal decision. Mitoma departed from the local playing fields of Saginuma SC to join a more recognized establishment – the youth soccer team at Frontale.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Family Origins:

One notable characteristic of his family is that Kaoru Mitoma’s parents were both involved in sports in their active years.

His father was an athlete in track and field, while his mother had a background in volleyball.

The upbringing of the Japanese football winger wasn’t a story of rising from poverty to prosperity. As a matter of fact, Kaoru Mitoma’s parents maintained a middle-class lifestyle.

In their quest for better employment opportunities, they decided to relocate from their residence shortly after Kaoru Mitoma was born.

As reported by The Athletic, a sports-focused subscription-based website, his parents moved their family 500 miles northwards within their country to the island of Kyushu.

The decision to relocate to the western end of Japan was solely driven by career considerations.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Family Heritage:

The winger, Kaoru Mitoma, holds a single nationality, that of Japan, inherited from both his father’s and mother’s sides. The family’s place of origin and current residence is Kawasaki City, situated in Japan.

Kawasaki is recognized as an industrial metropolis nestled within the larger Tokyo area.

As of the time of assembling Kaoru Mitoma’s biography, his parents reside in Kawasaki, as indicated on the map below. The city, boasting an estimated population of 1,503,690, is located about 19.9 km from Tokyo.

While his parents currently dwell in Kawasaki City, they also have roots in another locale. Our research indicates that both of Kaoru Mitoma’s parents were born in Oita.

Oita, a coastal prefecture on Japan’s Kyushu Island, was the backdrop to a considerable part of Kaoru’s formative years.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Ethnic Background:

Playing as a winger for Roberto de Zerbi‘s Brighton & Hove Albion, Kaoru Mitoma identifies with the predominant Yamato ethnic group in Japan. This group comprises a significant majority of the country’s population.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Educational Journey:

According to SportsBrief, the Japanese Athelte studied football at the university

In his formative years, Mitoma placed equal importance on his academic pursuits as he did on his budding football career.

He fulfilled his parents’ wishes by ensuring he received a university education to supplement his athletic endeavours. Here are the institutions Mitoma attended throughout his education.

In terms of his educational history, our findings indicate that Kaoru first attended Kawasaki Municipal Saginuma Elementary School.

Upon successful graduation, he proceeded to Kawasaki City Arima Junior High School. Afterwards, Mitoma transitioned to Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana High School. Finally, the talented footballer completed his educational journey at the University of Tsukuba.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Biography – Early Football Journey:

Initially, the future World Cup star played football purely for enjoyment with Saginuma SC while attending Kawasaki Municipal Saginuma Elementary School.

However, a change in his school led him to a new football academy, marking a turning point in his career.

The year 2006 was a significant one for the aspiring Kawasaki talent. It was at this time that Mitoma joined Kawasaki Frontale’s Under 10 team, and, concurrently, began attending Kawasaki Municipal Saginuma Elementary School.

Our research indicates that he was in 4th grade when he joined Kawasaki Frontale (U10) at the age of nine.

In the image below, it may be challenging to spot the young player due to the similar faces of the kids. We’ll help you out – Mitoma wore the number 18 jersey and is positioned in the middle of the front row.

It wasn’t until he joined Kawasaki Frontale that Mitoma identified his true life’s ambition. It was at this time that the Japanese Baller decided to fully dedicate himself to the beautiful game, while also committing to complete his education in order to turn professional.

Those who knew him could easily discern his talents, as he had shown a propensity for exceptional dribbling from an early age.

Apart from the change in his environment, Mitoma was also inspired to pursue his professional dreams by his experience as a ballboy, much like Phil Foden.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Bio – Journey to Stardom:

In 2010, the budding talent received his first promotion, moving up to Kawasaki Frontale’s U-15 team. Concurrently, Mitoma started attending Kawasaki Municipal Arima Junior High School.

This promotion instilled in him a greater determination to succeed in football. At this point, Mitoma approached his training with an increasingly professional mindset and a newfound sense of maturity.

Developing a competitive nature and a disdain for losing, he quickly ascended to the captaincy of his age group. As captain, he became renowned for his ability to anticipate opponents’ moves and outmaneuver them. Mitoma’s family, his staunchest supporters, stood by him during this time, always ensuring he had meals and transportation.

Upon completing junior high school (from 2010 to 2012), he swiftly progressed to high school from 2013 to 2015. During his high school years, Mitoma represented Kawasaki Frontale’s U-18 team. Recognizing his maturity and prowess on the field, the club offered him a promotion to the senior team.

To the surprise of many, the young player declined the offer of promotion to senior football. Instead, Mitoma expressed his wish to first honour his parents’ aspirations for him by completing his education at the University of Tsukuba. The club readily acquiesced to their star player’s request.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Biography – Ascending to Stardom:

The Japanese winger began to make waves in the football world after joining the University of Tsukuba’s football team. Around June 2017, during his second year at the university, he scored a pair of goals that led his team to clinch the Emperor’s Cup against Vegalta Sendai.

Mitoma’s prowess as a footballer grew substantially during his tenure at the University of Tsukuba. After completing his university education, he joined Kawasaki Frontale as a professional footballer in 2020. In his very first season, Mitoma was instrumental in leading his team to the J League Championship title.

Additional Achievements:

Recognized by many soccer pundits as one of the fast-rising talents in Japanese football, the swiftly ascending winger persisted in amassing trophies with his new club. In 2020, Kaoru Mitoma’s crucial contributions led his team to secure the esteemed Emperor’s Cup.

Upon claiming his third trophy (the Japanese Super Cup in 2021), numerous overseas clubs took notice of him. Following a competitive transfer chase, Graham Potter’s Brighton & Hove Albion emerged victorious, securing Mitoma’s services.

Mitoma’s introduction to the Seagulls coincided with the signings of Enock Mwepu, Moisés Caicedo from Ecuador, and Marc Cucurella. While the departures of Ben White, Dan Burn, and Mathew Ryan made headlines, Mitoma’s arrival was seen as a significant coup. The same goes for the likes of Julio Enciso and Evan Ferguson.

At the time this biography of Kaoru Mitoma was compiled, he had made a considerable impact at Brighton. Also, he is an inspiration to his teammate, Simon Adingra, who bears the nickname Brighton’s Next Mitoma. More notably, the Japanese Winger began to have a stellar display after and during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Did you know?… It was Mitoma’s last-minute brace that propelled Japan to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As the saying goes, the rest, as SoccerBiography says, is history.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Partner:

The professional footballer, who hails from Kanagawa and now stars for Brighton, is not a bachelor.

Indeed, there has been a consistent female presence in Kaoru Mitoma’s life since his university years. Fast forward to 2022, and Kaoru Mitoma experienced a shift in his relationship status.

When the winger decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend, he shared the following heartfelt message with his followers:

“Today, I have officially committed to the one, a beautiful lady who has been by my side, even during our university days.

I aim to nurture a joyful and prosperous family life with her, who has always been my steadfast supporter.”

On July 3rd, 2022, Kaoru Mitoma publicized that he had wed his long-time girlfriend, whom he met during his university days. From their wedding picture below, it’s apparent that the Brighton & Hove Albion star prefers to keep his wife’s name and identity private.

Unveiling Kaoru Mitoma’s Wife:

As per the Japanese Blog (Stillness), the woman he wedded is Narumi Miura. She is the one whose identity he initially concealed from fans on their wedding day.

It’s further disclosed that Kaoru Mitoma and Narumi Miura have known each other since they were children.

The Japanese Blog, Stillness, has reported that Narumi Miura and Kaoru Mitoma were classmates from their early childhood days.

From the image below, it can be inferred that Narumi was, or perhaps still is, a football player. As previously stated by Kaoru, their romantic relationship only began during their university years.

Personal Traits:

Who is Kaoru Mitoma?

To start, the sportsman’s preferred dishes are yakiniku and noodles. Yakiniku translates to “grilled meat,” a broad term in Japanese cuisine referring to various types of barbecued meat dishes.

As mentioned previously, Kaoru Mitoma also enjoys Belgian fries and mussels, as reported by TheAthletic. However, they don’t compare to his beloved yakiniku and noodles.

The world of football has seen its share of serious-minded players. But for Kaoru Mitoma and his former colleagues at Kawasaki Frontale, things are quite different.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Way of Life:

Starting off, he joins the likes of Justin Kluivert, Anthony Elanga, and Xavi Simons, who belong to the Taurus Zodiac. Generally, Taurus people are known to have a lot of patience, and they feel they need to give their all in everything they do.

When it comes to his living habits, the Japanese winger is known for his lack of interest in material things.

A glimpse into Kaoru’s social media profiles doesn’t reveal any emphasis on luxuries such as cars or large homes. Thanks to his upbeat sense of humour, Mitoma’s lifestyle focuses more on nurturing positive friendships.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Home Life:

From his early days in Kanagawa, the soccer player has consistently placed a high value on his ties with his family members. In this biography, we’ll delve deeper into his relationships with his parents and siblings.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Father:

The former track and field sportsman resides and works in Japan. It was through the diligent efforts of Kaoru’s father that he was able to advance his football ambitions, which was his primary aspiration.

Our research indicates that Kaoru Mitoma’s father collaborates closely with Athlete Solution Inc. His role is to ensure that his son’s career goals are effectively pursued. As of 2022, Kaoru is the most valuable player represented by this football agency.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Mother:

While there is quite little information available about Japan’s former volleyball player, one thing is certain: she has always been her son’s strongest source of emotional support, particularly during challenging career phases.

There were moments when Kaoru Mitoma doubted his ability to succeed. However, his mother remained supportive, helping him to realize his career dreams.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Brother:

Yuuki Kousei, standing at a height of 175cm, is the elder sibling of the football player. Kaoru Mitoma’s brother was born on December 10th, 1994, in Oita Prefecture. By profession, Yuuki Kousei is an established actor and fashion model.

Although Yuuki Kousei did not pursue football professionally, he continues to enjoy the sport as a pastime. Koji Matsuno is Yuuki Kousei’s son, making him Kaoru Mitoma’s nephew.

Unveiled Facts:

As we reach the final segment of Kaoru Mitoma’s life story, we will share more interesting details about him that you might not be aware of. So, let’s proceed without further delay.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Earnings:

With the agreement he secured with Brighton, his annual income amounts to £2,143,196. Converted into Japanese currency, this totals up to JP¥356,266,471.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Wealth:

Considering the average income in Kawasaki, where his family originates, a typical individual earns about 6,180,000 JP¥ per year. Intriguingly, such an individual would require 57 years to accumulate what Mitoma makes in just one month at Brighton.

Kaoru Mitoma in FIFA:

For enthusiasts of the game, it’s quite fitting to label him a multi-talented player in midfield and offensive positions. At the age of 25, Kaoru Mitoma’s versatility makes him a comprehensive footballer, with the only exception being his below-average heading accuracy (45 points).

Deploying the Japanese winger in a FIFA career mode is certainly not a bad strategy for many gamers. Kaoru Mitoma, a cost-effective acquisition, can enrich a FIFA career-mode team with his excellent movement stats. In terms of resemblance, he reminds us of players like the Arsenal duo Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard.

What is Kaoru Mitoma’s religious belief?

From the information we have gathered, it appears that the winger follows Shintoism. For those unfamiliar, Shinto is an ancient religion native to Japan, with an estimated 70% of the country’s religious population practising it.


Kaoru Mitoma, born in Kanagawa, Japan, on May 20th, 1997, is the son of a former track and field athlete (his father) and a retired volleyball player (his mother). His only sibling, Yuuki Kousei, influenced him significantly in developing a passion for football.

Raised in a sports-loving family, young Kaoru was inspired by his elder brother’s fondness for soccer. Yuuki Kousei, an early football enthusiast himself, played a pivotal role in introducing Kaoru to the sport, and the latter soon started emulating his brother’s moves.

Despite Yuuki Kousei later stepping away from a potential career in football, Kaoru held on to his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Concurrently, he was equally keen on pursuing his educational goals up to university level.

His educational journey saw him attending several institutions, including Kawasaki Municipal Saginuma school (elementary), Kawasaki City Arima Junior High School, Kawasaki Municipal Tachibana, and eventually the University of Tsukuba.

In his football career, Kaoru moved up the ranks, playing in the academies of Saginuma SC, Kawasaki Frontale, and the University of Tsukuba. His impressive performances in the J1 League, Emperor’s Cup, and the Japanese Super Cup ultimately led to his move to Brighton & Hove Albion F.C., managed by Graham Potter.

As of 2022, Kaoru Mitoma, along with his compatriots like Daichi Kamada and Takefusa Kobo, is gearing up for a successful run in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, representing Japan.

That same year, Kaoru tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, Narumi Miura, whom he had known since their university days. This bio is dedicated to the inspiring journey of Kaoru Mitoma.

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