Julio Enciso Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the life story of Julio Enciso, providing a deep dive into his Biography in the following areas; his early years, the family he was born into, and his journey into football, information about his parents – Angelina Espinola and Luis Enciso, family background with an emphasis on his uncles – Juan Espínola and Basilio, and grandparents.

We delve into Enciso’s family heritage, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and his place of upbringing. This article also gives insights into the lifestyle, financial status, salary structure, and personal life of this Paraguayan striker.

Central Tenet:

In essence, this article presents a thorough narrative of Julio Enciso’s life and his ascent from humble beginnings to being a significant figure in Paraguayan football. Undeniably, Enciso’s journey is sufficiently compelling to be made into a Netflix sports documentary.

In his early days, Enciso was often referred to as a sorcerer. This nickname stemmed from his extraordinary skills with the football, which left people astounded. It’s no surprise that Paraguayans consider him as their upcoming football star, following in the footsteps of the legendary Roque Santa Cruz.

The narrative of Julio Enciso’s life, as documented in SoccerBiography, describes a young lad whose fondness for tortillas was noteworthy. This widely loved South American staple was a significant part of his diet, leading him to develop a rather plump figure.

Regardless of his chubby appearance, Enciso put great effort into fitness regimes to shed weight, which subsequently benefitted his football career.

This comprehensive account delves into the life of a young man, Julio Enciso, born to a father who earned his living as a street vendor and a mother who was once a custodian.

This tale presents a promising football enthusiast who spent a significant part of his childhood in his grandparent’s abode due to his parents’ financial constraints.

Indeed, Enciso’s parents grappled with poverty, leading to their housing challenges. As a result, he made a solemn promise to construct a worthy residence for his parents, a pledge he fulfilled once he embarked on his professional journey.


This article on Julio Enciso’s life story commences by shedding light on his early years in his birthplace, Caaguazú, Paraguay.

Subsequently, we unravel how the offspring of Luis and Angelina became infatuated with football and how his childhood club, Libertad, discovered him. In conclusion, this article elucidates how this athlete from Caaguazú District experienced an astonishing ascent in the world of football.

SoccerBiography aspires to kindle your interest in autobiographies through this detailed account of Julio Enciso’s life story. From his humble beginnings to his moments of recognition, Julio’s life and career journey have indeed traversed an impressive path.

Renowned for his swift movements, delicate touches, long-distance shooting skills, and maturity far beyond his years, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Enciso a rare football prodigy.

At a young age of 19, this budding talent is already teaching Premier League defenders a masterclass in football.

A key aspect of Enciso’s football magic lies in his skill for long-range strikes and scoring. Interestingly, his flair for netting goals from far off began during his initial days as a footballer.

In our journey of narrating the lives of South American footballers, we discovered certain facets that remain unexplored.

The reality is, a comprehensive version of Julio Enciso’s biography is yet to be read by many football enthusiasts. This inspired us to craft this engaging article. Now, without further delay, let’s commence the journey.

Julio Enciso’s Early Life:

Opening the chapter of his biography, Julio Enciso is often affectionately referred to as “The Jewel”. His full name is Julio César Enciso Espínola.

He was brought into this world on January 23, 2004, by his parents, Angelina Espinola and Luis Enciso, in Caaguazú, Paraguay.

The year of Julio’s birth holds significant memories in the world of football. On May 15, 2004, precisely five months post his birth, Arsenal carved a niche by becoming the first team in the Premier League to remain undefeated for an entire season.

The same year witnessed an unexpected triumph as the Greek national team emerged victorious in the UEFA Euro 2004. Notably, the final match was a 1–0 upset victory against Portugal, a team with Cristiano Ronaldo.

During our investigation, we noticed that the Paraguayan forward belongs to an expansive family, although there are no available records of any siblings (brothers or sisters). Let’s take a moment to acquaint you with Julio Enciso’s parents.

Angelina, previously a cleaner, and Luis, formerly a street vendor, might not have been able to provide their son with material wealth. Nonetheless, the loving parents instilled in their son, Julio, a sense of respect and reverence.

Early Life:

Julio Enciso’s childhood unfolded in Empalado, a humble neighbourhood in the Caaguazú District of Paraguay. Living in his grandfather’s house, along with his parents, Angelina and Luis, was manageable, given that Julio was an only child.

Despite his professional success, the Paraguayan footballer never shied away from revisiting his childhood abode and surrounding area in Caaguazú. On one such occasion, Julio returned to the “little court”, the venue of his first goal as a young boy.

In a spontaneous move, he decided to excite the local inhabitants of Caaguazú with a penalty kick, the video of which he shared online.

From his earliest years, Enciso’s parents have always safeguarded him, reluctant to let him wander far from them. For instance, when Julio was around 11 or 12 years old, Angelina and Luis refused to let him move to a football boarding school in Asunción.

They affectionately referred to their cherished son, Julio, as their “Little Jewel” and have cared for him with utmost love since his infancy.

Julio Enciso’s Early Years:

There is no evidence to suggest that Julio’s parents or grandparents were professional footballers. Thus, it’s fair to claim that his footballing prowess emerged naturally. Julio, affectionately known as “the jewel”, embarked on his football journey playing street football before officially joining a local team.

His first footballing experience was with the Carlos Antonio López club, a team that provided him with the platform to explore his innate talent further.

The now Brighton Striker owes his initial exposure to football to friendly matches with local children in his neighbourhood in Caaguazú. Prior to his earnest pursuit of football, Enciso was seen as a talented, albeit chubby, child. His fuller figure was attributed to his fondness for tortillas, as revealed by his mother, Angelina Espinola.

Interestingly, Enciso wasn’t the only one who grappled with chubbiness during his formative years. Brazilian footballer Andrey Santos, French goalkeeper Mike Maignan, and Argentine right back Marcos Acuna all faced similar circumstances, as highlighted in their biographies. Now, let’s delve into the events concerning the athlete’s familial life.

Julio Enciso’s Family Background:

In line with many other footballers hailing from South America, such as Gonzalo Plata, Julio Enciso’s beginnings were characteristically humble. He was born into a working-class family. As per our research, his mother, Angelina Espinola, worked as a domestic cleaner for her livelihood.

Meanwhile, Julio Enciso’s father earned his keep as a ‘Macatero’, a term used in Paraguay for street vendors. Luis Enciso was well-known as a Macatero who journeyed from one Paraguayan town to another, selling his wares.

Due to their limited financial capacity, the young Julio spent some time living in his grandfather’s house. It was during these years that he pledged to construct a fitting home for his parents.

Determined to fulfil his professional football ambitions and keep his promise, Julio committed to hard work. His potential didn’t go unnoticed, prompting his childhood club, Libertad, to take measures to retain him.

In a bid to support Julio, Libertad offered his parents employment and a salary, allowing them to leave their hometown and accompany their talented son to Asunción. This was disclosed by Nelson Zacarías, a scout for the club.

Fulfilling the Promise to His Parents – Building Them a Home:

Embodying the love and respect of a devoted son, Julio Enciso dedicated his initial football earnings towards constructing a home for the people he cherishes the most – his parents. On the 31st of March, 2023, Kowalenko Constructor, a Paraguayan construction company, showcased images of the completed project on their Instagram account.

Upon the project’s completion, the company shared a photo to which Julio Enciso responded with gratitude, expressing his trust in them.

The house he built for his parents stands in Caaguazú, a city in Paraguay. Enciso had often shared his ardent wish to provide his parents, especially his mother, with a luxurious home.

The unveiling of his new home was a grand affair, attended by numerous relatives, friends, and well-wishers. With so many loved ones present, the new home, featuring a mini football field, looked even more splendid.

When asked about his decision to gift his parents a new home, Enciso emphasized;

“I have lived in my paternal grandparents’ house ever since I was born. I owe them endless gratitude. My most significant aspiration was always to present my parents with a house they could call their own. They have been my pillars in both my personal life and my football career.”

Julio Enciso’s Family Lineage:

Angelina Espinola and Luis Enciso, Julio’s parents, are both originally from Paraguay. Their son, being born in the southern region of the country (specifically, Caaguazú), possesses Paraguayan citizenship and nationality. Indeed, Julio Enciso hails from Empalado, a modest neighbourhood within the Caaguazú District of Paraguay.

We have a map that marks the place the Brighton Forward considers home. Let’s delve further into Caaguazú, the city the Enciso family originates from.

Primarily, the city where Julio Enciso’s parents raised him is known for housing the largest number of sawmills in Paraguay. Numerous families in Caaguazú are employed in one of the city’s ten major timber industries, which manufacture products such as wooden flooring.

Julio Enciso’s Ethnic Background:

Similar to Miguel Almiron, Enciso shares common ancestry with the majority of Paraguayans, who have a blended lineage of indigenous and European (predominantly Spanish) heritage. This implies that the former Libertad Forward identifies with the ethnic group commonly referred to as mestizos.

Julio Enciso’s Education:

In Paraguay, budding professional footballers, particularly those hailing from less privileged backgrounds, often place significant importance on education. Prior to joining Graham Potter’s Brighton team, Julio Enciso had completed his high school studies and had just begun his college education.

There was a period when, within a span of less than 72 hours, the footballer from Caaguazú sported three different football jerseys.

One of these jerseys belonged to his school’s soccer team, while the other two were from the teams Enciso played for outside school. At that point, Enciso was part of Albirroja (Paraguay national under-17 football team), and Libertad was his club team.

Juggling Football and Academics:

At the time, the footballer was deeply engaged in both his school and sporting commitments. Enciso often found himself travelling with the Paraguayan youth team.

He and his teammates made a trip to Barranquilla for a match against Colombia. The moment he returned to Paraguay, he barely had time to rest before he was on a train to play with his club, Libertad.

Typically, Enciso would train with Libertad’s first-team squad in the mornings. He would then attend school, and after school, he would participate in other team activities.

A study conducted by SoccerBiography revealed that Julio Enciso not only managed to juggle his schooling but also excelled, successfully completing high school.

Upon his successful high school graduation, Julio said the following;

“First, I want to express my gratitude to God, my parents, and those who accompanied me on this journey, particularly Jorge Brizuela and Clau Jara. They were instrumental in the successful completion of my high school education.”

Currently a player for Brighton and Hove Albion, Julio aspires to follow in the footsteps of other Premier League players in terms of balancing education with a football career.

Players such as Taiwo Awoniyi (Nottingham Forest), Rodri (Manchester City), and Wilfried Ndidi (Leicester City) have managed to complete their university degrees while playing football at the highest level.

Julio Enciso Biography – Football Story:

The rising star of Paraguayan football, Julio Enciso, embarked on his sporting journey as a young boy when he swapped the streets for the pitch to play for his local side, Carlos Antonio López Club. The team offered a platform for young Julio to hone his emerging skills.

Much like his peers, Julio revelled in his childhood, often playing informal soccer games with friends. These children, Julio included regularly sported jerseys of renowned English football teams. After contributing significantly to his team’s trophy win, Julio knew that his induction into a larger, more prestigious club was on the horizon.

During his tenure with the Carlos Antonio López club, Julio was under the tutelage of coach Jorge “Tulu” Araujo, who once shared his impressions of the young player.

This gifted forward had a fondness for tortillas, Araujo said. Julio always seemed to shine in tournaments, often emerging as the top scorer.

Even as a child, he was adept at shooting with both feet, he was aggressive, and fear was foreign to him.

Though Julio was small in stature and slightly plump, his control over the ball was impeccable, and it seldom strayed from his feet.

Moving on to a greater challenge:

Seeing young Enciso’s talent rapidly blossoming, his coach, Jorge “Tulu” Araujo, recognized the need for a larger, more challenging club for him. Consequently, Araujo initiated a conversation with Roberto Paredes and Nelson Zacarías, scouts from Libertad, who later approached Julio Enciso’s parents.

A step up to a club like Libertad would require a family move, a proposal initially met with resistance by Julio’s parents, reluctant to let their only child relocate to Asunción. However, the persuasive skills of scouts Zacarías and Paredes eventually won over both the promising youngster and his parents.

Roberto Paredes, fully known as Rubén Roberto Paredes Vera, is a former centre-back who earned his national colours playing for Paraguay between 1976 and 1981. He, along with Zacarías, saw untapped potential in Julio, leading to a meeting with his parents to gain consent for his recruitment to their represented club, Libertad.

“We brought Julio Enciso to Libertad at the tender age of 13. He was slightly plump, a trait his mother attributed to his love for tortillas,”

Zacarías recollected, narrating the story of how he and Paredes had successfully introduced Enciso to Club Libertad.

At only 11 years of age, Julio became part of Club Libertad’s youth team. This professional football club, located in Asunción, Paraguay, has its senior team competing in the Paraguayan Primera División.

Rise with Libertad:

During his time at the academy, Enciso showcased remarkable skill and talent. His career took a significant turn when he was just 15 years old, as he participated in a prestigious South American tournament in Brazil, competing against esteemed teams like Boca, River, and Gremio.

As reported by Marca, Spain’s leading sports daily, Julio Enciso delivered exceptional performances throughout the tournament, scoring in each of the five matches. This young footballer, who captained his youth team, earned widespread respect and admiration, not just from his fans but also from his adversaries.

Post this tournament, Enciso’s career catapulted, as he was identified as a prodigy with a promising future. His growth and development were carefully nurtured by his two support systems – his parents and the Libertad club that he proudly represented.

As he garnered additional recognition and accolades, Enciso, the emerging football star, upheld his reputation as a valuable asset to his club.

Julio Enciso Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Following his remarkable performance at a tournament in Brazil, where he scored in each of the five games, Julio Enciso, affectionately known as “The Jewel,” saw a surge in interest from a number of clubs.

Word got around that the top football authorities from esteemed Argentine clubs, Boca Juniors and River Plate, were keen to bring Enciso on board. They had a deep admiration for his exceptional talents, strength in shooting, and his notable capacity to score goals from long range.

Another incentive for clubs like River Plate to pursue Enciso was his track record of scoring against them and their adversaries while competing at the under-15 level. Fun fact – Enciso has put goals past teams such as Boca Juniors, River Plate, Gremio among others.

In 2019, right after Enciso turned 15, the coach of Libertad suggested that he join the first team. There was no doubt the Paraguayan club was eager to have their emerging star playing senior football before he reached seventeen.

The promotion to play senior football at just 15 was quite astonishing to Enciso and his family. Even Ferguson, one of his colleagues at Brighton, had a similar experience when he was called to the senior team.

Indeed, Ferguson was called up to his Irish club, Bohemians, to play against the formidable Chelsea FC, coached by Frank Lampard, when he was just 15.

On his sudden transition to professional football at such a young age, Enciso commented, “It felt so surreal, to see myself amidst all the Primera players. Óscar Cardozo was a significant source of support during that period.”

The Second Father in His Life:

Upon joining Libertad’s first team, Enciso received significant support from Óscar Cardozo, who quickly became a role model for him. Cardozo served as a mentor, almost like a second father to the young player. The ex-Benfica Striker was a constant companion to Julio Enciso, offering him guidance and counsel.

On March 16, 2019, Enciso’s parents were filled with boundless joy as their precious prodigy made his debut in senior football. On that day, his Libertad team faced off against Santaní, and manager José Chamot handed Julio the chance to make his mark in the Paraguayan Senior Division.

Fortunately, Enciso’s team triumphed with a 4-0 win, and he had this to share about the experience:

“I recall the spectators urging the coach ‘get Enciso on’, and I was subbed in. We were already ahead with a 4-0 lead.”

Julio Enciso Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The year 2021 marked a significant leap in Enciso’s burgeoning career as the Radiant Star of Libertad. Throughout the year, he netted numerous goals and secured a championship win with Libertad.

Notably, on June 14th, 2021, Enciso took a monumental step, representing the senior Paraguay national team, much to the delight of his parents.

In addition to being the youngest debutante with Libertad, Julio Enciso contributed to the club’s success by clinching his first trophy before turning 18. At just 17, this rising star triumphed in the Apertura con Libertad tournament. Enciso celebrated this milestone with a heartfelt message on his Twitter account:

“My first title, a dream realized. Gratitude to everyone for the support, and to my parents. Praise to God. We move forward together, let’s go ‘Guma’!”

A moment that will forever be imprinted in Enciso’s memory is when he ascended the podium to receive his first professional football medal.

Prior to his transfer to Europe, Enciso bagged a few noteworthy accolades. On November 25th, 2020, he etched his name as the fourth youngest goal scorer in the history of the Copa Libertadores, achieving this feat at just 16 years, 10 months, and 3 days old. And that’s not all – Julio was the youngest player to take part in the 2021 Copa América.

Moving to England:

In 2022, Enciso added to his impressive resume as he began his transfer to Brighton. Prior to this move, he was the top player in Paraguay’s premier league – the Primera División, boasting the most assists (14), most goals, the highest number of dribbles (151), and the most shots (56).

“My goal in coming to Brighton was to achieve greatness.”

This was Enciso’s statement following his signing to the English club. Despite his determination, the transition proved challenging for the former Libertad star. Reflecting on his initial experiences in the Premier League, the forward had this to say:

“In the beginning, adapting to life in England was tough for me. The game here is very quick-paced. I’m barely given time to think and there’s a lot of physical contact.”

Brighton Rise:

With Roberto De Zerbi‘s arrival at Brighton, Paraguayan football’s shining star (unlike Robert Sanchez and Leandro Trossard) found favour under the Italian Boss. Enciso started to make a significant impact in the Premier League, netting his first goal for Brighton in April 2023. In short order, he delivered another stunning long-range goal against Chelsea FC.

Interestingly, Enciso’s goal contributed to Brighton’s maiden victory at the renowned Stamford Bridge, a first in the club’s history.

Following this record-breaking achievement at the Bridge, the young prodigy continued to showcase outstanding performances, assisting and scoring against elite Premier League teams such as Arsenal and Manchester City.

One of Julio’s most remarkable moments during the 2022/2023 season was when he scored a stunner for Brighton against Man City. Interestingly, that goal earned him the 2022/2023 Budweiser Goal of the Season Award. Indeed, Enciso’s goal surpassed those of Miguel Almirón and Ivan Toney in a public vote.

At the time of documenting Julio Enciso’s journey, he remains driven and determined to excel further in his Brighton career.

His ultimate ambition is to make a lasting impact in English football and across Europe, akin to numerous esteemed South American players such as Ronaldo Nazario de Lima, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, and Alexis Sanchez. Even the likes of Rodrygo, a serial winner in Europe (Real Madrid). The rest, as they say, is now a part of history.

Julio Enciso’s Girlfriend?

Having ascended from playing street football in Caaguazú to skillfully maneuvering past Premier League defenders, it’s fair to say that Julio Enciso has achieved notable success in his athletic career. It’s often believed that behind every successful South American footballer, there’s an enchanting partner. This brings us to the inevitable question:

Who is Julio Enciso’s romantic interest?

After extensive research, including a thorough examination of his social media presence, it appears that Julio Enciso might be unattached at the time of documenting his biography.

Undeniably, with his exceptional talent and charming appearance, he has all the qualities that could make him quite popular among potential suitors, particularly those who envision themselves as Julio Enciso’s future spouse or the mother of his children.


Beyond his on-field exploits, many supporters are curious to understand;

Who is Julio Enciso as a person?

It’s a known fact that the allure and glitz of success in European and Premier League football can bring about significant changes in many footballers’ lives.

Names like Vinicius Junior and Neymar come to mind. However, some individuals, despite enjoying immense success in England, retain a powerful connection with their origins. One such personality is Julio Enciso, the Paraguayan football prodigy.

The “Jewel” is open about his desire to stay connected with the source of his football prowess. Enciso still cherishes memories of his early days at his grandfather’s home and his first-ever football club – Club Carlos Antonio López de Caaguazú.

A notable facet of Enciso’s personality is his proactive approach towards both personal and professional growth. Over the years, numerous Paraguayan footballers have encountered challenges in Europe, not due to a lack of technical skills, but primarily due to adaptation issues and language barriers.

Ralph Hannah, a renowned writer and broadcaster, once pointed out that Julio Enciso had long prepared for this journey. Beyond his regular English lessons, he made a concerted effort to undertake additional physiotherapy and training sessions.

Julio’s maturity is evident for someone his age, both in his composed on-field demeanour and the disciplined lifestyle he maintains off the pitch.

Enciso’s Disappointment was turned into His Blessing.

When a potential move to Brighton fell through at the start of 2022, it dealt a significant emotional blow to the Paraguayan young talent.

Initially, Enciso took the setback hard, but with the help of his influential mentor Óscar Cardozo and his parents, he found renewed motivation. Horacio Cartes, the honorary president of Libertad club, also imparted valuable advice to the budding footballer. Reflecting on this period, Julio noted;

Everything they advised me proved beneficial.

Indeed, Enciso’s career experienced a remarkable surge in the months following this setback, and Brighton eventually approached him once more for his signature. The six-month delay ultimately worked in Enciso’s favour.

During this period, the young footballer underwent impressive physical development, scored an array of goals, and increased his pace. As the brightest prospect of Paraguayan football, he departed Libertad for England, boasting a professional record of 25 goals and 6 assists.

Praise for Horacio Cartes:

One individual that Julio Enciso never hesitates to praise is Horacio Cartes, the president of the Libertad club. Enciso always expresses his gratitude to Cartes for paving the way for his professional career and facilitating his significant move to the Premier League. In his own words,

Horacio Cartes, the president of Libertad, is like a father figure to me. My parents hold him in high regard for his commendable work and his support in my career progression.

Everything I’ve achieved in my career is attributed to him and Libertad.

As Roque Santa Cruz often states, Horacio is our benevolent father figure.

Interestingly, Roque Santa Cruz, the highest goal scorer for the Paraguayan national team, was once a teammate of Enciso at Libertad. Roque Santa Cruz took Enciso under his wing, and Julio came to regard him, alongside Óscar Cardozo, as his footballing idols.

There was a poignant moment that moved Julio Enciso to tears: the day Horacio Cartes, the president of Libertad, penned a letter for him following his debut for the club. Reflecting on this gesture, Julio confessed;

Receiving that letter gave me chills, and it moved me to tears because Mr. Horacio Cartes is such an influential figure.

Realizing that he had taken the time to write me a letter was emotional. It was then I understood the depth of his fatherly affection for me.

Julio Enciso Lifestyle:

Achieving great heights, especially for a soccer player like Julio Enciso, is a remarkable feat. It’s common knowledge that when we outshine others in any area of life, we tend to attract many who wish to form new bonds with us. Observing Julio Enciso, one discovers a strikingly modest way of life.

His amiable nature allows him to welcome newcomers into his circle, yet he is discerning enough to identify his real companions.

Julio Enciso Family Life:

For the accomplished Paraguayan footballer, every triumphant achievement is underpinned by numerous selfless acts by his dearest ones.

These include contributions from Enciso’s parents, whom he has shown appreciation to by gifting a house, as well as his uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

Let’s delve into the lives of the family members who take immense pride in having Julio represent their nation on the football pitch.

Julio Enciso’s Mother:

Owing to her son’s success in soccer, Angelina Espinola has left her job as a house cleaner. She now prefers to spend most of her time at their residence, devoting herself to the care of her son and handling matters concerning his career. It appears that Angelina and her son, Julio, share a profound connection.

The dynamic forward from Brighton has an easier time adapting to British culture due to the presence of his family. Angelina Espinola, Julio’s mother, plays a critical role in ensuring her son settles comfortably in Brighton, East Sussex, England. In Julio’s own words;

“There are many things here that I don’t grasp, but having my family here eases the process of adapting.

The presence of my mother in England is a big help.

My aspiration is to have my parents cheering at all my games and celebrating my goals.”

Julio Enciso Father:

Few soccer enthusiasts are aware that Luis Enciso, Julio’s father, is a keen strategist. Much like the relationship between Timo Werner and his father, Günther Schuh, Luis once incentivized his son’s exceptional performances on the field with monetary rewards.

Years later, Julio began reciprocating his father’s support, first by constructing a new home for him and his mother.

In addition to his strategic acumen, Luis Enciso possesses an uncanny ability for prophecy. He demonstrated this knack for anticipating positive outcomes related to his son’s career when he predicted a goal Julio would score against Chelsea during the 2022/2023 season, during a conversation with the Paraguayan radio station, Cardinal Deportivo.

On the 15th of April 2022, Luis had a strong intuition that his son would find the back of the net. Substituting for Dutch player Joel Veltman in the 28th minute, Julio’s prediction-defying goal, a powerful shot against Kepa Arizabalaga, materialized in the 69th minute.

Luis, once a humble street vendor, regards his son, Julio, as a gifted footballer with exceptional courage, asserting that Julio is no longer fearful.

He expresses perpetual gratitude towards the Libertad club and those who have taken an interest in his son’s development, notably Óscar “Tacuara” Cardozo. Echoing Luis Enciso’s sentiment;

“I’m sincerely grateful to ‘Tacuara’ (Oscar Cardozo), who consistently looks out for him.

For speaking with him, providing guidance, since he (Julio) implements all that advice effectively.”

Julio Enciso’s Cousins:

It’s well-established that the soccer player doesn’t have any siblings but is surrounded by numerous cousins who were in attendance at the inauguration of his parents’ home. Enciso cherishes the moments of camaraderie with them during his leisure time in Caaguazú.

About Julio Enciso’s Relatives:

There was a time when the Paraguayan footballer extended a heartfelt gesture towards a member of his extended family prior to his journey to Southern England. It came to light that Enciso gifted a car to his uncle, Juan Espínola, who is the brother of Angelina Espinola, Julio’s mother.

Grateful for the continuous support from his uncle, Julio expressed his appreciation through this generous gift. Luis Enciso commented on this during an interview with VERSUS radio, stating;

“A car as a gift?… That’s correct… Juan has been a great help to us.

That’s why Julio promised him he’d assist him with a car if his move to Brighton was successful.”

Juan Espínola, Luis’s brother-in-law, once resided with the family (Luis, Angelina, and Julio). He was deeply touched when his nephew used part of his transfer fee from Brighton to purchase a car for him.

At that point, the buzz was about a 12-million-dollar payment to Libertad, setting a new record for the highest transfer fee received by a Paraguayan club from an overseas deal.

A gift for Uncle Basilio:

In another act of generosity, Enciso extended his benevolence to another one of his uncles. He presented a motorcycle to his Uncle Basilio, who had recently been left without his own due to mechanical issues. Uncle Basilio relied heavily on his motorcycle for work, so its breakdown had left him stranded.

Learning about his uncle’s predicament, a 17-year-old Enciso immediately stepped in to purchase a new motorcycle for him. This thoughtful action by the young provider allowed Basilio to resume his work.

Julio Enciso’s Grandparents:

Enciso conscientiously factored in the proximity to his grandfather’s residence in Caaguazú when making plans to purchase or build a home for his parents. His connection to his birthplace, Caaguazú, remained unbroken, and he treasured the moments shared with his grandparents during his visits.

Remember, Julio was born and raised in his native Caaguazú, and at one point, he lived in his paternal grandparents’ house. Recognizing that his parents didn’t own a home, he made a childhood pledge to secure a house for them once he started earning income as a soccer player, a promise he proudly fulfilled.

Untold Facts:

In this concluding section of Julio Enciso’s Life Story, we’re about to reveal lesser-known aspects of his life. So, let’s dive right in without further delay.

Julio Enciso FIFA Profile:

As of this writing, football analysts liken him to a young talent with deceptive prowess, reminiscent of players such as Pedro Rodriguez and Thomas Muller. Considering his FIFA Profile (as of June 2023), SoccerBiography suggests that Enciso is significantly underestimated.

Similar to Alejandro Balde and Wilfried Gnonto, he is worthy of a minimum FIFA overall rating of 70. Furthermore, Julio certainly merits a potential rating of over 85.

Julio Enciso Salary:

The agreement he penned with Brighton in June 2022 guarantees him an annual income of £520,800. As per the wage records provided by Capology, Julio, at the time of writing, earns an equivalent salary to that of Karou Mitoma, and slightly more than Levi Colwill (a childhood best friend to Jamal Musiala), who earns £260,000 annually.

Comparing his salary to that of the average Paraguayan:

When contrasted with the average income in the country where Julio Enciso was born, the typical Paraguayan earns approximately 388 USD or 305 British pounds per month.

Interestingly, a person earning this amount would have to work for nearly 11.8 years to accumulate £43,400, which happens to be Julio Enciso’s monthly income with Brighton. Now, let’s delve into how much the Paraguayan football star has accumulated since you started reading his biography.

Julio Enciso Religion:

The erstwhile Libertad standout is a devout individual who turns to prayer, whether in victory or defeat. Julio Enciso identifies as a Christian. He attributes his successes to his Christian faith, the encouragement from his parents, and the nurturing he received from the Libertad club.


Born to parents Angelina and Luis, Julio’s beginnings were remarkably modest. Both of his parents worked in low-income jobs, with his mother, Angelina Espinola, employed as a house cleaner, and his father, Luis Enciso, working as a street vendor. Julio is the only child in his family.

Raised in his grandfather’s house in Caaguazú, Julio started his football journey playing street soccer. At a young age, he joined the Carlos Antonio López club.

While honing his skills on the streets, he caught the attention of two scouts, Nelson Zacarías and Roberto Paredes. These talent spotters, who were affiliated with the Paraguayan club Libertad, admitted they saw something special in him from the very first day.

Julio Enciso’s tenure with Libertad commenced when he was just 13 years old. At that point, he was slightly pudgy, and his mother, Angelina Espinola, informed the club that her son had a penchant for eating tortillas.

Career Rise:

The pinnacle of Julio Enciso’s academy tenure emerged while he was part of his Libertad team’s under-15 squad. He was selected to compete in a tournament in Brazil, facing top South American teams such as Gremio, River Plate, Boca Juniors, and others. Julio showcased his extraordinary talent by scoring against each of the five South American teams he faced.

Following this achievement, the Caaguazú native quickly established himself as one of the most promising football talents emerging from his country. As the tournament concluded, rumors began to circulate that the directors of River Plate and Boca Juniors were interested in acquiring Enciso’s services.

As a professional player, Julio’s potential seemed limitless, leaving observers guessing just how high he could soar. The young player received considerable protection from both his club and his two families – his parents (Angelina and Luis) and the Libertad club.

Thanks to the efforts of Óscar Cardozo, the former Benfica striker, Enciso managed to deliver top-tier performances for Libertad. After claiming his first trophy with the club and setting a few records, Enciso earned a transfer to the Premier League. For the 2023/2024 season, he aspires to form a formidable alliance with the likes of Joao Pedro, Danny Welbeck and Evan Ferguson.

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