Justin Kluivert Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article breaks down Justin Kluivert’s Biography, unfolding the tale of his upbringing, familial ties, and the roots that have defined him, the lives of his parents – the renowned Patrick Kluivert and Angela van Hulten, his siblings (Quincy, Ruben, and Shane) and stepsiblings (Nino and Demi Wilkes).

Also, in this biography, we’ll delve into Kluivert’s rich Dutch and Surinamese heritage, his religious beliefs, and the place he calls home. Moreover, we’ll also throw light on his personal lifestyle, financial stature, and earnings from Bournemouth.

In essence, consider this a comprehensive exploration of Justin Kluivert’s journey, starting from a young lad inspired by his father to the established player who made a mark at AS Roma, being only the fifth Dutch player to do so.


Our chronicle on Justin Kluivert commences with glimpses of his youthful days, leading to his ancestral roots and career breakthroughs. We aim to capture his meteoric rise in the world of football.

We invite you on a journey through Justin Kluivert’s life story, telling you pivotal moments from his initial days up to his ascent in the national team.

While his remarkable speed, agility, and flair on the field are well-known (similar to Wilfried Gnonto and Evan Ferguson), many admirers might not be acquainted with his intriguing backstory. Let’s dive right in.

Justin Kluivert’s Early Days:

To start, Justin Kluivert’s full name is Justin Dean Kluivert. He first opened his eyes to the world on May 5, 1999, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, welcomed by his Dutch parents, Patrick Kluivert and Angela van Hulten.

Justin is the middle child of three from his parents’ union. Sadly, their relationship came to an end, after which his father found love again and expanded the family with another son.

To paint a picture of his youthful family dynamics, here’s a snapshot of young Justin with his parents. Their bond was palpable before the winds of change ushered in a separation.

Growing Years:

As with most youngsters, Justin’s days brimmed with playful adventures. He radiated energy and always sought excitement. Often, he was surrounded by his brothers – Quincy, Ruben, and Shane, sharing games, laughter, and memories.

Raised in Amsterdam, the siblings primarily resided with their mother, owing to their father’s professional commitments, mostly in Spain. On holidays, however, Justin cherished moments with Patrick, especially their seaside football matches.

Justin’s Formative Years:

The allure of multiple sports caught the Kluivert siblings’ attention. Yet, the pull of football was the strongest, perhaps due to their familial legacy in the game. It’s natural to speculate if his family lineage steered his passion.

Undoubtedly, the familial legacy played a role. But it was Justin’s unwavering resolve and childhood aspirations that carved his path. Growing up watching his father grace the field, he was determined to etch his own mark in football history.

Justin Kluivert’s Family Background:

Justin Kluivert comes from a family that was comfortably situated, financially speaking. His father, Patrick Kluivert, with a history both as a player and coach, amassed significant wealth through his football ventures.

This meant that Justin and his siblings were provided with all the comforts and necessities growing up. To encapsulate, Justin was nurtured in an affluent environment. More than just material comforts, the Kluivert household instilled strong values in him.

From his early years, he was taught the virtues of humility and compassion, principles that he carried with him throughout his life. This foundation might explain his grounded nature even when he achieved soaring heights in his professional journey.

Justin Kluivert’s Ancestral Roots:

While Justin was born and brought up in the Netherlands, making him a Dutch national, his family tree spreads its roots across different regions. His mother is of Dutch origin, but on his father’s side, the lineage is more diverse.

Justin’s grandfather, Kenneth Kluivert, was a native of Moengo, Surinam. This connection ties him to a Surinamese lineage, a region known for its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking natural landscapes. Moengo itself carries historical weight, once being a hub for bauxite mining. Moreover, traces of Curacaoan heritage can also be found in Justin’s family.

Justin Kluivert’s Ethnic Background:

It’s believed that Justin’s paternal grandmother hailed from Curacao, situated in the Lesser Antilles island cluster in the Dutch Caribbean region. This adds further layers to Justin’s multifaceted heritage, blending Dutch, Surinamese, and Curacaoan elements.

Justin Kluivert’s Academic Pursuits:

In the Kluivert household, the importance of education was never undermined despite their sporting inclinations. Justin was always encouraged to balance his academics alongside his football interests.

The son of the famous Football Legend, Patrick pursued his passion for culinary arts by graduating from Hubertus & Berkhoff, a culinary vocational school. His love for the culinary arts saw him mastering dishes like pasta, chicken, and steak, among others.

Justin Kluivert’s Journey in Football:

Similar to Phil Foden and Rasmus Hojlund, Justin’s footballing journey set off when he was a mere six-year-old, showing signs of early promise and hinting at surpassing even his father’s achievements (Patrick began his journey at age 8).

The year 2005 marked the start of his structured training. Recognizing his potential, his parents enrolled him in SV Diemen, a local academy where he honed his skills for a year. Seeking more advanced training facilities, Justin transitioned to the illustrious AFC Ajax youth setup in 2007, where he moulded himself for the significant football challenges ahead.

Continuing a Family Tradition:

Patrick Kluivert, Justin’s father, was a prominent figure in Ajax’s remarkable squad of the 1990s. Notably, he scored the decisive goal that secured the 1995 UEFA Champions League victory for his team, with Louis van Gaal guiding the reins.

With such a grand legacy, the looming question was whether Justin Kluivert could surpass or even match his father’s feats at Ajax. As he entered the club, this weight of expectation was ever-present.

However, Justin’s brilliance soon became evident in the academy. His unique style of play garnered attention and acclaim. Recognizing his potential early on, Nike even offered him a sponsorship deal when he was just 15.

Justin Kluivert’s Journey to Stardom:

By 17, Justin was set to propel his career forward, and in 2016, he penned his first professional contract with Ajax. Initially, he was part of the club’s reserve team, Jong Ajax, for a brief period.

His ascension to the main squad happened faster than anticipated. He made his senior team debut in early 2017 and soon after marked his maiden Eredivisie goal, interestingly, a decade and a day after his father’s final professional goal.

As stalwarts like Davy Klaassen and Davinson Sánchez took their exit from Ajax, Justin seamlessly blended into the team, forging strong bonds with teammates. He accumulated 12 goals in 44 appearances for the club.

Justin Kluivert’s Rising Success:

The acquisition of left-winger, Dusan Tadic, from Southampton, hinted at reduced playtime for Kluivert. Concurrently, AS Roma, with Francesco Totti leading the charge, expressed keen interest in him.

A single conversation with Totti persuaded Patrick Kluivert that AS Roma was an apt choice for Justin. Consequently, he made a move to the Italian giants for a substantial €18.75 million.

Jersey Number Significance:

In Roma, Justin donned the jersey number 34, a tribute to his ex-teammate and dear friend, Abdelhak Nouri from their Ajax days. Tragically, Nouri’s promising career was halted by a severe cardiac incident in 2017.

Adding another feather to his cap, Justin became the youngest player from Roma to score in the UEFA Champions League shortly after joining. Come 2019-20 season, he switched his jersey number to 99, symbolizing the year of his birth.

Loan Adventures:

As playtime became elusive at Roma, a series of loan spells followed. Justin first played for RB Leipzig and subsequently for Nice. The lack of stability frustrated him, leading to another loan move to Valencia in 2022, where he played alongside the gifted Edinson Cavani.

In 2023, he inked a deal with the English Premier League outfit AFC Bournemouth (becoming teammates with Hamed Traore). According to Livescore, he became the first recruit of the Iraola era.

By joining the Premier League, he gets the opportunity to leave his comfort zone. More importantly, he pushed himself to excel against more formidable teams coached by great Managers like Eddie Howe, Pep Guardiola and Roberto De Zerbi.

On the international front, he’s been a representative for the Netherlands, with his debut being orchestrated by Ronald Koeman. This chapter of his journey, undoubtedly, is just the beginning.

Delving into His Personal Life:

Kluivert, with his soaring football fame, certainly isn’t alone off the field. Beyond a loving family to lean on, he’s currently in a relationship with a wonderful woman. He often shares glimpses of their moments together on social media platforms like Instagram.

Who Captured Justin Kluivert’s Heart?

Kluivert doesn’t seem to shy away from showcasing his romantic side to his followers. His social media feeds are dotted with photos alongside his significant other. However, as of this account’s last update, the identity of this special lady remains a mystery. Fans are eagerly awaiting more details, perhaps even wedding bells in the future.

Past Relationships:

Before finding harmony with his current partner, Kluivert was linked with several other individuals. Word on the street hinted at connections with renowned personalities from Love Island, Jaimy Schepers, and Aleksandra. These women, unlike his present partner, are quite active in the social media spotlight. While the details surrounding the end of these previous relationships remain tucked away, it’s evident that Kluivert is content with where his heart lies now.

A Peek Into His Character:

To understand Kluivert’s success, one must recognize his unwavering discipline. Instead of indulging in nightlife like many peers, he often chose the comfort of his home. This level of dedication didn’t appear suddenly.

There were instances when he would cut vacations short to be mentally primed for upcoming matches. Some peers might have deemed him missing out due to his stringent lifestyle. Yet, Kluivert firmly believes in the merits of his sacrifices, both within and outside the football arena.

Indeed, this dedication is manifestly evident in his career’s trajectory. Aligned with his Taurus zodiac attributes, he, like Oihan Sancet, maintains a profound level of focus, largely unperturbed by media chatter. Instead of being bogged down by negativity, he finds solace in activities like fishing.

Living the Dream:

Reaping the rewards of hard work is part of Kluivert’s ethos. Echoing the lifestyles of peers like Memphis Depay and Nathan Ake, Kluivert relishes in luxury. One look at his Instagram offers glimpses into his lavish abode, sleek cars, and occasional private jet rides.

While it’s uncertain if he owns that jet, it’s undeniable he’s living life grandly. From vacations on opulent yachts with loved ones to serene moments with his partner, Kluivert surely knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.

The Kluivert Clan: A Glimpse into Their Lives

The backdrop of any individual’s life is often painted with the colours of their family. Justin Kluivert’s life is no different. The warmth and strength of his family have been pivotal to his successes and challenges.

The Pillar: Justin’s Father, Patrick Kluivert:

Central to Justin’s journey in football is the influence and backing of his father. Patrick Kluivert wasn’t just any footballer; he was among the luminaries of the sport. Later on, he transitioned to coaching, adding another feather to his illustrious cap.

Born on July 1, 1976, to Kenneth and Lidwina Kluivert in Amsterdam, Patrick’s tryst with football began on the streets. These raw, unstructured games honed his techniques and game sense. Before long, the prodigious talent found his way into Ajax Academy, setting the stage for an iconic career.

Patrick’s versatility was evident throughout his playing years, particularly during the halcyon days with Ajax in the ’90s. While he was adept in multiple positions, he was particularly lethal as a striker. His club stints included iconic teams like AC Milan, Barcelona, and Newcastle United. Patrick’s illustrious playing journey was crowned with numerous accolades, including the UEFA Champions League and a commendable 5th place in the 1995 Ballon d’Or rankings.

Post his playing career, Patrick embraced coaching, beginning with a formal course from the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and then taking up an assistant coaching role at Brisbane Roar FC.

The Heart: Angela Van Hulten, Justin’s Mother:

Angela, a former model, was once married to Patrick. However, their union, lasting four years, was marred with challenges and eventually culminated in a separation. Despite their differences, they were blessed with three sons.

Angela has been a beacon of support for her children, always present during their matches and guiding them through life’s highs and lows.

However, in 2017, Angela faced legal challenges. She was implicated in a money laundering case alongside her ex-partner, criminal Danny K. K. Angela was subsequently sentenced to six months in prison for her involvement in the case.

The New Beginning: Rossana Kluivert, the Stepmother:

After parting ways with Angela, Patrick found love again with Rossana Kluivert. Our findings have it that the duo became husband and wife in 2008, and Rossana has since been an integral part of the Kluivert family tapestry.

Born a Libra, on the 22nd of October 1973, in the Netherlands, Rossana has a keen interest in the fashion world. Together, she and Patrick welcomed a son, Shane, further expanding the family.

Rossana’s resilience is truly admirable. She has battled and conquered lymphoma and later triumphed over breast cancer, epitomizing strength and hope.

The Brotherhood of Justin Kluivert: Bonds Beyond Blood

Justin Kluivert’s formative years were enriched by the presence of two constant companions – his elder brother, Quincy, and the younger one, Ruben. Together, they navigated the highs and lows of childhood. Following their father’s second marriage, a new addition to this close-knit group came in the form of Shane.

Born in 1997, Quincy is the eldest of the trio, with Ruben arriving in 2001. All three brothers have a shared passion – football. While Quincy’s football journey led him to Vitesse after missing out on Ajax’s primary squad, Ruben found his stride with FC Utrecht. As for Shane, he’s honing his skills with Barcelona’s youth academy. Justin mentions, “With Shane being in Barcelona, our interactions have lessened. He’s got his schooling and football there.”

Step-Siblings Enriching the Family Canvas:

Rossana, Justin’s stepmother, brought two children from her previous relationship – Nino and Demi Wilkes. This expands the sibling count to five for Justin, giving him a mix of biological brothers and step-siblings.

A Legacy Rooted in Football and Family:

Delving deeper into the family tree, Justin’s grandfather, Kenneth Kluivert, made notable contributions to the world of football. He showcased his prowess on the field with SV Robinhood and proudly represented Suriname on an international level.

Justin’s grandmother, Lidwina Kluivert, has her roots in Curacao, having been born in Willemstad. Her ancestry traces back to Suriname. Regrettably, in February 2023, Justin lost his beloved grandmother due to prolonged health issues. It’s noteworthy that Kenneth and Lidwina began their marital journey in Paramaribo and resided in Suriname before settling in the Netherlands in the 1970s.

Unveiling the Lesser Known Facts:

As we dive deeper into Justin Kluivert’s life journey, we’ll spotlight some fascinating facets of his life that might surprise you.

Earnings in the Premier League:

With his switch to the English Premier League, Kluivert witnessed a substantial boost in his financial compensation. As the calendar turned to 2023, he’s earning an impressive £80,000 weekly. This amounts to a handsome annual figure of roughly £4,160,000.

Remarkably, within Bournemouth’s lineup for 2023, Kluivert tops the list as the player with the highest remuneration, surpassing skilled teammates like Dominic Solanke and Jaidon Anthony.

Assessing Kluivert’s Affluence:

Kluivert’s substantial earnings afford him a life of luxury. To offer a clearer picture of his financial stature, consider this: The average earnings of a person in the Netherlands stand at approximately £30,000 per annum. This means a regular Dutch citizen would need over two years to match what Kluivert accumulates in just a month.

A Canvas of Memories – Kluivert’s Tattoos:

Kluivert’s tattoos are more than just body art; they’re chapters of his life’s story. One prominent tattoo features his father’s name and the number nine, etched on his right arm as a tribute to his lineage. Tattoos are integral to Kluivert’s persona, and as his journey unfolds, one can expect him to continue adding to his inked chronicles.

Unveiling Justin Kluivert’s FIFA Metrics:

Kluivert, like Manor Solomon, isn’t just a renowned winger by reputation. His stats underscore a distinctive play style, with agility, velocity, equilibrium, and adept dribbling that make him an adversary’s nightmare on the pitch.

Yet, there’s more to Kluivert than what meets the eye. He is just like Manuel Benson, both of whom still possess untapped potential that will likely be harnessed and polished as time progresses. One area he might consider honing further is his defensive capabilities, which seem slightly subdued in his otherwise stellar metrics.

Concluding Remarks:

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to his Dutch father, Patrick Kluivert, and mother, Angela van Hulten, Justin is the middle child among their three offspring. He joins the likes of Khephren Thuram (brother to Marcus Thuram) and Etienne Eto’o who are famous sons of Football Legends.

Regrettably, his parents parted ways after just four years into their marriage, leading Justin to be introduced to a stepmother and three step-siblings. Treading on the path carved out by his father, Justin commenced his football journey at an early age.

His foundational years in football were spent honing his craft at the youth academy of Ajax. This grounding paved the way for his elevation to Ajax’s senior team, marking the commencement of his professional journey.

Subsequent stints with Roma and various loan assignments culminated in his association with EPL’s Bournemouth. Throughout this journey, Kluivert’s family and significant other have remained his pillars of strength.

A Note of Gratitude:

Thanks for engaging with the SoccerBiography edition of Justin Kluivert’s life story. He is a Rising Dutch Forward who aspires to relive his father’s legacy. We are committed to upholding a standard of truth and precision in narrating the life tales of European Football stars.

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